Podcast IN RUSSIAN – How to be healthy? QA | No CC

Podcast IN RUSSIAN – How to be healthy? QA | No CC

Hello dear friends! Today I am recording a podcast on video! because When I posted my previous podcast it seemed to me that If you don’t see the person then, it’s a bit boring to listen … in the background, especially, when the language you are learning that is, an unfamiliar language for you it would be very helpful for you to see the person that is speaking to you to watch the their articulation … how the person is speaking to you with gestures in order to find out more about that person … to learn about his language about the expression with which he is speaking So today will be in such a video format but if you don’t feel like it you can at any moment put the video aside and just listen to me but in general and overall, there will be video. I want to talk to you I want you to be able to see me It will be so much easier for me so I will watch kinda like sound gets recorded I have sound is recorded separately on my wonderful voice recorder I hope that the quality will be good so, let’s begin Today, I would like to talk with you about how For a simple person, it’s important to listen to yourself listen not only to … your soul to its desires but also to listen to your body to it’s health because as a rule, our body should be in harmony with our soul and if suddenly We are dissatisfied with something either you are doing something under pressure that is, unwillingly something you don’t like it is often the human body it starts to protest You can get sick you can become emotionally exhausted and in the background you are ill with something you might start with headaches constantly You might very often come down with a cold or you could start to get stomachaches our whole system starts to fail in such a moment we need to, (during) without delay, stop ourselves and stay put and to understand the signal from our system from our body what is needed is to reconsider your life possibly to reconsider your priorities to put them completely differently It’s possible (that) we are just tired We pushed ourselves too far sometimes you just need to stop and create a plan to stop … There is so much information everywhere that is, a little from there a little from here There you did something, here something… and eventually you have nothing. You wasted all of your energy and haven’t received anything for it So, now I’m going to read some questions from one of my subscribers Mike Good asks What do you think about the cases? whether or not they are necessary learn to use them correctly or just to repeat phrases? Dear Mike , I consider that cases are necessary to know if you want to learn to write grammatically in Russian if you are going to work in Russia or simply want additional knowledge of Russian grammar but if you just need to speak in Russian it’s not absolutely necessary to learn cases gradually with… capacity of vocabulary you phrase pops into your head with which speak 90 percent of Russian people that is, if you need to ask where you need to go how to buy something or other how to order something, how to make a phone call to ask how to get somewhere yet again phone number, let’s suppose the … this is all very simple and banal it is very easy to learn All of these phrases for example in order to talk about something you can use whatever genre of literature or movie genre (theme) in which is told about that which you want to tell someone a gather for yourself as much as possible information on the topic you you want to talk about so that in your head already they are established phrases correct phrases with which (outcomes) you can function Well, what do I recommend that you do, if you want to learn cases? Take each case, for example and give it one week for studying it isn’t necessary to teach all the cases in a single day! that would be a huge mistake! Take one case understand the essence of that case which questions it answers and the most important thing is to find as many examples as can be found for each case examples of phrases sentences and try to learn them so that in various situations, the correct answer yet again you have already in your head so that it has already been remember (recorded) and worked out for you That is most important and gradually you learn another case through another week, and after two weeks learn another case one week later another case, i.e. in order to learn all of the cases you need 6 weeks since in Russian, there are 6 cases I don’t think it requires some kind of huge effort if you have such a goal and I think it is very easy it (your goal) to reach just completing successive actions should (be done) regularly As I constantly tell you Getting back to our topic… (Let’s return to our sheep: idiom) We return to our story I would like to tell you a story from my own life When I worked in an office in an ordinary job I didn’t like