PE Podcast #50 – SEGA Profits Plummet | Sonic Movie | Borderlands 3 Microtransaction Controversy

PE Podcast #50 – SEGA Profits Plummet | Sonic Movie | Borderlands 3 Microtransaction Controversy

We live at this point or we could
possibly not be live at this point but I’m pretty sure at this point we are
alive at this so so I do want to sit here and say something I got a really
funny message before the stream started Matthew Hammond donated $5 to the elite
ninja village and says what should Sega do to resolve their financial issues a
go a go true multi plan B sell to Nintendo C invest in proper localization
for Atlas or e it’s fine I saved the D out of respect for og all
D of those bold men you were here last week preferably set some things I
probably should have said this I got got I got I got I got I got bodied last week
in there oh you can watch the reviews you can check out the replay it’s not
good Mandy we all need to get worse all right so what’s up everyone
Oh J you’re welcome back to the PE podcast obviously we’re having here a
lot of you guys thought that maybe we would have the podcast because of stuff
that was going on personally for me but actually everything is good everything
is good so we on that track my guy we got the W today so I’m feeling pretty
good so thank you guys so much for the support and the good vibes over the past
week or so and yeah we’re gonna get into this podcast I’m gonna start off here we
got our Baron is out probably getting chokeslam by Undertaker right now so we
won’t have bear today but we do still have a solid cast of amazing people here
we’re gonna start off with my favorite girl Mandy Mandy how you doing today I’m
good I like your shirt that you have on this night good stuff and then we also have our
guest tether tether gaming so your tether how you doing today my boy I’m
good I’m good man been hanging out playing a bunch of good games ready for
this podcast all right and then we of course everybody’s favorite fringe
Jordyn fringes here Jordan how you doing today
I don’t know me there’s more fans of like the show Fringe and I’m not like
I’m not their favorite Fringe and a favorite fringe TV well I’m good a
little bit allergy stricken cuz this damn pollen and I never want to step
foot outside right now my life I mean I’ll stick now I took a shower
before it turned off but my plumbing is gone right now you’re gonna have a
shower for two days so just remember what I’m doing this podcast I’m gonna
stake we can’t smell this this podcast of clean fresh fresh that’s how you
that’s what’s up man coming fresh to the pot yeah let’s go
fresh to the podcast all right guys we got some stuff to talk about a lot of
different stuff to talk about so we’ll get into all of that we’re gonna start
off first with Saiga why you say good making as much as me and Jordan like
combined why don’t we enjoy him make more than Saiga right now she was about
to be like cut the check all right so yeah basically um Sega’s profits Sega’s
profits are at a twenty three million for the for the past year and this has
sent fans one way or another way now here’s the thing with Sega they
basically admitted that they’re doing all the things wrong that people have
been saying that’s the funniest thing they literally admitted to everything
that people have been saying that Sega should be doing for the past twenty ten
to twenty years I would say they finally came out and admitted that they’re wrong
on this one they finally admitted it I thought to say for the past ten years
everything that people say that they’ve been doing wrong they
finally admit it they came out and said we had miscalculations in the market we
have too many games in development what not actually like games coming out we
had our roadmap Felder shambles when I had a road map to 2020 further sales
profits to increase and sales drop 70 percent so the road map I mean like
somebody took their map and sent them back home because it’s there in shambles
right now when it comes to the profits of what they want it to do
they’re in absolute shambles they’re down 70 percent investors see that and
their investors are freaking out right now you don’t ever want to be down 70
percent year-on-year so that’s the issue right now in a sec is facing they did
admit that they need to do more re-releases and remasters if they’re
gonna start doing that they admitted that they need to start localizing more
games and they admitted that these fake horses when they get into systems like
for example like that going for that they’re probably to do more more or
pretty much all multi platform releases from PC mobile to PS 5 even then so so
that was the case so um I have thoughts on this obviously I talked about it but
I want to hear you guys thoughts Mandy I know you wanted to hop in go ahead and
say what you gotta say so I was like kind of in the persona like I was like
wise antlers doing all this blah blah blah and then I figured out they’re
owned by Sega I was like oh that’s why they’re still backwards however they did
this before they were even owned by Sega Atlas did weirdo stuff like this – yeah
but it’s like they’re perfect for each other I was like oh wow it really makes
sense no yeah I guess Sega has been I mean don’t they have the sonic movie is
that yeah we’ll talk Arizona will talk about the sonic movie yes I mean it’s
like Sega always does something but it’s kind of like a it you know a great deal
version of Nintendo stuff like like the superbrain guide sonic is the super suit
