PE Podcast #69 – Death Stranding, August 2019 NPD, Ring Fit + MORE!

Yeah after that girl did that last year
pay hurts at that point monster I’m trying to see if it’s live
but I think yeah I think it’s like almost its thing versus oh yeah it’s not
yeah we’re there we there are we live we’re live baby what’s good what’s up
everyone Oh J here welcome back to another PE
podcast number 69 they guess which so much for joining me today if I can speak
correctly I want to appreciate all the guys coming through thanks for coming
out we got a big show for you guys today I got some cool peeps so we’re gonna go
in and introduce the cast I’m gonna start up right above me is VC is here
vsips what’s up ma’am oh what’s up what’s up I’ve been John’s
hanging out oh now my phone’s going through the chat oh wow okay hold on my
phone and I have it going on the screen too but I’m in good I have been busy of
Asheville chain I had a super curvy class review and I dropped a song last
week on YouTube got over a thousand of streams which is nice but uh siphon up
and pretty good just really busy uh actual chain just thirty-five hours in
almost like it’s too much fun it’s definitely top five game of the Year
nominee for me cool hands down next up is my boy Avedon Avedon how you
doing tonight my man what’s good man chillin got off work so what you guys a
little bit never work some more all right all right sounds good how’s the
fam and everybody fam is good kids asleep wife watching her TV shows so reality TV Christian too with the 10
Christians the only thing is that Christian we don’t play music on the
podcast because we have a bunch of people but I can definitely get your
song once we do LJ live tomorrow so but we don’t play music we don’t play music
after the or sorry during the podcast but Thank You Christian I appreciate the
TED moment and like I said don’t worry I’ll get you for tomorrow’s stream for
your favorite song and below him we’ve got or right next to me we’ve got my man
Barron how you doing today I’m doing yeah how you doing let me turn
on this camera you do that again I was a little bit hot earlier today but after
these MPD results came out I got in a good mood okay so they go I turn on my
air Oh Jo deliver some ups packages oj check the Twitter okay you got that
information for me all right cool cool oh no uh no Jordan
since you a message in the chip jack Oh in the Twitter ah yeah oh okay okay so
Jordan you wants to hop in for a bit much good it that’s nice yeah we can at
it she wants to hop in he’s busy though it’s all good though
yeah yeah yeah can’t hear me crunching K yeah we actually can your mic yeah yo
Jordan Jordan what’s up Jordan Mac hey you don’t have to come on tonight man I
know you’re busy with Borderlands and everything hey it was good what’s up
Jordan a but no you don’t have to feel pressure to come on man I know you’re
gonna be busy okay well feel free to stop by you can see I got the collective
petition quarter lands it back oh nice nice nice you can bounce whenever man
but thank you for joining us at least for a little bit all right so how did
you get it already I don’t need something can you turn up
your audio a little bit is there any way you can raise your or your mic volume is
good we can but it’s a little low but it’s all good I think phone I mean I
mean the discord very friendly yeah discord Mobile’s not it’s not great
unless you have some head if you have some
headphones they don’t work better but it’s all good yeah we can still continue
on here so thank you once again Christian thank you for the 10-man
appreciate that but let’s go and get into some of these topics here we’re
going to start off with Barron’s favorite game of the show everybody
hears favorite game of the show and that is death stranding there was a big there
was a big what was it about an hour long of gameplay a lot I mean there was some
talk at the beginning and talk at the end from Kojima and this other lady that
was playing but death stranding they showed gameplay a full gameplay demo and
it has basically turned a lot of people off to the game I’ll be honest it was
not impressive and Baron has a lot to say about that so
we’ll probably go with him last but my initial impressions of death stranding
is that this is a game that that Kojima made in order to be closer to Hollywood
this is a Detroit a little this is like him trying to get Metal Gear Solid fans
in some way shape or form but also trying to be David cage but also trying
to one-up david cage and be better than david cage you know what I’m saying like
with with with that Hollywood actors because David cage doesn’t get Norman
Reedus you know what I’m saying like so it feels to me like he’s trying to be
like a mismatch of all these I’m just real quick before I let you guys go the
combat it looks just lame it doesn’t look fun it doesn’t look innovative the
the environments they’re beautiful but it’s just empty I mean people thought
breath of the wall was empty oh my gosh the environments in this game are just
completely empty and the gameplay is just you running around like delivering
packages and you look freaking stupid you guys this big old dumb looking
backpack on you don’t look cool you don’t look it doesn’t look interesting
really at all the only thing kind of teaching is like the weirdness of the
story that’s that’s the reason for me to play this game would be the story in
some way but that’s that’s my thoughts of the game just by watching that full
gameplay demo it looks like it’s not very good but you know what the story
could be could be its saving grace to be honest and the graphics so I’m gonna
start with maybe who wants to go next on who wants to tackle this one I’ll let
you guys go an order vici sure I guess I’ll go I saw about like 30
minutes of the whole 50 minute presentation I had a stop I just
couldn’t watch anymore it was dragging on in a way where I felt
like this wasn’t really gameplay it that he really made it as a movie Kojima like
there’s that mode added in where it’s literally just a movie maybe press a
button here or there and that’s it and it’s like overall he made it as a
walking simulator more so than an actual game with mechanics action stuff that
can keep people invested into the game besides the story because of course a
game is great with story but if a game is just story that’s a movie no gameplay
yeah they said that boss battle you know yeah which he was just running around
throwing grenades run around like no okay and I was initially when I saw the
very first trailer – stranding interested I was like oh this looks like
a cool concept for a game Kojima making a game nice and all these different
trailers and gameplays we’ve seen and I just become less and less interested so
overall I don’t think I need to see more I think I’m just not getting get the
game now and I was originally gonna get the game honestly I was very interested
but I may just try and import persona 5 oil instead you could just your work my
money you can yeah I’d rather import and honestly I I’m not invested in that game
I can’t wait for that it’s gonna not gonna be in English I know that’s how
bad either what this game literally that’s how much of a comparison like I’d
rather import it and play it 100% okay no I don’t know Jordan do you have any
thoughts on death stranding were you able to see the game the new game click
from TGS yeah what I did was I uh I went like wow play and then I click on and
then I clicked further on and like I just wants different hearts because I’m
not gonna watch an hours play I’m playing months right um I still have no
idea what the heck’s going on so that’s that’s a positive I guess there’s a
graphic they look good not bad as far as I don’t know if that’s call it
but sure is some all right so do you think is that is this gonna be a game
that you pick up cuz it’s coming out in a couple months
I have version of it on the baby edition no the 100 oh I don’t need that in my
house I’m good okay cool no problem all right so Avedon
what’s your thoughts man I have no interests of playing a walking
simulator mr. postman no mr. postman thank you you got it
thank you I was hoping so what we’re doing okay
that’s perfect but nah I’m not interested like the game as George said
his graphics it’s pretty there are those they do have that you have graphics I’ll
give you I’ll give you that but I don’t know the graphics while the graphics are
good it seems far less impressive for some reason maybe because of how empty
the game is and like how dense Final Fantasy remake is the graphics I was
just imagine it I would just a lot but although the games is not open world but
I think this is a pure this is an example of why you don’t always need to
have open world for a game right it’s so I feel like with all the games that are
coming out this is gonna get lost in the mix like gears 5 beautiful graphics
Borderlands beautiful graphics you have a roar lensing can loss though it up
Bordelaise about yesterday’s get your loss of debate is gonna get lost in the
midst of all these games because there’s just better options I mean I’m willing
to say as bad as Barbara says and I feel like if if there if enough time goes by
David X market I may have a better chance to demonstrate it right now
that’s how bad this is the margin eared listen listen listen
listen listen listen listen listen at least you could have fun and play
some hassle gay play it David ex machina there’s gameplay if you want to call it
that ya know your you gonna submit range what it looks better
yeah but I sit the edge he’ll be walking simulator walking around Pino mushrooms
is better than fighting we’re back so really at least it feel like a lunch
rooms if I’m peeing on them I mean gameplay wise obviously David X market
is a better game game exactly hands down yeah if you want an actual game yeah I
go okay I can actual game now if you talk about my point
yeah yeah I could watch that Oh or Netflix I don’t need to buy a game for
that and I can do that for free what I’m buying it I can do that without binding
I value my 60 bucks Norman Reedus yeah I’m good Baron bikes are you well we’ll
see baron your thoughts we’re ready come on me now oh man they put them up
stash iou’s okay well everybody doesn’t know I tweeted out my livestream for
talking about that stranded one of the actors in Def stranded responses
hilarious and I basically I triggered one of the actors in Def stranded so he
was a little bit salty I might go look hot right now so what did that actors
say fact he said he just said it’s funny you know he say just put a lot of laughs
emojis on my so I was like what the hell dude it’s like I clicked on his profile
he’s wanted actors stranded so I was like man so they
actually uh you know they looking at people reactions to the game so do you
think these and hashtags that’s the new go ahead
how would you finish yes so basically deaf stranding is uh it’s the equivalent
of that black gooey stuff that you see whenever you go take the trash out of
your house in the bottom of the dumpster that’s deaf stranding it’s that black
gooey stuff at the bottom of the dumpster just straight trash complete
straight trash just straight trash in it stinks in the fact that the matter is
I’ve never seen and I’m uh I’m a big up one of y’all games so y’all better
recording it cuz it’s probably the only time gonna say this Pokemon Pokemon saw
in his shield open world look way better than def strandings def stranded land
uninspiring empty boring looking open world I’ve ever seen in my life I
personally porn but that’s me good see but at least this Pokemon walk in depth straight and you don’t see any
wildlife you don’t see a worm you don’t see a bird you don’t see nothing until
the shadows just take you and you then see it literally you with 18 Amazon
boxes on your back running through the same grass field for like 40 minutes to
an hour it had a little a longboard thing the little great look at thing you
can go oh you know is a damn problem when the best beat they started off by
showing you a feature where you can stack more boxes on your back get more
boxes on your damn back like you got to be kidding me
Inuk and it went to that segment like he was so exciting I’m like they literally
trolling me right now you are literally a UPS delivery man this is UPS open
world so the postman exactly what this game is it was it was
it was totally ridiculous I mean protecting any accent when he
actually showed some game if you want to call it a game play
it was the most clunkiest uninspired rigid animations I’ve ever seen in my
life I still don’t understand what these dudes that hazmat suits are damned doing
with these tasers on a disco stick I don’t know what the hell they do you
said what baby I mean we we got a damn problem if one of the core mechanics in
the game is actually sitting down and sleeping we are sleeping in a damn game
amen don’t forget standing or sitting when you go to the bathroom yeah man we
sleep it in a game which reverses eight hours of course the same green field
we’ve seen to deliver packages it is somebody’s got to do it it’s like Jeff
keel yeah and then Jeff Keeley pops up does his typical on his knees for kojima
it’s like look wait a minute I’m tired of this this man got a damn problem
everybody that’s a fan of this game has a damn problem and I had and I gotta say
this cuz it’s about to get rude people aren’t allowed to light games I don’t
know where I’m gonna say this right now I catch your ass comparing Def stranded
to breath little while do it comes out well now coming in so I have ever seen
in gaming history def Stratton has nothing prepared to breath in a while
that strain is nothing compared to witcher 3 next friend is compared
nothing to dark zone that strain is a piece of shit do not compare that piece
of shit on a stick to press a little while get anymore
speaking of shit on the stick I gotta drop some food
I’ll catch y’all it hey the podcast take it easy George it’s always good does Jordan so make
sure you guys check out Jordan French he has his channel Jordan French you’ll
just search it on YouTube he opens pokemon cards and his videos are very
