PE Podcast #66 – Spider Man OUT of MCU, Death Standing/Gamescom Disappointment? Astral Chain + Q&A!

PE Podcast #66 – Spider Man OUT of MCU, Death Standing/Gamescom Disappointment? Astral Chain + Q&A!

You always saying wait a minute yeah we
started alright what’s up everyone we should be going well do it it takes a
little bit of time that’s it takes more time as your page right now we’re live
here we go what’s up Wow 2015 what’s up everyone
Oh J here welcome back to another PE podcast number 66 we got a nice cast of
characters here we got a returning guest Mandy Mandy’s here Manny how you doing
today yeah you’re good also this this weirdo looking Atlanta
choking Falcons brother in the center Barrens here Ben how you doing today my
man yeah first of all I mean I want to take that vote and I’m doing alright man
I’m ready to rant about the Sony and the spider-man garbage and ready to rant
about this deaf stranding garbage no hit it off much it alright I guess we can
add in a Mandy’s favorite game on the switch Dragon Quest 11 – we can talk
about that that looks like looks horrible and blurry and it’s unplayable
a horrible blurring they don’t adjust camera and it’s blurry
hey you cut it hard you just needed that one little snapping that’s all nice and
clear it’s bad for me and I’m not even a stickler for graphics so I only had two
problems with the demo because I think the game looks great I’ll hold up before
we get into that VC B C’s doing how you doing today BC what’s up nothing I’m
doing good how are you doing good good to have you here and then also last but
definitely not least my boy Abaddon is here as well
what up C everybody here so let’s go and let’s start off with the first topic
you know you’re not gonna address the majority issues you know the glass
oh yeah Jordans got a concert yeah sorry I mean Jordan Jordans at a concert so
he’s not gonna be here it’s like Jordan joined us at the 60p that’s oh my god
what resolution wait hold up what resolutions the ps4 version in handheld cuz some games believe it or not many
people in a box anything’s possible to be are meant to
be played in your tiny little hands no I know
I got tiny yeah we get the most Raza T that is 360p but what if people don’t
care about resin they can’t help but if they care about the game more then why
shouldn’t why is your opinion if this game because of their resolution people
so that means everybody shouldn’t be able to play if they don’t care what
resolution what they want but it’s just ugly you said that it’s not supposed to
it’s not supposed to be like but they’re not meant for that because of resolution
what I’m just saying that people are like oh it’s handheld yeah but you’re
paying like a frickin some games are not meant to be played handheld so because
so because resolution that means I meant to be played handheld so a game cuz things that you can’t put it on your TV
so let me ask you so many I just want to get your opinion right Mandy was wrong
so let me ask you a question man if a game isn’t in the resolution that you
want it to be in it’s not meant to be played handheld is that what you’re
saying because it looks like garbage okay so then you know yes that you play
your videos all the time so you’re gonna that’s a more resolution in the switch
so why are you playing that the games are optimized for the trivia the
resolution is lower than what the the switch yeah but this the whole 2d is is
different this is why we have a difference between
consoles and handheld games now we’re marrying the two but y’all have one dragon Dragon Quest is a console game
you’re playing dragon that’s a console game like you can play dragon seven or
eight that’s a consoles on the ps2 that’s a
console game that’s not a portable game yeah but those are older games it’s
still a console game 11 it’s more like a console game so why would you wanna it
looks man yeah handheld I can with three it looks like there’s a whole entire
gray layer on top of the whole thing not only that but the same game Dragon
Quest 11 is also on the 3ds in Japan yeah because it was optimized for the
3ds what’s the first time the 3ds version looks really bad compared to the
suit on my Nintendo news I just your point of view i ahah takes
to make since I’m it’s it’s your point of view if that’s if that’s your point
of view is just resolution is resolution so obviously definitive edition stuff
because that game would have been like we waited in here for what this yeah
people are playing that people are having fun freaking me on my my game I
can’t you’re you kind of hard pop in and pop
out I don’t know I think you’re being a little tough on maybe one question one
question does it look better than pokemon sword and shield you are stop
this now actually that’s a good question with a dragon that leader does look
better in my opinion by a landslide another video and then I get like mass
dislikes but well the like scowl because the opinion might be
irrational to some because yours you say 3ds is optimized and its lower
resolution and the models look better the resolution looks worse the models
look better graphically speaking because the 3ds version it looks worse it looks
worse in resolution it looks worse in models textures quality everything is
worse and they say it’s optimized when clearly it looks worse than the switch
version you know so that’s why you might get disliked trash Dragon’s Dogma is on
sale on the eShop 22 $9.99 or something you can go get that that’s another
dragon based RPG game gameplay greater than graphics okay well then you play a
piece of yes so it’s the game only bad because of the
way that it looks it seems like it’s like now seems like you’re going in like
the games bad because of the way that it looks even though it sounds good
but I go all out right here because I get chances to talk so when I do I talk
it’s just more like it doesn’t look good and people don’t establish that it looks
ugly it looks ugly yeah I mean I mean honestly but honestly has anything not
subjective but then this is because because someone in that same in that
same argument could say Xenoblade Chronicles 2 looks ugly so I’ll go
really raise that same argument and actually be more valid in their points
compared to Dragon Quest I love it somebody can say that Ginette somebody
could say PC everything looks ugly on consoles which PC people do by the way
everything on call everything has lower well that’s many this is what we’re
saying we’re saying that it’s not subjective to say this looks ugly
because I think that’s that orb that’s a subjective thing to say it’s not fact
it’s subjective it’s your opinion so it’s not it’s not factual that this
looks bad it’s your opinion that it looks bad so that’s what I said that
subjective I think that’s what that’s why you might get mass dislike that so
I’m saying I’m just saying you might get mass dislikes if you guys back it’s
objective that’s all like that it’s my opinion speaking of
opinion objectives it seems like there’s a difference of opinion between Sony and
Microsoft I mean Sony and distance Sony is
somebody but you normally okay so yeah I gave you the same way you take it away
okay so here’s what’s going on Sony is has taken or they have not
agreed to a deal with Disney over spider-man so now I’m a spider-man is no
longer gonna be in the MCU Marvel Comics universe so the movies that are being
produced that you guys all know and love you know spider-man far from home what
was the one before that homecoming homecoming far from home you know trash
that type of whatever it made gazillion dollars at the box office so whatever it
might be trashed but people like him the movies good I mean this whole decision
is trash yeah so we don’t the the movies in the future of the movies is kind of
up in limbo some people are really worried that they’re gonna go back to
the style of movies I guess with the original trilogy and people really don’t
like that style compared well some people like it but some people hate it
especially like spider-man 3 so people are just worried that we could get
something like that you know with this big deal and people are starting to pick
sides you know I’m whose default whose fault
is this and Beren me Barron’s let it be known that of course Suzy things fault
it is so so I wanted to get you guys his opinion on this because this does I
don’t this doesn’t affect the games because they don’t do movie based games
like it would affect it if it was movie based games like you know I think
there’s like what spider-man 2 or whatever that was based off of the movie
or like they used to do a spider-man 1 – yeah and then also what was some of the
other ones like spider-man there might have been some other ones that were base
well no actually no there hasn’t been any
you know 1 & 2 went into a movie base yeah 1 & 2 so it might affect the games
I mean it could like if they decided hey let’s have a really cool spider-man
homecoming 2 movie or something like that or movie game but you know and if
insomniac was gonna do that which we’ll talk about this omnec in just a bit but
um but yeah it looks like no more Disney Sony spider-man movie so I wanted to get
you guys his thoughts on this barren you want to go last Baron or should we start
with Mandy first yeah Mandy she got all the hot takes okay start with Mandy
Mandy go ahead well this is not my section of expertise but I say
spider-man kind of rebooted all the time it’s like whatever I like that Tobey
Maguire ones but then they rebooted that one in that one then we get back to high
school and then I don’t know what now and there’s like ten different Spider
Men and I’m just like spider-man you’re talking about the into the spider verse
yeah there was like three spider-man stuff going on the same time you have
the game be in two movies and then we have into a spy reversed movie I’m like
all right we’re gonna watch a movie the movies great by the way so yeah
basically what Mandy’s talked about that movie have you seen that movie Mandy
mm-hmm okay well yeah basically what it is it’s just basically there’s different
like if you watch like that or if you read the comics there’s like a bunch of
different universes or dimensions with different spider-man’s like different
style spider-man’s like you know female spider-man or you know or spider-gwen or
like there was like out like what was it a porky like I almost like a cartoon
like that spoof my Porky Pig type of spider-man or whatever that’s important
yes spider pig pig but there’s like there’s a spoof that they used I know I
know something about I saw that good clip yeah yeah it’s Walt in the movie
too but that was also a comic as well that
was that was not baiting just pull it out of nowhere Peter porker there you go
Peter porker that’s what no Thurs like acts like a real comic it’s like a spoof
like you joking what appeal but yeah Peter porker that’s he’s into the spider
so like basically there’s that too right so I mean like I think that the the
that what sucks about this you know is the fact that they like they literally
could not come to a deal because of Sony wanted what did Sony wanted
I think Sony wanted to keep continue to keep like most of the money from the
movies and then Disney keeps all the money from the from the merchandise
scene and all that and then Disney was like what we want 5050 you know so I’ll
have the movie stuff not even including merchandising so they were making a
hundred percent of the merchandising Wow only five percent of the first day sales
of the movies yeah first day just the movies just one hundred on the marketing
or on the hundred of the merchandise and a merchandising oh man that’s a problem
that’s the thing that’s the problem yep there’s news being greedy why is
that originally I thought it was Sony’s fault too okay but why are they trying to sit here
and get 50% of the Enkidu yes I can do that’s like a 360 deal honestly well the
thing is 95 percent of the movie sales on the first day and a hundred percent
on every day moving forward so in essence they were only making five
percent of that first day of sales for that movie so like the newest spider-man
movie they only made five percent Disney while Sony mean 95 percent of all sales
just for that first day okay well I don’t see the problem the problem is
that they’re asking for I think Disney’s asking for a bit too
much way too much they ain’t producing the movies it’s just part of their
universe okay here’s here’s what I got to say about it cuz I’m tired of tired
of this garbage I used to think Sony was wrong but it’s not enough so sony Sony
look it’s both of them but it seems like a Sony is is a dumbass right now that’s
all I gotta say well I think it what if it’s one company you do not want to
battle with it’s Disney that’s number one that’s that’s the
number one so you say you should’ve never got to this point number two yeah
I got to understand man you understand the deal Sony got with the with a buret
with the rights to spider-man films before Disney bought Marvel was a
bullshit deal to begin with so Disney had to inherit that garbage when they
bought marvel so I’m pretty sure if Disney had it any
other way Sony wouldn’t be part of this equation
but that’s what they inherited it’s like getting with an uchi that has a side
dude attached to it that’s basically what Disney inherited so Disney