for super great value I’m saying like all the other great values are gone it’s
the last one in like the like the bag is kind of partially ripped open and the
like the box is nicked up and it’s like almost like there’s only one left
all right yes I got it they gotta clean themselves up cuz Sega has a lot of good
things and they have like a headquarters that looks really nice but they need to
I guess get people who know what to do behind it because they could be making
Bank on just like rereleased is say good sega has the best IPS in japan outside
of the outside of nintendo I don’t think there’s like actual oh my Peas not this
fake license crap that Bandai Namco has cuz like been an AAMCO they make a bunch
of games but they license to move my since everything almost everything they
make but Sega actually has the best IPS in terms of like their own eyepiece I
think Sega has the best IPS in Japan with Alice I think it’s not even a
question outside of Nintendo I think it’s easily
Sega that has the best eyepiece yet you see nothing there’s like nothing to show
for it because they can’t localize their things
worth of in one day everything is dead all their franchises are dead order here
so spend less money on the headquarters more money localizing Atlas and start
localizing stuff because if I don’t know if they have a contact with Sony
whatever happened there but you know they could be making banquet ports of
persona 4 3 and there are other games 5 just like but you know that’s just me
though I know one thing that’ll save them sonic sonic is VR if you wanted to
jump in I mean what’s your thoughts on this whole you
Sega prophets scrambled Sega Sega five prophets scramble I just think they’re
they’re just an extremely mismanaged company and it’s sad because I remember
when Sega was just as good as Nintendo like I never owned second growing up but
I had friends did and I would love going to her house bugging their Dreamcast as
opposed to them coming over playing Nintendo it was just it was some dope
seeing like another company’s take on you know a traditional platformer and
just seeing the great things that Sega did and I don’t know what happened to
them over the years and I agree with you I think they have the best IPS in Japan
outside of Nintendo fantasy star needs to come back persona
should not be a PlayStation exclusive I don’t understand why we keep saying that
they have a in the chat star to cut you off fragile I make sure that I put the
summer before you give your full thoughts people keep on saying they
might have a deal they might have a deal I found nothing and I’ve got a contact
but that I have a contact within within I have a contact that’s very close to
the development team of Atlas that’s literally like very close and he might
not be privy to the knowledge because of the department that he works in or the
department that the person says that he works in but I’ve gotten confirmation
from them that he acts as a contact there and I cannot find anything about
Atlas and Sony having some typing some type of deal the only thing that I can
find is marketing space or Sony will pay or so I will put persona in a certain
spot to be seen more like on PSN at the time I think there was some commercials
or revenue market like shared revenue splitting or marketing that they did so
it saved Atlas money or saved sega money on the marketing budget of persona 5 but
there is no actual solid information that I found that persona 5 was paid for
you know what I’m saying or it wasn’t even published it was published by Sega
Atlas you know I’m saying so there wasn’t like the hard copies paid for or
stuff like that so if they did then I would say that it’s not it atlas isn’t
really benefitting much from this D all they’re doing is remember how far ago
this deal was and basically the old school business traditions but go ahead
tether no no no you’re fine I mean III agree with all that I’ll even looked in
to see if there was any exclusivity I haven’t even seen anything to indicate
that like Sony handles like distribution for like codes and stuff for you know
like the persona games when they’re coming out so it just doesn’t make any
sense why in 2019 you have persona 5 royal coming out a year before it comes
out in you know the Americas like there’s there’s no other companies that
do that Square Enix doesn’t really do that with their games anymore they’ve
released some worldwide for the longest time Pokemon was one of the games where
Japan would get it first and then localization would take forever and
they’ve realized what they have on their hands so they localize it and release
around the world on the same day it just doesn’t make these because they need
time to to uh the voice actors to translate 20:19 love easy like we don’t
even need dubs we could get some people all the subs were really bad too I’m
like go back and look at what happened with these ain’t like I must have done
on the on the PS Vita and the ps4 it was so bad like that the company
present they had to literally like pull it in like a big patch to fix it it was
a really bad translation like like a different game it was literally they
were saying the wrong be confusing it was it
was messing pills Jackie things upside to the point where it was really bad so
yeah you gotta make sure that you localize things correctly but I mean
like come on Mike Sega I mean and what was it Sega and who Nippon Ichi software
whatever or Falcom I mean that compares in terms of size of company isn’t even
