Podcast #90 – Engineering Resilience w/ Andy Hnilo – Bulletproof Radio

Podcast #90 – Engineering Resilience w/ Andy Hnilo – Bulletproof Radio

Dave: Today’s cool fact of the day is about
dogs. If you’ve ever had that sneaking suspicion that your dog is eavesdropping on you. Researchers
just proved that it’s true. They found that dogs develop a preference for people based
on a person’s cooperativeness towards others. In an actual study, some researchers tested
how dogs really, really eavesdrop. They found that if a dog confused between a cooperative
person, someone who always gave food to another human being who is begging for food, then
the dog would actually become more attached to the person who gave food to the other person
begging. In other words, the dog figures that if you
are going to give food to another person, you’re probably likely to give food to the
dog too. What this means is that dogs are pretty smart and it means that your dog actually
is spying on you. Everyone, Dave Asprey with Bulletproof Executive Radio. I’ve been biohacking
myself quite a lot lately and I’ve been working on all kinds of things with lights
and mitochondrial function and all sorts of crazy stuff and I’m going to do an episode
on that coming up here where I talk more about some of the latest things going on in my crazy
biohacking lab here but today it’s going to be more fun than that because we’ve got
Andy Hnilo on. Andy is a model, he’s an actor who’s worked
with brands like Oakley and Speedo and HBO and Coppertone. He’s just a cool dude. He’s
also a Bulletproof ambassador who talks a lot about using Bulletproof techniques. You’ve
also seen him in movies maybe Great American Dream or Adam Carolla’s movie, The Hammer.
You may have seen him in tabloids recently because he used Bulletproof techniques to
look cool enough to date a real housewife star. I can’t add anymore beyond that, Andy.
Welcome to the set, man. Andy Hnilo. Andy: What’s up, Dave. How are you doing?
Hey, thanks so much for having me. I’m a huge fan. Bulletproof has really kept me locked
in and helped me knock down some goals that I shut up then. I knew they were obtainable
but it’s really taking me doing another level and I appreciate it. It’s truly an
honor to be here. Dave: I appreciate hearing how things work.
The real reason I asked you wasn’t being a Bulletproof ambassador and say how good
the Bulletproof stuff is but because you got in a pretty nasty accident.
Andy: Yeah. Dave: You were in a hit and run like two cars
ran over you or something. What’s the deal that you broke your jaw, you broke 7 ribs
collapsed along and you used like Bulletproof stuff for your recovery. Tell me about that,
man. That’s big news. Andy: Well, yeah. First of all, I’m very
lucky to be alive. I mean I was crossing a busy street on a Saturday night, no rows and
I was hit by a westbound heading Toyota Tundra, hit into the eastbound lane and ran over by
a Land Rover. I lost consciousness and a compound fracture of my jaw broke in probably five
different places to like the middle of my chin over. I had two titanium plates inserted
which are now gone, thank god. Dave: I still see the Tundra logo right there
like kind of in. Andy: Yes. Yeah. It was pretty knurly and
thank god I don’t remember too much of it. Dave: Yeah.
Andy: I was really banged up from head to toe. Thank god I didn’t have any ligament
or damage in my ankles or knees. I was able to kind of speed up the recovering process
through like getting circulation going with exercise, walking and eventually getting to
being able to run but I was far down the road. I mean I was really banged up. I had to have
my sisters come and just lift me up as an ex-athlete not being able to just even use
your abdominal muscles to life you up and get you out of bed to take your medicine.
It’s extremely humbling and it was something I would wish on anybody but I’m here and
I’m alive and that was kind of my family mantra throughout the whole thing was regardless
of what we had overcome with the broken ribs and the collapsed lung.
The fact that my jaw was like after here like quagmire and I was alive and there was nothing
really to complain about. Dave: You still kind of have the quagmire
jaw. Andy: Yeah.
Dave: I mean it’s a square job anyone has ever been on my show. If you guys are watching
this on YouTube, you got to see this guy. He’s like if you were to like draw a cartoon
of a model in a nice way. Andy: Yeah.
Dave: Like the perfect so far that you did. Andy: Yeah. I thank my surgeon for that one
together but it was just really thinking back. They were just death. Every day, my jaw was
wired shut for nine weeks and so it was an internal surgery so you can’t suck on a
straw. Dave: Oh, no.
Andy: Like pull out the stitches or to put pressure on that area. I just had to wear
it. I would make these hardcore smoothies like bison liver, deer placenta, lustrum,
egg yolk, super nutrient foods, right? I wasn’t supposed to, they won’t recommend me raw
material like that because if it gets in there and there’s like some type of infection,
then we got big, big problems in the mouth area like that. I was not supposed to do that.
If they found out but it was really risky but I just knew how really intense it was
and I just believed in the process of how that was going to heal me from the inside
out. I just stuck with it and it really got me up to speed.
Dave: All right. You said deer placenta. Andy: Yeah. Yes.
Dave: Do they have that at Whole Foods? Andy: No, definitely not.
Dave: Where did you get deer placenta like I’ve never tried a deer placenta smoothie.
Andy: Yeah. I never opened, they were little capsules.
Dave: Okay. Andy: They were capsules of deer placenta
and I mean I did a lot of research on this stuff up to trying deer blood. They tacked
it up and made it even incredible and I didn’t care what I take or put in the system.
Dave: Yeah. Andy: I just wanted to get back where I was
before and just like outside goals of being in better shape than I was before. I was irritated
for myself in that position in the first place and I wanted to get back in better shape and
we all make mistakes but I’m really glad that I just took nutrition extremely seriously
and took the advice of these guys because my frame started to get back really quickly.
I was lucky that I was hit in the accident. I was in a pretty good shape when I was hit.
Your body gets responds and only knows that I believe. The process of recovery was fed
up with that and nutrition. Yeah, deer placenta. Yeah, it sounds funny but I hope it did something
good. It’s pretty expensive. Dave: There are a lot of nutrients in placenta.
My first book was the better baby book. Andy: Yeah.
Dave: About everything you can do for fertility and there’s a reason most animals eat their
placenta after it comes out because it’s so really dense.
Andy: Right. Yeah. Dave: I don’t have any issues with doing
that. Were you actually putting raw liver in your smoothie though like just grinding
it up? Andy: Absolutely. Yeah.
Dave: All right. Andy: I did that this morning but not a smoothie,
I just powered it down. Dave: You win the man award there. I cannot
a raw liver smoothie. I’ve tried it. Maybe I used the magic bullet not my Blendtec or
Vitamix but there were still like liver or fibers in it and I’m drinking it, they’re
kind hanging on to my mouth. Andy: Yeah.
