PE Podcast #56 – Was E3 2019 a Disappointment? | Nintendo + MORE!

PE Podcast #56 – Was E3 2019 a Disappointment? | Nintendo + MORE!

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doing today I’m doing fantastic as I can be glad to be here all right we also got
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it’s good to have you here good to have your nice shirt that you wearing to
actually use their place it’s a little weird all right so yeah today we’re
gonna be talking about a little thing called III that recently went down over
there in Los Angeles not too far away for more on that here so yeah we are
gonna be talking about that should be a lot of fun we’re gonna be talking about
a variety of different things all the different press conferences we’ll be
talking about the different companies that were there but the best of the show
us that’s pretty much it when we talk about the whole night so I’m gonna go
ahead and start off with Avedon here my man so out of the conference let’s just
go ahead and break it down I guess from starting from it was I think Sunday or
it was like saturday or sunday sunday sunday the breakheart were the big
conferences who was first again um Microsoft Microsoft was first and
Microsoft what did you think about their show uh could have been better much
better um I think outside of any Star Online 2
and um Dragon Ball Z Kakarot it really wasn’t too many things that got me
excited I feel Gears 5 was a waste of space because just a CGI trailer I feel
like they could have did a lot more with that slide I feel like Phil Spencer and
Xbox Shin hype up and say they give us this big number of games hey we’re gonna
show you 60 games in 14 new IPs and yet nothing really there was overwhelming
nothing there other than finished Star Online 2 which is actually a seven-year
port by now that’s that’s worse than Final Fantasy 7 remake
in terms of the time it took him to get that over here and I’m one of the people
who you know this I’m one of the people who was actually waiting for that game
to come over to the west and it’s like yeah I was height like I was really
height for it but in hindsight it’s like what else did you have of it at this in
hindsight wait a minute it’s this came out seven years ago and and here’s a
little here’s a little thing the best resolution still gonna be on PC so it’s
like just play it on playing on your PC if you got if you if it goes of you will
watch it if you got a strong PC get it on PC it’s gonna cross play with Xbox
anyway so you can still play with your friends but outside of that Xbox it I
wasn’t really really – to impress um cyberpunk cyberpunk was okay that’s that
that happened to Keanu Reeves happened I think I think he was more hype than the
actual game mess ed from what they show they didn’t really show much gameplay
exactly and that’s that’s the thing that I feel like I I guess why I love
Nintendo’s e3 cuz Nintendo’s e3 is packed with gameplay this we barely got
anything anything worth of real values just hey this is coming out come out but
wait for it later on in the future and then yeah so that’s what I think so well
did you see Battletoads you didn’t big Battletoads good not about toast for if
so like okay that’s nice you know group for the people who’s waiting for this
game was it for me so that’s that’s fo fair enough but overall if I had to give
them a rating I would say D + C – alright needs improvement alright so
Jordan I know you’ve been busy with a lot of different stuff here but did you
have time to watch Microsoft’s show oh I I sure did in terms of sheer announcing
things Microsoft’s got better at saying hey look we do have
things you know in terms of Wow nothing really wowed at the conference
there’s a lot of like oh that’s cool oh that’s neat but not a lot of showing
it’s just like hey we’re gonna do this and this but nothing to show for and I
think the biggest disappointment even over the the halo like oh cool there’s a
cool cutscene for Melo and announcing that it’s a launch title for the next
system was Gears five I think it was very disappointing how they presented
Gears five they have this weird long intro that just shows like the face
morphing to a Billy Eilish slowed down song of what Barry a friend or whatever
the song was and then it and then it’s just that’s it like it’s okay we’re
gonna do some dope stuff and also let’s just talk about multiplayer we’re adding
new stuff in but again we’re not showing you anything and by the way the game
comes out in a couple months which blows me away that it’s a September release
three days before Borderlands 3 and we have seen nothing from the gameplay it
is so close to release at this point it is literally less than three months away
right now and we have not seen how the game plays and that has me concerned
I’ve always been kind of iffy on the direction they’re going with this they’d
even stated multiple times they’re taking it in new directions and being
really risky with it where they played gears for safe now they’re playing gears
5 a little more spread across the board has me worried about that as a Gears fan
not gonna lie I wish there would have been stuff to
show there was nothing really that wow me too much the event cyberpunks with my
most anticipated games whatever here’s some more cutscene trailers doesn’t do
much for me the Keanu Reeves thing was dope admittedly but that’s just because
Keanu Reeves is Keanu Reeves yeah it was just ultimately uh it was a show I’ll
say that it was a show was it a great show no but it was a show it did happen
ok alright so I want to give it before we get to Baron on this one I know he’s
gonna say all sorts of great things about Microsoft um I do want to say
thank you to Dortmund with the tier one for this is totes prime bank or no just
a subscription Tier one so thank you so much walk with to the foundation
boy and also for the follows there’s a puppy who followed you know mty Shawn
Jordan friends thank you for the follow hot Sally respond leads in at a hosted
radio with the hosts as well also ethan arc with the five hundred bits thank you
so much for the five hundred bitch I appreciate that
alright so Barron um wanna go ahead and let us know how you felt I’m pretty sure
you felt pretty good about this show right with Microsoft I’m being quite
honest with you I actually thought it was good also on the set of some serious
ish I thought it was good what I did not like is their execution of their
conference I like that they show tales of a rise I like today’s show Phantasy
Star Online 2 you know I like what they showed from bleeding edge I like that uh
they showed halo Infinite and I like that they show that halo Infinite is
going to be a launch title for scarlet and I like that they gave a launch
window for both of those things those things were great but the problem was
you got to show me some gameplay man I don’t understand how you Dan you don’t
show me gameplay for your big heavy hitter that is Gears 5 you came up there
and showed a CGI trailer at the CGI trail at the CGI trailer you even
contract it WB superstars to come on your stage to sit in front of a TV
screen with the game loaded and not play it did you notice that as you notice on
their stage that on each side of the stage and I guess underneath it in that
weird had it had demo stations everywhere and not once were any of them
used you know what’s even funnier so I’m really no good what I thought I was the
only one I noticed that I was like why is there gameplay demos on the side of
the stage it ain’t never used it which makes me think that they
we changed some shit amid uh in uh in MIDI conference because that’ll make no
sense why would you put Playstations not Playstations but actual demo
stations next to the stage you never use it that blew my mind I didn’t know what
I don’t know what the hell that was but that’s that’s what I think about it I
think they had some good stuff but they just executed it poorly to the point
that you just you just some people just didn’t like it
I was able to look beyond that and look at the actual stuff that they did
announce the actual announcements but you got to show us some gameplay but
they did show that they wasn’t the only ones that wants it go show us game for
that whole four day period so that’s all I say okay I thought you’re gonna be a
little bit more not so so you see Mickey was okay so Mike my I gave Microsoft a
C+ and the reason why I gave them a C+ was because they did have a lot of games
you know maybe they didn’t always appeal to us but you can’t understand it hey
they brought a lot of games to the show so that’s really what it’s about was a
lot of CG but there was game playing a lot of there’s some independent titles
and things like that they finally showed Battletoads and Battletoads I mean oh my
god the kid to work to make that kid who’s a big city he said that they made
it with Microsoft Paint I mean at least using in-house software to make it it
doesn’t make any sense that World of Goo on the Wii looks better than that game
Wow that’s how bad does it look well no wonder it looks like Wonder Boy you know
it looks like you know Wonder Boy and it looks like the games that like you know
it looks like old computer games you remember like those jump start like
first grade games like jump start second you organ trail on PC look go for it say
chips challenge looks better than this go ahead why add it
well here’s the thing here’s the thing guys I thought they would go with like a
3d like 2d game right or like the type of you beat him up but like with 3d
graphics in there so like not like like just like nice quality 3:9 it doesn’t
look like freaking crazy you know but I thought they’d go with I
didn’t know they’d go with like that type of graphical style of battletoads i
thought they’d go with something just a big grittier and i think that’s the
reason why we needed to see the game for such a long time they would have had to
here for the past what year two years you know battletoads looks garbage see
now this is like okay well battle this doesn’t look that great but it’s close
to I guess it’s gonna launch this year right
I want the gritty realistic battle – it’s like firm killer instinct give me
give me a realistic battletoads at this point that’s the problem is killer
that’s that’s the biggest problem was killer instinct I think killer instinct
get people got people’s expectations for how the battletoads could look on
current generation hardware and everyone’s like yo they look freaking
amazing and it ended up being um ended up being not necessarily so good so
shout outs do we got a couple different Twitter arms here I got one more thought
on Microsoft though and we’ll kind of go back around flip $9.99 but the Twitter
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Thank You Man for the twitch primer I appreciate that glad you can come be
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so like shoutouts to TK our visits which pride thank you so much take care of it
that PC that seemed look at work so one more time around the horn here guys
Microsoft show we’re going to give grades overall greats for Microsoft show
I gave to C plus avid on you said once again what was your final score D plus C
miners give one score damn it feed buzz my C – C – C – C – alright yeah Jordan
Jordan Jordan drop out I mean Jordan I’m gonna change it up I’m gonna give it a 5
out of 10 the only thing that’s it could push it to a 6 is that a games pass
ultimate it’s dollar and I upgraded it to ultimate for a dollar the smell I
gave it a C+ cuz I say you remind me because of Sarah bond there you go I’m
telling you that game past yields now you can get you can get metrics that
it’s not on the epic store now there are some very very nice-looking people this
year on certain stage she was definitely that to definitely one of the top topper
tiers of oh yeah she’s definitely in the top I think you go ahead cuz your lagged
out a couple seconds behind so go ahead I had to delete some of the tweets I was
gonna make about Sarah bond that’s how much I’m totally not focus I’m about to
go by game pair I saw your tweets I was like she doesn’t come with game pass oh
my god I think my favorite in like a weird way like like it’s just because it
was so weird I was into it was Maria Zook who did the she was the crazy girl
in devolver digital presentation oh yeah yeah
yeah dude I was like I was like who is this and why are we not on a honeymoon
in Hawaii right now right games you know I’ll buy also I’ll fund every game at
this one I need to fund the game right so Baron in your final score seven point
five seven point five I like the concept of escaped I like the concept of that
mode I like I like tales of a rise like I said I like what they’re doing with
scarlet I like what they’re doing with Halo even though I’m not a fan of a
hello I like what they’re setting themselves up to do in the future so
they had a lot of games like you said it was just that if they supplemented a lot
of that CGI for gameplay we will be actually debating if they’re actually on
par witness in those conference if there was gameplay there they were playing
let’s go ahead by George a little John dude
yes yes they did I don’t I mean even the chance to show cyberpunk onstage they’d
even take advantage of that so it’s like you know summer Punk’s already been seen
like we’ve already sauce I mean they we already saw styrofoam like you know
would have been good would made this show maybe a little bit better I mean I
guess you having some new gameplay I don’t mind if a game has already been
shut off before but give us something new yeah no there’s no excuse for at
least half the games they showed with upcoming release dates that we didn’t
get announced again I think it’s completely terrible I think it’s like
blasphemy that there’s no iota a gameplay for Gears it comes out in less
than three months December there is no game that we have not seen it in action
and an in engine and how it looks right now it wasn’t promises wait hold on it
wasn’t an engine last year III what did they show they showed a little bit of
this a little bit of gameplay then they show it to a cut 21 area a trailer with
any ganging graphic so it was a trailing yeah
yeah but that was a year ago where’s the now but it comes out in busted three
months what is this game what is the story they whoa they showed gameplay
immediately after the cops yeah everybody say conference that’s when
everyone’s watching not every why they don’t need a new trail like for example
we needed a new trailer for the game for example like when you like they shut off
like astral chain right they started off in February at the direct they saw a
small snippet and then at e3 what did they do do we got a brand new trailer
they blew it out with gameplay but they showed us the trailer even though we
already saw a trailer and there was gonna be treehouse gameplay what they do
they show us a new trailer with new elements you know so like I think it’s a
patient they did that yeah I was looking forward to it cuz they’re talking about
goos is gonna be you know revolutionary in terms of some of the like what their
change I was like okay well just show us a little trailer like actually talking
about that you know I’m never gonna do yeah I’m actually the gameplay right now
it looks pretty solid so far what game plays it is it online game players a
story mode looks like story mode okay it’s project 19 okay story man I haven’t
even looked at any I’ve been besides the conference watching I’ve only had some
of the Nintendo treehouse running in the background while I’m working that’s
about a lot of gameplay I lost a ton of gameplay on almost every game they put
out on the floor so gears was definitely one that had a lot of gameplay and I was
like why I just stand shoulders during a conference though like I don’t get it
yeah well it is what it is I mean we’ll see Microsoft I don’t think like I said
I don’t think the show was like super horrible but at the same time I mean
like Jordan definitely gave it the worst score out of all of us he gave it a f
like yeah but it but a like a light-hearted it compared to the other
stuff that v is a good rating the only thing like I’m happy they haven’t
stopped working on I’m glad they’re like listen we got a lot of games coming
that’s great there were moments in the con that are the conference that I was
like yes that’s that’s cool stuff I’m excited for it but the fact is when
you’re on this stage it’s not just the announcements that get people excited
cuz you can say anything you just be what half-life 3 you can put the text
behind you this everyone freak out in the crowd right but it’s
the fact of showing what you’re saying I heard a lot of talking and not a lot of
showing not a lot of doing not a lot of being like here’s what you’re going to
get isn’t this dope because anyone can have a CGI trailer alright I’m not I’m
not watching this to watch trailers to a movie I’m watching this to watch
trailers or gameplay that shows gameplay I want to see what it looks like and a
CGI trailer can make any bad game look good so don’t don’t fool me with that I
need to see something substantial and Microsoft while it was probably the
second third us a third best conference it it still didn’t show anything you
know like it’s just hey we got qs5 happening but we’re not gonna show you
now or you could search it up later on your own time yeah absolutely yeah I
thought it was a it was very interesting got a couple different follows here
thank you guys so much I appreciate the migration over you got over here guys
and like I said you are gonna get a better viewing experience gonna be nice
to look a lot better so I think it’s SH M for Chara with the follow also dip dip
dip Lex Jupiter to 32 and K 19 you know shouts got a French film with the 50
bits man he says the demo stations at the stage and the Xbox presentation was
for after the event I saw it on I just steamed vlog I got a question like why
are you watching that vlog but I mean no I’m joking but she’s super popular ah
but no I know yeah apparently it’s what it was for I guess so so yeah people
