Podcast Movement & Behind the Scenes at a Power Up Podcasting Meetup

Podcast Movement & Behind the Scenes at a Power Up Podcasting Meetup

(background chatter) – Right. – And you’re very, very good at really, how to do it. – You know, you don’t just say – – I feel like that’s my super power. – Yeah, it is. – Right? – It is. It is, at least one of them because you can kick around information, but if you don’t tell me exactly where to dot
that i, then I’m lost. You know. So you’re really gifted at that. – Thank you. (hip-hop theme music) (hip-hop music continues) – Alright, so we are at
Podcast Movement right now in Anaheim, California, just a step away from Disneyland, and we’re here because it’s one of my favorite events. I speak here almost every year. I’ve done the keynote before. I’m coming back next year – I think next year it’s in Philadelphia – But I hardly go to any of the sessions. Why? Because I love to just roam the halls and talk to people. That’s just one of my
favorite things to do. If you’re not going to events, that’s why you go – to talk to people. Right? And yeah, you can learn a few things here and there at the talks, but it’s really the talking that happens in between the talks where you get the most value, right? It’s all about building relationships. So let’s go build some
more relationships, yeah? (hip-hop theme music) – [Woman] You have a session, don’t you? – Yeah, I had a session yesterday and it was at 10 AM, which is perfect. I get really nervous before I speak, so often they have me until the very end and I get super freaked out about it and I can’t stop thinking about it. But I got one done yesterday This is good. So I don’t have to speak again, and I’m just here to talk to people and meet fans, and we have a meetup later on which you’re going to come to. It’s going to be a lot of fun. The students at my course,
Power-Up Podcasting, who are here at this event – some people who aren’t
even attending this event – are going to be there too. And it’s at downtown Disney, and we get to meet some of the actual students who have paid good money to be a part of this course, and so I want to be there and thank them. And I have a little
surprise for them, too, which I’ve teased them about, so it’s going to be a lot of fun. And those meetups are really cool because people get to meet each other. And in this world, it’s
hard to find other people who can understand the same
language that we speak. When I go to conferences like this, it’s like you find your people, right? (hip-hop theme music) – Nathan Latka is a good guy. I think there’s like four or five different booths here about just helping people hook up with interviews and stuff. It just shows you podcasting is growing, which is good for all of us. That guy right there, I owe a lot of credit to him. His name is Phillip Taylor, or PT Money as he’s known. He is the founder of Fincon, which is a conference that I speak at, and it was the very
first conference of his, but it was also the
very first time I spoke. But then I remember, he called me just a few weeks before the event. He’s like “Hey, our closing keynote, he’s not coming. Can you fill in that spot for us? And I was like “Okay” and it became the worst
three weeks of my life, cause I was just preparing for this thing I’d never done before, but after speaking on stage, and the welcoming that I got at Fincon, I just fell in love with speaking. I fell in love with that community. I’m speaking there later
this year in Dallas, and just one of the nicest people I know. So this is Samson, which is a brand. They make microphones
and things like that. I was doing my own live streaming, so I had my phone. All of these cords were hanging out because I had a Lavalier mic, but he pulled me aside because Samson has a solution for a mobile wireless setup that you can use for recording interviews, Facebook Live, things like that. I got a demo of it yesterday. It’s really, really cool. So Randy’s been a
long-time follower of SBI, so one of the cool things that I love about doing this thing and meeting people is you
don’t forget the faces. Right? We get a lot of emails. we get a lot of messages on social media. But when you meet people in person, it’s harder to forget those people. And you don’t want to forget people, but I love challenging
myself to recognize fans, and I know how much of
an impact that makes because when I first started out, I was a nobody, and when people remembered who I was, it made a huge deal, so I try to do the same thing. That’s cool. – Did you see D-Rock over here? – Yeah. – Nice. – Now she’s over there. (hip-hop theme music) Are you specifically
looking to sign people up? – We want to be here supporting podcasting because that’s such a huge medium that we like to support. We want to grow Fincon as a general media conference Versus just a blogger conference. Like I said, one of my favorite people. So we have to go to downtown Disney now. Why? Not just because I’m a Disney freak, but also because we’re
holding a meetup there. My assistant and I were trying to determine a good
place to hold a meetup. This meetup is not a public one. It’s for my students of
my podcasting course, but I kind of wanted to bring people offsite a little bit, and downtown Disney’s not too far away. (hip-hop theme music) I heard this once, that people come to you for the content, but then they stay for the community. And so this is what we try to do to make sure that people know they’re in the right place, that they got their money’s worth for the courses that they take, or that they just found
their people, finally. So that’s kind of experience
I’m trying to provide. Do you want me to floor this really quick? Show you? – [Female] Oh yeah, something like that. Oh, God! – The crew that’s
following me for the day, it’s a lot of fun, and we’re here for a meetup for the Power-Up podcasting students. Woohoo! So we’re having trouble