Dave: It was one of the worst experiences of my life and like I’ll eat chunks of raw
liver, I’ll take them like pills but the smoothie. Dude, like that off for like putting
hair on your chest, man. Andy: Yeah. Those little things you sit them
up. Dave: Man, all right. There are not a lot
of things I’m wondering but I think I’m sort of in the point where I take desiccated
powdered capsules for my liver. Andy: I will say this though. My buddy got
it up to his friends. If you draw mustard, it’s incredible with liver and little curry.
Dave: Yeah. Andy: A little curry, a little Dijon mustard
and then the raw liver. I mean it taste great. Dave: Okay.
Andy: I mean the liver so bad, right? Dave: Right.
Andy: Like for some reason curry in the Whole Foods organic Dijon mustard, incredible.
Dave: Okay. Andy: That’s been a lot to call liver incredible
as you know. Yeah, that’s like my new little thing.
Dave: I love it. I give my kids liver every day.
Andy: That’s awesome. Dave: Just a little capsule of the stuff but
when I buy a lamb like they come with these little livers and I know I should eat it.
I usually freeze it a little like having squares on it just like putting it in the back of
my throat and tuck but all right. I’m doing the mustard curry thing. I’ll see if that
works. Andy: Yeah, try it up.
Dave: All right. Andy: It’s cool. It does all. The texture.
Dave: Yeah. Andy: Maybe this is like super, super good
quality meat but yeah. I mean as soon as you get it in there, it’s a lot better than
I used to eat two hotdogs. Dave: Yeah.
Andy: That was an orally. I mean you got to get it raw a couple of times [inaudible 00:09:10].
It wakes you up, man. Dave: Yeah.
Andy: I mean it wakes you up, gets you on fire. I don’t know if it’s more of a mental
procedure thing or what but I’m good to go after liver like nothing else. Eat under.
I would put that in the coffee. I do that and I’m just good, on fire all day.
Dave: You never made a liver Bulletproof coffee have you?
Andy: I have not. Dave: Okay. That would be sacrilegious.
Andy: Yeah. Dave: It might escort nutrients in better.
I got a Twit the other day from a guy who use a can of butter, basic butter maybe cannabis
in his Bulletproof coffee. Andy: Okay. Yeah.
Dave: You ever tried that? Andy: I have not.
Dave: Me neither. Andy: I have not tried that.
Dave: I’m afraid to try that actually. Andy: It would just even things up. I think
it doesn’t have effect to the coffee, right? Dave: It might be but it also might just drive
all that stuff into your brain all at once but I have no idea what I would do.
Andy: Yeah. Dave: I was kind of surprised and laughed
myself or even like I don’t think I’m up for trying that because it might get me
a week to come back to earth. Andy: Yeah.
Dave: All right. One of the things that I’m interested is engineering resilience and rapid
recovery is part of that. You are already kind of kick ass shape. You get completely
wacked by two SUVs, not just one and not even like a priest have encouraged to hit you.
These were real cars and you’re already like in ripped shape and all that sort of
stuff. How long did it take you to come back to normal after something like that?
Andy: You know what, I was able to sprint up running canyon and do my little thing that
I do with my jaw wired shut knurly like scars everywhere. I was on the runway, I want to
say March fifth or May fifth or sixth for a runway show that I booked that I didn’t
tell my San Francisco agent about my accident because that was my goal to get back. Basically
just a little time thing, I was like I’m not going to miss this runway show. That was
Michael and I want to see either the first week of May or June.
Dave: Okay. You’re hit when and what not? Andy: It had to be June. Okay. I was hit in
March 20. Dave: March, April, May so you guys have three
months to recover from like massive trauma. Andy: Yeah.
Dave: Wow. Did you have the runway? Andy: Yeah. I was only the guy doing a shirt
listing too. Yeah, and I had a big time gush on my hip from point impacts in one of the
cars that hit me. Anyways, I’m just trying to gauge my head right now. If I was able
to do that the first week of June, it’s got to be June. I was probably about a month
into sprinting about a month and a half I was able to sprint and then lift but I wasn’t
where by anything means where I wanted to be. I was in good shape and I swear it’s
because of all the stuff that I was on. Getting those toxins out of the system, purifying
my blood, building that blood, circulating that blood and I was back. I want to say about
a month sprinting. Dave: I see you’re about 30, right?
Andy: I’m 32. Dave: 32. Okay.
Andy: Yeah. Dave: You’re not using in your early 20s
massive recovery in a body still young kind of thing. That’s incredible resilience and
incredible recovery there. You used some Chinese herbs. You used super high nutrient density
foods. What about like supplements and stuff like that?
Andy: I’m big on I mean the last month. Dave: Okay.
Andy: I did a combination of citrulline and glutamine.
Dave: Yup. Andy: I mean I would do, kept like 10 grams
of arginine and glutamine a day. Dave: That’s five each. Okay.
Andy: Yeah. Five in the morning, five before I go to bed and then citrulline to kind of
help with the absorption of the arginine. I heard that was a good, just helps the activity
of the amino acids. I only did those three. I didn’t do like a branch chain I think
that I get a lot with the red meat or meat that I was taking in with my smoothie and
also the yolks and stuff really helps. Dave: Use a lot of raw egg yolks like smoothies
like that we get from ice cream kind of stuff. Andy: Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah. I also did a
lot of colostrums. Dave: yup.
Andy: A lot of colostrums. I was told that that was loaded with growth factors. I was
actually putting it on topically on my scar and the scars on the hip too as well.
Dave: Yeah. Andy: That big time road rash thing on my
back. A buddy of mine gave me a jar of Manuka honey and colostrums. I kind of just started
mixing them up and go, all right. These things are so incredibly nutrient and I’m just
going to like, I have nothing else to do. I was out of work like I had a little money
saved up or whatever so I was just like, I didn’t really want to be out in public or
anything outside of exercise. I had my jaw wired shut. People ask you questions. My teeth
were knobs. Dave: Oh, no.
Andy: People ask some questions, you look fine with your mouth closed and then you start
talking and like your mouth is all trenched up and had knobs. It wasn’t that bad and
I didn’t want to go to the grocery store but you tell yourself I’m alive, who cares
what they think. I had that little bowel going for me but anyway, yeah. I don’t know how
I got off topic there but yeah. The honey and the colostrums really helps topically
and internally with just getting the healing process going, kind of cleansing the system
more like the meds that I was on and I wanted to purify my blood as well as I could, and
nutrition definitely helped with that. Dave: What percentage of your calories came
from fat when you’re recovering? Andy: A lot.
