PEARLRIDGE SOUND U-712 Professional UHF Dual Wireless Hand Held Microphone System 🎤

Welcome back everybody I’m going to show you the newest greatest microphone system on the market today the new Pearl Ridge why is it the best while we compared it against the best we took it up against audio technica, sennheiser, shure beta 58 We took it up against all the best microphones in the business. This microphone sounds cleaner and clearer than any microphone that I was able to compare it to on the market today and we’re going to throw you out a price that you will not believe! OK this is as good if not better than thousand dollar microphones why it’s got a metal base it’s all made out of metal this is the back side of the mic and this is the front it’s all made out of metal ok the microphone is all made out of metal okay we also have some great technology that we put on here we put on here roll stops this is to stop your microphone from rolling off the table it also is for slippage so if your hand it slips through your hand it catches so it doesn’t fall out of your hand these are probably the greatest little invention that’s out there and we also put a rubber bottom on here so when it hits the ground it’s a rubber seal the microphone capsule won’t break at the bottom even though this is made out of metal most are made out of plastic we still put the rubber seal to keep your microphone for long lasting years to come with this rubber seal. Also in the design we make it rack mountable so you can put the rack ears on it if you like and some people don’t these days but you can if you want for a rack system and we show how the antennas are removable and they don’t have to be up, the microphone work just as fine if you had the antennas down in your case they do not have to be up to get long distance we were able to go about all the way across the street to the gas station which is several hundred yards away and we did lose reception it was pretty amazing we have balanced outputs plus we have a mix so you can go one microphone input or you can do your separate two but we also give the quarter-inch that comes with its standard for the mix so you get a quarter inch to quarter inch and you could ask to change that we can do that for you. Also this has over a hundred frequencies this microphone system so you can change the frequency right on the front it’s a very easy thing to do it just takes a couple seconds if you’re looking for a better frequency or if you’re somewhere that you need a change of frequency which is very rare because these are really good high UHF frequencies. okay so it’d be very rare that you’d run into interference also one of my favorite is we have a lock switch on here that locks the frequency and you can lock the power switch this is so important a lot of guys will take their microphone so you can’t turn them off and you’re always at a show before you turn the mic off and then guys yelling to turn the mic on and or you’re doing a wedding or something and and somebody hits that switch and turns off your mic well here you can lock the switch on it also locks the frequency so I like to use the lock switch if I’m doing a show it’s great feature! And then we also have a low RF here that will also in a home scenario if you’re not going to walk far you can use the low button and your battery will get almost twice the length of the battery so that switch is another good switch a lot of guys will use that anyway even at the shows because you don’t need much distance you still get plenty of range with it on the low RF this microphone a system it just has it all has the AA batteries which lasts you know twice as long as a nine volt or longer well-built microphone like I said it sounds amazing best microphone for the money on the market under three hundred dollars you can’t get a better microphone guaranteed

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