PE Podcast #52 – Super Mario Maker 2 | MS & Sony Team up | Switch Tops PS4 in Japan

PE Podcast #52 – Super Mario Maker 2 | MS & Sony Team up | Switch Tops PS4 in Japan

Are we late I think we’re late I think
we might be live in late what did Sony do we’ll get into it so
let me let me let me introduce the cast of characters today welcome to the
podcast number 52 where hopefully we won’t get demonetised this week too many
f-bombs I can’t remember what we talked about last week or limited limited I
think it was limited but I think all my ads went Indo like I think they just
made a play wasn’t last week – it was it was the monetized for a bit but then
they reviewed it then monetize but like it was the monetized form after they
reviewed it though in order for what we’re about to talk about but I won’t
give so let me let me reduce my cast of lovely lovely gentleman here we’re gonna
start off with our guest Avedon is joining us this week for the first time
in a while what’s up dude yes it’s like way up so – you had I think your second
episode I joined I don’t remember I don’t remember what I did this morning
you was in single digits for our last video your podcast so what’s going on
everyone they said me or Jay appreciate it they still still dancing this dude is
still dancing what’s going on people with a famiiy Oh Jay really appreciate
it thanks for thanks for being on next we have Jordan fringe the fringes of the
Jordans out there Jordan how you doing today how’s it going it’s your favorite
token white guy the podcast glad to be back I’m the token white guy
you’re not the token white guy am i the token black guy on this Marquez yes we
had miss click on that’s our female quota for the year I was like we need a
black person can you please say african-american okay I’m I don’t want
anybody openly potentially over here me the chat seems to agree jordison token
white dude thank you and also man alright well Jordan thank thanks for
that introduction douchebag anytime well and then we also
have dancing bear and black Baron over here what’s up man any none it’s a
beautiful day you know what I mean it’s a beautiful day to hit that big camp
bounce cuz you know I’m about to go in hit that like button I don’t see why but I don’t know why
he’s going in by the way guys you look like you just rolled up in a club you
got your think it’s gonna be a good night good we’ll figure it out so what’s
the first topic here guys I didn’t even like hold up Super Mario maker – so
Nintendo had a Super Mario maker – you know I forgot to tweet this out on
Twitter had a Super Mario maker – my take of Twitter just I just said screw
it I didn’t want to tweet out the part doing the podcast I’ll tweet I got you
covered I tweeted it out already yeah I’ll do it later but anyway yeah
the be hold on Super Mario maker to Super Mario maker – there was a brand
new Nintendo Direct and boy was that thing fired
there was a story mode announced there was online multiplayer the first time in
Mario franchise there was cool cooperative and competitive multiplayer
course world there was some Nintendo switch our Lian bundles there’s a III
what was a III Invitational with Super Mario maker it looks like there’s gonna
be another new style added in we had the Super Mario 3d World and the rest of
them from before but it looks like they’re gonna add it in another one that
we don’t know about which is probably gonna be revealed at e3 on June 8th we
just had a lot of stuff man it was just a big direct Super Mario maker direct
there’s a lot of new stuff there’s like the on and off blocks is a Koopa Troopa
car there is the angry side there’s just a ton of stock
so obviously this went from for me it went from like so-so to where I’m like
okay like I’m definitely gonna get it 100% I’m actually excited for it so let
me ask you Baron since you’re you’re dancing a bit let me ask you Baron how
do you feel about Super Mario maker on the Nintendo slits what you think about
the direct alright I’m gonna put it to you like this you know I mean I’m gonna
be one percent honest with you right now you know what I mean I didn’t give a
damn about Super Mario maker at all I did not care one bit I didn’t care about
the first one I definitely wasn’t looking forward to the second one but
when I seen that direct they got me they really got me I really love that they’re
doing a 3d world style they really hooked me with the online features the 4
player online versus multi player and the 4 player online co-op multi player I
mean when it comes to Super Mario brother tight games that’s exactly what
you want you want multi player like that and I’m happy that they bring it in to
you I like the whole online feature set I like the whole online setup that is
what sold me and the fact that we are actually getting the more creative
styles outside of 3d world it’s a plus so I went from not
in a game – absolutely buying that game so I was very happy of what I saw man
and uh I just had to hit the bank head on it
nice nice okay Jordan your thoughts on this I know you had a little bit to say
on Twitter yeah words like shouldn’t repeat for D
monetization here but yeah I’ll I change it on twitch my reactions to it and it
was hype you know I was moving up the stream as much as possible I could ever
tell like story mode you know whatever I think it’s crazy what they’re going for
like for a lot of people this just went from a game though is probably gonna be
great take over twitch and YouTube and all that to now like potentially like
here this could potentially be in Game of the Year status if it’s if it’s huge
if this takes over twitch takes over YouTube has this multiplayer longevity
this is what people have been wanting for a long time in multiplayer Mario
game like like this it’s great I like how it says different styles styles and
it shows one game with a blank space next to it meaning that there’s
definitely gonna be DLC I’ve added in other Mario games that they can throw in
there who knows what’s gonna stop there from just having Mario maker what if
they just decided to throw in their Zelda maker in develop a DLC now you can
use Zelda worlds and play as zelda who knows this game could be anything you
want it to be a MIDI gear but okay no no they but they this is their ultimate
package alright this is great alright I’m just me man enough I don’t know what
the good and I’m just hyped it’s a really good direct there are stuff I
didn’t I didn’t expect all the curveball stuff they threw in there like I was
like all they’re gonna show us slopes and some cool stuff all that’s faded oh
a story mode okay that’s interesting Oh multiplayer two different forms of
multiplayer what the hell is this so yeah no it was great directors good
15 minutes and that just means that III is gonna be even better because now we
don’t have to talk about Mario maker they can just put that’s out of their
rock there now I could spend 20 more minutes on Animal Crossing I think the
director eat do I guess maybe we can talk about you know
I may be a little bit or actually don’t get to talk about the e3 plans but yeah
we’ll see what happens at e3 um avid um what was your thoughts man I
don’t know I don’t know your history with miner makers so what were your
thoughts on this dude um I actually have Mario maker one on the Wii U so after
playing hours of that game making my own levels I was true feet old before this
direct I wasn’t that height for the game I said I’ll get it eventually it wasn’t
on my top priority Games two by four this year but after seeing that direct I
was high because I was like literally trying to detain my kids watching this
and then next thing I know I turned my head and I’m like wait 3d world well
story mode wait did I wasn’t expecting to see all what I was seeing yesterday
especially the online multiplayer that’s I think that’s the biggest draw for me
because now I’m like okay now there’s games that I can play more with you know
sponsors with you guys there’s other things that we can do with this other
than just a Mario maker this is more like a great game altogether it’s not
just you make levels play other people’s levels they call it a day this is more
of a good fun factor aspect that’s gonna take over the summer if you like
multiplayer games so it’s gonna be up there with like college or they’ve said
it can rival the Astro chains and the fire emblems now because of that feature
altogether yeah like there’s there’s so many things
I think like just like overlooking it that there’s there’s so much stuff we’re
not talking about here like the potential is huge like just think of
levels that incorporate features from every single Mario game the tubes to the
cat stuff – Mario want like it just how they can mix and match it angry son
sandcastles dude angry sons castles like this this is unprecedented and the fact
that there’s a hundred levels already in the game this is also a brand new Mario
game in general it’s a mix of all these other games that’s a hundred new levels
that’s its own game you don’t even have to touch the other stuff and you get
your full money’s worth right there so like they’re really jammed packing this
game with everything yeah I really like that about the game how it has a hundred
levels crafted from Nintendo themselves so even if you can’t cuz like obviously
to take advantage of this game you need to have been to the switch online right
so even if you don’t have that antenna switch on mind
you can still get into a Mario game right that technically speaking might be
better than New Super Mario Bros u deluxe I mean let’s just be real that’s
all oh yeah I’m just saying it might be better than that let’s just compare
let’s just say I live in a might it might be better than it just like
Nintendo’s the story mode and Super Mario maker – might be better than New
Super Mario Bros u deluxe that that’s the that’s the the thing about this
because they can do way more creative things Windows restricted what news of
Mario’s and that’s why we people saying oh I want to see I want to see like a
new super I was when they change up the background I do Mario maker is gonna
that’s why I said back in when people complain on new servers like this games
done they’re gonna report it they’re gonna get some money off that and then
they’re good Mario maker too is gonna be the new 2d Mario because why do you need
a 2d Mario from Nintendo that has a set amount of levels and all that when you
have Super Mario maker like what’s the point of having to Demario when you can
Nintendo can make levels within within Super Mario maker 2 and we can make
levels you know what I’m saying so this to me is the is the way to take take 2d