well done because he’s very good at editing unlike myself so alright so
Baron do you have anything else to add let’s see what else do we see oh I’ll
tell you that I’m gonna tell you this people always want to call me a hater
but I’m one of the few people to actually stayed up and watch this thing
live i watch the thing in a whole entirety you did better than I want to
claim or name right it was three to four o’clock in the morning that’s how long
it that’s why you said about a week you had wisdom I was demand I was the only
real instrument out here that did that but you know it but I’m but I’m just
hating on it because you know in Sony or whatever but no I actually gave it a
chance I’ve never seen a game making boss
battle interesting I have never seen a game make a boss battle on unexcited
like that boss about it we seen in this game was the most boring uninspiring
thing I’ve ever seen in my life the dude literally ran around and threw
gonna date and the grenades really didn’t have any impact and they really
didn’t didn’t look like grenades it’s like what are we doing like what are we
doing it’s like I could just from the east
coast to the west coast that’s what the games all about now now that’s pretty
much what it is we’re delivering packages hey you’re not gonna sit up
here and tell me you want to compare that crap to breath of the while some of
y’all need to stop it people yeah people it you got a lot of stretch Armstrongs
out here me got a lot of mr. fantastics out here ya know try to stress the truth
and try to feel like the points all the way down you see what I’m pointing at
the other side Amaro monkey try to reach over there that’s that that’s what a lot
of people are trying to do when it comes to the prep for the wall caprara because
at least Brett for a while you had real physics physics mechanics that’s the
thing about Brett from Iowa open well that’s why it changed the face of
open-world gaming it was literally stated that people were using breath
allowed as a case study to make more and better open games for now on so I don’t
understand what Kojima was doing like I said I said it before this is like a
horrible WWE art WUF art like Mark Henry and um what’s-her-name
Mae young Mae Young arrow type word bad that’s how bad this is that was pretty
bad actually that was actually really bad like was like oh like a never mind
it was funny man he was funny but it was so stupid that it was really yeah was so
really good me but uh but that’s J Dean I mean I think the game like I said it’s
probably gonna be for those who really likes uh you know there’s gonna be those
Kojima dudes that are so into the story that you know like so I mean that’s
really what this game is about right I think this game is really about the
story more so than anything so I really to check the chatter he said if you did
see it somewhat the big thing yeah yeah yeah birthday you had a hand
yeah my cookie it’s my hand it was like disgusting I was like what yeah what
else what he was gonna do that well the problem is the storyline of the
first problem they already was going with he she couldn’t give birth for
reals like why do a Man Mark Henry light the world oh oh
but anyway shut off the bay younger man rest in peace um all right so that’s
stranding we all think that the game is not gonna be that great I mean it could
be really good it could not be really good I mean who knows
I want the wait and see I think the story once again I think the story
there’s a there’s a shot for the story there’s a shot for the story so so yeah
alright so let’s go to move on to the next topic here guys not guys stop
suggesting topics in the damn chat please stop suggesting the damn chat
anyway like I don’t want your game stop bullshit right now that I ain’t trying
to hear that we know game stop some troubles we know like how many videos
are we gonna see games stop like we know we know who gives a damn if they go out
of business they go out of business if they stay in business they stay in
business like there’s nothing that we can say here and say that’s gonna like
so you guys stop spamming me with game stop bullshit please I don’t know why
didn’t want to talk about games I don’t understand why people are so like I’m
done excellent podcasting backseat podcasting almost
any games don’t just game stock out of anything like the most talked about
things like don’t suggest that no it’s all good or a shout outs my man but yeah
guys we got our topic so please I mean and I try to look through the chat and
especially if you’re like you know late ninja you know I’ll look in see but
please do not tag me and suggest topics we already got the topics in the chat or
bring that up in a QA you know at the core bring that up in the queue I don’t
suggest it please all right so let’s see here next up is another one of Barron’s
favorite topics favorite topics here we’ve got the NPD August 2019 I don’t
need to apologize either Arash no need to apologize
let’s see your August 2019 MPD this is some pretty big news here guys because
we’ve got confirmation of a number of big first party switch games doing well
and the usual suspects when it comes to ps4 and Xbox one Baron did you want me
to go down the list or do you want me to you want me to go down the list you can
continue eating I’ll go down the list no I’ll go down to this man I’m done all
right go free okay so all we heard for the last year
is that people don’t care about firing them my room’s not that important I’ll
be heard for the last few months said ain’t nobody by ask for Shane Platinum
games games don’t sell well ain’t nobody caring about that but as I
was telling everybody including your boy Benji from Twitter who said the same
asinine ish I sold I told you he was wrong on that yeah you did but I was
like I let you see what I wrote what I was like did you really just say this
what part of switch exclusive equals a million so do you not understand that’s
just been the trend so I just need to get over it already it doesn’t matter so to go down this list right whoo I had
the list and I just closed it out like a dummy we did we did Jordan that’s why that’s
the real reason why Jordans not here he’s DNR even he didn’t wanna you know
he didn’t want to do that no join with these slinky slick about it
so MPD results coming in I think I’m gonna do to uh the switch was the best
selling hardware again I don’t think there’s a shot shot right just thinking
it up on the other consoles now they will do new things
it is ps5 in the next Xbox they’ve moved on yeah
stump don’t shock anybody so but the number one game of August was man 20
it’s kind of a little bit surprising that it still came out in the morn but
it came out the morning so it is what it is right now
number two was another shocker which was minecraft is that shocking ahead there’s
a shocker we use the most shocking oj what it came in number two people but
it’s it’s on but it you know why it came in at number two and why it’s not
shocking i knew this would happen because guess who played it um guess who
went back to playing it oh oh number three huh shock it either they
got new dlc okay number three is Granta and they they just came up with that new
vegas dlc so that’s not shocking at all it’s still pretty that’s still pretty
hot as crazy um number four was Fire Emblem three
houses keep note that’s that’s that’s that’s a bit that’s a I’m not surprised
surprised but I’m like I knew that it was gonna do well you know yeah
surprised by that I’m not surprised not super surprised not I’m not super
but you know it’s to see it like fire them like that you know people thought
it was gonna I mean even day from Drake few games is like is this gonna be
something that continues on or was it gonna drop off after a month or two so
he was kind of even kind of anticipating dropping off you know especially below a
smash or below like a Mario maker I mean Mario maker and Fire Emblem came out
right around the same time you know so well you got you gotta keep me remember
firing them came at the tail end of July so only had a
the chart and it came in number two so you know you know all the sales wasn’t
in the first week so I already knew I was gonna do good in August yeah I knew
that and that that’s true exactly it was
definitely gonna do better but some people were expecting it to tail off and
maybe you know like outside of the top ten you know what I’m saying yeah
I didn’t feel that way because it turned out to be a great game like I said it
reviews help even though it was gonna do pretty good over the phone the reviews
absolutely helped it as well and and like I said there’s so many switch games
out that people are just gonna buy into the switch more so number four was
firing three houses number five was super smash brothers ultimate I don’t
think that game that’s really because it’s a fighting game and it’s been so
wait to consider the DLC after e3 to deal every that’s coming out and
everything yeah but I don’t think I don’t think smash ultimate came out of
the top five ever since he came out so that’s crazy
that’s something to think about number six for Super Mario maker – not
surprised they’re number seven was Mario Kart II I don’t know who claims eternal
dude game with a flip how is people still buy Martok mario karta up well
like I say you getting new switched owners every month so I guess Mario Kart
AIDS buckets me that’s like that that’s like our number one buy for the switch
yeah and like Super Smash Brothers a Mario Kart those are like the two
surefire guaranteed bank you know game for your yeah most game for your buddy
you know games so number eight was Mortal Kombat 11 number nine was Rainbow
six siege now here’s where everything gets crazy number ten was none other
than astral chain chain gangs astral change came in at number ten what makes
that so great you know is that astral chain came out in the 30th in the cut
off part for the MPD was up it was August 31st so astral chain came at
number ten based on one day on the mark
yeah we’re a which is absolutely incredible and and and in in people
people wasn’t listening to me but I already knew when the reviews drop I was
like this a mother yeah it’s a done deal well other one other thing that he
pointed out ad on Twitter from MPD pointed this out about astral chain when
I find it Laura murders I don’t lost it but yeah anyway astral
chain did something that no other game Oh Astro Chang was the only new release
in August to debut in the top ten so it had two big feats that month Baron what
I want any I want to answer a question in here because I think this is
something that’s important to preface before we get into this because some
people still understand this is from Avedon’s boy says generally asking our
wire MPD’s important here’s the reason number one reason why the just a quick
and easy way so Baron can get back to this point why MPD’s are important it’s
a business you want to see games continue they’ve got to make money if
nobody’s making money on games you don’t see games continue so think think about
it in that way right so that’s that’s the main reason why they’re important if
the games not selling probably not gonna see it much indie she’s got to make
money so you can make this they’re not doing this just for your entertainment
you know what I’m saying chips and yeah it’s actually legit a billion-dollar
business so that’d be like saying why our box office sales important you know
I’m gonna take I’m gonna take I’m gonna take a I’m gonna take a leap and I think
what I would you referred to a big you deferred why is it important for or I
guess the normal everyday person who probably well he says no no I mean why
are they important in the u.s. u.s. is the largest is the largest buyer
consumer of video games in the world we sell the or watches they we buy the most
we generate the most revenue so therefore that’s why they’re important
because this is the biggest money maker in the world when it comes to video
games is you mean that is I thought he meant us
that’s my bet it was late what I was saying it was what I was saying but I’ll
say oh it was when I was with because I got what he meant it was why is it
important to other years a business of the day but same day look a Minecraft
like we don’t do well we don’t get more games yeah like absolutely so change
sells zero copies there’s no more apps more asshole shame probably isn’t coming
right like if monolith soft didn’t sell what they sold with the original
Xenoblade if Xenoblade flopped do you think Xenoblade would still be here no
it’d be it’d be gone like soma bringer it’d be gone like Xenosaga to be gone
like botton kaitos it’d be gone like all of other marvellous sauce other IVs you
know yeah so that’s the reason why it’s important you want to make sure that
these games are doing well and the company that you like or whatever has
money coming in to make more products it’s very simple
yeah it’s like is basically you know reason why a lot of us like care about
with Knight Nintendo does good with their games is because as a matter of
fact I’ll make it easier you know why people come in saying people who
complain all the time that Nintendo never drops their prices you know why
they never drop their prices because there’s demand when it’s demand you keep
your prices up where they’re at where people are still actively buying these
games that’s why Nintendo can we talked about
and they were fear for their first parties because they’re constantly
selling that’s why most of the games on the top 10 are if I’m not mistaken Baron
muscles are Nintendo games right yeah let me leave them let me finish the
listen then I go talk good great but yeah I was talking about I’m saying as a
chain needs all this attention I love this because I don’t think any game has
went from zero to a hundred as fast as Astrachan hats like y’all forget we
should we’ve seen this game for the first time in February mmm February it
into where we are today in the buzz that is a round ass retain in the high sales
that are still is still number one of all charts this is crazy it’s still sold
out in the stores so where we today what this game is is I don’t think