working there to put it mildly because This work sucked the strength out of me It sucked the energy out of me and (gave a substitute) Well, for me, only a certain amount of money and that’s it I got exhausted practically all of my energy resources and eventually my energy came to and end My system was telling me, “Enough!” When I further worked in order to get more money in order to like… join the team show my own value I struggled for any kind of work that helped what I was trying to to do… Everything! What I can with all my strength at that time I studied at an Institute so you can imagine how hard it is go to study then to work, come home from work to prepare for the next day of studies that is, to learn something and then wake up again early in the morning go to bed Late at night and simply give EVERYTHING x3 my energy It can be said that (got me) nowhere Of course, in the end, I just unfortunate fell outside when I was very tired, as usual, and tore a ligament in my knee joint Anyone who is familiar with medicine knows that after this, it’s very hard to walk practically impossible but so far this ligament does hadn’t healed I had to quit that job Then it seemed to me that it was just an awful thing that happened in my life but in fact my body, it made me make the right decision Now let’s read again a question from Mike How to practice verbs of motion well? any ideas? I would like to offer you Dear friends to learn the verbs of motion you need to love Russian songs for example, a song by Zhanna Friske Let’s go there together (me & you) where there is no snow or rain let’s go with you there (the two of us) we will just you and me that is, you can take any song stand up I’ll show you stand up and just start to dance and sing along this is the most important thing to be toned charged with energy and most importantly that, you repeat these phrases together with the singer (female or male) and to learn the correct pronunciation and plus all of this will be fun! let me show you song, Rina Allegrovoj you stole … stole, that is, I took, and just stole stolen cars stole a man hijacked hijacked themselves! and what is here criminal! I think you understood me take a song turn it on full blast print out the text for yourself these songs and just dance and sing More energy! More energy! More fun! So you will remember not just verbs of motion but and you learn a lot of cool phrases especially from songs about love so once again I’ll get back to my story then, after I lost my job I thought for a long time about what I would do what could make me happy my soul and I began to work in photography and ultimately, in the end, when I already entered for some level of when I started to shoot weddings when I had a lot of (appearing) people who wanted to have me photograph them I began to get not only just a thrill from this and it’s only now, from the people who are satisfied with my photos they like the way they look and, besides, it starts to get more for some sort of fee. The most important thing is that the pay financially it can not be compared in any way with… the toll of energy (with) the pleasure that you get from what are you doing from the fact that you understand that what you do is fun and you enjoy it very much so friends when you learn Russian, find that topic from which you get a buzz (fun) For example, if you are a photographer, You can find Russian video bloggers who tell about photography You can watch their video lessons to learn the Russian language from them because for you, this theme is interesting or for example, you like painting and you want to learn how to communicate with Russian artists to learn from their experience Find a video blogger / artist who tells the story of how he draws and repeat after him learn the phrases that he has said name there, like “brush” or I do not know there “paints” learn their that is, find your subject that you really like … and you get enjoyment from the study of a foreign language Do not force yourself this is probably the most stupid thing which can make a person in his own life this to do something with harm to/for myself for our energy for your mood for your life believe that studies can be exciting and awesome I think this video will inspire you I think that now it will be much easier for you to find something interesting for yourself In the Russian language and Make your learning cool/awesome interesting and useful for you and so friends thank you for being watching this video to the end Oh, I almost forgot, I wanted to brag to you … I have already talked about my painting I finally I tried oil paints and I drew this picture yesterday, this is it I really like it engaging in it (making) the video on Youtube So, friends Look for that which you like and go in that direction no matter what you’ll get a huge return Thank you all for your attention Have a great day everyone! Dear friends Goodbye to all of you, bye!

