PE Podcast #62 – Fire Emblem Three Houses Reviews Shine! Joy-Con Repairs Free, Oninaki Demo!

PE Podcast #62 – Fire Emblem Three Houses Reviews Shine! Joy-Con Repairs Free, Oninaki Demo!

All right there we go there we go I
think I think we’re about to go alive all right all right we are live there we
go that’s that I got it Tory what’s up everyone
Oh Jay over here from Pleasants welcome back to another PE podcast at number 62
sorry about going being a little bit late guys I had a little bit of issues
with the streaming the live page going back to YouTube and everything but I got
everything working correctly now so hopefully you guys are enjoying your day
we’re going live early with the PE podcast tonight because I’ve got some
Fire Emblem stuff to do when it comes to getting my pins and I’ve got some stuff
to plan for tomorrow as well and also for tonight so I decided that it’d
probably be best if I get the PE podcasts done so unfortunately but then
again fortunately for these to hear that em I
guess but unfortunately we weren’t able to have any of the original or the
normal cast on because they’re busy doing work stuff
so Avedon is jumping on in about an hour from now but we do have some cool guests
in the meantime we have Andy who makes his return to the podcast you guys might
know him from from the comments section and everything in from the live chats
Andy how you doing today he’s always requesting sonic music so
you couldn’t even you guys can hate him send hate mail to Norway okay send all
your hate mail to Norway for Andy but Andy how you doing today my man it’s
been a while yeah how long is it this over a year over no I’m looking at yes
I’m looking at my messages and the last final song hey Buster in in the 30th of
June oh my god your sense of time is heightened by you living in Norway all
that clean air all that clean air and fresh water you know what I’m saying it
definitely it heightens those senses of time whereas me I have no I wake up and
I don’t know what day it is I mean if you season unless unless the
cow Minogue comes out all right and then we also have making his return to the
podcast VCS here what’s up BC how you doing today my man been doing pretty
good actually much much better today I’ve been playing a lot of that Oney
naki demo it’s really great but we’ll get to that later
yeah even though J yeah you know I’ve been doing good man I still have not
played though pretty good surprised me I know the battle mode in it that you
could play non-stop I I want to play it like I want I mean I need to play it but
I’ve just been so busy with so much stuff man with especially with though I
put the website moving back to YouTube and kind of doing some stuff there it’s
just pretty it’s it’s been crazy and like I said work with like my other
channels that I’ve been editing for it’s been crazy some local people that I’ve
been editing for I’ve got like 10 videos that I got to do this week on top of me
having fire in one videos every single day and streaming every single day so
it’s been non-stop work this week so I haven’t had much time to do anything
else but I will get to that Oney naki demo ASAP as soon as possible
tonight’s Fire Emblem though so I do have a couple announcements real quick
before we kind of get into can I submit some of the games that we’ve been
playing and all that um and the topics we have a pretty cool thing that’s
happening I’ve partnered with a very 8 st or 92 80s tier partner for a cool
surprise on Friday so look out for that I’m not gonna say what it is because
they don’t want me to say what it is but I got a s tier partner for Friday so
look out for that also I got sent this game here enter the dungeon of the the
physical copy of the game so I’ll stream this I’ve been wanting this game so they
reach they saw one of my videos and it was even they even I think one of the
ladies or somebody else who reads not that lady who sent me just but the other
person reached out to me was like hey he says
ed to the gut he’s like he’s like I like your enter the gungeon and he actually
he actually like you know mispronounced it like I was mispronounced it so I know
he was watching my videos I was like oh man you gonna bring that back on me
that’s so uh so yeah I got this set to me today so we’re gonna stream this at
some point it’s a good game I have played it it’s a lot of fun yeah it’s
it’s a rogue game is it’s a rogue game isn’t it it is but the way it plays out
it’s one of the more enjoyable ones it’s something you can actually play multiple
times and actually be like wow I feel like I’m progressing and enjoying myself
instead of other ones that just feel like a monotonous rush of the saint
over and over dead do dead cells to me with likely greatest row game and I
still hated it I can’t stand these rogue I don’t understand I grow like I’ve said
this before I guess I could say it again rogue should be a mode in a game it
shouldn’t be the main cost like I don’t think rogue mode should be a rogue game
should be like a genre it should be a sigh it should be a secondary mode this
is I don’t know yeah like lightning and fire yeah like a lunatic or a classic
more like it shouldn’t be like the the main thing that you focus on is like oh
I can never progress like I’ve got to sit there and go back every time I like
I really dislike that about real games I really do I mean there there are
roadblocks and then there are good road lights and you know i I’ve never played
a good role of what a roguelike that I truly like enjoy and I beaten all the
way through I have maybe because you don’t have the tolerance for me yeah
that’s exactly I don’t have the tolerance to sit there and die over and
over it’s just the same reason why I stopped playing Dark Souls and like
Demon Souls and blood-borne and all that it’s like I don’t have the patience to
sit there and die a bunch of times over and potentially lose all like I don’t
want to go through all that crap you know that – best roblox I play this FTL
m-flint hook oh look I heard that’s your game yeah yeah it’s it yeah it’s a very
good FT how do you call it –sykes cycle with it okay okay well
alright so let’s go ahead and people already put in sup stupid stuff on
twitter anyway alright so let’s go ahead and stupid fire anyway yes yes another
day on Twitter yeah I know seriously alright so let’s go ahead and get it to
some of the stuff that we’ve been playing since we don’t have the normal
cashier VC I know you’ve been playing the Oni knocking Dylan you want to tell
us about Batman yeah if only naki I knew is gonna be
like an action RPG and I like the way the whole mechanic of the I think
they’re called Damon’s not d max machina but they’re spirits that follow them
similar to like a stand-in Jojo or like a persona and Persona series it’s
something that would be following your part of your team and you can collect up
to two in a demo and I played at least six hours of it
because I was just going around back and forth collecting all the chests because
you can alternate the reality from the regular world into the world and me in
between and in that process of doing that you can find different a la compass
– and different mini-bosses as well and it’s a great game surprised me a lot and
I actually had a cop it literally just before the stream I was like you know
what I keep the demo got to do it and it has a battle mode you could play it
pretty much non-stop – in case you want to continue playing the demo and the
demo yep it’s like like a like an arena mode where you can just fight endless
waves or something like that or yeah it’s similar to like an endless wave
mode however it raises your level to level 20 and it adds two extra spirits
to your team or otherwise known as Damon’s in this game so you have four of
them and you have a higher level so it’s much more enjoyable in that aspect in
the action sense great though yeah aside from the demo yeah it’s a
pretty full demo is a 1.4 gigabytes I think so when I saw I was like oh this
is big demo cuz the games only two point eight gigabytes but it’s great though
definitely recommend it nice nice alright so Andy you want to tell us
about some games you’ve been playing lately I haven’t been playing anything
new recently I recently got back to Team Fortress 2 again okay tell us about that
in this well now that I know that I played a lot of other works I finally
understand how to play it in four just – better now okay what do you would in
that in terms of like what do you like to do and I know Team Fortress 2 it’s
kind of like a it’s kinda like um looks like a MOBA right or almost like over
Watchers no it’s not it’s not over but you know it’s me it’s more a kooky
version of overwatch okay yeah yeah overwatch would you who’s like your main
in that game that’s not bad what’s the name this is just the sniper yeah they
all just name up the classes so you know you’ve got this sniper they’re heavy at
that pyro you know all right also shoutouts to Matthew Hammond with
the free dollar donation and he says I hope the o.j announcement is
free-to-play mobile game and that we will get free mobile currency for
signing up I mean no but I have a lot of like weird at people to contact me say
hey you want to make video or you to make a cab first I’m like yeah pay me
like this is much of their like oh that’s too much I’m like well then you
can see you see you later right yeah that’s my price I’m having because I
some of these dumbasses act like I don’t go to I don’t go talk to my peers and
see what they’re offering other people then they come to me try to lowball me
I’m good bro oh and by the way I’ve been playing more Mario maker especially with
the 64 cat now so I made four levels just for you
these vici I want to go ahead and talk about that because I know you’re a big
on creating levels so what is the what is the level increased do for you in
terms of a creator goes you know well for me it makes me be able to widen my
horizon by being able to use multiple courses and to making stories because I
already had like 20 courses beforehand and so I couldn’t make my own story like
how Wendy’s had like the eight or so courses as their own world so I’m
currently doing that right now with something called Super Mario maker
galaxy so it has the galaxy theme in each one in every single course but the
theme in the background will always be nighttime so as many cool different
scenes all the background drops there are always really different unique areas
like the lava area ice area all that kind of stuff but the ones out right now
I got four of them out right now it’s only to be out of nine but back level
cap helps me out so much because I can create more and spend more time in the
game how to literally stop playing Mario maker because of the cap gotta slow
myself down from creating levels because I enjoyed the creating part more than
playing the game not to say I don’t like playing Mario I’ve played it all my life
but creating levels and having L if you will play through them that’s more fun
for me okay okay I mean when you have a create the mind that game is pretty much
getting off the air yeah exactly and I’m very very creative I had a bunch of
people you oju played some of the courses and I had racks play some and a
phonetic a bunch of people and they a lot they all loved it I know you had a
one you didn’t like that much the car the car level all the other levels have
been pretty good so it made the column yeah ideally party man made some cool
levels to that I liked are on made a level that I really liked
that I actually saved so all I’m did make one Lee made one level that was
really good and I did like it was like because it
was fast there was more of my Styles it was a really fast level so that was cool
but no overall you guys levels has been pretty pretty good yeah and like I told
you I’ve started persona 5 final and I can’t wait for persona 5 royal now i’m
hype for it hype for it so i yep so I know you’ve been playing for summer 5 in
terms of what I’ve been playing lately pretty much nothing I although I did
play some super smash brothers against you guys right and I did play some smash
brothers on my own as well I played music oh yeah I played two sets elite
smash I played against a really good zero suit samus that literally was like
a crappier version of Mars and I beat him in a set and then I also played
against an eye sees player that was like one of a crazy eye sees players like you
know if somebody picks Isis in their elite smash they’re usually good you
know I mean and he was doing all of the decent icy stuff but once again I sees
the way that you beat Isis you separate them right if you separate them it’s
over because you know Nana run like doesn’t attack you when she’s away she
might like if the person presses something but they don’t want to press
anything up there offstage so now that will just come like soldier running
towards Popo just hit hit Nana you know because the recovery is so bad so I did
beat him twice just basically based on me you know giving in with not having
Nana because the recovery is just horrible and like if he doesn’t have the
recovery then they just go hide they’ll do like the little icy thing but they’re
side B is has one of the best priorities in the game it’s oh yeah oh my god that
part you can literally be halfway through your attack and that side B
we’ll just override everything you do it’s it’s nuts man so I knew how to
desync that because that being able to do that by his climbers and makes
playing them more fulfilling oh oh absolutely if you know if you know
how to desync with ICS and you can do like there’s times like dudu was like
nana is like shooting ice and then like the other ones like Popo is like
spinning or one of them’s like doing like a smash attack and the other ones
like spinning or one of them’s doing something else the other ones doing
something else one of them grabs me the other ones hitting me with the damn
mallet it’s like it’s ridicu dude if you candy sing what the eye sees
it looks it looks like literally two people are playing the game like one
person time yeah at the same time at times obviously you can tell the two
icons yeah it looks like somebody wouldn’t just sit all right let’s go and
then it’s like two versus one like what’s like the crazy decent people so
my Pokemon let’s go yeah exactly but you just didn’t you just get like a train
ran on you from like just getting bothy I go my god the deaths that I had in
that game are just against those Isis players was funny but I’d be you can say
you’ve got quite the Lovering damn Norway puns yeah I definitely got a got
a clobbering or clobbering but yeah it was uh it was pretty good it was pretty
it was fun playing against I see players are good I can’t be I seized with wolf
cuz the Recovery’s wolf you know he gets like gimped by like Dicey’s ice like if
you yeah completely snap the ice will go underneath the ledge and just like Jack
and finish time yeah I can’t be I can’t be a good eye sees player with wolf I
figure that out but that was before Joker laughs so so I got it go ahead
Andy also all I’ve been away for hours long I also got the new PC oh yeah you
show that didn’t you say that on Twitter are you stopped like a picture on
Twitter I can show it to you right now let’s take a look at this ya know it’s
quite the Beast what’s the what’s the specs risin 730 700 eggs and a gtx 660ti
oh did you Morgan would you saw a lever for that er I got the early birthday
gift for my granddad Oh grand dad nice dad ecommerce : yeah
he covered for the processor and the motherboard and when I come to my actual
birthday I’m gonna replace the graphics card with something stronger so ok nice
so so what do you play I know you said you just find keyboard to sue so you got
this really decked out PC that looks like it looks like it literally could
take you over at some point so I’d be careful
that baby took a letter Mike develop it’s only eye and brain of its own and
like you’ll have a good mass effect situation on your hands devil this well
that’s all gb in the pc so it won’t take me over yes we’ll see about that
you know AI I like tech I have something I want to mention real quick I went
grocery shopping earlier and I went to a store called stop and shop lobby
probably might have heard of it not sure but basically there’s these robots that
were moving like on wheels that had cameras on them that would go around the
aisle like just to see if anyone’s like taking anything and I’m like thinking to
myself why do they need this do they really need this is this really a thing