inherited something they probably didn’t really want to deal with the first place
but they work with Sony anyway but I put it to you like this if you do some work
and you do the work cuz Disney is doing most of the legwork here so if they’re
doing the work and you doing work you need to get paid for the work that you
do I don’t give a damn what other revenue streams you got coming into your
house if you do the work you need to get paid period harder than you but time out
Sony’s involvement in these movies who’s paying for production I don’t know
because Disney’s was getting uh the producers for the movies but isn’t Sony
it’s Sony’s we don’t know we don’t know the details of that we don’t know the
details but Disney was appointed to the producers and all types of people to
these movies well cuz they wanted him to match the MCU quality will get your
donations in just a bit guys there’s some people adding some more context to
this Avedon I wanted to get your opinion on this man since you haven’t won yet
this is like not cats like against Baron but now seriously um I really feel it
was it’s unfortunate seeing how honestly these newer
spider-man movies are arguably the best out of what we’ve seen in a while but in
terms of who’s greedy I would say Disney is really on their power trip right now
if you guys know about Disney Plus they’re coming for the subscription
services everything Disney’s really going for everybody right now so
honestly I could see various points where Sony could it should have played
their cards better but at the same time I do see everyone else’s point that
Disney is just power-hungry right now they try to take over everything
I see that and I’m putting you like this dim having
the movie rights to spider-man is just dumb anyway I get it is making the money
and for it to get to this point that really tells you that this is making a
lot of their profit oh thanks yeah yeah they’re gonna hold on so tight right now
it’s like I’m like at the end of the day spider-man belongs tomorrow at the end
of the day I mean you you got it you got a nice little deal out of it with this
film thing and it’s like bro it this ain’t a battle that you want you know
what I mean it really ain’t no matter what you want we know Disney can write
checks on top of checks to make stuff move so it’s it’s like I don’t know
I only know why this is it came to this point I think it’s just ridiculous
because I don’t I don’t think that deal the first the deal they got in the first
place should have never happened but it did either you’re gonna sell the whole
character or you’re not not this movie rights guard oh we got all over it
can you create situations like this everybody sitting up here it’s like whoa
Disney’s gritty what Disney owns Marvel I’m pretty sure they don’t what this is
part of the equation when they port Marvel they didn’t want that number
bridge but it was there but it’s it’s there when they bought Marvel it’s there
so you got to deal with it it’s something that ya gotta deal with like I
say like for example you talk about bringing up the side chick well if you
marry a woman when you’re older or whatever and the woman has kids you got
a deal and you like that kid or you like that woman you gotta do that those kids
kids yeah you got a deal with it now it’s so you only pull Vereen and lost
spider it’s a little bit different though this side dude has an expiration
date so why is he a ticking time bomb Disney talk what they want and they
didn’t want to hear it so kid it’s a girl
kids got an expiration do it’s called a teen they got a date to Haiti get the hell up
out my has a bit bit causing problems you’ll later be still in high school for
their senior year to be let’s go gotta get up I think is I think it’s
ridiculous cuz cuz I remember looking to this when spider-man the game came out
so I went back and look at it again it had a lot of ownership over the filming
rights this is why spider-man can appear in any other thing this is why
spider-man is in damn Marvel two little minds three it’s not that Sony own
spider-man all-out right they had this movie right thing with
some other stuff tied into it which we don’t know the details of this contract
so I think is a bullshit contra to begin with cuz if you was going to get the
movie rights should’ve got the whole rights to the whole character period and
just got done with it that way you would have never been in this situation to
where Disney can try to define angle you out of anything and so is yeah so I
think that I think that’s just silly it’s like I don’t all I know is that MCU
is the hot dish right now and everybody wants to continue and if Disney was
really malicious they wouldn’t have set up this final main character the way
they did in the movies as part of being basically the bet the top character
going forward you know what I mean so it it wasn’t like this is like malicious
playing about him I don’t think they really thought they was going to go to
battle with Sony over like yo can we get some of the money you know what I mean
just so obviously get some of your money let me get some of your wrestling
paycheck after you body slamming you doing all this 50% of what you make him
right how would you know that so that’s not that’s not the same it is if they’re
sponsoring you and you want more money I I see what you said I’m actually being
stupid let me get some of these donations or cuz they have some
information here with this so a salary is a son receipt with the receipt rahib
I probably said that wrong $2 donation she says a Sony countered with the 7030
Disney said no I don’t window 30 I don’t want no 30 you
we used in my character then I don’t want you to have but somebody gave you
the rights to before I bought there but they bought the rights not Disney is
don’t care about that so when he bought the rights to do the movies because they
wanted to take spider-man movies I know they did but here’s the deal the deal is
about to expire we got to come up with a new one
I want what I’m dude so you using my shit give me my money it’s not their
movies but you still use it my damn character where 50% yes no but
indefinitely like because they used to just get 5% of the first day sales
Johnny Sack definitely come on MCU has breath breathe Brett Bassett breath has
breathed more life into the spider-man brand now yeah that’s Jenny it has never
been and they have to treat it and I’m thinking this is a good deal for them no
I don’t seem like this is a bad the problem is that they’re getting they’re
getting manhandled this is called getting bent over again like normal shut
a man handle them think about it though you got to think about it
where is Spider Witness spider-man belongs Marvel the people there’s
nothing else to be discussed I’m Nick is really ridiculous that some people not
not a lot because over well me a lot of people are jumping on Sony’s ass all
over the internet was on their eyes first yeah I’m like I think it’s
absolutely ridiculous that y’all not seeing that Tony’s gonna
hold this character hostage from its home it’s like come on like really no we
see that you look like your business is doing that damn bad that you have to
this character hostage I just don’t think it’s fair to get man have I get to
get manhandled from a company that’s like three four times your size give us
it’s like they’re coming up seven times like Devo man like brother
% of my shit Deebo hold on Baron at the same time get understand it’s not the
same it’s not the same playing field like David Drayton I’m pointed out in
the chat I’m gonna actually highlight what he said cuz I think it’s gonna get
lost but basically he said Dizzy’s market cap is 245 billion Sony’s market
cap is 69 billion so it’s already a unfair even trade that expect 50/50 out
of that that’s unethical so it’s in terms of business in terms of
business ethics that’s not gonna work there needs to be some type of
compromise Avenue I’m gonna say this again it don’t matter if I’m sitting
here I’m working with you right and I got seven streams of revenue
coming into my house but I got a deal with you on one of them I don’t give a
damn what I’m making on the other six I’m worried about this with you talking
about okay let me say this like what if I’m what if I was paying you bad what if
I was look let’s say you know right you know people I got I got a few revenue
streams right you know what that I do I have my own business that I do I’ve got
you know I got YouTube I’ve got some people that help me out you know what
I’m saying we got patreon I got a few revenue
streams right and what if I was like you know what I’m saying like I was paying
you one thing bad you know cuz you did something you know you’re doing some
work for me and all of a sudden I said nah nah bread this is my original idea
for this imma cut what you make by 50 how would you feel about that though
what did you get you get mad an or you getting you getting bullied a little bit
especially if I run I welcomed you in you know I showed you the trick of the
trade whatever the case is like how would you feel about you were making
bread in who’s whose project was it it was its my universe that I’m so it’s
your universe but you come in but you but you come in here but you coming make
this you can it’s yours but that’s jacked up it’s unethical ever
done saying I don’t I don’t think it’s unethical because you got to understand
Disney wouldn’t the mazes deal with Sony tomorrow but you see guys alright
alright baron there’s at least ninety ELLs in the chat I don’t understand
everybody keeps throwing up this Disney makes this disease make that that don’t
matter know what but no by the same no no no
that’s not what they’re about s word what Sony and Disney have to directly do
about it has nothing to do anything else because they already know they own mark
yet it they make more money or other shit that’s nothing to do with Sony and
isn’t it let’s worry about that point that stream
of revenue I agree with you I agree should that should be the focus but the
same time when it comes to making a product and you’re collaborating on a
product then you got to work together it can’t be just your way of the highway
all the time you’re collaborating at this point and most times when you’re
collaborating it’s never an equal stand it’s never gonna be you two gonna be
able to see eye-to-eye in terms of income one person is gonna make more
money one person is gonna have the higher revenue stream but you know what
say you know it you hit me over this thirty off the financial standpoint but
guess what we get more notoriety off the back end and this way we become a bigger
tire a bigger entity here’s the enemies here’s the ego I understand like before
we move on to the next topic I understand what barons saying I get it
complete I get it I just think that people are looking at
it people are looking at it from a way it’s like well this is too much like
Disney you kind of go in and I get what Barron’s saying hey the other revenue
streams don’t worry about that whatever how much money I got blah blah yeah
don’t worry about it but at the same time Sony fair-and-square
got the rights to however it is they got the rights to the movie so you can’t
manhandle them like that that’s all I’m trying to say it’s like you can’t they
got the rights yeah you’re right it’s part of Marvel we all know this
spider-man’s home is Marvel it should be moral it should they should be working
but this is what happens when you do some Sony jail bars around spider-man
yeah guys a lot of saying it is you’ve got a lot of greedy people out here you
know doing stuff you know and it’s just it is what it is no matter what
somebody’s gonna be upset with this you know right I said this story on Twitter
I think Miz click was talking about how she doesn’t understand why some people
don’t like her whatever the case is and I told you I told you fan that that’s my
comment my mom told me when I was six no matter what you do
somebody’s not gonna like you so whether you want to take the side of Sony and
you want to take the side no matter what you do somebody’s not gonna like you you
can care a role piece or fix world hunger and all that arms manufacturers
will try to assassinate you you know what I’m saying like somebody’s gonna
hit you for something so but you know what you know Jenny you know what the
best response to that when people don’t like you or you got to do with it oh you
have to do is ask but can you fight though I think is probably the most
preschool way to put it some people will not understand where was it at I just
seen it it says Disney owns the camera David only owns the right to use the kid
that’s basically what’s happening right now let’s get some more donation he’s
read off PlayStation fan donated that’s interesting to see that name here great
shout outs man donated $5 and says yo baron I got the uncut Excel version of
the wood on blu-ray if you want to check it out we all know how much you love the
wood band I was I was so tempted to use that joke all also up last week when
Sharon armed a podcast by said my dad to you s son he donated $5 there’s no
offense baron but under the New Deal Disney also gets fifty-fifty with venom
and Sony spider-man’s side films and they aren’t making the making the M it’s