Dave: I know it’s a guess but yeah. Andy: Man, all I know is this. I get into
avocado because I should have thrown avocado in my smoothies, I didn’t know why I didn’t
do it. What I did do was cream. I did the raw cream, I forget the name. Green pastures
or something. I went down with one of those little bites a day.
Dave: That’s a lot of fat, right? Andy: That’s a lot of fat. I want to say
about 16 tons of it. I mean 192 grams of fat or at least I don’t know, 16 times 12, 192.
I don’t know but yeah. Dave: That’s all right.
Andy: Yeah, I was taking out one of those and then on top of that I think I would do
maybe some all in butter because that was a smoothie, I don’t have to chew that.
Dave: Egg yolks probably it sounds like. Andy: Egg yolks as well. I mean it had to
be 70, 80% of my calories I was taking in. It’s a guess but I mean yeah. It was doing
a lot of fats. Dave: There are a lot of studies that say
when you’re stressed and let tell you, when you’re wacked by a couple of cars and recovering
your stress, that your body burns fat more than it burns carbs. In fact burning fat is
a sign of stress. It’s an adopted stress thing. When you’re under stress and you
eat more fat, you burn that fat more revelry even like there’s a demand for it and that
explains part of your recovery and then you took the L-Glutamine which is like if I’m
injure, I always crank up the glutamine because it speeds wound healing, it just does that.
Andy: Yeah. Dave: You did all the micronutrients and all
the same things properly well. Man, I’m pretty blown away because you had like massive
trauma and within less than three months actually, you were on a runway which is profound.
Andy: Yeah. Thank you. Yeah, it was pretty fun. I haven’t thought about it too much
but yeah. I remember getting the wires taking out which was the second most painful process.
The jaw wire taken out literarily, I think that was Tuesday or Wednesday. Thursday I
go in and get my teeth fixed and then Saturday was the runway show up in San Jose, I remember
that. It was for like some stand kind of row fashion show but some are fashion show for
[inaudible 00:17:12] but that was a goal of mine. You know them obviously.
Dave: Yeah. I had lunch with them a lot of times in some time around.
Andy: Yeah. Dave: Yeah.
Andy: That was the goal and I did and I saw my mom came. That was a really cool mom and
not that like maybe it was just reaching the goal and knocking it down but yeah. I did
all that fat a day but I still lost 18 pounds. I mean I was taking an astronomical amount
of fat calories and I come to think of it, yeah. I look like I lost a ton of weight and
I know for a fact I lost 18 pounds. Gaining the weight back was awesome, I’ll tell you
that. Dave: Did you move a lot of muscles, I mean
any kind. Andy: Yeah.
Dave: Okay. You were relying on your muscle mass to stay alive at the first initial time
you’re hit. You had some not a lot of fat I’m guess and some muscle.
Andy: No. Dave: If you haven’t had the muscle mass,
you could have died basically because you would have run out of that metabolic reserve
that that’s there. Wow. Andy: I didn’t even think about that.
Dave: Now, what do you use like what’s the daily resume look like for you? I mean you’re
a guy, you’re going to be a pro athlete until you decided that you want to be in soap
operas even more. Andy: Yeah.
Dave: I want to hear more about that in a minute but like what do you do? If you basically
take your shirt off and like, all right. I’m 10 years older than you but I’m happy with
how I look even as I was a trainer pounder but did you like rock in the abs that like
make Earl jealous. All right. What’s your secret and like what do you eat, what do you
do? Andy: I appreciate that. No, I actually have
a routine that I love. Every morning, all right. I wake up. I throw a song by Cascade
called I Remember just kind of gets me going. I bang out 80 pushups. It used to be 60, now
I’m at 80 and then hopefully I’ll get up to whatever, I don’t know but I do that
and that gets the blood rolling more than any jumping jacks or anything that I can do.
I go into my kitchen and do my morning tonic which is composed
of turmeric, high in zinc, silica, protein
low, arginine, glutemine, pearl powder. Dave: Pearl powder.
Andy: Yeah. Elevates, it’s supposed to be really good for your liver.
Dave: Yeah. Andy: I have, see what else. I use sea salt,
Himalayan sea salt or Himalayan salt. I blend that all together, it’s terrible. I wouldn’t
recommend anybody trying that unless you’re one of those people that doesn’t care what
things taste like and more about like the results and what’s it doing in yourself.
Dave: Right. Andy: I think that’s what I’m all about.
I do that and I blend it together and then I have an inversion table. When I was hit
in my accident, my spine was all … I don’t know if it was out of alignment but I was
definitely bunched up understandably. Dave: Right.
Andy: I got one of those inversion tables if nobody out there knows what inversion table
is. You may say hang upside down by your feet and from my understand it helps lengthen out
the spine. Dave: You get more space like it takes all
the pressure off the disk so the disk can sort of fill in.
Andy: Okay. Dave: It moves a lot of blood to your head.
Andy: Yeah. Dave: Which increases the micro caplets in
your head so it makes you smarter allegedly any way.
Andy: Oh, yeah? Dave: Yeah.
Andy: Nice. Cool. Well, I didn’t know that but I mean …
Dave: You drink your tonic and then you hang upside down for how long?
Andy: 25 minutes shoddy. It’s a long shoddy. Dave: Are you kidding. You’re upside down
for 25 minutes a day? Andy: 25 minutes, yeah. If I have to be at
Oakley at I don’t know, 6 am [inaudible 00:20:44] which an hour and a half, an hour
and 45 minutes late of traffic. I don’t care what time I get up. I just get up that
much early. I mean that’s how I have to start my day.
Dave: Wow. That is incredibly bad ass. Andy: Yeah.
Dave: Most people don’t have a discipline to stay upside down that long but that really
does change your brain in a way that’s been proven. Sitting at the bottom of a pool with
a lot of pressure on your head, both of those cause adopted changes and suitable circulation.
Andy: Nice. Dave: Yeah. You’re getting smarter, man.
Andy: Thank you. Cool. Dave: I love this morning routine already.
Andy: That’s awesome. Dave: I’m not sure I’m going to do it.
Dude, do you starve like after that long? Andy: I had [inaudible 00:21:23]. I may be
butchering that pronunciation or whatever. Dave: Yeah.
