PODCAST | Build Your English Confidence

PODCAST | Build Your English Confidence

Hello, I’m Emma from mmmEnglish and this video is a little different to my usual YouTube videos because it’s actually a video recording of a podcast interview that I did just a few days ago, with the guys from Real Life Global. Now, it was my first podcast interview so I was a little bit nervous! But I hope you enjoy listening to us and hearing about some of the things we discuss. Ethan and Chad from real-life global are very cool guys! We had lots of fun together! They host their podcast so they can talk to lots of English teachers and English learners about studying English, about the best ways to do it lots of tips and advice but also, lots of practice with just general conversation. So, it’s fantastic listening practice for you! In this episode, we talk a lot about building your confidence as an English speaker. And I gave some advice and some tips about how to get more of it – more CONFIDENCE, that is! I also created a worksheet that is just for listeners of the podcast. So, if you listen until the end you’ll find out how to download it (and it’s completely free!!) But, you’ll need to watch the podcast recording to find out how to use it. Now, we spoke for quite a while actually, the podcast goes for almost an hour! So, make sure that you’ve got a drink and some snacks and some time just to relax and enjoy listening to three native English speakers strategies to build your confidence as an English speaker. I hope you enjoy it!

100 thoughts on “PODCAST | Build Your English Confidence

  1. Emma, I understood, the best teacher's reception is pure pronunciation, and your best relation is a best motivation!

  2. Thanks a lot mmmEmma, Chad and Ethan for a wonderful and enriching podcast. I am from India and aspire to become an effective podcaster and presenter like you guys…i wish to listen and watch more from mmmEnglish and Real life Global.
    Good Job Guys!!!

  3. when I did listen to This podcast before one year I knew I just understand 50% now I understand 80% that awesome 😍😍😍

  4. Hi! I am from Hungary. I am really love you Emma!
    Will you marry me? 😀 <3
    A: YES
    B: A
    C: Of corse
    D: Sure
    E: All of them
    F: A,B,C,D,E

  5. Buen video! Like si hablas español y lo que más se te complica es el Listening y estás ejercitandolo con este Podcast :v

  6. I know English but never spoken while I was growing up in Ceylon. Since I left from there Natural . You are from Melbourne.

  7. I can totally relate to this, for someone who struggles in speaking english. Everything is true. I've learned a lot and will definitely follow all the advice. First thing tomorrow I will buy in Starbucks using english, just to familiarize the language. 💪

  8. Excellent video. It was really insightful. Also I had an opportunity to leant Australian's slangs easier than I had thought it would be.

  9. Why you guys pronounce 'behind'…..as bahind and every words which ending with 'ing'..are being sounded as 'in'……eg:- coming=comin …..,doing=doin…(not complaining, just wanted to know, is this correct way to pronounce)

  10. There's someone here that wanna speak with me on english, i don't know on that level of the language it's me but only i know that i got a good level. I believe that

  11. Excellent work .the questions which they asked gave me a lot . These things usually (rope in ) us toward our goals . Programs like these teach us a lot . It is direct method . I imagine myself your group member it is helpful. I hope you will give us a chance for live talking too. We need these along with you.

  12. oo Emma mam can u send me ur wtsap no.i want to talk with personally plz plz its humble request mam plz bcoj ur way of talking nd nature is vry nyc nd politie i really like it👌plz rpl mam

  13. I really feel ashamed, when I speak your channel name….mmm English. please Change it fast…..but it's really helpful channel….

  14. I picked up lots of tips on how to build my confidence i guess its time to put myself into a stessing situation or challenge myself and find different ways to learn because normally i just reading books and just watching videos and at the end of the day just forget about it I didnt realize that learning is not about just reading or watching but its about how to take your english to the next level and work on the things that you are supposed to be improving like how to speak and think i am weak with these things but this podcasts really helped me and motivated me to keep on making progress and continue with this journey so thanks for that

  15. hello ,how are u, i'm brasilian and i'm learning english all the days and your videos is helping my self so much,thanks.

  16. Good tips so glad to hear your video for you. I want to know how use each and every and the difference between them. Thank you my teacher

  17. hello emma I just watched the hole video your thoughts about improving english were great, my question is where I can find live stream chat group you mention it on the video.

  18. I really enjoyed this video! Emma, I like to listen to your lessons, you are my favorite teacher.
     Love it!

  19. Australian Accents are like american, england etc. Some people speak too fast english and can’t understand them. Some have very strange accent especially living in Villages or tradies. 4 type of accents.

  20. Your followers are increasing day by day,, and I know the secret is your sweet voice, the way you speak makes happy and satisfy people

  21. Conversation was amazing and coerce me to find myself,,, i am getting confident,,, and I love her accent,, saying,,, ooh yeahhh

  22. Ur videos are pretty helpful..thank u for that.but I have a request please increase volume…they r not audible…plz I request you consider it..

  23. Realy it’s mmm english , you made it tasty to learn , i’m trying to watch your vedios as a small wins , it’s a part of my plan
    Emma , you’re doing such a wonderfull work !!
    And the amount of positive shippments you have !! Woow emma ✨✨👌🏼

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