afterwards playing but the WWE Superstars or whatever so yeah it is
what it is overall yeah I gave it a c-plus I thought it was you know but
we’ll see it was it was Matz okay so okay so me and you basically gave the
same rating basically yeah yeah basically yeah basically yeah even
though I said what gave it 7.5 I literally gave you the same thing pretty
much actually gave it a technically a little go higher apparently
so yeah I’m a fantasy star there you go that fantasy star that was the hypest
thing there oh did you hear the news apparently that’s come into every
platform yeah my thoughts what you did say that you said that eventually I’ll
end up on every platform it’s already on switch so it’s all that is ps4 yeah we
just need a localization of it on air you know so well apparently the
localization I think Microsoft did Microsoft I’ll pay for that localization
I think they did okay I think they helped pay for it but IRA
now thing it I think that they’re the ones who definitely put out that money
for it yeah because I think it was I think you’re not wrong like that’s such
a crummy I mean like I can like well I don’t understand but even like the
collection of man like we’re gonna talk about that later but at least they
squirt anacs came with a freaking remake of the game that we didn’t get I mean
that’s lacks one hell of a I’m sorry for never putting that game out you know
like they keep them he make him sick but we’ll talk about that cuz that that was
that was something uh but anyway let’s put a move on to the next topic here
what was the next conference in line here guys we had it as it was next one
of the worst shows that I’ve seen until another conference we’ll talk about
right after Bethesda but dude but that’s this conference is bad man I’m just
gonna go real quick cuz I don’t have too much to say on it but it was not very
good they had the craze this is when the people in the crowd started going
absolutely nuts well even though the Microsoft crowd they were going nuts but
like there’s like these crazy hype men in the front going yeah like not letting
the developers literally finish a sentence sometimes cutting them off in
the middle of their sentences or in the middle of what they were talking about
that was very annoying as a viewer I’ve heard that it’s a rumor cuz everyone’s
like oh they’re paid right I’m hearing a rumor that they were actually just
trolling like to be annoying to the people on stage like oh this is great
like ironically but it didn’t seem that way to everyone watching I’ve heard that
okay I can’t believe that we absolutely more than people paying them but I also
don’t put it past Bethesda to do something
like that or just fill it with employees and the pretend that they’re attendees
mm-hmm some like that some I guess they were interviewed like the front row
right man he’s like he’s like no I’m just a really big fan that’s what he
said like the guy that was a big fan you know what
but I don’t know I happy for everything there was there’s two good things that
happened there was oh look do maternal gameplay wow finally
some fucking game excuse my language I’m sorry before on twitch now it doesn’t
matter it’s uh looks of gameplay and then that one girl who who is really
energetic and happy right she was at that one for the ghost wire yeah yeah
she was she’s in the top three you know like she’s she’s like she was she was
having fun like those are the two genuine moments what I’d the funniest
thing is thing to me it’s like all right guys for fall 76 listen we’re gonna we
got this year – we got UI we’re gonna put NPC’s in the game that are not you
know they’re they’re not real people they’re just actual real they’re just
characters in the game you don’t play as humans fantastic ever move finally it
only took a year to add something that the game needed but then then they hit
you with but you know when we put in this game that you all really wanted a
52 player battle royale they couldn’t even get 76 player battle royale just to
make it funny a 52 player battle royale in a game series that doesn’t have the
proper mechanics for a battle royale this is great yeah this is this is
amazing I totally thought that was a joke I was on the phone with um with
Tyler clean prints as this was happening and he wasn’t watching at the time I was
watching I was like bro you won’t believe what I just looked at on the
screen he thought I was joking because it’s so
stupid it is the dumbest thing ever no one asked for a battle royale in fall
of 76 and if you did you’re a liar or you’re just a sadist so that’s that’s
why I gotta say okay well then anyone else
I mean I’m Bethesda feel free uh well that night I couldn’t watch you tonight
outside to watch the replay um almost fell asleep
don’t smoke would earn it huh you almost fall asleep during uh business yep hello
boy that’s how bored you were dude like
literally I caught myself late I was like okay hey elder scrolls blades dude
on switch oh you’re ready for the elder even though he knew was coming like a
while ago but elder scrolls blades on switch that’s not something that get you
hyped rather they had nothing to show like the only two biggest games the only
things I feel like was worth showing and you didn’t get to see switch gameplay at
that yet is doom eternal that’s it and in the side great that actually looked
really good that was like the best state of the conference so it’s like okay that
looks good but then after that it’s like after after you look at that and you
look everything else is like I don’t know I didn’t care for it I think it but
I didn’t care for that and yeah I would well we didn’t get to that point yet so
yeah that’s it that’s this I think that one of the they had a lot of CG there
for games that were like already out like they like the new expansion for the
Elder Scrolls online yeah it was CG that 5 that 5 minutes CGI trailer or just go
to cat person take down a dragon for five minutes yeah I was like why don’t
you show some gameplay like why are you showing a CG trailer I’m a cat man dis
adult movie like yeah it’s impressive it looks really cool but I know for a fact
the game on the highest settings on PC doesn’t look anywhere close to what this
is showing off like it’s it’s ridiculous it’s all this money spent and wrong
places and on top of that they had they have
some cool stuff like ghosts like the ghost wire whatever and then like the
sounds cool it sounds cool but once again CG trailer death the same thing
with death yes sounds cool but CG trailer
no no snippet of a gameplay I mean we got more gameplay unless it is on a
brother the Wow – yeah we we got more actual footage of the game rough you
know like what’s funny like the two biggest things that people are waiting
for for Bethesda to speak on right is Elder Scrolls 6 and starfield
right we both those are next-gen titles yeah and he said that next year there
they’re a long way away or whatever and the only update we got on anything
was that Elder Scrolls 6 is gonna be able to be played for like ten years
that just means you’re gonna do what elderscrolls v did and just release it
on every system you can for ten years and developers Skyrim was pretty
substantial – yeah but it’s like cool you didn’t show any you might as well
not even talked about it because there’s no point if you have met like that was
the thing that had me most interesting except they’re like heya fall 76 here’s
a couple of game titles that we’re not gonna show you shit on and then here’s
doom eternal okay goodbye I’m look at me I’m Todd Howard I forgot his name for a
second oh so disgusted but it’s just so bad there was nothing there it’s it’s
not I will say it’s not the worst conference it is the most boring
conference there was nothing – I might as well just watched YouTube trailers
that’s what I felt like pretty much but what about you barren thoughts on but
does this conference I’m pretty sure you like that right yeah he’s saying a lot
right now but he’s muted so it’s pretty funny yeah I bet I bet he likes it cuz I
don’t wanna hear y’all hear me drinking my juice and shit but um kind of juice is actually electrolyte oh you saw my
Travis touchdown no no let me know hey I love that Gears had that song in it but
anyway I’m just giving him credit for using a rat hip-hop song okay usually
they don’t do that last time that happened oh that was food that was not a good or
did he get deported no he’s been in the state’s again he spit you still fighting
this case but he’s still here um but this I was a little bit more lenient
because they did something that nobody has ever done on the stage of III they
came out and admitted they were wrong they came out in a minute they were
wrong they didn’t sugarcoat it they didn’t sweep it on the road they
didn’t try to pat it off or make it seem less effective than what it was they
came out admitted it was wrong with fallout 76 and they admit it they
deserved every piece of criticism and every piece of you know effuse they got
and you got to give him credit for that because has any other company ever did
that especially on the III stage hasn’t even company ever did yeah
Sony did it but Sony when back with the the PIAT the ps3 when PSN went out like
all those months they went on to e3 was like listen guys we’re gonna talk about
the elephant in the room was back when Jack Tretton Jack Trenton’s that did it
oh no they Chuck they tried no sony try to sugarcoat but that was a little bit
different this is a game that people pay money for and it was absolutely trashed
it anymore okay yeah you’re right PSN yeah okay so it’s a little bit different
people pissing blood free PSN was free so yeah so I came home credit for that
because that takes a lot of balls to do you know it sends down right now I can’t
wait for all this more free stuff we’re gonna get that they try to make fallout
76 look better but they really didn’t make it look better in the they really
didn’t everything in between air was absolutely boring I don’t know what the
fuck a commander King was and I really didn’t like it after they showed me what
commander King was the show I think it looked like johnny test intro that they
thought they gave to that like it’s so weird the last one we got was
Game Boy Color game in 2001 like that was the last release well they released
they released something on the on the switch they released the original game
on this way well yeah they poured it but I’m still like an actual new release
like it and funny enough that someone we know got that leak correct before they
had to take the video down crazy man Wolfenstein gobbler looks really good
doom eternal looks really good I like the new battle mode with the doom
slavers the demons and you know most I player and that was pretty much it that
was pretty much it I think this all Ryan garbage they was preaching is terrible
and uh you got CGI to death I love the concept that they told me about ghost
wire but I didn’t really see anything I loved the concept about death Luke that
she told me but I didn’t really see anything so that pretty much was it was
just like Jordan said it was Wolfenstein great doom eternal great um and after
that it was like you just CGI’d me to death and you scared the hell out of me
you with this all ride and talk because I’m tired of all this dreaming shit I’m
tired of hearing about it everyone’s going to have a streaming service
whether you like it or not well we’re gonna know the next conference we’re
talking about hey yeah there’s a soma streaming service so let’s go let’s go
around the horn here guys what are your what are your conference grades for for
all of them I gave but does the I think I gave them a D not surprising like a d-minus or something or a b-plus
I’m not really sure you say that you say they were pride their watch you know
never felt worse the FL like I’ll be too nice all right these to me okay
well amber yeah let me ask you Baron what you give them I’m giving them I’m giving them a six
because they are still the best third party that is supporting switch and
Wolfenstein and doom eternal it’s two of those games that are coming to switch
and they both rose oh wait a bit we don’t we don’t get to them relax
oh but that’s been there since day one you can’t take that from them no I
continue to support okay okay that’s true but we want support battle right
yeah we’re grading the conference and we’re not grading their support for
switch and their big games by the way which can I have an empty box of doom
eater or of Wolfenstein we’re not grading that we’re I’m just talking
about right I’m talking about your car this which hard
we got a 2011 game with Skyrim we got fallout guy
blaze we got two mobile games dude that source supported us we don’t see I
really I mean I gave it a six out of ten I really liked what I saw how to do
we wolfenstein I really did okay that was sold on a concept but ghost wire
okay but they didn’t show me they didn’t you know they didn’t show me ghost why I
didn’t show me death loop but from what they was talking to me about I liked it
but I liked the idea but see that’s why we’re stakes okay okay well Jordan your
bro that’s a good straight two out of ten yes I have cuz that’s a major that’s
like an ex that’s like almost @z dude that get so far down the alphabet Jordan
so they get no points for you for coming out of the men they was wrong no no cuz
they do the same thing every time there’s a controversy like let’s make a
joke out of it too har comes out well I guess we had a rough launch because we
know you wanted it no I don’t think they’re the company that are the
furthest away now from understanding their fans like the people in the
audience maybe screaming well yeah well blow you whatever but like that’s not
realistic that’s not like sure well there’s a new Elder Scrolls sure when
there’s a mainline fallout sure the doom eternal shit like I’ll give that more to
it you know like think that’s I don’t even care about but those it when it
comes to that stuff but it’s like bro like they don’t their other stuff
there’s nothing man like they’re just they’re becoming a shell of what they
once were two years ago you can look up at this and go WOW but those are you
doing you’re doing some pretty good things thank you for as being supportive
and then ever since last year they’ve just been on a roll where it’s like hey
how do we mess up worse than how we just messed up I know let’s have another
controversy and fill that controversy with another one and then shove a battle
royale into it and spank it on the ass on its way out that’s the problem
today Bethesda is not named company they were I don’t know what happened to them
but they are not the Bethesda we knew a few years ago just a few years ago last
year’s conference was ten times better and that wasn’t even the best conference
you know like it’s it’s not agree with you
um I mean yeah come relax six ain’t that’s not a real passing no that’s how
you feel and that’s right that’s not the best rate yeah that’s not a bad thing
I feel as a fan reported Bethesda who has a damn vault boy on his arm as it is
a tattoo who loves fallout to death I am disgusted with how they’ve treated
their franchises they don’t they own treat them as what they once were games
for that the fans loved and that there was love put into them it is just money
money money because you trusted us before and like now it’s like bro you’re
like fool me once shame shame on you fool me twice shame on you still before
me you follow me seven times now I can’t keep being I can’t feed into you bro
that’s what I just said about YouTube but that was to say afterwards that I’m
seeing stuff like listen because there’s a different which is showing that it’s
just as great if not better for you right now on here that I’m YouTube
Bethesda has not come around saying you know what
we’re sorry here’s how we fixed it I just said I’m sorry by the way no I know
but it’s dude it’s I I am disgusted at Bethesda and they’re not even the worst
conference this year this is missed me being petty towards them as a company
for how they’re treating their franchises and their fans with the
hundred bits thank you so much Eric P says doom and Wolfenstein are ed yes No
Wolfenstein no no I don’t think so I think those are all but doesn’t that
publishes them it is just like the company that makes the games write them
but does the publishes them so those games yeah not not not with that with
like the fallouts and the Elder Scrolls those are mainline Bethesda yeah yeah
like they have their in-house stuff it was it was their own thing but now
they’re owned I trusted I trusted you know rage to of that but I trust them I
mean they’re adding some content they showed off some more company and it
seems like it’s gonna be better for the game I think the game’s gonna be nice
like when the game goes down in price and then you can just get that confident
think the game is bad I just think it’s a very bland game it’s it’s not as bland
as the first one which is good yeah the first ones gotta
grind but I actually like the first one I don’t mind it but I’m goodness in it I
think I liked it because of the type of like they hyped it up with the tech you
know what I’m saying I think yeah super hyped that game up and like they didn’t
do the same thing with this one is like okay well we’ve been there done that
with with all those systems so it wasn’t like as hype heading into this one you
know oh I agree yeah I could say they were – remember they were hyping up like
the I know you were like 7 or something that joint at the time but like they
were like hyping up like that high in the game and all that like like towards
like super advanced like they were hype they were really hyping that up you know
so so yeah anyway hey I came back I put again nearly 10 years ago so alright
Electric Empire thank you so much for the twitch for all appreciate that also
a dile dile Sam died exam but the twitch follow also dead make Empire French fan
yeah yes Manfred spam : coming through also dead man one three six seven with
the twist for all that I’m speaking of a dead man it might be Ubisoft ah Rick
speaking of dead men oh my gosh you’d be stops conference we’re gonna go oh my
