PODCAST: Spill the Beans with Dom Dimagmaliw Part 2!

PODCAST: Spill the Beans with Dom Dimagmaliw Part 2!

to spill the beans podcast fashion you
have to check out your first so just to see me my key changes this
morning Wow so can you tell us a little bit about this list of horrifying this
was the part in upload before Clemente phone and no no wait don’t
Santa dito I’m the guy with doing the lips
me training mayhem yeah mammoth Acadian back open net eternity actually I mean
I’m a big guy better be sending Rapinoe so look at the try to cut down you wake
up from 220 to 180 at that time so madam helical going in
I want to param pocket a stretch there are no in upload videos is all for 500
that’s how it is for everyone Akashi delegating YouTube for memory snow and
it’s a good thing you I like it when content creation a hundy time cuz I’m a
detail Esther I like it when content creators really put their first video
public but we can make a solid but it’s a routine that at least we can see
you’re forgetting on Mike in the in progression
okay so dumb now from AP from advocate Pinoy which was the first chapter of
your being a content creator now we’re in the new chapter now with the maturity
of Dom you from from creating a toy reviews what was right after that that
was an order of support rates so I love doing poor taste in every less with dick
remote okay the slideshow so sorry try to apply the cinematography with Adobe
before with my with my videos okay so I was asking friends 81 issued a
polyatomic detail it was really sounded wrong before
when I go out for dinner then shoot I did that shout out to me by the way in
the whole image is happen in which until now I’m very thankful for which is we do
it they’re a couple they are a hopper blog YouTube bridge then can we pull
that up yourself in don’t shoot yeah I’m not sure if we can show this one we we
have to ask permission if we saw them BBK selection should contain your first
formal shoot so they’re the very first models and good friends of mine
crew thinking tail like a dildo and allowed to become I know always
portraits that again she likes a lookbook so that is the la carte mère
ubu do picture UNAMI picture laughs then no in I only love for one collaboration
with the local pride dancer because we’re not cool young yeah and that was a
dark time for me too so going to a lot relationships with
everything family I broke up with my girlfriend at that time okay
she does Bruce mom was having you simply iron ASAP before I secure probably did
so negative way Serena and allowed next thing I knew param see you bro shoot I
only to tile it then the Papas Tahoe every time I post a photo self in the
father and then realized that pathetic and right then look in Iraq or the girl
now I started to work with their friends friends of friends then real mothers it
was really a harem Plessy select seal a Mexico youth if pulling up the toy the
box of toys was the first thing she layered so protective tiny pair of
reliable dog with the water usually we just treat a lot but because it should I
should come in then if I call it a set the whole set of the
photos blew up and down and Scylla attack is kind of videos the editing
video how to do hi sorry how to do a high-pitched you have to end it like a
high-pitched tutor so for final did Sheila Sheila leg start so I started
from unit toys the transitional with videos mm-hmm
I called it port rainy with visual disorders BBK mm Charlotte so hopefully
they really likes to shoot la cabeza lobe mmm
we tagged LT then they contacted us to do a shoot for them that’s how you met
but I’m sorry BBK don’t meet I just have to ask
I see young skills my own skills Massa editing your skills mo with how you take
photos self-taught to lahat yeah I was really eager to study like to Sam’s at I
was offered by my friends at citizen school we forgot better I wanted to
Paris hobby co-op I don’t have the luxury of time to do that when you’re
lying reading just talking about Paris so another major male parent leadership
some brush brush Jerusalem a parent lab trial in a hurry self-taught it right
you just went out there tried everything okay Nancy Lester a self-taught Kadena the future that you just learned through
online land let me move back to on a on so what are
we looking at here so this one is no hype I rename this because million how
to get hype beast easily I laugh at this now big missile
in general but it was the filter that was famous famous but very popular at
that time so this was my very first style apparent he leaked of blow-up
landholders making the sakura make haunting audio ties the headphones no a
you own thing at that time so far a minimal first few stages of so this one
progressed fellow you receive pattern at some point your subscribers were really
wanting more and more yeah so I really wanted to do that but um especially I
was about to make a video parody when I was doing so much nuria it got views you just get it we have all we have the
luxury of looking at the stats yes we do watch time where they watch so that you
thought was a stop sign could have simply said so I’m not saying like that
the motors appreciate no no it’s not that but I hope I say I’d rather educate
people on how to do with rather than just escalating you preset cut the damn
nut butter hey this how I’d do it see lap in the London kaha