Rob they’re not making the money it’s robbery so they forgot to add Disney
were also gonna do 50% of the production but nobody was to point that out as hard
add dearly anyway moving Reynolds Jason taken with the the three months of
twitch support thank you so much he says bring back Toby he’s
about Tobey Maguire’s or the old spider-man movies I mean those are kind
of trash compared to the new ones but I still like them blue bowl donated $2
through super chat and says Baron is a true baron is troll so he says he is
true not is a troll just Baron is troll so you were equivalent of a troll
Jordan drop outside also Jordan drop out that’s one of the avid on fam donated
$10 to super Chet and says Marvel offered offered to pay for half of the
production and split profits in half not just 2d boat vie bohème LOL so thank
you very much yeah it’s not quite a that’s not quite a Devo but it’s like a
it’s like a Debose younger brother not quite as buff you know what I’m saying
not quite as big it’s an ebow it’s you know debo it’s like me I bought my car
I’ll let you borrow that’s basically what this is but you know but you don’t
want to give it back it’s the only way to make income so you bought the
dealership but I got no you got the keys I got the keys I’m gonna own the car I
bought the car but you got the keys to know I had the car before you had the
cup I think it’s time for what’s next let’s move on shall we
next up we’re gonna be talking about death stranding and Gamescom I’m not
sure why stranding stranding delivery man stranding we’re no no even better
piece standing I can’t wait to see you Mandy also wood standing I can’t wait to
see Maddy’s impression on this spirit because it’s a man I want to know what
man you gotta say she didn’t make any videos on this topic so alright so
basically Gamescom 2019 was a little bit of a bust guys but you know it was being
Hine dub thought it was gonna be good yeah we all thought it was gonna be
really good you know John was kind of thinking about it everybody was kind of
kind of hyping it up I did a little bit too because Jeff Chile’s producing the
show this year you know when Keeley becomes you know there’s always brings
some sort of excitement because he’s he has probably any journalist in the world
he has the best contacts when it comes to announcements he gets everything you
know you also got clouds so yeah he’s got
like May has enough cloud to be in depth stranding yeah no no Kili has the most
clout of any journalist or any producer in the video game industry that’s not
like an actual developer kili has the number-one amount of clap clap because
he goes like every single president in the every company he’s been in games
he’s that kili has super super super cloud it’s not even close there’s like
second place is so far below Kili it’s funny but yeah Kili Keeley’s got super
clout when it comes to journalism or whatever so people were having an
expectation of this is gonna be a great show um and I’m not sure if you got to
watch it like the death stranding and Games combo what is your initial
impressions of being able to pee all over the place and grow magic mushrooms
and also Kili being in the game just what is your impressions of games Tom
what did you feel about it and then we’ll kind of move on to the present you
Nancy the presentation where they came on stage they were no no no in the game okay okay well I thought maybe you were
watching so basically here’s what happened Mandy so huh does a game called
def stranding with I know that yeah like you know he basically there’s a game
where you can like when you’re outside of the field you can pee on the ground
and it’ll grow a mushroom but you’re only able to pee when your body tells
you to in the game yeah you actually decreased decreased smell you actually
see the milliliters decaying as you it’s very excessive it’s kind of like breath
a little wild but like oh wait I we don’t want to be care about the piece or
the baby and the character piece the care I don’t think we want to see a baby
I mean I don’t know that could be a game mechanic it is now just yeah a good
thing he has a dick Manny had no idea what that’s true he
doesn’t have to squat that’s our Kelly steady BC man what was your thoughts on
Gamescom in general I’m pretty sure you watch the opening night and everything
and stuff like that yeah what was your game shaman that’s ready well to be
honest I was gonna get deaf sure anything before this trailer but after
watching it it didn’t increase my hype it didn’t even decrease my hype it was
more of like one of those gameplay trailers trailers where you just see a
little bit of this a little bit of that there wasn’t enough to like make me
think oh I need to buy this game I’m still not considering it category right
now but yeah you can pee everywhere and you can make mushrooms you can’t eat
them but they’re there some reason I don’t get the mushroom part that’s not
near do I had no sense like like why in that world can you pee and there’s
mushrooms recipe but not pee grew a mushroom yeah and in the knack gameplay
trailer he just felt like oh I’m gonna climb up this giant ladder I just pulled
out of my enormous 200 pound backpack just so I can walk away from Jeff
Killian fall off the whole mountain guy fell on like yeah he’s in the game he’s
asking the game yeah he’s in the game you know that guy has so much attention
on him Kojima and him are a thing no Keeley’s Keeley’s well he’s a graduate
of the I think Canadian I forgot kid in a Canadian journalism university or
whatever but he’s been in the gaming industry for 20 plus years he looks
young but he’s actually like older but I was thinking like 40 yeah he’s like a
forties 40-something years old but he’s been the vampire he’s been doing uh he’s
been doing uh stuff like back in the day like before valve even
got started there’s pictures of him talking to gate like a young Gabe Newell
and before Val even took over with steam I mean he’s been doing stuff like I even
remember him back like more than a decade ago on g4 you know doing
shows producing stuff on there so Keeley’s been around for a long time the
reason why he’s got so much clouds because he’s built up so much goodwill
with publishers and developers over the 20-plus years he’s been active working
not just like as a kid but actually like working you know so so yeah that’s where
Keely comes from he’s an esteemed journalist from from Canada so what’s
the plot of death standing or stranding stranding that’s Randy
oh so you’re stranded and you have to get the baby because the baby is a baby
right um I don’t think anyone knows the exact plot of the game yet the baby’s
more of a stillborn it’s not a real baby it died early prematurely basically so
why are you carrying it because it knows keep you connected to the other side
where are all the dark enemies that we really don’t know what they are why
people say Kojima gaming stories are out of this world
we’re well in the game he probably has mushrooms like when he’s doing the game
like let’s be real here what’s what’s your thoughts Avedon on
Gamescom in general and just this all so desperate well into the death stranding
let me start off on a positive note the game looks really good it looks a little
looks like a faint it looks like a fantastic in a beautiful game I will say
that dang Baron Baron come on I got the meat aside I bear your muted you jabroni
keep on going to have a dog go ahead not now seriously in terms of visuals it
looks good just in terms of visuals about I’m not going to say excuse Baron
I’m not gonna front an act like this is a terrible looking game excuse me a
second go ahead y’all can’t say how bad visuals are when you playing
what happened see I was gonna lead you out I was gonna leave it bring that up
you can’t know I was going to be nice out the door I was gonna be nice and not
even talk about that you said that version looks better than the switch
version so with death straight in the game looks good
into the graphics that’s it only thing good have to say about this honestly to
me this game looks boring to play it looks in the world looks very I don’t
know the game doesn’t look and there’s nothing that takes me to want to play
this game um in terms of mechanics peeing all over the place why
like literally why it really looks it really looks like somebody was on an
acid trip when he decided like less pee and let’s grow mushrooms as we pee
that’s acid trip territory i’ma call it what it is so for me it’s a game that I
will not be purchasing in under no circumstances I’d rather save my money
and my attention towards the other games are coming out in 2020 such as trials of
mana and Final Fantasy 7 remake those in games are more interested in playing
when they come out so this game is a no for me I mean I’m a barian I mean I mean
berry at least it this up did this there’s there isn’t flat grass there is
some a casino gorgeous dress is black rice Dragon coastal living on this
glitch what what I don’t look like I so
sticking out but it looks like someone had a bad haircut
well today I got a good haircut so I don’t know what you do have a good
haircut I don’t know what Mandy is like nobody’s saying what Mandy see nobody’s
playing the game is say if you think if you think that’s the
case there the ps4 version with that music that will make your ears bleed
that version is still available for everybody to play inquest because I’m
pretty sure Dragon Quest 11s has way more grass like by the Polo it’s
everywhere that music is unbearable on the ps4 a
version of the but at least it looks crisp and clean my ears are bleeding I
mean I’d rather have my ears not bleed then you think the 3ds version looks
good Mandy so I mean I have no shame everyone’s buying but yeah just to
finish the thoughts and everything the story lie it just it’s it’s a game
that’s not for my for my taste I wouldn’t I would I would say if you’re
expecting Metal Gear Solid from this you’re you’re you’re barking up the
wrong tree pun intended so nah I wouldn’t I
wouldn’t recommend this game to a lot of people at least with the presentation
they they have in the game so far this game is looks like a very uninteresting
game story trying you shouldn’t have to try to tell a story that’s a problem you
try some games I mean honestly if it’s Kojima I don’t I don’t think there’s
anything to I’m gonna be nice I’m not gonna go I’m not new Kojima slandered
today I’ll be quiet a be quiet real quick guys for can
somebody unbanned Bevin Mario I don’t know why you got banned thank you by
abandoned no it wasn’t thank I think it was abandoned can somebody please unban
dev Bevan Mario he’s not he’s complaining to me on on Twitter
rightfully so he’s been around for a while so please don’t ban him I’m not
the end by the end of the stream on Banyan I
can’t uh yeah Italy he was unhidden he was on hitting about fire blastin gun
summary okay good you’re set all right Ben
your thoughts man have it I mean III think you agree with everybody here
right I don’t know what y’all doing man doing with our life me playing good
games on the switch I don’t ever done you know he was just a little bit too
kind and I’m just not gonna be kind I’m just gonna say what it is your time
friend best friend looks like shit on a popsicle stick it’s just that so it
looks like trash I think is really disappointing because Kojima has such a
legacy in a history behind him and basically he he framed us all he played
us man he played us like a fiddle this whole time you know we thought he didn’t
have no spades in his hand he hit us with the little Joker right out a cutout
book that’s exactly what he did he cut our damn socks off because what I seen
from deaf stranding was absolutely terrible it was absolutely terrible when
it would a main gameplay part of your game pissing on the ground and making
mushrooms damn grow this is damn problem when the main gameplay of your game is
pulling out a ladder out of a fucking briefcase and climbing the bitch we have
a problem what a main gameplay of your game is entering a cargo bay area of a
truck and delivering items and Geoff Keeley ugly ass axle we have a damn
problem luckily I mean you know it you know you know what this is like barren
and you can pry resonate with this sorry oh you could you to clear you I don’t
like the old face this is like watching a really bad
wrestling art like I’m talking like Mae Young and Mark Henry bed when have you
ever seen in the history of gaming that a game is coming out in two months and
you still don’t know what you’re doing when you hold the controller and you
know we’re hitting people with briefcases
worth carrying a baby what do you what do you want we’re rocking a baby but
rocking a baby the sleep from crying is not something I want to do I’m sorry but
this or acid making it grow is not what I want to do alright that’s not what I
do not I mean we set up here for the last few months to a year joking about
deaf strand and being UPS simulator and I’ll be damned if you’re actually a damn
delivery man yo he’s mr. postman man you know what a crates on the back his back
is so damn baby i doing I had to clown that all my do look like afraid like a
freshman in high school dog with the big everybody sing up here say oh don’t go G
my and his greatness look I ain’t doubtin Kojima i’ma say this again I’m
