Podcast Hosting & Submission Made Simple (iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play)

Podcast Hosting & Submission Made Simple (iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play)

– Hey guys, it’s Pat here, and I’m really excited
because you are very close to finally getting your
podcast ready for a launch, which is really exciting, but there’s a few missing pieces, which we’re gonna go over in this video. At this point, you likely have recorded
an episode or maybe a few, you’ve exported them,
you’ve tagged them properly, and now it’s an mp3 file
that’s ready for the world. So, where do you go from here? So, in this video I’m gonna show you how to set up your podcast host, this is your media host where you actually upload your files to. That’s gonna give you what’s
called your podcast feed link. That is what then you will give to iTunes, and Stitcher, and Google Play, and then after a certain period of time, you’re gonna be approved, and then you’re gonna be ready to get and share your podcast. Now, you can also place your
podcast on your website, and have show notes, we’ll talk about all those
things in this video, but for right now I’m gonna show you the podcasting host that I recommend, and we’ll get set up and
I’m show you how it works. Alright, in terms of
podcast hosting companies, meaning this is where you
upload your audio files, so that when a person calls for that file, this is where it’s being downloaded from. It makes it very easy for
you to manage all this versus having these audio files uploaded onto your own servers. You do not want that,
that’ll eat your bandwidth, that’ll cost you lots of money. This is why these services exist. So, the top two that I
would recommend are Libsyn, and also Buzzsprout. There both great, I’ve used them both. There are some slight advantages to each, but for this demonstration
I’m gonna use Libsyn, it’s the one I use for the
smart passive income podcast, and we’re just gonna show you how to get set up with Libsyn from here. I’m not gonna get into detail
about account creation, but I do wanna share some
of these plans really quick. There’s a number of
plans that you can get. I don’t want you to be super confused, really what most people get
is the 15 dollar a month plan, which allows for 250 megabytes
per month to be uploaded, which is sufficient for, you know, one or two episodes per week, and then it also gives
you access to stats, if you do not get the 15 dollar one, you get the five dollar one,
you don’t get access to stats. So, you have 15 bucks per month for doing what their doing is a huge deal, and a great price. So, that’s the one I would recommend, but you can look at details
here if you wanna go further. Okay, so for right now I’m
gonna log in to a test account that I use to set up a podcast
for demonstration purposes, and it’s already set up, but I’m gonna show you the bits and pieces that you need to know, and how to set those things up, so that you can get your
podcast up and running, too. So, I’ll see ya in there Okay, so here we are in
the back end of Libsyn, and this is for a podcast called, ChangED, with a capital “ED”. This is related to education, I will be doing education related podcasts later down the road, but again, this was just a test episode. However, it is live on iTunes right now if you wanted to check it out. What you need to do here
is when you set it up you’re gonna register for new show, and if you haven’t done that yet, you click up here on the triangle icon and click register new show. After that, you then have to start to set up your show properly. So, first of all, before we
do anything with our mp3 file, those are the episodes, we
need to set up our show first. So, to do that let’s click out of that and click on settings and
let’s go to edit show settings. In here is where you wanna include the things that you should already know, such as your title, for example, your show description which is here, the website address where
you want this show to live, so this is where people on iTunes can click over to when
they’re discovering your show, and then here you can click episodic, in terms of show type or serial. Serial would mean it’s more
like a storytelling type one, almost like a book with chapters, you don’t start a book in chapter five, you start with chapter one. If you have a more episodic one, where each episode could
live individually on its own, then click episodic. Then you wanna include
some tags and keywords. Just try to think about the items that your potential listener would type in to potentially discover a show like yours. Then, you wanna have your
public contact e-mail, and then you wanna make sure that Libsyn Classic Feed is selected. You can even include a lot of these other things here that I have blank, but, you know, they aren’t
necessary at this moment. This is mainly stuff
that’s gonna live on a page that Libsyn will give you that we don’t really do anything with, but we do need a lot of these
things for iTunes as well. So, don’t worry about
all these other things. Just have this, what
you see here filled out. Especially the show title, and the show description for sure, and the tags and keywords
and those kinds of things. Now, when you go down here, you’re gonna also gonna
upload your artwork, too. You can see the artwork for ChangED here, which is like a pencil on a, you know, like notepad paper kinda thing. You’re gonna upload it just
simply by using tabs here, and then after that, you just hit save and you are ready to go with your show. Now that your show is successfully saved, now we need to go into
where we can get our feed, and we need to adjust
our feed settings, too. So, to do that, you’re
gonna go to destinations, and then go to edit or view existing. Now, when you scroll down, you’re gonna see something