Mario Ford then saying oh they’re gonna just put out some type of New Super
Mario Bros but you Super Mario Bros switch edition like for the switch I get
to me this is just way that Mario maker just has been more potential and we’re
seeing that potential right here right with all the different stuff that you
could do in the game so oh there was one thing though that was a little salty
about the UK region gets a stylus for pre-ordering a game from what I’m
understanding apparently that stylus is gonna be made I mean there’s no official
to work but a pair of sauce is gonna be made available there’s gonna be
something maybe announced that on June 8th so I don’t know why they didn’t
announce it but I don’t know why they didn’t announce it now so then again
don’t quote me on that you know don’t yeah because like I would
want people to pre-order it right get out yes that was the only thing I felt
like I messed up a watch the UK versions also the style it’s not wait a second
and I’m like way to meet you’re charging me for pencil that’s literally what that
was literally my feelings toward towards that like the pre-order that was a
pre-order bonus but I feel will see come June 8th down the line what they’re
gonna do for the American version mm-hmm yeah
what the left the wait and see how it is Baron do you have anything anybody else
have anything to add on Super Mario maker 2 in terms of what’s your thoughts
are what you guys think like there are you guys gonna take I do like
the ranking thing or anything like that no no nobody’s gonna do the ranking
stall my ranking system oh I play I play with friends but ranking systems up I’m
too invested it smashes ranking system okay I’m too invested in that game yeah
barons mic is muted so they’re literally muted himself laughing my bad I’m using
my mic cuz I was looking at something oh you were trying to talk and like we
muted you but I think it’s amazing that uh that they Nintendo has turned this
game into a eSports title that that is amazing to me I don’t know how they’re
geniuses I don’t know how they came up with that but that’s what they did I
mean they’re just wizards I mean they they had this free plan they announced a
whole invitation Invitational for e3 so it’s like man there if you think they’re
not gonna push this game to the moon like they did smashed and uh splatoon I
thought for like a hot second towards as I was wrapping up and especially you got
me more heights when they’re like this oh and one more thing I literally
thought they were gonna shadow drop the switch mini at the end and be like and
you can get a bundle with a new theme switch mini cuz they sin as soon as I
said one more thing me my whole stream were like yeah this is it but it wasn’t
it so but you know Invitational you know I think the best thing about this is
that is getting me closer to my baby mama
that means no Mario maker to at e3 bring on the Bayonetta well I thought the I
thought your mother is just gonna just help like marital issues or something
nah nah nah I thought my national chains coming first so we got it we got is
coming first yeah look I’m high for Asheville chain I told you that’s the
game of the year could send it but I gotta have my big
oh that’s a lot of faith in astral chains oh I have to grow thanks I have
to I don’t think that’s a game of the Year content it’s not gonna be a game of
the Year contender for like mainstream media because it’s mainstream media but
in terms of my Nintendo fans like oh absolutely it’s gonna be a pretty yeah
for for if you label it – all inside of is that absolutely but fer for like the
massive media likes Red Dead Redemption that game literally you push the control
stick and three seconds later your care it’s it’s it’s definitely gonna be a
game that comes out this year there’s no way what games would forgive me year the
yukina March 3 overall Resident Evil 2 absolutely September October November
games come it there’s gonna be something in there Last of Us – maybe Borderlands
3 oh please it’s gonna get a game of the Year contender in C we’re gonna have to
wait and see on my on my timeline my predictions were 5 and barring no
bayonet okay they just said now sorry guys I got I gotta bring this up they
just announced that Robert Pattinson is gonna be the next Batman so I just saw
that yeah yeah I heard that rumor about like four months ago but they were in
talks with him okay I can’t wait for that man to turn into a vampire this is
gonna be no here’s hey guess what vampires turn into bats Batman’s a bat
it all works but here’s the thing anyone anyone who talks shit about
Robert Pattinson has never seen him outside of Twilight he’s a phenomenal
actor he’s good and he is he is easily a good choice for Batman oh you’re a
younger choice he’s tall he’s good-looking he’s chiseled jaw jaw like
he’s actually either the pic is fine there’s no he’s gonna get ripped ish
yeah he’s gonna go yeah he’s gonna get ripped because he’s he’s actually really
thin so hey I’ll say if you give him a haircut he can make a good Bruce Wayne
oh yeah I mean they’re gonna make sure that he looks tough they’re gonna make
sure that you look the part but I mean he doesn’t look like he’d be a bad hey
everyone said Heath Ledger was gonna be a terrible Joker and look what happened
well that killed him so let’s not talk about that you know you brought it to
that point but that’s Joker on screen hands down that was the best he was
definitely the best Joker but obviously it was way out of his you know Jack
Nicholson Warren wasn’t out of his thing he got addicted to men that’s a whole
different thing with his method acting but he still delivered an important he
won the award like he’s still won an award in the afterlife
you know shout out to him shouting pleasure so let’s say twilight it into
the baton zone all right so any other thoughts on super my omakr peace I give
it one wrap Robert Pattinson out of Batman everybody joke with his bike ass
I can’t I can’t wait they put in like the arc we’re actually though that was
gonna be a bad joke say it finish it I was okay look I was gonna try to tie in
his ex-girlfriend what’s her name weirdo looking girl um like the same girl that
Kristen Stewart yeah I was gonna try to tie in that and how Batman gets cheated
on by somebody by Catwoman it but it wasn’t working so let’s see how funny
would it be the caster’s Catwoman I was gonna shut it tight but I couldn’t think
about it I was just with the Riddler and I don’t
know he’s kind of turned into a wolf he’s kind of cute talked about the deal bringing that up that’s what you think
about well I mean it was the D that was three weeks ago three weeks clay yeah
clay did you see the interview oh let me so let me tell ya it was hilarious man
was hey hold on you got it you guys gotta watch this – what did he do you
guys gonna hear I know and clay tops are the big alongside Kari Burke clay what
are you noticing that the energy and the ball movement tonight
helping you guys unlock the three ball games great on both sides both it’s
great both both of them are great and we getting out pushing the pace that’s what
our bathroom thank you I just that was a great interview clip it was the wrong
interview and that definitely was don’t baby here’s what here’s I’ll tell you
guys what what happened in the interview the interview he was like one of us said
Oh what the interview was something she said something like just like how’d you
guys how’d you guys lock up the D tonight and that’s what he started let
me substitute you know J for any all right so let’s go to more for the next
topic here guys what is the next topic actually that’s a good question Oh Jay
it’s almost you must say that for last we got to talk about the sales Sonya
Microsoft last so yeah so switch top top to ps4 in Japan in overall sales the
switch is currently like an 8 point 1 million something Japan it’s like like 8
million like 400,000 something 8 million like 44,000 something or whatever so
yeah so we stopped the sales in Japan top seller Japan the switch is the new
number one sis through eighth generation system and up in Japan not counting my
3ds or whatever generation that’s part of us handhelds I guess but yeah switch
is the top one here so what do you guys think what you guys think about this I
think it’s amazing that is amazing it it happened so fast three years that’s all
I have to say it’s just amazing Wow Nintendo made something that’s sold
more than a Playstation that’s incredible good job Nintendo keep
going now make the with minis already give me an ax maybe buddy it’s it’s not
too surprising for me since the coach on Japan people are Japan are are mostly
handheld base like they prefer handhelds over consoles so it’s not that
surprising to me oh my god I put it back on by the way yeah I mean I think the
biggest thing about this is like I talked about it in a in a silly bit not
a silly video but in a kind of a quick title video today and but it was a good
video though I had back I wanted I backed it up but I think the biggest
thing with this is the shift with next generation like what’s gonna happen
because that’s the problem that what we’re seeing here is that Sony all these
Sony’s censoring things right in Japan Sony’s sensor in a lot of
content but violent violent content pretty much okay censoring some things
yeah there’s they’re censoring third-party stuff you know ever see like
if you want to censor your own stuff that’s okay but they’re starting to
censor third party stuff and then like now you’re starting to get the shift in
terms of sales so I think it’s gonna be interesting to see because a lot of
these companies that were generally making games for PlayStation and
PlayStation PlayStation now they’re looking at like a hold up we’re getting
stuff censored so which is selling better like even in this time period
like obviously like I know it’s kind of like the way to go anything that can be
played that way so I think that’s really gonna be the shift is is with Japanese
they don’t person why this is a big deal now when it comes to Western stuff
obviously I mean nobody cares you know when it comes to Western developers for
the book unless they’re trying to sell their game in Japan but like for the
most part Western developers they don’t care too much outside of they care what
the switch sales overall but in terms of what’s selling better or whatever in the
case like they don’t care about that too much because obviously wasn’t developers
make a ton of money here so I just think it’s so crazy that the PlayStation 4
started the this gen of consoles going up and up and it was like the dominant
