That’s what it’s like in the USA. I was on a holiday. Wherever I used some services, wherever I used some attractions with my children, everything in the USA is amazing. The people there have so much passion to talk about what they do that I looked at them and I was charmed. The tour guide was not a guide but almost an actor. In the USA Americans are salesmen. Everyone sells something. They know how to do it and I think we should learn from them. I am not saying everything is wonderful there, because it is not. Like in our country, I guess. However, they possess this skill, they have this skill and for me it’s absolutely amazing. Listen, I was even wondering that these people find it so easy to smile. Wherever I went, everyone was smiling to me. As you see, you know me a bit, I am not a grim person. I am a cheerful person, but I don’t grin to everyone who I meet in the toilet, underground or wherever. I don’t know these people and in our culture it is not customary, although I regret it, to smile to everyone. However, because I have spent almost three weeks in California on holiday this year I can honestly say I began to wonder whether everything was fine with me. People were simply smiling to me and I had a problem with returning the smile, as it is not my habit. Therefore, I decided ‘Makosz, do something with yourself and start smiling more’. That’s one thing. Let’s smile to each other and let’s smile to people who enjoy our business, since it is a very positive case, very positive aspect. The next thing, selling your own business, your own services. They are able to make something from nothing, to pack something and sell it as amazing. Dears, can you talk about your product, about your service that it’s unique? Are you sure? I guess everyone will say ‘I can, what is she talking about’. You can’t. I believe you can’t. Most of us can’t. Please, do one exercise. Record with an iPhone, telephone or record only your voice while saying that your product is unique. Convince me to buy that product. Then listen to it and check whether you can really do it. We are not able to talk well about ourselves, we are not able to talk well about our services and products. I understood that while being on holiday in the USA. What is more, I often meet with allegations that I am arrogant, because I talk about certain things well. I talk about my book that it’s great. I believe that if something is great, I say that it’s great, because I have proof. I have confirmation from people who read this book or clients who are satisfied with my service. I believe my company is well-made and my clients are satisfied. I know what should I work on. I have a dose of humility, but I believe that my services are amazing, that my business is amazing. And I am able to talk about it. We should be able to talk well about ourselves or what we do and show ourselves in a good light. We should be able to talk about it with passion, so that someone would buy this energy from us, to infect him with this energy and positive attitude. These are emotions, people buy under the influence of emotions. They choose by deciding ‘I like it’, ‘I don’t like it’, ‘I am convinced’. You need to think that way about your products and your businesses. Learn to sell, talk well about your product or service. Describe it well. Sometimes I meet girls and I ask ‘What do you do?’ ‘Oh, I run a small business’. I don’t want to hear that your run a small business. Tell me exactly what you do, why you established the business and you say it’s a small business. I think there is something more. You can always get something more out of it. You can talk more positively. I am not encouraging to lie. All I am saying is to sell it the way they do it in the USA. So that it would be amazing. So that I would want to have it. So that clients would want to have it and would return to you. I always say to learn from the best. They are obviously better than us in this category. Let’s smile more. Let’s be friendly to one another, but also let’s talk positively about what we do. In life I do nice things which fascinate me. I run a nice, prosperous business, but I still am aware I need to learn a lot. That’s the way one should talk about one’s business. We cordially thank Anja Choluy for making the interiors of White studio available for filming. For a wonderful atmosphere and a tasty coffee!

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