Peeling Onions In A Cement Mixer

100 thoughts on “Peeling Onions In A Cement Mixer

  1. Got a Epic Meal Time vibe due to this Good Mythical More episode..🤪 Am I the only one??🙄

  2. ouhhh now i got it… rhett actually a cat himself.. thats why he hate all the other cat.. he want to be the superior cat😂😂

  3. I was going to make a Grindr joke in the comments, but then I finished the episode and saw it had already been done >.<

  4. Link over here, saying he's never done the ring the bell thing. Except for Josh literally made him do it once. 😂

  5. Gilroy, CA is garlic capital. It’s south of San Jose. During garlic season you can smell it from SJ. You can get garlic ice cream from the roadside stands if you’re feeling adventurous!

  6. Rhett just keeps looking at the camera like "I apologize I wasn't aware he was going to brink up nakedness but we can't reshoot this"

  7. When Rhett said "Is this a rental?" I thought he was referring to the Link.. and then I flashed back to the Link is a clone short skit.

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