Tech Thursdays with Oprah Briley hey
guys so today I’m going to show you how to record a podcast on your iPad or your
iPad Pro either one yeah so let’s jump straight into it I’ll be using the rode
microphone up here for my sound but don’t worry if you don’t have that
headphones with a microphone attached will do just fine so let’s go through
the quick tutorial okay first thing you’re gonna do you’re going to click
this little Add button in the top right hand corner you are then going to click
on voice then you’re going to turn on monitoring if you have an external mic
attached which you should okay so you want to move it to this view it’s just
an easier view to adjust your settings wanna click the little metronome up here
and that will turn off the ticking so it’s not ticking in the background while
you’re trying to record but also we’re going to adjust the tempo all the way
down to 40 this will give you a longer recording time so you don’t have to
worry about it ending I think it gives you about 32 minutes you can then
go in to change this to automatic which means it’s not going to end after eight
bars it’s going to keep going until you stop recording which is what I’m
currently doing now you’re then gonna hit the record button
and it’ll do a little countdown and you start recording you sound you know it’s
recording because the red line will go across the top you can then finish
recording skip back to start and hit play to listen to it back. I know this is
a quick tutorial but this is what ever wants is quick so if you click either of these white lines at the end you can adjust the length of your clip and
if you click on the middle you can move it around now if you click little swirly button
up here you can add a pre made track or you can make your own track in a
different one and then add it in if you’re doing an intro or an outro you simply
just drag it across then to delete tracks that you don’t like you just
click it and and you hit delete then finally once you’re all finished editing
and cutting and chopping and changing you can also duplicate and all that sort
of stuff um you’re going to click the my songs tab of the top left which will
save the file you’re then gonna click select select one you want click share
share it as a song and then select your options I’m gonna share mine to
SoundCloud because it’s easy to download straight from SoundCloud you’re going to
sign in which I’m not going to show you select all the options you want whether
it’s private public that’d I’d serve and then you’ll just click export and it
will export simply to SoundCloud then you can visit the page which will then
take you straight to the SoundCloud app and you’ll be able to see everything
that you’ve made you can download it delete it alter it as you wish now if
you want some information on how to use SoundCloud give this video a thumbs up
and I’d be happy to do a little tutorial on it
this was only a quick little overview on how to record a very basic podcast there
are much better apps to be recording podcasts on but if you’re only just
starting out and you’re looking for something free this is the app for you
just use your GarageBand which comes with your iPad ok guys thanks for
watching that is how I record a very basic podcast don’t forget to go and
check out my podcast channel I haven’t yet started I’m still working and
editing and things I’d never get to like and subscribe to my channel here on
YouTube thanks for joining me for tech Thursday and I will see you guys next
week bye


  1. Found your channel by looking up podcasting from my iPad pro. Your setup is exactly like mine. Cheers! and keep creating. Earned a new subbie here my friend!

  2. Great informative instructions. I have an iPad air 2019. I use a Blue Yeti, how do I plug in to iPad please? Do I use a Thunderbolt?

  3. Great informative instructions. I have an iPad air 2019. I use a Blue Yeti, how do I plug in to iPad please? Do I use a Thunderbolt?

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