close you know yeah you know so like yeah I get it but I mean like Jordan man
what are your thoughts on this I’m not sure if you like yeah you even like
Sega’s games or anything but what are your thoughts on this whole matter I’m
not really the biggest like Sega fan there’s a lot of anything that I’ve
really liked from Sega is a dead and gone thing I’m not I’m not a the biggest
Sonic fan II either had never been the biggest fan of Sonic games I’m just not
the best player at them and they don’t interest me that much so I mean I think
they make a lot of mistakes as a company and not I think they would work really
well if they were owned by someone else to make games for like if they were
under the eye of like Nintendo right I think that they’ll have a better quality
control of Sonic games we won’t always get like that bad Sonic game every year
and then every once in a while and get a good Sonic game I feel we get better
Sonic games year after year or every other year at that point I feel that
Nintendo would help them realize that they have a back catalogue of amazing
ip’s they can go back to and generate hype for and be exclusives you know and
and being a third party company is is great but they’re not doing anything to
benefit themselves because of it they’re not generating hype the biggest thing
they have coming out right now is Sonic Team Racing which is getting extremely
overshadowed by Crash Team Racing so it’s it’s just not to me I don’t think
they’re really doing too much to help themselves here in any shape or form and
that sucks but it that’s why they’re in this situation and they just made a
movie talked about the sonic movie because there’s some new developments on
that but I’m yeah I mean I talked about this guy some
of you guys are asking what can they do well
Sega actually told us what they’re gonna do like in there
like I actually explained what went wrong and what they’re gonna do they’re
going to reroute they’re going to release or focus on their existing IPs
right so what they do well is stuff like what is it stuff like like Yakuza stuff
like persona sonic they’re gonna focus on those IPs they’re going to localize
games more they’re going to do rear Alisa’s or remasters more and they’re
going to make games multi-platform that’s what you need to do to be
successful these fake and that’s the reason why I say ok well you’re sitting
there you’re telling me that you have like these big deals and all that but
here’s the problem like when you have these deals if that’s even if let’s just
say they had a deal and that’s what got them to have bigger profits before ok
then what happens when you when you’ve exhausted your fan base on that said
system you know obviously whatever deal that they got wasn’t good enough cuz
look at what’s going on now like they’re not selling as much as they’re supposed
to be so imagine the trainwreck if they’ll care chronicles 4 because that
game hasn’t even sold like I mean I think it’s low over 500,000 units but
that’s combined between all the different systems well imagine if it was
only pushing for like how low the sales would have bitch game I don’t see myself
sitting with the console playing that game I don’t what I’m saying that Sega
say guys realize I think is like don’t care Chronicles for that game wasn’t I
don’t think that game was supposed to be on the Nintendo switch at least not at
the time I’ve never they said ok we’re gonna add it in because it was staggered
in Japan the game didn’t launch at the same time as the switch version launched
later and then here in America we got the game all at once so I think the
switch version was something that they just added on they just tacked on to it
and then they also tacked on the Xbox one version as well I think it was gonna
be a ps4 exclusive and yes before then they always were playstation yeah right
with exception of that piece of crap Valkyria revolution which is retcon from
the history of Valkyria chronicles by the way Sega doesn’t even acknowledge it
that horrible I guess um but I think second is to like put more games on the
switch that is there I think it needs to be Xbox one am
switch I think it needs to be every focus on the switch I know they had
their beef with Nintendo but you know that was years ago yeah we know Joker
and smash and sonica smash they’re good so just do that and kind of release your
games worldwide don’t just say here you have one and you have one and then
Europe you get the other one no nobody’s gonna type up a game that’s you know set
to release ten times throughout the year well I think the biggest thing with Sega
is you know like I stated before it should be multi-platform there should I
mean they should be like Bandai Namco at this point like that should be the world
Kobe Tecmo Koei Tecmo releases games on everything and that’s why I like you
have a game like attack on Titan that can do you know a million units although
if you release attack on Titan on one system you’re not gonna do a million
yeah you’ll save money on development budget but it won’t be it won’t be worth
it at the end of the day Kovach technicals realize yeah we kind of have
to do everything even Xbox one here in the West at least I know Japan obviously
Xbox doesn’t get it you know it doesn’t get much sales so maybe you don’t
release it there it’s digital only but when it comes to like your games like
attack on time then when it comes to you know nights of azor when it comes you
have to have multiple different developing you can’t just say okay we’re