topical in a classroom setting parable equal I mean answer she’d say oh I know
it’s a shortcut it’s convenient better I’d rather have people learn something
from my videos so she’ll a freeway skill and I’m gonna get requests why I’m not
doing tutorials anymore but blog telling of like there should more so become I’m
happy doing this but the same in the tutorial say you know which a lot of
people are recognizing are acknowledging them and I say I need preset car you
just download it from me sometimes you forget
Quoddy know in the use it when they claim yeah someone from someone who does
presets Lester yes preset relita passes in a mini dome creators Dingell alone
among viewers he Panama ganado Parana gigging laziness la casa para vos jeux
Sonia Londono they don’t even give you credit you know my good man I will not I
do remember the neck apologize I was happy
used my content is re used my preset your preset no watermark yeah not I saw
you know whatever he claimed so that whatever he CLE he named the preset as
is my in my head thumbs up a – hmm we’re all using the same software which gauges
from 1 to 100 every tab but the data that I am not owning it personally like
to say that that time Mahalo Nexus ain’t done some videos Co ok see video shop
it’ll be ok for the memory keepers and our subscribers and also the
non-technical people don’t undo by our definition and preset what is a reset so
imprison bogus Instagram guys I think the the most available one is but don’t
you feel Turkey or you might be banku lady okay so much they don’t in what you
simply black and white and say PA those are types of filter so param let’s look
to simply put it like the come on video no hate is a black and white preset
mm-hmm minute Lord three be a shop for free some people sell it I gave it for
free so baby really bad the whole I am is developer
we have a big equal then somebody claimed it as their because you know to
the point you’re wondering where the issue was because these type of issues
are really hard to prove okay so for the Tito’s like me who have a hard time
understanding among our technical aspects so this is very similar to a
filter yeah okay so guys for the young ones in the old ones especially if you
use someone’s use someone’s content you use someone’s work you really have to
acknowledge the least you always acknowledge land away and if you can
sign now you can also ask permission oh that would be good now just increase
its guys I don’t know ever experienced a man really nice photo
young photographer or a new photographers that they follow my work
they tagged me is inspired by queer Tom’s works every time the gigabit
connection to the point gusto muggy staple to Shanna when somebody does that
or there’s a pledge Peter my style that people honest I really want a dog not
saying about Montgomery this have because from beer come on it’s a little
stale okay so pyromania shall be perfected
your style Co I love progress over perfection my progress case for the
perfect whenever like that abstain yeah when you progress your you learn any
more about you like what I do in most of my videos none sonic shoot those below
you just have to explore the neck there are mad love does a platitude work
in work and more love to the people that you know I’m gonna absorb that again
you’ll be shown more as an artist you’re really more of a lone wolf no you in the
aspect now you have your own dish on delegate and you’ll follow that vision
it’s a very very me once a content creation say YouTube and Iowa people
will see one thing and then once they see that let’s just say content creator
a yoga meeting at least for you you have your own person you have your own
personality have your own vision and you redefine it in your name so in that
aspect Jen Dean I’m in the Nikita or echo personally just wanna hit a you
work Needham a boutique burger kitchen at that time yeah
can we pull that up and I love that we had actually we had chef Carlos I guess he’s not India more hindi some Adam
what’s a knowledge he actually really likes to share and he like he likes it
when you I learned from him so though this was this was done depends if you
like I said with your content in yeah time I you you face mana visual this
hurt because everything everything is very everything is visually gratifying a
person when you watchin relax just wanna watch you don’t it’s it’s actually the
absence of audio or someone the narrative someone’s not speaking
actually adds to it yeah it really adds to it so this one can you tell us a
little something about this this video but on two points poetry yeah Mara
coming Riverdale okay can we pull up the Riverdale first
but for this video I say Oh pain I used to hang out those area neighborhood
she’s a DJ somewhere at the back okay I said my birthday so when I stay there
the dinner can be done so the predictor Asha one time then I started attack them guys would you like to shoot here then
my friends here we do a truth and Miko they were contacted as well so when we
were when we were contact at the same time we decided to do this so at that
time very hype you River daily okay Union I was gonna ask you Dom can you
add kidding you actually added by you never deal Riverdale is young series on
Netflix so no time now in case it’s a jar you live here so it’s me and you
know Massa Netflix and it’s more dramatic