like it’s a slowly the 6-foot robot just moving with wheels and has cameras on it
like mad as hell yeah I saw one of those when I went to Los Angeles to go play
the the fire boom demo with Nintendo I saw one of those in debt that and that
area was just going around going like yes like like what what’s that for I
didn’t even know what it was for dude like it I think it’s like a face it was
like a mobile cop or something like that like it was like a really crappy version
of Robocop why just walking around like taking pictures and doing stuff I’m not
really sure what it does but like I said Los Angeles is weird so but yeah I said
that’s a wise way of saying Florida yeah Florida they don’t go they don’t got
those they need crazy meters that’s what I’m saying in Florida like when you
touch like a like crosswalk or something they can gauge how crazy you are and
stop you right there in your tracks before you go do something crazy you
know that that’s what they need in Florida man but anyway alright any other
games I’ve been playing you know I think that’s I also also I also got to him on
the piece on the PC n-woo it’s amazing yeah I bet it’s super fast
yeah can you play them 4k on that PC no but I can’t play at almost 200 frames
per second 200 frames per second that that’s a lot of friends for a second
dreams alright so let’s go and let’s get to some of the topics here guys so I
asked everybody who’s here shoutouts to the 160 people Plus appreciate you guys
welcome we’ll welcome in the podcast back it’s been a while so I know some of
you guys are you know go back on YouTube but yeah we hear but
alright so let’s go to get into this first topic here guys we’re gonna talk
about firearm in three houses reviews those are starting to come out or
they’re actually 52 reviews so far our Metacritic and we’ve got ourselves a
winner one of the best strategy reviewed strategy RPGs of all time we currently
have an 88% on Metacritic now I know Andy is a huge fan of Fire Emblem but VC
also I know said I never thought I was never fun I haven’t played any of the
games oh yeah yeah then though see that’s a little different I play – our
dragon and Pat for radiance oh but me it’s been like a while since I’ve last
you also weren’t a big fan of the games I’m like a huge fan of Fire Emblem games
but I’ll go ahead I never said that I never said I wasn’t a fan of this of the
statue John there in tiny I just haven’t played any of the games but I meant like
you’re not a fan of Fire Emblem games because you haven’t played them so you
can’t be a fan something that you haven’t played
so yes yeah yeah so I’m guessing observer yes observer that’s okay no no
biggie and also VC not a huge fan of Iram
series but he picked up by him three houses based off of a wanted to tell me
what happened why you got the game BC yeah so there is a pole being made on a
previous stream I’m like if golden deer wins I’ll then consider getting the game
and everyone in the chat basin said we’re making sure VC gets the game and
me I got the game everyone voted golden deer and I’m playing the lead in my
first playthrough the altar to get that didn’t you
yep I had two vouchers I I had one which I’m waiting for Dragon Quest 11s and
then I had a spare one and I used the spare one for a fire emblem which I
can’t wait because all the reviews are looking great so I might the reviews are
looking pretty good also we’ve got a donation that just came
through thank you zilch ant 65 with the $5 – thanks for everything you did in
the aftermath of the etiquette situation you a good man I glad to see you back
streaming on YouTube love working with you yeah shoutouts all
Jenna would love to have you back on the podcast whenever it may be next time
definitely love to have you back on little dad’s been on a couple times as
well so yeah dude thank you oh yeah man Edeka legendary dude legendary legendary
content creator never be forgotten on this channel guarantee that as long as
I’m happenin ever ever you’ll never be for God so shut up
also got this etiquette merch going on right here so yeah I love loving the
very very high quality merch so make sure you guys go over to it just type in
Attica Attica merchan you’ll see it in google it’ll take you to the page yes
rest in rest in peace I think I’ll go home Joey c’mon boys at school keemstar
yeah and joy calm boys forever joy calm boys forever oh yeah
let’s see your dill jam with others five dollar donation it says I have the next
four weeks off on Thursday so hit me up alright I’ll definitely that well
welcome you to give me a games alright but thank you thank you so Jennifer ten
dollars I appreciate that man very very nice of you for the two donations all
right so let’s go ahead and let’s get into these reviews so 88% on Metacritic
you guys all know that I’ll obviously have a big fan I got to play it early
Nintendo let me you know get get it on there and I knew from the very beginning
when I first I was like this game is gonna be a really really good game this
game is gonna be really good I didn’t think it would hit what the best firearm
game in all time in terms of Metacritic reviews I didn’t think it hit a 93
because there’s there’s no way it was gonna get that high just because of the
type of game that it is I don’t think a strategy RPG can ever get that high
again but firearm Awakening was just something it was something nobody
expected it that’s the reason why it was shock value like people didn’t expect
the game to be as good as it was so that’s the reason why I got that high
but 88 still very good I’m reading out some of these reviews here you know
we’re seeing a lot of uh let me see I think on Twitter I posted a on
Metacritic right now actually if you want me to all my Metacritic right now
but I I mean I just posted some of the more notable websites IGN gave it a nine
point five out of ten – not enough not enough
Lucina that’s the reason why I didn’t get a ten out of ten not not enough
waifu not enough lucina’s GameSpot gave it a 9 out of 10 a Game Informer gave it
a nine point five out of ten GamesRadar gave it a five out of five and a
Destructoid gave it a nine point five out of ten those were the more notable
ones that I saw I don’t know VC did you catch anything else in terms of notable
ones and there’s 60 reviews so far so it could go up
weird they’re rising about this you know before the podcast I know Andy you were
saying that maybe you can see maybe getting to about 90% at its highest
at its highest yeah I was thinking is it gonna be 92 and 90 as well not 92 and
it’s looking here it says for GamesRadar you said it was 5 out of 5 and yep
pretty much they rated a hundred so they really like the game they say it has
this new meaningful direction for the franchise and not to say that that’s
what it needs cuz it already been through that scenario and its life
already with awakening but if they’re already as good as a game like awakening
then it should get a lot of people who are into this franchise and into this
type of game play to go get the game and it has also got 95 a Nintendo enthusiast
and even game informer and Destructoid also got 95 so you need to go game yeah
I’m seeing it here we got a couple like 90 a lot of 90s just overall just a lot
of 9 out of 10 oh yeah yeah I’m seeing like at least twenty thirty twenty
twenty or so 1990s I mean Spain gave it an 85 well there in Spain that’s the
reason why there wasn’t a Spaniard that was the main character the reason why we
don’t know about clouds we don’t know or Claude I don’t know don’t don’t do Spain
dirty like that is extra view I was this big I am I mean maybe eight point five
swine that stole of that stole very good very good very good smell great game
yeah and and and see net which I guess they made a review they said Fire Emblem
is intimidating knowledge there’s a casual mode but okay yeah these games
these reviews at the bottom are kind of garbage like Metro Metro Metro central
virtual Central’s I disappointingly clumsy attempt to evolve the Fire Emblem
formula that takes little advantage of being on the switch but the atom a
melodrama fun combat slow what what does that even
what does that even mean it sound like I just want to put a bunch of big words
together just make it look like yeah I play I played I played the game but what
is it a clumsy attempt to evolve the fireman formula the form of a they took
the same gameplay they even that contradicts himself but but the anime
melodrama and the fun combat still entertains but it’s a clumsy way
yeah yeah cuz the only way I can imagine him having a reason for calling it
clumsy is when set that mode where you can see the field in front of you
instead the top-down view maybe that mode could be a clumsy mode to play in
but you said you had fun so I guess it’s not that clumsy I don’t understand that
I don’t see how it’s clumsy – the game doesn’t play clumsy at all it’s actually
but hey it is it is what it is also damn Daily Star this six this sixty they
should they should revoke the reviewing license they said they should not be
allowed to review anymore what house are you picking oj it’s time for us to find
out I’ve already the video I know just came out today I know yeah but I’ll be
doing simultaneous like if you want my own personal pick if I wasn’t a content
creator and I’m only going through one playthrough at the beginning picking my
next one it’d be Claude it’d be the you know the the golden deer but I know what
you say and the upside down boy yes upside down boy that’s it upside down
and weird looking bow his bows like off-centered because of the like fun fun
outfit of that let me see if I can find anything
so yeah I’m picking him but I’m also doing a simultaneous playthrough of the
Black Eagles for a new series on youtube so I’ll be picking edelgard black eagles
and golden deer first so VC I know who’s your who’s your first pick well it’s
definitely a golden deer hands-down I like the whole crew of the group as
well I like every character and the waiter design before and after and after
my first playthrough I’m actually gonna go blue lines only because why save the
lackluster group in your opinion for last wouldn’t you rather have their
second favorite group be last to playthrough so I’m gonna have my Black
Eagles which is my second favorite be my last playthrough while my second
playthrough I’m glad to strug through all the blue line stuff well I see how
it is probably know it could be better I won’t know – I play I’ve heard that you
know I think that all the playthroughs are gonna be fun I don’t know you know
one is going to be so much like 10 times better than a lot of other playthroughs
but I mean I still think that up it’s just overall it’s gonna be a fun game to
go through no matter what you pick so I’m just a shadow go ahead
shadow can be mean speaking Italian shot what you say shadow came is being a
rebel in chat haha cuz he said I’m sad I won’t be getting no no no he says the
golden deer can suck a lemon last wait there at best he’s been playing he’s
been saying that for like the past like three weeks they can suckle he said that
literally every time anybody mentions the game have you been dreaming about
lemon Shadow King I don’t want to know what say that they can suck it that’s it
just been like his catchphrase it can suck a lemon I mean it’s like I don’t
understand what he has against them but hey whatever it’s sour
I guess cuz its lemon I guess I’m just saying like he’s been saying that like
every see every single time like every every single time man any some lemonade
he’s got so many that dude the golden deer construct so many lemons they’ve
got enough to make a lemonade stand like it’s they can just have one right out
there in the monastery dude but taking out that lemonade machine for Phineas
and Ferb first of all screwed a that’s so stupid
I don’t know yeah I never I never seen it actually but if you like to show any
it’s cool but it’s a good kind of stupid it’s a good kind of stupid I can’t stand
the drawings in that show man like they just look so dumb but then again that’s
what I said about Hunter hunter yeah now it’s one of your favorite animes yeah
well I saw that they look they look they just look so it looked so kiddie and it
looked like like why would I want to watch this you know hey what’d you say
nd it cut out it was a kid show what Phil is some verbs or whatever
yes oh yeah I know as a kid so I know it was on Disney it’s on Disney like XD or
whatever right or Disney yeah oh yeah I’m just talking like that jarring is
just I mean like I don’t mind kid shows like my code name kids next door that’s
a kid show that shows great you know yeah yeah I just like that show a lot it
shows really I mean if you watch it today like it’s it’s it’s it’s a good
show that’s kind of dumb from this other than Eddie that’s oh yeah that show
you’ll definitely some brain cells watching that show I learned a lot of my
best business practices from Eddie yeah that’s true but then you also learn
how to be a complete idiot from the big the big guy you know the nigga and your
whatever the big yeah he’s like and when they when they sent her things around
him you feel I feel like I’ve lost brain cells watching him operate and then also
who’s that that weird dude with the polite the plank that Johnny Oh Johnny I
literally made a plank when I was a kid yeah I really got a little plank and I
drew it exactly the same way as the show and I had to fly I’m so old because I
guess I was way too old for me what’s that what’s that show came out I was way
too old to do something like that but I know you guys were a lot younger when
that show was like super popular my 14 seasons of that show so oh well that’s
because it was a really good job yeah yeah it was the longest run I think it’s
the longest-running cartoon cartoon ever was Ed Edd n Eddy you have no idea how
disappointed I was and I found up jawbreakers only like this big no you
can get huge jaw breakers oh well well ones I’ve seen in any normal setting you
can’t find giant oh you guys seems like this and that’s it okay if you go to I
don’t think they have them anymore but in the Maldives to have these stores I
forgot it was a comic the candy shop or whatever where they just have all sorts
of different types of candy you can’t get those big old huge jaw breakers
everywhere like they’re not guys something I got Walmart and stuff but if
you go to specialize candy stores they have they’ve got these fat ass jack jaw
breakers that like Ed Edd and Eddy style like jawbreaker yeah we’re just off your
attire yeah yeah like they had those like when I was younger I remember when
Eddie and Eddie was super popular I was still older though because you know ed
ed and Eddy it’s just so like I was still older but like when I went to the
remember I went to the candy shop in the mall and they had like Edie and any
style jawbreakers and I bought one and I’ll just like just like okay this is
different that must mean of the episode of Kevin’s with this garage full of
jawbreakers and they had all kinds of joke make it small different different
cities and countries and such yeah they had a that candy shop had like it had
all sorts of cool candies in there and like you would be able to like you take
like the little scooper thing like you grab
aggghhhhh it’s kind of like Costco or whatever like if you have like a
contract it was like that or you just like shoveled them and then they weigh
it by the pound and then you couldn’t they have like foreign candy to like
foreign Swedes they had stuff imported from it like mango it was it was pretty
close pretty good stuff but then get cavities too much eating too much candy
from there I’m all the way on topic the Edit and movie was amazing
I didn’t see the movie I didn’t see they’ve all said it was the perfect end
to this to the series mmm see my problem is like I think the movie came out like
not at the very end of the series because like I remember they had like a
couple seasons afterwards where they had specials on TV really one of them they
went to the high school for the prom and stuff wasn’t that after the movie I
think at least I’m not sure I haven’t I haven’t seen the whole series out of all
of the cartoon cartoons ed Edd and Eddy is like halfway down my list so I
haven’t seen everything but I can tell you everything about Dexter’s Lab you
know that’s my favorite the giant mech fights are the best oh my god those were
the against man told you guys a story when I did that in my class like I was
like TJ and I got sent up to the office the principal was like or like the Vice