one everyone had to have a ps4 everyone wanted to have their exclusive content
with ps4 there was exclusives it was everything and then like the last few
years it just just seems that like like Nintendo rose from the ashes like a
phoenix and I enjoy playing on my xbox more now
you know like it’s it’s it feels like a different thing altogether it’s just
weird to me like how quickly I think they got too cocky cocky and now I don’t
think they understand what they’re doing the censorship stuff they’re doing it’s
dumb yeah I don’t know where that even
started from recently just like that censoring stuff guys people won’t be mad
no everyone’s mad it’s dumb don’t stop that it’s stupid
oh this is what we were waiting for him glad our prayers just trying to gaming
podcast week there you go let’s watch some guy talk about just making a simple play coach Coach
coach keep on going okay I don’t know say more anyways ps4 screwed stuff up so
needs to figure it out Nintendo’s doing good I don’t know else to say fantastic
good job Nintendo not give me Animal Crossing it’s a good move it’s a good
it’s a good look for Nintendo you know it’s you know for my global perspective
you know just we get we you leave here two states when you look outside of
America and Europe whereas mostly console base just from a different
culture perspective kind of with towards bringing of it’s like this is really
good this is a big move Nintendo could really like isogi’s alluded to take over
the next generation with these games like Japanese based developers um I
won’t get more prior to the switch with the upcoming games so I’m looking
forward to it but I’m also looking forward to Oh sounds for FTA with the $1
thank you thank you so much fj 21 appreciate that but yeah I think I think
you pretty much it just comes down to that I mean what we see with Japanese
developers going forward so I mean it is what it is there but I will say this I
will say that it’s not slowing down anytime soon because yokai watch for
it’s coming out this June in Japan that’s gonna be a big game and then on
top of that Pokemon later in in the air Pokemon not Bayonetta and you also got
Super Mario maker that’s June as well actually
Super Mario maker after that too rekt it’s over dude that game is
literally gonna be a hot seller me and not and not only that it’s like you guys
repeat these games gonna drop you to buy more switches and now you have the
previous which library games so you still have smash you still have out of
breath for a while which is still a really good evergreen title that game
that game is still selling what I’m telling to pan exactly it has over 10
million units sold globally so it’s like the crazy it’s never left the top 20 in
sales since if you guys thought friendships are gonna be like we’re
broken from like Mario Kart or Mario Party and stuff like that
just wait till people start playing competitive Mario and they’re all
messing with each other like they showed off in that dude you are literally the
relationships are gonna be ended families are gonna be a broken frame me she plays Mario Kart and she plays like
small games I yeah well she’s cool with it she does again but I talk about like
friends I’m okay I’m that person who makes messed up levels in Mario maker
I’m that person who does crime eat things in Mario Kart I can you should
play being Smash Brothers yeah I’ll do petty things but if I can yeah enterprises I wanted to give you a
congruent congratulations thank you for joining up I know you joined up the
other day but you weren’t on the stream but thank you for being a new member you
appreciate that also sign us to Matthew Hammond with the $2 donation says Sony
moved from San Francisco to California or a Sony move to San Francisco
California and censorship started well yeah they said that they want to make it
more in line with global standards so the Western how Westerners think about
what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable so I mean it is what it is I
guess we can talk about Sony censorship a little bit I don’t know but I don’t
know for me man it’s just like I am NOT a big fan of their censorship I’m not a
big fan of this because the biggest problem that I have is that sexual
regimes is seeing it as like the devil for some people okay
so there’s an Omega emphasized on a lady’s chest I mean it’s like who cares
that was part of the design it’s it’s fine like why is it okay for skulls
and guns and blood to be spattered and fingers missing on that are integrated
into logos but this is such a big problem I think that’s why I said when
he boomed it’s just boobs like I don’t even
understand how to like describe how it’s not even bad like it’s it’s not like it
was uncensored you know like it was it was it’s I mean it’s just girls chest
with the symbol on it Wow crazy it’s a weird culture I don’t understand
I don’t understand how that needs to be sensitive at all I really don’t
understand how it needs to be senses but that’s I mean that’s the thing like Sony
will allow you know they’ll allow freaking arm to be chopped off in front
of a live audience with or in front of people I III when kids are live audience
they just go up stage likeness there’s a new game coming out chop off
the harp on stage I mean like to that point it’s like how is there a problem
with that logo but there’s no there was no problem with on the on the Last of Us
2 beginning scene at e3 last year where the two girls were kissing my audio is a
little bit low I’ll fix it guys okay there you go should be better but yeah I
mean I don’t I don’t I don’t get this this this viewpoint and I gotta fix this
two guys real quick all right yeah I don’t get this viewpoint where
it’s like this is bad this is not good like and like the example that I gave is
like when I was go okay well you know like there’s titles and logos that are
violent I have violence portrayed in them like why is this so much why do
violence and logos get portrayed in it’s okay but literally a chick with the
freaking logo on our chest this is bad weird yes are they in Japan are they
also censoring the Spencer’s everywhere see that’s what gets me excited in the
West we’re like complete opposite it’s like will allow violence on anything TV
video game album covers whatever where we can put gory violence it’s fine but
the second there’s even someone in a bikini or someone has a big check or
something like that if you problem here in the West I know it’s
opposite in Japan then which is weird for me that Sony would even sense that
in Japan I can somewhat even though I don’t agree with it understand why they
would censor it here but if Japan this a worldwide censorship I know I don’t know
what’s going through Sony’s mind at that point
III don’t and the fact that nintendo isn’t censoring it good on them good on
nintendo for just being like okay is it’s just good Doug Doug Bowser you know
he’s doing justice already he’s letting the tits come to America yeah I just I
think I think the problem is like they people try to make it seem as if like
you’re polluting the young kids minds like abused women or some I think that’s
I don’t know if that’s maybe that’s the only thing that’s rooted in that but
like a violin siz okay but you know how like I said the TV you know everything
is I mean viral it was I was talking like the example like Expendables how’s
that how does that show on daytime TV for like that movie so violate you don’t
know first ones extremely violates like I get shot half in the first five
minutes yeah and that’s just on daytime TV for kids and everybody just to watch
no set I mean barely any censorship or anything like that that’s fine but yeah
anything with like you know bikinis are oh no we can’t do that I got a plan to
certain things FCC starts coming in I mean it’s just
it’s just nuts it’s anything you’d be crazy it’s crazy how many parents are ok
with their kids watching you know something like expenditure will probably
flip out about this logo dude but wrote me think that the children may get the
children the children what it is I mean even if you forget like what Mortal
Kombat did a little bit with the outfits and stuff like that they completely
changed up that I’m not saying that it’s censorship because they wanted to change
the outfits that’s what they wanted to do they’ll do it nobody forced them no
it’s not that’s what they wanted to do I’m just saying like if there’s a
difference between a logo and like look if you’re going into Mortal Kombat and
there’s like you’re barely wearing anything I mean I think it makes sense
that the ring may be a little bit more it makes sense but like at the same time
I don’t know I mean it’s interesting okay it’s basically what you’re saying
is we’re descended desensitized to violence over here that’s basically what
you’re saying oh absolutely because Mortal Kombat’s banned in Japan oh it’s
so it’s so weird to me like I I just I don’t get it it’s like what more likely
are you as a regular person an any regular person gonna see if in their
life probably the opposite or the same gender nude body at some point hopefully
or someone getting their head chopped off sawed in half put in a meat grinder
and sold on the black market what are you more likely to see but that actually
happens in mortal combat like in like in your regular life not in video game I’m
just talking about like in your personal life probably someone naked or yourself
naked so I don’t see why we’re gonna be all this exercise okay it’s just it’s
just skin I feel like it’s I mean I roll with these skin I hope you see yourself
if you don’t then you stay with ya if you if you bathe in a bathing suit and
t-shirt I have questions what you just you just guys gotta go to Twitter for
that it’s all over still thought so go go do that no you eat week out of my
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shoutouts shoutouts to Malcom Floyd I think also Malcolm Enterprises he he did
a $20 hokage tier patreon pledge so thank you so much man oh I really do
appreciate that thank you so much hopefully enjoy all the benefits make
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of what a place I’ll sell it to me well the benefits are you get to play video
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want to come on the podcast you can come on the podcast for a week so speaking it you can add me it’s only $5 no it’s not
swear dollars guys it’s not oh it’s a member here or its tier two are up okay I’ll smash this and that on this game only say I’m betting smash I’m literally
not good at anything else I’m actually not good at anything else
so yeah bad oh but no no that that’s that’s it you don’t have to pay me $20
