Podcast Hosting And Submission Simple Tutorial (iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, And Google Play)

Podcast Hosting And Submission Simple Tutorial (iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, And Google Play)

– All right we are almost there. You’re gettin’ ready to
have a Top Shelf podcast. We’re gonna talk about podcast hosting and submission and
making it simple for you. So with that, let’s get started. What is up? Welcome back Zachary Babcock here. Welcome back to the channel. If you’ve been following along for the last two videos, then you know that we’ve
covered everything. How to start a podcast from scratch. We went over equipment, software, how to use those. How to record episodes, how to edit them, how to export them, throw the tags and metadata on them, for Apple and iTunes optimize them. And now we’re gettin ready to set up your hosting and submission and make it very very simple for you. So without any further ado, let’s launch your Top Shelf postcast! We’re right there. Let’s hit the computer for this. All right for hosting, I can only recommend what I know and what I use and what I know what most people use. Libsyn is definitely the go-to. There’s other great podcasting
hosting services out there. I just highly recommend Libsyn. And so the first thing that
you’re gonna want to do, you’re gonna want to set up your account. How you would do that is
you would set up your show. And you click this
little drop down up here and then you would Register New Show. Now, it’s gonna give
you all this information that you’d put in there, obviously. And then real quickly, just for purposes of the video I’m gonna just go over the plans. So most people start off with the $15 a month classic 250. It gives you 250 megabites of upload, of space each month
that renews each month. Which is more than enough to do one or two podcast episodes a week. Definitely what I would
recommend starting off with or you could do more if you’re doing more. I would get at least the $15 a month, because with $15 a month
it comes with stats. So you can see the stats of your show and how it’s going over time and that’s really cool. So that’s what I would do. You would do that and
then you would go ahead and sign the agreements
and hit Create Show. However, I’m not gonna do it cause I don’t need to create another show. That’s what you would do. After you have actually created the show, now we have to edit the show’s settings. We’re not talking about the episodes, we’re talking about the show. So we go to Settings, this little drop down right here, and go to Edit Show Settings. Now once you’re in here, this is what you’ll name
the name of your show. You’d put that here, obviously. The Show Description. The Show Slug, which is what Libsyn uses
for the Libsyn classic feed. Which is really important. You’d put your description here. You hammered that out with 4W so this would be easy to put in there. Then you’d put your website address. Do you have to have a
website to do a podcast? No, because Libsyn will host it. However, I highly recommend
to have your own website. That way you can really
engage with your audience, it’s more professional, people can check out your show notes that you make for each episode and anything else you’ll
monetize that way. So definitely have a website. Next, you just fill out this. So if your show is going
to episodic or serial. Episodic means it doesn’t really matter what order they listen to each episode. That each individual episode could live on it’s own, individually. Or serial is more like a book. Like when you start on Chapter Six, you have to start on Chapter One and read it all the way through. Next you add a couple keywords and stuff that make you more discoverable on each directory. Then you want to put in
your public contact email in right here. Default Show Feed, just keep it at Libsyn Classic Feed. You can put in your YouTube or your Facebook and Twitter handles you don’t have to. And then you’re gonna get this later on. Your actual iTunes store web address which I’ll show you here in just a minute, as well as, Stitcher and Google Play and Spotify. But we’ll show you that in just a minute. Next, you’ll upload your artwork. Your podcast art work. Which and I’ll show you the actual it has to be 1400 x 1400
dimensions that work best. Up to 3000 x 3000 and it has to be a high
resolution jpeg or png file. As you see I have png, which is 3000 x 3000. Works just fine. Then you can scroll down here, everything is all good and
then you would hit Save. And then now you have your show set up. Next, we’re gonna go to Destinations. And we’re gonna go to
Edit or View Existing. And when you come down here
first things you’re gonna go to is Libsyn Classic Feed. So we’re gonna click on
Edit on Libsyn Classic Feed. And here you would fill this out. You would fill out your name
or the podcast’s host name. You’d select your language, English or any particular other one. Then this is really important, iTunes Categories. So you can have up to three, but you gotta have at least one and the first one is most important. So I selected Business and
Management & Marketing. is for my podcast. Yours might be Self Help or it might be Comedy. Make sure you have that filled out and you can fill out
the other two categories if it makes sense. Then you do your iTunes summary. I would select use show
description for iTunes Summary and that’s the same thing