Andy: That really hurt getting up and sometimes it hurts my back getting up, sometimes it
doesn’t. It has never hurt my knees. You’re a little wobbly at first and you just got
to carefully as you get up, carefully stand up and you’re going to feel the blood starts
to circulate back throughout your body and just to take it slow drop kicks and I’ve
never actually kind of got light headed and passed out. You just got to take it slow but
it’s awesome. Dave: That’s so cool. All right. What comes
next? Andy: Let me see here. Obviously the Bulletproof
coffee, I’m just trying to think because I’m doing something before that. Mix up
the Bulletproof coffee. I do a French bread and I go two, let’s see. The mix, I did
two of this right here. Are you those 12 or 16?
Dave: They’re 14 [inaudible 00:22:17]. Andy: Okay.
Dave: Yeah. Andy: Okay. Yeah, I did two and a little bit
more. Dave: How much butter do you put in there?
Andy: Man, about three table spoons. Dave: Per mug or one and a half per mug.
Andy: Tablespoon and a half for mug. Dave: Okay. Cool.
Andy: Yeah, three. If I don’t really have anything that day, I will have to likely super
lean forward and I’ll do three to four. Dave: Okay. Nice.
Andy: Yeah. It just helps me sustain. Dave: Yeah.
Andy: I’m a big interment fast guy. Dave: Okay.
Andy: I don’t eat breakfast. This is it. Those good fats combined with a brain octane
oil. Dave: How much of that do you use?
Andy: I do a cup full. Dave: Okay. Cool.
Andy: On top of, was that about tablespoon? Dave: I think it’s a little big so I never
measure the inside of the cup. I want to say it’s closer to two because it’s a pretty
big cup. Andy: I’ll measure that.
Dave: I never thought about that but it’s that level.
Andy: Right. It’s closer to two, yeah. Dave: You don’t get any disaster plans or
any kind of stuff like that. I do more than two, it doesn’t bother me at all.
Andy: Really. Yeah. Dave: I find brain octane doesn’t cause
any geodic problems compared to the upgraded MCD. I mean they both work but one of them
is like more focusing than the other. Andy: Yeah. I mean I do the octane oil.
Dave: Okay. Andy: I do the octane oil, I do cinnamon.
There’s a little tie in there. Dave: Yeah. That tastes good.
Andy: Hot chocolate and it also kind of activates the same. I don’t know what it does but
I love it. I throw that and then a little vanilla bean, upgraded vanilla bean powder,
a big chocolate powder, that cool. Chocolate powder, that’s one thing that I cannot get
without. Every morning I do and I got a body who gives me a hard time and so whatever but
I think chocolate is an absolutely my super food fairly.
Dave: Yeah. Andy: I mean it’s just something that I
can tell when I’m not on it, when I don’t have it, when I’m out of it, I’m craving
it. I’ll throw two pea sums which may sound like a lot of the raw chocolate powder and
throw that in there. Every other day or every three days or whatever, I’ll throw in the
cow butter. Dave: Nice.
Andy: Let it melt a little bit and then I’ll blend it. I’m sorry, about a quarter teaspoon
of the silica powder. Dave: Okay. You like a bit of a sweet edge
to it. Yeah. Andy: Yeah.
Dave: I find the silica as well if you’re going to put the chocolate in there because
it’s raw. It’s probably the least bitter raw chocolate I’ve ever found and even without
it, I find just a kind of sweet smooth out of vanilla and the chocolate. You’re getting
like an amazing mocha flavor there, all right. Andy: I mean I go home and my mom and my dad,
they don’t have lesser hearts. They don’t have like CV and stuff. I don’t pack or
keep going to the airport as you may know. I’ve been caught up. Hey, what’s this
pretty guy, I saw you from [inaudible 00:25:07]. Dave: Yeah.
Andy: So many different things going on. I travel the way. I make sure that I have the
coffee beans and they’re putting it all up in Palo Alto which where I’m from in
my parent’s house that I just do the butter. I throw in a little honey there but it’s
just not the same. I mean I really crave that every morning in these mountains.
Dave: Yeah. Andy: I just sit out there and have my Bulletproof
mocha like you said. I mean it is the best way in that combined. I got the blood rushing.
I got the tonics flowing. I’m already on fire because first of those banged out. The
Bulletproof mocha on top of that is like there’s nothing, nobody … I do that every single
morning. You know what I mean. Dave: Yeah.
Andy: Traveling is tough like if I’m staying at a hotel, oh my gosh. When you travel on
yourself, you can totally understand but I got to start traveling with my French dress
because those little plastic cups that they have in the hotel rooms.
Dave: They’re terrible. Andy: I’m using my hand like measuring it
down in coffee grinds and stuff. It’s fitting out of coffee grinds but it’s something
that I cannot go without and I’m not going to go anywhere else to get a coffee from 7/11
or downstairs, this is it. People don’t understand, I mean the purity of these beans.
It makes my day. Dave: Thanks for saying that and like I didn’t
ask you to say any of that. We didn’t prepare any of this. I do the same thing. I travel.
I bring one of that little like camping. The three ounce bottles you can buy on a guy.
I bring one or two of those full brain octanes so I get at least a tablespoon and I bring
my beans. I bring them pre-ground which isn’t ideal or quite often I just bring the little
take up packet or the curry compatible packets that we make.
Andy: Okay. Yeah. Dave: You just tear one open. Dump it in with
some hot water but like you said there’s a mass and all but it doesn’t matter if
I get a couple of ground kind of in my teeth because especially if I’m like traveling
to Asia or something. Andy: Yeah.
Dave: Okay. Jetlag is real and I’ll do my earthling kind of thing and I’ll do body
hacks and body temperature hacks but like this has become like if I don’t have that
for breakfast, I don’t think my brain is going to do all the simple things I wanted
to do. Yeah, people look at me weird and I’m in restaurants putting inside a teapot. I
just stopped caring because I want to feel good.
Andy: Yeah. Dave: You hit the same conclusion. All right.
Andy: 100% I’m right there with you. I got to start looking those K cup stuff because
that sounds like a little … I can’t believe I haven’t got any clean deposits taken everything
like I’m telling you, Dave. You can see how many different because you’re measuring
them well. You’re filtering with your hand. Dave: Yeah.
Andy: That’s just what I have to do. I mean it’s the best way to start my day and I’ll
do whatever it takes to get that. I came about. Dave: I leave a slightly bigger camp because
I’m just like sorry guys, I didn’t mean to get coffee grounds all over the bathroom
but like the coffee instead that you had here was inadequate for making me forget. I’m
like, sorry. Andy: Yeah.
