PODCAST:  Spill the Beans with Anne Bella-Arguelles

PODCAST: Spill the Beans with Anne Bella-Arguelles

hi everyone welcome back to another
spill the beets podcast my name is Lester I thought you were going to throw
it away immediately okay so I’m here yes this is Paula I don’t know how many
episodes we already have or how many we’ve already shot but let’s just gauge
it around between 12 to 20 we’re around at that number alright so today we have
a special guest one of the topics that really may make me nervous
two topics actually no Lester I think that’s makeup and fashion so this time
around we have a special guest the proprietor of stylist of sorts and we’ll just ask you to look at your
camera and then introduce yourself and the business you represent and what
industry you’re from okay my name is Anne Ballia our gwalaz and I’m a
personal stylist and founder of stylist of sorts that’s my company and basically
it started as a blog to market my services as a personal stylist so what’s
a personal stylist it’s actually someone who can help you curate your closet
perhaps clear it out edit it out so that you can have a more concise wardrobe
it’s easier for you to get dressed in the morning and if needed I also go
shopping with you so it’s very personalized service but the brand I
feel has evolved to so much more because now I also do workshops okay either on
personal styling and recently I just did my first corporate workshop and that was
very exciting to see how great works of the ladies transformed yeah that was
quite exciting and I also do brand consultation so I help brands with their
content okay social media I also write blog
posts for them so yeah it really has evolved into I like that the curator of
closets time Olimpica pronounced gonna give her some you see I’m gonna Eternity
then again from before so and I have just with that opening statement alone I
already have a lot of questions because I don’t understand much of it but I have
a question I notice because I also have nephews and nieces but a most
fashionable young generation hang on compared to how I don’t know our
generation who do baggy clothes lamb back in the day because you’ve always
been fashionable I don’t know but I prefer the lay man who’s just out to get
the quickest best buy in the in the the mall is this generation more
fashionable now definitely yes because of social media the Internet is such a
big factor because it used to be that we would get our references from magazines
so if you’re not an avid reader or you don’t have a budget to buy because those
magazines were quite pricey and they all import that before you really wouldn’t
have access to you know what’s trending abroad
obviously in the main fashion capitals you brought up magazines before you have
to buy and just a professional background but I recall that you also
started out in a fashion magazine yes actually my styling career is going
on 20 years next year Wow started in publishing as a fashion editor okay in
Seventeen magazine yeah and then I moved the preview which is for the older
market but also of a fashion magazine now those titles are default just print
this dad they say they say other countries but here in the Philippines
we’ve moved on to moving onto digital inserts of shameless plugs but you’re
saying that for fashion this is just for fashion that print is now considered
somewhat again sorry for the oxymoron but a permanent hiatus now print for for
fashion there’s no more magazines well I don’t think just for fashion I think in
even other industries did you thought is really the way to go okay and it’s just
how the world works nowadays so sure it’s just going with the times and I
supposed budget wise it didn’t make sense to you every month yeah that’s
true through plus the overhead and Lahaina
for magazines no and then you have to make up that overhead so right now kids
mostly sorry I had a quick question my head summit it’s not it’s not around
anymore some a publisher summit is still very much alive they’re all digital so most of them have counterparts online
okay.you has one and I believe yes magazine has one also so okay
transferred from it just moved from print to digital Lester let me know if
I’m speaking too fast I think I know now I am nervous I think I had three Ventus
Bala do this morning okay so going back magazines have now evolved more to the
digital realm and you’ve moved to doing more of personalized service how did it
come about from your professional to being a proprietor or starting out
you’re your stylist of sort yeah one day around 2014 mm-hmm I was thinking of how
to approach my craft in a different medium okay so I didn’t want to go back
to doing magazine work mm-hmm or working with celebrities so I was thinking how
else can I use my skills okay to service people and I thought that well you know
celebrities have personal stylists why not regular people
oh I’m sure mm-hmm also have a lot of questions and don’t know where to begin
finding their own identity SEC fashion wise yes it also came from the fact that
people would often ask my opinion whenever they’re shopping whenever
they’re planning to go somewhere what do they wear how do they do their
makeup yeah it’s so telegin default closet curator amongst all your friends
I don’t think it’s really an industry yet here but of course abroad it’s it’s
been around there’s even like a digital counterpart myself where and you just