that you already set up when you set up the show, When you edited the show. That way it will show up right here on iTunes as well. Then iTunes contact info. Put your name and then your email, your public email. And then you know iTunes store basics you can use a subtitle they don’t really get used but just in case if anything
changes in the future it’s just good to have one. Then make sure you select the same thing you did on the last one if it’s episodic or serial. Now it could be, you gotta to help iTunes improve
searchability and disability you gotta select if it’s clean, not set or explicit. And you know there’s more
information if you click on this little thing right here. Then you can add the key words again. And then use show image for episodes. I clicked the box, the check box. And what that is is we can make cover art for each and every episode, but that’s a lot of work. It just, I mean and I don’t
see anybody else doing this. Just keep the same thing and you get the same art work that automatically gets
uploaded for every episode save yourself a ton of time. Click that box, hit Save. You’re good to go. Now, we have our show settings set up. Or we have registered our show, we have our show setting set up and we have our destinations. Last thing about destinations, right up here the Libsyn Classic Feed, you want to copy this and save this. Because this is what we are going to use for all the directories. Because what this does is you don’t upload individually to iTunes and to Spotify and to Google Play. You just upload once to your host and then this feed, when you set it up with
these other directories they automatically come and pull from it every time something else goes live. So you want to save that link or you can come back in here in your destinations and you
know where to find it now. And that’s what you’re gonna use when you set up iTunes
here in just a minute, along with other directories. So we got all that set up. Now, we can get into
actually uploading content. And what you’ll do here, under content you can go
to Previously Published or Scheduled For Release. So this show previous posts, shows everything that’s already that you’ve published. And scheduled for release, you can do a lot of batch
producing like I do. Like I got over a months worth of episodes already ready to go. To add a new episode simply click Add New Episode. And then we’ll just do a test one. It’s gonna bring you to this, so we click Add Media File and we upload from the hard drive. And then this is going to bring us here. And I’m going to find some episodes. All right, I’m just going to select this one and open it and it’s
gonna start publishing and as it’s doing that, as it’s uploading, we can start filling this out. Now this is just a test episode. So we go to Go To Details, right here. Click on Go To Details. And then what I do for this
is I simply go to my iTunes and open that episode, whichever one it was and so I go that one it’s the same episode and then I just click podcast info click on this right here and the move this to the back. And now for the title, I can simply Copy and Paste. I can add a little Subtitle. And then for the Description, I come over here. Copy it, Paste it, and then I just add a couple tag words. Tags and keywords if I need to. The Custom Permalink URL, this is going to be your website. Just put in whatever you website is .com. And then iTunes Title, you don’t have to put the episode numbers in iTunes. I recommend doing that. It makes it easier for people to find. So you can just Copy and Paste
the same thing right here. The summary just Copy and
Paste that right there, as well. Then you could select if
this is a full normal episode or if it’s just a trailer or if it’s a bonus. And you can even do season
numbers with episode numbers, which you would put in here. Then you select explicit or clean. Then you put in your name, the host’s name and I always click Update ID3 tags and then we can move onto art work. Now art work, we have already set up in the destinations under Libsyn Classic Feed that we’re gonna use the
same art work all the time. So we’re good to go. We don’t have to do anything on this page. We’ll go to Scheduling. And then for that, if you’re going to publish it right away you can hit Publish once this is finished filling up. Or if you wanna pre-schedule it, you can just click on
Basic Release Exploration. Click on Set New Release Date, click on the little calendar, pick April 10th, 2019. And you set the time you want it to go and I always leave this Expiration Date, never expire and Download Availability media files are always available. And you are good to go. Let’s go to Publish. It’s going to bring you to this page and this is where you can grab
your cool little media player that you would place in your website on that blog post that AKA was show notes. So you can do whatever
which one your like. I always like the custom one and I choose my brand colors, which is BC15. Choose my brand colors, then I can do preview and get embedded code and this is what it will
look like on my website. And then all I do is Copy this and Paste that into my show notes. Which we’ll get into
that on another video. It’s really important to have show notes. This is how you can drive
traffic to your website, on your blog you can
really lay out show notes. A descriptive, description of the episode and why people should listen. And then you can also, insert any links that