I ever seen a game go from zero to 100 like that in that short a time so that’s
just very impressive right I think Sakura actually was shown at of the
video game awards and when I was first shown and then it released so it was at
e3 know was that III oh I didn’t remember his ID 3 or not oh it was so he
show you right there gasping yeah so yes so you know it really is Anna and
yeah I gotta take that in in magnet like the the MPD tracked from August 4 to
August 31st ash from chain had one day to chart at all and it came in that tent
so that lets me know that the first week astral chain had to be phenomenal
because it’s in seven days Platinum Games put out that tweet that I showed
everybody about thinking people to buy an Astra J and making it a huge success
so I’m willing to bet astral chain is probably well over a million after sold
you guys lifetime wait – well over a million right now yes as a September 12
definitely definitely it’s why I told you guys Aidan’s gotta be paying you
ASAP I’ve been saying understand over a 1 over 5 million in lifetime sales easy
well physically yes now you get on digital yeah well I mean yeah I mean
that’s cool man if it is yeah I mean I would probably say by the time that we
real like by the time that we know the sales yeah we’re gonna know that it’s
gonna be over a million but yeah my boy Aiden man definitely gonna have to pay
up on that because me 6650 yes yes wait somebody bet you what somebody I wasn’t
reaching million by the end of the switch lifespan or at least lifespan oh
we’re around this our next year around the launch around the whole year yeah
woman early wait he said a million in a year no he said that wouldn’t even get a
million in a year yeah I told you guys I said five is Aaron Baron eating one the
Asheville chain in the giveaway after the fact of the bet he’s gonna give it
back oh so what’s the chances of both of those things it’s oh my god
so what did he make this bed that’s a couple weeks ago okay so as before the
reviews came out yeah yeah that’s still there’s still a dumb bet to me he made
him before the game came out he made the bet yeah no but did he make that bet
when the reviews were already out before the review a week before yeah okay
before the review okay so I was like that’s already a dumb bet to make before
the music video made that after the reviews man oh well anyway I’m a breeze
to the last of over the last ten number eleven was spider-man number 12 was
breath with a wild still kicking 13 was ready at redemption – 14 black ops for
the team was age of Wonders which is a shocker sixteen sixteen is Super Mario
Party your favorite day by Super Mario boy family’s number 17 was Marvel
terminal eyes three they don’t blow that game
18 is super important that’s the one that I was like why are people buying
this game still mad omegas right they’re like what are you doing people Super
Mario Brothers deluxe is 18 19 was the dark pictures number 20 was Assassin’s
Creed Odyssey so to take away notes out of the top 20 control did not rank in
the top 20 at all control a game that was on a stall base of 150 million
consoles did not chart a chart for August that’s pretty sad and down by
what 10 bucks in like three days yeah astral chain charted with one day on the
charts to do it control didn’t do it at all with a whole
week that’s just pretty bad control like I said the you know we were talk about
this a little bit before and I think the reason why control didn’t charge because
it’s not that multiplayer you know game that’s super hyped and graphics and all
of that it’s just not that it’s not a God of War you know it doesn’t have that
appeal it’s not a Red Dead doesn’t have that appeal and we launched it in this
time period with like Borderlands and with so many other game
come and call a duty and all that I think just people just forgot about the
game man ps4 and Xbox one users I’m gonna tell you the real reason they look
at the length of the game – that they looked at the length of the game they
said man this game’s not super potato real reason why controller flop okay let
him know marry let him know ready for you baby
god oh god he’s frozen well we can’t handle them you can’t handle the truth
he just froze there man I think always knows he has to be ready so if we wait
oh yeah I think I think we’re eight and pretend that he’s not there he’ll come
up no okay okay well avid um what’s your
reason what’s your reasoning well let’s let’s actually talk about the NPD what
were some of your takeaways what were your things that you kind of want to
highlight and talk about when it comes to NPD well with the MPD’s looking at
the top three it’s it’s high time you look at August you know the the school
years and I see Madden NFL 20 is number one easy because that’s college kids
Central right there so you know a lot a lot of kids are buying this before they
go in a dorm to play this that’s a easy game for either kids play their dorms
minecraft easy PewDiePie Grand Theft Auto 5 the new DLC in a new DLC actually
looked in it looked pretty it looked pretty cool
just from the charity showed so that’s what anyways I got the thing that I
liked the most is in the midst of that still like Nintendo’s like top 5 like
out of 5 out of 5 games top 10 which is really dope like this the summer games
of the of the switch are and literally on games that haven’t been out for a
whole year if I’m looking at this with the exception of Mario Kart 8 deluxe are
in the top 10 which is still really good if you look after the whole entire list
you know Brett for a Waterstone there um Marvel’s spider-man which is an
excellent game I still own there so you got great games on here it’s just sad
that super Marv party made the list before control
that’s like really sad Super Mario it’s mark mario man you know how Mario this
is our party or Super Mario Bros u deluxe like those games leaning on their
Super Mario maker helps Mario you guys don’t understand this is for like the
expanded audience you get a lot of these guys like you know that are like me and
you Avedon you know elder statesman and we’ve got these kids and they need games
to play too right so they’re not gonna play control they’re gonna play new
super mario bros they’re gonna play Mario maker they’re gonna play Super
Mario Party so they will you’re right yeah absolutely right they will and
speaking of which I know the way you get it when I get a chance I’m teaching my
son Super NES games now not an S or two switch though those are gonna be my
go-to now yeah huh Yoshi’s Island it’d be a good way to start
oh definitely definitely definitely I played Yoshi’s Island a lot when I was
younger what about you what about you of DC what are your thoughts on this
takeaways from the NPD here man well I’m not surprised about Minecraft
and GTA like that’s just second nature at this point it will always be there
and then asshole chain for one day hitting ten like that has to be a sign
it’s gonna be a trilogy for awhile it’s gonna be lasting a long time as a new
series for platitude I’m animating right now really playing it right before the
stream and it’s so good I like it so much better in your mana I like it’s so
much better than Bayonetta one two it’s the whole game as a whole is a better
game for me I know more people prefer Bayonetta and there’s people who prefer
to near automata but asshole Jane is just it’s the game it’s the shit yeah
man I I agree with you I really like what there’s some things that are really
good about astral chain that it does really well there are some things that
Bayonetta does a bit better but overall they’re both really good games really
games one thing about the NPD I there’s just one game that I person have no idea
what the hell it is age of Wonders planetfall I’ve never heard of it so I
just read it just now I don’t I don’t know what what number is that oh yeah 15
14 15 15 yeah I don’t know what that is either I there
was that game a man of median I heard some people talking about that yeah yeah
your player – did some streams of that actually yeah it came out at an awkward
time yeah especially in this time period a lot of people are looking for
especially like summer August a lot of people are looking for like time wasters
man you know I don’t looking for those big games that are cheap I mean well you
know families they’ve already spent you know like I think with the ps4 the Xbox
one in particular when we talk about kind of control a little bit like
they’re looking for stuff that like they can just play for a long time you know
they’ve got they’re ready probably spent a lot of money at summer you know like
they’re not looking to sit there and spend 60 bucks on a single-player game
that lasts you know this is just hours of your life any people can understand
it’s like the summertime is home buying scenes in is will people go away and go
for transistor whose wedding season there’s so many different things in the
summertime so it’s like you want something that’s going to be like you
said be a time waster and if you’re not buying games now you’re preparing for
this one for September winner and I feel like yeah I feel like they’ve really lot
these note these games and like the game I already got pre-downloaded
Zelda’s link awakening that’s like my game vote for September the only game
I’m buying this month for me it’s AI somnom files yes I just oh I can’t wait
Emma’s rated at 34 out of 40 of them in Sue’s one point less than Link’s
Awakening did you see the rest of the reviews I
saw a bunch of different ones I didn’t I didn’t see the ten though I didn’t see
the ten there’s some really good reviews for the
game but yeah I mean yeah looks really good
yo J also Dragon Quest 11s yo J bear to add him back
he’s already he should be able to already be in the group yeah there isn’t
he doesn’t I don’t need to add him again he just said he just he definitely sit
on an order Twitter chat he just needs to go back he doesn’t know how to use
this he just needs to go back into the same message of this say click video and
enjoy it is so so yeah I mean that’s kind of my thing like with control I
think that 60 bucks like for summer for that type of game brand new IP I mean
Alan Wake wasn’t even a game man I kind of lit the sales charts anyway so I mean
like I don’t know I that I’m not saying I say that they
should devalue their own IP and charge less but and that might have been that
might have been a time you know where you where you kind of roll with you know
like a twenty nine net or like a thirty nine ninety nine maybe or forty maybe
like a $49.99 that might be the time that you kind of roll with the 49.99 and
see what you can get you know like because people just didn’t people just
didn’t look people just didn’t look that way ma’am
but Baron it might be back at some point might not be I’m not really sure when it
came I mean he just muted he’s muted so so yeah but anyway we’re gonna go ahead
and move on to the next topic here guys and that is a very interesting thing
from Nintendo it’s called ring fit adventure and this is essentially we go
watch that right now okay yeah go ahead and check it out I’ll talk about it and
VC you’ve seen it right yeah okay you’ve seen it um so it’s called ring fit
adventure and this is like Wii Fit and an RPG combined together you get this
resistance band just for those who don’t know I just give you guys a little bit
of background or at least on me I have a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology so I
mean you know I’m very knowledgeable on exercise you know and when I first saw
this exercise wise for a home workout my mind said this is crazy but it’s
ingenious because it’s fun enough with the RPG elements that if you’re the
unique type of person like me who likes exercising and who also likes video
games that you’re gonna find this to be interesting right now is that for
everybody no not necessarily for everybody but from what I’ve seen in
this game it really does a good job of combining workouts with actually having
fun because that’s the number one thing that I hear if I used to be a personal
trainer working out is not fun it’s boring that’s why women go to Zumba
classes you know what I’m saying that’s why people want to dance and do
different types of exercising and they do you know they do different things
when they go to work out because it’s just not fun this is a way to at least
have a little bit of fun while working out while doing an effective exercises
the leg lift exercise very good for your core that thing that they had
was a resist it’s like a built-in resistance band so that little ring that
they have there that’s very good for toning triceps helping out with the
shoulders and all that like holding like a resistance band very good for that so
from what I’m seeing from my background I’m looking at it like yo this is gonna
be a lot more fun way to exercise if you want to do that unless this like I said
not gonna be for everybody but the workouts do seem in my opinion more fun
and better than we fit because we fit was about merriments we can hit yeah man
good all right we fit was about balance and balancing is not always fun to be
honest it’s just not and that’s what we fit was a lot of it was about balance
and about you know excellent literally just normal exercise that’s just not fun
for everybody this seems a lot more fun so but like I said if this is not gonna
be for everybody this is obviously like a weird thing for a lot of people so
what are your thoughts VC on this whole ring fit Finke I think the way they made
it into a game was the smart way to do it in a way where you can attract people
who like video games and they can attract that casual crowd that has been
around with the Wii Fit and with all the other pre musicians and stuff like that
okay you know I’m just looking at it right now this is definitely definitely I’m gonna meet my mic sorry about that
guys no you’re good but I think it’s really really unique how it plays how
you move your legs and moves the character and if you run or jog it
actually changes how it is in the game I think it’s cool and how different moves
affect the gameplay like if you stay still like this and maybe like arch your