order the clothes and they’ll send you a box of curated items Wow
yeah so but I prefer doing it one on one still so that I can really assess the
client better and really see what suits them okay that’s very interesting but I
didn’t plan a business done better before we get there before we delve
deeper into stylists of sorts and and how you got started
what’s by definition what is fashion for our subscribers the the the Millennials
young millennial sorry Lester old millennial can a young Millennials and
the gen Z and we are definition and non fashion fashion is what you guys are
wearing now basically really that is the statement that you’re comfortable
wearing and the image that you want to project so fashion does not mean
exclusively you know you’re wearing designer are you wearing something
that’s out of the box of course that’s the literal definition okay but everyone
is fashionable in their own way in their own right as you said earlier your baggy
pants yes fashion so first long as you are
able to express yourself through clothing
okay that’s thick that’s fresh is there a difference now when you say fashion
and fashionable fashionable it’s very relative okay what I might think looks
good on one person mm-hmm you might not agree
with so it’s very much like an art form you know how looking at the painting
it appeals it doesn’t appeal to everyone okay but to certain people so to be able
to say someone is fashionable or not um well we can get technical about it but
in my opinion it really is dependent subjective we’re asking okay judging
okay so fashion is technically whatever whatever you wear fashionable really is
the subjective part epic fashionable gileadite pants or or because I see the
pants now that are being sold exactly so so fashionable is some things that I
have difficulty grasping sometimes because I do see the younger generation
I see my nephews now dressing up in very colorful shirts which I wouldn’t have
the audacity trying out when I was younger
are they more adventurous now and it comes to clothes definitely more
adventurous because they they see it in real time like you can even watch
fashion shows as it happens in New York or Paris you know if you have access to
the Internet it’s so easy to get inspired so of course they are more
savvy they have all these resources on hand that’s true and yeah I guess they
just have the confidence yeah you which you need to have because when you step
out and when you’re wearing something that’s not so conventional of course
you’re gonna raise some eyebrows if people are gonna wonder what are you
wearing and especially in a society that’s very conservative sometimes when
you are out of the norm people always want the wrong he’s fashionable or and
then all of these speculations follow is he so fashionable right but I think
right now things are starting to change and with that I think the the
the timeliness of your SOS your stylus of sorts is really what do you say but
is really just on the right time it sits at the cusp of how things are changing
so when did you really start to take it seriously because I remember this was
more of a blog rather than a business right yeah so I started with a blog
because I needed to market my services okay how do I do that of course my work
is very visual yeah so I can’t anymore post my portfolio from my magazine days
yes thatis age okay I needed fresh content
y’all know content is kings yes I started to shoot different stylish
people yeah regular people just to put them on the blog and then with the short
interview and that’s how people started to find me you know that’s that’s the
the the genius thing about what you’re doing you’re putting regular people
you’re putting day to day I mean not day to day everyday people people who go to
different jobs because once you put celebrities pattern major out of touch
shape and you know yeah she can wear that because she’s a celebrity in the
for the for the people who aren’t so into fashion better when you put
everyday people then then it becomes very what’s what’s the word yes or I can
relate to it it’s the blog Stella the blog is still love but I’m kind of
ashamed to say I haven’t been putting in content that’s regularly yes okay but
can we pull it up let’s put it up pull it up and look at it so the this is the
stylist of sorts this is where everything started this is the genesis
of and bailius becoming a proprietor okay so this is stylist of sorts
yes so I right should basically produce
everything okay well 190 man yeah for now for now
yeah so this was started in 2014 with intention really of being my online
portfolio doing these profiles or fashionable people okay around around
the Philippines also to showcase that to the world that you know we do have
fashion-forward individuals very avant-garde no yeah even though it’s not
probably like priority a priority of most of us yes we are we are in that trend yes I saw you even had that the
there’s an icon there or a picture of big boy I saw your I saw that I saw your
video of him showcasing all his shoe collection gonna be how many issues were
there and and this is one individual that you consider to be very
fashion-forward well in in the street where in the industry to air realm he is
quite known in fact I found out about him through my husband when we went to a
sneaker Expo and I saw all of his shoes displayed yeah I was curious who’s this
guy he was all these expensive rare rare sneakers and then I just messaged him