which was like why did you get like why did you get set up here I hear that you
would be the disturbance of cus I was like I was like I had too much the
superhero group that wasn’t bad they had a little mini shorts every episode 5
minutes I like that – that was always funny growlers called though you got the
episode you can buy the expansion pack separately you guys for people that are
asking about the expansion pack for for firearm boom you can buy it separately
because when you go to like if you buy the game physical when you go to the
when you go to the the menu there’ll be a DLC option then you can just buy it
there but anyway let’s go to move on to the
next topic here guys so the reviews are really good hey make sure you guys hit
that like button we’re only at 76 likes we should probably be like at like 200
likes you guys want me to continue doing this show on YouTube guys we better hit
200 likes let’s go better hurry up before he moves it on over exact place
that rhymes if sweat I will do it I will I will do it damn it
all right next up is Nintendo Nintendo the joy Khan the joy Khan gate joy Khan
gate is somewhat over the site is the saga continued drifting joy Khan
drifting there’s that’s been a big topic that’s been recently about that and
there was a lawsuit but now Nintendo was saying at least here in the US the good
old guy love USA I should play the guile music while we doing here in the good
old US you’re gonna be able to send in your joy Khan’s if you have issues and
get them fixed for free even if they’ve made you pay for joy con like repairs
before you can get a refund on that so they’ll give you a refund and apparently
from what I’m seeing like what users are saying a lot of people are getting their
joy comments fixed no problem very easy fast shipping so there you go that would
that was that there was an internal memo that was sent out Nintendo didn’t make
any formal announce but at this point but basically that’s what’s going on
it’s just like an internal memo being sent out and yeah so you can get the toy
cars fixed so I guess we can talk about any experiences that we’ve had so far
with Nintendo’s service when it comes to signing in repairs or joint come on
issue so Andy I’m gonna start with you first
Andy did you experience any drifting and what’s what are they seeing over there
in Norway when it comes to this type stuff I have never had any of the any
these kinds of issues like I swear I’m one of the few people in the world that
has like perfect joint cons because you know you remember my back in launch
where they had that you know that this connecting issue yeah never have that
yeah at all you never even had a disconnect thing is you know I I tried
my best to block the signal signal and it was just still be you know perfect
like even right behind my back even will still be just perfect i I do want to
mention this real quickly I already have some people try to say all the lawsuit
seem to push a response the lawsuit didn’t put the lawsuit didn’t push
anything the lawsuit did literally nothing Nintendo was already planning
this beforehand just like they were planning like with the disconnecting
stuff and people were getting that fixed for free they were already playing think
this all happened at the right time everything like just happened the way it
did it was fate I don’t know it’s possible I don’t see here’s a couple
reasons here’s a couple reasons why here’s a
couple reasons why I don’t think so because when you’re talking about a
business as big as Nintendo large-scale degeneration of corporation as big as
Nintendo they don’t do stuff off of a snap of a
finger they have to talk things out with Nintendo of Japan they have to go
through different things first they have to go through many different different
stuff and their legal department isn’t in the same they’re not in the same
category with their people that are making decisions on like repairs and
stuff like that instead they’d already been from what I understand and that’s
the reason why I had a complete confidence in the first place that
they’re gonna get something done with this Nintendo already was working on it
the best like how do we tackle this the best option of the best way when it
comes to Nintendo of America the lawsuit just came up and intend to Nintendo
wasn’t gonna care about that what they’re gonna care about is making sure
that they help out their customers and if people were having that issue just
like the whole disconnecting thing once that started getting traction people
started getting repairs for free on that even if it was out of warranty Nintendo
would still repair that for at least from what I understand I’m here in the
u.s. so if people that the lawsuit Nintendo would have Nintendo would have
bought them and that loss the lost souls cord regardless yeah they would have
destroyed him that lawsuit I mean they also were suing Nintendo of America like
are you gonna really sue America’s in the 10th oh come on that’s the wrong one
they don’t make a say it’s exactly the same they’re they’re marketing brands
but although they do handle consumer like products in terms of like hey we’re
selling this so that’s who that you you would you would sue but I don’t think
Nintendo was worried about quoted on message boards like if you got like like
I said a class-action lawsuit for met like and people using message boards not
actual demonstrations of okay this joy come was broke or blah blah blah this
and that Nintendo could quote a bunch of people on message boards that say they
have no issues with their joint cons you know what I’m saying so like you can you
can do the same thing there’s and there’s tons of people saying that as
well so that was the reason why I said they’re not worried about the lawsuit
they’re just worried about making sure that this was the best like you know in
terms of like fixing like what would be the best way to fix the issue here
that’s my opinion don’t think I had anything to do with the lawsuit I don’t
think Nintendo was worried about that I don’t think it pushed pushed really
anything either because they weren’t gonna win the loss but that company
wasn’t gonna win the loss of you look on vs. how many people in the chat is
saying that well that’s like and that’s what I said like a lot of people it’s
easy to say that because oh well that’s the easy thing to say but a lot of
people don’t have any inside information a lot of people don’t
really know a lot people that buy dental products don’t even know how mint endo
works and that’s the reason why I said I got information intended was looking at
what would be the best solution that’s the reason why I wasn’t worried I wasn’t
worried about the lawsuit and I wasn’t worried about like I said I wasn’t
worried about Nintendo having to be sued in order to make a make a change
that’s stupid Nintendo would never be allowed to be like be pressured like
that from a let’s just be honest here are very kind of a ring looking yeah a
very low tier lot lot like of my company or not like the but like law firm this
isn’t like a high-profile law firm or anything like that like Nintendo would
never be pressured by somebody in that case not if they got like some type of a
super lawyer or something like that that deals with this then okay maybe that was
the case but I don’t think Nintendo’s being pressured by these people that are
obviously looking for a settlement so they can get their lawyer fees I mean
that’s pretty clear that’s what these these people were looking for you know
yeah each person like that people have people have to realize these things
doesn’t happen overnight you know the take you know some of these companies
can find out before people start reacting to it true yeah that’s true as
well yeah so I I just I just don’t think that
oh here’s a lawsuit okay now we gotta change everything we’re worried like
there’s no way in hell Nintendo works what works like that there’s like
there’s there’s no way like they just they just don’t have somebody like I
said oh I do have some sources here and there and Tendo had already been twitch
I told you guys that Nintendo had already been talking about what’s the
best way but it’s not gonna happen overnight so I mean anybody thinking
that oh well yeah like this if anything if anything Kotaku’s article that was
more of a okay well you know that if anything had more impact it wasn’t the
lawsuit it was more of the article and more people may be talking about a
Nintendo saying okay what’s the best way to to do this that have more impact than
a rinky-dink lawsuit from a from a budget firm trying to trying to get
trying to get money trying to get money from a sub from a big settlement you
know what I’m saying like yeah that had more impact than anything cuz the
antenna works with Kotaku a lot like a lot so so yeah well you already know me
with my joy cons and even my pro controller I have drift on three joy
cons out of for and my Pro Bowler just started
getting drift about a week ago and I’m going to send mine in very soon
the only thing is I don’t want to have only one joy Khan in the house and and
that’s it you know I mean I don’t so I may have to leave my pro controller here
and wait from the three Joey Khan’s to come back when I do do that but I want
to just clear the South away electrical cleaner is a temporary case to solve the
situation it only helps temporarily I’ve done it a handful times the problem is
the internal part of the joystick itself it uses a type of thin graphite that’s
very brittle and it’s very easy to break so of course the whole rest of it is
made out of good quality materials but just the joystick part that graphite bit
it’s very very easy to break easy to scratch an easy brittleness so if they
fix that in the future Joey Kahn’s coming up with the revision and also
with the light that’d be perfect that’d be amazing honestly because I
like to joy cons even though they’re a little small I do like them and look
playing with them but just that stick man that stick is not good my going at
em yes I’ve been using these story cons since that first day I got them and I’ve
been using I’m in a lot of places and they still work very funny
yeah I don’t know I think me personally I think the way I play may be a little
more aggressive my fingers I assume that maybe the only reason I would think that
I mean I play so my question games okay so my cursing game sweetie sign even
then you know you know you can you can see slugs like the can you see it like
the patches on on the controls how much I know it’s not the Hangout yeah still
too close yeah but I totally understand what you’re trying to show but the
problem is internally and also if dust dust can get in internally but that’s
what the electrical cleaners for to clean that out but you can’t change the
graphite part that’s underneath a joystick that’s something that you can’t
change it’s also another thing about people being overreacted about this if
they if this is how do you think should have been then people should have been
overreacting about the PlayStation Fools sticks breaking up so early I think the
the biggest thing about the difference with this is that it seems widespread in
my opinion I seem more often it could be it could be or people could just be
saying that wheel we don’t necessarily know for sure people could just be
saying stuff just to say but one thing that I’ve learned over the Internet is
not to trust everything that people say over the Internet and sometimes people
hop on to a bandwagon just because but I mean definitely because of the
popularity of the switch and because of it seems like people are definitely
variable like the joy cons are like you know they’re like the main thing you get
with the system and they’re expensive yeah whereas like I guess position
controllers aren’t as expensive so I mean and there’s like you know the
third-party controllers and stuff like that so that I think that’s the major
difference between them yeah there’s all there’s all sorts of issues with ps4
controllers and Xbox one controllers and things like that but it’s not gonna go
as much as like with the joy cons considering the type of controls the joy
columns are and also because the system is new the ps3 ps4 those are old so
that’s the I think that’s that’s the main reason why there’s a lot of a thing
I hate about the PC has spoken to all that another thing also is that joy
Khan’s surecount controllers sell I’ll believe it or not they sell a lot better
than other controls of the more people buy multiple pairs of them so that’s
also another thing as well so yeah I mean for like say Super Mario Party you
take me buying two controllers that can be one controller as well yeah well yeah
exactly but people are always buying like the different colors and things
like that you know so I think that’s it and like I said I think it’s good that
Nintendo you know came out but like I said before I had a source you know
obviously you know that was saying hey they’re looking they’re looking at it
even before this they were they were look like you just get your source
folder and you just pull it out out of a drawer and like here’s my source right
here oh no I just said I’ve had ii-i’ve got some contacts in there and all I was
told or that I know that they were there they were looking into it they’re just
but the same thing that they told everybody else pretty for the most part
they’re hey they’re looking into it nothing’s gonna happen overnight but I’m
glad more so than the article more like I don’t think the velocity was
rinky-dink like I was the lawsuit was was like super like antenna I wasn’t
sweating over that lawsuits mostly like I said some those budget lawyers they’re
just looking for a settlement and now that now it’s funny now that no issued
that statement and doing what they’re doing
funny how there’s been no statement from the lawyers you know what I’m saying now
they’re like oh snap you know because they were never looking they were never
looking for you guys they were never looking for you guys they were looking
for a case they were looking for case than they were looking to take a
settlement and they’re looking to get their fees from that they weren’t
looking the best thing for the consumer there’s been no statement from them
despite that being popular news despite now that it’s pretty much factual not at
this point you know that they’re doing that for free and there’s been no update
from them like ok yeah oh that’s it that is trying to get some sheep money yeah
exactly like they were just trying to see if I can get a quick get a quick lot
like which I don’t know why they would do that because obviously it wasn’t
edible even if it was gonna fight it so I don’t know I think it was like I said
it was either a couple that’s why I said it’s a cloud action lawsuit either but
trying to get their name in the papers because which is super popular you know
and everybody’s buying its number one selling system and anytime that the
system salesmen you could attack you can attach the whole oh there’s a lawsuit Oh
with this firm so they were trying to get their name out there or they were
trying to get a quick settlement so either okay one they knew that they
weren’t gonna win obviously they knew they weren’t gonna win but hey we can
still get clout we can still get people talking about this we can still get
people mentioning our name and it doesn’t cost us a lot of money just to
file something so I think that was the biggest thing because they haven’t
mentioned anything this is your lawsuit right this is your your we’re all your
your defendants you know or your clients why haven’t used issued a statement at
this point now that Nintendo’s doing this where’s this thing there is no
statement because you guys are buttered because you’re not gonna get your money
and the clouds gone you know slumming that that’s the reason why I said was a
class action lawsuit you know it’s like all those ridiculous lawsuits against
rockstar games you know it’s not going anywhere
yeah oh and think about that though is like when it comes to like the joystick
drift and comparing it to like let’s say the red ring and death of course both
situations are horrible because in one situation you’re playing a game and
you’re literally unable to make the inputs you want to play which can result
in you losing a life or any of those bad things I can happen can happen of joy
con drift having red rain your systems done you’re done you know I mean you
have to get a whole new system so yeah I mean that comparison can’t really work
for those people who do make that comparison