god this conference and I’m just gonna stop and I’m not sure could anything
this conference was horrible this is one of the worst conferences that I have
ever seen at e3 hands down and it compiles on top of that what they were
doing the YouTube channels I was gonna say are you just being petty because
they took down your I’m not being the combination it’s a combination of me
potentially being petty but I’d say I’d be there with you happened to me but
it’s this conference was so bad it was so bad that I couldn’t like even when I
was watching it it started off kind of cool right because you got the
watchdog’s legion that was kind of cool but they
spent a lot of time on certain things and that’s great but it seems to me like
it was just over and over of just we’re gonna talk about this one game for a
long amount of time and then we’re going to announce necessarily nothing new
those like barely anything new just dance the same stupid stuff with just
dance and it’s just and I don’t they talked about DLC for like they spent a
lot of time on it was a division 2 DLC you like the dance-off man dude that was
all the problems you can’t have a good conference I mean
you are shadow striking people that are watching your stupid conference I’m
sorry literally this this conference like they
they had such a like the most like you some of the most hyped going into it
because they could have been like yo here’s a new Splinter Cell here’s Rain
Man like here’s some cool stuff here here’s Nintendo on our stage because
here’s Kingdom battle 2 or whatever like they could have had some hype ass
conference like there is a lot of like okay let’s see what you got Ubisoft and
they should have just retitled this Tom Clancy cuz everything in this conference
was Tom Clancy hey here’s more Tom Clancy’s a division hey you like Tom
Clancy’s Rainbow six siege well here’s another Tom Clancy Rainbow six with
zombies here you like rainb you want Tom Clancy mobile game we got that you why
you want Tom Clancy Ghost Recon baby we got you it was Tom Clancy to conference
there was nothing else besides Tom Clancy and a just dance performance and
government God versus monsters but what was that that was nothing it was a
breath of the wild cloud no one knows what the hell it is it’s just it’s a
Brady from the makers of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey cool where’s the gameplay
well they don’t have any for you okay let me go pre-order it right now
literally it’s it’s it’s Greek from what I understand it’s Greek breath of the
wild okay that sounds interesting is shit show me it and it’s coming out next
year too I think some items it’s like I love would write you know Wolfram beat
em ups right major homie he pre-ordered I saw on his pre-order list he pure did
that game and I was like bro you won it’s not even coming out for a long-ass
time and – what made you preorder it I think it’s like February but like what
made you preorder it there’s nothing at least with the other stuff on his list
he pre-order we saw gameplay it’s or or heard about its breath of breath oh but
that’s all we were told that yeah you were told that where is the showing
that’s the problem you want to speak of not showing stuff
Ubisoft was like it’s Tom Clancy but we’re not gonna show you anything hey
look who’s Tom Clancy alright moving on the vision – that’s Tom Clancy I’m
moving on hey here’s a mobile game yes like Splinter Cell hey look we got Sam
Fisher in there look we did it how we brought him back this this was just so
you think Bethesda’s out of touch I don’t know what will be soft so they had
nothing because they don’t have an assassin’s creed this year the next one
comes at the end of next year which will be a dual release title for the next-gen
consoles and current consoles and it’s it’s gonna be this Viking Assassin’s
Creed and everyone’s worried about all these games you know turning into games
as a service let me tell you what after the ii maybe ii told one after this next
vikings assassin’s creed which maybe the japan one but after that there is going
to be this online service of assassin’s creed that lets assassin’s creed be all
these different generations at once it’s it’s this big online service Assassin’s
Creed game is what they’re trying to build up to so if you don’t like games
as a service well and if you’re a fan of Assassin’s Creed like I am and the new
way they’re going I’m very skeptical with what they’re gonna do with this and
I think if anyone’s out of touch Ubisoft getting out of touch they had the
highest chance of winning and doing some Chris I’m not winning the whole
conferences like in general Nintendo stomped everyone and that but it’s like
what happened here that if you didn’t have anything that show cancel your
conference you know honestly most of these concerts
most of these conferences shouldn’t of hassle the story sony was right if like
somebody was like listen we ain’t got shit hey Jess Tran is coming out at the
end of the year that’s all we got to tell you see you later like cool gotcha
Sony thanks for not wasting our time because everyone else really just said
here watch us for an hour and a half two hours we’re gonna waste your time
the biggest problem but the thing about it though is like I don’t even think
it’s like that simple and actually won’t get to disappointing just Avedon you
wanna go ahead and talk about Ubisoft what you thought about them um
watchdogs Legion you like that that’s it that’s it bro I am watchdogs I don’t
care about watchdogs one is the worst one of the worst games ever played cuz
it blatantly lie and the game mechanics suck I totally skipped to it looks
boring you can’t like regularly hurt people that game yet yet the non-lethal
II take people down that’s stupid that’s not what I want to do in a video game in
the third game it’s like it’s watchdogs in London and you could be anybody you
wanna be DS grandma you could beat his grandma she’s I guarantee you this
mechanic is not going to work the way they promised because they have lied
every single one there’s no way it can work the way
there is no way I can see if it’s like every feel like there’s designated
certain characters you can do but they’re saying oh yeah anyone you see
I’m like yes I’m not this bland ass NPC walking down the street with a beanie on
yeah he’s gonna I’m gonna place him never mind I want to play as this midget
you know never mind I want to play as this circus clown like why it’s not
gonna play like that it’s just a lot that’s what that’s what I want to look
at because I think what drew me to the game more is the fact that perma deaf
could be a real thing with do the cash that you take over I’m like so that made
it someone interesting to me but I was disappointed with will be soft all
around usually do be so much it’s super strong with Nintendo support as well
this year is just super super strong with Xbox one or ps4 so they were just
dry do they have what’s good big game for this holiday just a wheeze Ghost
Recon great point though yeah Ghost Recon of course require workshops is
next year yeah what’s that Ghost Recon is this year I think they’re probably
gonna do Splinter Cell I think that’s gonna be a next I think that’s gonna be
next gens but they’re gonna just wait for PSP s5 Xbox next Xbox first so yeah
but I mean to Jordan’s point like I got it this EP would have been better if
they just actually like if it wasn’t so CG like a lot of CG and if they just
show Gateway even on what they brought like it would been better like watchdogs
it was cool they brought gameplay but like there was a bunch and they talked
about a TV show what’s the trailer they showed was
overextended and didn’t seem that funny I like the person who came out on stage
I’d like it sunny in philadelphia i’m sure the show is gonna be funny
we’re at a gaming convention yeah this is for games this is like when they when
we had what’s the the conference in germany they do every game stuff that
Gamescom that’s like last year the opening ceremony games come instead of
talking about games they sit there and talk about the country’s politics for
ten minutes that is not what we’re here for at a gaming convention you bring me
a TV show like I love TV I love movies I’m at I’m watching a game convention I
would much rather these conference is be 45 minutes and give me three games
but show me gameplay I’d much rather less games and actual
something they’re not just announcements titles at least give me something to be
excited about who is is there this big of Tom Clancy fans where they’re getting
hyped up for every single Tom Clancy product like I know people who only like
siege I know people who only like the division I don’t know how spread they
are on the other games this is like hey here’s every Tom Clancy IP aside from
Splinter Cell like it’s I don’t know what we saw like I could not tell you
what to be excited for here oh yes oh sorry
you play plus it’s gonna be inside a stadia so if you want a subscription
service that’s gonna cost you $300 a year inside of another service that’s
going to cost you an absorbent amount of money in a year like great spend all
your money on digital shit and gate and get shadow straight and get striked on
youtube for saying anything about it be soft you mean you react to their content
listen for anyone who streams it on YouTube or streams and online in general
just don’t don’t get movie song anymore skip them they’re not worth it even if
it’s on Twitch learn the point if they’re gonna act
like that you you don’t deserve to give your time and showing them up I’ll never
stream another Ubisoft car if I do I mean it’ll be on Twitter nothing’s gonna
happen on they’re all just mute the audio from Just Dance cuz that’s really
what it was it was just dance that screwed up everything yeah and I’m sure
I knew that was gonna be the problem everyone was worried about that I’m
saying it’s probably gonna happen again it’s not like these companies cater to
you to the prop the problem with this is that YouTube allows them to do this
that’s that’s that’s another part of the problem yeah that definitely literally
allows them they don’t check to see if this stuff belongs to people who claim
it so any random person and claims stuff to which is even more annoying the
biggest problems that they have a blatant disregard for fair use that’s
the biggest issue that I have with YouTube is that they have a blatant
disregard for fair like a blatant disregard for fair use like and and with
this Ubisoft so these companies they know they know that they can take
advantage of this how come this doesn’t happen on Twitch that’s what I want to
know how come this doesn’t happen to the light to the es10 because twitch doesn’t
have YouTube’s the same copyright system they
have it they haven’t run in a different way this is like if you’re just if
you’re sitting on here and you’re streaming a movie right that’s when they
come in and step it right you should be that exactly
you dare they’re better for they’re better to protect you to protect you
against fair use and here’s what happened let’s say you were streaming
right and you stream Ubisoft on here and that portion that copyrighted music is
in your vaad that’s on twitch sometimes not every time they don’t catch it every
time but one day if they do what they do is they only go into that vaad and they
mute that specific section only of where it is the rest of the vaad is fine only
that specific part with the music is ten I have no problem and I have no problem
with that my problem is that light doesn’t hurt your revenue doesn’t hurt
your chance your revenue years literally streaming is you’re like one of your
main to like honestly I consider you on YouTube your content creator but your
majority streamer streaming is what pays the bills streaming is what you are into
it’s what your audience is into and they literally take the right for you to do
your work so they cost you money by not streaming
they cost you your profession your livelihood that’s where the problem is
now if they fixed it in like a second that would have been a lot better but
they didn’t this year they some people got lucky and they took it away in time
for nintendo’s but most people it took them it took them two and a half days I
got it I need a message in the morning and by then I’d already made it
I already made preparations and everything like that but that’s another
part that I have a problem with Ubisoft’s conferences that this happened
last year and then they didn’t fix it so they made the same mistake and they they
just oh well they didn’t oh well you know what I’m saying like oh well and
like they they’re part of the they’re part of the problem with what’s wrong
with YouTube you know what I’m saying so I’m gonna yeah maybe it’s petty but yeah
part of my score for you be stop I don’t think I gave them a minute but did I
give them an official’s I gave him an F yeah but eat it and we haven’t went to
bearing it so we’ll get the bearing and get his thoughts on this but I’m like
are you giving outrage before you eat hey damn it they made me fuckin attend
oh come on dude I was pissed I’ll be honest I was pissed I was pissed and and
you had every right to be and my users my users deserve way better and that’s
the reason why I’m making the switch over to twitch but
we’re gonna have a video on YouTube talking about that and everything like
that but yeah hey none there is no new Far Cry game that was interesting hey
that’s true and we got 200 viewers in here so damn it you guys and that’s
close it is necklace yeah very very close to my abdomen we might
peak it like at 300 sometimes but then it go it dips below but to have 200
people in here firstly a first podcast on here so I don’t really I really don’t
need their bum asses delete the channel deletion I hate the copyrights up but at
least I can upload it oh I got copyrighted and then let me fix it you
know they give me an opportunity like okay let me fail also say the the the
lag the stream lag from when we’re talking to when it’s streaming is
literally within a second or two compared to compared to YouTube it is
extremely way way better optimized between what you’re streaming on to this
whole platform I will say has the absolute fastest on low latency would be
mixer mixers like absolute the second you type I see it yeah happy careful
don’t be talking good about mixer on Twitch to twitch ninjas will hear you no
idea let me give a big shout out let’s get a couple will get barons point is I
know Baronessa now we don’t need to hear Barry no we already know what he’s gonna
say man there was no flat grass head out of 10 oh fuck what’s the flag grass
later but up Dortmund with the hundred bits so thank you says thank you for
doing this I really needed this tonight Baron will Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 so
more than the Avengers game ok we gonna get to that really well get to that
we’ll get we’ll get to that also the boo bear the Barbarian who’s a
very good friend of mine since chopped we’ve known each other since we were 3
or 4 years old on the podcast yeah he was on the podcast before barbarian
he did a recent crime for two months oh thank you so much he says well twitch
time let’s go yeah I’m on Twitch now man for life you me so here we go please
twitch voice um alright so barring conference great F minus Z well I need I
need to tell you what I think first fine grant already damn but yeah
you beats off at e3 men I feel like they owe me some money I feel like they
should pay me for the hour and a half that I wasted of my motherfucking life
of watching that conference he owe me they should compensate me for the
bullshit they made me sit through and watch not only did you start with an
orchestra of Assassin’s Creed which is also some kind of implication
implication that we was going to get a new assassin greedy game but no it was
Assassin’s Creed Symphony the tour nobody gave a damn about that I don’t
even know why you care about that but you redeemed yourself right after that
no you show me watchdogs Legion which looks absolutely great it reminds me of
the getaway on ps2 back in the day if anybody paid that so that’s what I like
about it once I’ve seen granny get the strap and was busting caps I was sold
baby it was sold I’m on board against but everything after that I just wanted
to go upstage and push the hell out of somebody you came up there talked about
Ghost Recon Breaking Point which doesn’t look impressive what else so ever you
actually brought Sam Fisher back and put them in a fucking mobile game a mobile
game hell yeah in jest it’s topped off this is where I
lost my cool watching this you came out there with a choreographed dancing
sequence and once they was done and I seen the screen and I’ve seen just dance
2020 is releasing on the Wii you are so money hungry that you release existence
or the weird it’s the thing about that parents parent
the reason they do that there’s a lot of a lot of hospitals and a lot of elder
care homes that use the Wii and use that they say expensed all those weeks for
them for the them to get exercise or for rehabilitation so that’s their main
market for that but yeah I do think it’s weird that it’s on the we still but they
knock out two birds with one stone though because they can play on the Wii
U and on the Wii and they literally do nothing to the game each year all it is
is like a music song right it’s literally just updated music on the end
all its so why not it’s lit and it cost them nothing but DVDs that produce on
the we are literally like they’re a cent per like ten DVDs like it’s so cheap
I guess you but I get you I get what your reasoning are but still you’re
releasing something on the Wii and we’re still sitting over here looking for more
switch support on other games and we in your supporting the week and then I
think what we’re really long then you came out streaming service for 15 damn
dollars a month that’s I’m supposed to pay $15 a month for Assassin’s Creed
mm-hmm in Ghost Recon mm-hmm lost your fucking minds
yeah I’m completely lost come on $15 a month and then the wait a minute oh man