you mention in there. Any affiliate links and that way you can
monetize from that place. Now we are good to go. We have officially set up your podcast and your hosting. You’ve got everything rockin and rollin, except for, there’s just a few more
things to get through before we can actually launch this. We’ve got everything is
set up on the hosting side. Now we need to send
our Libsyn Classic Feed out to these directories, so that they can pull from our hosting. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go I’m gonna leave the links for Google Play and for Stitcher in the comments below. It’s really the same as this. I’m just gonna show you really quickly how to get it set up
on iTunes and Spotify. So for iTunes you’re gonna go to www.podcastconnect.apple.com and then once you log in there, you’re gonna go to here to
set up a new My Podcast. And you’re just gonna simply enter the RSS Feed that we got, The Lybsyn Classic Feed. And then you’re gonna select Validate. And it’s gonna tell you mine won’t, because it’s already been submitted. You see, “Can’t submit your feed your
feed was previously submitted” However, if it wasn’t it would show me if there’s any like things that just doesn’t mesh with it that reason why I could put it up. It would let me know. And then when yours is ready this Submit button will
actually become blue and you’ll be able to hit Submit. Now when you hit Submit, it could take a few hours, 12 hours maybe even a week, before this gets done. But they will give you an email and you need to be checking your email for when it is submitted. And the key here guys, once you submit this is, you have to have your episode at least one published. And I know you’re like, “Well man I don’t have a
bunch of them published yet.” It’s key that you have to
get set up on iTunes first, before you go on a big launch. Because if somehow you’ve submitted that feed and they decline it and you have this big launch going saying you’re going to do it on March 4th and however March 3rd comes and iTunes is like “Hey we can’t submit your
feed. You need to redo this and now it’s gonna take another week.” You would just mess up your entire launch. So get one in the house, you don’t have to make an announcement to say that it’s out there yet. Get one in there, get set up on iTunes. Once you get set up on there and all your directories, then do your launch. And then you can like, ok people, everybody come check ya out. And then you can do as far
as getting ranked on iTunes, which is ultra important for your launch. Which I do teach in my poscast www.penthouse.com course. I’ll teach ya how to get ranked on iTunes and how to interview
celebrities and all that. You can check that out
there. However, for now just make sure you get one episode in there when you do do it. Before you announce a launch. And don’t have this sitting there for a long time, because you have eight weeks
to really rank on iTunes. So you want to make sure you’re
doing this really quickly. No as far as Spotify, you can go to Edit or View Existing and you just go straight
down here to Spotify and you go to Edit. And you’re gonna fill it out just like you do with the other one, with the other iTunes one. It’s the same. Just put it in the right fields. And after you do that, you have that and then you Submit it and you’re good to go. Congratulations, you’ve got your show up and running, you’ve got everything
you’re hosting set up. You know how to edit podcast episodes. You’ve got your equipment. You know how to interview people. You know what your
podcast is gonna be about. You are ready to rock and load right now! Congratulations! But, what’s next? Well the most important
piece is your launch phase. You have a grace period on iTunes. Your first eight weeks, where they’re really
gonna favor your podcast and you can get ranked on iTunes very quickly and easily that way. And getting rated in the top 200 on iTunes is a huge deal. Look, let me speak from experience. I was the prison, ex-convict afterthought that nobody gave the time and day to. Opportunities were slim. I launched the podcast in the first week it became
a top 200 rated podcaster. Doors opened allure. I became the prison afterthought that nobody gave time to to people bangin’ on my doors. Interviewing celebrities, professional athletes, industry leaders. My ideal clients, I’m the go-to for them now. And I’m the guy that all my perfect connections wanna line up to and connect with. That’s the power of being
able to get yourself ranked on top 200 rated on iTunes. I do have a program for it. It’s called www.podcastpenthouse.com. We’ll sit down and get you together. In the first six weeks, you’re gonna be ranked on iTunes or less. And we’ll walk you through all the steps we already discussed and everything else you need to know moving forward and marketing your podcast. If you’re ready to ride on that, come ride with me. We’ll go ahead and make that happen and get you to top 200 rated podcaster. If this wouldn’t go with
what you got goin now, that’s totally cool too. You have everything you
need to go out and podcast. Hope to see you on iTunes and checking your podcast out. If you’re ready to ride, let’s go and get you a top 200 rated podcast. Until then, you can check that out on www.podcastpenthouse.com and happy podcasting, hope to see you on iTunes! Talk to you soon.

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