however joystick drift joy con drift is a problem because even on the pro
controller is drift so I it’s something internally as I mentioned before nets
and thank you differently I know you said that with the pro controller but I
like I said I have multiple code Pro controllers that I’ve used and I have
not had a single drifting issue when we were playing splatoon
is drifting so much the other day the first two matches obviously drifting so
bad like I couldn’t move forward like I have to Paris I have turned the cameras
I have to turn the camera with my right stick and move sideways left to right in
order to move forward Mike and so I can’t see what’s in front of me
you have the worst looking ever all your joy cones and your pro controller yeah
but the problem is the probe chiller is great and I had no drift until a year
and a half later so it really took me a while to even start getting drift but my
second pair took five months to get any drift which that’s a problem that
shouldn’t happen in five months if a year and a half I was like okay makes
sense five months later nah that’s a problem and the pro controller I’ve had
for a while too about a year and a half yeah this is my launch model one and yep
I had mine once Odyssey dropped like it’s it’s not a sick you see I used it
for Zee no I use it for splatoon I used it for arms I use it for pretty much
every game not a single not a single issue with it but hey that’s just me and
even on a Xenoblade when I would play on handheld like I would be playing and
then my right joystick with angled downward so then it would do like a
top-down view and I have to always push it down to fix it every time so people
ask you some questions about Fire Emblem Fire Emblem and it’s a game that there’s
fast travel within the monastery the game you go straight into missions and
other places you don’t like fast travel there so just consider that there’s fast
travel in the monastery but then there’s not like all your missions like your
story missions you just hand right into it and you’re on the map so there’s no
need to fast travel to a story mission but but then the Garrick mark monastery
you can fast travel to any location that you’ve already visited so there you go I
imagine in that game it doesn’t have an open map no there’s not like you don’t
walk around like in like the field like it’s not like xenoblade basically you
have a you have the monastery where you walk around and do side quests and stuff
but anytime that you want to do like let’s say a actual story mission you
don’t walk to that story mission it just it shows a founders calendar and it
drops you into the map and then like a cutscene will play out and then you head
into the battle that that’s how fireman games work and then after the battles
done another cutscene and then you head back into the monastery or you head back
to wherever you’re going next and that’s the thing about that that calendar thing
since I started playing persona recently it got me interested in that kind of
game set setting where it’s like you follow the calendar
do each things different days and stuff and that kind of setting I think is what
makes me a little more interested in this game compared to previous titles
yeah yeah okay well let’s go ahead let’s move on to the next topic here guys
we have Oni naki I know we talked about this a little bit but there’s actually
some other information that came out with Anunnaki and the demo it seems like
there’s going to be a physical version of the game in Europe which we
necessarily didn’t know beforehand guys if you guys are a lot of you guys are
asking fireman questions guys go on my I’ve been making Fire Emblem videos like
for this whole week I’ve been like for the past month I’ve been making fireman
videos literally talking about every single aspect about the game why aren’t
you guys watching my videos why are you guys asking me all these basic questions
you’re about for the last month why are you guys not been like I’ve been
literally making videos answering every single thing in the title like answering
all you guys’s questions I bet I’ve been doing all this you guys are
disrespecting my work that I’ve done on Fire Emblem you guys are asking all
these will hold on to random Q&A and I’ll answer you guys questions but holy
smokes watch my videos and you’ll get all these answers I literally answered
all these in my every single video that makes like and people asking all these
basic questions about fire y’all slacking yo y’all slacking right now
alright so the only Oni naki it is gonna oh a legume what’s up avatar my boy what
up you here man yeah man just got off from work oh man I didn’t want to make
you rush to get here dude if you want now you’re good I’m in the car right now
I had it all right bro go talk to your family go talk to your wife and your
kids raw I’m gonna come in a baby right now everybody’s in the car saying put
your pig your life on your iPod is very terse those like nope
no stay with me yeah that’s just like a native man you never you know unless you
post the picture all right well tell tell tell her I said hi everybody here
on the podcast players and says hi to you and your family yo just heading home
now cuz ya work I didn’t do anything to know that refused don’t like no I’m
gonna doing it today I’ll wait I make up to two hours on
Saturday I’m going to an 8 so I feel a lot better
so uh you came in a bit late of course and but that’s ok I wanted to get your
opinion on the firearm reviews I know you probably haven’t launched any or
anything but are you planning on picking up the game I think you are but I are
you final picking up the game and what do you think about the 88 Metacritic so
far well I did see the 88 Metacritic it was interesting because I gotta say that
this would be about like between 85 90 percent of higher if I recall yeah
Metacritic reviews and then um well first make sure question I already got
the game I got the game already with foam marble from the Lions with the
voucher pass so we’ve obvious trimming at midnight
Spain so I’m excited to play but right now it’s expected this is like a great
console fireman game this long-awaited been playing for a long time so I
decided nothing but high reviews for it okay nice nice I’m glad to hear that
you’re able to pick it up and everything but that’s that’s you know the thing
about fire boom it’s time you know is that why did you go digital voucher save
money you say yeah that’s that’s the only reason why I say I say 20 bucks
okay okay that’s true that’s true it it is a nice deal for those looking to
get those those two games we are also talking about recent games that we’ve
been playing so if you want to let let let the of the people know with anything
you’ve been playing recently men Marvel Ultimate Alliance but fire right now
Marvel’s with Alliance I’m in Wakanda right now so I hope I just got black
pants on my team so I’m really loving loving what I have so far with this game
this is is better than I expected it’s like one thing that I say and it’s just
anybody watching if you’re interesting types of roles play for yourself really
tonight don’t really really rely on so many reviews got a lot of reviews that
I’ve saw they left out the online fact your friends had this game it’s a lot
more fun plainness with friends oh it’s a blast online I was watching you play
the other day with caking and everyone yeah it’s so much it’s so much fun okay excuse the dog bark alright okay well in
terms of my own I did play marbles I didn’t say that but I did put more
alternate lines this week I haven’t beaten it yet though I need to be the
idea that I need to get back into it I’ll be honest I’ve been delinquent on
that one but uh but yeah I need to get back to it more vault Alliance is it’s a
very fun game it’s a very fun game I’m like pretty much I’m past the iron fist
part so I know I’m about three foot four or five hours in somewhere in that so
yeah I’m having fun though I’m having fun and I’m definitely going to I’m
definitely going to to get back to it but alright so let’s go and let’s get
into this last part here guys we talked about Oni naki the physical version of
the game I guess it’s gonna be a spurt and exclusive Square Enix store
exclusive in Europe so Andy’s gonna be able to get a physical copy of anunnaki
but me and BC are not gonna be able to get physical copies of own Enochs it is
making up for Megaman 11 and Japan’s gonna get
physical copy of anunnaki which we can import I guess well at least in America
we can fix our joy Kahn’s boycott no that’s fair the funniest
thing was like I made it I made it’s obviously a joke right because you know
UK Europe they get these cool special editions that sometimes we don’t get you
know and I made a joke saying oh well this is poetic justice for for you know
you guys getting how you guys getting all these special editions and I put
like the crying face emoji like just like laughing and like there’s people
that guys so salty you you joy guns that’s not justice you I can’t believe
you got the city fake I’m like oh my god y’all need to get the joy con out of
your butts it’s not being so stuck I’ll stop being so strung out relax okay it’s
a deal it’s a joke but now this is poetic justice I’m happy that y’all
don’t get your joy guns fixed let me get that overall edition and then and you
guys are getting that game boy Link’s Awakening edition like ya know it’s not
a joke it’s actually I’m serious now I’m serious cuz some of y’all got all pissy
about it good be mad I’m follow me on twitter be mad you know
what it’s not a joke y’all be getting all these cool special editions that we
don’t get I heard some people say that oh well the UK or the u.s. gets special
treatment over the UK and all that as like how it’s like what special
treatment do we get what is this thing what is it this one person said it
earlier on I need answers what’s the special treatment and you live in Norway
what do we get any special treatment over you guys what do you think la well
let me just get the Europe treatment so is there any does anybody here live in
the UK and feel that we Americans get better treatment than like then then
people in UK or anything like that what’s what’s the special treatment that
people are saying oh no what’s the comment say well oh I was
gonna actually ask Abaddonn but he thinks it’s exactly make this is making
on for that that part of the world special edition where we didn’t get most
of the stuff you Americans got what what a breath of the wild have over here we
just got the the the soundtrack and the masterful
statue and I was and I was bummed out because I wanted that pouch that’s which
house oh okay yeah that’s not but the the big theme in that was the sword
though but I didn’t care about the sword okay yeah I wonder that pouch okay yeah
I I have the tops it’s actually pretty cool pouch it’s like a pretty little
carrying case for the switch yeah it’s pretty anything can you send me send it
over to me Hey I just feel quick I got a question how is your experience up with
Joey Kandra right Oh day one day one all right because I’m
17 not that’s pretty high this is day one I
this is day one but I never D complained about it because I bought a appropiate
order the same day why didn’t you send them in for them to get um when I heard
when I heard about it I was like oh cool every summer I thought about it I had
added work was a few other things so now that I’m actually free for the night I
may actually set that up and get them fixed now yeah it’s my joint kind trip
it’s really easy Mike yeah my joy Congress that was something
that I had when I first first got the switch and I was like oh it’s not
something that’s a problem but now that my son is starting to play games you
know um this is something that I want to really look into so I could actually you
know you know have a better experience for him when he plays yeah that yeah
definitely alright with the with the hole but like
because here’s the thing like even that it’s out of warranty since you got it in
2017 Nintendo is still gonna fix those I got my joy counts fixed one time my left
cheek on my smash brothers Joy cons are fine but I’ll be honest guys I don’t use
the joy cons enough probably there might be some but I don’t use them enough and
they fix they they work every time I know there was like some drifting one
time on my smash ones but I recalibrated it
and it never had a problem but then again I don’t I’ll be honest I don’t use
it a ton because when I do play in portable mode I only play for a little
bit and then I’m like I fall asleep so that’s that’s the only thing but maybe
maybe there is some more but anyway I got my face long enough you’re not going
on those flights for like four hours five hours I will be later next year I
am gonna be traveling to some places but uh but yeah yeah I don’t really go on I
know I use my switch back in 2017 I did go to Hawaii and I use my search there
was no joke on shift there any problems there I played legend I put like I
probably put about I was in Hawaii for a week and I probably put about 40 hours
until breath the wild when I was little I so you laying on the beach while in
Zelda you’re on the beach well dude I actually did do that a gallon I was at
the beach I have a little sea and I had the big old huge umbrella and I was just
chilling and playing Zelda you know so yeah actually I actually did do that it
was great it was a good it was a good time it was a good time um it’s like
it’s like it’s like me when I whenever I go to Spain I always take my switch on
the airplane and you know play against there how long do you like to get to
Spain from from where you’re at five hours oh okay sort of not too bad but oh
yeah that’s a decent flight not get along at all yeah good it’s that’d be
enough time for you to you know play some games maybe take in the app or you
know with awesome then lost our marbles on the ievo Sphinx on the Cabana almost
the whole time mmm sonic beam is a great game for like
a plane yeah last time I was on a flight the person sitting directly next to me
also had a switch so you can imagine how fun that was yeah just put some blames
got pad you play Donkey Kong tropical freeze which made it worth $60 since
we’re playing together on the plane that’s the best 60 bucks you could spend
but playing games like that a friend’s special on a plane today the best Easi
don’t see the person yeah yeah 12 pickle fries is the best platform on the switch
like not Oh top top ten by far easy it’s definitely
worth the price even if it’s an extra price hike compared to the Wii U it’s
not worth it it’s not worth but it came out years ago it’s 20 on the Wii U now
it’s 20 on the Wii U go buy it there it’s not hey hey I’ve got a
4:20 on the way you and that’s still bolted on the switch see see I got 420
on the WiiU and didn’t buy on the switch I’m waiting for it to be 40 bucks again
because there’s 40 bucks tear it like a few weeks ago yeah
so you’re inviting aprox 25 years oh no I feel like it would be 40 you can buy
Black Friday I have faith I have faith in it it’s totally worth it cuz I
already bought it and beat it once already so oh and we’re gonna start talk
about or Nanaki right yeah well you already I realize that you already
described like your play through it and I haven’t played it yet has Andi played
it nope what about Abaddon have you played it I use muted he’s probably doing with his
kids but anyway let’s go let’s get it I think that that’s it for the topic stops
let’s go to let’s get into the Q&A there’s been people are already asking a
bunch of questions so if you guys have questions I think I have answers for you
guys and I’m all the way my thing on the questions I just want to share this
peace of heart I found on Twitter to it a few days ago
I think you won’t like it or day what’d you say I said shared a piece of art in
the shower oh the fireman three houses are okay
yeah I’ll put it up here so you guys can see it upside upside down boy Claude
people saw all right so let’s go and let’s get into these questions if you
guys have a question I’ve got answers for you I think I think I have answers
for you I think so you guys ask me your questions you can tag me a player since
we’re player essence I’ll be more than happy to answer questions the
distribution is easier than full worldwide release what do you talk about
some of the joy comes from art right now for what we understand I guess like some
parts aren’t getting like the all like the the joy con
fixing or whatever so guess that this new person will be at joy even the u.s.