called the Libsyn Classic Feed. You’re going to edit this
right now, by clicking on edit. Now, here is where you
select a lot of the items that are gonna be really
important for how you are viewed and where you are viewed in iTunes. So, iTunes categories, you
wanna select a primary category, the number one category that
you want to be found in, and ranked in, and yes
these can change over time, but pick the best one that suits you, and you can pick two
subcategories underneath that. Then, you’re gonna use an iTunes summary, and this is similar to the
description that you put earlier. The owner name, this is you,
this is the contact host, and then the owner email, and then iTunes Store Basics, the author, this is gonna be also
similar to the owner name and just make that the
host name obviously. Subtitles, subtitles
aren’t used very often, but when they are it’s just again something that’s nice to know. There may be a change in
iTunes later down the road where they do use the subtitles, so you wanna make sure you
include that just in case. We’re clicking the same
thing, episodic show type. Language, English, you can
select the content rating here, clean or explicit. Explicit, you can read some details related to what defines that there. Keywords, just copy and paste
the same keywords from before. Here in this section which
is episode item or settings, you can actually create
different podcast artwork for individual episodes, but
that takes a lot of work, and it’s something that most
people don’t need to do. So, if you just want when a
person plays an episode to be the same artwork as what it is in your, your podcast in general, your show, just click on this button, I have that on, and then you’re good from there. Advanced options you don’t
really need to worry about. So, just hit save and
then you are good to go. Now, the most important
part of this whole process, you will be introduced to your feed. This is a link, the really important link that when you clink on, you’re probably not
gonna know what it means, but it’s iTunes and any other directories, that’s what they use to understand what episodes are available, what mp3 files to serve, and so forth, and whenever you upload a
new mp3 file to this host, that feed will update. Any changes you make will update this feed and therefore those directories
will be updated, too. You do not actually upload
individual episodes to iTunes or to Stitcher or to Google
Play, they all read this feed. So, any changes you make,
any episodes that you upload, it’s all done here in your podcast host, and that’s the beauty of this. You just set it up once and iTunes and all those other directories, they kinda work automatically from there. So, let’s go find your find here, they’ve given it to me
here since I just saved it, but it’s also here as well. I’m gonna copy this because
that’s really important. As you can see here, it’s
changed.libsyn.com/rss. Alright, a couple things. Now that we have our
show information ready, now that we have our feed
ready, we have that link, that’s, tattoo that on your forehead, don’t literally do that, but you know what I mean,
like keep track of that link, that’s really important, that’s what you’re gonna
give to the directories. So, save that right now, and
you also know where to get it, it’s in the destinations
folder here in Libsyn. Now, we need to talk about your episodes. We’re going to upload an episode and I’ll show you exactly how to do that. Now, to do that, all you
have to do is go to content, and then go to add new episode. In here you can add that media
file, the one that you saved. So, actually gonna do that with our test episode that we did earlier, and I’ll show you how this works. I’m gonna click on add media
file, upload from hard drive, and then I’m gonna click on remember the one that says final on it because that’s the final one that we want. We’re gonna click open. It’s gonna take a moment to upload. Okay, so now that that file is
uploaded as we can see here, we’re gonna go down to, go to details, and this is where we put again, the title of that
particular podcast episode. That’s a subtile for it, description. Again, this is just best
practice to copy and paste and add all these things here anyway, and then scrolling down, you
can change some of these things so you can optimize your iTunes title, you can change the iTunes summary for this particular
episode if you wanted to, and then you can even add episodes numbers and season numbers. If you wanted to remove the episode number from the title of the podcast itself, you can just include that here, and then, just again, any
spot that is required, it’s always best do it even though sometimes it
pulls from one or another. Just because different directories pull from different places, always best just to have it all in there, and so after that’s done
you can go to artwork. Now again, remember the artwork is already embedded into that file, but you can add new ones if you wanted to, and then go to scheduling. You can schedule when
this episode comes out, and then finally you can hit
either publish or schedule. Now, if I were to hit publish right now the feed on iTunes would
then within 24 hours, iTunes and other directories
often take, you know, anywhere between 12 and 24 hours, sometimes sooner, sometimes
it’s really quick, but you know, give it 12
to 24 hours before it goes, checks your RSS feed, it
doesn’t check instantly, it just checks every once in awhile, and then it goes and says, oh, there’s some new stuff in there let’s add that to the mix, and if I were to do
that it would take time, but it would eventually show
up in there automatically. So, it doesn’t happen right away, you’re gonna have to be patient, but that’s how it works. Alright, so we have
our podcast host setup, we have our show ready to go, we have our first episode on there, and now we have also our