not doubting Kojima Kojima put the doubt in my head Oh what happened
people that doubt in me that bag bag what I’ve seen so far has been trashed
I’m tired of people making excuses for this damn game that backpack yeah that
backpack looks really stupid I will agree that the backpack looks dumb but
and I’ll also be at the game the game doesn’t look fun that’s what I think I
don’t know nothing isn’t gonna be good the game doesn’t look fun from what this
it doesn’t look fun that’s that’s what I’m always but it could be good it end
up being good Oh Jay stop the bullshit this bullshit about the culture come on
no I’m sorry yes in a pizza MA or we’ve seen enough yet you seen it no we showed
you know we see you see you’re getting exactly what you saw the trailers before
my name friends that’s exactly what you get timeout those again the girl that
touches her kids – yeah that’s that’s true you get that but like here’s the
thing the game from the previous trailer where the ignitions like the some of the
combat area but that crazy looking guy Clippy looking gun fighting gameplay
they showed you two seconds don’t get mad at me what I do I can dish
it out but I can also take that with the wait and see you see is what it brings
together they say let’s fuck some shit up I’m serious
very easy turn you ever seen anything like it Oh pee on the ground they pulled
some shit like that it has any important nothing like this at least with Ubisoft
they will bull shot you with bullshit screenshots and give you a over
exaggerated teaser and this is something close to it when it comes out this is
absolutely and I’m tired of people making excuses
for it is what it is I’m guessing I’m guessing Sony fans absolutely love your
channel they love it sweetie I mean sony Sony fans I have been in
depression for mom stop oh no no no I don’t be lazy had the best games to come
out the whole story nothing I’m like really so different
Saudi fans being at this gen like it’s widely looked upon that this Jam that
Sony dominated which they did but there was a lot of great games not stuff that
necessarily I’m like completely crazy but but there was a lot of great games
in the ps4 like there’s a lot of great stuff yeah yeah I mean so many things
you say that it’s okay no no no no no doing a good job because everyone else
best stuff it’s not doing a good job I mean like in generally speaking like
yeah everybody else messed up but sometimes you got to be lucky to be good
every time you know what I’m saying sometimes you got to be more lucky than
you are actually good but Sony has a blueprint to every single system they
release is the freaking ps1 every single major system it they’ve all literally
been the same make it be technically competent have some extra features bone
in their media stuff like that and hopefully and that’s what got work you
forgot one major thing and don’t forget to copy Nintendo go to the list you go
to those Jen’s not this trend not just don’t you didn’t copy in my opinion I
preferred it when they are was VR was place to VR know what’s the one what do
you use wavy VR what’s been that looks awful look look ya’ll stop making excuses for
Sony and stop making excuses with deaf stranded maybe Sony has always been a
follower and not going to change they have always been that I’m saying it
remains by the Virtual Boy is not true Sony’s been Sony I wouldn’t say Sony’s
been a follower look at the ps3 can I follow with that
oh well that’s when they tried to think they was hot shit nigga do shit by
themselves and they realized they could Poteau whoa let’s follow the way back
ps2 ho ho let me see something real fast yo
the first people to do that and I was pretty innovative for its time I can’t
count how about the CD player console they had and then they followed up with
the DVD player confident saying like haven’t they tried to follow that up
with the blu-ray player concept in edit work I mean back in the 90s with the CD
player you know you didn’t have a seat oh no that that’s the reason no systems
were successful nobody else has the balls to say that but I’m gonna say it
well that’s part of systems got off the ground because of that feature of
playing CDs and the next one got off the ground because of that feature of do
that’s what Sony does that’s what so that’s that’s their calling so any
figures out ways to utilize its hardware I guess yeah
Tony sounds like we should have voice chat our switch by now I’m not making
music oh no I’m not making it you’re right but
at the same time you know Sony’s PlayStation 4 controller is just a
glorified internal control so but all controllers are glorified Nintendo
controllers though because Nintendo made the modern controller controller on the
switch so I have no we have a headphone jack we there is you can buy you can buy
a third party PDP control with the headphone jack if you really have no by
Nintendo but notes Nintendo made the blueprint for the modern controller a
headphone jack isn’t part of a barter controller that’s yeah I see I see a lot
with Nintendo trying to you got out sometimes call out BS when you see it
even if it’s trouble we did we did we did record I intend to
worry caught on is that the controller that you see Nintendo made the modern
controller a headphone jack is not part of a modern stuff yeah that’s an extra
feature within a controller just like HD Rumble it’s not part of a modern
controller that’s just a feature I’m talk about the modern controller with
the face buttons shoulder buttons that was a Super Nintendo that is what the
base of a modern controller is we’re not talking about extra bells and whistles
that were added on after the fact like you know even though you can I did make
rumble I’m not talking about kept on Jackson HD rumble and other stuff like
that so I mean yeah that’d be great if there was a headphone jack on the dog
but I do have a question though so what correct me if I’m wrong um wasn’t it
with watchdogs that they the PlayStation 3 try to come out with like a what’s
that they call a compatible a secondary arm tablet app where you use parts of
watch souls on a separate screen while playing the game on the TV
yeah watchdogs did that yeah watch those at that yes so so is it so it’s okay
that’s ps3 right isn’t that kind of like a bite off the Wii U with the tablet
controller I mean it kind of was but that was kind of more of Ubisoft
I mean Sony did the PS Vita ps3 there was some stuff like that yeah it was at
the same time but you know whatever I mean yeah
ps4 gen I’m sorry they did not copy Nintendo make copy and you know I need a
better example yeah oh they didn’t copy Nintendo they copied my crystal intended
I think – man these are right Sony does copy every one they do but in nitendo
should copy maybe a little bit of Microsoft and Sony when it comes to I
will I’ll agree that online I agree I agree with that on two percent a hundred
percent I don’t they shouldn’t copy the price though they shouldn’t copy like
and they shouldn’t copy that don’t copy that but you just copy some of the other
stuff if you can but don’t gotta pay for the features right Oh Jay the
microphones a feature now right it’s not standard on two out of the three major
consoles a year to talk to somebody that’s gonna call me the n-word like
y’all other people you talk to your friends and party chat right now without
paying $60 a year I don’t need to pay so yeah you could
feel free with discord I frequent dis for $64 how many times do we already
have issues of discord timeout timeout I got check you on this when I’m playing
apex legends with Rob when I’m playing smash with Nick or we okay you guys I
really have big problems with discord the only times witness problems with
discord is when you’ve got like 10 people in the same chat that’s you got
problems with discord where just one or two three four people it is not a
problem at all in this court because every every single weekend we chill in
my discord and we we have we fight we have fun but no I’m saying that there is
no connection in the print of the fact is you could do that for free so I
that’s to the give caters 200 J’s point that you shouldn’t pay $60 a year that’s
like the same thing is saying you shouldn’t buy music because you can
stream it well no legally or what do you talk about oh yeah I got I got this
actually no I could still debate that because still with the CD CD still gives
better quality than streaming quality will you play CDs in your cart is still
a rougher is still a better quality sound and still that still gives caters
to the whole digital versus on physical copies in terms of gaming some people
just want to own their own CD track I fit Nintendo’s should do like this is
going off but whatever who cares whatever
I think Nintendo should have like built-in voice yeah I’m all for that
stuff like that all I’m saying I don’t want to spend $60 a year for that trash
for it for that for lower it’s not gonna be great quality okay $20 I don’t want
to people in a lobby anyway to be honest no matter how much you pay twenty six
themes trash trash some really hot opinions will not heart please what I’m saying is this is that I don’t
feel that we need to pay $60 a year for voice chat that’s plenty either okay
then that’s fine then it should be pretty great I agree it should be free
all I’m saying is that it shouldn’t be 64 freaking boys that’s ridiculous 16
should be on the table barely get something with 20 I agree I’m not
arguing oh yeah it’s just 20 bucks okay here the thing when it comes to
subscription prices it’s all about experience man at the end of the day
Xbox Live PlayStation they deliver and experience that cater to their audience
and their arm ecosystem and they’re doing well cos people who religiously
keep playing please subscription service all over again
Nintendo coming into the game they need to establish their own ecosystem right
now they’re only focusing on these NES games but $20 a year that’s the biggest
issue that we had because honestly if Nintendo made the biggest mistake by
releasing it out for free and it is adding on 20 nes games that really at
the time no one really cared that much about but $20 a year yes you could are
you saying what was only four bucks a month or solely what 10 eight eight
seven or eight dollars every three months but only $20 a year you can argue
that the value isn’t that high for you to really worry about it but the same
time that still someone’s hard-earned money at the end of the day and honestly
I’ve had friends tell me that there is no real incentive I don’t want to only
just pay this get pay to play online for only smash brothers there should be more
of an experience and not only with Mormon experience there should be a more
unified and organized online infrastructure when it comes to going
online to buy your games right now right now the Nintendo switch to online shop
is atrocious it’s horrible it’s unorganized and it’s mostly indie game
mutters I am sick and tired of Nintendo advertising on Disney all the time we
got two thousand plus games but most of these games are indie games and most
these games are being with the online enough money their sites been out there
I’ll get in there I’m getting there I’m getting there I’m getting I’m getting
I’m getting to the online part because to put a hole is for like I said it goes
back to my beginning point it’s the experience will you go online to
purchase the store so that’s not good if your store of the outside of your store
looks like trash Nintendo not allow these people to publish on the system is
that what you’re saying Nintendo should we have practice better
at least 20% of the Geisha they should practice they should they should
practice better gatekeeping two head games are on others on other platforms
sue these aren’t exclusive not on Sony’s platform no they are that’s parrot
they’re just buried there’s a lot of these indie games are actually on piano
no he’s right no Jo a lot of games are on every play is right there are a lot
of game platforms but again this goes back to my point experience and
organization of how your store looks yes if your store looks like trash no one’s
gonna want to go inside and pay money but no little crazy living no one’s
going incident let me rephrase that let me rephrase that you’re right you
let me let me rephrase that you kind of cut off the limit the maximum potential
where you don’t increase the aesthetic of your store the aesthetic if you’re
gonna make us pay twenty dollars a year fix your aesthetics man okay so how it
was actually way more organizing what are we what are we for what are we
stealing this on are we are we scaling this on the fifteen point five million
at this we’ve sold a totality versus the close to forty minutes which so what I
want you’re making a bigger you’re making a bigger do people go about their
buy the game that they want then they bounce but people go buy the game yeah
because there’s something called the internet people know what they people
are way more informed on what they want you go you want fire emblem type in fire
emblem you by firing them then you bounce that’s right a lot of people
under the age of thirty teen or not inform Dorje but you see
that that’s what I’m getting it I’m saying like make things easier for your
consumer that’s not a hard thing I know I I agree I’m just I just don’t think