just gonna put this on one and that you’re gonna all of a sudden have big
profits yeah you’ll have big profits for a bit but then what happens when that
runs out because I guarantee you if persona 5 was on ps4 Xbox one switch and
PC it probably around 7 to 8 million units sold and probably in that range
you know which would cover your development costs of doing which was
that recovery cuz Xbox one and PC they’re the same thing ok switch would
only be maybe your your added cost on there but it would I think it would out
balance that based off of how many people would buy the game on switch
because of the type of game that it is like we saw with persona 4 golden so I
don’t think they need to think sega didn’t realize this and this is what
they called that market miscalculation that’s what they really what they really
meant to say was you know what we messed up and how we decided to what platforms
get games that’s what market miscalculation means
from japanese-exclusive for certain amount of times and then it releases
worldwide can you stop that because they did say
that in the report basically they want to you and guys will get to the Super
chats and also to the donations thank you I appreciate that we’ll get to that
in just a bit once we switch topics but yeah I mean I agree with you Mandy you
know they need to get everything like worldwide releases it can’t be like you
know like you were saying like six months later we get the game you know
down here and then like a five months later this area gets it yeah they did
say that they want to do more you know worldwide releases and gets the final
time because like look at I mean I think Brandon you talked about persona 5 scrap
or not scramble a persona 5 royal it’s like no well Japan gets it in like
October yeah 2020 some timely 2020 it’s like now there’s spoilers you know what
I’m saying like there’s people that you’re gonna get the game and they’re
gonna play through all the stuff and we’re gonna steal anyways Katherine yeah
Katherine no all right don’t they already have the new Katherine out there
I think your answer it’s ridiculous the games been out for long – that game has
been out for months in Japan and we still don’t have it but I think that’s
done like persona PQ the 3ds yeah yeah you do the last 3ds game standing it’s alright
let me read off some of these super chats and some of the donations here so
shoutouts to Ethan are he did donate he that are with these weird donations he
donated to 99 cent donations I think he has free super chats or something like
that – 99 cent donations with no messages and
then Juan Castillo – one – with the with the twitch prime thank you so much or
Tier one subscription no that’s not a Twitter prime that’s actually him doing
a tailwind so thank you I appreciate the subscription and then also Ethan are
with the $4.99 through super chat and says feeling Q might use up my free
super chats okay thank you for the $4.99 then also Ethan are donated to the 499
through super judge says borderlands series is trashed because it’s too slow
and has bad comedy and the gameplay reveal of three did not sell me on it
because it’s too much guns yeah it’s only saying that because he’s trying to
piss me off yes all he does is try to piss me off
he’s definitely trying to piss you off it’s not gonna work Ethan we already
know your little trash scum in the comments so it’s fine it doesn’t bother
one dude k-19 donated two dollars through super chat thank you I
appreciate that she can za to look upon everyone even if you’re if you’re trash
coming to calm chickens on him look upon you eat it I love you alright I disagree
with your opinion on Borderlands oh it’s not even like a bad take it’s just like
wrong this is the wrong colonists series is trash because it’s too slow and has
bad comedy and again clip in the game click gameplay sorry review of 3:10 that
sold me on it cuz it’s too much guns ok literally the guns is the whole selling
point of the game and it’s low game at all the momentum is even faster vici
says Capcom IPS are greater than Sega IPS monster under Street Fighter Phoenix
Wright Resident Evil and so many more great yeah Capcom has a great staple of
IPs too Capcom has a great staple of IP so I just feel that Sega with what
they’ve got I think that they’ve got a lot they’ve got a lot of IP that they
don’t use I think Capcom uses their IPs more so you see that more so than Sega
the Sega but Sega oh you know Sega owns Bayonetta the frame they on Bayonetta
they also own vanquish and we go so on mad world yeah
they own right like the rest of Renaissance or resident so affair
whatever that games they just don’t use their eyepiece but Sega owns all of
those all of those Platinum Games titles that when when they first became
platinum after they left from clover Sega owns all of those franchises so you
got to think about it that way a lot of people think of Bayonetta as men
Kendyl but Sega actually owns the rights to that franchise bayonetta better than
say good that’s true that’s true you’re right about though you’re absolutely
right about that but I mean if it wasn’t for Sega Bayonetta wouldn’t exist in
Sonic that’s all I see say go Sonic games in there but it’s always like
comes back to that blue ball of fur I mean if Sega really want I mean Sega has
Shining Force which is actually an amazing franchise they’re just dumb Sega
also has Skies of Arcadia you know that’s the amazing game they really good
