Podcast Landing Page Can Help Get More Subscribers

Podcast Landing Page Can Help Get More Subscribers

Hey guys it’s your girl Ms. Ileane and
by now you probably have your podcast listed in all the directories but don’t
you wish there was just one link you could send folks to so that they could
listen in they’re listening app of choice well in today’s video I’m going
to show you three different solutions for this problem but I want you to stay
to the end cuz they keep getting better as I go along so let’s start off with
the very first one now this is a new one and I want to give a shout out to the
folks over at producthunt as well as my girl Beauty bubble for introducing me to
this is called we.fo I hope I’m pronouncing it correctly you come over
here and you search for your podcast and what it does is it gives you smart links
that direct your listeners to their native podcast app because you’re not
sure some folks only have Android phones or maybe they like to listen from their
desktop so you want to give them a link that has all the places and this is
especially helpful if you don’t have your own website so once you search for
a podcast I’ve already searched for the missing in speaks podcast it gives me
two links so let’s just go over to the page link so you can see what the page
looks like and it’s got Apple podcast Google podcast overcast which is my
favorite and all these links that folks can go to now I want you to scroll down
to the very bottom of the page and you’ll see why this is not really my
favorite option but it’s one to get you started
you see here it tells you you can share this page Facebook Twitter or embed it
claim this page to remove branding and ads and get a short sexy we.fo slash
your podcast domain plus edition access to Spotify and Stitcher links
well friends you don’t have to do that I want to introduce you to someone who has
been really a wealth of information for the podcasting space and the podcast
industry and that is James Cridland James Cridland but the website that I
want you to remember is Podnews now we’re going to go over to Podnews James
does a daily podcast that’s Monday through Friday which you can also
subscribe and listen to as an Alexa flash briefing okay so with Podnews you
can come over here and search for any podcasts now this is Podnews.net so
I’ve already searched from my podcast and there it is
Ms. Ileane Speaks but low and behold when I go over to this page one thing I
want to do is click see all platforms I’m gonna scroll down a bit to say see
all platforms well already you see there’s a heck of a lot more platforms
here than what we saw over on the we.fo page okay so we’ve got things I
didn’t even know about some of these platforms like for example I had never
heard of bullhorn until I saw this on Podnews then you’ve got even a way that
people can of course listen and Spotify so you don’t have to claim your page for
that and the RSS feed Luminary which I didn’t even know my podcast was in
Luminary all the Android apps that’s a special page you go to for all the
different Android apps and player.fm all these other apps or you may or may not
realize that you’re woody is using and they are some incredible
apps that are also available on Android devices as well as iPhones and iPads and
on the web of course I want you to also scroll down on the page and you’ll see
you can find out how many episodes are in the feed how often the show is
updated who the host is so here is a full list of every episode of the
podcast going all the way back to 2012 okay this leads me to the third option
that I want to share with you and I want you all to check out this pod chaser pod
chaser and you know what before I go over to Podchaser I just want to remind
you that you can now buy me a coffee buy me a coffee just go to ileane.link/coffee you appreciate the value that I give here on YouTube over
on Twitter and even on Twitch and Facebook the whole bit if you want to
see the show survive and keep going I want you to think about buy me a coffee
so it’s ileane.link/coffee alright so now let’s go over to Podchaser I have actually already gone over here and claimed my profile I met these
folks during podcast movement 2018 and here you have your own page let’s go
over to my podcast Ms. Ileane Speaks here on podchaser and for podchaser
you can add any links that you want over here on the sidebar you can also add
your website your social media Twitter Patreon
Instagram Pinterest whatever you want to add your YouTube and all of the rest for
your show so I recommend that you use the links the landing page that you get
from James Cridland at Podnews and what I’ve done for my page is I made a short
link for it so it’s ileane.link/podcast and that’s how you’ll find
all the places you can listen to Ms. Ileane Speaks and for those who want to
have their own profile PodChaser is like the Internet Movie Database of
podcasting and so you can go over there claim your page and put more information
about yourself on this page and you can also share this page with folks instead
of sending them to the Apple podcast link which is not going to work for them
if they’re on an Android phone so be sure to check out the other tutorials
that I have here I have a lot on podcasting as well as YouTube and
live-streaming I’ll see you in the next video bye for now

5 thoughts on “Podcast Landing Page Can Help Get More Subscribers

  1. 🙋🏽‍♀️By now you probably have your podcast listed in all the places it can be heard! There are great solutions out there for podcasters who want a landing page that makes it easy for new listeners to subscribe to your podcast by giving them links to all those apps! This is really perfect for shows hosted on Anchor.
    Take a look at the landing page for Ms. Ileane Presents the Anchor Show over at Podnews → https://ileane.link/podnews
    Check out more podcasting tutorials in this playlist → https://ileane.link/podcastingplaylist
    Happy podcasting 🎙

  2. Thanks Ileane, love the tips you shared. I subscribe to Blubrry and have them host my page. They however do not cover all the place the podcast can be heard. So the big take away is the Podnews for me.

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