Phrasal Verb: Take Down – Real English Conversations Podcast

Phrasal Verb: Take Down – Real English Conversations Podcast

Hi everybody it’s curtis and i’m here with amy from real English conversations and today we’re going to talk about one of our phrasal verb lessons take down this is actually the most recent phrasal verb lesson from the phrasal verb podcast and you can just click on the link on the screen if you want to subscribe to that podcast yeah or you can just subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking on the link to make sure that you get these lessons every time that they’re available right so does take down have more than one meaning? it does which one are we going to talk about today the meaning we’re going to talk about today is to write information on a piece of paper say for example so it’s actually another phrasal verb which you might be familiar with is write down so take down is another way that you can say the exact same thing so why don’t you give us an example I am going to take down your name and your number and I’ll give you a call right back okay so that might be something that a receptionist says at a doctor’s office for example maybe she can’t talk and she needs to take your name and number down yeah so that you can she knows the information and she can call you back exactly so you just heard me use that as an a separable phrasal verb so i could say that the receptionist takes down the name and number or she takes the name and number down yeah both of them sound equally good you can definitely use this as a separable phrasal verb exactly do you have another example? yep i am going to take down all the information I need to learn how to put a table together wow he’s got a big project on his hands so he is taking down notes to help him assemble the table a little bit easier and could you use that as a separated phrasal verb? yep after I watched a instructional video I took all the notes down that I needed to in order to put the table together yep so both of those examples sound really good if you liked this video please give us a thumbs up and don’t don’t forget give us the thumbs up on the video subscribe to the channel and we’d love to see an example of how you can use take down in the comments below yeah so don’t forget to do that and you can come to our website at real English and sign up to get 20 phrasal verb lessons and access to two of our phrasal verb stories which are really cool they’re super cool to listen to yeah they’re really interesting increasing and crazy stories but they allow you to be able to get a visualization for how these phrasal verbs are used and it’s 10 phrasal verbs all together in one story so it’s a challenge for you to make sure that you understand them properly as so anyway it will leave a link for that and we’ll see you next time

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  1. A Great organization learning English conversation at world. i improve my English knowledge with Real English conversation.
    Thanks from Mrs. Curtis and Mr. Amy.

  2. Great ! By the way, i can't wait to learn about your new english conversation videos. You made it and so interesting. Thanks

  3. I was speaking with a colleague about how to explain a project to our students. I couldn't remember everything so I needed to take some notes down.

  4. Tell me onething if we say i really wanna take him down does that mean i wanna teach him a lesson or wanna beat him or wanna make his life a living hell plz lemme know as soon as possible.

  5. Hi dear teather! What's the difference between take down note down wrire down? Thanks is advance!

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