Thank You Malcolm for the $20 your boy your boy needs the financials are to
motivate him to make that VR video already money you would do practice like
join us your hundred and fiftieth sponsor just to gay he didn’t make that
video boy I’m paying you make the video and dude I made the video I’ve got it
I’ve gotta edit the video I got to make hurry up in week it has been I know I’m
being I’m being sloppy on this but it’s like no one even cares about the wild PR
anymore you could a Yukos truck while the iron was hot and now you’re sitting
there while it’s cold while the cardboard is hot
I mean that just causes a fire struck that a cardboard was on fire
you messed a he sit up yeah probably um if you if you
become a tier 3 can you not be blocked about or harass for Dragon Quest rivals
uh partially yes I will harass you for Dragon Quest rivals and I will I won’t
block you at all but time out maybe alright so um shall we move on to the
next topic boys and girls this is barons favorite topic
sure Sony and Microsoft have teamed up epically to join to make the Avengers
this is the New Avengers it’s called beginning game ok where it’s just we’re
starting out here it’s beginning game and this is gonna be the Avengers
joining up and making a galactic federation dominating everything so
they’re joined up here so yeah what do you eyes think about this or do you guys
want more information on it I will have more information okay so
many Corporation and Microsoft have announced a partnership on new
innovations to enhance customer experiences and their direct to consumer
entertainment platforms and AI solutions the two companies will explore joint
development of future cloud solutions in Microsoft Azure to support their
respective game and content streaming services as well as as hold up as well
as the use of current Microsoft Azure data center based solutions for Sony’s
game and content streaming services by working by working companies the
company’s aim to deliver more enhanced enhanced editing experience for the
worldwide worldwide customers and build better development platforms for content
creators here’s a picture of the right that’s the CEO of look so really happy
right there it’s like heads crooked smile I just
found I just found that picture funny I’m not sure
but people where people are trying to sit there and make this out to be like
this is gonna be the greatest this is my crib – I’m sorry gonna they’re gonna
make a super console no they’re gonna make the Xbox six or the Xbox five it’s
gonna be a combination of the PlayStation and the PS five the Xbox
five you know I wanna say anything plus but you had to say it look at the chat
what do you say well how does it go say nothing Oh Matthew Hammond with the $2
donation says it’s Dora the Explorer 18 yet oh it’s coming soon though Oh Jay
has a marginal sound I’m laughs I’m laughing I’m laughing more at the last
of us to an xbox that’s hilarious that’s not happening I’m gonna be Usain Bolt
indoors 18 so Jake you say Usain Bolt come on make a stage life I’ve got a
witness okay you’re gonna take that from this nacho libre mustache have an ass oh I don’t know why you just reminded me
a nacho libre naturally yeah like you yelling about flat grass and your
Fannett Oh black crap man I swear if I see flat grass Oh J Kelly hey a
basketball player a second-round pick was a Kelly guard at a Duke Oh Jake
Kelly trapped in a closet that’s what you as good at eSATA digs pelicans frightening name Anthony Davis oh gee
Kelly is gonna be guarded at that basement door hey hey Dora how’s it
going oh yeah yeah yeah hey okay just keep having to see right
there Hey look bro listen to tender said 18 anyway before you incriminate
yourself further yeah I’m not incriminating myself I’ve
done nothing there’s those guys on there they being
maybe sending me the dumbest messages to these I’ve said no messages the door
yeah baby they be out there Pro Jarrett II hardiest thing member that tweet that
projared had when he was like I wonder how to get more female female all right everything I’ve tried it every
bit I’ve tried a snapchat exclusive tumblers like body-positive
oh yeah he’s like oh it still go around gotta bring it up baby we could forget
that little you know Bernie look at some review of my I don’t want a picture day
you know there’s a reason why he only can one minute reviews doing reviews
where’s the nearest cosplay or cosplay convention I need a wife there’s
Coldplay concert Sailor Moon picture did he delete his
YouTube no you can’t find it no I can’t I was gonna see where you say no yes
don’t worry like that yeah I feed Pro Jarret plays I don’t see his main page
anymore there’s no way yo breaking news that’s right here yeah I got it Oh Jared
please or poor George right if you go to Pro Jared plays there’s a list of other
channels and it’s still on there and you he’s just bleeding this bleeding subs
but it’s I’m surprised he’s still I like how he only he only went down like two
hundred thousand but James Charles went down like three million that’s the over
fuckin me oh oh oh oh wait a minute yeah okay
explain the whole situation to me he was he was a makeup beauty Channel and
another channel named Tati came out and did a video kind of like talking bad
about James Charles about like some of the shady stuff and then a about some
like backstabbing things and and some like perverted stuff and then he dropped
like three million subs and he put out a really bad apology video and then that’s
about it there you go but he had the biggest sub drop ever over a million
subs in 24 hours down over that yeah well yeah there’s some other allegations
there aren’t a hundred percent proven but really really it’s just really kinda
just boils down to over jealousy about vitamins vitamins I’m not even kidding
some of these other youtubers out here I mean you know how it’s stupid out when
how sensitive can’t you be when gamers argue about some stuff you know what I’m
saying like back and forth like I think that some of these some of these other
type of channels it can be even worse and the stakes are even higher for some
of them you know what I’m saying so it is what it is with him but yeah that’s
essentially what Jordan excited is essentially what it is but not if you
guys are even gonna be concerned with it like who cares no he went from 16
million to 13 million over some vitamins a dog world and then the girl who called
her out she went from 5 million to over 10 million subs now Wow yeah in that
video it has like 40 her call her 43 minute long videos like over 40 million
pcs and that’s the reason why my gaming is always gonna take a backseat to that
other beauty yeah to Beauty youtube if you want drama there’s always drama oh
man you should watch some of those beauty videos ok that’s secret I’m not
gonna say what channels I am editing for but I am
don’t worry I know by the way you think the Flintstones okay at this point we all Podcast never happening again I’ll give
it down yeah well 52 is a good run week this
year what year is this a year verse 52 inches one years
oh snap at the end cuz I thought you was gonna say that the other system at the
end dog but I got nothing we have too much beyond the brain you can’t we’re
talking about goddamn Flintstone vitamins what just a comedy hey I just
throw it up in OJ slam dunks you know anyway
thanks for supporting the podcast I don’t know what it’s turned into used to
be gaming podcasts I don’t know what it is now but thanks for watching over to
know thanks for watching I didn’t know this was the this was the year
anniversary I actually I’m surprised that it is I thought I didn’t start the
sub too long ago I guess I’m getting old I don’t remember things as well as I
used to I mean unless you’ve done two or so in a week 52 if you do one a week
that’s a yes it’s definitely one a week and it’s definitely 52
let me double check though you did what every single wind you done to in a week
no have you skipped a week no you scared there we go it would have been before
yeah if you skipped away we’re past that leave the weight is 52 yeah that’s your
countin was bad or something we did it I’ve laughs for the door when did I come
on I came on before 10 I think it came out like what 8 that that is the fastest
year ever I could have yeah because I started mines a few weeks after yours so
mine is three weeks or two weeks away your verse serese get a fill castle to
beat you Joe castles gonna be so yeah you’re definitely you’re right i-i’ve no
no Geoffrey yeah here actually yeah this is crazy Oh Jake
happy birthday what you gonna celebrate let’s break out the liquor well we got
some stupid we got some stupid super chats who said that when they gonna come
and do that you have it broken come on yet he’d been using he’s been using
stream labs and he freakin used to he used that a you super chat to say that
yeah he did stream labs fights before and then also JT blue says Oh Jay gets
his daily dose of vitamin D okay so we got to to live individuals those guys
came in quick right there man said happy 46th birthday owns it happy
46 oj you’re not for any 505 no I really AM for I listen to your shit the other
day no you’re not 40 I really know the funny thing is I really am 45 that’s the
funny thing no but like seriously don’t Susanne 4545 older like this is like the 19 you’re
trying to see no no I’m 13 oh it was two weeks ago we talked about D and
y’all say I know you can’t don’t need to make up your damn minds vitamin D deficient hard as a rock
vitamins what happened like two topics it caming but real though
back on top I just yeah we solve a picture that we derailed for like 30
minutes what happened good 20 minutes yes Microsoft Sony what’s going on yeah
they’re gonna be working on cloud stuff together and they using it to help power
like their their cloud streaming stuff and what they’re doing with the cloud
and servers and stuff like that so streaming solutions that’s basically
what it is for gaming so I what is Sony at the streaming do they add what’s the
PlayStation PlayStation now is that that’s not yeah is it or is this journey
yes PlayStation now is this screaming it’s streaming has over 700 games yes
and you can can you download some of them or download some
but they don’t they disappear from your from your list if you stop paying for it
maybe that makes sense yeah yeah so it’s yeah like they were doing that first and
Xbox game passes out which it’s 200 games now right all right now name pal
I’m not sure I just know it’s a hundred plus they’re removing games though I’m
game past yeah Republicans though why are you giving that did they are thank