RSS feed that remember, we tattooed on our face. What do we do with it? Well, now we have to let iTunes and the other directories
know that this show exists. Now, really quick I need to tell you because some of you might be like, wait I’m gonna tell iTunes now? I’m not ready yet, I
just have one episode, I wanna get more episodes up there, which is recommended actually. What do I do here? Why would I go and put my
thing on an iTunes right now? Can I wait till later? You can, however, I would recommend making sure to get up on iTunes right now. Yes, even with one episode. Not everybody is gonna find
it, it doesn’t really matter. This is like the difference between, you know building your house
and your housewarming party. You’re just making sure
the house is stable and everything is connected,
in case there’s an error, you can fix it, and then your housewarming
party is like your launch party, when you make a big deal, you
send everybody the podcast, it’s okay. So, having that one episode in
your hosting account is fine, and then you upload it just like we did, and then you connect it to iTunes like I’m about to show you, and that way you know
everything is set up, and then you can tweak and
change things, add new things, and then get ready for that
big launch day like you will. Alright, so what did we do? Well, to connect to iTunes, like with the other
directories like Stitcher and also Google Play, I’ll add instructions those two underneath this video for you ’cause I don’t want to waste your time, it’s basically the same
thing for each one, but iTunes obviously is the big one. You’re gonna have to
have an iTunes account in order to get access to this. If you don’t have one, just
set one up really quick, and then again, go to
podcastsconnect.apple.com, and then you’re gonna be prompted with, you know setting up a new show, and to do that all you have to
do is include your RSS feed. As you can see here, we
are in iTunes Connect. I connected my account, and all you have to do is paste that URL, the RSS feed into the space. And now to test it, first
we want to hit validate, and this just makes sure that the podcast is set up properly, it pulls in the right artwork, it pulls in the right description, it’s actually gonna tell us
what’s wrong if anything, and now already you can see
that there’s something wrong and the thing that’s wrong is this feed has already been submitted. Other than that, everything else is okay, and this is what you’re gonna see. If it’s ready to submit, you will see that this
submit button is highlighted, everything else will be okay. It’ll say ready for publication
or something like that. You’ll even see the episodes that you have in there
in your feed already, again this pulls this in from Libsyn. If I were to add another episode in here and hit publish on that other one, it would automatically show here because it is actively calling
for what is in that feed. So, actually I wonder if I could do that. Alright now, just for fun, but lets go in here and click publish. Oh, well I can’t do that because I haven’t filled
out all the details, but that’s okay, but you get the idea If I were to do that and spend time filling out all the details for that test episode
here in podcast connect, you would see it here as
a another episode here. Now, if you’re ready, you just hit submit, and then you wait. Now, you can wait anywhere
between four hours, 8 hours, to sometimes a few days. It depends on the human
beings over there at Apple who literally check this out and make sure it’s okay and legit. So, that’s how it is, and that’s
how your submit your show. Once it’s ready, you will get an email. You’ll get an email and it’ll say, hey your podcast is ready and it’ll be up on the stores very soon, and then you can go find
it using your keywords or just, you know typing it in, or you might get an e-mail that says, sorry, something is wrong, and thankfully they’ve
been a lot better lately at telling you what is wrong, so you can go in there an fix it, and sometimes it’s a swear
word in your description, other times it’s something
to do with the size or the quality of your artwork. They’ll tell you what’s up and they’ll be able to help you fix it. So, that’s how you submit
to Apple and iTunes, and it’s basically the same thing for Stitcher and Google Play, and like I said we’ll
have the links for those right below this video for you, too. Now, one question I always get is, do I need a website to
actually host my podcast? Well, for hosting your podcast, no. I just showed you how
to host your podcast, you can even submit it without a website, but I would highly
recommend having a website for your podcast because that’s a place where you want people to come back, where people can discover new things, where you can have call to actions, like subscribe to your e-mail list, and all sorts of things, you can potentially even sell
products on your website, too, for your podcast listeners, and you can have show notes. Show notes are detailed notes
about each individual episode, each episode would have it’s
own essentially blog post where you can include a player, and I’ll show you really
quick in just a moment how in Libsyn, you can grab a player for each individual episode and just plop it right into
that particular blog post. Super simple, I actually have the blog, obviously smart passive income where I use a custom
player that I built called, a Smart Podcast Player at
smartpodcastplayer.com. If you want to check that out
once you get up and running, you can totally do that, but this is a player that we created and this is what hosts the
podcasts on the website, and you’ll be surprised. There’s actually a lot of
people who actually listen to your podcast not on iTunes
or Stitcher or Google Play, but actually on your website, especially those who are
