Pixelbook Go – Unboxing, Setup and First Look

Pixelbook Go – Unboxing, Setup and First Look

hi everyone Aaron here for Zollotech
and Google was nice enough to contact me and send along a new pixel book go a
little bit early so they sent along this package I thought it was just going to
be the pixel book itself but we’ve got a little bit more here
now I opened this and it was actually ripped already but let’s go ahead and
open it up and we’ll see what we got here
so what we have is a pixel book go user guide we’ve also got a pixel book go
challenge so we’ll set these aside they’ve sent along some accessories as
well so these are laptop carrying cases from looks like from Bell Roy but it
says made for Google inside so that’s pretty interesting it’s nicely padded so
I’ll set that aside really really nice and then we’ve got another one here and
says pull down to open and it’s a huge backpack so it looks like we’ve got
space for just about everything we need it also says made for Google inside so
looks like it’s just got some straps on the back and then we’ve got a couple
different things saying that it was made from recycled plastic bottles so let’s
set this aside and take a look at the pixel book itself so here is the pixel
book go itself and I don’t think there’s anything else in this package at all so
let me set this down and so we have the pixel book go and these come in at 6:49
to $13.99 depending on which model you get they come with a core m3 all the way
up to an i7 so I think this is the i-5 let’s take a look here here you can see
it says 8th gen Intel Core i5 processor 8 gigs of ram 120 gigabytes of storage
full HD display now you can actually get this display in up to 4k but you have to
have the i7 variant in order to do that now let’s go ahead and open this up
we’ll take the wrapper off here and around the box it’s really nice it’s
pretty thin too and this should be made out of magnesium but let’s open the box
and let’s see what we’ve got inside so this is the just black variant you can
also get it in not pink let’s take this out here it’s pretty thin I’ll set it
aside just for a moment and let’s see what we’ve got
so we’ve got let’s get started open your pixel book go to turn it on we’ve got
some pixel book stickers and then a little warranty card set those aside
we’ve got a USB C to USB C plug and it looks like this one’s really nice and
long so that’s good if we need to extend it to a wall that’s a ways away and then
we’ve got a pixel book charging block let me open this up here and the adapter
is really nice it’s just a square block and it says it outputs three amps I
don’t know if you’re going to be able to read that but it outputs three amps so
on the back there’s nothing but on the bottom is where the actual USB C plug
goes so that’s pretty interesting let me set this aside now let’s go ahead and
take the wrapper off and this is that new bottom that they have this is all
magnesium with a coating on it so you’ll see it looks pretty interesting but it
is a magnesium coating now along the outside edge we have a USB C port on the
right side and then we have a USB C port and a headphone jack on the left side
looks like we also have a little status light there as well and then let’s go
ahead and open it up so we’ve got a little cover here now this display is
1080p and I didn’t expect that to wake up so quickly but there it goes it says
welcome now this one does have a 1080p display it’s 1920 by 1080 with a hundred
and sixty-six pixels per inch now it does have dual four
firing speakers and like I said it is a core i5 with eight gigs of ram and then
we have these speakers a nice keyboard a larger trackpad and a magnesium frame so
let’s go ahead and set it up and let me select my network here optionally we can
send information to Google to help make this a better OS we click accept and
continue and it says checking for updates
now it’s updating and this was one of the best things about Chrome OS kind of
just does everything quickly in the background it says about three minutes
left once it’s done we’ll be good to go and
this is a touch screen which is really nice and this also has a couple
different microphone arrays here as well as a front-facing camera that does 1080p
so you can use it for video this comes in at 2.3 pounds or 100 1061 grams and
the i7 model is slightly heavier this should be pretty good to get at least 10
to 12 hours of battery as well now with that charger you do get fast
charging 2 hours and 20 minutes to fully charge this device and it has Wi-Fi 802
dot 11a b/g/n and AC it also has 2×2 MIMO with dual band 2.4 and 5 gigahertz
it also uses bluetooth 4.2 so that’s everything as far as the specs it feels
really good I like this coating on it on the back
here this is just very unique I think it’s very very nice so now it’s updating
its saying touchpad firmware updating so that’s kind of interesting we’ll wait
for that to finish now we’ll sign into the Chromebook now I’m signed in and
we’ll wait for the next step and just typing on this to sign in this is a
really nice keyboard it’s one of the nicest I’ve typed on in a while now as
you can see the keys actually have decent travel here and it’s just really
nice so now it’s asking me if I want to sync Chrome or it’s telling me about
that I’ll hit accept and continue you have to
agree to the Google Play Terms of Service then it’s asking you if you want
to backup your drive automatically so we’ll hit accept and then you can
install apps from your other devices so anything you use anything from tasks to
Spotify you can use and that’ll be really nice I’ll just use Spotify for
now google podcasts and we’ll hit install
and continue says we’ll install these two apps for you
we’ll continue setup and then access your assistant with voice match I’ll
agree it says loading it already recognizes my voice and it says your
assistant is ready we’ll hit done and we have an assistant button here as well
now it says connect your phone your Chrome your Chromebook and Android phone
will work better together connect them so you can text from your computer and
share your internet connection on and unlock them so we have it a couple
options here we can connect the different phones oh I’ll pick the pixel
for Excel accept and continue and now we’re in
so it says howdy Aaron take a tour and it’s saying smart lock has turned on
next time your phone will unlock your Chromebook you can turn off smart lock
in the settings so I’ll click take a tour we can dim the screen or brighten
the screen here it says get to your apps fast down here check your status up here
we’ll hit finish for now so this has all of the chrome applications I’m familiar
with so if I hit this button here we have a search your device or search the
web we can search we can just type Zillow Tech and you’ll see it pulls up
the browser and it’s Chrome so it’s really fast very nice and I think I’ll
enjoy using this and it looks like it’s going to be a pretty interesting
experience I haven’t used a Chromebook in a long long time so here is my pixel
review and we can go up to 4k in the settings which is nice even though it’s
a 1080p display it’s not really worth doing that but it looks really nice let
me see if we can just scroll to scrub through that’s pretty nice
let’s see if we can go to the photo section here in this video see what the
speakers sound like they do get a little bit tinny at the
top end but overall they’re pretty good especially for a small laptop I’m not
sure how they compare with other high-end laptops and things but this
should be a pretty interesting device to use over the next week or so as I review
it that’s it for the pixel book go now if there’s something specific you want
to know about it and maybe a future review or comparison let me know in the
comments below I haven’t used a pixel book before I’ve played around with them
I’ve used Chromebooks but never a pixel book and this feels like a semi premium
experience I do like the the bottom of this and I really like that keyboard so
far but let me know if there’s anything specifically that you can’t find
anywhere else and I’ll be happy to answer that either in a video or in the
comments below if you haven’t subscribed already though please subscribe and if
you enjoyed the video please give it a like as always thanks for watching I’ll
see you next time