at least because everyone else will be calm some somber says QA do you think we’ll
ever get PvP and viral I think maybe in the next the next the next main fireman
game will get PvP in that one because fates had it Awakening didn’t abaca fit
but fates had it I think Shadow Dragon also had it too I think there might have been some other
games but I know shadow juice so I think shadow yeah Shadow Dragon and fates
there might have been some other ones that had it but I know those two got it normal questions guys I might actually
like you patrol questions hey I’m back I’m finally home
no Abaddon what’s up mad you didn’t happen you got a lady home you got home with our arm why get off work so what’s
what’s what’s it gonna take to get your wife on the podcast dude how much we got
a bribe what do we got a bribery with what’s she like Chanel Gucci what we got
a bribe her with fees she’s just like anti cameras and you had the catcher in
a moment so it’s all good though it’s all good I’m just joking I don’t want to
pressure into something that I know I know but they face for armed still
having me on it’s like I had a feeling he’s looking all around this time I just
say you know what no I don’t feel like perfect today GameStop is a being game
stuff so I have to be there I can’t five o’clock today to get these
stupid pins I fell you you you listen it’s for the stream today I understand
yeah I got my I got my stream set up and everything so I’m chilling for us
tonight super dingus or actually let me let me
answer tttd says question for the coast what do you what do you guys think one
of the selling what do you what do you guys think of a one-week selling of
Nintendo’s Marvel Ultimate Alliance three the black order what do you think
about the sales this week so far like just charts basically the game is like
it was like Amazon bestsellers it was on the eShop bestsellers in the US we had
been G sales who does who has some sources with inside stuffs in saying
that it’s one of the top selling games here in the US in terms of this year one
of the top selling switch exclusives I had some of the other big games that
have came out this year so so yeah it’s basically or like
like Mortal Kombat you know and stuff like that so so yeah basically it’s
selling its selling good we don’t have the numbers yet so that’s basically he’s
just saying this is the general question and I don’t really know really if SVG
jobs is invalid all right so let’s move on to the next question here
super dingus was talking about distribution yeah UK smaller
distributions easier I mean I understand that but like there’s like no
distribution at all here in the US Murdoch welco says no question looking
forward to the gameplay tonight it’s not my genre but really looking forward to
watching it all right cool I’ll have that me and have it on are
both gonna be streaming Emma Williams says will there be any DLC for Fire
Emblem new scenarios anything yeah there will be I had a video on the channel
about that oh my I can I just talked about a
multiple times on the channel well yeah there’s never I’m not gonna say it but
yeah I’m Williams the others deal see I have a video on it so just look at my
fire boom tab and you’ll see that just or just type in expansion pass you’ll
see I detail all that so so yeah absolutely this has a question actually
not to cut you off going up Rita he says Oh Jay did you see
that new picture of Dora from the movie no no I did not
I’m not answered it like there’s no there’s no punch line for me to even
make a joke about it no I did see Oh Jo Dee’s free for the week because
you know Baron and Jordan are in here this week so it’s like but lassie last
week you guys tried it if you guys fell flat Baron was like what do you like
what Ben was trying so hard and he got nothing it was like that’s the Lincoln
Park so you have to explore far to find a constant all right so let’s go ahead
and move on to the next question here and he says room says you will probably
will go till morning well yeah I’ll probably go for at least three hours so
yeah definitely be morning let’s see here it’s made knocked over here so I
have a lot of hours then you got a while it’s amazing if you can see my window
it’s dark out there now super dingus says do you think that intelligent
systems will ever ranch the give me a branch off to make
different types of games like codename steam again yeah I think so
they already made like Paper Mario so I think that they might make another Paper
Mario game or I think that they might make like they’ll make something else at
some you know I think we need a new Paper Mario game yeah the question is
what kind of stone will it be what kind of game would it be styled game time you
know I I would like I would really like to see them make like a like in it I can
adventure game like more like a 3d action like you mentioned I think that’d
be kind of cool for them and me some people are asking about you guys’s house
picks Andy’s not getting the game but uh Avedon and go over there I’m getting I’m
getting something else tomorrow though what are you getting tomorrow I said
that’s on the pipe okay that’s cool personally I start playing it you should
definitely uh get it I already plugged in eighty hours tomorrow golden deer for
you to VC yep golden deer that’s the weak core in there all the way all right
Harley van winkle says how do y’all go about importing I want that tsumtsum
console but don’t know how to go about it play Asia is the best way to import
so go on the website play Asia calm and they’ll have it there and it is
expensive get ready to drop 500 to $600 for that I’m about to say half a G yeah
you get ready to drop half a G so you might want to you might want to sue zoom
and not get the doom doom like soon soon the boom boom your account that’s what’s
gonna happen your cat’s gonna go boom boom after you see soon that’s how I’m
feeling about the Dragon Quest version of oh yeah because I want it so bad I
believe in 30 bucks for that dragon I know and that’s an extra hundred thirty
you know what you’re better off doing you’re better off paying somebody to
replicate those joy cons and paying somebody to replicate the doc like paint
it you’ll actually spend less on getting somebody dead like if you switch your
eyes berry lights though that’s true you know you don’t get that
but you’re better off finding like a custom artist that can just not use like
the little non like peeling paint and just sending your joy comes in to them
or finding somebody locally in town and letting them paint your joy cons with
that then buying that zum-zum Disney yeah and get it back and it looks like a
bad tattoo the way it’s yeah well if you find a quality good person they’d be
able to do or even like GK who’s been on the channel before he does custom joy
cons and custom Doc’s and stuff like that so alright let’s let’s get through
these questions here Thank You Jo you can Thank You Man I
appreciate that let’s see you’re moving on to the next question
when you said that highest rated strategy RPG XCOM on the Metacritic 360s
at 90 a firearm has a 88 yeah but that was a long time ago that’s on the 3x
come on that’s a 360 I didn’t say firearms the highest rated
strategy RPG of all time I didn’t say that
I said that it’s one of the highest rated recent ones that’s what I meant
like recently there hasn’t been anything on there so yeah I’d say his whole
argument is invalid just like you said it’s all about recency it’s the best
most recent rated strategy game XCOM like like I said I didn’t say it’s
the greatest rated I didn’t say it’s the greatest weighted strategy game of all
time I didn’t say that yeah every day not alright so next up is super super
dingus and he says do you think that because supports the pre time-skip
are limited to b and c ranks and the storytelling will suffer in the first
half of the game no that’s thinking way too much let’s
see here supports aren’t this supports aren’t the basis of the story it’s the
cutscenes and what they say to each other not the supports you can play
through a Fire Emblem game and not do the supports or whatever the case is and
still get a great story that has nothing to do with the support system in the
game that’s just extra side stuff that you get yeah the story if the game is
based off of supports the storytelling isn’t that good in the first place
depends a lot people will miss some of the best parts of the game
so no store Fire Emblem storytelling it’s all about the cutscenes and the
stuff that you’re gonna see no matter what not not supports alright let’s keep
it going here the strategy minx says do you think that
firearm fanbase will continue to become less divided and the release of three
houses there’s not a here’s let me tell you something right now maybe I can get
the old fire the old-school firearm base they don’t it doesn’t matter what they
say I’ll be honest the people that are crazy about the old-school fireman games
it doesn’t really matter what they say because the old games came out and those
games didn’t sell the game that with all the old-school fans that try to puff
their chest out and they make it seem as if those games are so much better well
where were you guys at when path of Radiance was out why wasn’t that game a
two million seller like awaking where are you guys at
when radiant dawn you know that people say it’s so great why blah blah rady and
dawn and that’s on the Wii with a hundred million install base in that
game sold like trash where were you guys on the DS with Shadow Dragon which was a
great remake of one of the Fire Emblem games with online play where you guys at
been so I don’t want I really don’t want to hear any of those I thought in that
one absolutely I thought I I know you did but the game did not then the DS is
the greatest selling Nintendo console or device of all time and nobody showed up
so I don’t really feel like hearing old-school fire it’s like people talk
and all you guys almost damn near killed the franchise with your inclusiveness
and your nobody else can play it it needs to be extremely hard and all this
stuff like so I don’t want to hear anything anything you know the franchise
that we talked about is on Nintendo handheld consoles I mean to me it’s not
as bad like it’s not there’s some stuff that’s the same but it’s not as bad but
like this like the old-school people that are all hardcore old-school your
friend your game would be dead if Nintendo continued to go the same route
that they went there that there’d be no more firing room games so I don’t want
any I don’t really don’t feel like carrying like old-school fans say stuff
if you don’t like the new games that’s fine go play the old games they don’t
they’re not going anywhere there they’re still around go play them they’re still
out there though beat the game on the hardest difficulty and not lose a single
unit you know go challenge yourself I don’t know but I don’t want to hear it
because this fractions would be dead so that’s my thought but anybody else have
anything to add go ahead you know what I won’t be surprised to see some of those
some of the people that ruined your website what’s those kinds of Fire
Emblem entities those also an elitist maybe I mean I don’t know if there was
too many crossover between that maybe maybe not but
it is what it is by the way I played Oni naki on the maniac load the whole time
and I only died like three times like it’s not that hard at all so if any of
you are playing in the Oni naka game or the demo just definitely play on maniac
mode it’s very easy it’s not a hard game at all because I’m singing maniac oh I’m
gonna take a long time at this demo it’s gonna beat me up all the time nope nope
it’s almost not a breeze but it was an enjoyable adventure where I only
struggled a tiny bit on a boss they got it that was like that was like me but
nice when I saw the plane doom on PC I started playing it in ultraviolence
which is the hot moat oh yeah I never did that I do sob ass curses I heard
that week to week sales of the switch console is down do you think people are
holding off for revised revised and light versions that could be but you’ll
see the cells go right back up cuz firing rooms coming out so sales always
fluctuate so it could be but then again if we went with that logic then next
week sales would be down again then right but no it’s not going to because
firing rooms come you know but yeah there’s probably some people holding out
for it but probably no but I mean like we haven’t got the sales for America so
we don’t pay that there is no so you must be talking about Japan but no the
sales flux rate there’s times where it goes down then it goes back up and it
goes down I mean that’s just how sales are before the holiday that is the
hardest mode lunatic mode probably not but we’ll see people ask me if I’m in a
stream that lets your shadow King says you guys gotta tag me if you want me to
answer your question Shadow King says I bet these elitist for firearm secretly
enjoy the new school games but we’ll riot but will not publicly MIT that is
100% true some of them are like that I’m I’ve actually caught a couple people
red-handed but no names in the fire Fire Emblem community were they I was trying
to make a pun like that they I’ve caught some people within that saying basically
using alt accounts to say good things about fire arm awakening a Fire Emblem
fates but then say bad things on their main account I’m just like man y’all got
too much time on your hands some of y’all got too much that’s why I don’t
like to sit there and claim any part of a fan base like I used to be part of the
Resident Evil fanbase that out of that crap I used to be Fire Emblem fanbase
now I make my own fan base I got my own I got my own fans of iron that
follow me and what I say not the other way around I don’t I’m not part of the
firemen Bambi’s I got my own bad days of firemen fans that follow what I say so
I’m not part of anything you know so because those people are a bunch of yeah
people that are just so stubborn yeah super stubborn when it comes to firing
so they are literally the unstop the allegedly the unstoppable
oh yeah super dingus says the old-school elitist is such a small group at this
point listening time is pointless you’re right about that it is he it is a
miniscule plankton sized group let’s see next up is the player Estes family’s
there you go all right any other questions guys keep