back or whatever and you do like that defensive she’ll like all that kind of
unique twists to an RPG while keeping it with fitness elements it makes it
something very unorthodox but something it’s Nintendo in its nature it’s just
what Nintendo does they made labo they did want to switch like these are the
types of things that Nintendo always do even back before they and maybe your
games they made toys like this it’s just that it’s connected to a switch and
with me personally I’m kind of interested just because the gameplay
itself is an RPG it looks pretty well there looks like to be uh stats rising
and lowering I’ll know it just it looks intriguing to me so I’ll keep it in my
mind keeping to a mindset but I need to play it with some friends I feel like if
you play it with friends it’s gonna be more fun because just like going to the
gym you didn’t mention it but when I used to go to gym all the time it’d be
like me and a friend or two and we’d go together we were CAF like two hours like
it’s all about doing stuff like that we’re friends so it could be fun by
yourself but it’s probably more fun with friends yeah yeah I talked about that
why people go to the gym early on my stream why people go to the gym with
their friends and stuff like that so yeah yeah makes sense makes sense there
um yeah I think it’s gonna do pretty well I think the price is good to eighty
dollars so it’s a $60 game and $20 for the peripherals I think 80 dollars is as
low as it was gonna be it was never gonna be lower than that people who
would have expected that or just know somebody somebody said like twenty
dollars I was like yeah I’m like nah that’s that’s not how this works I’m
gonna mark up they’re gonna mark obviously they can they can make it
cheaper if they wanted to but they’re gonna always be sucking up crap so yeah
there’s gonna be people were gonna buy like for them and go on Amazon me like
160 each you think people gonna scalp this you know I don’t David Reardon is
but you should be scalping my boy double do be do be doing a good job of scalping
hey he’s a success he does he’s a part-time scalper he’s pretty good at it
hey I may consider becoming a double deep boo boo some put some respect on on
on on daydream he’s a hustler oh I know I’m just saying I respect he is a
hundred percent hustle I respect his hustle hundred percent absolutely you
should definitely talk to him because he’s definitely yeah you still talk to
me during it myself cuz I have sold you your cards and I
randomly was like looking up some of the prices and like I have three of the same
card in its like six bucks it’s like okay that’s a quick game right there
yeah absolutely and that’s the recourse on you like a bunch them so I make
they’re doing that because I used to play yu-gi-oh back I was younger and I
have someone like the newer ones but not super new but they’re more for some yeah
scalping could be good idea but back to the topic at hand I think it’s gonna be
a real unique idea with this game I want to see more games utilize the ring if
they can do that and make it more useful than a lot of what get what games are
you talking you do well you could do WarioWare I hear you baron you’re good
good but you could do war or your way that’s like the first thing that comes
with my head maybe you can use it for a Super Mario Party 2 and they have like
mini games where it’s about the ring stuff like that so we’ll see and there
you go and there he goes but yeah that’s everything and I saw someone joke on
Twitter they’re like all your fitness and BDSM needs from Nintendo this is the
ring well I don’t think ever Dawn’s finished watching it yet
ok he’s almost done so I guess I can always say I watched enough you watch
enough ok thoughts I watched enough so we fit I’m sorry we
fit ring we fit of a rig fit is is actually interesting because I get what
oh do say it’s literally like we fit on steroids and like the resisting arm ring
that this is this is the type of workout you want to lose some weight and you
were to get back in shape let’s establish that now look for me
personally for me for growing mass the end yang gaining muscle as fact yeah you
know this is for like if you want to trim that it’s for if you would have
trimmed down you wanna lie again get lead a lean look but like for myself I
use AB my phone call home workout 22 and you know you could use those sense but
looking at what they have here it mirrors a lot of the you want to lose
weight type of arm style so like like bc said this would be really good if you
have like friends or if you’re in like in my shoes or if you have a family or
something like you could actually do this to your kids your wife your kids or
your husband your kids you could do whatever you want with this and they we
have a lot of fun doing it so I actually applauded Tendo for this this is
actually gonna sell alive like really alive it’s probably this is probably
gonna explode the sales like it did on the Wii Fit really Wii Fit this probably
will because the Wii Fit the Wii Fit was huge because of how easy it was to get a
real workout regimen in there and this is actually doing that but taking it to
the next level I don’t know that’s what I don’t know if it’s gonna be as big as
we’re gonna so it’s not gonna sell more than we think because you know we fit we
fit sold 40 million and then we fit plus another 20 million so in a lifetime it
sells six million maybe eight so yeah we fit we fit so I think we were a total no
or get it so 20 million and then we fit plus sold another 20 million so it sold
40 million yeah we we fit sold 40 million total well like I said I’m doing
the possibilities out there you guys know me I always thought that possibly
is out that it’s whereas you chain we see where that’s going so I’m like I’m
just over possibilities out there because right because you could take
this on the go that’s another plus so for people who are traveling that is we
think you had to be stationary at home for that but think of people who travel
now yeah yeah you’re right it’s a portable workout machine that’s true
exactly so did there’s so many possibilities with that that it really
depends on how Nintendo markets it through you can’t really use it on the
switch lights up oh why can’t you use on the switch light so you’re gonna you’re
gonna play with the little switch light standing on whatever type of stand you
created to stand on like you put it behind a pillow or something to stand it
up and you’re gonna do the whole thing in front it’s tiny little screen you’re
really gonna do that now I’m just saying why can’t you I didn’t say that I’m
going to watch it I just don’t like it I can’t I can’t fathom anyone doing that
I don’t probably not I don’t think people who play the switch people who
bother switch might probably aren’t gonna be playing this is a different
type of gamer anyway so yeah anything is like the type of style that the game
looks it looks cool for someone like us who would like an RPG style game yeah
they’re gonna look at this female character that they can’t change the
character goes a lot of those casuals like the me use for making their own
character and it looks like it’s maybe just this one female character I don’t
care I’ve no problem with that I just play games in the way they are
but casuals they care about all this miscellaneous garbage doesn’t matter so
wrong well we fit we fit you couldn’t change anything
let me hear this I’m ready Baron you good you got I should be good now you
you were good before it in your left stuff yeah I don’t know what’s going on
you’re you know you’re gonna have to choking harder than the Atlanta Falcons
in the Comcast must got an outage of something today
Ryan’s running the show over at come but now okay I’m Cameron backbone hopefully
I everything stays smooth this time alright you want you want to talk about
fit adventure yeah dude go ahead I think BC is wrong about the character
I think the characters gonna be very very appealing you know why do you know
why BC I know why are you why I tell you I real queries only but God can I tell
you I real quick you already knew that I already knew that I no longer trust
going I can no longer trust you did you just call her thick very called her
thick girls girls you redeemed that you barely redeem yourself by the skin of
your teeth that girl’s not thick she’s fit she has a little bit of shape to her
but she’s not thick but you think that’s the reason why the games gonna do well
is because she’s shape e shape yes yeah I think it is I think I think the games
are very interesting it would get people attention especially those people that
play like arena valance those type of games
on mobile so you’ll get the attention and the little ring thing is you’ll hook
all the good soccer moms and grandpas and grandmas but Derby laying on the
ground to do that thing that they were doing and they’re gonna be stuck on the
ground like like leg lifts or legless yeah yeah like that yeah I don’t do it
like that how do you be a linguist yeah I’m gonna do in two years okay what the
heck so if anything it would be worth it for me to get if I understand like
you’re you know Jay I’m pretty skinny as shit it’s perfectly fine family having
to go we got we got big fit trainer now so you know I do like her hair or
herelet’s looks cool like how does that is really cool yeah sure her hair holds
the ring a little bit sometimes too so that’s that’s that’s cool she looks like
gone from from from Hunter hunter that one part already hashtag wheat dick
trainer baby now Vic Fit trainer like fit trainer no big fit trainer i think
that uh i think that people already want her in smash but these are people who
also don’t play smashed these are all the same people don’t play smash and go
on rule 34 every day they’re already looking up rule 34 traitor they’re
already there they’re waiting for it they’re there they’re camping out they
lay on the rule 34 website like in the morning like no way they’re waiting for
their weight but that my lowest it what’s the next time oh we got my cumin
we got QA oh how cute I thought we had another
time we went through everything learn to everything pretty quickly today
we really did oh well I guess I’ll get my final thoughts on MPD since you know
kham kaen yeah yeah you disappeared
go ahead evaporate I think what was I saying
oh I know the reason control fly with the eye people want to admit I think
astral chain cannibalize that gate wow I feel like with an abundance can control
control I feel like the reviews came out the same day and astral chain was far
and beyond a better game and it sent a lot of as you know the ps4 arms into a
craze and all the salt stuff started happen it just it in control just one of
they weren’t under the radar when Dave did control drop when was the release
date for control Oh Tuesday it was that Tuesday so it was like 26 or something
so astral chain was on Friday and control down Tuesday yeah okay so you’re
saying that astral chain as a single-player game sucked the hype out
of from control exactly okay okay I mean I’ll be honest yeah I was like Brett Shane did it come out that week I
probably would have I probably would have bought control and played it like
for astral chain I was like I was a nostril chain I didn’t want to do
anything well I’ll sign up he fired me three
houses to be honest you know I was thinking that done I was trying to get
my man three houses dub which I did get done a week before so I did I did have
nothing to do that week but I just wanted to make sure because I finished
it that Sunday the Sunday before ashlynn Shane came out I finished it that Sunday
so I did have that week open but I was like hey man national chain is what I’m
doing this week so if control was the only great single player game I probably
would have spent the 60 on that to be honest so maybe maybe you’re onto
something there I am because I could see that actually I think about it I think
what happened a they both came out the same day and after Shane was getting
crazed out of this world so it’s like everybody was like forget control at
that point cuz you know that the depite the Sony PES is went into outrage cuz
that’s what Shane turned out to be great and it’s not and you know they couldn’t
didn’t have anything to bastard switch on so it’s like they wouldn’t so
outraged and all this salt they didn’t know the casualty was controlled
let’s make sure that we get the right information here in the chat guys shadow
of mexico’s an elite ninja so I want to make sure that we get this right no um
control doesn’t have a higher review score at the national chain ISIL shane
has in the 88 control a I think like a 81 on Metacritic so why how in the hell
did that man think control had a higher review school to national chain Wow
sometimes shadows Nexus doesn’t research stuff before I mean like not a bad show
Bay like he trolls like but the joke we which in the comments he’s joking though
I think he actually thought that controlling in the chat he’s like that
ass I think he thought that control had a higher review school I I thought he
was I thought he was troublesome sighs but I recently caught I read a comment
he wrote him on my video I was like oh yeah he does good comments on our videos
yeah yeah he trolls on the videos yeah he trolls okay that’s what I meant
that’s that’s what I this one he actually thought that control had a
higher review score I’m still manda Aden isn’t here I saw him on us a few other
streams earlier like I was a scroll and I seen him comment and stuff all over
the place like Damon ex machina and stuff and I’m just like you better be at
the podcast tonight it’s like control it controls a great game guys we’re not
trying to sit here and say like oh you should only go get astral chain we’re
just trying to rationalize what happened to control because guys this isn’t just
we’re not just doing just to be douchebags or whatever the case is like
this is their livelihood remedy and this suck this really sucks for them that
they sat there and made a game for two three years or whatever the case is and
it comes out and it doesn’t even make the top it doesn’t even make the top 20
