Pleasure P Calls It Quits & Truth on Podcasts – Check Yourself: S2 E5 | Love & Hip Hop: Miami

Pleasure P Calls It Quits & Truth on Podcasts – Check Yourself: S2 E5 | Love & Hip Hop: Miami

You’re watching
“Love and Hip Hop: Miami…” Check yourself. Season two. You’ll be watching us
watch the show… For the very first time. You’ll be getting
our natural… And honest reactions. We’re watching it… With you. The scene
you’re about to see is Pleasure P writing
a song about heartbreak. Starring Jojo. Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Hold on. Just give me a second. Y’all got the same
hair color right now. We probably do,
but mine look better. Don’t you think?
Don’t you think? I’m here because
I wanna talk about what the (bleep) happened
the other day. This is serious,
like, what?! Ooh, this is juicy! You let– you allowed
somebody who I used to date to push your buttons, and you misrepresented
yourself in a bad way. It’s not like you’re not
used to it. Shay is always into some type
of turn-up with somebody. Show them a different
version of Shay, the nice version. The nice version is,
bitch, don’t cross me, or I’ma cut ya. Ratchet! There’s no bitch that’s
about to come and try me. I understand that I shouldn’t
have reacted the way I did. See, first and foremost,
you ain’t even gotta
call her a bitch. Ooh! I just fell back
in love. (laughing)
Yo! So, do you think
it was right for going to check on her
before you come check on me? Yes, he came
to check on me, somebody he actually
have love for, before he’s seen you,
because you didn’t matter. All he care about
is me and my girls. When I walked over to her,
and I asked her, I’m– I’m asking her,
like, listen… When Pleasure start stuttering,
he ’bout to lie. You stu… (both laugh) He sound like he lying. Yeah, he sounds
like he’s lying. And you know
I love me some P. We were friends first, and we had a really,
really good friendship. So, if she love me,
listen, let’s love each other from a distance. We do!
We both love each other from a distance,
we’re not together. But in a certain situation, I would stick up
for this man, just like he just
stuck up for me. The question is, do you
wanna be with her still? If I did wanna be with her,
then I would be working on being with her,
I wouldn’t be arguing with you right now about
some stupid-ass (bleep). He’s in love
with Shay still. At the end of the day,
I’ve been rooting for you guys. Give it another shot. If you don’t
shut the hell up… The way that you reacted
the other night, I never even
knew that person. Who was that person? I know that person. When she have 10 drinks
in her system, that’s the only time
she get any balls. (bleep) this (bleep). So, say (bleep) it. No, I’m telling you
how I feel. Don’t threaten me. I don’t know how to feel. I’m not threatening you,
but I’m trying to tell you how I feel. It’s almost like
he’s trapping her. Yeah, kinda. Like, she’s saying something and he’s looking for
the escape route out, right? Right, he is. I think he didn’t wanna be
in a relationship with her. Yeah, I don’t
think so either. (Jojo)
If I don’t feel
like you and me can be together
and we can build together, then I’m not gonna sit here
and (bleep) with you. So, don’t. Pleasure is a dog. Leave. He kicked the bitch
out the studio, like,
I’m so proud of him. I just wanted to have sex
with him, like, one time. Oh, (bleep)! Wow! Jojo?
Are you okay? Goodbye. All right, say no more. I’m just– I can’t even–
I don’t even know what to say right now,
’cause this is just horrible. All the way around the board,
this is horrible,
horrible, horrible. The next scene
you’re about to see is when you get in a room
full of legends and you start having
a whole bunch of drinks. What it good, B?
Hoping it is what
it should be. It’s your boy, N.O.R.E. What up, it’s DJ EFN. And it’s “Drink Champs,”
mother(bleep) happy hour. Make some noise! Hey! (cheering,
air horn blowing) On this show,
we celebrate our legends. So, this is what
we gonna do today. We are celebrating
Trick Daddy, 20-some-odd years. (cheers) Dang, my hair was super
(bleep) up in that scene. How did nobody say nothing
the whole time? She’s very, very,
very sexy, and she looks like
she doesn’t have any hair nowhere on her body,
which is what I like. Come here, baby.
Come here. (N.O.R.E.)
Okay, okay,
let’s make some noise. (cheers and applause,
air horn blowing) Veronica Vega!
Veronica Vega, come on. You gotta take
a shot with us. Yeah, come on, to–
to your bike ride. Thank you, cheers. And to you doing
what you gotta do.Salud,mm. Now… (coughing) Holy crap. You okay? I don’t remember
what we were drinking, I just know it tasted
like gas, or like what gas smells like. Bellini, mimosa. I’m– I’m more
of a brunch drinker. Where’s the music at? I’m signed to Polow da Don, I’ve been signed to him
for some time now. I have a new record
that I’m putting out. And where are you
from originally? I’m from here. Oh, from Miami. I’m from Miami. What part of Miami? Hialeah. Okay. Hialeah, (bleep).
When I hear you talk, I can tell
you from the hood. He brought me out here
’cause y’all misunderstood. That’s because with girls
with stuff in Miami, it’s not real no more. No, you know,
it’s (bleep) up right now. Yeah. You said– you said… Amara “Na Lega”
extensions… No, no, no, no! Extensions was fake? No, no, no! What did he call her? (laughing) This is a wig. This is a wig. Me and her had a debate,
girl who betrayed me. Show us the real you! Y’all cool now? Not yet. Not yet? What is the last thing
you want the people to remember you about?
What is the last thing– That I rep Miami
and I stand for the truth, and I feel like that’s what
Miami stands for, it’s what’s real
and what’s true, and that’s what the (bleep)
I am. I am the truth. I think if I had a podcast,
it’d be about sex, honestly. It’d be about all the things that we probably don’t
talk about on a daily basis. This your girl,
Miami Tip. Welcome to another episode
of Big Booty Hos and Tip. I mean, it would be dope if we all drank
and we talked about sex. I feel like everybody
would tell the truth about what they really wanted,
and I think that that’s why people have
such a bad time in bed, because nobody’s really honest
with what they like. One, two, three. (all)
Aww! (laughter and cheering)

100 thoughts on “Pleasure P Calls It Quits & Truth on Podcasts – Check Yourself: S2 E5 | Love & Hip Hop: Miami

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  4. Blue and shay laughing like it's the funniest thing that they have ever heard p say it's obvious that he still loves his ex why string Jo Jo along thinking it was supposed to be a serious relationship and having her look stupid 😡 p needs to take time for himself and just be single he isn't the type to settle down

  5. Anybody that dates Pleasure arrogant ass is crazy…. I would be like I don't have time for the games🤷 then Shay think she winning by what he said🙄

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  8. I'm not speaking up or defending JoJo because in my opinion, she's just as dumb as Shay and all these other females who expect some kind of loyalty from someone who has shown disloyalty time and time again. But from what i've seen from Pleasure P, he can be very manipulative. People like that will try to wrong you or make you feel bad for feeling some type of way about something that they probably did that made you feel that way in the first place.

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    This Mandingo sh*t needs to end with a swiftness!

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    Sometimes I think of it randomly and I then, have to listen to it immediately..and I end up listening to it over & over & over!
    It.s called UNDER!💞🎼🎤
    It.s beautiful & 1 of my all time faves!🥰

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