PODCAST: Spill the Beans with Charlotte Ferguson

PODCAST: Spill the Beans with Charlotte Ferguson

Hi everyone, welcome back to spill the beans podcast. My name is Lester Young Kazama Perry nothing on your friendly neighborhood Epona see Memory keepers all of our future subscribers and take a lemon the delegate racemic subscribed into my future Certified memory keeper in Ohio. So today another one you’re asking – not today So today we have a special guest. I hadn’t let special guests With our case we have the queen of tate a TMJ For you for the memory keepers who don’t know what 880 on g is anti anti delante. Oh We have to the Charlotte Ferguson Hello memory keepers hello potential F bombshells watching this my name is Charlotte Ferguson and my channel is Charlotte F and my tagline is beauty bargains and brain activities Beauty bargains and brain activity evidence a bargain. That’s a And by utt on JT t rj j TT on g. Yes, so It’s the fancy term the fancy name idea Chief Rodeo Drive today I join you. Okay, so, you know what? Mmm I started with Beauty, okay And then when I put out a video about that I hall which is super trending Suddenly all my subscribers just kept wanting more of that. Oh, Of the eyeholes that I host. They were unstoppable. They were insatiable. They just wanted more of tight thigh holes And then they really kept asking me what details can give us the price where to go Just so elegant yeah. Yeah. No, no, you know cash cow money on that Exactly the cash cow from two thousand subscribers in a year and a half in one month I went from two thousand to ten thousand because of one because of that one one through night the whole video Yes But what can you find there anything and everything yes, unfortunately though it’s more for females In my increasing channel Yeah, so that much room from 2,000 to 10,000 in one month is one Thousand in a year and a half and all because of one video. Mm-hmm making ten thousand shot and intake entity tianj a Cheap loads even cheaper than Divisoria. I wish there was dated yong-jae when I was a student It’s really perfect for all of us. Bargain east us bargain east us I love all these coin phrases these targets are coming out Charlotte I see that not only is it about beauty, but you’re very smart but You are because I watch your content and the way You’re very articulated the way you you describe things. It’s flowing The Poppins incoming senthil again, it’s it’s staggering a pattern This is the first batch. This is the second batch for you. You’re able to really showcase What you got and then even me financial So it’s really Know you make you make it interesting Now and then you give another option for the people who don’t want to save But you just if you’re busy enough in in most times now, my II was Karen dancer gastos, so here we have pulled up Charlotte’s channel and Can we let’s just take a look at your is it okay if we take your channel trailer Yeah, it’s not exactly a channel trailer. It’s more of my Reference for people hiring me as a singer in the host. Ah So, okay the hosting part, how long have you been doing the host? I’ve been hosting since 2012 I kind of stumbled into it. Yes. Thank you to myself I’m already on stage. People are already looking at me. So I’m just gonna switch from singing to talking There was background already about presence of mind about stage presence So it’s just from singing the talking These are mostly a lot of it are corporate events I see and it’s not the easiest thing to host the corporate event No, and if you really ask me I prefer singing There’s no brain activity anymore after rehearsals, yeah, they’re learning your song and they’re mastering it. Yeah. It’s already autopilot It’s like muscle memory but hosting. Oh, there’s so many things that can go wrong in a corporate event that you have to stretch What’s one thing that went because we we had a guest here who’s a corporate host? She made the mistake of mentioning the competing brand So for you what was one mistake one one mistake that somehow you still remember to this day in G&G Nothing as big as that more of like memory gaps You’re just looking for a simple word Doesn’t come to you As The beginning like that. It’s just What are you doing that happens, um, the good thing is I don’t laugh at myself so I have that persona Oh, I don’t treat myself. So seriously, so There are mistakes like those I would just say I’m sorry about that You know, yeah, sorry Yes, because in acting in musical theater or in the shows that I have to do the show must go on That’s the term right? It’s the same with hosting the show must go on whether or not you fall all over yourself in Figuratively, uh-uh, you have to pick it up you have to figure out Experience, that’s the experience. You know, I did this I spill the beans We’re not we don’t consider ourselves Professionals or we don’t consider ourselves even devised no molester. We don’t consider ourselves good at this podcast No, I’ll let you in a secret on computer in a analogous a finding Lester John Gousha No, no testing the nominees The true smart, yes You guys have