you the classic they shouldn’t have that let’s petition it I’m not that serious
about it don’t even have an xbox you don’t have an xbox I was broke but what
about now – whichever I got a switch I got a ps4 I’m good yeah I think you can
pretty much play everything you want with a switch in a Playstation 4 5 and
with game cast cook coming to PC just came to us the newest game pad game
Parris okay Rob your line is cuz you are broke I said I was broke check buddy no
no oh we got money that’s what Bobby Tolan is tinder dick bumbled bubble
dates my new iPhone you know I play a person – no more dog hey that’s it but
not but nothing up for real um I don’t have an xbox because
PC app Iraq I could play most of the games on xbox on here yeah map piano
donated $2 and says if LJ is 45 you will soon be able to start selling the blue
pill on his channel let’s talk about the first castlevania collection made it to
the switc so you guys got topics for us to talk about cuz we obviously don’t
well I think one thing I’m missing with it Sony and Microsoft thing I think it
came out of nowhere I think it was really crazy everyone’s working together
oh it’s funny I’ve never seen somebody climb to the mountaintop and they fall
off the cliff like that that was the mountaintop so d damn cliff is like if
you could have told me Italy even a minimum of three years ago that
everything would have played out this way
yeah she was crazy million consoles this is I know I’m saying at the end of the
day Microsoft took a beating but in the end of the day they still came out with
the W what W did Microsoft make or a game yes Microsoft now potentially is
gonna have their games on every device like they said that was gonna do and
Sony had to bend the knee they was resistant to cross play they’re
resistant to a lot of things they drove Microsoft through the mud and the last
thing you wanted to see when you woke up today with Sony CEO hey Yoshida shaking
the hand with Microsoft CEO we in a partnership that shit is crazy but I
think one thing I underestimate I think Google stadia is gonna be a bigger
threat didn’t I thought that’s what I was saying I think they gotta stadia
yeah Google Google shook Sony to its core and everybody was confused about
what I was saying is that microsomia had to choose a side whether it be hybrid
gaming console or streaming I was like they’ll have to choose one of the other
because they ain’t got no choice and I said that’s why I think they’re in a
hardest spot but obviously they chose what they’re gonna do
so obviously it’s something about stadia that we don’t know that they know well I
think I don’t think it was just I don’t think it was just so nothing Microsoft
was kind of shook with this whole Google Stadium yeah we know Microsoft was shook
that’s why they would’ve hit it did a partnership with Nintendo so they gonna
have already had their games on that platform and that’s why they already
moved forward we you know the X cloud and putting the infrastructure in place
to have their game streamed everywhere they was already prepared for the fight
the sony was not caught off guard I believe there was just like well it’s
probably the best option and you got Netflix coming in Amazon coming in
Walmart coming in who else coming in everybody’s trying to come in with his
gaming surface I think something I heard something about Verizon as well so I’m
like yeah Verizon fucking crazy yeah I feel like this is the same like thing I
said back when stadia was showing off I said like this is gonna be something
that the PlayStation is gonna have to tackle more than anything and like that
there they’re the ones now having to be like okay we got to figure out something
and if that means working with the competitor I mean they see honestly also
it’s probably jealousy they’re like no way why are Microsoft Nintendo getting
all buddy-buddy I want some friends I don’t want to be outcasts
I want to be left alone at the table while they get to go have lunch together
like come on man you know it’s a nice lunch considering those company oh it’s
a very nice I’m talking foger – ciao minimum bills ever need 100 bucks per
person – big tip very likeable tips yeah yeah I want to go out to eat with you
know with the execs there that’d be they’re probably the best lunch or
dinner me it dress up well you know i’m garyx up a little bit you can’t just
wear your player essence t-shirt oh I’ll definitely get a nice you know I’ll
definitely get player essence jacket to check you know Joe I went to Joseph a
bank you know bra I never spent that much on clothes in my life before
oh my god I was I had to act like I wasn’t shocked upon the prices also okay
yes let me see the bill hmm yes I think I think mage says something in the chat
that’s very interesting I thought about that initially hold up Luca we got a
super tattoos that Sal Garcia says donated mm says they join forces to
battle Google yeah pretty much and already for the video game crash
there’s not gonna be I don’t think it’s gonna be another video game crash no I
think I think I I don’t think it’s gonna happen I think I thought about it
because how many people are trying to get into this space i’m–all taneous lee
and i think and i think the only person i think the only person that’s really
the only company only coming that’s really safe is Nintendo because that Lee
Nintendo has their franchises it’s the only place you can get them and they
chose an alternate version of getting your game anywhere which is the hybrid
console exactly that’s what I was gonna bring up Nintendo is safe because that’s
the exact reasoning like that’s the only combat against Google stadia it’s like
Google senior you need a Wi-Fi connection to play these games Nintendo
you don’t that’s the biggest Pro against when Nintendo against stadia I made a
video on an old channel mine back in like 2016 about the original video game
crash and the predictions of the future with what could happen and really it was
more predicting obviously not knowing as much as we know now but still kind of
predicting all these other services that are coming up there’s gonna be a huge
flood in the market like with everyone trying to do their own thing come to us
subscribe to us do our service buy our console whatever and I saw it more of a
bigger triple-a games with Maltin you know microtransactions and stuff like
that really being the crash of it and a lot of indie games being the rise of
what saves gaming rather than these big games they’re gonna start failing and
these companies are gonna start shutting down and and all that stuff but Nintendo
would be fine Nintendo is the one thing that got the video game crash stopped
originally when the when the NES came out so if anyone’s gonna survive it or
do anything to rise above it its Nintendo definitely I do think now
knowing all these you know new third-party streaming devices and ideas
and services that there could be a crash of an or flooding of the market not
enough money to be spread around to all of them so everyone’s not going to make
enough a lot of things are gonna tumble over and only certain things are gonna
stand and prevail at the end a Sony Microsoft and Nintendo aren’t going
anywhere they’re the ones who are still going to survive but Nintendo has the
highest chance of having no issue with that they
have the console that everyone wants they have the games that people want say
you got the games so there they do have that but it’s I don’t believe
stony-hearted enough I don’t I don’t if there was a big enough crash Sony would
make probably the biggest hit Microsoft has the money to spend where
they don’t care Microsoft has so much money at their disposal you think you
think Sony’s always been a company and in their in their larger company not
just their games division that’s always been struggling financially they’ve had
issues in the movie side they’ve had issues with the computer side that’s why
there’s no vaio computers anymore they have issues with their cameras they
they cannot financially stabilize every part of the market that they want
Microsoft is fine they own the market on Khan our own on PCs their console that’s
why they can throw out these consoles and it doesn’t matter if they saw so
they can make all their games free you know are a part of the the game like
they don’t care they have so much money hitting all these new development they
just acquired unlimited funds it says or whatever money they need we got them
they’re fine you know that’s the type of money they
have they can survive the crash and be like nothing happened
Nintendo has proven that they can rise above any occasion Oni would take the
hit guys actually think that even if there was a crash on people stop I mean
I think that there’s just far more core gamers that understand what good games
are I mean you have to remember the back then in the 80s when the crash happened
or whatever there wasn’t many many many years of good gaming we’ve had decades
at the point of good gaming whereas back then it was still a new thing even back
like I think like the some of the first video game systems were in the 70s right
like and not everybody had those like very very few people had them so when
something like you know was coming out I got off in the early 80s which caused
the crash and all the crappy video games and all that stuff
gaming wasn’t around for a very long time you know so don’t you think it
might be a little bit different even if there was per se a crash of all these
team I don’t think the crash when I say crash I don’t mean gaming is over like
like everyone’s like well no more video games okay whatever moving on to the
next thing I mean it I think the degree that that was bad knows where people
just people just stop behind videogames like no I I do think
that there will be a stop on a certain amount of videogames like I’m talking
about the predatory microtransaction filled Triple A games
from EA or Activision you would see these Cup rather than the the consoles
and certain games go down you’d see these third-party big companies topple
down because they’re already laying off people they’re already not hitting
number expectations if they took Baron I know you love mat and I know you’d buy
it no matter what but if they released a Madden game where it’s like okay we’re
gonna give you a game that gives you one player from each team and if you want
unlock the whole team that’s five dollars Percy would you buy that oh hell
no okay and if it ever got to that point where it’s like we spent so much money
developing this game that we have to charge you five dollars per every team
euro you wanna have the away jersey oh that’s could be another five dollars you