that’s not good you don’t you don’t want that to happen to anybody’s game so we
just – I should have been three to four hours I think I think what happened I
think it’s two things that happen number one is that it went up against Astrachan
head-to-head which was not going to be a winnable situation number two is that it
didn’t release on Swedish I think it was very detrimental links up the other console which I think
that was very good the perfect fit oh and there’s something that made for
or even announced coming to switch later on uh it doesn’t make any sense to me it
really does I was like I don’t know why but you you breaking them trash as
Saints rows games you know what I mean yeah Anna prompt doing no rush
it’s like but it’s like I don’t understand why control wouldn’t long but
that was weird for me from when I first saw it my controls none on the switch
yeah I was like why is this not on a switch I mean his remedies not a big
studio I don’t think they I just don’t think they cared at the time I mean
they’re making this game I think they they first started making it in 2016 was
before the switch was even a thing out yeah I don’t think they even that wasn’t
even at radar you know yeah I mean I’m not saying that well come to the switch
I mean I think um be great if it did yeah well if I’m pretty sure they’re
thinking about it now they’re probably thinking about it I mean I would if I
were them I think about it I think that it could find a better home on the
switch when it comes down to it also almost like you know how you know yokai
watch for necessarily didn’t do as great in Japan as previous games like let’s
just portly got part this thing to ps4 real quick you know yeah I think that’s
just outrageous III see why they did it I see why level but level 5 is weird
Kudo 10 gets ooh that’s good we can get into if that’s it when it stops we can
get into some Q&A we haven’t really done Q&A for the past couple weeks so I think
this is a good catch up week for Q&A so yes I’m three weeks huh it’s been like
three weeks yeah it’s been a while since we’ve done Q&A so we’ll have a nice
little Q&A section so here it is yeah we got a donation so
let’s go ahead and let’s uh let’s let’s read off some of these donations so Jake
Miller donated $2 new super chat and says hope this podcast is better than
the football game I don’t know who’s playing right now and he’s the football
game bad right now it was to Tampa Bay and Carolina so you know uh NFC FC well
see South I don’t want to disrespect Barrens conference they’re NFC South is
disappointed we your team is in luck in the same car is NFC NFC South
your division visa office at first you are calm and the Edit the NFC West is a
conference of Champions okay that’s the conference of Champions all right
Seahawks Seahawks just the Seahawks actually Rams they got there last year
but they lost anyway um but the past few years we’ve had the Niners within the
past ten years it’s been the Niners Seahawks and Rams
all in the Super Bowl you know so that’s not yeah but anyway um all right so
let’s go and get to this next donation Kudo didn’t get 291 with the tools
initiative says should I get astral chain of Link’s Awakening mmm
astral chain what kind of games me like what cut let’s say NSX that question
first what type of you know Astro same period last reject they’re both one of
them is that one of them is an action-adventure one of them is they’re
both one of them’s like action somewhat adventure action actually yeah you’ll
get more hours than a bastard train i’ma let you know that rain oh yeah I
personally feel you should pick up Astro chain now that you can just get Link’s
Awakening whatever you know cuz after you I’m saying this out now like you
want instant like you got money to spend right now go have fun right now you know
what I’m saying like yeah I agree I don’t play they have fun I had say ass
from change for all those reason he said but most importantly is that we know the
game is doing well but we need to do we need this game to do exceptionally well
so I think platinum games have worked very hard and I think they need to be
rewarded so yeah I think that’s why I say ask for chain links awaken and it
will be there later on down the line and they’re going oh that’s a remake you
play you have a plated Link’s Awakening before I mean you could try it out see
lake swinging elsewhere with this game is a brand new experience
yep so it’s not a knock Link’s Awakening is it’s definitely be a great remake but
hey I got a record for a go so it’s gonna be a great mix out the docks right
here in the chat man worried subject yeah doctor a serious I lost the doctor
but yeah man like yeah that’s insane that I think that’s the pic I think
you’re gonna get more content at a national chain it’s the more innovative
game it’s the more unique game and yeah Link’s Awakening and going you could
play that whatever you know it’s a remake this is a brand new IP that like
like Berenson deserves your attention and respect all right so next up is
deadlock seven and he says thoughts on future of loot boxes Oh Jen I finally
made mainstream TV news here the UK FIFA etc looks like they are going to be in
trouble well yeah didn’t they have like some type of parliament type of hearing
and they call them surprise mechanics instead of loot boxes in the UK so hey
eh eh eh o j– a tree trees in the chatty made it I know but he retracted
his car okay yeah okay I see you reject the two of them then he said he said
yeah salty these haters are mad about astral Chang actually man they gonna be
oh yeah it’s gonna be a it’s gonna be wild on Twitter today and tomorrow I am
blowing everybody up about the success make some people mad tomorrow boy I’m
here for it Omega Bo Baron I can’t lie on your Twitter
there’s some like little urchins on your Twitter feed there Lily they’re waiting
to bite you in the word and they’ll early chimes one of those dudes in the
schoolyard don’t like push you and each others are days somebody’s here my
guards you don’t have to say that like the fight birds like next quick eat some
more questions here guys if you guys got questions probably start doing like the
spawn cast those where we uh discord you guys can put some questions in the
discord for us probably start doing that if I remember
it was a question say what nobody’s really asking any questions
in three weeks do you guys don’t ask questions or hashtag player essence I’ll
be more than happy to answer you guys these literally ask questions every day
in the PU lives let’s go okay here we go we got one here Berlin B has a question
says our Google stadia games gonna look better than switch games if there’s
really no lag yeah Google’s video games can look better but it’s based on your
internet connection but the thing about Google’s feted what you have to realize
is that it’s running off of a massive server that has a teraflop count right
so the highest output of what Google stadia can do based on your internet
connection can get you graphics that actually
surpass ps4 and the Xbox one because of its teraflop counter right but it’s
based on your internet now and if your Internet’s trash it’s good it might not
look better than national chain but it’s really gonna be dependent on your
internet if you have solid internet your games gonna look really good you got
that bandwidth it’s gonna look great it’s gonna play great but if you don’t
or if you got multiple people using that connection probably not so good
probably not so good so it is really gonna vary depending on your connection
it really is but the the max output of what stadia can do is higher than ps4
pro and Xbox one they have I think is like a 12 teraflop database server thing
just sitting in like San Francisco or something or whatever so or throughout
the United States a different Google crap but they’ve got so so yeah that’s
essentially it all right let’s go ahead and get to the next next year a bunch of
oh they got a I think I see the question for me yeah that’s did let’s get one or
is it it’s about doing an ex machina they max machina are you so excited for
it despite the early reviews where do you see that one atoms I see really cool
jetty and John am i still excited for Damon X marketed somewhat I’m um I’m
still on the Astro chain hi honestly yeah yeah they did games amazing it is
yeah I could have finished the game tonight but I’m like no I want to so
here’s here’s the thing I beat it but I just
in the game trying to collect the stuff I didn’t get and I’m just trying to you
know max out all the lesions is this of in-game content people for people that
don’t know there’s in-game content after you complete the story you know the main
game just in-game content so and the orders are really really fun to do so
you can premium material and all that that’s why I’ve been doing just do not
all the different orders get in all different colors and stuff for my agents
that’s what my things been doing it is it’s gonna be pretty hard I spoke to the
game to be good but I didn’t expected the game to be those masterpiece like
it’s just it hooks you like I’m I’m probably going to play it after I think
all four of us it’ll be playing out because I actually got my video almost
done so I don’t have to be up editing late and I did editing in Brean I
usually don’t like to do that in between my my oj live and the pot I usually took
a little bit more of a break but I actually said you screw it I’m gonna
edit so I edited on my project and I got one of my videos done for tomorrow
morning just so I can play cuz I got I gotta work I got oh I don’t know I gotta
go somewhere tomorrow morning so when you think that video is gonna be coming
now I mean fresh will change like it’s tomorrow
oh my astral chain video uh ya know that’s probably gonna be next week next
week yeah I’ll probably be there this week I was originally gonna do a review
for tomorrow but I was like now I’m not gonna force myself to go through the
game tonight like I’m just having too much fun right now it’s I can’t just
rush through something where I’m actually enjoying doing just so I can
move on to the next game like yeah I can’t I had I had to force myself a
little bit I was I was already deep toward the end
but I went through it because I knew I wanted to play Gears 5 I got it I got
gives five big ones so I was like man I gotta at least beat the main story but
even after I beat it I’m still switching back from Astro changing gears violently
to everybody to everybody who’s asking questions well we did – everybody’s
asking questions about Damon ex machina the the publishers of the game obviously
don’t want the game to do well so there’s an e there’s your answer to
everything that everybody that’s about they obviously don’t order to do well
and it’s marvelous Japan not marvelous Europe don’t get mad and marvelous
Europe get mad marvelous just talks for them well if if the game
doesn’t do well they can only blame themselves like there’s nothing to get
upset there’s nothing nothing big oh it’s dead or who cares like they
obviously don’t want it to do well so you know there you go all right I hate I
hate that because that will probably ruin the hot streak of switch games sell
in a million so but that’s not to me that’s that’s an asterisk that’s not a
that’s not something that should be counted in my opinion you’ve got
somebody who’s you’ve got a company that’s literally saying no we don’t want
the game to sell more marvellous is sabotaging their own game purposefully
so you can’t count that they really rather would have the income off content
creators more than the sales of their game but nobody’s even making enough
content for them to even collect so to me it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s because it’s
an old mentality so might be about it is that I’m not gonna sit there and count
it when you got somebody literally sabotaging their own game if they allow
content creators to talk about the game and to do whatever they need to do the
game would have been fine but they’re not so they stopped every single switch
games which exclusive debts came out so far the developers are happy ok yeah
talk about our game like the developers from Fire Emblem and from astral chain
this again please play a game show it off
everybody’s happy they want content creators like they don’t care about the
damn pennies we make on stuff you know I’m saying with a dollar I mean you
gotta get so many views just to make even any money on this so it’s not like
think like 10,000 20,000 30,000 views you’re you might make like 50 60 bucks
or something like that you know like it’s not like it’s not like you’re
getting PewDiePie levels of numbers here for this type of content so they’re
little it’s literally pennies you know what I’m saying like it’s literally
pennies and these developers aren’t trying to get pennies from us but these
idiots from marvelous Japan don’t understand anything so I mean like I’m
not counting that crap you know screw that yeah I don’t I don’t get it I when
I seen that on Twitter because I’ve seen spawn wave and uh somebody else was
talking about it on Twitter Andre Seger’s just some money yeah I was like
oh man that sucks because you had people that was wanting to
do it Oh to do from digital foundry they wanted to do an analysis on it yeah he
was commenting on Andres thread no yeah and the thing was I played the prelude
demo it’s running technically is running really well they increase the frame rate
pretty significantly so that probably would have helped the game it did you
have found you actually was able to cover it and I’m like and we’re not
allowed to talk about all the improvements you know what I’m saying
we’re not allowed to tell people hey it’s a lot better because the first demo
it was like yo this wasn’t very good there was frame rate nobody’s allowed to
monetize and say hey it’s better so what can we do
everybody still thinks it’s as bad as it was at the first demo so okay yeah I
don’t know what to say man not only leave it to one leave it to one
knucklehead messed up a good Street the president of marvelous Japan is at fault
he’s he is the problem just him but i wonder who on nintendo side said yes
