Pixel Buds 2 hands-on

Pixel Buds 2 hands-on

– Hey everybody. It’s Nilay from The Verge. I’m here with Google’s new Pixel Buds. They’re the follow up to the Pixel Buds from two years ago. They cost $179.00. They lose that wire. They’re way smaller and they look pretty cool. They’re like little circles with a flange to hold it in your ear. So you put it in your ear and they’re hidden away. Obviously, they have “Hey Google” support, so you just say “Hey Google”, it will hear you. The mics have beam-forming so it can hear your voice for improved call quality. And, they have a neat environmental features, if you have a pixel phone or another Android phone running Android N or above. You get adaptive volume. The pixel buds will sense what kind of environment you’re in and then raise and lower the volume of the audio you’re listening to from your phone. They also have passive noise cancellation so they fit in your ear, but they’re vented, so you can hear some environmental sound. That works in conjunction with the environmental sound feature. To give you a little bit of noise cancellation. It’s not active noise cancellation. But it’s some of Google’s AI smarts. If you got an iPhone, they’re just standard
Bluetooth earbuds though. They’ll last for five hours on a single charge. 24 hours if you use the battery case. The battery case is pretty cool. USB-C charging. That’s pretty important. It also has wireless charging. There’s a hidden LED on the front and LED on the inside to tell you it’s charging. Pixel Buds are $179.00. They’re coming Spring, 2020. These ones don’t work yet. So, we gotta see what they sound like. That’s really important. You can see more on theverge.com. Here at Google’s Fall Hardware Event. You can check out everything else on our YouTube channel on The Verge. That’s the Pixel 4. The new Google Home Mini. The new Google Wifi system. The Pixelbook Go. There’s a ton going on. Check it out.

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  1. The only wireless earbuds I've tried have been the jaybird runs and jabra elite 65t.Both of them hurt my ears and had problems staying in but these look promising.

  2. I like that there fully in ear tho but it’s still looks goofy the AirPods look the best there small an not that noticeable

  3. "hands-on" with a pair that don't even work yet? excuse me while i try to rewind my life and get that minute and a half back

  4. If you buy a pixel 4 on Google page they will give you a 100$ credit at the Google store. Leave the credit there until these are out and it will cost you $79. Not bad since the case is USB C and wireless charging.

  5. Google 2019 in a nutshell: Hey Apple, can I copy your homework?
    Apple: Sure, but don’t make it too obvious.

    Jokes aside, as an Apple fan, this is kind of exciting. If anything, the new Pixel seems a little lackluster in the battery and camera department so far, but time will tell. I’m liking the overall aesthetic of the lineup for sure.

  6. Come on. When you say hands on it has to be real and not using mockups and having to wait till mid 2020 to know if all those will be in it.

  7. I’m no expert and I suppose that a huge team of them have decided on wether tomlaunch it knownor not, but it seems unecessary to unveil a product just before holidays that you are not going to sell till spring. There are lots of tws in the market out right know and a few more to come before holidays, and many people will buy those instead. Of course that many people will also buy this in spring, but the fact that there are nothing special, as many tws offer the same or more characteristics, and the time of release makes this movement a big mistake from my point of view. If they came out now, I would defenetly buy them at full price even with Black Friday around the corner. Instead, I will probably buy freebuds 3 or jabra 75t or the Sony’s…

  8. Not sure about these buds but the pixel 3 supplied headphones are absolutely amazing. Still use them after moving to s10

  9. Google just love releasing unfinished products huh? Here's a pixel bud 2 that you can't buy toll next spring…also we don't have working demos, here's motionsense that doesn't work yet but it's coming….🥱

  10. No touch controls? I like what the Surface buds are doing. Just a bit too large. I get why it is so for the touch controls but I was hopping that someone comes out with smaller ones that do the same.

  11. I'm going to try the Surface Earbuds. The thing that made me interested is that they don't push into your ear canal. Looking at the Pixel Buds, it has the typical rubber dome that does push into your ear canal. That doesn't bother people who only listen to music in short bursts, but if you want to have them in your ears for hours, it becomes literally irritating.

  12. Very disappeared with Google as of late. Since the Pixel brand was launched, they've been copying Apple almost every step of the way. Pixel 3 will be my last Google purchase. Was really excited to buy their Tablet but I'll be looking at Microsoft for that now.

  13. You need to show the bit that goes in ear canal. I still prefer the Samsung galaxy earbuds because they are cheap and even expensive ones get goop and can break. So I just replace when needed

  14. Meh I loved. And love my pixel buds, unobtrusive and didn't go into the ear, these are not unique and are just copies of airpods. The originals got hate but at least they niche

  15. Google: These are our new pixel buds!
    Also Google: here is a demo of them, these don’t work but check out how cool they look!

  16. Google loves to shoot themselves in the foot. This could have been the best cash grab for them if they released it by end of this month.

  17. STOP CALLING THESE HANDS-ON WHEN THEYRE UNWORKING MODELS! stop proliferating tech companies products that may NEVER be made! F*** lol

  18. As someone who has had the originals since day one, I'm glad they made the case they way they did on the new one… I didn't really mind the cable but man, half the time it would stay active or turn back on if the cable caused it to unset from the contacts in the case.

  19. We don't want these kind of videos. There is no journalism here (because you're holding a piece of plastic) you guys shouldn't be paraphrasing press releases.

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