a great flow of conversation as I watch your – to research you back since you researching You should have seen our first one as It was not good. And then we I told him we just have to post it because we can’t chase after perfection a It was just the two of us and then we were just talking and then we did it at the end of a workday So it was the energy was so down. We were tired. But my point was with this podcast sitting at Someone who is That makes Use of make up week So at least you feel the same way. Yes, because I think for the most part all of us in the vlogging industry in your We fake it till we make it. That’s true. Can we fake the confidence? Yes How do you go about it when you’re so nervous? My name so nervous initial. Yes. I feel like preparation. We here all nervousness Because I mean for the memory keepers of the feature subscribers the C husband was asking me if I can give Questions and I told him that before we scripted and it was so bad He was so bad to the point that I wasn’t looking at the guests the whole time You could hear the paper moving and I was just looking down and I couldn’t converse anymore The conversation wasn’t flowing because I was just thinking of that next question. So that’s why we couldn’t give you a Preparation is key Inside and out. Well, I’m waiting with my secret secret say you’re okay. Now I get it I said oh that is right. No, I I’m just trying to be as firm blind item as possible. I send out an invite to To an athlete and I guess he just wanted all the questions. Yeah, I Just said I can’t give you the question. So eventually when the big game well I didn’t come anymore So you’re off because can you file an operating system a if for you you really have to get ready Down to the very last detail Process laughs but for me, I like the challenge. I like the fact that I have to wing it In the bridge when they closed the bridge Challenge The challenges three hours on the bridge States eighty on Jay I said done. They are on my way to Tate a TMJ In an hour and a half on the bridge normally it takes about 45 minutes to an hour for the whole journey already But now they’re doing some roadworks. So I do not advise you to go to the NJ right now You’ll be wasting a lot of precious shopping time Just wait it out until the bridge is done when I did it for a project. I did it for a collaboration I saw that I actually saw the one of and I mean you are yeah Let me go to that Lester. I think that’s fairly new Jerry said It’s just the second one to the right and I mean you do so, this is a collaboration my first legit one She is my star of my vlogs actually she is more of the Body Khalid. She’s the supporting system or she’s the one that makes Such a star I learned so much from her so with these so funny it’s all game so gay Brutally honest So this is the traffic the three yes, this is TTT manji ground And there we are we were trying to recreate Heart Evangelista looks in the tianj a because you know Heart Evangelista is ultimate socialite fashion east of the world So this is her first collaboration for card for overachiever energy – yes videos There’s a switch a actually they buy they say that there’s always an introvert and an extrovert side in any And in fairness, I really do have that I seen I really prefer to be by myself work by myself but when it when the time that it has to be on switches or so Maybe because it’s the musical theater training as well when you have to be a tree if you have to be a tree You can’t just be a tree. You have to be a tree. You know, what? And Babbitt on and under externally broad Tree. You have to be a tree with tension with what L city call it energy So since that is the training on my life. Yeah, that’s the only thing you know how to do. Mhm. It’s act So it’s good because there’s energy but on the downside people see it as a Negative Oh a do people probably don’t get the entertainment aspect and Each is own or perhaps they prefer someone that sounds like they’re just talking like a real in real person like this. It’s true that presenting Then be more of yeah because of the training so you don’t need me theater background like that. Yes Appreciate that kind kissing a teacher’s own taste longhand. That’s true. Well, my wife has theater background. Yeah She’s also very and they made the divine in the fraud That’s why I knew I could not do Vlogs because he repay the energy so high and then you have to sustain it for like an eight to ten minute video And it’s it’s hard to keep up that energy but for you it’s effortless Especially with the with these videos. Can we go to the very just to the park where her friends come out? And then but I don’t think you can do good vlogging because of you. Yes articulation and Your voice is soothing Everyone likes me the in-your-face style. Like I don’t watch like a Jake ball or a Logan Paul video. Let’s do in my face Yes, and some people yeah, I won’t like that too in your face There’s this blogger called She sounds like She’s always So true Which is Reference Sports a hindi neena players Millennial counterparts So you’re seeing your intro very