you show that it’s coming to Stadium so you basically showed that not only is
people not gonna buy this you actually showed an incentive to why people
shouldn’t buy into stadia cuz at this point it’s like why even go into stadia
if I paid the steady a pay for the whole game and then pay for a streaming
service from you I’m also a just think with a console what’s the damn point so
it’s like man and then y’all had to end the conference in the worst way I ever
seen in my life with a Breathitt a while ripoff of a 20-second teaser and then
you just cut to a DJ and then I’ve seen the over way badass
Payne take on young yadi yadi in damn Ghost Recon and I was like this has to
be the worst ending ever I have been given a great I’ll give you a fucking
negative 100 if I really could negative weights in my is that a negative 100 out
of 10 or a negative 100 out of 100 a negative 100 out of a zero still a zero
no I know it’s basically saying it’s pretty bad
listen there’s no reason why the company right now it really makes sense their
company’s called Ubisoft because I did not get excited once watching this
content I will say this I like the concept of roller Champions that’s about
it exciting go have fun it’s out I’ve seen some people play I know there’s
some people might back I can sing with my twitch that are playing roller
Champions right now but I’m sure it’s nice for rocket oh they they completely
ripped off that we League with it you could see stuff in the background cuz
you know rocket League has their specific logo for rocket league like the
rocket league you play in in the game like they have one that says Roller
League on the background in the back that looks just like the thaw rocket
League logo I’m like you could not be more on the nose of where you trying to
convey what you’re trying to go yeah shoutouts to the new twitch Falls thank
you guys so much for the migration a lot of you guys I see a lot of the same
names coming over from YouTube coming over to twitch and giving us some
follows and some love getting a lot of new follow so thank you guys I
appreciate that shoutouts to Wyn that was a wide whining
Ronny boos I can’t say the name what’s up man hey thank you all so uh Loki G
with the host Thank You Man appreciate that and also here for you or here for
true or – here for – something like that here Thank You Man appreciate it thanks
for the follows dudes I appreciate that alright so we all gave our scores you
saw sucked so here come and save the day and idiot
next up is super Eddie right yep yes to save III Square Enix is the savior of
youth at the time they were the savior of e3
because Square Enix revealed a ton of cool stuff they really
pulled on the nostalgia you know what I’m saying like the nostalgia the
nostalgic chords and I think Square headaches finally realize like wait a
minute we don’t actually have to make new games to win III we can remaster
games that we already have that I already have a story scenario bla bla
bla so we don’t have to plan everything out over again at least we have a base
that we can work from and with we can actually wait you know and that’s the
funniest thing that I realized was for any Final Fantasy 8 you know people were
hype for that people were hyper romancing saga or in the new romancing
saga those games are finally getting localized for the first time people were
really happy about that um there’s just a lot of great stuff at
their show they showed off finally we’ve got the real gameplay details and what’s
going on with Final Fantasy 7 remake which was the big event where they
actually had like a square that’s had a really interesting conference and I’ll
let you guys get into your school or what you guys thought about it but they
did a hybrid between a live show and a Nintendo Direct they mixed them together
which was pretty interesting and and I think it worked well I think it worked
well for the except for some of the adventure stuff in my opinion that
didn’t work so well but the the stuff that actually had the real gameplay the
way they were playing it right there and they were talking about that works
really well so I was actually excited so their format was good
the games were good they had remasters they had new games they had pop nc7
blowout they talked about Avengers again so I thought it was a good conference I
thought it was a very good conference and they even left out some of it for
Nintendo’s you know for Nintendo’s show so so good stuff so everyone man I know
you’re a big screen expound like myself so what were your thoughts on their on
their conference the fact they kicked it off they kicked off the show swinging
like any waste any time with this and that’s why I think I love this
conference so much because they started off with Final Fantasy 7 remake you
would think that would be something safe like the middle of the show or for the
end of the show get in baby they kicked it off well they kicked it
off with another trailer which was nostalgic for a lot of us who played the
game and then like I’m not gonna lie the stuff where’s
this new game continue remake stuff like that I like I like that it’s like you
gotyou hype it’s like let you know where they was going with this but this is a
stale 5 8 7 remake personally I feel like this was the best presented game at
e3 it’s like you both got a deep down in how the battle system is gonna work
which was a big concern for many people and then you also got real gameplay you
saw a boss battle which I’m blown away they made the first boss fight which was
a fight most we could do with our eyes closed into a real intensive fight I
thought all boss fight exactly amen for sure they showed the whole fight they
made a few jump cuts here and there sure but like yeah what if the game does that
no one show basa fight exactly exactly to your point you’re right exactly so
the entire boss fight and I was I was impressed that you saw more elements of
the battle like you saw that there you just can’t hack and slash enemies like
you move it to pay attention to see where is the boss’s weak spot and I was
like okay they um did some real research I saw that the sword changes are in real
time so when cloud gets a new sword we had a hard-edged who’s fighting the
omnibus to robot so I was impressed all around with that and then it just kind
of just wait for me like Square Enix there was some things are really good
that I really did like I did like Final Fantasy um eight remastered being
announced um I that’s what actually what I’m
that’s Nexus 7 um seven is seven nine and eight for me as my top 3 favorite
final fantasy so that’s why I was happy to see those see that game announced um
I’m trying to think there was some other games I said they didn’t they look
pretty cool they weren’t really for me um I wait for the Nintendo wanted to
talk about the one it really got me high there’s one that both of us we’re gonna
we were both we’re both blown away I’ll wait for that wood but uh Avengers
I’m sorry I I was it – blown away about Avengers and I had to laugh at on KEGG
reacts because he came in my podcast last week telling me that this is gonna
make my ultimate like a mobile game and I’m laughing because Avengers right now
and he’s right now without all the DLC it doesn’t look interesting the
character character models don’t really favor towards me so much I like so
somebody says somebody said a Tony Stark looked like an angry Joe so yeah I
didn’t say I didn’t care for that and I feel I feel like I just need to see more
before I fully judge the game Avengers I feel next I feel is is coming out in
March the same time as on Final Fantasy is may I throws March said man
oh it’s May okay my bad the summaries I thought I thought I saw so much okay
we’re still all right you got some time so it’s coming out in May I feel as
though they have a lot that he could still improve about the game because
they improve Marvel Ultimate Alliance we last saw it at the direct from e3 so you
can still improve upon it but right now I’m not a believer the game so overall
pretty solid it was pretty good okay Jordan alright so let’s get into a
little bit squeenix alright so they start off the conference extremely well
I think that’s one of the best presentations I’ve ever seen for any
kind of game they they went into it they gave you what you wanted to see they
went in depth about it and they made it seem like they’ve been putting their
heart and soul into this game and it showed and I like how they even tease
when most people would say huh what about teeth ever wants to t4 they’re
like okay well we’ll see here at a later point and you like oh man they’re not
gonna show but literally a few minutes later they show her in action and
everyone gets hyped because oh wow they actually showed people what they wanted
to see and it looks great I even pre-ordered that exhale II $300
additional tax like like I really want even if it’s just like a play arts for
whatever the term is it still looks dope because I couldn’t get the cyberpunk
motorcycle statue this is a good consolation prize I think
this is a really cool collector’s edition I’ll be at overpriced but it’s
still really cool it got me really excited for a game that I don’t love as
much as everyone else like I like Final Fantasy 7 I’ve never beat it when I was
younger I never was super into the Final Fantasy games when I was younger but
this has given me interest for the story and I really want to go through and play
this game I’m really hyped about that can we talk about how this game is 2
blu-ray discs it’ll be the second game to do that Red Dead Redemption did it
and now Final Fantasy is gonna do that and I’m glad that they’re actually
putting it on the disc and not being like all right here’s one dissed and
then a 60 gigabyte download like some other things do spiral but yeah I’m very
very excited to see what’s gonna happen with Final Fantasy 7 when that releases
we got the release date the night before that they gave it that’s coming out in
March which is a dope time and this is only gonna be part one this is a part
one so they’re gonna have a part to probably come out in a year or two
afterwards depending on how far along there are with that but this is it was a
great presentation the rest of the show there were some interesting stuff some
cool things I was like oh that’s cool I didn’t think I didn’t it didn’t go as
downhill for me I just think it’s really hard to live up starting with something
that hype that I can get where you’re coming from it’s like this is amazing
and it’s like hey Final Fantasy 8 like it’s cool but it’s not it’s not levels
of cool but by the end of it when we get to Avengers alright here’s the problem
with how they presented Avengers it was a very messy presentation of it because
they’re like look at this trailer now let’s talk about it and then they gave
all these weird promises but they they didn’t give the catch like I completely
think this game is gonna be riddled with cosmetic microtransactions which isn’t
the worst but I don’t know what else they’re hiding cuz they said no loot
crate’s they said you know like the DLC is free yeah but they didn’t say the
catch and I don’t believe that until I see it it felt like there was a wrench
with it so I like everyone’s applauding I didn’t applaud on my okay I know this
I know this wording I know this wording I’ve heard it many times before departed
um that’s why I want to know they did audience they did
have a lot of heroes either oh yeah and then in there right I feel like they’re
gonna like they like one of their big reveals their little extra cutscene was
ant-man which I don’t see a man looking like that I don’t even know who that was
a man until he’s shrunk the thing that doesn’t look like a man to me what he
was wearing but and what are they my other thing is like they show like
you’re the characters that are gonna be important like here’s your main Avenger
characters – Hawkeye cuz they just I heard someone
yelling the audience where’s Hawkeye but that was funny but like are they
alluding to Captain America dies like in that beginning of the game cuz like you
could please Captain America and then they show like Captain America on the
the thing as it blows up and then like they have a memorial statue for him like
he’s dead so like is he just instantly gonna die it to me in the game I don’t
know but that’s weird nolan north is Iron Man I think that’s a
good choice for voicing the character models definitely are since they so
close to the movie like at what they’re trying to do with the team it’s very
uncanny seeing the different looks it is in the spider-man game universe because
they are on the west coast as in the spider-man game they make a joke saying
when he goes to the Avengers Tower says oh they’re off on the west coast on
doing something and now in this game they’re in the West Coast doing
something so technically they’re in the universe
I don’t know its gameplay that’s the problem here it’s like you
gave me all this great Final Fantasy stuff and you have a moment to the thing
that everyone’s waiting for and they almost did that trick out with the Final
Fantasy 8 like the thing you’ve been waiting for everyone’s like all
offenders oh it’s fine fantasy and I’m still okay
with that but then they get to Avengers and it’s like look at these cutscenes
and I’m like well did it come on man it wasn’t like they tried to make it seem
as if it was gameplay but it was like simulated gameplay and not at certain
part yeah it looked like fake cutscenes yeah like yeah that was they were trying
to like in the engine let’s make it look as if you were trying to plug as if
there were you want to play like No More Heroes kind of looked like that too
when would they do but No More Heroes like they kind of put some stuff on
screaming as if that was gameplay but it just looked a little bit weird I don’t
know if those exactly but if they had a hobby game there was something a little
off with it and I also think that the graphics like for Crystal Dynamics right
plus they’re already there working with all these other studios as well like II
do some like a bunch other stuff helping out but like
for their quality standard right like with with even with the last which I
know a lot of people don’t like it but the last like Laura Croft game us Tomb
Raider game that game is gorgeous the character details are incredible the
world details are credible I mean I know the game doesn’t come out till May it
just didn’t look polished like I feel like the character models didn’t look
super super great except for a couple and like the environments didn’t look
fully finished I think it’s cool that they have a cool cast of voice actors
and whatnot but III needed I needed something else to WoW me there and there
wasn’t that wow factor for something they’ve been silent on for two years
after announcing it there was no real wow factor for me personally if you’re
excited that’s great I’m still looking forward to the game
I just I’m glad it’s not what they like we heard rumors of you know like that it
was gonna be like a way different type of game that you know you don’t play as
these characters you play is like you make your own character type shit I’m
glad that it’s actually you’re playing as the Avengers I just want the cast to
be good and for anyone who’s saying that this game is going to smoke Ultimate
Marvel Ultimate Alliance dead wrong that game has all the characters that game is
gameplay that we’ve seen which treehouse showed a lot of it I gave a shot on why
that gameplay looked fun and looked cool the characters dainard I liked how every
character in that game jumps in and it has like a smash bros type intro where
it says their name and like a cool little tagline like I’m excited about
that the Avengers game didn’t give me that excitement from what they showed
that’s my problem it might get there and definitely the
you can see like obviously what they’re going throughout the graphics and all
that in terms of everything yeah Marv Ultimate Alliance once again
the graphics you know that’s the biggest thing that people are comparing about
but but once again it is a completely different style like they’re completely
different I mean yes they’re both Avengers or Marvel whatever they care
but there is such a different style of game it’s it’s almost like trying to
compare compare like I don’t know like what is it like to have two different
types of games you know it’s trying to like compare stronger like compare Call
of Duty 2 Borderlands you can’t even win Borderlands it’s so much better yeah they’re both shooters or they’re
both but there’s they’re so different or even games that have like two different
types like two different styles within it like for example like Final Fantasy
and Final Fantasy Tactics back in the day you know what I’m saying
I play to see if the RPG is completely different Final Fantasy Tactics I mean
they’re both but they’re just different you know it’s hard to kind of compare
the two in terms of like the styles or even I’m a maid that can go ahead no I
made that comparison basically because call it a duty like modern warfare
versus Borderlands 3 it’s like you say but they’re so different but they both
look good you see what I’m saying visually they both look good if you say
visually marvelous – 3 doesn’t look good something’s wrong with you like it
definitely is true to the source material when it comes to marble it
looks good it’s just basically like it’s his own art style and this can explain
more tomorrow then then what the adventures what certain what’s your
thoughts on sporanox though when they’re coming screenings I think they did
something that we desperately needed they came out of the gate and they
showed us game play and the game played a shoulders was absolutely incredible I
really wasn’t looking forward to this game as much as others but after seeing
a game playing a new gameplay style with the tactical stuff I was like oh I
definitely want to play that I definitely play that and they gave you a
lot of gameplay and we probably over you know over
hyping it a little bit because we saw a little to no gameplay before that point