they’re just as good as what Capcom is just Capcom uses their franchises a bit
better which is sad but the Sega actually owns a lot of dope franchises
they have jet set radio or jet grind radio they have Crazy Taxi
they have Golden Axe dude Sega has dope ip’s man in comic zone they’ve got BEC I
think – they own victim and I must know I don’t think they want Victor man I
don’t think never mind they don’t own that but dude Sega has so many goodies
that are just dead oh they own Streets of Rage which there is a new Streets of
Rage coming but imagine if they actually tried a bit more and it wasn’t one just
like that you know though like they’re letting that cut another company do you
know a letter they’re kind of like in another company makes Streets of Rage
like imagine if they actually said we’re gonna make a nice high quality Streets
of Rage you know they owe it Virtua cop what was it the fighting game if they
have a fighter yeah Virtua Fighter I mean dude say get
you guys the reason why people are saying they’re gonna say Capcom is
because just cuz Capcom actually just makes more games but if if Sega said
we’re going full force with our IDs I kid you not I think they have way more
and way better ip’s think they would dominate the West under Nintendo but
yeah they would Dharma I think it just speaks to the issue like wouldn’t the
last time we had a bad like Mario game as opposed like a bad Sonic game you
know it’s just like oh is good but they’re subjective as to
which one well I mean like not like that I mean like universally accepted as a
bad game Sonico six universally accepted as a bad game sonic forces most people
think it’s a bad game I played through sonic forces it’s like three hours long
um so yeah I mean Nintendo games have that seal of quality well some people
are saying that like like sticker they’re talk about like sticker star and
stuff oh whoa I mean whoa okay which those aren’t bad games people just
people just compare them to to the originals of your originals which
they’re not good but in the grand scheme of things are those games like trash –
you’re like are they like horrible glitchy buggy horrible games that aren’t
good at all no but people I mean you compare it to like thousand-year door
like all this sucks compared to thousand you know but is it a overall is that a
bad game no we just don’t like it we just don’t like we just don’t like it
because compared to what it did before you know so at least that’s my that’s my
thought process on it but either way yeah I think that’s it I guess that’s a
discussion for another day I guess but I personally think if Sega actually
decided to say hey we’re gonna use our IPS I think they would just like I said
imagine like a modern Shining Force like mm-hmm
imagine that like that that would be that would be really good or imagine
like an action game imagine like an action game like Golden Axe like that
but like a modern action game but I got like how Golden Axe used to be like that
wouldn’t that be dope they tried to do it and it sucked though like I think 360
or ps3 I never knew about that but yeah yeah they actually I think they tried to
make a modern one and it was kind of trash they got altered beastie honesty
lady got altered these they got they got something got some stuff man I just want
to apply to a bad comment from a paid enthusiast tag Nia says it’s no excuses
to why Borland’s games aren’t on the switch these games are on the Vita for
Christ’s sake first of all first correction only Borderlands 2 is on the
Vita and it was a really bad part of it and it was a very dumbed down version
still playable but not a great experience that was poor it also might
Sony paid for that yeah that wasn’t on them
and the reason there is an excuse why the Borland’s games on aren’t there when
asked Randy Pitchford says yes he wants Borderlands on the switch in some
capacity there was supposedly some talks a while ago that they were trying to get
it on there I don’t know what happened behind the scenes but it seems like it’s
not on their side it’s more of a Nintendo side or unless Randy just wants
a better deal cut of it but at least they’re putting Bulletstorm on there and
I think that’s a test before gearbox puts anything else on the switch so
please know your facts before you try to come out with statements also barons
here what’s up there his mic is muted but I’m ready I’m ready because I heard
some bull listen to the talk first of all I’m gonna get the ultra instant join
in a second about that Borderlands garbage but at first I gotta talk about
this garbage you saying that Sega got better at Pease and Capcom have you lost
your marbles I said it’s arguable based on what you have lost your mind
there is nothing that Sega ohms that is bigger than Resident Evil period from a
financial standpoint I don’t know that’s not that’s not get let’s not get ticky
tacky and it’s now start splitting hairs I don’t give a damn how much money sonic
make Sega’s Sonic is freaking trash technically yeah they do own the IP yeah
they do own that but being that there’s only two games in I love my boot trust
me I love my baby she’s one of the greatest of all time but she’s only two
games in nothing what I love mad world too but we talking to my Street Fighter
we talk my resume look I’m not doubting you but I’m not doubting that they have
some things that they can actually use and actually build up if you keep if you
say crazy tags one more but I want to see skies of arcadia again
I would love to see a Virtua Fighter I would love to see Virtua cop again