did you just Yes, actually my sister was the one who told me about it because I don’t remember much of my childhood But she remembers me being four years older than me, and she would tell me When the cousins are all having fun, and they’re all talking and making jokes I’m in one corner reading a book and also in our cheer dancing practice Yeah, everybody’s you know goofing around. Okay, and I’m reading a book. So I really am Tennessee. I’m really a serious kind of person examine when You need to throw the pond. Is there a name for your my persona? alter-ego Bernadette Because well for me, it’s very similar that I Lester can attest to this now we really don’t talk much Coffee never me and then to him if I know officer vibrate like I’m in a goose up like a Saab is Really quiet Anyone artistic has that I know Trained betrayed no because they have to have a little bit of introspection You’re an artist, you know looking inside yourself analyzing your feelings Expressing those emotions in your art. Oh that takes a little bit of silence. That’s right They’ll happen maybe maybe in the artists. We should give your alter ego So that’s the introvert oh I don’t want to give the name The thing for me This is a that’s why I don’t know if we call parents serendipitous that I’m here on a podcast there on YouTube for me everything’s counterintuitive because My training the man is not to be in front of the camera. It’s to be in the conference room Were you you’re quiet yet? You have no emotion. You can’t be read very Corporate background like yes, I would say oh, so Be me. I had no plans Samantha be in front of when we started YouTube I had zero Perhaps to be in front of the camera you wanted to be at the back end. Yes more sunshine Also the time I do the metadata. I handle the hanok village and Not in the camera, you know what I did on my sugar daddy See Lester high degree research next shopping grandpa So you’re not having your old Ito apparel? It’s very Insightful that you’re saying that for you it still takes time. No. No you have to prepare So people can really do it. No Manuela. Yes Most definitely everything is preparation. Anyway, the result is the result of Operation so if you’re determined to be in front of the camera Then you’re just gonna take the necessary steps to prepare yourself for a successful and no filming filming at all. How do you handle? yes, okay, so Lucky for me. Okay. My advantage is I’m older when I started YouTube, okay My disadvantage is also I’m older when I started YouTube my advantage being wiser and more mature in starting YouTube Speaking of is it YouTube or YouTube? YouTube so my advantage was I’m more mature I’m more secured with myself There’s more I develop the confidence already. So I am bothered less with Noise more than perhaps someone younger someone with less life experiences. I mean come on. I am a survivor of the inter type entertainment entertainment Industry that goes that’s something I have been that means I have been through some you know, so those experiences gave me the ability to not really care about People who don’t matter to me. My heart is so small It’s only I mean it my heart is big figuratively, but it’s really small. You can only fit a few people in it Yeah, so I cannot care for the other people outside of those that are already in my heart so I don’t that’s how I had the Hatred and also we have to determine what is the difference between the heat and a negative feedback Negative feedback is so essential for our business. That’s true any business so you have to listen to your negative feedback Oh because you’re friends but different I would say the difference is The he seems to have no no connection. Oh, oh the video or what they’re seeing It’s just random or there’s so much passion into it. Yes, and then negative feedback Is something connected to the content? Like if she says you’re OE I get it because that’s the persona I was showing the viewer or she’s saying I sometimes get so confusing. It’s actually very difficult to determine What is a hate comment and a negative feedback even? Confusing to determine what kind of feedback it is at all so somebody said I’m gonna ask non energy, and the energy is so hyper and I said, thank you seeis and then she said Magan, that’s a good humbo. Asana So what I do I really take it into consideration so I tried turning it down I tried turning down the Oh a and then you know You just have to figure out the way to incorporate the negative feedback into how you can improve your performance Oh God so you negative me gopanna me hint of my constructive feedback that I am a connection makes You hate sometimes although I like This one this was a difficult one. You read the comments It’s not filtered by husband I want to read them they’ve comment the only negative comment or hate comment that bothered me was about my man and f She said man, f looks like an old third though Yes, she does, but I’m the only one who can call Is so cute I Really have lives that are very what do you call it unfulfilled lives or dissatisfied lives that they need to lash out on people