but they did they did spend a lot of time on it and they definitely showed
everything that everybody wanted to see out of that game
so it that was great I have no negatives to say about that whatsoever it’s just
after that it wasn’t part of the monkey is hardly Lewis holics had come up after
that like you came up and you started on ten and you had to keep it there at that
point but you just couldn’t with the stuff that she was showing you know what
I mean it was definitely some good stuff afterwards that they showed none of it
was bad per se but it was just knocked it up to the level Final Fantasy 7
remake that that was the only downfall to it and the only thing that really
drugged the confort town was the last thing square enix
Avengers game we’ve been waiting so long for this they hyped it up on Twitter
talking about you going to see Avengers at e3 everybody was losing their fucking
mind and all of that and when you showed it I was like okay this is a nice
animatic thing is basically looking like the graphical style that I thought I was
gonna go for and then I’ve seen the characters and I was like who in the
hell I was like is this the great value warm-up I will swear by great do great
value has some good stuff some rest and the game’s gonna be bad it just don’t
Ram don’t not great value it’s great oh my god but then but then they was
showing that trailer and I was like okay cinematic okay when they go get to the
part where actually some gameplay and they kind of never showed it but then
they you know they came out on stage and they talked about it they promised all
this no loot crate’s know that and it was like you know and they started
talking about it I was like okay you’re gonna show me some gameplay and you
never showed me the gameplay but you gave me a release date you gave me a
pre-order do you think you gave me a beta and it’s like you’re giving me all
this but you’re not going to show me the damn game nope it sounded suspect when
they were describing the game it sounded like anthem Avengers I mean it sound
like anthem Avengers Jordan kind of said that to Jordan was going is this like a
Live service like this kind of no I think there’s some there’s some may
sound like a Live service game yeah yes the online aspect yeah they were saying
the Avengers characters will be added later and I was like wait a minute hold
up first of all I don’t know you ain’t even finish yeah you ain’t even finish
with hell Mike wait a minute I mean at least
say like I love a man right I’m cool too a man being in the game right dope but
if that’s your big reveal of like guys don’t worry we may have these adventures
but we got a surprise it’s ant-man and it’s like that’s what
the a notes in the game as a villain like that would be more interesting
that’s like guys we got ant-man what you didn’t know who it was until he shrunk
that thing because you couldn’t tell cuz they don’t look like a virus and what
made it worse it’s like we really didn’t get any details on the storyline it was
like stories will be at it later as this go on what they say the Avengers will be
a game that you’ll be able to play for a long time I’m like this is something
like anthem the avengers version and I’m like that is scary it’s in a very weird
it’s a bad form ah yeah what makes it worse is that I think it was last night
or this morning they confirmed that the game will have microtransactions
I’m like oh that’s it man there’s always a catch well they’re happy there has to
be a catch with this because of the amount of money that they’re spending on
this game I like his jokes make a good game we’ve knows what happens if I don’t
as a cat show you know like final seven as a catch you know sure I’m not saying
every game has a catch but the forefront of the game should be that it’s a good
game well that you fundamentally works as a game by itself first and foremost
there’s no catch with astral chain baby that’s just there’s no catch there we’re
gonna we’re gonna we’re gonna talk about Nintendo great for them yeah it’s
probably gonna be eight it’s just that Avengers would be a really drugged it
down significantly I said Vermont’s to us about eight out
of ten yeah I’m at an eight The Avengers pushed
it down to that eight it would have definitely been at a nine if the
Avengers it could have been a ten if that Avengers like brought it back up
but it definitely is I’m gonna firmly give it an eight it’s the second best
conference I I like the game I like the romancing saga more than you
guys did I’m a big fan so I’m deaf I gave it a B+ I almost gave
it a – but I kind of settle at a B+ for it but yeah the amount of games like I
said Square Enix realizes that they don’t have to make new games they just
have to localize all the stupid stuff that they did it localized the first
time you know what I’m saying like they don’t really have to make a lot of new
cubes or they can remake stuff they can literally just make remakes and they
literally said this – they literally said it was good to do that for the
switch they did and speaking so we all know speaking of this you know Nintendo
had their show and YouTube glad or actually before we get into the Tendo
let me let me go and get some shoutouts here we do got a lot of people coming
over from YouTube say thank you guys I appreciate that this easily beats the
amount of new subscribers we get so shoutouts everybody who’s making the
switch over to here and we are gonna have some nice rewards for you guys we
are given going to be giving away a switch there will be details here so
there will be that so let’s see here young king entrepreneur thank you so
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from the twitch family here Eric P with another hundred big donation he’s the
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general Brown 178 with follows thank you guys so much I appreciate that so let’s
go to get into Nintendo’s conference here and I’ll just I guess I’ll just
start off I won’t I won’t put too much I don’t let you
guys talk about it and then we kind of like rotate ideas cuz I know we all have
a lot to say so yeah this is this would be the longest segment cuz then can go
yeah the most to talk about I’m gonna try to keep it short on each segment I
guess we can we can just rotate between us because I know we probably could all
talk by 20 30 minutes on each one but I don’t wanna keep you guys here
forever okay but it was a lot of stuff it was there was a lot of stuff so I’m
not gonna said I’m not gonna talk to i’ma let you guys talking that maybe we
can got to just jump in and all kind of talk about it
yo shout outs to our ano crazy thousand bit cheer from Oren he’s like
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that definitely makes you the bit leader here at least for this stream also thank
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for the thousand I appreciate it guys give some love bitch saying
emotes they’re over to UM so to me the biggest the craziest thing here was
trials of mana go breath in the wild to was that was crazy
but dude trials of mad I literally blow it out of my seat back over here do mana
is one of my that’s my first RPG ever by the way okay so there’s nostalgia here
it is creation is your first one my secret of mana good taste
yeah it was my first RPG ever I remember I erased my brother’s safe fell and got
my ass beat I erased a file on accident and uh and played it he was so mad but
then we ended up just plain because you can play multiplayer because I just
wanted to play with you know I just wanted to play you know an RPG was my
first RPG ever was was was a Secret of Mana and this practice has been dead
there’s been no new mana games in forever there’s been no new mana games
and when I Tendo like obviously it’s a Square Enix game but when they when they
showed it off there that blew me away obviously the impact is that it’s that
their show nobody knew about it you know but it’s also coming to ps4 and PC but
um that blew me away that was to me one of the biggest highlights No More Heroes
I’m just gonna go over to No More Heroes was huge the new trailer for Pokemon
showing off some more of the stuff inside there was was huge having all the
different things that they showed up the app the actual same footage the trailer
for that was absolutely amazing and breadth of the while to ending what
breadth of the wild to say we got one more thing we’re expecting probably
they’re ending with Zelda like every store every direct now they’re just like
you know here’s a new Zelda stuff every time because they know it gets a huge
applause and the manna collection the manna collection also being put on there
just shadow drop mana collection cadence of Hyrule getting two days later we
didn’t talk about this but the last remnant was also shadow drop that score
and exists offered so more so yeah yeah where does that come from I don’t even
hear any rumbling of that when I saw that dragonfly I was like yo is this
about to be Panzer Dragoon right yeah there’s like holy dude that dope
like gay I’m not even talking about my turn yeah I’m just want to say no go
ahead announce me by itself I’ll keep going so go ahead and take a majority
you go take it from there but I think I really I had the most interesting stuff
to talk about in terms of I’m is the one who’s always giving you and you guys and
everyone shit about always talking about astral chain alright because when we
first saw it and they first started seeing the stuff for it there was
nothing that truly wowed me saying okay this is something to be super super
excited about like it looked cool I liked the setting and all that but I
will admit it what we saw not only in the direct but during treehouse this
game looking what’s I don’t know I’m not gonna go there yet because I haven’t
played this game looks incredible it the dude dude the thing that won me over I
said oh shit where I literally went oh shit was in the motorcycle sequence in
the tunnel when he’s jumping through over everything
I’m like bro that looks fun and there’s it’s been a long time so I just looked
at again I’m like yo I want to play that now this is like the quickest 180 I’ve
done on a game ever I swear this game has turned into a cool it’s another game
that’s coming out – yes day one for me this game looks dope the gameplay looks
fun the setting that how much that how big this game looks that’s on the switch
is impressive the cityscapes the stuff in the
detailing on every little thing looks way too good to be true but I believe it
because it’s Nintendo I believe it because the people who are working on it
have clearly showed that they put a lot of time into this and this isn’t just a
filler release until Bayonetta this is something that I was like okay I I am
completely excited about this now so right off the bat that game I’m on board
I’m hyped for it I’m excited for it it won me over that’s what I wanted to see
that was that wild moment that spark that clicked with me
fantastic Pokemon stuff fine they really didn’t need to talk about that much I
knew they were going to include it in direct cuz they have to but they you
know whatever it’s fine there’s other Pokemon I do I know I know
I know if you’re going to did a 180 on two games that we
definitely wasn’t impressed by the way there was smashed to the luminary in
smash I was like wait a second is this Dragon Quest oh I recognize three I had
for the Gameboy for the gameboy color so I was surprised I think it’s exciting I
like I like I like this smash characters I liked him
that wasn’t my personal pics but I was fine with what they showed I like the
way they trolled us with this banjo kazooie one cuz I was like this dude is
just he’s a troll he’s a troll man holding I call it my characters look
good Oh J how long have I been saying very good not in some shape or form band
Rin just coming to the switch I’ve been saying for so long that I mean now but
banjo will be in Smash Brothers with or without a brand new game and a second
that that little puzzle golden peep because gold puzzle piece bounces on the
screen everyone literally goes everyone’s heart like softly because
it’s too good to be real and then when they do the duck hunt dogs yeah funny
huh but the second he pops up on the screen and it’s a real thing it became a
real thing and I’m not even the biggest smash fan and I’m not even the biggest
banjo fan but that moment right there that was a moment for everyone that
moment was pure and grey in the moment for Dragon Quest is a lot more for the
for the east it was is a lot more that there’s a lot of it wasn’t really for
everyone but it’s exciting to a lot of people there’s a lot of people like
Japan grew up with Dragon Quest is there a nostalgic game so this is really big
to a lot of foreign players and a lot of people here are kind of going oh who are
these characters but this is really cool for like Akira Toriyama fans because it
really sparked a lot of anime inspiration for a lot of other
characters and to see any sort of representation from him and it not being
Goku which I’m fine with I don’t really want Goku in the game I think this is a
cool way to incorporate it’s two it’s two really great announcements for smash
breath of the wild hands-down that ending is saying just saying it’s now in
development I hope they don’t pull a you know a Metroid Prime for an a year ago
actually we had to start over this at least we saw something it wasn’t
just a symbol didn’t even have a name for it yet they just said the sequel to
the game because having was way too well done the game Oh they’ve been working
out we’ve heard we’ve been working on this for a while so work where any work
with this sends Game Awards from 1627 they’ve been probably yeah but I think
the initial like they finish the DLC but the main team was already working on
something else the main team was already working on something else but I mean
that cutscene is way too well done and we don’t know where that falls in line
so I think this game is it’s gonna be it might be fall 2020 I think I think it’s
end of the year next year at least 100 per you think so y’all see my reaction
videos to that I lost it when I seen out literally froze cuz I didn’t think it
was gonna happen but the dark atmosphere the way they’re going with it love me it
might be even darker than Twilight Princess and Majora’s Mask so I was like
they’ve already smell any darker than breath of the wild and Majora’s Mask so
like they say darker wood they say darkening Majora’s Mask yeah yeah that’s
depressing and I’m excited about that like I’m really excited for cuz like the
thing that got me when we got the new art style with breath of the wild right
where it’s kind of sell shady cartoonish like it’s so beautiful but it’s not
realistic looking and in every aspect and when we saw that we you like that
years and years ago that we you like fake game where it shows link fighting
that giant spider Mountain character whatever right like that I was like oh I
want that game and that looked like and maybe was the arts nah but like the
grittiness that had and if this game can pull in that darkness that I want from
it like that serious tone that like hey this is a little bit more mature than
the last game we just did I’m I’m in for that I think that was absolutely great
there is there were surprises in here I completely thought Zelda the the Link’s
Awakening was going to be a December game to have that be like no that’s
dropping September so I was like yeah oh yeah I was like wow that’s that’s a lot
earlier that means this games done the tubers nuts though Jordan like September
is it is it is so I even made a joke was watching when they’re showing Damon
ex machina and watch this be a September Game two and they’re like hey September
like there is no room in September anymore and it is status gears and three
days later Borderlands you and then seven days later Link’s Awakening and
then was it the thirteenth as well for Damon ex machina third order land dragon
quest 11 is second quest eleven it is such a crowded month now and now and
it’s like okay it’s like it’s ridiculous at the only it this is both a good thing
and a bad thing but moly the bad thing is not in it like a bad
thing it’s a bad thing for me person because I had to wait longer is the fact
that the one rumor I didn’t want to be true was true and Animal Crossing was
delayed people are saying no it wasn’t delay they she didn’t really say no they
said it was a 2019 and they ate and they even said that we said hey we know we
said 2019 but the reason they’re doing it so that
they don’t overwork their their employers they want them to be happy
especially for such a relaxing game it’s good that they’re not stressing them out
to make that so I will wait till you know early 2020 that’s fine I’m very
excited for it still I like the concept we got the title that’s good enough for
me right now we saw some gameplay eight player co-op more skin color
representation a lot a lot of a sibling Jordan this Darkman I can’t have you say
this in the choices I missed the Wii U release schedule you you don’t really
schedule one day a year bro please your flies I’m sorry I saw that comment and
that must be a mistake trolling breath and finally I can
finally stop getting the fucking question when is Spyro coming to the
switch September 3rd and they are on now people it is September 3rd it’s good you
know what else is good so I was not only was I saying that for over a year that
it’s coming right it’s gonna happen you’re just gonna have to wait but the
other thing I was saying also came true that same day earlier in the morning
that Spyro will be added into CTR later on this year
Spyro will be in Crash Team Racing so for any naysayers who say I don’t know
what I’m talking about it don’t know the industry I try not to speak on stuff I
don’t know about hey what about skate for my insider my
person who was telling me about it I know that the game is in existence I’ve
seen what the game was going to be before it
was scrapped last year before e3 – what it was going to be and then EA decided
to take all of their announcements this year and not focus on them that got