one day asking if I could come over and do a short interview this is actually a
very quick shoot because he’s a busy guy so yeah I saw this and this is his story
know I had a pass ID sadly storing the inside yeah that floor does that signage
actually is the original signage of that sari-sari store used to hang out in the
high school report the sign he bought the original site he bought the same develop the parent consultation service
so and and a definition on street wear because some people call a street player
but I only sell that blood I just sell shirts and sweaters right
now I don’t even know verse 3 where what’s the definition under street wear
daddy’s age because um well obviously it’s something that most people wear
every day and it’s defined of something comfortable okay breathable easy to wear
easy to move in and it’s really having its heyday now Oh Street way yes even
with luxury brands like Louboutin and Gucci have their own Street shots they
do collaborations with these young designers they um it’s it really is the
trend it has been maybe for the past three years okay
doesn’t show any sign of slowing down or the bubble burst day yes okay but when
you see Street where has the because we before back in the day you just say
casual has casual morphed into street wear now or Street where is its own
identity well again it’s it’s comfortable yet stylish casual you said
that this is all I know it there’s so many
I think street wear falls under casual wear definitely okay but there are
instances and you can style something Street into something dressy okay like
simply by pairing it with you know heels or like a more dressy top instead of a
t-shirt okay Street the new the new jargon the
new word for comfortable I think so okay good be so when you say Street Buster
half the ball when you say the street wear fused with I’m sorry I don’t know
any other category Street fused with formal
that’s already basically saying it’s comfortable for malware yes in fact
there’s a term it’s called athleisure so – it sure is wearing sports wear Mike
right now I’m wearing track pants it’s something more dressy many are wearing
sandals with it okay so whether it’s this is the Ivy Park of Beyonce but
honestly sure okay so there’s Ivy Park and Beyonce had
a brand maybe so that’s athleisure yeah leisure is
really merging sportswear with something more luxurious Wow wearing something
sporty but not really going to the gym okay you learn something new every day I
didn’t even know that so you can wear gym clothes now and not go to the gym
yeah for sure oh sure because a lot of moms I know are
in yoga clothes the whole day okay so at leisure hey do you do you talk about
certain modifications in fashion or certain what do you call this how the
evolution of fashion on your on your blog post well not really delving into
it but I do have our workshop more jewelry and I discuss a little bit of
the evolution that’s in the corporate wear so I had to showcase how the
corporate corporate wear has evolved so the companies who asked you to do this
better modular classes by what’s what’s the primary goal for their employees the
primary goal is to basically teach their employees the proper attire tire and
grooming mmm that they have to have to be presenting the way they should
conduct themselves in the in the workplace the physical aspect
because a lot of them face let’s say the executive the CEOs so these companies
want their employees to look presentable okay at all times
of course because they’re representing the brand which is true which is so
important yes so I’m there to fix the outer beauty
comes out but what’s the most common problem now with with with the corporate
scene now that you’re being hired there must be some some issues on some some
level with with the corporate scene yeah well the issues normally start with
them not knowing their body type which is actually the foundation of how you
should dress start to go about dressing yourself and looking your best what’s
the most common issue well I get what you’re saying you have to be honest with
yourself are there a lot of people who are of a different body type and then
they buy extra small yeah so fit is one of the major issues okay yeah I think
the wrong fit getting the wrong style that doesn’t flatter your body type okay
even the collar mm-hmm that seems your skin tone and even your haircut so you
know those things are something we take for granted but they’re actually very
important especially if you want to project a certain image of that’s true
I’m so happy I’m done with the entry-level job that I’ve paid my dues
and then I’ve gone through it I wouldn’t survive honestly I wouldn’t survive at
this day and age were everything is so technical
especially when you wake up ah ah t-shirt let’s finally find a shirt yeah
but the t-shirt choice that you made still represents who you are and it’s
still something that you know you want to wear personally so it was not imposed
on you mm-hmm and that’s basically your own fashion sense
well kinda – functionality before yeah before the appearance before the
aesthetics because of the hard times you know when you’re a startup business
owner you meet with people and then after that you have to clean the
bathroom there are so many but I see so many guys now wearing super tight
especially guys in sales okay is this something that is deemed as being