yeah okay enjoy water you stop a moderate mid-major
a dual taking about topics here and then this video this is your take on inspired
lashes survive so yeah we did this these are friends we don’t have a really name
real name for a click she left a like a Maggie Maggie like click go with those
are from my firm Ramsey okay it looks like there’s a production team behind
this better I know this is just parody : at Alicia intake so Carmen Carmen just
on a little technical side damnit mudita how are you very fresh camera or hiring
550d where are you ready for you Lance Carson 50 millimeter 1.2
oh hey Andy tonight what was it what’s the plan to just go in there and
then let’s just see cool a new young phenom place and let’s shoot or it like
pre prod bhai or actually they supposed to commit for this because he not tell
me this before I mean yeah yeah and then when you’re not that guy area and then
she said can you drop by the place yeah then every burger was so yeah so
everything was inspired by BBK I mean Riverdale and shot inside vbk so i’m
saying haven’t going to say you were having one actually it didn’t come by
and but maybe just a little giggling carmen at this guy comedy dinner so they were really nice
so in saying you just went in there and then you just shoot long and then you
got the feel of the place and then come with me
okay let me flown the money yeah but I don’t know is if she were a good thing a
lot coming dialects of production not all of the directors manager did I see
them without that kill me okay makeup artists engine so we were really happy
without okay okay so everyone here is a content to eat or yes everywhere can you
pause first Leicester so all these girls are content creators as well they have
their YouTube channel do they still create not all of them
very active but Inc is secure on and breaks them in from be youtubers you
hang out slam either over beer over coffee or some goop on
the Oh golly I mean aside you guys
definitely will be successful but aside from the success I think this is one of
the the big things that you can take away from being a content creator I said
you develop that friendship relationship me and my heat of Manhattan journey
so personally yeah they feel awesome my seguro as a photographer Sheila you know
models all of them legitimate photos Anila and if it wasn’t for these guys uh
uh Segura if we’re gonna talk about logistics likes whatever no I would I
would really make a noise with my name so sorry that I don’t know how to
collaborate with people that I really don’t know so totally not part of
approaching models and yeah style Japanese dilemma just it work so we just
do on the fly we just love what’s happen we do at least them you’re very lucky to
meet that group about youtubers dance I wanna bug on content creators I guess
that’s one one one blueprint they can follow now you can start off with your
friends muna for me started collaborating with C before from being
disciplined contact later that shows his hands is showing himself I mean
eventually collaborate with people just not just because you want the
subscribers to subscribe to you thank you for saying that because you want to
share your story along with them because I I realized this boom novel I break you
silly mmm I wasn’t policies I was collaborating with them
say if you’re gonna be for the numbers you will just oh you were very genuine
in your approach should I go booster no then I was just posting it as IG pose
letters Nicole get on the ground Elaine Channel Corre perro with that being said
thankful also motto I say D nominee named say we just love each other’s
company going home if you don’t mind me asking when you guys were hanging out
with everyone just starting or malabar we do vary subscribers some of us a
hundred k press okay l at second girl alright I mean so when you guys were
starting when you guys Ellen you belong others were already pretty much advance
so YouTube though indeed only in the looks like there’s also genuine the like
a real genuine friends who are just you know they want to see you develop they
want to see you progress they say you know it’s it’s hard now to really create
genuine relationships when when when numbers are involved a yeah I know
nowadays numbers is pretty easy one hard oh I say Facebook does platform use it
was so flat platform that they’re better if more motive it must really want to be
to have 10k to 1k subscribers to have 4,000 watched I Mars
ah it will just end up being a goal learning the pattern ironically a little
in engage that was from the bat was doing later
angry so I want to parent you to a tree yes
shaggy no yes yeah we do err not that much yeah dealer
dealer will ever say no get over here as a toy support hmm I got the motivated
fast what a mood more so I just did it because I want to share she in the first
place I you know my name quick lesson open Simonian I’m a resounding callaghan
reverberating message the wanted creators my guest nah mean telegin they
just want to share they want to tell their story but for massacres having any
richie-poo masuka’s at sydney as i’m enes then boom ahsoka
say you to button hubble more monetization you’ll burn out fast money
will follow the branch the branch will help you don’t think branch as a money
maker some somewhat and then you miss the side devour liar better I work with