Dave: Okay. It’s hilarious to hear you doing that because I feel a little bit odd like
just a little bit ludicrous but at the same time like it’s what makes me go.
Andy: Yeah. Dave: I’m just going to stick with that.
What are you Hollywood buddies like you’re a Hollywood guy, you’re in movies and all
the stuff and you’re on a set. Do you do the stuff when you’re like?
Andy: Absolutely. Dave: You’re doing all these stuff. Okay.
Andy: It is always a conversation started. I’m like a big starting guy.
Dave: Yeah. Those are good for you. Andy: They’re incredible. Clean waters.
I do Portugal mainly. Dave: Yeah.
Andy: Sightings from Portugal but I mean I’ll do a few avocados. I’ll bring them on my
backup and a couple can of sardines. I mean you crack open a couple of cans of sardines
and just the looks you get. I mean it doesn’t smell that great by any means but I mean the
results are there. Dave: Yeah.
Andy: I mean the way I feel after eating that but I mashed it up, put a little hot sauce
on it. I got a sweet routine that I do. Once on set, that’s like the day if I’m shooting
something or backstage on a role thing. There’s like now, I have it down to this class. Likely
I’ll go to the bathroom and the side of the bathroom and down because sardines will
sink up a room. Dave: Yeah.
Andy: That’s what I want to do is piss off a client and being like the weird guy who
eat sardines. Sometimes I have to go to the bathroom down and then throw them away and
then that’s that but I will do whatever it takes to get like the pristine nutrition
in my body. On set I don’t blame them. Not a lot of people are aware of what they put
in their body. I mean it’s just cookies, candy, definitely not grass but need for organic
at all. I mean, and I just can’t do any of that. That’s why I’m onset in the first
place is maintaining that nutrition and like I said, it’s always a conversation starter
but I will say this though. By the end of the day, every single time,
every single thing that I’ve been on. The conversation maybe, it may start off by a
little raise of eyebrows and like what the hell is this guy eating but they’re always
asking me to write something out for them. Dave: Yeah.
Andy: I got countless text. Dude, these sardines are mean because they mix and all that.
Dave: Yeah. Andy: They’re great and I’m hooked on.
I just had two before this interview with an avocado, the same thing. It’s the easiest
way to travel. Dave: It’s like a Bulletproof sneakers bar,
right? It’s all fat in the right kinds of fat if they’re done right.
Andy: Right. Dave: Protein and has got the bonus in them
which is also good for you to get the minerals, right?
Andy: Right. Dave: Yeah, they don’t look tasty like the
hot sauce will fix up the problem assuming you’re not sensitive to the vegetables in
there and it’s like do it, put some salt on them too and I’ll actually put butter
in there too which kind of plus. Andy: Oh, yeah?
Dave: Yeah. Andy: Okay. I’ll put that out. Yeah.
Dave: I mean it’s good if you mash it up. Andy: Mash it up?
Dave: Yeah. Andy: You’ll do an avocado mash with it?
Dave: Yeah. Either avocado or butter works. Andy: Yeah.
Dave: It depends like when I don’t want to do, I’m fund of smoke salmon like to
cook those salmon, that’s pretty compatible. Andy: Yeah.
Dave: If you don’t want to do either one of those because they smell bad like sometimes
in airplanes I feel guilty. I’ll bring like smoke salmon.
Andy: Yeah. Dave: I’ll wait until they’re serving
pinky airplane food and then I eat it. Andy: Yeah.
Dave: They’ll find that smell there like baked chicken whatever.
Andy: Yeah. Dave: It’s a fair exchange but other times
I’ll just like eat like a stick of butter, not the whole thing. I’ll just unwrap it
and you want to get some looks like that. People just look at you like are you really
… Andy: Yeah.
Dave: I did that in front of one of the SBPs from Twitter. I was the self by self west.
I’ve been there all day. There’s like all those candy and junk food and like fried
whatever creature. I’m like no, it’s hard eating the butter at a bar because this guy
was starving, right? Andy: Yeah.
Dave: I really would like to feel good all day for a week with this really intense conference
and it’s the same thing though. I think you get those same looks when you’re study
that you get from eating butter. Andy: Awesome. Done. I’m going to start
doing butters. I mean airplanes, yes. Airports. Dave: Yeah.
Andy: I mean, yeah. I go to the further gate with nobody in there and I’ll crack open
the sardines, move it down, throw them away but I’m great. I’m good after that.
Dave: All right. Let’s talk Hollywood actresses. You’re hanging out with some of the crowd.
I mean these women are often times so obsessed with body image and losing weight and all
this stuff. When they hear and see what you’re doing, do they just like think you’re a
crack head or are they like maybe I should have sardines too like what is the male versus
female breakdown of when you just do this kind of stuff?
Andy: It depends if they’re into the whole health movement. There are a lot of health
conscious actresses out here. Dave: Yeah.
Andy: If they just get it like if you get it and explain to them look, like we said
there’s calcium, phosphorus, protein, incredible fat. It’s like a one stop shop drinking
of a snack. You just got to get over the fact that it’s sardine. It taste great, trust
me. They’re like they take a bite, it’s not that bad I mean especially if you get
the ones with lie sea salt, olive oil like that hits one of the things. If they do to
get pass the fact, some people won’t. Dave: Yeah.
Andy: These are the health conscious people that they get it and they are just open and
kind of open minded to try something else. So many people are just sardines, it’s like
synonymous with taste and smelling nasty but if they only knew like there’s a great taste
in sardines. I will say I mean, the ones that I’ve met are open to try it because I surround
myself with people that are pretty into health and nutrition. Actually it’s not a 100%
of the time. I mean, they don’t for whatever reason. They don’t really care what they
eat and tease it around, that fine. Yeah, you do stand out a little bit when you’re
cracking sardines and stuff but it’s discipline. How can you not respect discipline and if
you can explain it too and you can kind of be your own best advertiser as to why this
works and you feel this way. People, I mean, I guess that makes sense and then I can explain
why I’m eating that. Why I do this thing and to me it makes sense and like I said I
keep in contact with a lot of these people and they say hey, thanks man. Like dude, I’m
cracking sardines. They’ll take it in a little camera pictures and send them to me.
Dave: That’s awesome. Andy: Yeah. No, and that’s happened a lot,
like a lot. Dave: You’re helping people that way. I
do with my kids too. Feel like your kids will eat sardines like yeah, they actually ask
for them because it’s like poor little food, right?
Andy: Right. Dave: You have to get it in the body.