but that doesn’t compare to a resident evil doesn’t compare to a street fighter I’m talking about the franchise as a
whole because you’re talking about their franchises as a whole a lot of those
franchising seen in forever I’m gonna tell you Bayonetta is on the
same quality level as Resident Evil yes Bayonetta’s only two games in Bayonetta
as right now cannot eclipse the resonable franchise that’s just bad
games frozen Evo 2 only has two games this the same discussion good with these
ps4 ons when it comes to the Last of Us the latter has one game but they want to
put the last of us over this historic franchise that’s always been critically
acclaimed Last of Us has one game you can’t you can’t put it on nothing you
can’t put it over anything they have one game to go by over as much as I love
Bayonetta you know I’m the biggest band and an advocate on the planet but you
cannot put Bayonetta over the Resident Evil franchise this is it right now
here’s what I’m saying I’m saying franchise per franchise like you talked
about like heavy hitters like good franchises Sega franchise % is up there
with Capcom if not better I don’t give a fuck about people’s personal opinion
it’s your personal opinion if you think one’s better I’m just saying they’re up
there in my opinion I think Sega step up if they actually utilize all their
eyepiece Capcom utilizes their best eyepiece right we’ve seen new Resident
Evil’s we’ve seen new street fighters we’ve
new of their best they happen we’ve seen new monster hunter Sega’s dumbasses
don’t utilize all the and that’s true that’s true D okay how can you say that
looking sonic how do you say they’ll be right up there look at Sonic man look
what happened to that man well look what happened to him he was that bad he was
their best they look what happened or Sonic is no longer their best he was so
you just you just you just can’t assume that if they bring these games back
they’ll be good it would have been good and you can’t count Bayonetta Cadell
house made of platinum games everything I do it’s a good they say only but
platinum games did all the work to make that them franchises great with banquets
bayonet in that world but you need you know what you need you need great
developers because they got plenty of money to push sonic ass around but he
had a good game a decades so it doesn’t matter come as a publisher there and
they have mad developers but Capcom also publishes things as well that other
companies do so we’re talk about as a publisher and what do they own IPSec we’re talk about how bad of a job sake
has been doing look listen they own all of Atlas so that means they
own all everything that APUs owns Sega ohms so to sit here and say that Sega’s
not up there when they say go on I didn’t say they say they own they own
all these different IP phones and these bums making 23 million after the past
year and they own literally to be fair the general public has no idea what half
those words even mean you just said they just know Sonic then you don’t see a
random person that she could oh boy a tree not a c4 on the 3ds I can’t wait
we’re not I’m not saying I’m not saying is bad I’m
just saying it’s general thing there’s Capcom I think has the games that
everyone knows about everyone knows Resident Evil everyone
knows Street Fighter like like there’s the games everyone knows about and the
games are big for Sega it’s like not even the games like little you can you
can survey 30 people right now outside in your neighborhood and no one’s gonna
know what Etrian Odyssey is in terms of how good a franchise is and what they
have in terms of what gamers think Sega’s right up there if not pastega
wins regardless because they have no Z taxi up there but they do not win
they don’t come close to winning because they haven’t shown anything in Denver 10
years to be put a head of cap oh they’re pretty trash modernizing and bringing
their friend I’m from a friend and from how good the game was at that point in
time right at that point in time Shining Force some people said it’s better than
fire emblem some people say what they were doing I wouldn’t know I wouldn’t go
that telling you I played siding for signing force to me if they kept it
going it definitely could have been as good as fire Namba de amigo hello exactly oh that’s that that’s that game
with the do head of Morocco’s right yeah it’s an interesting discussion
I like Capcom I like say I just think Capcom which is funny but cap comes
better manage they’re gonna utilize their franchises now they’ve been saying
that for two years but we will see it’s not end of story because of Monster
Hunters that’s not end of story cuz a monster that’s stupid okay Monster
Hunter is great but so is Bay that a Bay that is amazing too I like most
and the story Bayonetta and the story like more than you end a story oh yeah I
read the donation mayor let me read the donations here um vici
says Capcom’s IP is greater than Sega’s IPs
cap you let me play something ba BC BC said that a micro transaction Japanese
game that you can’t even play on a regular somewhat near valid so we’re
just gonna thank you for the donation no VC shoutouts to you my boy Corbin
Robinson donated $5 and says Bayonetta only exists because of devil devil may
cry y’all think about it I wish now Wisconsin I mean play style inspiration
for the genre sure but I’m sure Bayonetta would have existed with
without Devil May Cry if there was a devil may cry but wait a minute