professional once because I don’t see I wanted to buy a bar on the other day
because I was going to have a meeting that would fit me anymore because most
of the barons are actually tapered okay well I do shop in the cheapest places
just in Market Market I’ll bring you okay also it may be L by L so if you if
you go to a designer and have something made you can tell him to make it cut cut
it closer to the body but then I’ve never seen maybe I don’t even know what
they praise means what is the definition of tapered paper it means it’s got
closer to the body loose yes that’s how I remember it
yeah all you had to do was worry about your inner shirt right make sure it’s
it’s still decent yeah but even though it’s boxy but wrong you still have to
get the correct size you still have to get yeah yeah so it cannot be too long
on sleeves shoulders still have to be in
the exact spot where it’s supposed to be no such thing as tapered no such thing
is tapered my wrong person I have yet to see but believe about me a market market
so but wrong it’s not got like a polo shirt
all right it’s not supposed to be it’s supposed to be on a more loose
silhouette okay and I got surprised there’s so many colors now okay wow so
it’s constant change no God’s not change for fashion okay and then as we were
talking about 2014 is when you started SOS SOS is stylist of sorts
how did what’s what’s the genesis of that name how did you come up with the
stylist of sorts because SOS I like it it screams I have four people so you
can’t take credit for coming up with Silas sort it’s actually the idea of
Robbie a good friend of mine I saw Robbie actually the other day you know
he didn’t remember me and I was stressed with with carrying all the baby stuff so he’s the one who came up with that no
one who came up with it because we were doing styling word before him and I four
different clients and then we were trying to come up with a name and then
he said why not use Silas of sorts but it never really materialized we didn’t
use the official name so when I thought of creating the blog I used that I guess
Alana Tinky attorney pasilla was a copyright Nina million registered so
plus you guys are good friends okay then I will find a way to compensate him 50%
ownership of it as a good lest I can we move it a little bit to the left in
stylist of sorts so I just want to see in stylist of sorts
when somebody wants to hire you this is your portfolio this is what they look at
yes yes okay what would you prefer the clients to look at first when they pull
up your your your stylist of sorts page well obviously they will see the most
current post mm-hmm and then um if they scroll down they’ll see the past
mm-hmm shoots that I’ve done also okay and then they can have an idea I I
stayed there if it’s a client who I shopped with okay so they can see like
how the transformation came about but normally when clients approach me or
email me they just say that they look through the blog and they like the
message that I was conveying couldn’t be my authors page and that is enough to
convince them that okay this is a service that I benefit from when did you
start writing and blogging is not easy it’s not easy yes sometimes their time
so they can really not what red and says together it happens all the time it’s
real writing I think I really had a knack for it even in high school because
my mom is a really good writer and she would be very strict than anything my
assignment this day she still messages me or this is like the wrong word so any
advice for people who want to start to write because in this studio right now
someone wants to start to write but I really can’t get it going and as much as
possible if you can still read regular books which is something I’m struggling
with because of the internet you know we’re always on her phone always
computer and we can’t I can’t seem to focus on finishing one whole book yes
for me it really makes such a difference if
you are an avid reader and your use of words your vocabulary also expands
that’s true putting sentences together oh yeah very
fundamental again reading because and then they’ll help you with your writing
Lester paranoid collaborated on video snappy hit on women a transition heat
and we might get a guy with a hammer and a geeky Tom a lighting know so you have
to read first a little of us so writing Telegraph is what it’s it’s somewhat of
your first love see euro yes I would say styling its first even before writing
even when you were younger so you’d like when you were younger as a young girl
you like to dress up yeah I am my first memory of styling myself was around nine
years old didn’t know that I would I would really choose my own clothes saved
my allowance by I guess for the memory keepers and the
subscribers I’ve known and since she was in college so I remember every time we
go out as a group that’s why you were so stylish because no time go along I’m a
t-shirt and jeans lotta stuff was not that’s why and you you used to stand out
amongst the group also where you know our 90’s uniform before how would you you know we had I really just started
experimenting maybe late college after college after college now so now so
alright polo shirts are still very 90s what do you say yeah it’s nineties but
it’s also classic so actually I think it started in the 80s with tennis players
so that particular shirt that’s wrong yelling and within the Linux players but