different brands already the grow with them and was any fun doing it if there’s
a youtuber out there who just who’s thinking of starting or who wants to see
your group I think plays a big part in DK you can see surrounded by yes many
mahira means and kappa you stay true with each other now if something’s not
right and as I mean you’re very very lucky to have a group like that better
if there’s a youtuber out there so or order or
content creator who wants to start and wants to collaborate with you guys are
you guys still very open to when you collaborate we open up on your idea
matches with my alumni oh snap yay email I know me on certain levels of
be professional thank you like with you like when you
bought that it was very professional but oh you guys ready DVD babe oh I said
when I became a photographer when I can’t afford this or other photography
and because I I do make sure yeah for my high I mean I want it by doing a
collaboration you know I made sure Cody idea ho because I’m not sure it was a
week in I was we didn’t know actually I just found out hello Jeremy and I gained
a guest I’m MC nu Paula where I didn’t know at that time in the reason why I
have a list already of channels that want to work with and usually most of
that list emanates from the human and heat the Hanafi for a few years back
Veronica beside the same progression a bunch and I also watched Roy Thomas
Prime in the integrally linked in China so if someone wants to collaborate with
them or his group Union advice yeah you just be professional in in in your
invite you have to state what your plan is you have to state what you want to
work on what lagoons have been well kept I of by eleven they made but no way my
creative me differences yeah it’s hard you simply you a little bit of
misunderstanding grow to very big issue learning social media when you stopping
over chat rooms Lester spawning them and at least cooperate guys as you race a
you found your voice you found your idea your identity I’m here as a pack to be
human and fourteen years old got 1567 118 and you want to start you want to be
a youtuber you want to create your own channel I heat it up when you don’t know
yourself a periodical at least you were guided by someone not guided just a one
line and in the Charter was and he said now you have to be yourself
I don’t know one advice more to someone who wants to start
saguru before you want before you aim to be discovered but well put well said see you refer the the James II and the
young Millennials you know spend time with yourself first let’s try to create
content can say in your first video you won’t get to know yourself pay see
little I don’t know maybe 20 30 videos down don’t Maggie he dominated 1200 some
people are still hungry to become something don’t when did he start this
is the epitome in the definition of consistency don’t thank you for coming a
banana we are very humbled by your presence the 1000 that is no joke
Mirjana sinter Klaas 800 nice quality 800 now 800 uploads that’s no joke
that’s no joke and I hope you keep the fire burning I hope you can have you
again professional email state your purpose at 1000 memory keepers a feature
subscribers at 1000 uploads a total again you picture in an iceberg we’re
barely scratching the surface detail and I hope I hope that we can have you again
as soon as our schedule will finish up a few guests and then I hope we can invite
you again okay Thank You Dom enclosing lang I’ll just any message that you want
of course we’re going to link your channel in the description any message
that you want to send out there you want to tell your subscribers or subscribers
or you to binge Segura don’t aim to become perfect a
perfect cold oh I’m somebody that can share a story and share guys don’t be
afraid to feel I say I feel so many times I’m still ready to feel like soon
you’re gonna feel ventually but you’re gonna be successful I like I like it
when I meet fellow comic book readers now very effortless and knowledge in
which the person you’re absorbing it what you said right now reminds me of
what JK Rowling said if you don’t fail technically you’re not trying thank you
very much it’s it was as I said we’re very humbled
with your presence here thank you for coming when I be seen have been an
athlete on the stage like wisdom of dome all right so to the subscribers of the second chapter of Dom now the more
creative side all right so Lester this is as I say it see at me
I’ll throw away pero this is your friendly neighborhood
neighborhood and I love a succubus I this is your friendly neighborhood Tito
Paulo and we have dome here and thank you thank you very much for coming I’m
complexion malignant among self-made Joe mahogany Brown memory keepers as I said
though he did get a fight in talega see Lester when you see him outside okay
please take us home let’s go home keepers if you’re if
you’re still watching our video I hope they’re still watching of course in
watching yes thank you so much Roxy bye-bye and to DOM thank you for coming
here in this beautiful spot test so guys if you like this video please do
subscribe and share mr. Han yo and see you on the next episode thank you guys
for watching thank you memory keepers future subscribers subscribers of Daum
thank you we’ll see you in the next episode thank you

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