pushed back hey there’s a new Mass Effect that they were gonna announce
that’s not in drama no but guess what that got scrapped right now in terms of
announcing it they didn’t want to cause any more shitstorm with that so I try to
not speculate speak on when I talk about I try to actually bring some facts of
knowledge I’m just glad that Spyro is coming to the switch if people can leave
me alone all right you can play on your switch you can play it on PC September
3rd play it leave me alone it’s great ok I’m dumb is my spyro era done can I stop
talking about my life I think people have realized that listen make spiral in
food I mean that’d be like the next thing that I would think but I’m real
quick before we get into what Baron has to say – status – Eric Eric P with four
hundred bits total two different chairs 400 bits for me so much for the support
I do appreciate that the move to twitches nerve-racking as hell
I actually didn’t sleep a wink even though I got no sleep last night I’m
doing all the stuff so I didn’t really sleep that well I was tossing and
turning but you guys are definitely making me feel a little bit more at ease
because we got 20 people plus watching so this is right around what we’d be
numbers-wise so thank you guys also uh nerese mo nourish mo with the Twitter
with the followers well thank you so much so Baron your thoughts what do you
think man in terms of Nintendo um is first and foremost I have to put this
out here because this is definitely – two of the many biggest hitters of this
direct Astro Kang I told you so in platinum I trust I do not denounce
anything they tell me when they tell me something
Astro chain has to be frontrunner for Game of the Year I don’t see anything
beating that if you ain’t seeing that gameplay demo by now slap yourself and
go watch the whole hour because it’s Dada incredible I don’t know I don’t
know how they call these concepts of gameplay but they come up with it and
they freaking blow your mind every time everything about Astro chain is great it
has a great narrative the great storyline the graphics are incredible
the gameplay credible Astra chain is the complete package and
I can’t I can’t see anything beating that that is just absolutely I want to
ask because national chain I was talking about it I said also Shane has a
combination of bayonetta near and Batman Arkham it’s because it has the is which
is like you’ve investigate right so you invented anything like the red matter
you can play back different things you have up your detective vision basically
then were you you have to go if they like talk to different police officers
and get stuff and it has like an open-ended kind of city it’s not open
world but as I can open into the city to where you can do GI quest so it’s like
Batman Arkham City or whatever and it also has the bayonetta as the beta 2
aspect because of the combos but then it also has the near aspect because of the
RPG it’s literally three of the greatest action games ever made right like Batman
or I think we all agree that Batman Arkham is pretty much one of the
greatest action Supriya or action games ever made
you know the Batman Arkham near and Bayonetta all combined into one and told
I was like just the dude said this game’s gonna be good he just said this
Tim’s gonna be really good he’s like this game’s gonna be really good he is
so comedy did you see his face when he was playing he’s like you little ya know
nothing yeah he looks like he’s like this game he knows he feels like he’s
like admitting like that Jordan energy you know what it’s not Jordan for like
my I have that energy bro it was it was so incredible I would throw another game
in there vanquish it it’s basically a future version of all four of those
because you can see the bank fluids the sliding one like the gun the gun playing
the sliding a little bit you know the sliding in in this in if not in the
gunplay and it’s in a quick transitions you can have that’s definitely coming
from a little vanquish right there the quick transitions like from each Legion
I love that and in surplus to slow down when you switch the legions I could talk
about this game all damn day it’s like it’s just so incredible man and I’m like
yo this is crazy and hats off the Nintendo for keep funding Platinum Games
please keep doing it because every time y’all give them whatever they want
financially they give us gold so keep doing it and what’s so scary is that you
see how incredible platinum games is and I have to address the elephant in the
room which is beta 2 3 they commented on Bayonetta 3 after they did direct cuz
people asked him did you see what they said about Bayonetta 3 yeah they said
that it’s coming did you read with this it’s going super smooth ad you know and
everything it’s even good but they’re just tired of people talk about because
they want to talk about astral chain yeah they want to pay so we know pay
center 3 was held back because of astral chain cuz they knew what they had in
that they said it’s going very smoothly we quiet because we’re hard at work we
are putting our all into Bayonetta 3 when they said that I said oh man y’all
better watch out because this game is gonna be even more incredible than what
asked for chain is coming cuz I never heard him saying we’re putting out all
into something but that’s what they taught us a was rated told I said that
with because this is just a beaut the guy who was playing yeah he said he said
I’m putting everything that I got it cuz like obviously this is his big Brea no
because he was a developer oh yeah there he was one of the producers but this is
his lead you know what I’m saying like so he said yeah yeah yeah so but no I
see what you say no in terms of what they said interview they said it’s all
gonna be their best game ever made they said that about bayonetta 3 yeah yeah in
the in this good that they didn’t show it because now that you see astral chain
and if Bayonetta was shown I think they kind of could have took hype from each
other they kind of could have caramelized each other a little bit so
I’m glad they didn’t show what I glad they held off and we’ll probably see
Bayonetta 3 around the game Awards I would say by then I master shame with
a bit for a few months so we’re probably seated around in but they’ve made the
right decision by not showing her and focusing on a spur chain because this
game deserves every bit of attention and the next thing I have to go into is
Marlboro Ultimate Alliance 3 every doubt about every concern every doubt you had
about this game has been put to rest if you have not seen that game play this
game will absolutely shit on it Marvel Avengers 33 2 meters 33 characters and
that’s what we know up right now because this bill
or characters they haven’t shown that you can’t unlock in the game it didn’t
they announced an expansion pass as well so it’s like it’s like ridiculous man if
it’s like that game looks fun is very stylistic it looks great
you can play there’s no way you’re gonna go into this game not having a character
that you want to play with that’s how big the roster is so it’s like yo I was
trying to tell y’all again about more robust online industry if you wasn’t on
it you better get on it this game is incredible and it’s the only game that
Nintendo is sending out to demo stations and Best Buy that’s how confident
they’re into this game so that absolutely incredible as well um some
game that’s going under the radar just a little bit but looked absolutely
phenomenal with Luigi’s Mansion 3 I love the gameplay I love the story driven
game that they’re making Luigi’s Mansion 3 into I love that about party crew
going on a vacation they check into a hotel and shit just go hey Ryder that’s
awesome I love that I love the edginess they put it into I love the new gameplay
mechanics the up be also the multiplayer seems pretty cool eight player online
co-op with friend with you friend Jay loved slamming inside I knew I knew I
knew this might be a good time before we kind of you know
so what Baroness or to what maybe everyone has to say too but I’m we got a
couple different bitch – shut up – the love tonight guys seriously I’m Eric P
with another two hundred bit cheer Eric peopled another tujhe bitch here I think
I got those but then are on said breath of the wild is a 2020 game so sellouts
the arm with the hundred bits and the master dragon gave us a little host so
thank you message I appreciate that I was bringing in new viewers and then
Eric P with a thousand bitch here so big almost Konohamaru Tobi blaster there
I don’t worry guys I am gonna be changing the bit stuff so we are gonna
have different we’re gonna have to eat their crystals so we’re gonna have some
Xenoblade flare to it so there will be a nice little changeup to those to the
bits so look out for that I’m gonna work on it tonight
and he says Eric pieces I got I gots to hear real opinions on banjo getting a
new game on Nintendo and or Microsoft so let’s go ahead and
first question real quick since you did donate that thousand does anybody have
anything they want to say on that who hears a banjo like a big banjo fans
anybody I can actually enjoy a fan I’m not I think they’ll do okay I predict at
that’s more of a prediction what it will be a collaboration between cinema
Microsoft when you release on Xbox and switch that’s what I think Eric P also
thinks that breath of the wall is or breath of the wall to is going to be
March 3rd 2021 so a three year anniversary of the original been to the
wall so he thinks it’s gonna have so I just want to bring up two things that I
have forgot to bring up one is the fact that The Witcher 3 is coming the PIA the
ps2 version of it is coming yeah I mean I’m glad that a game that scale is
coming to the switch but at what cost at one point dude I saw every edge from
that game like everything had a jagged edge to the point where I was like this
literally looks like it’s running on like late ps2 hardware and cuz I played
witcher 3 on like ultra settings on a pc alright so like looking at it looking at
it compared to the same graphics the game has to like the this version it’s
it’s jarring to me for anyone who’s never played it and wants on the switch
you can play on it it’s dope the game is great i’m sure it doesn’t affect the
game but let me tell you that graphics is definitely drying if you if there’s
anyone doing comparison videos that trailer games did a comparison trailer
alright we could we can we can watch it i guess that might be doing some people
probably haven’t seen it yet but there was a thing is i I want to wait till the
game comes out because I just think the trailer I was handheld definitely that
definitely wasn’t docked you could definitely sell anything about that is
that the official Witcher account released screenshots after the direct
and he also released some information so you can even see no official screenshots
captured from the nitendo switch that that footage from the trailer was make
sure there is no texture on that rope if you go back to that right showing there
is no texture on the rope like it’s it’s fine like I’m not saying it’s bad but
there’s someone who has played it in the highest quality possible– it’s just a
jarring look to me this is the ps4 version of the game so
it’s I think the game look at the game looks great on ps4 as well I’m not
hating on it I’m just saying no is it’s definitely a very downgrading looking
versa the game is fun there’s a lot of people in the chat that are just like
saying I’m crazy now watch the rope the row like the rope
has like no texture then it gets more texture I’m green with you but I’ve done
sure absolutely I’m not I’m not debating that you know that’s not dock fives I’m
not saying it looks bad as I’m as making a joke there it is a fine-looking
version of the game the game is still going to be a great game because it was
a great game I’m just saying the graphics to me definitely took a hit as
I knew it was going to it just was jarring from the little preview they
show all right that’s all I’m saying I may be on the game but there’s also
just one other I gave June though that I can’t believe we haven’t talked about
yet my Oh more heroes three dammit there is no there was literally no point to
Travis strikes again because they were already in production of this game they
said all shame sells well but there’s like a teaser at the end of that game
alluding to No More Heroes to that game was just like can we make a couple extra
bucks because they are already full-on as soon it was already like you do we
already got this in the bag and at first like that trailer starred
you like is this No More Heroes wait and there does something weird in your like
away that’s not No More Heroes and then there’s like wait this I know who’s true
no hair mode No More Heroes fan anybody that seen my reaction video to
know more here ministry go watch it because I knew it was No More Heroes as
soon as he opened his mouth that’s why I said I was like hey is this No More
Heroes like this is this is like No More Heroes and then it was like
but am I being too skeptical and then when he said I’m like oh okay holy shit
it is like I wanted to be reassured cuz I don’t want no bullshit with like look
it’s a new normal but it’s Travis strikes again – you know like I I wanted
to make sure and no more heroes three I don’t care if that’s the only thing I’m
accepting of it being just a cutscene or CGI because god damn it I’m hyped to see
fuck that’s a game I’ve been waiting for for random people yeah I’m like dude I
think it was a mixture of the two because when he first came out it was
like no actual gameplay then they took that off the screen so you see you see
trailers do that not actual gameplay then gameplay fades in so I think it was
a mixture – I think him actually the sword fight part where he was slicing
people to be Matala I think that’s gameplay I think me bust through the
door was a cutscene I think that was cutscene and when he
was sitting in the chair was a cutscene so we’ll see we’ll see I mean the
character model looks pretty close to what was at the end of Travis tracks
again though I think will be similar looking to that but I was hyped as you
man I lost my shit I was screaming I was yelling I was like thank you
I can’t really do this early I wasn’t expecting it this soon if they were
gonna do it you know like this is like so quick you know the striving strikes
again came out in January and I was like okay there if they do development maybe
we’ll hear something and at the end of this year early next year no no they’re
like now we got something for you and I was oh I knew I figured he was already
making this game I think he just wanted to make some little bit more funds and
more money I shout out and shout out that is is exclusive to Nintendo switch
which is absolutely incredible I was a grand not wait to see what he is going
to do the second one an income I want to see what he’s gonna be able to do with
Santa destroy the city cuz he did a lot on the week the Wii version that we
versus open world as no no cuz like but we had God we had my
godfather right yeah yeah we got father like open world was way better
there was a problem there was talking about the Godfather I just happen to
have this ray the side jobs you can do all that stuff out and I want to see
what he’s able to do with this one now that’s gonna be incredible man and his
character designs are insane I don’t know how he’s gonna top all those
assassins he had and I’m ready to see it bro I’m having ready to see it I’m man
that’s probably number two almost hype anticipated game for next year that has caught your eye I kind of you know kind
of crazy about the director you haven’t mentioned yet
oh I I need to speak about I didn’t mention I didn’t say nothing I’ll just
wait for you guys to finish before you do though shoutouts to Eric P with a
hundred bits thank you for the support tonight guys seriously thank you and no
super Chad no 30% here send us that a bit boys I says Jordan fringe that’s day
one I have it on I have it on ps4 I’ll play it on switch so he’s talking about
witches yeah but bombs I agree it’s great yeah
but bombs with a switch follow big big Jeff with the resub on Twitch prime
thank you and Valdez is coming senator Valdez he’s a big supporter of all of
ours he watches all of our stuff to spawn casts all that good stuff he
chaired how much a bit so thank you Valdez is coming I appreciate that man
so I would thought man before I get fucking says once you know the Warriors
are leading by three right now yeah a rash has been not talk about anything
but basketball this whole time so yeah I’ve noticed that it’s anyway yeah oh my
bad anyway back to screen good you good I was I was
it’s hoping that I just didn’t want to hear that about it anymore
anyway let me start off with you know the smash characters smash characters
were good I know I called banjo just play it just jokingly because I saw like
the playful scene with the arm you saw Donkey Kong Diddy Kong and King
Cairo I was like that sort of puzzle piece I was like wait a sec I was just
joking and then you know I saw a bad joke and I was like okay cool but the
biggest thing for me was you know i’ma call it by his name sake and in sets of
three remake yes calling it trials of man I don’t like that name I don’t I
don’t I will call it thinking it sets of three remakes it sounds dumb like I’d
rather just call Secret of Mana three or second and sexy three remake you know
but I was surprised I thought they was at door it was day was just announcing
the collection right okay here’s the collection but that’s saw the HD granite
wait second I sort of I saw the name Duran I was like wait what I couldn’t I
couldn’t I couldn’t believe it because honestly trouser manner six a second a
sense of three stick it amounted to whatever you want to call it easily but
Rosie that don’t know that is my favorite Super NES RPG so that’s above
Mario RPG that that’s above Chrono Trigger like that to me was the top-line
RPG so I loved that game and saying that they not only did a remake but they made
this so took notes on their blunders with secret amount of one the gameplay