want this decal on something like whatever you know like how they’re gonna
do shit with microtransactions companies like that would have the issues so translation yes all big secret it’s not
like we didn’t know skip four is gonna happen
oh no knocks on my door have you seen damn nowadays
I see what you’re coming from but the part I’m coming from is there’s going to
be all these individual services that everybody wants you to pay for now it’s
competition about which costs we know which one is the customer going to buy
so that’s where it becomes very you know hectic I know what he mean by not
crashed like the 80s I think it’s gonna be a different type of crash because
these third party games are not they’re not gonna be spread across three
platforms no more we’re talking about four or five six even seven platforms so
now your third party titles are spread all the way thin Sony nor Microsoft
can’t capitalize on just third party anymore they’re gonna have to capitalize
on the internal and this is why I applaud Microsoft because they seem that
in the future they had to develop a solid of bigger and more better solid
first party lineup that’s why they bought all those studios so there was
already prepping for all of this this was like Microsoft came out with a W and
n because it’s crazy how they had lost the battle this time yeah they’re
winning the war and now like they lost this console generation everyone’s like
oh the Xbox big joke right next time the next Xbox the future them to like oh
yeah we have this company this company this company oh you like that fallout
amyl this company we own back I got a question he doesn’t have that much money
anymore I’ll tell you that but is net worth at the height of his TV shows and
everything okay he’s gone through all that money since his friend died and
then he went through all the drugs and stuff yeah hearin T he’s not nowhere
close I’m sure he has money not that amount of money that’s NotI like Bam
Margera so BAM if you’re watching this hey don’t hate me I I you know you’re
cool dude but like I know you don’t have 50 million and if you did like you know
share it with me I use I mean I was never a huge fan of
his but I mean I think that I mean I was in that era when that was all popular
you know you weren’t into the CKY scene I don’t know I was in I was into it a
bit yeah I was into the big cuz I was a skater back then so I was into it a bit
not him in general I was more into like the actual like really good skater I
mean oh he was okay but I was into like you know like rodney Mullen and I was
about to say do you rodney mole is the only person I mean like who ever got on
a skateboard that made me go that’s some like nextgen good I don’t even know what
I was looking at like when he flip over the boards spin around on it that I was
like how who are you yeah are you that’s not possible the physics in real life
don’t work that way Rodney Rodney Rowley Rodney Mullins my favorite skater
revolts he was incredible yeah yeah he’s still skating nowadays yeah he still
skates but not but I mean he has his own companies you know he makes money on his
skateboard in his clothing brand and all that stuff but he’s still every now and
then he’ll get on you you know you’ll get on the skateboard and like do some
stuff that’s always what it does like is it like it’s not like super demanding
it’s all skilled yeah you know oh absolutely you know because he’s not
I’ve always wanted to uh to skate and Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory when he
built that every time that show was on and he would like filming them you
always feel like skaters were just there in the background I’m like that looks
like so much fun they’re at least a DLC for the second skate game that was his
fantasy factory I was really cool what about what about skateboarding any DLC
for that I’m sure they’ll put a lot of deals okay
so once get your confirming skate for yeah watch out for you three guys haha
all right so hentai lover donated $1 is a long time ago in a galaxy far far away
a man watched hentai all all day long he appreciated the art of this medium one
day he passed away and a man named hentai lover 17 was born after his birth
Famitsu donated copy never thought that he caught that mid Suzu band his
allowance on their platform thank you for the story
hentai lover I’m glad you ready that is a very interesting donation hentai
lovers hentai lovers a funny gotcha lovers charities sing high in Jordan
High Charity Wow charity you only say hi to Jordan Wow yes
thank for Jordan I know I think there’s perks to be in the token white guy wow these radars they just skate for is
gonna be a life you’ve been going off this whole night you say oj watches dora
hentai there is no sora hentai oh it’s you be surprised do this you ever heard
a rule 34 yeah there if it exists if it exists well I’m sure hentai was misused
in a termination but rule 34 if it exists there’s porn of it yeah I’m not
saying if there is of just that but hentai don’t know about hand-tied I
won’t be surprised man 8 I wouldn’t search it up I wouldn’t put it on my
computer I just don’t think there is I’m not gonna be the one I don’t never mind
hey the network manager is dead no man that man took a look at Don Vito she
leave I know said wow this is the PE podcast is about I should tune in more
often yeah Unicom for the this is the late cast
these these guys yeah yeah off the chain the entire night state Ford come out
this year 2020 I’ve heard it’s this year family because I don’t know how to make
a good podcast that’s the reason why it actually ends up being like that’s why I
got hired I was I was forcefully hired forcefully hi I did I did one guest spot
and then it’s like got your on I was like once again you’re on next week see
you okay Here I am one year later here we go don’t even
joke about skate for Epic Games I’m not gonna play skate for
on the computer so I don’t wanna move a person with ws listen listen okay I
guess three corners playing apex ledges on on PC versus playing on ps4 I can’t
do a PC anymore I can’t really but you can use a mouse to aim I don’t use a
mouse in a look I add a mouse and you guys can all see my mouse and I can
headshot people Barry look and that’s my big head was was on the video game I can
go yeah you know you know what else is on PC Peters hackers all around
cheaters hackers hackers do you have world of warcraft on a console and I
rest my case that’s the one that’s the what every
more I never got into it was like it is original now there was mr. know there
was he was he was a mohawk elf or whatever he’s like oh it’s me I’m a
mohawk I can’t do mister to projared is on PC do you really want that guy’s Pro
Jarrod is on the Internet get rid of your computers now hide your
kids hide your wife hide your wife hide your hide your oh yeah definitely wrong
for that I’m just saying cosplay or hide you
cosplays do cosplayers that like the good-looking cosplayers hide them now
just to open up between me I just I thought of the old song hide your kids
hide away I’ve ran into these crazy good-looking
uh Zelda cosplayers last year doing Dragon Con here in Atlanta do dragon
counts big Dragon Con Dragon Con is Dragon Con has become ridiculous and
y’all right yeah cuz uh man I always run into some fine pieces of people the
Triforce for some Dora cosplay our cosplay no I mean I you know if I ever
come to Dragon Con Dragon Con has a pro wrestling show on it on the Thursday
night and all the cosplayers just come so I usually be there at the pro
wrestling show so I get to see all the good stuff it’s crazy all the good stuff
all the good stuff all the drunk cosplayers so beautiful that did not
come out good a lot of things haven’t come out good on this podcast so far
tonight I don’t even know what to do with timestamps there’s no need
there’s no time stamp a little background like I did the part in the
thing though oh I did find it though it’s crime number five no this is try
number three actually come are you really gonna play this clip and get us
hype for nothing again coming up no I got oh my god I got it too you’re out there working hard you want
to be known as a two-way player how much man that’s crazy do second serve that
was five years ago that’s five years ago that was five years ago that’s five
years ago on that clip it reminds me how like I don’t
I thought clay was like not super old but he’s actually been the league for a
while that was five years ago well gee well guess I guess we could
talk about the consequences repercussions of e3 now maybe welcome oh
you know the floor plans are out did you guys know about the floor plans
nah yeah I saw a picture Nintendo has the same size as last year it looks like
and then they’re right next to a good old Sega yeah so four plans are out you
guys excited for some floor plans no I’m not gonna be there so oh wait a minute
nevermind oh yeah they’re not gonna beat it oh wait they might be there cuz you
know you’re sheet on my show up on Microsoft stage you know you should
picture either gonna take a picture smiling well there you go guys all right
you guys got questions we can answer them how long do you think
three will last the same as it always last June 11 to know like last as like a
thing I don’t think it’s going stop two years and it’s done we’re done its III
it’s gonna be Diamond there’s a lot of talk about their financial stability and
the people who own it and running it I give them another five to ten years on
another another console generation lifespan that’s fair I think you’ll be
doing for a very long time you only find the company that’s trying to buy it to
run it are the people that do the Comic Cons and they’ll they’re gonna they’re
offering to pay a lot and they know how to run stuff pretty well so yeah
somebody will step in if it ever gets to that point so I feel like they we need
to change up their format though because a lot of what you’re able to get 83 to a
baguette I like other conventions now you able to get through like the
Nintendo stuff you can attend to update throughout the year
Sony’s on that now Microsoft’s doing that so because Sony Markel Nintendo
update their fan base throughout the year you’re not relying on e3 to get
reviews anymore so just go to any pax aside from pax South because pax out
doesn’t have the big three there at all but you go to pax east or west here in
the States you’re golden they have all the new stuff you go post like III to
pax west they have all the new stuff that they just talked about at e3 there
you go to PAX East you get all the stuff that’s coming out like right before June