now what the kids use with its polo shirt is they if polos are polo shirt
polo shirts less already is that the technical term yes I don’t really see a
lot of kids wearing that particular piqué piqué is the material of that
shirt okay you know most popular nowadays they’re really mostly in
t-shirts and tight pants that are made your cropped showing off their socks and
then they wear Birkenstocks if the 90s all over again but it has it
has a more modern twist to it huh it’s just the thing I see with Kanye and I’m
sorry I’m sorry for the lack of knowledge and I do your own voice
because Kanye is very fashion-forward okay yeah he’s more on the casual
luxurious casual wear he wears a lot of sweatshirts and
sweatpants but I think the material he uses are like really the best cotton mmm
not your cotton or there’s like a mix with some other fabric but it’s a very
luxe approach to street wear so you’re not wrong a very influential designer
now Wow can you be fashionable and be on a budget my course of course that’s
something I’m very passionate about okay when I when I meet with clients I always
say you don’t have to spend you know a million bucks to look to look like a
million bucks it’s really about putting things together and you know being
confident in what you’re wearing what’s if if you were I don’t even know
what the ensemble is now if you’re in Europe in your early 20s or late teens I
don’t even know what they look for you know if you want to be above the crowd
if it is because I know a lot of kids want that now they want to be they want
to stand out amongst their friends how much does one usually because I see how
expensive some things some brands are especially Street where I saw shoes that
are worth three hundred thousand pesos I don’t know who buys that but there are
shoes in the range now normal not twenty thousand for shoes yes normal not well
if you get it in retail mm-hmm right yes then it’s a little more reasonable
usually less than twenty when Jesus but then since those are limited amounts
limited pairs resellers buy it yes then they sell it for so much more that’s
true yeah so so yeah in the sneaker community in
listening here community but how much is is a regular outfit now I don’t know how
to structure this question because I know there are so many okay it depends
on where you shop but I I realize that a lot of young young kids now they refer
vintage vintage so they go to ok you guys and then they look for something
that’s one-of-a-kind this is the influence of thrift shop who says I’m
thrift shop again a mclemore anyways yeah and then I think that’s what they
do they combine it let’s say with pieces from Zara or H&M because we’re know he
bought budget Tommy yes yes yeah so they that’s what they do they go through
thrift shops my cuca is our version yes and they’re very imaginative in how they
put things together so they could have an expensive shoe but everything else
they’re wearing is so you have to know which part to emphasize whether it’s
your shirt your shoes your pants and then everything else just needs to
complement yeah for me a fashionable person is one who can wear different
brands hmm whether it’s SM with LV or Prada
what’s it together and then looks like you know themselves a very unique way of
putting things together versus you know head-to-toe designer so you see the
imagination and creativity of of these fashionable people thank you for saying
that because now at least I understand it better because I was thinking before
if you’re fashionable you only wear unbranded clothes so now it’s not that’s
not the definition the definition is that you don’t have to go on fully
branded it’s just you know how to compliment the
pieces that you’re supposed to showcase yes so what’s the typical client and an
in typical client for stylist of sorts a typical client can be anyone basically
I’ve had moms who went back to the workforce I’ve had vice president of a
bank who just wanted a different look and then some I are going through
transitions in their lives that they just want to dispose of everything they
own and start anew okay so there’s no specific profile but my my market is the
older older crowd who can’t afford the service also okay how much would that if
someone was interested you don’t have if you don’t want to give the specifics we
can just go by ballpark figure how much of what it costs if if I wanted to hire
an and is it a services is it per month is it per event how does it go so I have
I have different packages if you just want me to go hmm your cloth set and
edit it out and end there yes so we can also just you can also just pay for that
service but if you want to do a whole month retainer which is what I recommend
so that whatever L teach you will stick and you know when I set you free in the
wild lost you know where to shop you know you would basically you won’t need
me you just text me if you have any questions but um yeah I prefer that the
client takes the one month one month grab with me and that entails a couple
of shopping trips and also assignment on shopping trips not so dependent and this
a budget is about you by the market market that where’s the sorry I have to
ask first the cheapest that you’ve got we Divisoria but
not having gone to Victoria but department stores so yeah as am mostly
SM I think have you gone to the others yet are your rates in the website back
oh they can email me so you give it personally they have to email and then