100 thoughts on “Podcast IN RUSSIAN – How to be healthy? QA | No CC

  1. Это хороший совет, чтобы узнать одну грамматическую дисциплину в то время. Как и именительном, который отвечает, кто и что? Практика в этом случае фразы в течение недели или два, и вы начнете видеть их в своем уме. Очень хороший совет! И вы правы, то лучше видеть Вас и выражения с языком, а не просто слышать вас.
    У меня была такая же проблема с левым коленом в последнее время. Очень трудно лечить и нормально ходить снова.

  2. Привет всем! 😉
    Я решил писать по русски. Надеюсь, я не то пожалею спустя. 🙂 Ну, я из Австрии и учу русский язык уж 4 1/2 года – я начал в школе, когда я был 16. В моей голове примерно миллион слова, которые я учил наизусть для экзамены и тесты. Я могу писать об всех типичных темах, которые обычно учатся в школе. "Окружающая среда", "Правильное питание", "жизнь в городе" и.т.д…
    я даже решил писать выпускной экзамен по русски! (Получил двойку, йеа!) Ну моя проблема: Я совсем не понимаю русские говорят. Просто не умею. ЗНАЮ каждое слово, которое Мария пользуется, но ПОНИМАЮ ничто. Только после шестого раза слышать я немножко узнаю.

    К сожалению, слушать её может стать очень скучно оттого. Почему я вижу 18 минут видео, в котором я понимаю ~30 слова? :/ Это кажется без толку….
    Но мне тоже кажется, что это единственная возможность для меня :'(

  3. Мне тоже сильно нравятся русские песни и иногда пою и танцую. Я надеюсь, вы можете делать видео о прекрасных песнях. Спасибо вам!

  4. Wonderful job Maria. Thank you for the inspiration. Your Russian sounds so beautiful. Clear, and very easy to understand.

  5. Make more podcast like this, for now I understand 5% what you say, so I´ll watch and watch all over again until get 100% someday. Ты говоришь медленно и очень ясно, что помогает много понимать. Спасибо!!

  6. Мне сильно нравится видео, которые ты снимаешь. Хорошие ресурсы, если ты не понимаешь фильмы, но ещё хотел бы практиковаться. Что ты рекомендуешь кому-нибудь, когда они учат совершенный вид, и несовершенный вид глаголов? У меня всегда есть проблемы, и не может использовать правильно. Спасибо за контент!

  7. й Я люблю свое видео. Я американец, и я изучаю русский в свое свободное время. Мне было интересно, если вы могли бы сделать учебник о том, как петь гимн России. Я бы большую помощь. ♡♡♡

  8. Все наша система начинает сдавать …- я не понял последнего слова. Збои?

    большое спасибо за вашу поддержку в учёбе русского языка!

  9. Excellent! The text matched the speech with absolute precision, looks like been typed manually? Thanks for your efforts. Curious though why the video title says 'no CC'.

  10. Спасибо, Маша. Приятно. Смотря твои видео, сразу заметишь, что ты сама получаешь кайф, делать их для людей, учащихся русский как иностранный )

  11. Я так люблю твои видео! Спасибо большое за всю работу, которую ты делаешь для тех которые учат русский язык как меня!

  12. Maria, when are you going to teach us more songs? i have learned the lyrics for both Katyusha and Moscow nights. How about Дорогой длинною? I didn't know it was original russian until recently.

  13. Song for today:

    А ну

    А ну (ну [?x])
    Чики брики и в дамки

    Чики брики

    А ну, чики-брики и в дамки!

  14. When I first looked at your beautiful painting, I immediately remembered "Everlasting Summer" scene when both Slavya and Semyon were at the beach one night. Both were talking and look at the body of water, with her long locks blowing in the wind. I believe what they were looking at (as they were talking) was very similar to your painting with the music "Forest Maiden" playing in the background as the waves hit the rocks and other natural wonders that live in your painting. Thanks for sharing it.

  15. Спасибо за твои видео! Я пара лет назад жил в Украине за два года и там учил русский. Благодаря твоим роликам я получил мотивацию поддерживать уровень своего языка!:)

  16. Мария. Можешь сказать, пожалуйста, какая разница между "Мне пришлось" (Кoторыe ты сказала на 11:22 минуте) и "Мне надо/нужно"
    Спасибо за все )) я люблю твои видео.

  17. This is a really good video for learning Russia.You speak slowly and clearly.
    Please keep up the good work.More video.
    Bye from France

  18. i hope you are able to get to my question. so, when you spent your year in the united states, was it easy for you to find other russian speaking people? its difficult for me to learn without having someone, or many people who can speak russian fluently. do you have any tips?

  19. Мария, есть вопрос про амерское тв, на каком канале выходит шоу Saturday Night Live?