we’re gonna make a game of Marlys japan wonder who was that was like yep we’re
gonna do this partition won’t they probably marvelous too marvelous
probably pitched it to them and Nintendo said sure we’ll pick it up they’re like
we have some extra pennies a vegan like this sure they said sure why not I mean
the game like I said the concept of the game is freakin amazing and I played it
there are no met games like I got all these meddling at all yeah there’s a
zero biggest franchise they never sells John you know met games never sell
Armored Core which I like the Armored Core series on the Xbox 360 and all that
those games always reviewed wait actually reviewed way worse than him an
ex machina those are games would be like in the 60s like low 60s but I love
Armored Core on the Xbox 360 you know so this game kind of reminds I had an
Armored Core so I don’t know I mean Nintendo continues to push it pretty
hard I think I think I think you’ll do decently he’ll do things on the eShop
for Japan but it’s never even touched the top 34 USA now you know it hasn’t
I’m waiting to see what happens tomorrow see if it shows up in might show up at
the bottom but met games have never really broken through here in the West
they’re always more popular in Japan yeah but the waitest
one was I mean it had a such a good trajectory when it first got this show
it did my name is Fiona I’ll be honest I was high when I first saw it and it’s
like I don’t know man III I was I was confident in this game I
was like they really screwed up themselves they really screwed up
themselves but hey it is what it is all right let’s go one question oh go by
kanji Sutra it was the next question that was after I know there’s like 200
comments now so that’s last question but they’re asking about the patent for the
joy constant that one’s what are those on them oh I think it’s cool
I like the idea yeah sure why not my only thing is I feel like Aaron not
economically I think that’s the way we say the word it doesn’t make sense
having to bend joy cons and your screens just the regular screen I feel like it’d
be hard to like put it away and like in a bag or something just I don’t know I
feel like economically I thought the joique on the patent was for the joy
cons to be being back in force that’s what it seemed like yeah like I didn’t
seem it not just what I thought is indefinite bent like it is no oh no for
your head like a lake for your hands so it’s more comfortable that’s why that
was my logic I thought like snap and snap it back yeah yeah that’s what I
thought it was cuz it cuz I have like that lining everything ends up like you
can like mechanically like move it well that would be even better than if that’s
the case but I don’t know I’d have to see it to believe like to think if it’s
even that good of an idea or not because of course it’s just patents and you
can’t really go off of too much from patents at the end of the day yeah
that’s true all right next up is Birdman says do you
guys think breath of the wild 2 will release in 2020 I think a little bit I
think it will because gameplay is almost finished
voice acting son how you know voice actors almost man he said the gameplay
is almost finished and the same for the voice acting part I don’t know where he
got that from well first off there’s barely any voice
acting in the first back for the wild anyways well I mean right wherever he
got that info please link it to me I want to read that I don’t know if the
game I mean it just let’s just go back and let’s just say that without the
assumptions on some of the stuff if they started working on it in 2017 which is
very possible 2017 I started working on it I mean 20 23 years I mean that’s more
than enough time they made okay they made a Majora’s Mask in one year because
they engine from ocarina of time so yeah I would love to see it
let’s see that holiday uh it’s tiny twenty it’s possible but then again it
could be a toy like something might come up you never know with game development
something might come up they might get a new idea and then it delays it to 2021
or it’s just gonna be 2021 game so I mean if it can’t think it’s bullshit has
already been crazy even breath at a while makes 2020 do you realize that
lineup for 2020 the only reason why I think that it could make rule 20 cuz
Nintendo’s trying to say like you know you have a breath of the wild switch
light you know breath of the wall to when the next systems come out so you
can get breath of the water switch light for like 260 that’s that’s a really good
value proposition for that when the next systems come out huge so what if they do
switch Excel next year holidays I mean they could do that and then they can
drop the price of the current switch you know so maybe you can get it for like
250 you know so 250 and breadth of the wall you get that for like what that’d
be like 3 3 3 20 with some tax that’s that’s pretty good to get a might be a
bundle maybe even like a switch XL bundle with read the wall maybe
something like that for a 400 or whatever because my chances are the next
Xbox in the next PlayStation aren’t gonna be $500 or something like that so
well they’re gonna want to put it a 500 it’s realistically gonna probably or
should be 600 with all the tech that’s inside they’re really gonna be losing a
hole cut on what they’re created with each product the PS 5 and the Xbox so I
don’t want to I want to point something out to you of what we officially know
that’s already for 2020 I’m just gonna go a breath in a while
because I think that three year timespan just
makes cuz they said they got the idea of creating a game off the DLC so I think
that makes sense right yes it’s valid yeah so that’s it a while to come on say
it process know it’s Rossi oh this this damn just a minute acting up so you
rented a wild to Animal Crossing lame-ass horizon um there’s no more
heroes no more heroes three Bayonetta three and uh Xenoblade Chronicles remake
yeah and Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes are coming next year let’s go
boy yo if let’s go games are happening next year let’s go go to sober but let’s
go so let’s go crystal but we need time in a pro remakes and they have to look
like good games not like gen8 please for the life of me I want to play a Pokemon
game it’s been since Sun and Moon so I had a decent Pokemon game and I’m losing
my mind they’re gonna look they’re gonna look like the next part they’re gonna
look like Pokemon sort of shield but diamond and pearl book and that’s the
problem well you just be happy that it don’t look like that
honestly I’m at the point where it’s like I’d rather them have the old
sprites but I don’t wanna get into Pokemon anymore Wow you want that man
said I’m tired of this yeah so tired drained also I also want to point out
that um next year you said No More Heroes but there’s also trials of mana
next year as well so thank you excited for that game super excited for that
alright next up another question what is do you think Square Enix this is from
straddle Nexus do you think Square Enix made an extreme error by making Final
Fantasy 7 remake episodic without announcing when the next episode is
coming Avedon you wanna um I would say they should
have better play with that because he haven’t valid looking at well first of
all this episode by itself there’s a lot work on today they’ve reshaped
everything so I’m very careful what I would have say because this is not the
same playthrough as you’re gonna as you were playing a regular Final Fantasy
game not by far you even have some which one of my concerns was getting summons
you actually have summons in this first episode so I want to say I want to say
they’d have an announced but if they’re releases towards the beginning of the
year and this is a progressive game it’s going to be episodic in their eyes I
sentence to my video I’ll say it here I have a good feeling that they’re gonna
release the next episode by holiday tweets what just so they can get those
end of those end of your sales for this game that’s my hunch I hope and pray
that that’s true just cuz personally if it’s gonna be any
sooner in my opinion it be holiday 20-20-20 plan I’m gonna see the second
part that’s that’s does that’s the sweet spot any any time before that my pain
too early cuz you there’s for those okay I would say this I get this in my video
this game is for like real Final Fantasy 7 people who just love the story of
Final Fantasy 7 it is if the story by itself if you love how people how they
try to story by itself and how do you reshape it this or there’s a lot of
reshaping and retelling of this story that’s actually valuable it whatever you
like the complete story of the game but that’s how I like to play my whole game
and I buy it but they I mean I love xenoblade story but I don’t know if I’d
like xenoblade see the blazar remake idiot sorry as they do it final face
every day every telling different parts of the story it’ll wait ahead of the
game is episodic so that’s the reason why they’re retelling to go they read
their I know what this remake is it’s like getting a loaf
bread chopping up three whole pieces of that loaf of bread and they’re saying
that also did you play to play the game did you play the game you play the game
is game again we already know we have my knowledge II it doesn’t matter how good
the game is it’s just the point of its literally gonna be you not having all
the games at one so here’s that well here’s it his day let me still be actual
questions we ask you a real question business sampling some you tell my
business if they’re gonna put in all this extra hours are giving you that
much that about those graphics like that and getting decent enough gameplay which
the game way we don’t know how in-depth the gameplay is gonna be here which I’m
a little interested because you get to use the environments around you so
there’s gonna be some def there so between gameplay and graphics of this
state you’re telling me with the amount of hours put together of the entire game
vastly we’re 60 bucks but you’re telling me I should you tell you tell you tell
me of that caliber of a game that has not been done of those graphics or the
gate has not been remade of that level you’re telling here here’s my thought
process is over as years progressed the graphics standard rises of course I
understand why you’re thinking that but no it should be six most it should be so
it should be they should wait three more years to finish the whole game and give
us the whole day first I’m not gonna buy any parts I’m gonna wait till all the
parts are out and then buy the whole thing discounted for forty bucks at
Walmart because I see you see right right there right there right there
right there well you just proved my point that you’re not the market you say
discounted so you’re not even you’re not even in the marking the people who
they’re targeting bra okay you want a discounted price not know you’re not a
business words you know who know how Apple sells their iPhones for a thousand
dollars off the market that’s their market the people who want to buy it day
one if you are not gonna buy this day what you’re not there with it marketing
to and that’s okay that sounds like what every company should be doing but that’s
not that’s ok that’s ok it is not sure mark what I do so so and I see what
you’re saying Abaddon I get it but I understand I think that
the issue that I have here is that they’re doing this because they want to
milk Final Fantasy 7 do you want it not because he’ll it’s numb it seems like
they want to milk Final Fantasy 7 like you they want to appeal to dude Bros
they want to appeal to the Western audience that’s whether changing the
gameplay from a turn-based RPG to an action RPG well that’s why they’re doing
the graph that’s why the graphics looked at because they know that they can get
people with graphics they know they can get people they want to sell a gazillion
copies of this and if that’s their way of doing it that’s fine but I personally
feel that a game with maybe ps3 level graphics with the final offensive and
remake that gave you the full experience in my opinion would be a better for
their fans but if that’s doesn’t what I think I think would be better fans if
they gave you the full game and it wasn’t this god to your PS 5 because it
looks like a PS but let’s just be real it does I mean it’s not gonna run as
good as PS 5 games normally there’s gonna be frame great dibs there’s gonna
be a pose but the game is gonna look better than a lot of PS 5 games right so
they’re sitting there and they’re spending all this money on the way that
it looks simply to get Western gamers it’s the same thing they did with
monster hunter world monster hunter world literally gutted what monster
hunter was about from what I understand of what Monster Hunter fans have told me
monster hunter world is a gutted experience on what do you normally get
because they want to increase the graphics and appeal to Western audience
and it worked right Monster Hunter world sold at the zillion copies so it seems
to me like they’re doing a very similar thing here with this game but it might
even be a little bit worse because it’s episodic you know so you know that
that’s just my thought process on down now and that’s fair that’s that’s
respectful like let me give you let me say this I respect that notion of like
if you give it a lower a lower grade given the full game but I would say and
I see or on because hey screw graphics but let’s just I would say what I’m
saying right now is not so much is not so much me
in defense of squares more so they dug their own hole with this like like I
said that’s why I said in my video if they released as five years ago to what
you said then yes but the fact that they kept or dragging it know is I’m
defending dragging fee with this it’s a fact they teased this game you have to
look at the fact that they tease this game is looking at as a serious game
since 2005 since 2005 what a ps3 tech demo like that’s why I kind of disagree
with the point because a ps3 tech demo it looks like a more serious game than
the trials of mana just from a large-scale stamp from a hardstyle