you let them know the rates okay so you’re saying I didn’t buy event if
there’s an event and I just need your help for for one event I’m accepting
father of the Year my yeah definitely even like for prenup shoots
so that’s just one shopping trip so that’s just one day okay and then yeah
it can even be an event can be a wedding so for the subscribers and the memory
keepers manager my life is not my cell if they wanted to hire your services on
the prenup shoot how much should they prepare ballpark well for a clan
cigarette starts at around danke 10,000 and then what does that entail so that
entails the shopping trip mm-hmm and then actual styling don’t worry off if
they need me there okay so I’ve done that before I went to shopping and then
on the day of the shoot I was there to dress the lady do do they need to let
you know what’s the duration should they let you know two weeks ahead of time or
can you just be contacted a day or two days before and then ideally a week
before would be good so I can do a bit of research on them and their
personality and you know look through their social media if I don’t but there have been incidents or it is
kind of rush how rushed are we talking about you like a few days before so a
few days but in Hindi damn I like a few hours oh and you you would turn down
some a proposition like that that’s only a few hours to build it because I’m sure
you’re also thinking of your professional reputation yeah well it
depends if she’s an old client and I know her well I know her side and her
body type we can do it immediately Parappa walk in silence or normally it’s
really a whole process okay yeah we don’t jump into the shopping right away
so it’s you know back in the ditch put on a shirt a person a you know how I
used to shop before Teddy sage of course Lester before it a decision how I used
to shop I’ll only buy two colors when I’ll buy several numbers of those of the
colors I know people who do shop that way and dress that we in fact a lot of
designers as in world-famous designers have a uniform and they’re always just
in the black shirt and jeans so and going back to a stylist of sorts right
now you’re saying that your regular clientele are mostly at what demographic
at what age mostly in their 30s up three and they’re working okay so the
consultation mostly is on what to wear when they go to work or what to wear
when they have events usually yes okay the memory keepers and the subscribers
as long as it’s fashion as long as you don’t know what to wear as long as
you’re confused where to buy you’re confused on what mall to go to SOS is
definitely a place or one of the the businesses that you can consult with
so and if you want to consult with you how do they go about it well they can go
to my blog all the information is there and they can follow me also in Instagram
which would you prefer if if someone was going to ask specific questions there’s
an email list of sorts at gmail.com okay but a lot of them just send me direct
messages also and in Instagram okay which will get a faster reply
any-any okay okay so it’s Instagram on Instagram
it’s stylist of sorts that’s no space no no space and my gmail my email is also
the same stylist of sorts at gmail.com at gmail.com what part of the year major
mijita panama higher at sovereign basica so that they know Bahamas in the
planning on waiting at December will have a sovereign book now when’s a good
time to approach you um I just need a lead I’m off maybe a week a week because
I also do other things apart from smart from shopping a so I have my other
commitments normally I start of the month open and then it just fills up as
the week’s go so I will just need that one week lead time
nice to meet and then we can plan the shopping trips around and are you open
if we do an experimental if we have someone here that you’ll you’ll curate
his fashion because our studio is really and very malleable Demento we can pull
out the table we can just yeah we can do that I think very fast so we can
experiment on something like that yes of course you can rain a bunch of
clothes here and then I can dress up you know people were different
types and then we can okay I’ve also been wanting to do okay yeah we can do
that we can do that and then that’s actually very interesting content it’s
the first Teddy sage stylist of sorts collaboration all right
that’s definitely something and I’m serious we’re sure we can get brands on
board marketing thing yelling then just leave the floats here huh the van there forgettin they’re not
bring them okay so that’s already been an hour yes already been an hour and I
know look at me Sarah but you mean in two hours Dean and I mean my expert
video so and thank you very much thank you first first podcast Wow
yelling yeah I hope it won’t be the last I hope we can still come back and we can
do that collaboration we will let you know so thank you very much and and off
stylus of sorts okay someone please take me home if you say go home okay
all right so we’ll look at the camera one and we’ll close spill the beans keepers I hope to be starting episode
that oh and if you have any questions ready noise and then a message see and
Gmail or Instagram I’m getting no Englishman anything the hotel again thank you for watching thank you see you
thank you for watching thank you see you guys on the next episode bye

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