it’s like anywhere near like you’re trying to say oh no no I’m saying it
contributes to the price that’s what I’m saying it’s like for me it can
contribute to some people not wanting to spend their money because if you store
take trash in other don’t go and spend money that’s what I’m saying I don’t I
don’t know about that I’ve seen I agree if you have it on I I feel you on I
don’t think there’s I don’t think there’s enough evidence to sit there say
well people aren’t gonna buy it because of the way that the online the wrong
people or is organized some people that’s some okay I said I’ve Lyons
infinity dark power and visit gun reloaded really what are these games
mister blaster like like what would I have to do with duck life battle instant
sports for $24.99 $7.99 for this Japanese being were chose hand what are
we doing experience experience what does that leave me off a bunch of random ass
games what does that do and what clogs the eShop makes it look less and less
appeal and expiry it’s all about experience it’s all about spray
basically won’t say if they took a page from the Wii U days and let me say this
statement from Abaddon in a DC complaining about the eShop and imma end
it like this more in discussing just like this Oh Jay yes sir Oh Jay what was
those digital sales to fire him that’s a moot point actually most number from
vouchers including my own yeah million in a couple days in a few
damn that he’s not really random all fit me what a mercy well it’s easy we have a
voucher and it shows you what games you can use hurry the voucher is part of the
online some people have a hard time trying to even find it probably the
problems right now we got no voice chat we got laggy stuff online lack of on my
features messaging friends interaction we’ve got so many problems like the
freaking UI is ok well oh the UI so a wait the UI is that is it let’s tell it
what I’m talking about right that sounds kinda like I’m talking about right now but you included it it’s it’s a I’m just
see I’m just highlighting one of the problems and you just included wonder
problems I said it’s the least of the problem do you want it’s still a problem
though right I’m just highlighting it ok but in looks of it I’m sorry but I don’t
think you can sell a million digital copies of the UI was that bad actually
actually that’s a book that that’s that’s a moot point because if you want
if you want to go there you have outside promotion you can promote on major
television all the time that can contribute to eat the shells too but the
thing is y’all saying you the interface so bad it makes customers go away no no
no no recent releases flooded fixed it I fixed that I said try and type what they
want and when they can’t spell it they then go and Google to learn how to spell
it like I said I say they’re not maximizing all say is maximized who you
can reach that’s all no I don’t know maximize that’s sold a million digitally
maximize I think they five big fireman was maximize it I love how you use it out hi Tendo gay
now Fire Emblem wasn’t always that major friendship no no no fire moves the first
party games that are good games like let’s say the forager it’s getting
flooded by other games that are flooded other indie games that I’ve sold even
with all this flooding they look like there’s steam rolling to those minecraft
people have no problem finding that there’s other there’s Minecraft yeah the
best sellers like saying yes this food is like mm game that’s why I said I said
I said immutable again there needs to be a separate section for indie games I
don’t make it more organized yeah indie developers are not gonna want that
they’re not gonna want that their games be bracketed off into this whole
separate selection just because it’s an indie game and on top of that what do
you do when it comes like a big indie game at the boil let me ask you a
question I can tell you ask me how is it what proof do we have that look of what
of developers maybe something meant their games they want that say it make
me get easier to find their game developers want it to be easier to find
but segments like bragging them off and picking them away they want their games
Jules watch them on Twitter said that he wants his games right next to Mario and
right next to the big games up there he doesn’t want them separated because he
wants because people are gonna be going there looking for fire emblem looking
for whatever and he says well I don’t want it in a whole separate thing he
just wants it cleaner he wants and which I think we can all agree that yeah the
interface should be cleaner it should be better I agree with you guys on all that
what I’m saying is just basically kind of what Baron says like it’s not people
are still going there people are still it’s not like a major think that’s happy
skaters I’m waiting like this the worst interface on the planet is the Xbox Live
dashboard oh yeah that’s worse by far nobody that’s the laugh that’s the least of
people work the Xbox is storefront is absolutely horrible yeah that’s it
bottom of the barrel at that point but I don’t care because I just go and look
for whatever I want I go there and I look and I see hey this is what I need
45 years for the earth Dre sit exactly what I was thinking though the stores
need an indie said she says they have their own direct they have their own
direct all the time you might as well giving their own section but there’s no
names view that to put more eyes on it doesn’t want those games to be separated
from the big titles because it draws more attention to it if they give them
into Indies so they can have more eyes on a vegetation outside the owner unity
developers don’t want their games separated from the big games if you did
that trust me I’m pretty sure Nintendo’s
probably thought about that but I don’t think any developers want that that’s
the thing I don’t think they want their games in a separate section by indie
games here that’s already just looked at as like man this game is it’s indie you
know you just make an indie section I don’t think they want that you’ll watch
me but some of indie games need to be a virtual quality and siphoned out
properly to be on the eShop but that’s the course if it’s like a game like
Celeste a Halle night or something like that it’s a great game that’s that’s
subjective then that means you’re playing favorites with some games or in
other words people already do right people do that but that’s not for a
mining manufacturer to do that’s not what I mean yes you can position things
to be it in front and to do whatever the case is heck Microsoft and Sony systems
you can pay for positioning right you can pay for it to be on your dashboard
and all that stuff but in terms of like placing on there I don’t think it’s good
to start saying well these games aren’t as highest-quality in our opinion so
they go all the way over here to the side these games get no they don’t get
to be on anything because they suck we think they suck you know I’m not sure if
that’s a great it– it’s not sure that’s a great idea for like fair enough you
know some games I listen I don’t talk but you’re here I gave us a discussion
let’s move to the next one well the reason why we didn’t talk about as much
many because I think we all agree that we all agree that switch should have
right we all agree that yeah it’s not an explanatory at this point and you guys
who the voice chat thing would discord stuff yeah we all agree with you man
everybody agrees that yep I just want stood have all that and it’s been many
years as have been known it’s been two plus years of reasons but now two years
I mean it still hasn’t done anything yet so I
don’t know maybe caught up for the portable foot from a portable standpoint
I was saved for those of us who don’t play us when she’s you know at home
especially with in attendance which light just let you plug your headphone
jack in here and have have it have a micro your headphone jack voice chat it
could be that simple you can do it for tonight yeah I’m gonna be that simple I
think everybody agrees everybody’s just like Nintendo’s not gonna do anything
they’ve heard us right they’ve heard us we’ve complained on the app to heard
about the joystick five years and took them two and a half years in a lawsuits
final completion how much I also be for point on one video a week Mandy I think
it’s more sober a little more careful what you talking about man a lot of
points where nintendo fanboys somewhere be defending online because oh that’s
what we have so that’s what you should uh we should expect you sound like you
got some animosity on your chest so get that on or get it on out some Nintendo
fanboy place saying Oh Nintendo shall do no wrong like freakin shadow Fox I know
you know who that is so so if if shadow forms said that they should fix the
online you think Nintendo’s gonna listen to him no but it’s just thanks
especially because he’s an IT or he works with electronics and he doesn’t
know good quality they hit him in the head inform y’all I’m gonna bring it
down well like what did you ever bomb with what he’s I saw you guys’s
conversation so what did you have a problem what is that was that it bra technology what was the plan with what
he said what was what did you have an issue with constantly over and over
defending the online saying that the app is beneficial saying that Nintendo
Agreement right for charging 20 bucks when it should have been freed fancy
talking for something that he just like okay you work in technology why would
you think that’s okay so wait you can’t have any you can’t have an opinion
oh no it because people defend people defense sixty dollars a year and say is
that inherently right that it’s no if he goes up in his high horse and does that
peasants be talking wrong would you want you know basic stuff on your switch oh
that can’t happen because of this and this time like you sound like the
dumbest I don’t want to talk about him too much like bashing so he has a shadow
he has a shadow cast you can you can go on their debate him on I can set up
another debate yeah oh we can talk about this Mandy if I’m just like hey we can
set up we can foil something up if you want it question is knowledge or you you
want it how about the Dan is maybe the whole Atlantic or anybody anymore though
you don’t know Atlantic Ocean right now yeah let’s set up something we’ll set up you’re not wrong on the switch you’re
not love for them to make changes but they’re not they’re not gonna change
anything yeah and once they do change everybody’s
gonna be like oh my god I’m like yeah that’s what happens when you frickin
talk out oh and not doing a voice chat for twenty crying right now oh it’s you
like see saying you the whole ocean booty like this um it’s it’s an issue
it’s not that big of an issue as you know you’re making it on most people
I’m paid 20 bucks I understand you paid 20 bucks I’m paying I’m paying 60 bucks
and 20 bucks cuz I’m playing on xbox live and I’m playing on switch so I’m
yeah I have more features but the the core the core aspect of it is pretty
much the same I’m playing to play other people online that aspect is still there
Twitter because I can’t freakin screen no I’ll get you under said this many
times I said Nintendo needs get rid of that dumbass app I think that app needs
to go there needs to be on the switch you can’t do everything on the switch I
said that but I don’t believe I don’t I don’t believe there’s notion of Oh
everything is just trash and the thing is if something is functionally working
but it doesn’t have the bells and whistles and is not tied up in a pretty
bow I can’t sit up there saying it’s trash it just doesn’t have the bells and
whistles no I’m gonna it’s not it’s not enough and I’m not saying that’s okay
I’m saying that’s not okay I have said that I hate that at with a passion I do
not have that Apple muffin I have not opened that I have not down you know you
don’t know but I will say this though to say that have has no value is actually
factually incorrect because for people who like plants for – for people like
playing smash there’s value here there’s a lot of value in yours but no hold on
hold on I’m gonna tell you the value in both codes in splatoon for those who
plays for two to four hours on hours you can actually build your cent easier
using this app a lot easier everyone that’s nice but 600 games Avedon but you
can have it with hold on oh you can have it on both have it on the phone and have
it on the switch cuz when you’re away on the go and you probably don’t want to
bring a switch with you there’s value in having on your cell phone there’s
nothing wrong with having on your cell phone if anything you should ask to put
more value onto that app you can actually download your games and buy
your games on the eShop or have the eShop on here you can buy it from the
app by itself and it downloads on this it’s because you arm will you buy it off
the phone off the website that you get access to website on your phone will you
buy it off the phone off your website is still automatically downloads on your
switch have that feature on the actual app that is value the problem is that
idea makes because it’s not it doesn’t matter without the cake to me let’s say
you go phantom power Bob somebody you go to the bag AC you know what I want to