them coming if you guys got them how many how many hours you gonna put into
this 5,000 and a half yeah I have it actually I have an animators recommend
to you which an armed demons Demon Slayer I’ve heard about Demon Slayer
I’ve heard about it but I’ve got I’ve got to finish Joe Joe and then I’m going
to do Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and then I can maybe do demons like that
that’s a new anime though isn’t it yeah it’s it’s there 15 episodes in 15 or 16
and they don’t they don’t waste too much time I feel people who compared this to
Hunter x Hunter and my hair academia live mmm okay okay I’ll have to check it
out they’re only 15 episodes in so I have plenty of because I like to binge
watch you know so I guys I’d be done looks like I’ve already finished I just
started watching Joe Joe I think last week and I’ve already finished the first
series the second series and I’m almost done with Stardust Crusaders with
jotaro’s arc so nice yeah yeah that was show reminds me of an
American team like it’s like all action every episode is something crazy is
happening every episode like Joe Jon I’ve never seen I’ve never seen Joe Joe
whether the end it Joe Joe what is that is that an order anime hey it’s a holder
to Newt I mean the arc that I’m on is a bit newer but yeah it did start in the I
think 80s was when it started the original judge that the original Joe Joe
looks like loop in the type animation yeah it’s old-school yeah
that’s old-school anime you can tell it’s it’s funny though like the
animation like I don’t think they were trying to be funny but there’s parts
that you just start laughing because of how old it is you know and all the way
I’m talking with Joe Joe have you seen that the game until me man it was
talking about yesterday Game of the Year meme the game I do the game with the dog
now game at do game of deal no I I don’t I don’t really look at like memes and
all that too much with like anime and all that I’ll be honest I don’t I don’t
seek those out cuz a lot of them have spoilers in there for like the stuff so
I don’t suck as well especially if I haven’t finished the series like if I
finished it and if I come across on my timeline okay but I’m not looking at
I’ll be honest I’m kind of an old grumpy man how it comes to memes yeah yeah you
48 now right yeah well I’m no I’m 45 I’m turning 46 oh you know we’re three six
three months ago you don’t say oh you don’t look at that
you know where you said that you wanna be their old Stewie Griffin grandpa because they came outside hey man I’m
just old like I just like people said me means I’m just like just like a 10 years
ago I would have laughed at this 20 years ago heck yeah
this would have been the I would have shot something out of my nose or
something like that would have been funny but now I’m just like I have no I
barely have any patience for certain things you know they don’t understand
this yet Oh Dave where you hit that 30 something
clicks we hit that 40 so else click dude when you hit 30 it’s almost it’s like in
Stan’s mission your mind’s missions is something else like no bullshit like
instant transmissions to like cut cut out extra fat this purse is not
important this person’s not important that person’s not important I don’t need
them I don’t need them I don’t leave you you just start canceling things left and
right when you turn 30 it’s it really is like that I told everybody when I turned
30 I felt at the moment I will go I’m like oh this is different you’re on a
mission you’re like so you’re like my life’s almost over I gotta get I gotta
get stuff done obviously it’s not but your mind this is
like what I’ve been wasting time like you don’t waste time anymore at least I
know there’s some people that are still dumb as hell when they turn 30 but like
go ahead and eat doesn’t that’s the same thing that happened with with me when I
was first watching a South Park which I watched watch from the age of 18 which
I’m gonna show everyone a stone with something one time but you know I didn’t
understand the song some of the jokes at it at first until one day when
everything just clicked to me and I was like chrome Chrome I’ll Alvarez says no
fire emblem on the gameboy advanced soul dwells you mean sacred stones not that
game but it’s all that well it’s sold all right but it didn’t sell that well
awakening is the best selling game but our faith is the best-selling game
followed by awakening I’m after that I think fates did 2.5 3 million
awakening did 2 million before that I don’t think there was a Firebug game
that broke more than like 700,000 units sold or none of them ever broke a
million but sacred stone sold ok but you got to look at sacred stones the gameboy
advance I mean that had 80 million units plus and it didn’t sell as much as
awakening which at the time awakening sold what it did I’m like a fraction of
the install base and I know some people were saying like marketing and
advertising yeah that was the case but I mean like come on I still think that
even without good marketing you could still sell like a million units hey it
is what it is all right let’s see if any other people aren’t really at ok
questions super dingus says if you want a national chain collector’s edition I
am in the UK so I can ship one over oh that would maybe we can talk about that
super dingus maybe we can talk about that psycho pi says is your fireman
three houses ours gonna be more than your smash ultimate ours
probably not because I’ll be playing smash ultimate for like the next so the
next game comes out you know where as you know
Fire Emblem probably not you know prior I make it just doesn’t have as much it
doesn’t have as much hours that you can put into it as smash you know cuz like
let’s say you play all three houses and you do everything and each house takes
300 let’s say each house takes 100 hours for you to a hundred percent even though
that’s not the case let’s just say that that’s 300 hours tops right look at
smash brothers I’m already at that you know so
Hey look who’s here look they’re burning came in at them at the very end yet then
you’ve got to hear everything he says about each topic real quick okay though
yeah we’ll get it I don’t want to hear that bomb came in at the very end with
this damn six o’clock man somewhere maybe but not here we what we do that we
do these in two hour blocks you up people in spring this 5:00 p.m. thing on
somebody just out of the blue 15 minutes 15 minutes before oh by the way at 5:00
p.m. jump in sorry people on the East Coast are stuck in fucking traffic at
5:00 p.m. can you not get me demonetized and I was
all right oh oh oh you do yeah oh man I can’t drop them bombs no no I’m sorry no
more I know you were power bombing somebody I didn’t want to interrupt your
Powerball and your clothes line is what you know with my silly request for a
podcast dude that’s why I got a B and I got BC to fill in you know yeah welcome
back to the dark side though I’m glad you’re back
yeah listen Barry this this is not this is not YouTube this is twitch apparently
is to please apparently partner no no no we were making some jokes about people
that were coming and saying what you’re on YouTube this is what you’re how are
you on YouTube and I’m like nope I’m on Twitter than the right and people ever
kept on going like some dude actually sent me screenshots of him watching me
like while Alice really is like it’s like some good jutsu here but yeah we
were talking about that I know something that you will like bears I want to hear
your tape so Fire Emblem Metacritic reviews yeah I don’t want to talk about
it yet because I think Fire Emblem can hit that 90 I want to see what the rest
of the views come in by tomorrow okay by late tomorrow it keeps going up so I
think you’ll hit that 90 honestly well did it start out at 86 I think it’s not
yeah it started 86 and it keeps rising 1 up to 88 so now we’re mean today 86 our
first sword so it’s gonna be an 88 so it created definitely find something it
needs the game it has to get like it needs to get some 9.5 and some needs to
get some 9.5 s and some nines a lot of 9.50 it’s been getting that is it’s been
definitely I told you last week I said fireman’s gonna do a lot better than I
predicted I said to you last week remember well I mean well I say there’s
gonna be 85 to 90 percent I said that’s what I was gonna be in there it’s right
in what I thought it was gonna be 85 to 90 percent somewhere in that range
um and I’m seeing a lot of 95 s coming out I was like oh man this is uh this is
this is nice to see man it’s just just beautiful
oh yeah I already knew it was I already knew cuz it to me reminding me of um
kind of like them I guess the first console firearm boom in over a decade
you know and it’s like The Awakening it’s like hey we’re bringing this like
to a new system you know it’s been a while since we’ve seen a firearm like
this let’s get you know get things going so so yeah I’m getting mine at midnight
you know flat grass going all the way midnight
yes oh you know Walmart got the $10 on all games yes they do
making up midnight it’s getting rather late so I think I have to go okay okay
Andy there’s no problem yeah he’s in Norway so it’s getting pretty late you
so I’ve gotta oh I know alright Andy thank you for coming out to
the stream appreciate that make sure you guys I’ll follow Andy on Twitter and if
you want to drop your Twitter link real quick before you go in the chat that’d
be great I don’t I don’t have anything to say on Twitter follow me all right
good well Danny we’ll see you next time then man thanks for coming out to the
stream have a good day all right oh man you got to be like 3 o’clock in
the morning over there it’s it’s past 1:00 it’s uh
it’s past 12:00 it’s 12:42 a.m. where he’s at that’s des uh you know that’s
there’s freaking hours anyway so Baron gotta got a question for you
out there proxy says any thoughts on the gta5
casino any thoughts on that um I don’t care I mean if people want to
spend their own money let it be dumb enough to do it about it people are dumb
enough to do that with GTA by the way so let them do it man up the only thing I’m
focusing on right now is Ultimate Alliance 3 Fire Emblem and Madness Hawk
here Madden comes out next month right then the next month no it comes out in a
second they moved it up all the way to the 2nd of August mmm they got scared
that’s what happened I don’t know why they moved it honestly I really don’t
know I guess they wanted this state get further away from 2k that’s probably why
they did it yeah but I think if you can move it if
you can move it up you can get more of the sales like for the month right yeah
so you can get like the whole sales like when you when it comes to like MPD time
they have a better shot at being number the number one 1080 game you know I mean
they always been number one but this is different
this would definitely you know I think last year 2k out did Madden so I guess
they kind of scared them a little bit so they want to get Madden out there as
soon as the preseason starts oh before the preseason start so they can just you
know capitalize on know what are the new features are mad in this earrings the
same features they took out before they got a superstar abilities so basically
that’s the best a new gimmick this year’s superstar ability and superstar
ability is like you know each superstar in NFL has a different ability luck i
patrick mahomes has a bazooka which is like an arm cannon you know you had the
arm strength you know silly stuff like that would
unique estep they’ve done they do that before the ps2 Raddatz yeah they kind of
did but they revamped it did do something I did like um you know how I
don’t know when the last time you I’ll play man but you know how any any player
could do any Juke move or any spin move and again here yeah now they have it
tailored to your rate so if you’re rating you have different Juke and spins
and sitting moves are different ratings so everybody
that’s rated 72 to 979 has set animations 80 to 89 has set animations
90 to 99 has set animations so that way you won’t have people jus who can like
they David Johnson and there’s something like third string running back wall so
it that’s a good thing I think the biggest problem that I have with that
was like remember um Madden I think it was mad in 2010 and Brandon Jacobs you
know had that year and Brandon Jacobs could do all the jokes that like you
know Chris Johnson can do like and he was a 90 speed and he’s six foot four
ninety seed and you’re like and he was literally impossible like the tackle
one-on-one and he had the juice of a chris johnson yes see he like Frank Gore
you know like it was yes that’s what this new tear new tear basically is just
animation tears his new animation tears would get rid of that cuz you know I I
shouldn’t see you know somebody like wow that’s kind of a bad example well Kareem
hunt Korea hump be trucking people like he Jerome Bettis see sometimes like come
on bro like you know you’re not bowling over cam chance for like that you know
you won’t see stuff like that kick people when they’re down but yeah man I
think I think most other topic that was it
no we we country the joy conscious I haven’t heard oh oh let me let me rant
about that real quick okay see me on Twitter going back and forth these
people about this time drift stuff I’m gonna tell you one thing man look what’s
up with your boy Dreamcast guy what’s up with him I have nothing what you have
nothing to say you sitting that garbage he put on Twitter I was like no you
didn’t brace like I think people start saying stuff just to get attention it is
it’s like people are like sitting out there like Nintendo came up with this
devious plan let’s make these joint cons drift and then when we sell them we’re
not gonna tell them like what come on people really not how it is it’s
not at all and that’s how they try to make it seem like it was like that I’m
like no first of all it’s not the majority of the joint cons I have
launched joint cons there’s still work one of them don’t work I have multiple
joy cons and when it came with the switch it’s the one that drifted which I
fixed on my own by the way which nobody wants to talk about that part either so
I know joy can’t drift thing was just ridiculous he was just going overboard
with it like Oh what happened to nitendo steel equality I was like maybe oh shit