  20. The expression Вернемся к нашим баранам is the same in French! Revenons à nos moutons. I love it when languages come together 😉

  21. It's really nice from you to take the time to write English and Russian subtitles , I really appreciate.

    And also… you're so so pretty 😍

  22. you're so right it's way more interesting and easier to connect if you can see the person who is talking, thank you for great videos !!! 🙂

  23. i have been watching your Videos since 2014 and i got a lot of benefit
    but i have Q for you i just hate the verb of motion what do i do?
    ?and i cant find Russian movies with english and russian subtitle at once on the screen where can i find it
    and thank you for your time and your effort on making us learn more

  24. Dear Maria, many thanks for your benefit video here above, and kindly clarify to my which the 6 cases which you mentioned hear-in inside video and you told us that's very important to learn a Russian grammar. ???

  25. I think the key for learning Russian is not to be overwhelmed by every instance in Russian. There's a lot of rules, and looking at it from the big picture, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. I agree with Maria, take one bit at a time!

  26. Great video!! Thanks for uploading with CC translation!

    I learned the meanings of soooo many Russian words from this video! Thank You Maria for this excellent work!

  27. j'adore tes vidéos. bon courage et think about yourself before thinking for the others. get a lot of rest and fun. thank you very much.

  28. maria, your a very beautiful woman are you single,? i want to congradulate!! you for womans day because you really deserve it! your amazing !!:))oooh yes


  30. You make learning russian so interesting… I admire your dedication. I'm going to do my best to learn. Thank you, from the island of Puerto Rico.

  31. спасибо за информацию. У меня была проблема в моем произношении, вы можете сделать видео о произношении слов в русском языке?

  32. Hello, I am trying to learn Russian. In the video you mention singing along to songs. Do you have a list of artists and songs that you would recommend for someone attempting to learn?

  33. Oh ! I needed this , I needed somebody , speak to me , while I try to understand nothing , especially not know this language is a blessing . I just look at you and feel better . After long day of work , all you need is somebody speak something you can't catch . Ay , thanks . I love your classes .

  34. Amazing video – I loved this. So useful with the open transcript as well. Philosophy, life advice and Russian – great  🙂

  35. +Maria Zdorovetskaya: MARIA THIS IS THE KIND OF VIDEO WE RUSSIAN STUDENTS NEED! You speaking slower, English transl in the bottom and NO MORE. Perfect. Please make more of these. Thank you. No other teacher vocalizes as clearly as you do. Really.

  36. Hey Maria! I just wanted to compliment you on you’re work. You have such great videos and I love how you don’t speak in English or any different language for that fact while trying to teach Russian, you just simply speak it while teaching which is amazing and I have to say as a 20 year old American guy it is honestly captivating to hear you speak haha I honestly want to just be able to understand Russian so I can listen to you and fully comprehend everything you’re saying without filtering it into English in my head. You’re very beautiful also❤️ i know it’s a long shot but if you want to follow me on Instagram:) my IG is Joshuamccarley_

  37. 4.50 min.:You must be an absolute patient woman; this question of "Mike", if he has to learn the russian cases and use them correctly is so gross, that I had to hold my breath for a moment. It`s the same Level as "Do we have to use fork and knife or should we just stuff the food with our elbows into our mouth".I do see this bloke in front of my mental eye – blurred eyes, baseball-cap, Sneakers, piercing and t-shirt, with "I hate mondays" printed upon.
    These are the beings who write "u" instead of "you", "4" instead of "four" and have difficuilty to count to ten without using a calculator.

    I mean, they are not putting this question to anyone, but to their sweet, well – educated promotor of the Russian language.