buy this game or what just going to be ready by the time I get home click buy
boob or your phone you go home the game is downloaded you telling me you
wouldn’t like that you gonna redo that well he’s just he was just talking about
the app like when they went off on about that but I mean like I to Baron and
mandy’s point to kind of get to that a little bit it’s like whatever because
like we already know about ass chin it’s gonna be dope but um there’s the first
review we’ll talk about that a little bit but um I see what barons saying I
see what man is saying today’s gamers a lot of today’s gamers
didn’t grow up with online how we had it yeah you know when we were it was very
lack thereof playing online you know now today Microsoft and Sony has basically
changed this into not about the actual online play but about what bells and
whistles you get it’s more about that than it is about actually playing and
that’s what I see what Baron is trying to say yes the core function is to play
in the game is that you pay to play online if Microsoft and Sony said you
can play online for free or you can pay online for $20 and let’s say you can pay
60 to get features more than half of the people that pay for online will cut down
immediately just for the online play to pay cheaper more I guarantee you just
like play some plus people didn’t buy poison Plus on ps3 88 million people
bought a ps3 and plus was not popular you know why
yeah cuz online wasn’t behind a paywall so they forced you oh my god what
happened about what Aaron Luger baby 11 on the switched hand held so like I was
saying that they forced you to buy the online and get all the bells and
whistles because of that what I would like to see to kind of prove my point
let’s just say hey let’s put bought let’s put free online play and then if
you want more features put that behind a paywall
how many people would pay for all that stuff I guarantee you no memberships
we’re not our pops so fast if they just said you can play Baron just Baron you
can just play online and you can just no features but you can play you can use
this for voice chat or messaging or Twitter people would unsubscribe but
stop paying $60 so fast for that or they would pay a cheaper price so I see what
Mandy’s saying in terms of improving it I get that and I agree I think so but I
don’t think that’s the only thing that should be like what makes it online like
is voice chat crappy voice chat because the voice chat on ps4 and Xbox one is
crap so crappy voice chat you know what I’m saying like that I don’t think
that’s what makes the experience worth it in my opinion or you get free games
but then if you stop paying for the service you don’t get those games
anymore so it’s a lot comes you know I mean I don’t I don’t pay for i
personally for me I don’t pay for online to get a bunch of crappy games or to get
a bunch of crappy nes games I don’t I don’t to get a bunch of Super Nintendo
games that I already have or to get a bunch of n64 to get a bunch of forts of
horizon – you know what I’m saying like I don’t know I don’t pay for all like I
played it I pay for online so I can play a game that I want to play I paid for
PSN back when I wanted to play something no I don’t feel PSN’s were at $60
because what they advertise is get a bunch of games that you don’t have time
to play oh and also here’s voice chat here’s some features it’s like 60 bucks
for that I mean if there’s not something that you want to play then it’s not
worth the money to me whereas other people today’s date it’s about the
features so I get it’s about what they give you extra heck they spend time not
even playing online they’ll just buy the game so I get it from the new school
gamers perspective and even from you know what Mandy’s saying completely get
it completely get that and I agree that in
telling you so improve but then I also see what Baron saying you know saying
like whoa you pay to play online you know what I’m saying like you just I
mean that’s what I do it’s which I pay so I can play Smash Brothers I’m trying
to make a bunch of friends online and voice chat with if I want to see here
and a half you dad hey that’s true you did it you did it cuz they’re still
doing whatever the heck it was or whatever so you can look at it a
positive as in hey we got free online for that time or you can look at as
negative like but will they added it in you know and that’s not fair
so glass half-full half-empty type of thing you know we spin up we spent a lot
of time learning time please I want to talk my actual chain for at least a
little bit we’ve got so we’ll start off with Mandy here Mandy
astral Chen I know you saw us I know you were hyping it I got the first review on
Famitsu it got a 37 out of 40 that was the first ever review for so basically
great triple a whatever the case is what are your thoughts Mandy on national
chain how do you feel about because I didn’t see a video on your channel about
it which maybe I would’ve saw a video but I didn’t see a video I’m not really
like looking into a solution because I want to go into it blind not a bad idea
no I said to say I said the same I said I said the same thing yeah I agree with
your internet game blind so I mean I’m careful how much footage I’ve watched
could I just want to go into a blind a surprised so I understand how you feel
about that what do you guys feel about the review score 37 out of 400 yeah dad
that’s that’s yes the gameplay is beautiful white I love
platinum games honestly it just looks so beautiful the gameplay is it I’ve never been so
excited about game play in a game I don’t know jack squat about the story
would you dear I don’t need to know I’m a story person but I’m looking forward
for the gameplay looks sick so alright Abaddon I know you were talking about
you did a music remix – that was really good so well thank you sir yeah um right
now like I’m excited cuz this next week like we’re already here so I’m looking
forward to it honest I feel like this game is gonna surprise
a lot of people I feel like this game is going to so I feel like a lot of it the
same in the habit of Mauro felt like it was gonna sell that that well I feel
like the things might happen where ash will chamber a whole lot more I feel
like there’s gonna be a lot of people buying this game I feel like you live to
underestimate how this is gonna sell I think this game is gonna out so near
that’s my prediction I think it should be equal to near
automata a lifetime sale it’s sort of lifetime sales it’s yeah lifetime you
guys know that nears on an install basis of like over a hundred million right
y’all know that cutout you cut out yet y’all know that nears on an install base
of over 100 million you guys know that right 100 million it’s on the ps4 it’s
on the PC and it’s on the Xbox one oh okay so I’m a Oh all three consoles
so okay okay I mean I thought along I meant just for one console okay yeah
that could but we don’t know the sales for the pushing by itself yeah yeah yeah
just for one card I mean okay okay my bad on that yeah
ooh I got I got a response that guy that makes sense now um well I feel like the
game’s gonna do really good it’s gonna be one of the best-selling the Tendo
games out of the entire year in fact what games came out the Shiva Nintendo
BBQ morolto line three I would say Yoshi new super mario deluxe
I would say between I’ll say between Fire Emblem three houses in this game in
Luigi’s Mansion three this game’s gonna be number one fire em to Luigi’s
mentioned number three wait a sec you’re gonna print Luigi’s Mansion three up
there Pokemon storage is gonna make this all more than all these games
oh no matter what no matter what I say I put all about that guess that’s gonna be
like 11 million easy no 10 million with their eyes closed
they barely even did anything to make the waiting is what is still really good
anymore I see like we get I see you’re about
five mil about I see Link’s Awakening you’re balling
about five mil for the year maybe 40 years out that’s gonna be a big game oh
yeah that’s gonna be this could be a big game 42 years out so
yeah I think I shall change looks beautiful from the gameplay I seen it
looks fluid it looks enjoyable it looks like something I can totally sink so
many extra hours in so you just will see four million I see four million before
the years out for I’m astral change that’s my prediction
I was thinking four million and I was thirty years out before t years out four
million in a whole year like one whole year at like the most if it if it really
got that type and everyone started buying if it did but heavily and that’s
much more than violation for Yes Mother they only made like four or five million
overall those consoles right yeah I think they sold about four million last
time we heard four million plus firm near yeah across the board I seriously
it’s probably gonna be two to three million though but realistically or you
might expect and hope for four million just cuz the way the game looks the
gameplay all the story seen that be seen looks like something I’d be totally
interested in clip it I said it here so is playing this switch to the mic you
have you bought some ice blue joy cops no I had these one is new the other ones
one of my old ones okay alright so Baron do you have anything to add to this I
know barons raring to go let’s man do you have anything to add first before
bearing goes with the sales no I think that’s that’s that’s why he’s wait
that’s why said you want to go first Mandy before Baron goes it might be hard
to follow a bear has to say that Baron let bear go alright man these men easily
dismiss all right bearing go ahead go off man game here this is hilarious if
you look back at this podcast a month ago
y’all was calling me crazy for saying he’s hot numbers will change you know is
you enjoyed it are you eight yeah this is crazy
that was you enjoyed arguing you were Oh Jake you know what it is you know what
it is oh Jenny what Fire Emblem came in and whoop that ass and now everybody
back whooping let’s be real here marvelous to
the lines to the real weapon you know that impaired I would say that yeah my
eyes did it is too fired I cannot yo fire of them sold a significantly more
amount demoralize and there we don’t know how much more we don’t know how I I
have some I have some inside abs but but I’m pretty sure fire I’m probably got
probably a half a mil maybe as I speak right now firing them is still number
one this is I’m again right now and we’re almost a month after the game game
I think it’s premium in a month right now what catapulted fire emblem was not
just the advertising campaign it was the fact that it got overwhelmingly reviewed
so well that everybody else started jumping into it the same thing is going
to have is a snappy I just say chain because people like I told you out with
these three games before July hit I said people are going to be interested in one
particular game and they’re gonna think I don’t want to buy a switch for one
game like oh damn this game did really well this game review really will so I
guess I’ll pick up a switching buy this game and again Astrachan is going to
benefit from the same thing fire and benefiting from the same thing that more
coats in their lives to be benefited from and one thing Astrachan has a goal
for there’s nothing coming out around it there’s not
being coming out around a surgeon yep I’m gonna have all the media eyes on it
completely and from what the first review score was expected to be around
that or even greater so that’s gonna catapult Astrachan into the territory
I’ve been saying all along a solution is probably going to be game of the year
right because it has that spotlight it has that to that four-week gap as two
weeks before it comes out two weeks after that nothing else important is
happening but Astro change so they picked the perfect release date for this
game speaking of gaming the year contenders
do you think that with Geoff Keeley being in Def stranding that’s gonna be
completed it can’t be because then there’s no way that game I’m gonna be
like that game should I be nominated the highest that game is going to get is
probably a 7 I have seen nothing I gave up a 70 disagree I feel like I’ve
integrated a 91 and can be like no no 90 anything and what was that game is gonna
be some nice because it’s going to be about the narrative it’s going to be
about the stories like this it’s about the ground give a damn if push Square
and PlayStation Blog spot gives it a 9 the overall average for that game is
probably gonna be somewhere intercept well fire it up went up three points
since launch it’s our two points it’s out of 89 out of it said 89 now yeah Wow
we might actually hit that 90 firing them is really damn good
astral chain has the graphics Astro chain has the story
Astro chain has the gameplay machine has the soundtrack estrogen has the extent
also chain is to complete pack it doesn’t have the white please don’t like
fire maybe it’s the complete package you can bring yourself into a white dude if
you want know why you don’t get that you don’t got the s tier see what fire
emblem thing about fire a fire and boom it’s that it’s that game it’s it’s the
relationships that’s that’s like the main reason it is someone some of the
maps in fiery houses are a bit just too flat