who seem to have their thing strain or you know They get they got it together. Oh, they want to lash out at them perhaps That’s one of the things I’ve learned about life over in entertainment industry. Oh So they really that’s I think that’s really the term they have to lash out lash out at somebody. Oh, so you might hate ballet Well, Cory, Nina Not connected I’ve seen a lot of those because what I do For a snowman I filter it out Sometimes you see the views go up. There’s no comments because I have to approve it Because I also don’t want Lester to get hurt we’re protecting the innocent If I still have my comment very creative very creative very I’m using, you know, the comment section is Entertainment in itself. Let me live below that you can really go there Just yeah into the negative because of the confidence singer that I’ve built over time I feel like um, I can filter what I can learn from the negative feedback I can learn from it. I can dial down on the Oh a sure why not? Yeah. We are here to learn I mean, I’m not an expert already I only have one and a two and three months two years and three months experience at YouTube that is For me rookie compared to my experience as a singer. Yes. I am a newborn baby in YouTube So I have much to learn. So of course, I’m going to take into consideration the people’s feedback I haven’t had it made I’m not made yet. So yes, I still have time to adjust myself to what will make me make it Here on YouTube. What do you want? Well, you want it. What’s the goal of the channel? Well the goal of the channel They say it’s influencer, right? Yes, that’s what they call us now, right? So influencer I want to be a good influence sir. I wish there’s a better term for influencer because sometimes influencer It’s more negative. It sounds more negative to me Well enema, I can’t find another term the one that sounds more positive. But anyway, that’s to influence The goal of the channel is to influence in a good way yes, and that’s why I have some advocacy’s like no to armpit shaming and Please yes, my other advocacy is for the recycling of glue. That’s why I like okay. Okay. Okay UK Yes Also, like the brain activities part of my channel. I want to talk about the confidence I want to talk about handling hate the things that I’ve learned over my Entertainment industry which will teach you a lot whether you like it or not Thank you for that at least Because so far I feel like there’s an empty space for that kind of channel Mm-hmm for someone you know a channel that is that goes beyond the exterior, even if they are talking about the exterior Yes, because that’s part of it. I can’t erase that aspire to me. I love beauty. I love fashion Oh and yet I don’t want to just remain there. I want it to be substantial I’m gonna put so much hours in something substantial and actually it came to me because suddenly the comments were from young girls And there it seems like they’re looking after me and I felt so much pressure with that and I wanted to do something good with that So I wanted to put out something more meaningful and more substantial content because now I have the responsibility of these younger sisters Oh, you know looking up to you Online guidance. Yeah, that’s why Oh, so at least that’s very good. Yes some beauty channels that I see major unrealistic young young Tips like when taking a picture don’t breathe If you stop breathing So at least there’s brain activity. There’s the the guidance as well. Yes Responsible to the young people watching the internet now because nowadays there are so many. I’m sorry trash got them. Yes Yeah Anything the man? Well, you have to feel it a good from the bad and I want to be in that good I want to be in the good side Cute at least now whether we’re not being righteous But we’re just saying no that that’s at least the advocacy as you were saying. No not elegant. We’d want to be a part of Right, so yes, can we fit can we also delve a little bit into the origin or the how did Charlotte start? Where did you start Charlotte? I mean, it’s impossible that you just started singing. Oh you started singing or Performing. I saw some some of the performances this is Would you say it’s more on the risque side or? You

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  1. Gaaaaaah!! My hands went cold when the notification came!! Like a true blue rookie podcaster!! Thank you guys for not making me look and sound like a fool!!! Thank you for the genuine interest that kept the conversation going and for the professionalism that pushed my brain cells to do impromptu brain activities! I am so proud to be your guest! I feel so accomplished! Thanks again! 🤭

  2. Yay, new vid from Mrs. F! Now I know why you have lesser Taytay contents. Haha! Try passing EDSA then Ortigas Ave. That might save you a lot of time instead of passing Barkadahan bridge. 😊

  3. Mrs F is such an inspiration to me… And I'm pretty much sure na sa ibang kababaihan din.. Kaya hindi kami magsasawa panoorin ka Mrs F! We love you.. Keep inspiring us! Mabuhay ka po.

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