it’s basically a mini e3 for four days so yeah back south yeah it does
I like the area it’s in San Antonio is great that was a fun city but the the
con itself looks like dude you walk in there no Nintendo no PlayStation no Xbox
it’s just indie game is just fine but it’s like
the big three no representation is a huge thing I think I think the biggest
flaw is that it is in San Antonio great just Antonio’s great barbeque they
need to move it to Miami Orlando or even Atlanta that’s that that’s where needs
to be moved we bout to get RJ Berta’s wrath Fox and
every Bob I’m happy my team we gots it we got six rings on that choking on D
choking on Tom Brady’s what happened oh it was a question in here someone had a
good question I want to go back and ignore it it was a good question
Oh cuz I thought about this this is a good question what can two to expand
over to the UK you know because I’d watch the commercials Oh
Jacobs on the screen greedy ins that eraser little J alright
so what’s the question what’s the point yeah go ahead read this we’ll get it signal duty to expand their
popularity over the to the UK Nintendo yeah
shouldn’t they be already popular there yeah UK UK is pretty much Sony country
almost really yeah I don’t know last of us to on switch well I mean they already increased the
popularity from like the 3ds and like the the Wii U I think the switch is
selling better than the we did in the UK so I think they’re they gotta just keep
working on it but I mean I don’t think there’s really anything you can do
because it’s the type of the type of bars that are there you know it’s it’s a
look at my old pokémon since pokemons based off Great Britain yeah yeah well I
mean being there but I mean I think they’re talking like outside of the
general stigma in terms of like what the UK thinks of so of Nintendo systems I
think if they were more like Microsoft or Sony maybe they they can get some
more play there but they’re not going to be so I think it’s just one of those
like okay we’ll take what we can get you know we can do better there we can do
better but at the end of the day that’s not our main area you know that’s an
easy question for you realistic grass realistic rocks yeah I think that will
help a lot cuz I don’t think you know I don’t think it’s represented very well
with all that damn flat grass and land ask them environments yeah that’s like
like say the safety over listen flat grass doesn’t have as much popularity as
you think it does alright about every game except for like Rage 2 and that
away game that the Sony showed don’t have flat Kratts these days let’s talk
about the Castlevania collection what about it did it come out yeah came out
today I saw Sean Sean long or shine retro-gaming 285
yeah you’ve actually doing retro games oh well oh boy he’s back yeah man I saw
him he downloaded it he was like he was like cry he was like
he was complaining to arcade all day and I still have my Castlevania are we doing
this – because he really did tweet at like konami was late I think it was more
of a joke he was more of joking than anything I don’t think he was like being
real serious about like it you just use just joking about it probably so a
question for the whole panel right that’s me what does everyone on the panel think
the best D of all time hmm how would it know I that’s a solid answer I’ll go
with that the best the best thing of all time is Dunkin Donuts that’s double D
Dikembe Mutombo Shaq got into that is the best me double goalie any other questions guys um I saw tommix
egg let me see could go back to this question what do you guys opinions on
the game vouchers deals for Nintendo people compare it to steam ps4 and Xbox
oh that is great I forgot we’ve skipped it yes do yeah one two three oh and arms
so I’m gonna get you save but you save what 20 bucks on
but 20 bucks can go a lot a long way that’s a lot of money that pays and then
you also get the gold coins – so exactly I know what you can do with $20 but for
your car you go good again let’s see if you like your good straight out three –
three bills forget Wendy’s chili and some Nuggets you can get at least for my
guide you don’t want to know it’s in Wendy’s chili bro delicious I’ve heard
some horror stories about Wendy’s chili you’ll search out the horse McDonald’s they’re pink okay
they start out by the way they taste great it’s fine yeah talk about horse
breeding ground up like things that aren’t even chilly it’s chilly it’s fine
because I can acknowledge it but still eat it if oh gee just acknowledge it all
day but he’s too ignorant nuggets that’s fine that’s good for my stomach
yeah cuz like as I mean the Nuggets which should hurt my stomach the pepto
bismal is working its job it’s that’s fine I was never gonna live past like 45
anyway yeah probably 47 no stop 45 that’s your fake all that stuff I demand
to see the driver’s license to prove that’s after the podcast I believe I’ll
agree with the chat all of it is garbage period all of it is trash Oh what bad
food yeah charity asks you she said the whole panel but what’s what’s our
favorite physical features about themselves starting with Georgia
starting with Jordan oh well oh okay okay
Lafe my arms I got long arms long reach thank greets Creek cut salafi
so long day you’ll even fit on camera got that wingspan okay
boxing Brett I do have a very very big very nice brain that I use to people no
they said you better move on to another question on the very I know what he’s
gonna say well you know besides the obvious because you know people be
blessed but no I don’t know bearing to your God I do I do like my teeth
you know everybody likes my smile or whatever but you know I like that I got
these shoulders like boulders and you know I got the chest that impress you
feel me some bars miserably miserably charity said I do got I mean I don’t
know maybe I don’t know I’m okay I got some pretty I got some nice arms I guess
so maybe my own let me see let me see them okay you gotta pick another body Barbara
my arms are bigger than yours here your facial hair let me see those
arms again oh my god guys guys don’t make me embarrass me do not make me
embarrass you all right yes I do let me pull out the strap okay for you
this ain’t for you this is not this is not both y’all got nothing on my guts
ready for this you see that oh yeah that’s right I could take your bitch and
your Nintendo switch all right so J what’s your what’s your best feature
though I said my favorite I thought I thought she was gonna go to like the
tiger woods route what you know how you say talk to my eyes glutes was activated I’m not reading that question we all
know who does y’all know who does we all know the answer though I don’t know the
answer I don’t want to know the answer either I don’t want to know any oh we
all know I mean we all know we all guys even say we know we know well any other
questions guys that aren’t freaking stupid who what’s our favorite Street
Fighter character oh Ken who was the guy who has the the mask again what’s his
name Meghna I like Vega that’s all I’ve ever
played that’s all character I’ve barely played street I’d never you I know I
little have never played as though yeah Akuma okay you were to use a fun card a
guy from Steve I know setup we gals bright guy guy from see fire oh my god
yeah that guy sucks too guy see me see me the game you see what she sucks guy
yeah see me the game and I I really don’t care much for Street Fighter
lately I was you know I was all into it back in Street Fighter 2 in those days
but he’s alibi you know yeah I’m a Soul Calibur guy you know smash guy I’m a
Mortal Kombat guy six so caliber six is phenomenal but if I had to choose from
Street Fighter I played a lot of for for was phenomenal I even bought it again on
on three yes so that was phenomenal but I’ll probably have to go with probably
bison let me read Matthews comments sorry I
missed Matthews comment about five minutes ago is the UK’s they need or Wow I use that I use that phrase quite a few
times out of context they’re they’re seriously like write down jokes and get
them but only just on the PD podcast like I’m gonna tell me what was your
question cuz sure didn’t see it shoutouts to Matthew though thank you
for the thank you for the thank you for the multiple donations tonight Matt I
appreciate that question yeah Tony put the question in there again cuz Cody’s
man cool hold up yeah he’s cool I just actually just put the question in he
said rumor he said rumor has it that the voice of Kratos will be voicing magneto
in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 only on switch do you guys think it’s true
only on switch and he had yet to push me you too he said I only you Barrett he
said did you did you know that the voice of Miles Morales
is it Sony spider-man will always be voicing ultimate spider-man Marvel
Alliance ultimate three yeah I knew that because Game Informer went over it it’s
consistent what Marvel do if they’re gonna keep the same voice actors but
they always do so why you watch your skip bayless about the check Twitter and
it just popped up I’m strong now you guys know why Mandy lives now you guys
see this is the reason why manic laugh you guys suck
no Mandy clouded up my own podcast unless you guys run it I’m gonna leave
that sweet know that means I own that by right I own it because I’m the oldest
member then welcome here to the fringe cast everyone exclusively on the player
essence channel I think I’m the oldest one neck soldier no no the oldest on the
podcast Toby Dan Gaara then me starts with an M
the bone guy right oh okay and that’s kabamaru and I love the fourth hokage –
yeah kimimaro yeah my guess my homies mm-hmm
I would say Itachi or Shikamaru okay all right go ahead yes I’m gonna say oh well
Akashi yeah great okay yeah um I really hated Naruto for a long time oh yeah
that route but um I did play his games The Clash of ninja games on GameCube
were so I believe the character I played with
was called garlic yeah dude gars the boy yeah that’s the one I always played with
cuz I liked all these moves in this little oh you know who who actually
played like or the classic ninja revolution 3 who played that actually
kind of like a hardcore like a little bit more hardcore no I played it I
played the revolution gets a lot but he’s amazed in that game man oh my god
our toe new zoom aki chronicles bro i’m talking trash on them they’re good news
a monkey can’t wait who’s the Mark II chronicles on the ps2 yeah 1 & 2
yeah never mind you just you just don’t like the look of the 3d I know so did I I loved them dude 2 is great I
was like the best graphics the tiles like holy shit this is crazy but you
