Podcast dinləmək üçün 3 ən yaxşı platforma | Tech-Help #22

Podcast dinləmək üçün 3 ən yaxşı platforma | Tech-Help #22

If you love listening to other people’s perspectives on different topics learning what they think about the world around us then you’ve probably heard of podcasts. Today, we are talking about the 3 best platforms to listen to podcast. You are watching Tech-Help presented by Azercell 1. Castbox. Castbox is one of the few free podcast applications. With over one million podcasts, this application supports 70 languages and includes language learning programs. The free version of the app that supports Chromecast and Amazon Echo also has no ads. 2. Google Podcasts Google Podcast is a very simple and easy-to-manage application. Almost all of the popular podcasts are here and anyone can easily upload their own podcast. Like many other apps like this you can convey conversations as if they were a sound file so you can listen to them later, even when you do not have an internet connection. 3. Pocket Casts. Pocket casts are the best in podcast applications. Known for features such as cloud sync, Chromecast, Androidwear support, and sleep timer, it’s possible to listen to millions of podcast broadcasts from countless countries. Which apps are you using for listening podcast? Share your comments below and remember subscribe our YouTube channel

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  1. Spotify Azərbaycanda niyə işləmir? Netflix niyə Türkiyədə 15 tl bizdə isə 8 EURO du? Bunlar haqqında da video gəlsə əla olar.

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