getting the cameras in. So we’re on the phone with Disney media relations right now, which is cool. I understand. But it’s okay because we’re going to do a meetup at the end anyway. And in a moment, you’ll either see footage from inside downtown Disney or you’ll see footage afterwards, in which case you would know that we weren’t able to get in. (hip-hop theme music) If you were to come out with an episode on Monday, for example, and train your audience to ask questions, that day or Tuesday, then
on Thursday or Friday, you come out with your answers to people’s questions about that episode that just happened. Just being able to A – get a course up, and B – on top of that,
have people take the time to come out and gather
together and be here, it just means a lot, cause
I know it’s, you know – – [Male] Well, you’ve given us a community and I think that’s the big thing. You know, I’ve been
following you since 2011. Kind of been like a Pat stalker. Anytime I get the chance: “Have you met Pat?” “Have you gone to Smart Passive Income?” Because I want to give back, even though I don’t have the ability to give back the way you do. I appreciate your transference and how you do that. – Thank you. – Thank you for doing this, and thank you for who you are. – Thank you guys. No really, if there’s anything I could ever do for you, any of you, you let me know, okay? Your audience can relate
to you more, right? They’re just a couple steps ahead versus when I have Tim Ferris or Gary Vanderchuk on my show, people enjoy it because it’s Tim Ferris and Gary Vanderchuk, right? But it’s not as inspirational as just a person nobody’s ever heard of who’s done something, like Cassidy over there is going to be on my show soon. I interviewed her, because I met her and she’s like, “I’ve followed you for a while.” She’s like, “Can you help me out?” I’m like “Tell me what you do.” She’s like “I make six
figures in succulents, teaching people how to plant succulents.” – [Female] Wow. – [Second Female] What? – Succulents. – [Third Female] I love succulents. – Succulents. – [Third Female] And we
want to hear examples of people who are not business owners too. – People enjoy that more, yeah. – (multiple female voices) Yeah. – [Third Female] Like, those are awesome. – So Cassidy will be on. We’re trying to figure out a cool name for the episode like, “A Business That Doesn’t
Succulent,” or like, (laughing) But it just didn’t work out, it just didn’t work out, because it does succulent. It is about succulents. So anyway, it’s too hard to figure out, I know that episode is
going to do really well, because, like you said, it’s about something that people would have no idea that they could make six figures from, so it’s going to help
expand people’s minds. (hip-hop music) (hip-hop music continues) – Ask questions in the middle. – Cool. – We just went as fast as we could. – What was the talk about? – I was teaching social media hacks to use social media free, but to hack the algorithms so you could SEO use the platform. – Nice. – Using free methods rather than pay because I do a lot of
podcasters are trying to find the free methods. – Yeah, cause I haven’t
had courses before, so it’s been really neat to do that. (hip-hop music) – For the record, you
would not have done that if you were not recorded. (laughing) (hip-hop music continues) (Michael laughs) Isn’t this crazy? Which begs the question, well, what about the next five years? What about the next ten years? How do you keep… – I figure the next ten years will take care of themselves. And I worry about today because one thing that we know is that uncertainty is guaranteed, and the future is unknown. And if you embrace it, and you’re willing to flow with it, and maybe even willing to be the lead bird in the flock and let everyone glide behind your wind, – Right. – That’s when it’s going to be magic. And that’s what we’re doing, you and I. We’re lead birds in our flock, and the people are gliding in the tailwind of what we’re creating. I’m riffing, man. – Dude, you’re riffing real hard, huh? – This is good, huh? – (laughing) We got it on camera too. – Yeah, this is good stuff. (hip-hop music) (hip-hop music continues) – So that was fun. It is the, not the last day of the event, but the last day that
I’m going to be here. I’m going to drive home later and see the family tomorrow. Sometimes it’s difficult to balance wanting to go to these things versus wanting to be at
home with the family. Obviously, I would love to be in two places at once, but I know that’s not possible, so I have to be conscious about, the ROI, if you want to say that. If I go to these things,
but it’s not about ROI, like return on investments. I think it’s like the relationships on investments, the things that come
back as a result later. And there’s no number that you can look at that you can see to gauge whether or not this is
a successful outing. To me, if you’re making friends, you’re talking, those things will always eventually lead to something better down the road. So for me, I think this
was a major success, from the meetup that you saw earlier to just talking to people,
building relationships. This is exactly what I wanted to get out of this, so, we’ll call that a win. And I’m going to hang out just a little bit more. But for those of you watching this, thank you. Let me know what you think of it. I am potentially going
to do more of these, and not all the time like Gary V, but it’s been really fun to have you follow me around today and… I don’t know. Should I do more? Let me know. But anyway, thanks guys, appreciate you. And hope this has gotten to give you a little bit of a taste of what it’s like for me at one of these events, and see you again. Peace. (hip-hop music)

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