you have no oh it’s a strategy RPG you want to go on a mountain I just like
some of the terrain to be changed not all attorney being the same hey I’m just
I’m just saying look Astrid Shane is gonna be that game I can’t wait for this
game to come out somebody’s face Courtland said the Aston
isn’t getting gaming their assertion will definitely get game of the year
from some publications from absolutely here’s my here’s my question to that
here’s my question to that because when you got look at the common this is why I
call it a street chain forgave me you’re so many months ago because I looked at
the competition of what’s coming out and I already seen art already look Artie
you felt my good feeling with denim is gonna be now we know what it’s gonna be
there’s no way it’s not having the strain is not gonna be a threat to this
game then we look at other games a resin evil 2 is a remake so that’s already
gonna be a uphill battle from there um the only thing that really has a chance
of really taking this game down is probably shadows not twice and I must
say Gears of War 5 I don’t feel like anything else can do that from what I’ve
seen I think the new call of duty people are talking about how that’s really good
so maybe that but it’s called it’s called a duty that doesn’t deserve do
any in they’re called it is it’s not it’s not going to generate that level if
I’m putting you like I said this if Astrachan can average a Metacritic score
above what Resident Evil got it will win it there will be no there will be no
chance resident man had a to lost a long time ago remember – got it got Game of
the Year nods for many many publications gave it game of the Year nods though and
it actually got game of the year from some places some places did giving it so
it’s so dead near so that’s what I’m saying I think this is third time’s the
charm Bayonetta 2 was really that game that put them in that category Nier
automata got them some wins and I think this is gonna be a third time – this
charm this is going to be the game that gets them to that level that they
rightfully deserve they deserve cuz they had a couple of games in the past I
should’ve been getting I think somebody was trolling in the chat but somebody
said Fire Emblem is overrated three houses is the only good firearm game
it’s the only good it’s the only good one it’s the only it’s only it’s the
only reason why it’s sold more than pretty much all of them at the moment
possibly we’ll find out when we had the full sales oh no is it out stolen yes
I’m saying even away best-selling it outsold all the other ones because the
reason why is because this is the this is like the it was the resurrection
fireman 3s was there erection a fire now this is like the
full like in the new style of firing boom you know what I’m saying like
where’s the Pokemon resurrection Gen 6 and salmon or trash where’s the Pokemon
resurrection but we got to wait for we gotta wait for them to gen9 now oops we
gotta wait for this game we gotta make the seat because what games are you done
well what’d you say about firing them though you saw no there’s a difference I
mentioned you were best this dude only bought fire room because of a bad loss
at dam and the dam chats the only reason why this dude this dude was bashing fire
ever before it gave out Brett I remember that too hey Dragon Quest rivals are
still an amazing game though don’t play on drank all I’m trying to say man look
I don’t need to win a bet to know a good game when I see it but here’s here’s a
question for people that um that’s that’s doubt national shame but this is
gonna be funny cuz we got a week from now we come down this all gonna stand
still down as we change when was the last time a first-person shooter
won Game of the Year sure is yeah a shooter first person shooter period I
hate if I gave it a destiny for some reason annex Revolution said don’t
unknown tunnel a deaf stranding stop it NX uncharted me uncharted is the
third-person shooter uncharted event – hey you really call that a shooter
though it’s a third-person shooter yeah I guess you could say that but that was
a while ago it’s 20 while ago that was a while way with it wasn’t that over watch
over watching on game of the year stuff but the thing was oh whoa what
Borderlands 2 being completely new and different gears 5 is not really that
different modern warfare is not completely new and different so unless
is really because it’s really hard to win gaming you know we really have to do
something new different and innovative overwatch was that thing that just
wasn’t on consoles it was very new in there how the hell did so did the Jane
gates Inquisition win Game of the Year from a lot I know I went over Bayonetta
2 I have I don’t know it’s crazy because it everyone is leaving their jobs no you
know the funny thing is that it literally reviewed lower than
Bayonetta 2 and also Super Smash Brothers but still won Game of the Year
in Savannah Tendo bias it’s it’s they have it everyone has it they have it but
but the thing is I think we’re over that Zelda’s winning 2017 I don’t think we’re
over man I’ll be honest I think we’ll never be
over til it’s like world war film or video games forever
but the thing is a strain is gonna be so far above the rest that it’s just gonna
be a second SEC you know has a what a second second second row is a very good
game a good chance i think ii o might win it men you heard the title people do
wonderfully as a cop and I mean ooh it’s controversy behind whoa no that game
still lost on mine I’ll go say this controversy behind red dead but that
game still lost I’m glad right I didn’t win I think one
like seven other awards so yes a lot of funds boatloads okay well I do want to
get some donations right off because we’ve got it for Danny yeah I forgot to
read off some of them Ethan are donated for all nine nine cents that says here’s
seventy percent of five bucks Oh J cuz I can’t stay so thank you Ethan
he’s talked about how YouTube takes YouTube takes 30% of super chat revenue
so that sounds like what Disney should be accepting 70/30 split bulbs 16
donated eight dollars it says that stranding will be the water world of
video games ears ear fins barren bring bringing it
hashtag ear fins been bringing it so shoutouts the bolts in 16 thank you for
the eight dollar donation man I appreciate that
alright we’ll take a couple questions guys know we’re gonna wrap this one up
for for tonight so if you guys have some questions feel free to tag us drop drop
a tag for any of us and we’ll be more than happy to answer some questions
they’re asking Mandy what’s Mandy playing what are you playing menu you
found Dragon Quest aren’t you I meant to say builders
oday do you know the sales of builders to buy a chance over 1.1 million for a
PSP that is my coffee that’s for both consoles rings yeah ps4 and Xbox one
that’s or sorry ps4 and switch ps4 ps4 and switch 1.1 shits very good sold to
retailers and then they’ll sell that so digital sales is well included yeah
pretty good pretty good actually really good considering because especially
combined Mario maker and all these other games all around at the same time yeah I
was in between Mario maker and Fire Emblem and more roles for Alliance so
that’s that’s actually really impressive that I was able to get some fun cuz I
don’t think God either any of the other games that came out around that time
sold near in terms of third party even though Nintendo published that’s so
weird anyway Nintendo published the dual
release game but whatever alright this question is maybe for you VCO
nanaki getting overshadowed it’s definitely getting overshadowed however
the Metacritic score was being critiqued on Twitter and people like oh look how
bad Oni naki is it’s got less than lost sphere and I’m stewing I’m like wait a
minute wait like just wait and it raised up to 79 like two hours later it’s like
see you can’t just be jumping the gun China playing about stuff yeah yeah how
many how many R abusing guys it’s got ten last time I saw yeah cuz it’s
getting overshadowed because it’s in between because people are still playing
Fire Emblem reviewers not getting ready for astral chain I mean there’s a Dragon
Quest demo honestly you did some damage to it if the demo for Dragon questing to
come out I feel like more people would be at least playing the demo boney not
keep they haven’t already but from what I’ve played so far I’m about 10 hours in
already and I like the story a lot it’s like segments and many stories across
one main story and you’re going around helping people make it to the afterlife
because it goes to reincarnation in the game it’s got some dark themes to it
there’s a lot of suicide and homicides that happen in the game for lack of a
better term and the action is very is very fun enjoyable and fluid but it’s
simple there’ll be moments where you’re gonna be repeatedly pressing the Y
button I believe just mashing it to do attacks and then you’ll wait for your a
your your energy bars to come up for your other moves in order to utilize
them and there’s nice boss battles really
epic boss battles that are very challenging if that’s were you looking
for only not use the game for you I can listen now I’ll be honest it’s not like
I’m setsuna and it’s definitely not like to be better than I am Sassoon lost for
the way better it’s it’s it’s night and day
no physical additions for both of those games but no physical addition for
anunnaki at least here in the where is there’s the Australian
you got that it’s an English and you gotta get sent over so play yeah on sale
I think right now yeah yeah it sucks man it came out the wrong it did we need to
October I would’ve been fine with that but October has we might have been
overshadowed by The Witcher woody it would’ve been the best time to come out
honestly we just made it came out the first week October I wouldn’t say better
yeah we don’t even know the rest of the October’s like theirs might be more
games coming out and Richard Bowl and the other day next month no Halloween
where I agree with Mandy not say The Witcher shouldn’t be on the switch but
it looks ugly ugly dragon quest 11 s looks beautiful on the switch in which
which which it the winner at handheld mode yeah yeah witcher 3
yeah have entire hand out sorry for you switch light people well maybe they’re
not yeah maybe they’re not getting us which like to play the witcher 3 year
whatever they can you know maybe they’re just getting me thinking that we’re all
this like people who just buy games on a constant pace like someone is gonna be
like all i want to play it with better quality you can’t you have the switch
light it all know if you wanna if you want to switch light thing you buy this
which light if you want the regular switch that you buy the regular question
actually that people don’t really think about it i’m crumbs well that’s why I
want to get it – never – what do you think the cap will be in September it
will not my name’s mark and I will be damned next
month holiday know what give me ten good reasons why good reasons why any other
game like Link’s Awakening dragon quest 11 s any of those games I can name 10
reasons but okay I’m gonna give you one reason to end all of that sure
hello Jay how many switch exclusives was on the top 10 top 20 MP deep in July I
think like hey that’s not render you’re comparing columns to a bad game come on
where’s the bad game so you call the David a bad game I can see it from a
mile away this demon ex machina is gonna flop not
like not even just because it’s a bad game but because of the timing it’s just
not only basically you’re only basing your opinion off of the other freaking
beta and then oh I’m not even considering the B demo that’s really
good so then what’s what’s what’s so bad about the game then BC why is it so bad
it’s not memorable like like many people even were saying that about owning a key
Oh like the cast of characters is not memorable the gameplay is but you
remember them right but you know the characters right well I do because
there’s different slight like we said multiple times before things can be
considered subjective like how Y is gonna be really bad I’m saying Damon ex
machina is gonna be and you have to be bad at flop well we’re saying that
subjective saying death stranding is gonna be bad because we’ve seen like the
actual there’s like no game play they’re not showing us anything so that’s the
reason why Damon ex machina has been showing us a
bunch of stuff they gave a demo you know and they showed and he showed us in this
year – they showed us all in the a bunch of improvement they also showed us a
bunch of improvements to the demo but the basic concept of the game is pretty
good like it’s a mech game so like you can get a bunch of stuff you can it just
looks kind of boring flop all about OJ’s trigger I mean the trash how much – nice
i’ma tell you I mean they said that about fire emblem
all these thing it’s gonna flop nobody cares
people say all sorts of stuff I’m excited I’m gonna tell you this right
now top real quick people like to discredit my freakin 10 years of
literally covering this type of stuff their purse which they started gaming
with the 360 and they want to sit here and talk sales in business they don’t
know their head upon your ass when they start talking about stuff okay so people