know the worst anime video game is the legacy of goku trash no jump forces ted
times right legacy of goku legacy of goku is trash I don’t know if jump
horses 10 times better than legacy Goku but yeah they’re both they’re both
legacy Goku’s not good I don’t think it’s very good like I see it go
something is better than legacy a Goku 1 but yeah like you’re fighting gets dogs
and stuff in that game like I like the I like the Dragon Ball Z or any of the
Dragon Ball like Game Boy Advance games terrestres translate the one there’s one
that’s made by monolith soft on the Dia’s called attack of the saints that
is the best German was it ninja council though the the Game Boy Advance and the
D s ones was no for Naruto like I didn’t play the DSi there’s one dude es one
that was so good like there’s one that was really bad the fighting one was
really bad but there was one which game that you’re talking about
ninja destiny ninja destinies I think that’s the one
yeah ninja destiny one is incredible that’s not the fighting that’s the RPG
thinker talk about ninja your Papa talk about ninja destiny because it has like
better ratings than like I think ninja destiny was alone that’s actually that
kind of story know as ninja destiny was the fighting can’t remember cuz Pat path
path of the ninjas the story well there’s also a ninja council for yeah
ninja count the council games were fine but path of ninja I think was the the
story based one yeah there’s that one’s really good is it her RPGs I think I
really feel like it was it played out like one
yeah path and enjoy I never played path the ninja tree path not the ones good
ninja destiny was the fighting one and I didn’t like that one at all oh boy we
really get into a debate now cuz I really want to ask this question out
everybody’s in the chat what up best Dragonball Z game of all time I’m going
to tell you what it is well chicken ball Budokai 3 budokai
Tenkaichi or just Budokai 3 no Budokai 3 ok Budokai 3 I got accepted okay
actually I can I can accept that ya know it’s easily Dragon Ball Z booze
fury or supersonic warriors on the GBA I’m gonna go with the back of the
Saiyans on the des is my favorite I it’s a time oh now you good it’s a tie
between Budokai 3 and budokai Tenkaichi 2 for me you don’t like fighters people
I think bees like fire fighters is really good fighters fighters is not my
issue a fighters fighters it’s they’re trying to make it too much like marbles
Capcom and trying to incorporate too many infinite combos in that game so it
takes away a lot of fun for people who just want to play the game to have fun
were you playing against people who study the game like people who study
speedrunners and you fight against people who just study mechanics and
outside of that is not that much fun playing also you don’t like it because
you’re a scrub at the game is that what you’re trying to say pretty much what I’m saying exactly what I’m saying
and I’m proud of it no it’s just the fact that you know in the Budokai games
you can actually power up and do the transformations that that that was like
part of the experience it was really fun doing all that and you know doing the
fusion and you know in fighters everybody’s already there they already
like that so I think that’s my biggest issue with fighters is that it doesn’t
feel like Dragon Ball Z you know feels a 4-minute fighting it feels like BlazBlue
or mall vs. Capcom which the skin slap on it with Dragon Ball Z and their
special moves but it doesn’t feel like a Dragonball Z game actually xenoverse
feels more like a dragon bodies then not that I love being a xenoverse anything
but that feels more like a giant ball Z and not that xenoverse is better because
I think that fighters is the better game per se but it just doesn’t feel like
Dragon Ball Z to me it just feels like it feels like BlazBlue or it feels like
Marvel vs. Capcom and oh let’s put a you know a Dragonball Z scale however I
think that that that fighting so might even suit Naruto if they did not who
tell fighters I’d actually be interested in seeing how they would pull that one
off you know yeah I think oh yeah yeah I think Dragon Ball Fighters fits Dragon
Ball Z it’s just that it just didn’t give you that satisfaction at the
Budokan Games it just did but then how does even then how does it fit because
of the fight in his fast pace and as you know like that you know what I mean so
it fit it worked well it’s just that you but I like most moments though you
I like those moments will you be able to do transformation since no I don’t
remember going into like an invisible wall and Dragon Ball Z like a regular
fighting game Dragon Ball Z is a huge they they fight in these like within
miles I mean Goku will hit somebody and literally knock them miles across the
country or whatever open air fighter that’s true yeah it’s but your back
against the wall have you seen good for Dragonball Z fighters players you
they’ll sit there and then we’ll loop you with piccolo I don’t know if guys
know who hook game God is but he’s a big piccolo player he was at least and they
will sit there and loop you in a quarter with what the hell’s on grenade and
you’re just caught in this endless Loup and like to me that feels like yes
like like like marvelous with like an infant like that feels that does not be
like Dragon Ball Z I’ve never seen piccolo infinitely loop somebody gets it
against an invisible wall in my life in that game you can do stuff like that
that but y’all just good in that game and that’s the thing that else is
ruining everybody’s me off of the fact that Yamcha is actually good in the game
that didn’t get a fighting game he’s good at Budokai 1 – not good he if you know how to build them if you
know I have a good build he’s really good that’s that wall the problem to me
is that he’s good Andres invisible walls but yo have you guys see the Budokai
xenoverse and I’m Greta photo crossover yo it was a it was yo CJ fuse with Goku
about light what we’re gonna we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna move on to
outros let people know where they could buy nice Oh Jordan French you can find
me YouTube Jordan frame you can follow me
on my twitch I stream a few times a week I put there in the chat slash
Jordan fringe I am starting a new business channel thing that premieres
Saturday with another prominent youtuber we went into business together and we’re
starting a channel starts Saturday I can’t promote it yet but it’s
happening so I’ll talk about it more next week general about details about
gaming okay okay game jam it’s a gaming related channel so you’d probably would
like it but I can’t talk about it yet but it’ll be announced Saturday so
follow my Twitter or go to my twitch probably talking about it on there too
and I’ll make a video on my channel on Saturday about it
but yeah it’s gonna be dope and I’m putting a lot of my time and effort into
it so all right sounds good
baron where can we find yet my man uh yeah I know what it is I could find me
on my channel the Emperor Baron black hmm
I actually made a video today talking about the sony microsoft partnership so
i’m gonna go ahead and link that in the chat so y’all can check that mug out you
know what I mean and uh hopefully that video gained some popularity and uh cuz
you know I did go in and like I usually go in you know follow me on Twitter man
cuz it just gets crazy on Twitter it gets crazy little Twitter man y’all
missing out on some great comedy throughout your day also um Amazon where
can they find yet my man yo thanks for having me on once again bro this is a
lot of fun mom you have to find what C oh there we
go so yeah go find me you know YouTube ever done Smith um I do mostly video
game remixes now so basically I’ll take a song and I just remix it into a
hip-hop style beat and then I also still do opinion videos and I’m getting back
into doing reviews I’m actually playing to a game I’m gonna review it when I’m
done it’s a game I came out last year but the games a lot of fun so depending
on how he three goes I’m definitely off with yourself sometime next month
cuz yeah with that announced with III announcement you never know what to
expect but outside of that um also have the my own podcast show test which is
every Friday 10:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time where we’re nowhere near as lit is
this with a show cast we’re bored chilled you know joke still fly all the
time but we’re a lot more chill but um thank you guys thank you once again for
having me it’s a lot of fun yeah no problem no problem alright well
that wraps it up for this one here guys we are going to have on the channel
upcoming we got a video tomorrow morning Super Mario maker – don’t miss it 6 a.m.
Petey we’re sorry yes it’s 6:00 a.m. PT 9 a.m. Eastern Time so make sure you
guys check that out tomorrow we’re gonna have streaming as well stream we’re
gonna be playing some games probably mixing some smash some Mario Kart some
other stuff so come on for that as well and we’re gonna have like I said more
like she’s more PE live so we’re gonna have all that tomorrow the PE live from
yesterday the day cast from yesterday that’s up on the channel so if you guys
want to watch more podcast stuff or live stream stuff that’s already up I
actually put that up before this string started so you guys can watch that and
then also the PE podcast if you’re a patreon or if you’re a YouTube member
it’ll be up on the respective sites like on the community page or on patreon I’ll
be up in like later tonight so if you want to watch some replay or whatever
the case of this podcast will be up later tonight so you guys can px
Nintendo tomorrow know I stopped because it became redundant with the PE live so
I’m gonna turn PE cross antenna back into what it was which was a of the
regular video series so I just gotta figure out what I’m gonna do with it
though you know back when it comes mecca cuz it were ending originally a video
series not a livestream and now it just becomes redundant since PG Live is
already here so so yeah so I gotta figure out what I’m gonna do but anyway
that wraps it up for this one here like guess what’s for watching appreciate it
don’t take anything you said seriously like at all please don’t please please
don’t take anything we said tonight seriously at all
and don’t tell you to be there no I’m joking alright guys thank you so much
for watching to appreciate the next one hi no flag grass gang

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  1. The "best" Dragon Ball video games by popularity, so far, is BUDOKAI TENKAICHI 3 followed by RAGING BLAST 2 and BURST LIMIT.

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