Andy: Yeah. Dave: Have you ever been accused of being
Orthorexic? Andy: I don’t know what that means but I’m
assuming like what does it mean? Dave: That’s good. It means you haven’t
been accused of it. Andy: Yeah.
Dave: It’s the idea that if there’s an eating disorder where you have to eat according
to like a certain set of rules and like I’m terrified to touch anything that’s white
or I’m terrified to eat anything that’s meat or whatever. There’s some psychologist
who say that clean eating is a form of eating disorder. I’m like feeling great all the
time is actually the goal. Andy: Yeah.
Dave: I’ll eat gravel if it’s what it works. I just want what works and I measure
it. It’s kind of funny. That’s something that Paleo people are accused of, the Indians
are accused of. Bulletproof diet people are, yeah.
Andy: Yeah. Dave: I don’t even know if that’s a word
in Hollywood but I see it around in a blog for sometimes and it kind of makes me laugh
because you sound a bit nuts about it and so do it but it’s nuts that produces results.
I mean look at you. Andy: Absolutely.
Dave: Right? Andy: Thanks, man. Yeah, I’ll do whatever
it takes for my body like internally. I’m not talking like the physical body.
Dave: Yeah. Andy: Whatever it takes to perform my best.
If it’s liver, if it’s like a deer placenta that we talked about, this stuff works and
it’s amazing. If you’re dragging a little bit at the end of the day and if you have
them, those nutrient dense meal, whatever we’re talking about.
Dave: Yeah. Andy: How we eat. It will just pick you right
back up and boom, you can do whatever you want. You don’t need to take a nap. I mean
not that napping is bad but it’s amazing how mineral with nutrient dense food will
just pick you right up and get you going. It’s something I’m extremely passionate
about. Dave: You’re a great example because you
make a living like your skin has to look good. Your muscles have to look good. Your muscles
have to look good. You brain has to work so you can like say what you’re supposed to
say when you’re supposed to say it. Andy: Yeah.
Dave: You’re dealing with a lot of parameters and you’re pretty well known I think for
having really good skin like you look or people who are not driving right now. You look like
a cupidly healthy guy. Andy: Thank you.
Dave: When I see like you’re radiating out. Andy: Thank you. I appreciate that.
Dave: It’s true and I understand like you look like a happy guy who’s just like this
full of like my grandfather would say being vigor.
Andy: Thanks. Dave: It’s hard to believe that you’ve
been through this massive accident not that long ago. What are you doing on your skin?
I think a lot of women would like to have skin as cool as yours. Like you’re doing
something topically I’m guessing and well your eating has to be filling your skin, I
know that. Andy: Absolutely. First of all, thanks, man.
I really appreciate that. I wasn’t always that way about two, coming on three years
ago after the accident. I mean I had like railroad tracks from kind of a chop job that
the emergency room did. I mean it’s okay. They had to just put me back together, right?
Dave: Yeah. Andy: I understand. My surgeon who put my
jaw back together, he looked at it and kind of looked away like oh my god, I can’t believe
it. I looked at it and it just, it looked so bad. I was like, it’s all right. I’m
trying to bring the look the same. It’s okay. Whatever, I’m alive. You have like
that perspective set in there and that’s okay. You get pass that. It does bother you
a little bit. Dave: Your jaw looks really square and normal.
At least from what I’ve seen on the video. I would never got you that any kind of trauma
above your shoulders like this doesn’t show. Andy: Thank you. My surgeon was awesome. I
mean he’s one of the best and I think about it all the times, names Joseph [inaudible
00:39:05] in Beverly Hills. A matter of fact me and him were super close but kind of lost
touch a little bit. I need to get back in touch with him but if somebody sees him, he
feels vulnerable. Our little bimonthly checkups and stuff like that. The jaw is up to here
with all the swelling and then he’s like trust me, anyhow with the anti-inflammatory
was a good job taking on that hard swelling, it’s hard to go down. Anyway, like he said
the foods that I was eating and the supplements. The Collagen, the vitamin C, all that fed
my skin internally but what I did like three times a week is I develop this math. Like
I said my buddy gave me a jar of colostrums and I had been using this Aztec healing calcium
Bentonite clay. Dave: Bentonite, okay, yeah.
Andy: Yeah, it’s just I was like 23 years old, that I mean craze or super healing. Removing
impurities, it’s all it is, just minerals. A lot of it is Silica which is a huge building
block in collagen, right? Dave: It is, and let me break in there for
a second, just for people who think that clay is a bunch of hocus pocus, whatever. It’s
got the things you just said in it, it also has an electrical charge that attracts toxins
to it. Pulls them literally out of the skin and that is well understood. It’s used in
like the military uses Bentonite, so as their detox protocols for poisoned people. Like
it’s full of germicides, yeah. If anyone breathing this has not heard about clay and
think it’s just for like women’s whatever. No, it’s legit, you can even eat this off
and [clay 00:40:45]. Andy: Absolutely and I do, I do. I do diatomaceous
earth, I do tables for a night, every night before I go to bed. Drowse out.
Dave: Wow that much? Andy: Yeah.
Dave: Wow, so you’re full of calcium, all right.
Andy: Yes and that’s apparently like 70% [still legit 00:40:59] too so I’m getting
a lot of that. It goes into water, apparently under like a microscopic it looks like crystals
and it’s super pure. I guess this is what mixing it in water.
Dave: Like shells, it’s super micro [graphic 00:41:14] seashells, yeah. If people are going
to tell you they want to take food grade diatomaceous earth. The thing about it that rocks, is if
you have parasites they can’t live with those like tiny shards of glass. They’re
so small they don’t hurt your cells but they’re small enough to mess with other
microbial things. I use that not regularly but I’ve used it for years and you can take
the stuff you eat and you sprinkle it outside your house, the ants won’t walk across it.
Like it’s kind of amazing. Andy: Yeah, I use 50 pounds for that.
Dave: Me too. Use it as a doormat. Andy: I know me too, we’re teaching out
right now. I love it. Dave: Look there’s out, I’ve never had
a guest with 50 pounds of DE in rotations but …
Andy: Not to that and I got Rhassoul and yes. I slowly just went from Bentonite and I would
add the colostrum but LA … so seed back. I would do the Aztec Healing Clay for years
and then I realized why am I spending $15 for eight ounces or whatever it hold through.
I can just buy it bulk from a reputable website. Dave: Yup.
Andy: For like $50 giving like 50 pounds or whatever, maybe less or 20 pounds. What I
did is I tried a few different websites and finally found one that was just as powerful
as Aztec Healing Clay. What I found is on the website, these guys had like four or five
different types [inaudible 00:42:33] blastule, pyrophyllite, lead desert clay. It was so
cheap I just bought all of them. Dave: Nice.