looks way better you can actually jump and attack now which I wasn’t expecting
the soundtrack is is it’s remixed well it’s not like these cheesy remakes but
they is similar to kind of House Square looked at the Final Fantasy 7 remake um
remix it still pays homage to the route to the original really well so I was
really happy to see that and now they were talking about
stick it in sets of three I just want to say square enix came at III swinging
both in their own conference and in Nintendo because seeing that you’re
gonna see all of these remakes like 2022 said on Twitter it’s a year to remake
you’re getting Final Fantasy 7 remake you’re getting a secret amount of to
remake you’re getting Panzer Dragoon remade you’re getting all these games
remade next year so I’m excited to see what Square is gonna bring um Link’s
Awakening look really cool for me the dungeon maker was a shock oh yeah bro
how many times have I said like what if they did a Legend of Zelda maker you did
– and what happened they just said sin of just making a new game we’re just
gonna put it in Link’s Awakening I don’t know if it’s like a full glows up and
they’ll turn it into something intend oh that feels good that’s gonna improve the
skills of the game right there having that in there is definitely gonna make
more people buy the game right there just having it was quality from yeah and
for me again Link’s Awakening that was the first Zelda I actually got into
before ocarina tom Majora’s Mask leaks in the past and all the rest so I was
definitely excited to see that Luigi’s Mansion 3 um and No More Heroes 3 I
couldn’t really get as excited for those because I wasn’t one who played those
games what up again I never owned a Gamecube so I missed the Luigi’s Mansion
boat and when it came out with this No More Heroes boat I’m yeah I missed it
like those on cuz literally by the top by that time I was transitioning into
it’s a life life where I only had a little bit of money to buy a few games
the only games that I really were buying at that time we’re like fighting games
like Street Fighter anthology for the soup for the ps2
smash brawl for the Wii which I somewhat regret well after a while after a while
like the triple mechanics calls a lot of rage yeah and I had a few friends who
like literally hate me because they so encrypted to a number nine here my
three times I was gaming watch us I’m gonna say um what are the games did I
like for this direct um I like seeing actual change definitely a she’ll change
both from the direct and the treehouse that was really good arm fire mo I’m
glad he did the the treehouse presentation cuz that was really good
now I’m definitely gonna look at to get in his game um it was just a lie it was
a really solid direct it was just maybe like one or two things am saying but
that’s about it actually outside of that this direct was honestly the best that
I’ve seen Nintendo come out within a very long time possibly their best
direct if I’m trying to think if there was ever a better direct in this and
honestly they might not be one 2014 is what I can think of as 2014 that was a
pretty that was a pretty solid direct yeah yeah 2014 shouts to see ya 35 with
100 bit says oh you oh look at you getting emotes and then have a Sharingan
thank you Erik P with 200 bits that says Nintendo and Microsoft both both body
Sony and the collapse and collab and 25 Bruce with the follow them bomb but
bombs with the twitch prime thank you but bombs appreciate that thank you for
say Nintendo only didn’t have an amazing direct but they also had amazing
coverage for everyone to see they did their three days or whatever of
treehouse stuff was in depth it showed a lot of cool stuff it had a lot of
insight and they showed it to everyone it wasn’t just oh maybe you’ll find
interviews and stuff later on YouTube they were showing it and in detail and
it was it was a really good way of doing everything for and that’s that’s why I
love Nintendo’s e3 because Nintendo’s e3 isn’t just that 45-minute presentation
it’s three days worth of content and honestly for me that’s valuable for me
because this is what’s gonna sell me to buy the game this is what’s gonna say
you know what this is the difference between me being height and me actually
going out and spending my hard-earned money on the game and Brett for a while
to I wasn’t expecting that like after seeing banjo I
was like okay you guys showed us everything you guys got one more thing I
wanted to say Zelda Bostic nice too good to be true
I don’t wanna sound like an idiot though Touhou my street I just am just gonna
count every direct now they’re gonna hand with Zelda because they keep doing
it and it keeps working for him you know what was funny about the whole thing
though when they when they’ve shown Bret when they went into the Breathitt a
while sequence i sat here I was like oh this looks very much ready and I was
like wait no baby no mix worth did I win back I say wait a minute wait a minute
man that sounds familiar and in with Nate and money we was riding
that elephant or Bram whatever it was I was like are you shitting me
like are you shitting me I literally said that my friends are like no as we
were watching it they were like oh no this is uh this is gonna be DLC and I
said brother they said they’re done with DLC this ain’t no deal see this this is
this one they wouldn’t hype it up this much at the end if it was his deal that
was the occ sums wrong with you you could tell off that bad what you seen
Lee the Grand Rapids was like oh I was like oh my god well yeah I’m worth it
being a brand new thing and it was great I’m glad I like that they’re continuing
what made it so successful like this this generation is like alright we’re
gonna do breath the wild for another one for this type of game and I’m excited to
see what changes they implement to make it different how dark it’s gonna be
literally they could just put a new title on it and give us basically the
same game and I’d be happy because people aren’t really thinking about it
because they so hyped for it the first game had the crutch of being on the Wii
U that crutch is going on yeah yeah just how much more stuff and in this is crazy
to think about cuz brother a while was almost perfect just think about how much
he can do now that that we you crush that anybody’s that there’s so many
things that breath of the ball can do to make the game even better than what it
was that’s the funny they can act they can add dungeon into the open-world they
can do more of that they can add a repair system they could add for Mac
less Ramon’s there’s a strain
make it better also villain even more think grass or how about this how about
weapons that you can craft or Matilda you can craft to help you deal bags you
know yeah nether yeah I’m down for stuff like that be great you know
better make it multiplayer add some real characters to it well duh yeah another
look like it could it be playable shoes there and they wouldn’t answered they
would have answered whether or not like hey is is the character playable or not
like they said no we’re not you dudes up I think it’s almost playable I think
you’re gonna be able to pull off between winking like literally that’s what I
want Oh Zelda that is crazy that would revolutionize it that was nothing if
that if that’s the secret that we don’t know and that’s what they implement and
it works even a fraction as good as breath the wild it it’s already a 10 out
of 10 yeah like if they can implement that
perfectly into the game that game is the instant game of the year no matter what
time of the year it comes out it can come out the day before the game awards
or at the beginning of the year doesn’t matter that’s instant winner it’s the
November 13 I do think it’s a good late late release in 2020 it feels how much I
don’t I it’s one of those games that could okay that could be pushed to 2021
I would be but how many sales did breath the wild initially do twelve twelve no I
think there at eleven twelve million right now okay this game is gonna do way
more than this this game is going to make everything else look like it was it
never came out it is going to disgustingly up up sell the switch even
more especially when the switch mini is out there switch Pro whatever’s next
like it is going to propel the sales of the game in the system more than
anything else ever did like this is the hype this game Pokemon like Pokemon does
gray for the system smash this great for the system this for how many people love
breath of the wild or was just introduced to Zelda because breath of
the wild and how many people now will have a switch at this point it’s done
it’s done like Mario Mario Kart type of game
pokemons gonna be Mario Kart yeah another my heart will be I think next
year cuz we can get here I think next year’s the Mario Kart year were you got
a new one I think that’s what’s crazy is like we still have a lot of stuff to go
through we still gotta go through prime for we still gotta go through Bayonetta
three we know there’s gonna be another Mario Kart this still more crazy
can you think of next year can you imagine if next year has Bayonetta has a
Mario Kart has metroid and zelda oh that’s done well that too but I’m saying
like the if you had these four huge titles done and obviously they’re gonna
release another some sort of Pokemon next year right let’s go game or the
third and let’s go dude it disgusting like there is not you can’t even put
Sony up to that with a new console or Xbox with Halo on that that these are
huge enough games to destroy anything in their path oh yeah an animal crossing
sorry animal cross the extra two don’t sleep
on that don’t sleep our animal cross it is
discontent o has already won next year before even talking about it like it’s
like they yeah they were ready they are so ready the only Lowell they’ve ever
really had and it’s a I won’t even consider it a wall was maybe like last
year right like there there was some big things but it wasn’t as packed as your
one or has been this year they’re not doing that anymore they’re already ready
for the next year’s to go they’re like boom twenty twenty twenties already won
I’m sure next year when we hear about Twenty twenty one stuff it’s already
gonna be one like they’re coming in swinging they know what they’ve done
they know their audience now at this point they have a right to be cocky with
how how they are right now but let them this is this is their victory lap they
have come back from the depths of the Wii U era this is this is a whole new
way of gaming like this is this disrupts any other thing that’s out there right I
agree with you on that the way they set up a business model for the switch is
absolutely incredible man why they have all their ducks in a row bro they they
know exactly what they’re doing they know where they gonna release stuff they
know they play and they’re gonna do great
there’s gonna be a new halo and I’m sure PlayStation has a lot of stuff in their
backburner I know there’s gonna be some good shit but dude if Nintendo drops
even two of these like four or five big games that are supposed to come out next
year or maybe come out next year it’s it’s already hard competition then cuz
the Tendo has it on walk these are the games that people want people are
excited for they’re not trying to do anything to deceive you they are just an
all-around game which is which is what you want like that that’s that’s amazing
that that’s not look how many other companies can you say that are doing
this with every one of their releases not another thing I think I need to just
think about I think we’ll finally see that bro model they everybody’s talking
about I think you’ll see that next year I think that’s that’s next year and I
think we the money we’re gonna see the many a lot sooner than people think
gotta get some of these bits thrown cheers and then abiram I know you wanted
to make a point so J to blue one hundred bits it says come on Oh J we all know
Sony’s e3 2016 was better not Eric P donated a hundred bits that says if we
get collaborated against Sony collaborating against Sony then we’ll
make a new banjo okay dierckman says I’m coming banjos comin and if you could get
only one game for any system September which would it be
it’s a portable timber without makes awakening for me Link’s Awakening I know
I know I’m getting a smokiness I’m definitely getting that regardless
of anything gaming X Mark you know would be there’s a be better right it was one
of the between one of those two I know Jordan you’re probably Borderlands but
for me Damon ex machina I has to be borderless for me like that’s I’ve been
waiting for this game like I’ve already played spyro you know I’m gonna get on
so it’s cool I’ve already played it many times
Damon ex machina doesn’t have my highest interest looks cool but I’m not like the
craziest person for it yeah Melda looks great but I’m gonna get more time and
more enjoyment personally out of Borderlands even over gears five like
ears five doesn’t have any hype right now I have no extreme excitement for
Gears 5 but my Borderlands excitement through the roof and I just want to say
about boar lands for anyone who is saying I was silly or wrong for saying
there was going to be a free dlc for Borderlands 2 that was
going to be pretty lengthy and it was free and it was an extension of what’s
gonna happen from the second to third game and and the exact title that I got
exactly correct well it happened and I played it and it’s great in it so please
please tell me I’m wrong somewhere it’s it’s funny sorry I just want to be cocky
about that was very happy when that shut people up let put it out like I told you
err Eric P says mark my word new new Zelda March 20 21 so great I think it’s
these kind of crazy dead Zelda I mean final pages Simmons is sharing that same
breath for a wild date there’s something iconic about March 3rd now oh yeah
it’s a date I would love to see that during the anniversary date but we’ll
see also showed us the j2 blue says Zelda Zelda 24 2020 and then Valdez is
coming with 100 bits says Xbox will win III 2020 Halo and Gears enough said no
no no don’t be Halo Gears tactics maybe oh boy so excited for that yeah I don’t
I don’t want a tactical gears game I’m not a big player but a Gears tactical
listen we got gears funkopop coming to the cellphones they’ve excited for that
they got again it’s gonna be another I know it’s gonna be great but I mean at
least next year we should hopefully get some real gameplay with Halo yeah it’s
just it’s a really nice looking cutscene but there was no actual yeah it’ll look
better than promising that’s not done assets in the game I think the game will
look better I don’t think this is anywhere final it’s gonna run on what’s
being claimed is like this insanely powerful console so well we’ll see I’m
very excited to see what it actually looks like in action so I don’t consider
what we saw a preview of it I just it’s like a
really nice-looking cutscene a really nice-looking yeah it was it was nice I
don’t I don’t like halo like that but I will give me credit for that oh yeah it
looks cool AB say I like the premise I like where we’re at in the story but you
know show me the game that’s what I want not I don’t I’m gonna see these
cutscenes anyway when I play the game all right all right now it’s really
awkwardly quiet what’s going on everyone how do we do that so what we need to do
so I think the rating of the conference pretty unanimous are we all out of ten
or ten on this one yeah yeah I gave it I gave it then what knocked it down to a
tenth yes I did I said like for me personally that not everything was for
me but objectively it was good for everybody else and honestly I’d knocked
it down a few points off one that resume evil um reveal that was a weird reveal
yeah that Resident Evil reveal for me and because of the conference because of
the direct conference I would only be in fair I I knock this points down for
Gears v Fire Emblem if you didn’t watch the the treehouse event did you show you
a trailer before yeah but also the games coming out already had gameplay footage
and East Bay I said did my whole point hey that pretty deserve like a spine what bins service but it showed up the
time stick for the first time yeah I think Fire Emblem didn’t really showed
this story portion innate and they did that and it definitely deserves a
Spartan into the wreck and I was brought there’s girls about to talk about that
because I was like it was awful trailer shown off the time skip that’s it I was
like I said that that was just for me personally I didn’t I got more value out
of it got more of the time skip from watching the tree
so that resident evil and that I would just say just it was it perfect for me
because of those suits so it’s a time there’s something if it’s a 10 out of 10
it needs to be perfect are you that’s a 10 out of 10 and it’s not perfect I put
it to you I’m putting you like this that was the best the wreck ever okay you
know what I can’t work and there has to be a 10 out of 10 is there’s no way else
I can anyway here’s why I say that though
here’s why I say that though it’s not it’s a 10 out of 10 because the Nintendo
delivered on everything that you want it to see and you usually don’t get that
from the $10 obviously somebody always comes out in a direct like oh I wish I
would have seen this all what you want to see that no they gave you everything
you wanted to see and they even gave you stuff that you’ve been begging for on
top of that it wasn’t just Nintendo games they showed you a lot of
third-party support they showed there was a little liner now a lot of people
caught is there’s another Microsoft partnership that went by really quick
new super Lucky’s tale yeah that’s a quick little throw over that’s that’s an
Xbox partnership right there even dauntless dauntless was a good reveal
yeah a lot of those little quick things after they showed spire all those little
quick he’s like ninokuni remastered ‘he’s
coming like they showed a lot of quick really good games that they breezed over
just to say that hey we got a lot to sew but yeah that’s just that’s like that’s
just for me now that was that was just for me what I when I thought I felt like