52 thoughts on “Pixelbook Go – Unboxing, Setup and First Look

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  5. I own pixel 3xl but a MacBook pro laptop. When it comes down to desktop os I personally think chrome os is yet to get there, but has great potentials

  6. Up to $1399 for an Internet browser with an unknown upgradability and support life, from a company that is killing more services than putting together new ones. 🤔 no s smart investment unless you can install other OS’s

  7. I admire the way Google sends you their products. Do you return after the review or you take it? Or you pay for it ?

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  10. In the next review please include work in Microsoft office applications like Word or Power Point in off line mode

  11. Eco-friendly backpack, but all packed in huge amounts of paper and plastic. 😉

    Microsoft and Google are flooding Youtubers with their products. Especially those who have viewers among Apple equipment users.

    This device looks nice (MacBook clone), but the system is worthless, applications from the phone and the screen from the trash. I would buy it for max $ 200.

  12. so this guy gets free google phones and notebooks for making Youtube videos about their products, Screw you Google, not paying for your products if you can afford to give them away

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    I’m hoping to be able to check them out in person at a Best Buy in the next couple of weeks before committing.

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    Wondering what load makes the i5 necessary? For that $ I'd start to think Macbook.
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  20. A lot of people write off ChromeOS and Chromebooks but there are a lot more use cases for them than just email and browsing. A lot of project management services businesses use are all web based now and a lot of bloggers and writers as well as business owners could absolutely use it as their main device.

  21. Could you talk a little about the backlit keyboard? My pixelbook had uneven lighting and it seems many others did too. Hoping it isn’t the case with this product.

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