double might cry only exists because of Resident Evil’s so yeah Resident Evil
only exists because of sure you can say anything I was I just letting it open
for interpretation shot shot diamond donated the dog says
VC is trash Sega great opcom Oh Jay you’re the goat
Bret you can’t take anybody seriously who says hey guys Fire Emblem three
houses man oh by the way let’s go play a microtransaction mobile Japanese only
game that’s great you can’t take anybody sorry your
ability when you do that I mean that’s his opinion it’s a pretty bad take
actually crop this man this man crossed out fire three else’s know you like he’s
played it you can’t do that you can’t do that and sit here and then say Michael
transaction Japanese name that really understand we have Jordan we’re
gonna go to portal answer them we’ll talk about the sonic movie Jordan
Borderlands 3 yeah did something happen this past week yeah
the the gameplay reveal event happened on Wednesday May 1st in the game
yesterday Oh totally yeah cuz there’s too many guns it’s such a slow game
yeah it’s about it about as dumb as Ethan are about every single day he’s on
one of your streams the the gameplay was showed off it was incredible
I’ve already done multiple videos covering it in depth about all the new
information that we’ve learned about the game and what they had is they had a
bunch of streamers and content creators some of them who I know personally who
told me they were going oh really really I’m really jealous of that were there
got to play it there’s a bunch of people streaming it so we got to see a bunch
more footage from that certain content creators were able to capture footage
the day before and upload it the next day and it was a really cool event and
we learned a bunch information and one of the things that came out of it at the
end is the misc wording and overreaction of Randy Pitchford yet again seriously
he’s he’s becoming like who’s a problem on Twitter sometimes it sweet so much
like like who’s I try to think of a good example but it’s slipping my mind but he
he needs you may mean he’s twitter taken away from him if he’s gonna be the the
you know the top dog a gear box he needs to kind of under reactor you know just
shut up and only answer certain questions on Twitter because when he
said that yeah we’re gonna do the usual stuff that we’ve done in Borderlands 2
like large DLC campaigns for the story which is common we all knew that was
probably gonna be four major DLCs for that and then cosmetic packs which they
have those and for Borderlands 2 there’s like 20 different $0.99 cosmetic packs
that only just add new costumes to the game and stuff like that so nothing that
actually enhances the gameplay or it’s a cheat sheet or whatever which is fine
you know if it’s if it’s a cosmetic little thing doesn’t bother anyone it’s
optional doesn’t affect the game should it be in
sure but whatever that’s not the worst thing to happen in the world they’ve
done it in the past but then eCourse he says afterwards he says no
microtransactions as he’s talking about all these games in the market today and
then of course Game Informer writes a fine article just saying hey
he said no microtransactions even though he just said this those are technically
micro transactions and when you think about it
$0.99 for a small pack so that’s a small micro transaction you’re paying it’s
it’s a micro transaction no other way you look at it now if he said we’re
still doing micro transactions in that sense but we’re not doing the
free-to-play loop boxes or or pay2win type stuff that’s fine if he said it
like that but he didn’t articulate it like that which caused him to go on a
tirade against Game Informer and one of the lead people at Game Informer Andy in
these nonstop tweets saying oh you effed me why would you write these articles
about me look what you’re making the people think on Twitter and this isn’t
the first time Randy Brandis done this one four times this year already this is
not new four times in the last two months you know since the reveal of the
game it’s fine when he answers people who have questions about Borderlands
like hey is there gonna be DLC and he’ll reply yes we did we’re doing more stuff
with like we did in Borderlands 2 except more cool he said that before on Twitter
that’s fine but when he’s going on these tirades and replying to people and
calling him calling him names and attacking them and Randy
dude like you’re whatever good publicity you got yesterday for Borderlands 3 you
personally hurt for yourself by letting your emotions and and your stubbornness
get to you on Twitter my dude like I get it you’re passionate about it and this
is this is everything to you and your company right now is Borderlands 3 and
pushing the hell out of it but you can’t you can’t act this way especially since
you’re this person like look at Elon Musk as soon as he got to Twitter last
year it started saying all these random things about like oh he can take out the
stock market this and that he lost being the head of certain things and got in
trouble dude you gotta be your own you were transparent but the article
sure it could be aggravating if you think it’s painting you in the wrong
light but there’s better ways to go about it like professionally making a
statement on Twitter sorry I misspoke here’s the clarification boom literally
would not have been a big deal everyone knows what you were talking about we
know there’s gonna be this microtransactions is cool homie like we