Andy: Now the different little properties to it. Rhassoul is extremely increase in circulation
like bentonite is not. I just kind of created like this dream team of ingredients over time.
It took me two years, I would buy food grade vitamin C, Japanese fresh water pearl powder,
colostrum, [meric 00:43:00] and seed fang. Experiment with the dosages, some things worked,
some things didn’t work. Dave: Wow.
Andy: I just applied it two or three times a week to my skin, on myself. I would have
people come to me, “Hey just curious what your …” random people checking me out
or not checking. Checkers that at Jittery Joe’s, I didn’t just check it out.
Dave: You get checked out Jittery Joe’s man, I admit it.
Andy: No then I didn’t make, check Jittery Joe’s and its gadgets. It became like not
a daily, well almost daily conversation. I’m like if you guys only knew I was banged up
in an accident like you wouldn’t believe. This scar right here, you can’t see it,
I kind of actually like it. Dave: I really don’t see it, wow.
Andy: It used to be two inches long and thankfully I have a couple – you saw it before, pictures
of me banged up and I see you, so you’re [inaudible 00:43:49]. I didn’t put it on
my side because you’re putting the mask on your face whatever but I didn’t really
want to put on my side scars. Yeah over time I finally got so confident with it that I
approached my friends and they, girls, guys, ex teammates. If I get on my athlete buddies,
I feel I can get it on anybody. It’s really developed amazing, I have it in [meds clause
00:44:22] now. I’m packaging it, selling it, it’s great.
Something I just really am stoked about and I believe in. I did this morning and I do
a few times a week. [Chris 00:44:31] have that drawing but he tore it for moving toxins.
Not only are you removing toxins from your body but you’re also beautifying your skin
through exfoliation and regenerating the growth of new skin cells with the collagen and the
vitamin C and the [kell 00:44:46] powder. Just nutrients, just like I want to feed my
skin what your largest organs from. Dave: You’re pretty humble about that, like
you never actually told me that this was commercially available. I didn’t even know you have a
line like that. Tell me the URL, we’ll put a link in this show and all that stuff. Working
people get … I mean is there a website or something.
Andy: The company name is Alitura and the website is under construction right now. I
have a Twitter account Andy Hnilo. I’m working on getting an Alitura Twitter account as well.
I’ve been extremely busy this year with work. It’s all me right now, it’s only
me. I have, it’s bigger pounds is the different ingredients in my apartment. I’m doing it
all at the back of my apartment. Hand mixing it and –
Dave: Wow. Andy: Yeah, it’s an amazing product. I’ll
just say this is I have the meds plus that I have it, have my product jammed. The availability
to use any of the treatments that they use. There’s nothing else that I would do considering
down time and just flat out how affective it is. There’s nothing else that I will
do, I mean it’s just that – Dave: All right man, you got to hook me up
with that stuff but I’m happy to try it. Andy: Yeah, my attitude is that you just play
with a little apple cider vinegar, maybe a little [curry stage 00:46:0]9 oil, [sea box
00:46:10] on oil. Its stuff that I really believe in and I’m super passionate about
just … It’s going to be good. Thanks for asking.
Dave: That’s awesome and I had no idea regards, sorry about that. I love it that you’re
doing that and whatever you’re doing then its working. I think last question is we’re
running up on the end of the show, not exactly last question but nearing the last question.
How much do you workout? What kind of workout do you do? I don’t even know if you’re
doing like whole body vibration which I’m interested in. What are the weird things you
do and what are the normal things you do? How often and stuff like that.
Andy: You may find this funny I’m a big music guy, so a lot of the … The reason
I go to the gym is I’m so fired up from like my morning routine. They pop into music
and just getting it going, getting that adrenaline going around the gym banging, I’ll push
this. I don’t really have a step work out. I don’t really have … I’ll do the main
things like maybe some military press. I’ll split it up a couple of times a week to chest
and try, back by, go for a run because I love to run. I love music when I run. I love that
adrenaline that I get. I love the way I feel. I’m in and out of the gym. 20, 30 minutes
I love the sauna. I love the feeling of just moving around and the adrenaline I get from
the music in the pump but that I’m getting from listening.
I’m in and out, you see those guys in there for hour, hour and a half, t-shirt on. I’m
about, I guess about an hour total in the gym a week. If I’m doing 20 to 30 minutes
and I’m working out maybe twice, maybe three times a week. Hour to an hour and a half a
week I will say that I’m working out. Then maybe I’ll run one time a week at running
Canyon or somewhere beautiful out here in Malibu or something just because I got sweet
music going. I’m already on fire from my nutrition was just like it just grows as the
day goes on with the sunlight and stuff like that. I mean just feel good. I don’t really
have a set work out. I don’t know if that makes sense but like it’s set more like
– Dave: You’re a super high energy guy and
your partner still on of the gym but it’s not particularly structured. You’re not
doing the … Twice the week I do this and you’re just going there and just putting
energy in and you get it back. All right, cool.
Andy: Yeah. Dave: That’s awesome.
Andy: What about you? Dave: I’m looking pretty solid right now.
Not if you can see like … Andy: Lead the pipes.
Dave: Not for four months. I haven’t touched a kettlebell. Nothing but electricity and
my kids. I’m doing like the all electrical thing right now just to see what happens.
My testosterone level, I just got my result in and I’ve been supplementing less. I’ve
been using testosterone since I was 30 because I used to be a beast and my levels are way
below where they should be. My levels are like around like 4 70 and its upper into the
range is around 1100 for me. Their load low normal right now and I’m actually putting
on muscle without actually any effort at all. I just stick electrodes on it and it’s a
lot of electricity and it’s kind of weird but I’m kind of blown away by how affective
this thing is. I don’t know if you can … I have it around
here. There’s a … I’m wired in I’m not going to show it to you because I have
to like – Andy: Stimulation, is that the stuff that
they put on me in my college when they were stimulating my hamstrings.
Dave: Yes that exactly. Andy: Okay.
Dave: That’s all in there right now in them. I’m blown away to be honest. I’ve always
kind of just mix it up and I like the body by science like my golf sort of thing. I do
the Bulletproof Vibe on a pre-regular basis, so that’s three times a week and just down
there get the lymphatic circulation, which helps a lot. Over all I’ve been working
my ass off lately, flying a lot and it’s hard to have a routine. Like you travel for
Oakley and what not, you’re here, you’re there and most hotel workout facilities. I’m
like I guess I can go do something but – Andy: Yeah. It’s like you walk by and you’re
like no, yeah, exactly where it is, video cover magazine or some take it up to the room
but … Dave: Right. They get the free filter water
there that they don’t give you in their row.