standpoint and for people who have been waiting for this game from probably that
longs like hey square what’s gonna do with this which they do with this Square
Enix has ducked and dodged talking about final phases and remake until 2015 but
then they’ve been work they’ve been you know they’ve been preparing prepping for
Final Fantasy 7 remake for all day even they have more than they’ve been
prepping for I think they wanted to go with luminous engine while they were
developing Kingdom Hearts as well and then they decided to switch quickly
whereas I think Kingdom Hearts they said they waited a little bit longer than it
made things worse exactly so I mean I think that you know Square
Enix has done this before right they’ve chosen graphics over gameplay and over
mechanics and over content multiple times actually the Final Fantasy series
has been choosing graphics over gameplay and content for a while now since Final
Fantasy 13 whoa and now not including pon face but all the Final Fantasy 14
launched in a horrible state but I mean like what is it 14 actually improved now
it’s a lot better now I said monster hold 5 AC 13 chose graphics over game
play that game touch graphics over gameplay I don’t fancy 13 to 12 and 13
or lightning returns those games are looked at as I don’t like those games
either so I’m what you are dead not rich you us so what I’m says that since 2010
they’ve been or 2000 they’ve been choosing graphics over content
you know packed gameplay and I think that they haven’t caught up their tech
and the people that make the game haven’t necessarily caught up to what
they used to make back in the day on the PS the ps1
superintendent ps1 days whatever the case is I still think Final Fantasy 7
remake is gonna be amazing I’m just disappointed and how it’s like how many
parts is this gonna be in like I tried yesterday that’s I’m hoping for three
that’s what that’s not what reform I want three to four hours so they may try
and split it in a way where they expanded Midgar for the first disc they
have about 70% of the second disc from the original game uh as the second disc
for the remake that’s the mistake there may third will be the 25% of that second
disc and that’s see that’s the mistake I feel like we’re all making we’re trying
to recreate this and envision frog you’re right we’re trying to envision
this from the older game into a more graphical version a better graphical
version and that’s just not what we’re getting it’s like for instance you saw
the trailer you don’t fight Reno and rude in Eris’s place that doesn’t happen
in the original you don’t fight that that’s that’s new story you sort of do
chasing arm cloud and Jesse on a motorbike easy recognize them as soldier
these are new Ella new story elements that are being retold that’s why I said
story wise content wise there’s value there you need to have freaking mark
hamill using as Joker voices dr. narrow breath I mean there’s definitely that
don’t get me wrong there’s there’s value there in the production the production
values of this game are absolutely incredible are very very very good the
only bad part is that we’ve know we know the story and we’re gonna have to sit
there and wait for episodic thing you know episodic stuff because of graphics
I mean this value voice acting and everything that they’re doing could be
done on a lower graphic then but reom at the reimagining of the story but the
reimagining retelling although all of that could be done on a lower graphical
end it doesn’t have to be as much graphics as it is but that’s the limit
all of it could be done on a lower lower scale to get the whole game normally in
my opinion but they’re spending so much time with the graphics in this game but
it’s not just but it’s not just the graphics though it’s not just a graphic
that’s it that’s why I said retail yeah what’s your retelling the story and once
you take away the hardware limitations of
graphics of a hard way of consolation you can literally tell the story a lot
different and that’s what they’re doing be able to tell the story be able to see
Midgard differently it’s like well you can tell the same
story like with on a ps3 just with less graphics it’s just the look is good and
I think yeah I think I just getting to overboard with it because I feel like I
feel like the thing is with this game there hasn’t been any other game
requested to be rate we made more than this game ever
it hasn’t been this is like the game that really started pain well they
should remake this game too to what it should be make this game – after the the
I possibility of final phases every remake was there
that’s when every other game was in a conversation so this is like the grant
this is like the Wrestlemania of Remus you gotta make good yeah I know you back
you try this this is I’m gonna tell you this right now this is this is the
equivalent to David Arquette one in the world title that’s that’s what this is
so it is yeah imma go there because this game should not be broken up into
episodic things like this it shouldn’t be I don’t know why I think the graphics
are gonna be so much drastically reduced if there was a complete remake I don’t
think it would have looked bad at all I think it would look like a ps4 game I
believe he could have I just think it was what Oh Jay said they took the other
route because they just wanted to milk it and yeah we got what ya saying that
it may get it on I’m gonna be real like putting on the same stool as EA and I
don’t see that I see they are you look at fire fan of sleeping but they do 15
was so melt that you had episodic content for individual characters they
had 99 they even let you switch as the other
character in bidet I’ll give you that I will give you that I’ll get I’ll give
you that that story of Final Fantasy 13 was absolutely nothing lightning returns
they they put that together with three people and like the guy down the street
and said you guys make a hated that game was put together by the most incoherent
development team in like they had no idea what that game on cranes Nick
lightning returns makes no sense the game makes no sense the game makes it’s
a it’s a pitiful ending to a really cool character they melt the hell out of that
that story arc they’ve been milking Final Fantasy for a
while on fantasy 15 had a multiplayer expansion called comrades that nobody
asked for it okay but they made that they made that it’s not that’s not part
of the base game it’s a separate thing that you buy and then on top of
different episodes episodic episodes for each character Oh on top of just a bunch
of actual extra DLC they have been milking Final Fantasy for one and then
are they as bad as EA no because they don’t do the micro transactions like EA
like EA doesn’t they’re but damn do days they really they melt Avedon they milk
listen listen listen listen I want to see how many it first of all I want to
see how many there are today cuz eighty more than three then I’m like alright
then I can see your point you don’t need to make this more than three Midgar is a
huge city by itself it’s the biggest city in the game I’ll give you that now
half the Midgar when we go into like you know the world map and everything I want
to see what they’re gonna do there I want to see how you’re gonna transition
between the towns because things are thrown off differently you know you get
the first two summons shiva and infrared in the beginning in this beginning part
of the game you usually don’t get those that’s why i’ve easy to your point
that’s why I was like things are different because you don’t get those
two summons until you’re the game inference he beat your Nova for the
first time which is well into the game so you’re getting new summons you’re
getting new boss battles and it looks like there’s going to be newer
characters and newer Epis the newer NPCs newer original
character that’s what I’m interested in I’m interested in seeing what they’re
gonna do with that how they gonna retell this story and is it worth like to me is
Oh about how it’s packaged is really all about how it’s packaged because what
you’re right by itself I’m gonna make it clear I don’t support episodic things
but right now if you’re going to I’m looking to see how you package this if
you do is like like a telltale type of episode I hate tell it’s like who wants
to do that like who wants to sit there there’s going to be 15 or episodes guys
wait what are you waiting for your bum ass like episodic walking simulator
talking simulate ain’t nobody waiting for that business well why did you go
out of business hey I’m even gonna be like telltale see
feel like if I’m saying if it’s like that I’ll be pissed I’ll be like it’s
not let’s not bring them up okay let’s not I’m not no shots for the people who
worked that telltale but I mean something was gonna give with that style
of game everybody was like we don’t like this they’re like you you want it no we
don’t want no nobody likes that no future one wasn’t that bad though it’s a
decent game oh and I agree and out the rest of them are pretty Garbo nobody
likes to sit there and get like I don’t want to wait for a freaking a video game
I don’t want to wait for an episode hey guys episode 1 episode 2 like it’s good
it’s one game there’s no other parts it’s just the one game that’s why it’s
so good it’s like but you do it but you do it though but you know what I do
you’re doing and if you guys want to wait I’ll say this wait for this I see
Square releasing all the parts and releasing a remastered edition with the
whole game on one part appears of course you know what’s happening you
know you know what’s happening for the trap don’t fall for traps very very
aggravated aggravated trap card and a boy boy a lot of a lot of this game is
gonna do extremely well this game’s gonna do extremely well it’s going to
there’s gonna be people who buy this game play it for an hour but that’s not
what I wanted because before that goal duty and then never play the game again
there’s nothing gonna be a lot of doob doob british dubrow ish that are gonna
buy this game you know they’re gonna buy the gringo five hours in and be like
what the hell is that oh my stuff that whoa Sentinel scorpion now that fight
actually got me more hooked cuz it’s like when they showed it at on e3 it’s
like they chopped up the fight but now it’s like yo you really gotta use your
environments around you to stay alive so that break some more elements to
actually fighting these games I was like I’m not gonna fly through these bosses
which to me again this value there for the veterans who played this game – not
just for the newcomers who like the new action RPG style but for those who are
used to the turn-based style for those who are used to the original Final
Fantasy 7 you just can’t run through the old bosses that you thought that were
easy anymore no it’s like you guys got to put some thought into those fights so
to me I’m gonna play that debt this lesson on cuz rob was watching our
history I said this is a take the day off from work game no is not yes it is
not even close to take it we’re set up in that you talk and game
for 20 minutes you are not gonna disrespect as my saying is a taken time
welcome word game it is it is not even close not not for no damn two percent of
the damn game to the game hey hey not doing that no without I will shoot and
I’m still getting paid I’m so you know only ones plus this is probably coming
isn’t it coming on the same time as cyberpunk 2077 coming out it’s going out
March before coming out like three weeks before smart start 2020 I’m taking a day
off ok for we ain’t no ain’t nobody ain’t nobody taking why you know damn
why Final Fantasy remake part 1 of 18 no may not work her to or everyone stayed
home no one stayed home how about college campus looking like that like a
ghost town it was a ghost town knew there was nobody
good call duty modern warfare 2 was the literally everything shut down for that
game but that was back ever not okay Abaddon captain hard man you know what
to eat inside it but damn first of all first of all no one said nothing to you
where you were standing dove art for astral chain so we’re gonna
talk sales yo wassup sales we can happen for astral chain I told people this game
was gonna sell I told people this won’t be one of the greatest games of the year
and guess what happened black both of them happen so what you want to say
about then I will say bottom epicenter even gonna be the battery of 2020 no
Xena why they coming out Oh bleh times more hours at least I’ll compile
fascism be the best remake of toilet when it’s not the complete game I just
don’t know why so when episode 2 what is episode 2 better than episode 1 is
episode 3 better than episode 1 here’s the whole experience better than
everything better than Xenoblade which which part is gonna be better than Xena
but that’s what I want to know which which episode is better or all of them
together or just individual which one so we gotta wait words altogether before
it’s the better expands for the regular game I encountered so bad this game is
like 13 damn dis but no damn reason what are we doing like y’all remember those
telltale games were like episode 3 was better than episode 2 your leg or
episode 1 was better than episode 4 you’re like was episode 1 better than
episode why is episode 5 not as good as episode 2 right that’s the problem I
have that’s one of my main issues with these episodic games man yeah I mean I
don’t I don’t know how a game that is episodic and somehow the remake can be
somehow better than a game that’s completed but you know what hey it is
what it is take a breather he’s excited with damn excited undies
how are those places noted some ones I haven’t tried them yet because they are
pretty good but they’re not as good as they you know but they are pretty good
okay alright you beg so yeah so basically okay once they once they
actually release Final Fantasy 7 complete edition then now then I might I
might say that yeah it’s better than Xenoblade once they released the full
actual complete game and we get that like Final Fantasy 7 remake Royal
Edition you know we like three years for that episode episode episode Tifa