finding you for the first time. So, you want to make sure their
able to listen to a podcast and obviously within your podcast, you want them to be inclined to subscribe, so they can get it
automatically downloaded onto a device later. So, I’ll show you really quick how to get a player from Libsyn, and where the code is that you
can plop into your website. Okay, and over time you’re
gonna see your stats increase, again remember this is a test episode, so that’s why I’m only getting
a couple downloads a day, if that, but once your podcast is up and running it’s really cool, you’re gonna see the stats grow over time, you’ll see that when you
publish a new episode, you’re gonna get a giant spike
from all your subscribers, it’s gonna go back down again, but not down as fasras it was, and then your gonna get
an even bigger spike, and that’s kinda the sequence
of events that happens as you begin to get
consistent with your shows, it’s really fun. Now, to go to your older episodes here, you just go to content, and
you to previously published. Here are the three
previously published episodes for this test podcast, and I’m just gonna go and
click right here where it says link and embed. So, I’m gonna click on that, and this will give you a number
of different player styles if you scroll down below. So, I can get for example,
you know the standard one or the legacy one, I
can get this custom one. Typically the standard
one works out pretty well, but you can do the custom
one with it’s own image, too, if you wanted to. Either
one it’s all good. What you do is set there
parameters for the embed code, and then you hit preview get embed code, and that’ll give you the link, and you can get a preview for it up there. As you can see, it just
automatically pulled in my artwork, and this is what you
include in your WordPress or your Squarespace blog post, so that you can actually
play your episodes within your content, too, and then it terms of the written content that goes along with
your podcast episodes, you can be as detailed and
summarize as much as you want. Remember, a lot of people are coming to your website to see this, and the more detailed it is, perhaps the better
impression it will make. You can even make it very useful, saying I talk about
this at this time stamp, I talk about this topic during
this part of the podcast. You can even have information in links related to your podcast, which is really the big
benefit there for us. Any links and resources that
you mention on the show, you can say hey by the way, all these links and
resources are mentioned on the show notes over my blog, you can go there by going here, and that way even sometimes
those are affiliate links or product links so
that you can even begin to start making sales and
monetize your podcast, too. So, that’s how you can get your podcast connected to your website
and how show notes work. Okay, so sequence of events one more time. You get set up with your hosting company, you can try Libsyn or Buzzsprout. Then, you can get your
show setting all correct, collect your RSS feed, that’s again what you submit to iTunes, and Stitcher and Google Play. You also wanna make sure you
upload your first episode, put in all the details there, and that way there is an
episode that lives on your feed. Actually if you were to submit your feed without an episode already
in it, you will be denied, so will have to have to have at least one episode to get approved, and then you kinda wait a little bit until you get that email from apple and the other directories to
say yes, your podcast is live, and then you can go out there and share it with the world
in whatever way that you want. Wow! We covered so much across
the last three videos here. I’m so proud of you for getting this far, and getting you show
just ready for launch. Now, obviously there’s a lot
more to this podcasting thing then getting your podcast up and running, and you’re essentially there, but there is so much more to this. For example, the launch of your podcast, how do you make sure
that there are listeners there on the other end the day you launch? What about over time, how
do you keep growing it, how do you get more
exposure for the podcast, how do you connect with other guests who are gonna share this? There’s so much more to this, what about monetization and sponsorships, and advertising, selling your own product? What about tactics for
helping listeners stay and listen on further through
that episode that you create? There’s so much more to this, which is why I created my
course Power-Up Podcasting. For those of you who want to
go all in with me on this, you kinda get a gist of
the style of my teaching. If this is something you like, and you wanna get
everything you need to know, in a way that allows you to do it, and execute and get results from it, like the hundreds of other students who have taken this course, I highly recommend at this point you upgrade to my course
Power-Up Podcasting. In addition to that content, you’re also gonna get
access to me in office hours and access to a community with
all of those other students, alumni, and current students who are there to help motivate and support each other. So if that’s something that
sounds interesting to you, all you have to do is go
to poweruppodcasing.com, you can check it out right there. If not, that’s okay, perhaps
you’re just ready to go and that’s just totally fine, too. I’m just super thankful that
you are taking action here, and that you’re committing to podcasting, and Power-Up Podcasting
will always available to you if you change you mind in the future. So, for those of you watching
this on YouTube right now, best of luck to you. I’m so thankful, and I’m exited to see your show up on iTunes, and the other directories very soon. Good luck. (R&B music)

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