Andy: That’s actually what I do. Could use a tap for my coffee, I don’t have there
in the store for [you 00:50:31], cultured water dude that’s exactly what …
Dave: We come from the same clause, I went, I can’t have chlorine on my beans it’s
horrible. Andy: They had filter, no?
Dave: Now, let’s do the question I’ve asked everyone on the show. Top three recommendations
for people who want to kick more ass. It doesn’t have to be anything we talked about, just
out of your entire life the three most important things you could tell someone else who wants
to win. What are they? Andy: Cool, yeah. Positive self talk. It may
sound weird but visualization I’ve been doing since I was like 14 years old. I just
had these insane goals, insane but I mean you’re not come down if you just keep that
belief. Its positive self talk, it doesn’t have to be in a marriage, this could be in
a car driving home from work and I use the bar tends just like just that positive reinforcement
of like look dude, I believe in you. You’re just saying the goals where you see yourself
in, so that’s one. Number two is expressing gratitude.
Dave: Hang out, all right. Andy: You’re down that way, yeah.
Dave: I’ll be down there in a couple of weeks so we’ll hang out for sure. I love
that, that’s right. You’re the first guy to say that besides me that I know of so rock
on, all right. Andy: All right, I mean that’s like that’s
tied in one note because it’s at first you go, look, I would do this thing on the way
home from bartending every Friday and Saturday night. You’re making your money or whatever
and you’re not out partying. You’re staying focused on you. This is okay man, its okay
that you’re bartending and then your expressive look. I’m alive, I’m healthy this is after
the accident when I started on that. It’s just that, you just express gratitude and
how lucky I am with that. Your world rocked like that and having that type of perspective,
it’s like how can you not be gratitude. Yeah I was grounded before that was like I’m
just so grateful to be where I am and to share whatever excited knowledge that I have with
anybody else. It’s been in a somewhere situation and it’s just a nonstop emotion that it’s
overwhelming at times. I’m doing something that I kind of like imagined and I believe
I can get there. Asides my buddies Joe and Ed and just I admire them for it, but now
it’s like that those victories bad enough and it’s just a belief that it’s just
along with the proper nutrition you become unstoppable. Expressing gratitude is hands
down. I do it numerous times, daily, hourly, whatever. It’s just I’m really stoked
to be alive, I’m supposed to be here. Number three …
Dave: What was the top three things that you’d recommend or who just want to take more act,
people just want to succeed in life. You’ve got two in there.
Andy: Okay so we’ve got two of them. Dave: Self talk and gratitude, being one more.
Andy: Positive self talk, gratitude, okay this is it, I mean I 100% believe that you
already shine yourself with. Coming, your fear not that it affects me at all but and
not that it affects me when I move down to LA but you hear some stories about, how do
you like LA, how do you like the people in LA. I’m like, I love it man. This is my
family, this is my home for me now. I have such a close make group of friends that people
I surround myself with are awesome. I just surround yourself with good, driven, just
good people that will be there for you. People that answer your phone calls when you call
them and they don’t text you back, they call you back.
People that will help you move and give you rides to the airport. I’ve been really … I’m
super thankful that I have a close make group of friends. I go up north and I hang out with
my blood family is awesome. Then when I come back here it’s like I get the ground running.
I got a kick ass group of friends down here too that I can count on and that’s the people
base, yes, number three. It’s like surround yourself with driven positive people that
share similar mind state as myself and that just keeps you going.
Dave: Awesome man. Andy: Account for you.
Dave: Andy thanks for coming on the show today. Tell us your Twitter handle one more time.
Andy: Its Andy Hnilo onTwitter and Andy Hnilo on Facebook. Alitura’s the product name,
I need to get the stuff going and I will. Dave: That’s why we’ll get the link on
this site, people will come to this and we’re now the number one rank health podcast on
iTunes. Probably about three million downloads and at least 50,000 people are going to be
hearing this and every week after that some more will hear it. Don’t worry about it,
they will be able to find you and we’ll have a transcript of this as well. As soon
as you have your link and all we’ll update that. No problem and they can always Twitter
you if they can’t find you because they’ve got your – it’s @andyhnilo.
Andy: Yeah @ [inaudible 00:55:58] hnilo. Dave: There we go.
Andy: Hey Dave, I just want to say one thing is this wasn’t planned, this is all … I
don’t have any notes around here, it’s all top of my head right. I just really want
to thank you, it sounds … well I know for a fact that you and I share the same just
beliefs and pristine nutrition. Thank you so much for providing me with that because
there’s nothing else that I put my body outside, the cayenne, the spices and the aminos.
It’s just like it’s a one stop shop and it’s a cue, so thank you now. I appreciate.
Dave: You’re welcome and thanks for acknowledging out. I’ll keep doing my best fan and I use
my head and stuff for the same reason, enlighten self interest.
Andy: That’s us. Dave: All right, I’ll see you in LA in a
couple of weeks to look up. Andy: Done, hit me up.
Dave: All right, thanks man. Andy: Now you bet, thank you.
Dave: If this podcast has helped you upgrade yourself and perform better, consider trying
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  2. careful with LONG  upside down sessions ..pressure on the delicate eye capilliaries
    vary the incline positions 

  3. Shouldn't it be "BioOptimizing" because you are just doing things the body should be doing anyway, but in ways that you get the best bang for your buck. "Hacking" would entail making your body do things it wasn't designed for, like breathing methane as well as oxygen…and then you're getting into human mutation, which takes a long long time.

  4. You often mention having had Lyme disease. I also am working on healing that with a high fat, nutrient rich diet – and I love your show. I've had it for 17 years, and only realized that what I had about a year ago. Have you ever done a show on Lyme? If not, please do!

  5. This podcast and Andy's story is really inspiring. I am recovering from three recent surgeries and feeling the need to get my strength back. I'll be looking into the Bulletproof lifestyle and Andy's ideas on recovery. Thanks, guys.

  6. Wow I loved the vibe in this interview – very humble.
    No vanity. Just pure goodwill and gratitude..
    The opposite of what Is typically expected from someone so good-looking who is into acting and modeling.
    Thank you Andy Nhilo for all the great tips.
    And thank you Dave for relentlessly putting excellent health information into your podcasts and video-casts .

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