it could have been in just slightly like the Resident Evil thing i’ve that it is
self I felt like that was like but then again what game it points up more even
though I’m not a no heroes fan I give a personal hero streak I’m like that’s a
highly anticipated game um Panzer Dragoon not a Panzer Dragoon firm I’m
like wow I got remade this cartridge huge surprise contra the new console was
a big surprise um that was iffy on contra we game like
that in that concert it looks a little bit weird but I’m glad that that right
out there like but we have all the regular Contras come on
Mike okay I actually liked that contra game it’s just that it looked a little
bit rough yeah yeah just the graphics the graphic oh that’s probably what it
was because I was like oh that should look better than that but actual
gameplay looked pretty interesting I don’t gonna lie about that but I was I
mean I’m in I’m in sir I love oh gee contrast us that’s all I was excited
about the collection but like this new one kind of took me back a bit you know
I was like all right you know and I started knowing like the second I
saw like that see starting to form in the back of the fire I was like oh my
god this is contra ensure that everyone I was watching it with like there’s no
way it’s contra I was like dude I could see the sea the sea is coming out in the
background you don’t see that giant sea honestly outside that it was like I say
it was a really solid array it was you can’t really say they’ll be there were
many the reksai were better than that so I liked it I liked it it was it was
really well put together just wasn’t a perfect 10 out of 10 for me that’s your
opinion on it Abaddon I will come over there and power
bottom you if I could ten out of ten damn it okay now here’s
the real question here’s the real question are there other
Toronto rappers about the winner champion right now don’t say anything I
know everybody’s dream is behind all right I I’ve just two other things we
have to get the table one Nessa from Pokemon have what up girl no one knows Kim bricks Evan from the spawn cast
thank you for the tier one for the two months fairy darkness with the 20 bits
Valdez is coming with other hundred bits thank you oh my god oh my god bro I’m
sorry I can’t believe this is about to happen oh my god what happened what
happened the real question of the entire show IV in every conference
what was the game that you liked the most what was the best reveal or
showcase what was the game that is like yes this is it for me I loved it I would
tell you that right now astral chain wow I couldn’t have guessed
that for you I couldn’t have guessed that for you I mean at the top to Jordan
you got to be honest about it that’s the top – you’re not wrong but here for me
technically what was announced before e3 had not shown at e3 it was like right
before no I was not Pokemon it’s spongebob battle for bikini bottom oh
yeah but but they all say for Destroy All Humans there’s actual gameplay
that’s been shown on YouTube from loot the show floor of that that’s a full-on
like remake and I’m really it’s beautiful so that’s exciting
but dude spongebob I’m the most high for Sponge Docks I’ve been waiting for that
game to be something to it for forever but if I’m going based off what’s in the
conference you’re damn it listen shut up let me talk if I’m going strictly off of
in conference stuff not before not after a hundred percent the thing that got me
the most no it’s not animal crossing even though I’m excited I’m disappointed
about the delay but I understand intend Oh take your time a Final Fantasy seven
was close that got me really excited but here we go are you guys ready come over
what is it it’s 11 letters Astro Jane bingo that was the one game where I
watched the gameplay and I said damn that’s hype it was the most exciting new
looking thing like I was just so into it I was like yes this is this is the
showcase I wanted this is the feeling I wish I had that you guys have when you
first saw the trailer that’s definitely game of the show it barely edges out
on Fantasy 7 reason it’s it’s closed Final Fantasy 7 was really close for me
and the reason I say it edged me out because it’s a brand-new game in Final
Fantasy 7 is a remake yes I said it edges out exact a horse man much been on
watch you got to tell you watch it up look up in a mute job Oh God this man
really did it he really did it Wow somewhere right now Drake is
freaking out he really bad for skip bayless tomorrow morning this is gonna
be a rough undisputed so this man Eric be with the 100 bits it says y’all want
to play a great game the art the art of darkness on ps1 ok never forget why are
they looking at it it doesn’t matter the clock ran out
the clock ran out it doesn’t matter the bass I heard we’re doing a Jurassic Park
theme I love that you’re like in the city for celebrations and shit isn’t the
rap here Joe Jordan is hating it we talked my best for last like 18 seconds
it’s been like 15 minutes I know so intense look at Ibaka man he’s
about to cry look at that this is amazing I’m deaf straining tears of blood dawg
alright you guys have any other if you guys have questions we’ll take questions
are a little more than let these guys go I guess the BND title actually doesn’t
make sense because in schools PE the channel ask questions
oh my god bro this is nuts this is nuts this man
we came from another team and took a team to the finals and won he was he was
Jordan s this whole entire finals thank you I appreciate that did you ever play evil and to that game
is amazing yeah I know you’ve talked to me about it before but I did not get a
chance to play it yet man this one’s for Jordan what moment was it well you knew
actually Shane was it for you when I first saw the trailer
bro-bro the first trailer when Charlie in the tree house and my man’s been a
motorcycle and he is go over these ramps at high speeds and dodge and shit I was
like this is intense that was the most attention should I’ve ever seen I was in
that sold it to me also the the scope of the world that they were showing off I
started getting these similar to why I like the the theme of cyberpunk it’s
like I started getting these like blade runner-esque feelings and I love Blade
Runner so I was always eating it up I was like ok yes give me more feed it to
me it’s ok it’s ok Steph Curry man you still wanted a bit it’s over
no it’s over us I’m watching this ok ok someone just made this this is what the
battle the Battletoads should look like look at these batteries they should have
really look like that but gorgeous that’s a new the Raptors were gonna win
the whole time I never said you guys know they lose so stop listen I was no
no look at Kauai even know how to celebrate yes that’s true but I’m a
Bulls fan and I’m a Kawhi Leonard fan because he’s from San Diego and I’ve met
him because he went to San Diego State on my friends with the San Diego State
so I know Kauai I’d rather have him when the gloaming statement for the 90th
million time or whatever the case is so whatever
stop saying yeah whatever cago Bulls fan okay yeah he’s the kaga
Bulls fan dude yeah you know Bulls for rappers no be acceptable is go yeah yeah
they won and then they got the points to everyone’s like who Toronto and then
read oh that’s pretty much why later doesn’t look too happy he looks like you
like got back from a rap concert right now you know is the meters so like he I
know in his mind he’s like I’m the best in the world now when he’s on that court
player with the balls they got off the court he was like shit do you know I am I think it’s right Riley’s that Riley
Ravens dad says since 90% of the games shown shown third quarter what do you
think will be announced fourth quarter twenty nineteen ninety percent of the
game show third I don’t know if ninety percent of the games were shown up where
a third quarter fourth quarter there’s that be some options we have Luigi’s
Mansion that’s obviously gonna be in there you have potentially Bayonetta
three I mean I know Baron might like to hear that but hey that might come out
this year you never know there’s that list of other games they could talk
about maybe even talent comes out in 2019 late 2019 as well so yeah we need
some shit on town yes III think that they might guys they still have Nintendo
directs that’s the thing that people don’t realize yeah we’ll see the next
one after after Link’s Awakening comes out yeah like September I think
Sargeras so packed because there’s three first party releases technically in
September so remember is just super PAC so I think that they’re gonna wait maybe
till October or November but I think we just mentioned for sure is gonna be
October that’s not good that has to be a done deal dude there’s
no way now like if they’re so wide open for that date yeah yeah so I’m happy for
it yeah what do you exactly want to see in the breadth of the well sequel yeah I
talked about a weapon weapon like being able to prepare weapons maybe some just
to shut the people up shut some people up some dungeons thrown in there better
dungeons at times the best grain optional dungeon optional side dungeons
no mandatory dammit oh not man here’s the here’s the reason why I don’t know
man de Tory side dungeon like shrines aren’t mandatory you know what I’m
saying like you know anything was a mandatory was like nothing’s mandatory
in the game there are people who played most of bread
the wild and didn’t hit the first like few first dungeons where you learn
everything and I thought it was funny when they’ve going back in like wait
what you could do this is this one twitch dream I forgot her name but she
she did that and those pretty funny like I don’t want to be mandatorily stuck
inside I got water temple like I’m or I have to do this like now you got all got
to do that water temple bro I don’t know I know people love dungeons and they
like being stuck in like doing puzzles but to me was a breath of fresh air and
I want them to come like I know plan but to me I if you make dungeons to where
you actually want to seek them out not because you have to do them but you want
to do them shrines is because I wanted to do them I don’t have to but I want it
to do them so if you make dungeons like let’s say you go into a dungeon right
optional dungeon it it’s still a fully-featured dungeon and you get some
super secret weapon or this amazing weapon that you can only get there
that’s gonna incentivize people to go to those dungeons and explore them not just
oh well I have to go here because I have to you know so to me I want it to be
optional I don’t want it to be mandatory I get uh something super crafting
material or we get like we can force together this awesome piece of armor or
something like yeah give us some some incentives to do it I don’t want it to
just be there just because I bet I bet Drake’s going so crazy right now that
he’s better drop like a surprise album you’d be like yet I wrapped it yeah I
was in the rafters yeah okay well I mean let’s see if there’s any other questions
here Laura collectibles I don’t need collectibles I don’t need it like just
like a core oxy that’s not what I don’t need that you know what I’m sorry dammit
I want seven million core exceeds triplet quadruple it they need to get
rid of actually need to get rid of those core exceeds no you gotta get all 600 I
think there’s 900 y’all 900 either way nah I’m good all I only got like 74 or
something I don’t know but get them all more Kat the gameplay you know like it’s
like for example like you guys know like what was it in the middle of like the
high or high rollers like that the forest like the lost forest or whatever
yeah Lost Woods Lost Woods I just stumbled across that I had no idea
that’s what happened to me actually I just oh what’s this oh let me go take a
look oh you need to go here in order to do
something in order it’s something important just hey like people talk
about rumors right you hear rumors from people in the in the some of the areas
of hey we heard that you know Northwest appear there’s this place like to me
that’s dope as hell whereas like oh why no there’s gonna be
this thing here and I have to go to this tonight I want to just stumble across
stuff you know that’s cool because like that’s how it’s supposed to be like in
that type of game you know you’re not you’re mapping it out you have no idea
where stuff is you gotta go or YouTube guys will show you how our YouTube
guides will show you that’s true but I look for all the real views are that
that’s true it is actually I had to look up how to do a certain Strine I was like
dude I know how to do this it was so stupid I was an idiot but anyway it was
the one word you guys know there’s like a bunch of like different like indents
for you to put like the little like the bulb of metallic balls and like it’s
like it’s just a bunch of me have to put like in certain patterns I had no idea
to do that I was like I just looked up how many hearts I need for the master
sword there’s the one thing I looked up was like I want this you can’t get it
right now is like damn it yeah yeah well yeah you don’t need the master sword to
beat the game though no but I just wanted it no I’m talking somebody in the
chat don’t you have enough shrine but you don’t need to do you can go
beginning you can go naked you could literally start off the game and if you
it’s it’s hard but you can really go from star to the journey to fighting
game speedrun it real quick yeah and that’s that’s the reason why the game
doesn’t really have much of a speedrunning type of feel to it because
it’s like if you’re obviously for good at the game you can just run to that you
can just run to the temple and beat it you know so it’s like people say like
okay can you hunt can you get like all the shrines like they try to make like
their own things for it you know all right real quick guys let’s get some
more stuff of them we’re gonna bounce um Eric Pete says all right I already
got that with a hundred bits thank you a dis place with the follow and six meta
Zara with the follow so thank you guys so much I appreciate that we’re gonna go
and wrap up this episode this was 2 hours and 30 minutes a long episode so
this is sort of nearly 12 o’clock on the East Coast so um so thank you guys so
much for watching I do appreciate it before we go we’re gonna go and do some
outros jordan fringe working they find you at my man you can find me on youtube
you find me here just dream sometimes but you can find me
on YouTube can i link in the in this chat or not yeah well type and then I
think I need to mod you first okay I’ll put mod me because I gotta get my awesome so I I started this new thing
I’ve talked about recently called games versus food with Tyler and we now have a
spin-off channel that we haven’t really fully announced yet only certain people
know about it it’s called movies versus fears the same
thing except with movies it’s a weird concept I’m gonna link a video it’s
really weird we’re taking the movie High School Musical and I’m pitting it
against every Lunchables that my grocery store had so check it out give it a sub
maybe it’s a brand new channel has like 30 subs on it you know it’s just a small
thing that’s going on so check it out you guys are the first real people aside
from my discord to really know about it so that’s what’s up yeah go find me on
Twitch YouTube and have it on Smith and I’m also like own evidence I’m doing on
reactions of doing live streams that’s pretty much the basis of channels
opinions here and there also got a music channel why remix video game tracks in a
hip hop field kind of reshaping that a little bit more to make it more just
leash it down a little bit more so having fun with that Beach stay tuned
for a new video next week and it’s pretty much it my mother Kaliko yeah
typing I can packing my job dude my boy oh yeah go ahead so do me like
that – oh yeah come find me at your nearest now I’m just playin gotta follow
me on YouTube barren black I can find me on Twitter I’ll link it in the chat oh
yeah yo it haven’t just got you he says quote
unquote do be like that – oh my god anyway can I can I link in the chat no
did you type ah crap you got a tight never mind
does not work this no imma put I’m gonna put the link in in a group chat on
Twitter and one of y’all post it for me Wow
avid or somebody yeah post that foot yeah I didn’t even think
about that but yeah man great podcast it was a great great III and a man do we
celebrate and just like the Raptors right now let’s do it alright guys that
wraps up for this one thank you guys for coming up and coming over and watching
thank you for the support shout outs to Eric P shoutouts to our on Eric P with
3600 bits for just past two days on Twitch man thank you so much for the
support did I appreciate it or on everybody that came through everybody
that followed we’re gonna keep doing live streams on Twitch this vaad will be
up for members on youtube it will be up in 24 hours and then everybody else will
be able to watch it this weekend so we’ll be up 24 hours and every else
we’re gonna watch in the weekend so members aren’t still getting benefits I
will have a video explaining the move over to twitch so so yeah but anyway
thank you guys so much for watching I will see you guys for the next one
Bruce please bye say bye Baron haha

12 thoughts on “PE Podcast #56 – Was E3 2019 a Disappointment? | Nintendo + MORE!

  1. I’d say Nintendo and Square Enix are ones that won E3. EA, Microsoft and Bethesda was okay. But I feel Ubisoft’s E3 2019 was the worst.

  2. FFVIII Remastered was the best thing they showed for me. Nothing else came close in the conference for Square Enix.

  3. I hope the next legend of Zelda is T rated. We need to have a full PG-13 Zelda to explore just how dark Zelda can get.

  4. I was disappointed with the battletoads look too. The teaser they did looked more 3d and cell shaded maybe

  5. I enjoy the podcast, but damn Jordan; fellate yourself a little less man. Every few minutes my man was getting into his "Didn't I say?", "Haven't I been saying?" bag.

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