show ass what are you talking about it wasn’t it wasn’t steel equality with
indie games themselves though was anything about the hardware but the
games yeah but but the thing is you also you always know when you got Nintendo
hardware you could pretty much throw that shit in front of a bus and it’ll
still work you know that triggered me a little bit when people will start and
get ridiculous with this I’m like y’all stop it yes we times me to have good
quality stuff it’s just the joystick itself the underneath part of it yeah
white piece that’s very brittle aside from that one little piece which is
still whole problem to Joy con su the whole recipe got made incredible quality
but the Raleigh yeah it’s really good it is then I had to do origami took my
owner to know had two and a half years to fix this problem what the hell you
mean ahead two and am used to fix his problem what are you talking about the
switch been out for two and a half years basically saying the reason Sansa so the
problem and launched a condition of fix it since launch I guess that it wasn’t
horrible men launch why had large joy Kansai had that issue now y’all with one
of the people when did you issue happen though like literally a week like within
about a week I was trying dota Brett for a wild and numerous numerous modes and a
pro controller to handheld mode detail guitar vote what within a week I think
that we can get have much I think the biggest issue the problem with him
saying that is that because if you’re a big large-scale company and something
happens that maybe 1% that doesn’t mean it’s a widespread issue and a half years
and that that’s that’s my and that’s that’s my that’s what I wanted to say
the thing is we gotta member the Internet is like we’ll give them the
vocal minority the biggest megaphone in the world so it’s like yeah just because
like five people are talking because they are so loud everyone’s paying
attention to it and you also had the other part of the culture where I mean
you guys are on internet long enough a lot of people don’t read they just look
at headlines or articles yeah and it’s jump I must be a real you
know a lot of a lot of people don’t read so it’s like that’s why you have ease
issues because the information is there but they see a headline and they stop at
the headline and don’t read an article there’s plenty of times where I’ve seen
what that happened it’s okay you’ll see when that happened go to here come to
your street I’ll give you articles or so yeah if they did they don’t read the
articles there’s people who don’t read articles they just they see the headline
and they get shook so it’s like I feel as though good no don’t go ahead sorry
my bad no you’re good Wow basically almost why Manning off that is like this
joy kind of issue is it was a real middle school issue same thing as
switches bending because my my village I always put my Sultana duck not one does
not bending once it’ll scratch marks nothing for much I mean let me let me
comment in on that too cuz I was gonna make a video on it but I probably would
have you know and I’m blood pressure up I got no what I thought it would have I
thought it was similar to the the switch warping thing in the thing is I have a
launch switch and I play dock 80% of the time mas same and I had a friend who
switch was warped and I try to figure out how a warped it and then I come to
find out his switch never got turned off he had his switch on 24/7 yes yeah all
his sleep modes off so whenever he spit suspended a game it was still running
and I said no one else which is warped your switch is on like 95 plus hours a
week the thing about the thing about from what I understand our people
switches got war between it’s also temperature room temperature some people
play and hot as hell temperatures and they don’t use theirs like they have a
bunch of stuff connected and it’s going to generate heat your room plus you
being inside there you’re playing in dock you’re not turning it off and
that’s how some people just got warp to by basically like you said like what you
said barring a combination event and also the room being hella hot and not
properly cooling or taking it out or stuff like that so there was also that
but I don’t think that was I think the biggest issue out of the three so far if
you look at like switch is being warped or if you look at joi cons with that and
also what was the other issue scratches yeah dock Gospels yeah dark scratching
which docks scratching that’s something that you can completely avoid if you’re
careful you know because it’s not something that’s of Managed like if you
put that in the dock that’s gonna that’s not a man if you’re if you’re careful
you won’t scratch it lateral scratches the works the worst
one was probably dig in terms of the most widespread was probably the joint
con the joint common thing at all those yeah one thing I want yeah about that
though is that lets say Nintendo knew about this issue back at the end of 2017
only let’s say 20% I’m just giving estimates and just conjunct conjecture
here for this little dialogue online I’m say real quick well let’s say 20% of all
switch owners had joy con drift you think that Nintendo was gonna
immediately want to fix it no they want to make sure they know what the problem
is it’s gonna take time and that they’re willing to charge people forty dollars
to fix the joy cons and because of this Kotaku article that they’re now doing it
for free only cuz of that like I said I don’t know if it’s because of the Kotaku
article I think that that definitely brought some more attention to it but
like I said beforehand Nintendo was already you know looking at the things
when it comes down to it but I don’t think yeah but yeah I mean I definitely
think the Kotaku article with more people kind of bringing that bringing it
up and bringing it up like hey this was a thing like you know just basically
piling on definitely did it didn’t hurt now what I don’t agree with there’s a
lot the lawsuit was stupid yeah the Kotaku are more so than
economics being of it yeah the Kotaku article in my opinion was more of a oh
snap okay this might be this is something that they need to kind of see
if we can get this thing fixed fixed a little bit quicker so yeah yeah he
donated it he says Baron has a PayPal tip note yeah so Matthew Hammond with
the dollar ninety-nine donation through super chat and says Baron has a PayPal
tip note so he wants you to check your PayPal and read on man you gonna make me
check my paper Kreiger CCC a big number uh but uh Bo Baron switch week all right
we go run through some x oj if he can fit to large job you know what bean I
notice about Matthew he’s always asking questions about that he was the happiest
when they found out when they found out that you have same-sex relationships and
firing them this dude was picked me up non-stop he
was so happy about that do you wanna know if you could speak I live in
California you know sac San Francisco there’s a lot of different types of
people you know I’m not against any of that so Matthew man I mean I know you
probably want to see something like that I’m just saying you know but hey I know
I don’t roll like that but I know it’s okay it’s fine if somebody else does I
do I do want to stay no let me check this real quick before looks like this
rival come to his door China a wrestling match I just thought of some Dave
Chappelle jokes will you mention California man five nights at freddys
then go saying it go saying your joysticks in if you’re having a few just
goes in the minute yeah man is just finished Atta
I feel like they was looking into what was causing the issue you know I
mean if you had twenty ten to twenty percent we’re talking out of forty
million that’s not a widespread issue so I was trying to figure out what what out
what’s gonna be interesting is if this revision comes out and these new joy
Khan’s come out and if it’s fixed in that then you already obviously then you
already know that they were looking at cuz like it’s a man it’s a manufacturing
thing that they fixed so if the new ones come out and and if that’s the case up
at the new switch revision and the new joy cons and there’s no issue and the
people aren’t getting drifting with those then obviously something that they
were already obviously looking at it from a manufacturing level so yeah cuz
like I mentioned earlier it’s that little graphite piece that’s right
beneath the joist take it as long as they fix that perf the joy comes a great
but I do somebody kid having a fit that’s my
daughter that’s my daughter yelling it’s okay doctor having Avedon’s daughters
all right she’s she’s just trying to get on the podcast too man
if she comes it I’ll put her on but my daughter would come on the podcast all
the time see she’s she’d be on the podcasts all the time back in the day
how I do want I do want to point something out though what was the other
topic before I point that out no games oh oh you’re not kidding what
game be played yeah oh no I didn’t get to play there yet I probably won’t be
able to play to do I haven’t played yet either same here games once midnight hey
don’t think I’m be worrying about that game in that demo yeah I’m telling you
it’s that’s really good I was shocked how good it was no I mean one definitely
like a nice six six our demo I’m a hundred percent gonna play it I just
haven’t had the time this week man I just messed up like the whole thing was
the reason why it wasn’t downloading on my switch I would have been able to play
it live on stream back when it came out but the reason why I didn’t get to is
because I didn’t notice that mortal I remember when I think I was streaming
and I was saying like it’s not letting me download anything for some data you
didn’t know where it was no but I figured out who what it was
freaking Mortal Kombat was freaking down to a very end of my switch Mortal Kombat
downloading some phat update and that’s the reason while what the hell it’s not
working I didn’t I didn’t notice that Mortal Kombat was downloading so I just
did it even though I went past that I didn’t notice that Mortal Kombat was
downloading so that’s that’s what none of us did I guess I just said man I’m
dying playing okay I need know I need to update my Mortal Kombat but yeah I’ll
get to that demo sometime before the game comes out which is the 16th right
yeah because the data carries over so can’t go wrong with that
get all the gameplay done now in the demo and then you just wait carry it
over no now I get neither something now that’s time that little detail that
little took me there that’s 270 there the quest yeah that’s like there’s a
battle mode to where you can on your own like playing this open-world mode where
you just go through some waves of enemies if a higher level and you would
in the demo to which that’s a lot of fun as well think use you two extra gaming
spirits by your side too I think it’s weird they called it that by the way
Damon’s because Damon ex machina is coming out and well Damon is a name
that’s been used well before Damon yeah of course of course but I know some
people would probably think something about it and make up their okay
all I know is that I’ve been trying to tell y’all about more Ultimate Alliance
right you have yeah whoa I’ve been having a good time
how is the game still number one oh I shop in today’s fire and lunch because
it’s not but once Fire Emblem goes through and then number two but I’m
telling y’all under estimating how much this game was gonna sell fire but okay
bro but wait what about Japan numbers come
on cuz like Marv Ultimate Alliance came out in Japan 10k you know 10 K in Japan
not number one on the eShop charts so I mean there was that whereas Fire Emblem
is probably gonna be fire moment number one of the eShop charts and it’s gonna
be a big seller in Japan so Fire Emblem I could see this game doing easily
within the first month like four to five mil I don’t know okay I think formal
like digital and physical included you do it or the thing
that formula bar right cuz it hit number eight number one prior to coming out I
was like it’s gonna be four million in one month
no not in one month it will be over a million in the first month oh yeah a
million is easy easy a million easy easy clasp easy million bad that’s
that’s a dress that’s no that’s no question but let’s just say between two
and four then because yeah I I don’t know I feel like it’s doing Windows
sleepers I feel like a lot more people I’m gonna get it get the game like
actually see more reviews of the game it’s kind like how marvelous were the
lines like that game exploded you know through time playing that game more now
I’m playing that rationale chain by the way I’m still ready oh man I can’t write
don’t let me get started on that let me finish this point my point is is uh
after saying the disappointing reviews for Wolfenstein I really did open find
out what’s the reviews for Wolfenstein you might not want to look at but what
there is no reviews I’m talking Metacritic it is oh let me check the ps4
version yeah ps4 version or which version is it it’s they all the same I
don’t give a damn which version is Youngblood yes Youngblood there’s yes
there for what system I don’t know what what system they put it on there but you
know they do there’s no there’s no summary for Youngblood on ps4 there’s
it’s right here nineteen critic reviews okay the main front page display it’s on
the front page okay it’s just PC that’s it
you gotta click OK it’s got a 77 what are you talking about I was good it’s
for it is $40 though yeah it’s $40 an expand it’s not it’s not a complete
like normal Series game but like Wolfenstein trash anyway so I mean like
I I don’t like the game I personally don’t like Wolfenstein at all I remember
you I think it’s fine to like I can’t stand that game you messed up for that
bro I can’t stand it all I’m saying is that I was it I was expecting it to you
know rank a buck there with the last two games as well suspected but I guess it
is kind of more of a budget one at forty bucks
seventy sevens not bad at all I don’t think it’s not the end of the world 77
is not didn’t do good you said I might not wanna look at as if we got like a
freakin like 50 there seems like that some people did give it a damn fine
that’s because they realize how garbage the game no give it a six yeah
destructor IGN gave it a 65 yeah I was like what the hell is going on I was