episode is episode 13 episode Barratt episode
we’re gonna play you play us back in a firkin a third-person shooter like
freakin Prompto oh my god so I’m gonna I want to bring something up before you
know I know you’re probably gonna be almost done this yeah we were wrapping
it up so I want to bring this up because I think we need to go ahead and be
proactive and take a little bit of action okay I’m all about getting karma
back that’s what I’m about that’s my motto and I still cannot stand
the highway robbery that happened to Bayonetta 2 in 2014 that shit still
boils my skin it still boils my blood that that happened to me that’s how I
feel about octopus last year got robbed like robbed so what’s going to happen is
that Geoff Keeley announced the day of the game award and I already started it
cuz a lot of people already going over I went over there and I tweeted about
Astro chain I don’t want everybody to go flood Geoff Keeley would ask who chain
game idiot hashtag everyone I I think we should do to get I think this should be
to Fire Emblem and astral chain saying yo Kili don’t forget about Fire Emblem
and astral chain because somebody it is some when you go to the thread on Jeff
kilesa Twitter somebody brought up some hats for this ultimate it was like smash
for this ultimate needs to be considered for game of the year he said it’s in
them is in the running like their Mitch they’re they’re thinking about it’s in
the running for them to select the nominating space it’s sold too much to
not even be considered you know what I mean so I’m like I’m like you know what
you know what we’re not gonna have this bullshit this year we’re not so y’all
need to go over there and let him know what game needs to be gaming to you I
don’t understand some of y’all like firemen but I believe Platinum Games
needs to win this award I think they deserve this award it’s I really want
fire in them to have to have the same recognition but I believe that highway
robbery that happened in 2014 to Bayonetta 2 that lost a damn Dragon Age
Inquisition has to be corrected American trash the
game Awards you should go on the stage but you kind of already did the old
gable I don’t wanna I don’t want to have to make another video you know I was
like I don’t wanna have to make another video it may end up I did enough
crashing Awards but I when I saw that I was like you know what I’m gonna let him
know because it’s one it’s one of the best games this year if not the best
game and Fire Emblem is right next to it you know what I mean I’ll give a state a
slight edge because simply is a new IV and in fireman’s the more solid game
overall like it’s got more content you know it’s it’s the more game it’s like
the gate but it’s it’s not you you’re right about content maybe but something
more solid game it’s a hard debate its mechanics are more salt the mechanics in
terms of what it does within its donger are more solid than astral chain that
astral magnetic the camera and asshole chain is just I mean do we need it do we
need to talk about them stiff backgrounds and fire but they don’t let
but they’re irrelevant though that’s all it matters shield a lot to me it hurt me so does shit have
you seen embarrassment but we’re not gonna get exactly we don’t leave that
alone we don’t leave that on you lunch money
we always good but that y’all need to go handed you know get that train movement
I’m pretty sure or train yeah I’m pretty sure it’s already being considered as
for game of the year but if it’s not even a nominee great just know here’s
the thing we I know the panel of the people that is listed that that comes up
with it so I’m pretty sure it’ll be nominated but for it to win it has to
get a little bit the bus has to continue for a while I mean the buzz is high now
but we have to continue it for a while is there a chance of possibly DLC coming
Jane do you think Baron not remember them here plan PlatinumGames rarely ever
does deal they’re not big on dlc and that’s a thing yeah usually they’ll see
helps the longevity of a game so I don’t know maybe having DLC could have helped
if they did go for it but I think the only way they would have is if it’s like
a mission or something like not like my transaction do you know I think I think
the the novelty of this game is gonna continue to carry it because this game
exploded because of word-of-mouth really and the reason why it’s still so high on
this owner sale charge it’s because people thought falling in love with all
the crazy shit that you can do so it’s um but I definitely want that wrong
corrected because that was just highway robbery but he doesn’t really have a
relationship with the Platinum Games developer so that’s alright I think
that’s gonna be tough I’m just there for my I’m there for the memes and I’m there
for the fun and that new announcements I don’t really take the bat that game
Awards I don’t take them see I don’t take it
seriously but I just like I want I think cuz that’s that’s the war show
that has the most viewers yeah it’s not it’s not the most important but it has
the most viewers and I think platinum who needs to have that spot I just but I
kissing I can’t take it seriously like after octo path gets out the captain
Xenoblade gets four four soundtracks just yeah I can’t take a little bit of
Menominee today was too too late but they could they could still nominated
for like the rest of the next year so I can’t go past the fact that octopus
wasn’t didn’t win like come on like they get like Red Dead Redemption winning
game like soundcheck it’s like really cowboy music so much okay I mean the sex
not bad but it’s like it’s these people go to the pub and dance like do the
robot in like the in the dance got no rhythm
they’ve got no style they’ve got and they’re sitting there trying to talk
about what the soundtrack of the years those listen to they were bumping Red
Dead Redemption and crap with it with this BS you know so anyway
so yeah I think I think is I think it’s really messed up that they’re doing it
for smash but they didn’t do it for it Xenoblade the year before so well that
that’s how they are it’s not going to change trash you guys can hate I don’t
give absolute trash not the time it’s freaking look it’s it’s ambient sounds
of birds and stuff no it’s not damn cowboy bang bang shooting cowboy so
it’s not that great no it’s not that’s average it it’s a very sitting up here I
feel like the strength of winning this year force which is just a strength it’s
just as strong as 2017 with Breathitt a wild it I’ll give you that
I think it’s just because I don’t not as strong I feel like it’s just there’s no
game has a ninety seven from a switch game I understand that understand
quantity of quality game I’m talking much more client where’s the quality of
quality of the games here it’s like I don’t see any other game reviewing
higher than ascertain invulnerable I don’t as far as games coming out later
after this I don’t see none of them doing I don’t which you got Modern
Warfare out of worlds in doom eternal quarterly we know we know portal is a
review lower so I got that I told y’all that was gonna be the case in that but
nobody would listen to me that either so I don’t see how the game reviewing
higher than these two games for the rest of the year so I feel like this is this
is the year and we need a franchise besides Mario maturity Zelda to win game
of the year for them definitely need that I think well I think I do want to
mention talk about Awards Super Smash Bros just recently
like Lilly for the game show Tokyo Game Show won the game of the Year award
so yeah yeah at least some some outlets are giving them the credit they deserve
at least yeah because personally I don’t even expect that to be mentioned as a
nominee like I’m surprised that you even heard anything about it Baron like it
should be in that nominee but for for which one what you talking about
ultimate smash ultimate no ultimate is in the running for this yeah yeah yeah
I’m shocked that that’s home say I’m shocked cuz it’s a so yeah that’s what
I’m saying I’m shocked he did it because they didn’t do it for Xenoblade the year
before so that’s ultimate Randy 293 they’ll compare to xenoblade’s 80 like 1
or 82 at the time so yes yes because people were viewed when when the
handheld mode was supposedly not that good like stuff like that like all
things that they’ve improved by now but here’s the thing though here’s the thing
I think they did that because we remember they they screwed Smash
Brothers the last Smash Brothers game smash because if it came out after
Bayonetta did in December and never got not only that one idea for smash we you
came out in November of 2014 yeah anything it didn’t get nominated
know it got nominated it got nominated but it didn’t win game of the year but I
got nominated brother so one other stuff like fighting game of the year and stuff
like that so that get more words I was 2014 was a long time ago I was like 5
years ago yeah you know that was a while but yeah it did win some other awards
but it I mean even though it was the best rated game that was the best rated
game of the year that year yeah what it didn’t win Game beer
Bayonetta was yeah I was like wow hey that was baby this should have been a 91
or 92 there was so mean it was a van and it was a 92 at that point and 91 excuse
me in Smash was a 92 92 92 for smash yes oh no those would have to highs rating
game a that it should have been higher some stupid some stupid reviewer game
yeah they didn’t the sexuality they gave it like a 6 out of 10 or something like
that so they got mad not because the game was they said the game’s great but
the sexuality I don’t like I’m like oh you gotta be kidding me
who’s getting bad because made out of sexual oh my gosh this is stupid but
anyway guys it’s been 2 hours so they Podcast for you guys we’re going to get
some outros get these guys out of you did you read this super chick Oh
supercharge that oh yeah you know to get $2 says are you guys forgetting death
stranding I yes if that game gets not like I said I don’t take the game more
seriously but if that game actually wins game of the year even gets nominated for
game of the year that game gets nominated I’m going I’m definitely gonna
make a rant video if that game even get I mean we need to see the reviews we
need to see the reviews but I mean I’d be very very curious to see if deaths
training even gets a nomination for gaming here I know I don’t think based
on what we’ve seen so far I don’t think it is from my years of playing video
games um I can see not even close when a game is good and usually games that I
say they’re good you know I can say that yo this is gonna be pretty solid based
off from looking at the game but like I’m not saying I notice how I never said
anything like Damon ex machina is gonna be game of the year you know none of us
are saying because we know by looking it cuz we even playing games long enough to
where we know by looking like okay might be a good game but it’s not gonna be
that quality but looking at it looking at des tranning I can see that that’s
not a game of the year quality game and Mayan thing is not but then again I
didn’t think I didn’t think Dragon Age position it Inquisition is a game of
your quality game so what do I know it times up
I want to say this last thing though people keep bringing up a sec Rio Seco
whatever ii ii ii ii thank you all I want I want to bring up that I put that
game on the same level as astrid saying i don’t put it ahead it simply because
reviewers as of apis as of review and astro same has said that it’s the best
action game of the year and one of the best action games of the generation so
if this if they’re saying that a september that means they had that game
had a sec so also bringing in a situation with resident evil no remake
has ever won game of the year so i don’t think it’s ever going to change and I
don’t think it’s fair either for that to happen so yeah I was talking about that
earlier I don’t think remakes should be allowed personally because then like you
have to start okay what if a game releases what better graphics is that a
remake is that game get it like what’s the threshold what’s the what’s the
minimum type of things otherwise you can just keep on remaking the same theme and
they can win game of the year each time like nah that doesn’t
I don’t think yeah that doesn’t make any city no new games can ever win if you
keep doing that yeah so I don’t yeah I don’t think
remakes should be I think there should be a separate category like remake I
think people are missing out on American remake of the year that might end up
being a category remake of the year like re-release of the year like you know
reimagining of the year or whatever the case is you know so yeah whatever like
Star Fox zero yeah that wasn’t gonna win game yeah like that shouldn’t win game
of the year it’s a freaking it’s another version of Star Fox 64 you know which
which there’s a version of the original Star Fox anyway yes it’s like they
really repeated the game like sometimes like I wish I can work for select people
who made Star Fox because I can make a good story
don’t make don’t make me cry I like Star Fox but um but alright that wraps it up
for this one here guys we’re gonna do some outros bear and where can they find
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good alright guys well you guys like I said I’ll have a video tomorrow morning
for you guys it’s gonna be on switch sales and stuff like that some other
stuff that I can’t even covered little little things here and there some
nuggets of information talking about that and yeah that’ll be up tomorrow
morning and then we’re gonna have a stream tomorrow as well Oh Jay live
streaming we might have a degenerate we hit elite ninja go if not I’ll see you
guys you know for the next streams but yeah so yeah we should be playing also
some splatoon tomorrow maybe as well maybe late night streams so yeah good
stuff tomorrow 6 a.m. 9 a.m. Eastern time for my video
tomorrow morning so check it out alright guys thanks so much for watching see you
guys for next one baba leaves sees oops

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