    Oh Maria, one morning you will wake up, soaked in sweat and bitterly regret that you waisted much time upon mere imitations of human beings…

    That reminds of a group of international students long time ago, when we were being introduced into the Russian language (unfortunately, I did not pursue then).The teacher wanted us to repeat the word сколько and when it was David`s turn (an American), he simply refused. The teacher (a Russian woman) smiled encouragingly and said: "Come on, everybody else did it.""No, I won`t, because I cannot do it.""Well David, how can you say that you cannot do it, when you have not even tried ?!"The answer :"My dentist back home in the states told me so."For the rest of the lesson we were rolling with laughter, shedding tears and Holding our bellies.Maybe the Americans are that twisted, I`d not be surprised.

  38. What a fantastic pronounciation – I wish I had somebody nearby like Maria I could listen to day to day; my Russian understanding would move forward in big leaps.

  39. Зто интересно:

    Все русские люди поют у почти все женщины имеют рисоват.

    Солнце нимношко вспоминает о картинах Аивазовсково.

  40. I've written some translations of the subtitles in the video, maybe it can help.
    Thank you for lovely thinks Maria <3 (y)

    essence сущность
    especially особенно
    in order чтобы
    desires желания
    dissatisfied недовольны
    under pressure под давлением
    to protest протестовать
    exhausted истощены
    stomachache боль в животе
    reconsider пересматривать
    consider рассматривать
    gradually постепенно
    capacity вместимость
    banal банальный
    for example например
    whatever без разницы
    gather собирать
    Take each Возьмите каждый
    effort усилие
    reach достичь
    just completing просто заканчивая
    successive последующий
    carry out выполнять
    to put it mildly мягко говоря
    certain определенный
    exhausted исчерпал
    further worker дополнительный работник
    join the team влиться в коллектив
    Старалась I tried
    как это тяжело how hard is it
    учебу study
    reach достичь
    just completing просто заканчивая
    successive последующий
    carry out выполнять
    to put it mildly мягко говоря
    certain определенный
    exhausted исчерпал
    further worker дополнительный работник
    join the team влиться в коллектив
    hard жесткий
    уставший уставший
    ligament связка
    knee колено
    tore оторвал
    joint совместный
    Will throw Бросает
    it seemed that казалось, что
    Made me Заставило меня
    again вновь
    any ideas есть идеи
    offer предлагает
    whatever floats your boat независимо от того, что плавает ваша лодка
    more fun Веселее
    lost потерял
    hijacked you угнал тебя
    took взял
    stole украл
    ultimately в конечном счете
    thrill кайф
    satisfied довольный
    look like выглядит как
    besides Кроме
    to that к тому, что
    a fee какую-то плату
    compared в сравнении
    toll Потери
    pleasure удовольствие
    fun кайф
    they have у них
    Or Либо
    pleasure удовольствие
    fun весело
    painting картина
    Brush Кисточка
    draws рисует
    brush щетка
    foreign иностранные
    Do not force yourself Не заставляйте себя
    With Harm С ущербом
    inspire you вдохновлять вас
    easier for you проще для вас
    learning обучение
    almost forgot чуть не забыл
    brag to you похвастаться
    tried испробовала
    drew нарисовался
    Engaging in it Заниматся по
    Look for Ищите
    no matter what несмотря ни на что
    return отдача

  41. Привет, я француженка и обожаю русский язык.. я искала подкаст в полном на русском и нашла))) Большое спасибо!

  42. ))) Нравится как вы строите свою речь. Очень понравилось ваше видео о поездке в Москву.)) Показалось, что вы пару раз расплакались в душе. И не обращайте внимания на отмороженных писак здесь. ))

  43. Когда вы были в Москве, весь город перекладывали коммуникации. Сейчас все чисто и красиво. Москва меняется и очень сильно. Метро уже вывели за город. Строят еще одну кольцевую линию метро. Третью уже.))

  44. Спасибо большое за труд)).. видео в целом на русском : это самый лучший метод чтобы хорошо понимать язык!

  45. excellent,i have listened to janna friske many times ,and many other russian singers,songs have limited repetetive dialogue which makes them easy to absorb and many times a transcript is provided,i like this,very good…

  46. Shadowed your speeh thx much girl helped so much.
    Would be grateful if Ii could follow your pages on social networking sites.

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