like oh man I was like I’m gonna be stuck a fire in them anyway so so so now
so so Nadia believe my prediction will come true a prediction of uh which
prediction you’ve had a lot of pretty good July MPD number one two and three
and Mario maker to number one to Marvel to maligns three three fire mm3 out we are broken life is more Road Alliance
had an extra week well you talk about the MPD
yeah Morrow blinds had an extra weeks I don’t think Oh fire I thought I was
gonna take it I think I’m gonna take it the reviews a lot more people gonna buy
this because of the reviews I’ll be like that yeah it’s true didn’t buy Marvel
turn Alliance just because it was senti for I think which that’s alright please
a lot of people born in DC we use their der to choke a switch ships was talk
about the game I literally bought the game live because this dude chips of the
freaking salesman it’s the game to me yeah literally I was
there and like he proved it sold me on YouTube
marvelous what a mic is selling well it’s selling what what’s the name on
Twitter was saying is tracking as the second biggest launch for a switch game
this year so Benji sales yeah oh like damn I didn’t expect you to do it like
that but five nights at freddys donated five dollars and says thank you for
making thank you for making work fun guys I love the show thank you for
watching appreciate it thank you for watching we a damn good viewership this
whole time man we’ve had 200 people applause this whole it’s come back did
you come back party um I I’ve been here let me tell you guys the low down for
those who are still asking about this I was YouTube has made a number of
changes pretty rapidly they made they made let me tell you guys the changes
they made they added custom tiers like twitch but yeah they went above what
twitch did because you can actually set your own price so it’s not locked into
what they want and you can make under or you can create your own tears you can
completely customize it so they did that they completely said like they’re gonna
hold copyright ID people who false flag they’re gonna hold them accountable even
banning them that was the first time that I even heard them talk about that
so they’re starting to hold people who false-flag accountable they’ve made
editing tools within copyright claims a lot quicker easier you can substitute
music the process is faster to get copyrighted songs taken out shadow
strikes and shadow bands I’ve been informed from somebody who reached out
to me that those are gonna be a thing of the past so there’s a number of changes in my
opinion that have put my confidence in them memberships they’ve done some
difference of memberships and stickers and so it’s it shows that they’re
actually paying attention to the live streaming because book before they were
so behind that everything with twitch and in terms of monetization and also in
terms of in terms of progress within it like the player and things like that and
also making sure that live streamers can have a voice in not getting false flag
or having quick options to remove something like a copyright holder okay
you use the song or whatever that doesn’t mean they own everything just
the song and everything should be fine like there’s quick ways to remove songs
to get that claim instantly taken off not having to be verified by the
copyright ID people would sometimes you had to be so just stuff like that has
ensured me that okay they’re actually making legit changes to be to be good
towards constant creators so I feel comfortable streaming on YouTube again
now whereas before like for example I had a copyright claim in my last video
on my last livestream I easily just erased the song it was quick BAM it was
off BAM right there you know so who scared you YouTube into doing all this I
think all of the people after the whole Ubisoft thing I think that’s when they
said okay we’ve gotta because I mean we had you know we had would beat him ups
we had mr. beast we had we have many people talking about certain things we
had a lot of people were talking about it were being wave yeah everyone was
talking about on Twitter we were talking about to them and so I was a mixer what
Wolf Den Bob wolf you know I was talking about it there was a lot of you know of
the you know people that are a lot of subscribers talking about even some of
the millions because like they’re I mean there’s no people that streamed it on
YouTube too that were complaining as well and I think that’s like that was
like the last job for everybody so and that was like for me too cuz like
YouTube was just being so lame but no they they’re making strides I could I
can tell it they’re legit trying so I don’t mind streaming on YouTube but I
wasn’t gonna as long as something didn’t change I was like I’m not coming back to
YouTube until at least something changed that’s why I want to make the video
saying like I’m a hundred percent on twitch cuz like if they change they do
some things obviously YouTube’s you know YouTube I have way more
subscribers here but like I needed to see some changes and I’ve seen those at
this point so I’m happy with the if they didn’t make the changes I would have
came back if they still kept it the way that it was I swear to you I’d still be
there but also their YouTube studio it’s still trash but their YouTube studio is
doing a good job but telling you exactly what’s going on giving you tips certain
things like so like in the new YouTube studio it’s actually like I said it’s
still not it’s still missing a lot of features and stuff but overall the
analytics are really good too so there there may
strides for contact graders which stuff that twitches had for a long time but
they’re even kind of the kind of went up in them in some areas so oh look a rash
has a question real quick he was wondering what game we think will be the
game of the year out of all the Nintendo games releasing like not including games
for playstation and xbox like astral chain and asshole chain that’s one chain
a chain will be one I think firing them will be close runner-up yep that’s and
I’m not shitting on Pokemon or Luigi’s Mansion I think they’re gonna be right I
think it’s gonna be so close as gonna shot but I think a strain is gonna be I
might even find it I’m not even getting it at all this time no one’s buying it
for me nothing not with your money this time you know which a while but this
time you know I may even get the Dragon Quest lemon switch we’ll find out let’s
see good gotta show a mule jr. a man at least at least he’s talking with his
wallet that’s all I care about you know usually fortunately I still
played a game complained about so I’ll call you out on it exactly still got the
game though BC is gonna want to play the game so bad
that’s the funny thing because he’s a he’s a Pokemon fan but he’s so angry
about a game that he hasn’t played at this point what if you like this I could
spoil the game real quick if you want I know all oh yeah I know games not all
300 Pokemon 713 Dex entries bro 300 I know
there’s been no information on that there’s no way you can know that
information that doesn’t rumor that is that is not confirmed by anybody that’s
300 dynamaxx entries added with the regular
entry so that is better than rich I’m out that is rumor I’m not gonna believe
any of that room our night did you just take 300 Pokemon is not enough we’re 300
is not enough I need 800 there’s you’re taking it as if it’s a fact 300
800 is kind of low it is I mean I’m be honest and only and let’s say a hundred
of them are new ones so it’s only 200 in the old ones that there’s not this is
not this is speculation there’s no way I don’t think the Pokemon company even
knows how many they’re gonna put in there at this point all they know listen how many people believe me whenever I
talk like I speak truth all the time bro that’s not show me some truth to
this truth I’ll send it to you on Twitter in a bit you’re gonna send me a
rumor it’s not a rumor it is you learned the last einar’s leaked and I was like
all this ain’t true everything came true no I don’t remember that this is not
confirmed Popo company’s not confirmed any of this okay well they don’t have to
confirm this exact why okay any companies don’t have to confirm things
things are facts based off of rumors based on companies don’t do not become
oh switch Pro switch well I’ll send it to you later on Twitter I tracked I
don’t need to see a rumor I’ve already seen whatever rumors and stuff that
you’re talking about like but I need to see fat I’m not from Pokemon insider I’m
talking about actual facts what facts do we have my word
just like we all have your word no but I don’t say its facts I say that I’m
confident in this because this person sold me information beforehand but like
a direct source but I don’t sit there and say oh well switch pro is gonna be
confirmed and all this stuff like that I don’t sit there and say stuff like that
so and I don’t sit there and say stuff like that before games terms of like oh
this is this game’s not gonna be good because it has this this is this that I
heard I never I’ve never done that in my life I’ve never did and I’ve heard
football games Hey baby you say bye-bye okay you wanna go
bye-bye I’m gonna do so cute all right well I gotta head out which I stay
longer but I need to eat I’m starving no problem we’re about the party yes
we’re about the podcast all right so let’s go to you can do you can do your
outro VC VC where can they find you at limit you can find me here on my channel
VC ipz or vsips or VC whatever you want to call me or you just follow me on
Twitter and Instagram yes Instagram to follow me on Instagram
I lost like 60 followers it doesn’t really matter but I did follow me on ECI
Kesey alright next up is avid on Aven I’m working if I get my man you gotta
find me at YouTube / evidence Smith or YouTube a SVG beets now I’m streaming
firing them tonight and I have a Fire Emblem remix coming out tomorrow at 12
p.m. Eastern Standard Time so make sure you subscribe to both because we do a
lot of fun and I’m with the main channel I’m getting back to edited content I
promise yes I do I promised some pinky pride upset
promise is edited contents coming back coming back so I’m gonna shine myself at
least make a video at least once a week for you guys so you know what because
you do it out what but do it now shoutouts to Paul P the dollar donation
do subjet Thank You ppreciate that and then Baron recomme find out my man ya
know what it is yeah yeah no fine man YouTube’s
you can find me on that Twitter’s this way say you told it Twitter’s you know
and you you know SOI there’s gonna be a pretty hilarious
tonight and tomorrow you know you know it’s like a lot of
people won’t be salty but it is what it is so um I’ve been having a blast with
fire uh when I would fire him I will have a blast fire normal voice and uh I
was able to complete enough of what I wanted to complete today so I just
caught on fire and blew immediately you know what I mean um y’all ready know
what it is golden deer gang let’s do it um yes sir you know in uh look at for did I ask for
Shane man a new trailer was so sick it was it was looking forward to it all
right oh you look quick a quick wicked if I do O’Day they can find me here on
player essence the YouTube channel also on twitch I’ll be doing gameplay streams
on Twitch to remember I am gonna be stream me an avatar both streaming Fire
Emblem tonight so have both of our streams up and open and ready to go but
yeah we are I’m streaming golden deer tonight or Blacky sorry Black Eagles I’m
streaming Black Eagles tonight you don’t black either so don’t go in there
yeah I’m doing black Eagles on YouTube as my new youtube series for Black
Eagles and then golden dere’s gonna be on Twitch I’m doing both but anyway
alright guys that wraps it up for this one here make sure you guys check out
the videos today you guys I don’t think you guys got a notification for my last
video this morning so make sure you guys check it out with the lunatic mode and
all that for Fire Emblem I’ll put a link in the description the chat so make sure
you guys check that out if you haven’t seen that video I think it’s a pretty
cool video also yesterday’s live stream is up on the channel as well so make
sure you guys check that out if you want to watch some more live streaming before
we get back also the Pens stuff if you’re going to gamestop to get your
pins make sure you guys watch my video that I’m gonna link for you guys right
here I got a video make sure you guys get there early because they’re doing
some wack stuff with the pins you might not get one if you pre-ordered one and
you’re going in store to pick it up don’t think that you got one secured you
might not get so watch my latest video that I just
linked for you guys right there so make sure you get your pins but yeah that
wraps it up I think we’re done here thank you guys so much for watching I do
appreciate it and we’ll see you guys back tonight and about five a little bit
over five hours for fire mmm three houses all right I will see you guys for
the next one bye bye please say bye barren Oh

12 thoughts on “PE Podcast #62 – Fire Emblem Three Houses Reviews Shine! Joy-Con Repairs Free, Oninaki Demo!

  1. Europe misses out on A LOT of RPGs.

    Look up how many numbered and main series entries they had to wait decades to experience, the list is quite expansive.

  2. The system is designed to shut down at abnormally hot temperatures, so no physical damage should occur otherwise. And warping has been shown to be more of an out-of-the-box defect. My Switch was warped, as well as my dock. I didn't notice either until a month later, but it was slight enough to go unnoticed without close examination.

    Quality control has been the low point of the Switch. It's clear Nintendo is not too interested in providing well-built products, between system defects, a host of Joy-Con-related issues, and the faulty d-pad of the Pro controller.

  3. I'm a little bit annoyed the drift issue is basically turned in a non issue this podcast. I have 2 pairs that have the problem.

    If I have to send them it will cost me probably around 60 to 90 euros. It's definitely a problem or is someone going te pay it for me?

  4. Hello guys…ohhhhh no live……noooooooooooo!!!!!!!! Oh well hi anyway. B funny if u replied like straight away….its still live u bloody Aussie idiot! :p

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