oh they flex it people Exxon people told me that fire emblems truck like so knows
all this now you guys all hear some y’all didn’t know nothing okay so the
same news news news okay point I went through series 60 80 hours if I respected a little more than that a lot
of y’all started game with the 360 y’all were little kids in the 360 came out so
y’all want to business and stuff I cool only last thing about Damon is market
begin to some questions David eggs Marvin is coming at the perfect time
yeah it has enough time after a stroke chain Nintendo has to advertise
something because Link’s Awakening ain’t coming out to uh I believe 20 no I think
is two weeks later come out the 21st yeah so no no Damon ex machina comes up
to 13th no wow yeah please wait and come up the 23 yeah okay okay
that quest comes out seven days a week later so you gotta understand it’s gonna
be a direct which will probably have Damon ex machina in it they’re going to
push Damon X marking at once September starts I’m pretty sure that
cuz they’ll finish up with Astro change and the switch light will be coming out
as well so I don’t I don’t see it it’s been proven month after month for the
last two years switch owners will buy more than one
game in a month and I feel like that’s mando actually a hat they’re gonna buy
that game I don’t see I just don’t I don’t see it being passed off I really
know David is not gonna I definitely don’t think it’s gonna
more than four or five million lifetime that’s not happening oh no I don’t say
that even three male artists I’ll put it at probably a sound I’m being generous
yeah that’s why I would give it to nil ìletís it just comes out and blows
everybody mine I don’t see that I just think it’s gonna be a great solid game
yeah but I don’t see it getting passed up at all I don’t especially with the
online multi-player aspect know but there’s a ton of other games coming out
like we have the ninokuni coming back it’s the AI Solomon m-files
you got creature and hey nobody buying that about Final Fantasy 8 we got all
these NBA 2k like that they’re not buying it over name while I’m buying all
those games over dam and access or don’t don’t get me started on that and I felt
like I wasted my time when I just got that one picture at the end of my
support click a picture I could go on google and find this picture I’m saying
the conclusion could have been better and more rewarding so are you saying
it’s a bad wing are you saying it’s not worth $60 I never said it was a bad game
so you’re complaining so you’re complaining
yeah no I’m just saying the ending is not rewarding you know so are you saying
it’s a bad game oh it’s a good game yeah it’s a great
game well it’s not a great game it could be because you’re saying that you love
the game on Twitter I really just like the relationship parts I’ll be honest I
don’t like strategy RPG stuff cuz I loved ward roof but like I really was
just in it for the the waifu’s I’m not gonna lie that’s that’s a ridiculous
reason to play part if if that was the best part of
fire of them to you you got a hold the fattest elder you’ve ever held in here like he might have went in for that but
he got blown away with the rest of that’s what the story is pretty good if
you go for VC for as much as you talk about how many girls you’ve been with if
you going in for waifu’s for a fake women that sounds weird because the
strategy game style isn’t that intuitive all the time especially when they
changed out the whole weapon cycle it’s what the hammer with the axe and
all that they did you can it still has a little bit of that but it does combat
arts deciding you learn abilities so yeah or you could just use stride and go
around the whole board first turn dude’s try this
it’s tried as he oh you only get two of them so it depends how many people you
got yeah it’s all in the game for people no stretch that’s it that’s like that’s
a battalion it’s good so we’re not supporting VC kind of did if I were to
rate firing on treehouses I will give it a solid 8.5 if I were to rate it very
good it’s a very good score that’s definitely too low for Fire Emblem tre
houses were the last games I played was path of Radiance and I did Percy didn’t
like it so and I was told by a lot of people was one the best game so I was
like I guess I must stop playing the fireman games then at this point but
what you’ve never played awakening no I played path of Radiance I played Shadow
Dragon so I realized the relationship on awakening was tidy perfectly because
they woke that shit up told you about the relationship stuff vici beforehand
you didn’t listen and and you all happened I then found persona 5 in Game
Stop for free I played persona 5 I enjoyed the way that game handled that
kind of stuff and then when I lost that bed and I saw fire Lajoie oscillate wait
it has these features too and they were very similar and I liked it
as I did persona I said this before and I’ll say it again I don’t understand why
I know I don’t but hey you know what that’s fine you new school kids you guys
find the weirdest ways to like and buy games I look at stuff and say what the
mechanics are in a game and I judge it for that new school kids play this game
and say if it has even a shred of this then I’m gonna like this or I’m just
like hey I look at the game and I’m like yo this game looks dope
it plays don’t let’s let’s get it you know but hey why did you like to do it
that’s all I want to say on a Damon X marking the thing because somebody said
is – yeesh all I gotta say is that um I know path traveller you can’t get any
more niche than that okay that was targeted at a very small Pacific
audience and they sold over a million doubt and if you won’t do it don’t get
no more yeesh than that cuz that was for a very small group people in it outsold
I think Damon ex machina has more niche to be honest but more niche to nettle
chaos XD is a better net game have you played metal chaos 60 yeah in the Xbox
you put it and it’s better yep what’s the wisest story wise – it’s hilarious
why is it better you know the whole story of Damon is yeah yo does it look
intriguing from what we already played and dies yes single thing from the story
I don’t member single characters it’s a I mean there’s a really about I remember
Gemma’s name from drank rest 11 i multiplayer in the middle chaos is there
a cooperative or competitive because like mech games would be cool like to
have like multiplayer is there multiplayer in that game what the metal
will be cut up is there multiplayer took my memory I’ll believe sup okay
have you played the Damon ex machina is competitive or cooperative multiplayer
how is that compared to how’s that in terms of cccc you know it’s funny you
started it with this exactly either I know where it went any questions questions John say don’t
doubt any squid no doubt he switches clues
at this point on just just stop doubting cuz it’s just dumb Tapout dog people
here giving fire three houses a six out of ten there’s a reason why you don’t
review this reason why you don’t have a youtube channel you don’t review games
for a living that’s that’s hold on we gave it a six out of nine person that’s
the reason why you don’t review that’s the reason why you don’t review games
for a living so cool said day yes which game he said to give it it well that’s
hey wait out your opinion but there’s a reason why you don’t you probably aren’t
gonna be a reviewer anytime soon but alright let’s let’s let’s uh
continue on you guys got questions well answer questions for a little bit more
and then we’ll be uh we’ll be we’ll be finished here I may be about three more
minutes maybe another question or two it’s a question how did you play it on
xbox when it was only in Japan he’s not about the metal wolf game it’s very easy
to do it when you do on your PC PC Monsieur I don’t know if there’s any
other questions I think everybody’s just kind of shuttling tonight yeah
everyone’s just kind of chilling and I think that might be it we went for our
two hours I guess we I guess they gotta tuck it all out yeah yeah I think I
think yeah I think we’re the some day we’re turn off this point alright guys
so thank you guys so much for watching I do appreciate it glad to have everybody
that joined us here let’s go ahead and start off from my left we’ll start off
with VC VC where can they find you at my man defy me on Twitter and Instagram VC
ipz I just did a video on my youtube channel same thing with a new
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venom gaming that’s doing pretty well as well if you want to check that out it’s
on my channel and if you’d like to subscribe mean a lot all right
Abaddon working upon you at my man I could find me a SVG beets I have what
I’m going to try to do two more a tional chain remixes until the game comes out
so I’m gonna do one more tomorrow and one when the game comes out and
yeah that’s pretty much it so I’ll give you guys a link to that channel you guys
can check out the the latest video yeah we sample to the trailer themes will you
like the trailer theme going to check that out alright and been working with
my aunt my mom find me on that uh on that you to find me on a youtubers ever
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to my Twitter because you will find some funny you’ll find some you find some
characters I just go down a little bit look I’m like oh wow and plus if you go
in the chat right now you see the explaining rant on Sony and Disney in
that video yo bro you is going ham plus across the deaf strand and rent as well
so I put that in its Chad little chat are you gonna do this buddy do what I
review on the would why would I do a review on that I mean it’s for your
favorite movies man what are your favorite adult movies bruh Oh
I’ll do it and we’re and Mandy we know what I will do that only if ol J please
vitamin the Flintstone vitamin review you got a new stove item you got it it’s
coming up I’ll do it I’ll do it I’ll do a review on firing three houses maybe
I’ll consider it Mandy where can they find you at you can
find me on my channel at mental plays road to 2k so we’re almost there fam and
you can also follow me on my twitter at maybe the plays as well so see you there
i talked about nintendo i live stream games and i just i just do my thing all
right sounds good yeah oh look wait a minute wait a minute halloween look i’m
not high people i wish i would stop and see I think they do drug testing in here
what’s the called in your yeah you know I mean I just had the natural high in
charisma nice natural high-energy I’m in the freakin new south champion if he was
high all the time you can’t do that you know say Rob Van Dam was doing it all
his career he looked outside and he whose ring music it come thank you guys
so much for joining us today appreciate that the replay will be up pretty much
automatically so you guys will be able to watch it tonight if you missed any
part of it thank you guys so much for the
viewership thank you guys for the donations heck we had over 200 viewers
this is my most popular live stream on the channel outside of like so
well we actually almost had 300 viewers tonight so if I haven’t advertised it
better like on my channel banner we would get more than that but I’m working
with the new artists yeah get on that yeah like the day before and be like the
podcast is gonna have this person this person tomorrow I have a special guest
don’t worry we will revamp coming to the channel it’s coming I’m still working on
a lot of things it’s gonna be a major event we’re gonna jump up instead of go
like the four point we’re gonna look like 5.0 we’re gonna do
like like a Superman leap it’s gonna be great
I’m sorry guys thank you guys so much for having this thing mandy should come
back so mandy if you ever want to come back feel free i’ll be local alright so
thank you guys so much for watching we’ll see guys who next one please

20 thoughts on “PE Podcast #66 – Spider Man OUT of MCU, Death Standing/Gamescom Disappointment? Astral Chain + Q&A!

  1. 16:53
    Sony made 5 live action Spiderman movies only 2 were good.
    Sony better off make Spiderman Into the Spiderverse sequel and let Disney do their Spiderman live action movies fie the MCU

  2. 28:18
    To everybody except Baron, let me ask this…
    I know it is different but… What about Disney continue to give rights to EA on making Star Wars games? I know this may not be business logic but I look more at receipts than the rights… Disney does better job on Spiderman for the most part, therefore they deserves to ask more, heck I hope Disney and Marvel can take back Spiderman from Sony.
    Here's another story, Walt Disney lost his rights to his character Oscar the Bunny to Universal, but Disney eventually got him back, so it isn't impossible for Disney and Marvel to buy Spiderman back.

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  6. 01:04:44
    Bruh… Both OJ, Avadon and VCipz should take a minor L for not mentioning the fact that the problem isn't really Nintendo eshop itself, but the fact you cannot refund your digital games is bogus.


  8. Mandy just doesn't know what she's talking about when it comes to Dragon Quest 11 and Spider-man. Like at all. It makes me cringe! And OJ, it's not Marvel Comic Universe, it's Marvel CINEMATIC Universe.

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