good like but you need to I don’t know if you
need to see a therapist or take some chill pills or like take time away from
the computer hang out with your family go fish and I don’t know but you’re a
little stressed out from all this moral and stuff you need to take a step back
and not lash out on Twitter and you know put down your phone every once in a
while as how I would but don’t trust me I get angry I want to do tweets all the
time about stuff but I’ve learned to it’s not worth it to get aggravated it’s
not worth worth it to say something not nice
just relax my dude it’s it’s not that big a deal but you made it a big deal
and that’s it that’s what happened I think Randy Pitchford
I think yeah you’re right I think he needs somebody to handle his Twitter
because yes oh I mean it’s hilarious I love watching
like all the videos recapping it like yeah yeah and stuff I got her going over
all the tweets and and reading out all the responses it’s hilarious yeah but he
like he put out like a final statement they had like 20 parts yeah like it was
like multiple tweets yeah all directed back towards Andy at a game and Foreman
every time someone would reply with the saying something that was disagreement
you reply look you see what your articles done to me Andy
you see how you aft me Andy because I even tagging him anymore he’s just
replying to these people like okay yeah me and did you see his oh my gosh like
somebody in the one of the responses says like like in that the epic did you
see like they ask me whatever like somebody said oh my gosh why would
somebody the developer of alien colonial Marines question the marketing strategy
for you really you know he brought up like it’s like you know how they
literally lied about aliens colonial Marines and they got sued and they lost
about that or it was they settled out of court or it was they lost
those two with aliens club I think was an Australian Court
so yeah they mislead people and they lied about the marketing when it comes
to alien colonial Marines so obviously people are gonna be very skeptical at
times when it comes to Randi about these things and he did like you said he did
say no my questions actions but then like I think right before that he said
like talked about like the gameplay type of things so I guess it was just I miss
whatever but like yeah it’s it’s not a good look for him or the game but I
don’t think the games gonna be affected in that way no the only thing that’s
gonna really affect the the game is the epic store exclusivity because that’s as
much excitement as there is out there for the game and as well as it’s gonna
do that’s been the bigger biggest hindrance online in every comment
section about any video talking about Borderlands even if you just make a
video go playing Borderlands it’s gonna be a game you’re gonna get people saying
it would be a game if it’s if it would come out on this I can’t wait to play it
six months later on Steam when it really releases it’s littered with that and
that’s gonna be the biggest detriment to the game nothing that Randy says right
now unless he says some way off the rails like that’s like unbelievably bad
the what he says is not going to affect the sales it’s only the exclusivity on
the store and it’s and that and I do agree that that’s gonna hurt the game
more than anything and it sucks but with this whole Randy situation I’ve no beef
with Randy he’s just it’s just dude like it’s not that serious like this is
like the most the most minimal problem that he could have avoided the whole
situation by just making a one clarification tweet and everything would
have been fine like that that’s all I needed like he didn’t even have to make
the tweet the gearbox Twitter account could have went out and tweeted been
like hey we want to make a clarification on the statement you know or something
like that or he could have done it in an interview that someone could have put
out there or he could have reached out to Game Informer after seeing that
article be like hey can I make a clarifying statement to you guys you can
put that on your article so it’s really not that hard
like it like if they need like a social media like manager like Randy hit me up
like I can help you I know how to promote the game I know how to make you
not but hack people online of her dump things
like you know hit me up dude yeah unfortunate what do you guys think
I’m Andy you have any thoughts on this um just I mean some look that much
position you should be aware of like how Twitter could be and when to pick your
battles and how to act so he’s gonna say some stupid is already stupid in the
comments I got some today Borderlands is way just like you’re
paralyzed just never been that interested to me I want to give it a
chance though I want to give it a chance that you’ve never been into me you know
it is it’s it’s like watching paint dry when Jordan talked about Borderlands
it’s like Lord of Mercy he loved you really loves this franchise but it’s
just what’s wrong with it I mean if you’ve never played it you don’t
understand why terrible no I’m saying there’s nothing that
grasped me as appealing about it you don’t like to really mean a bazillion
guns I mean you know like only knighting you don’t like interesting characters
you don’t like the multi things I mean it doesn’t matter how many guns you got
if you had good guns in your game there are I mean there’s not gonna so me sell
me on just I got a bazillion gun I mean there’s a lot more did you even
watch the reveal event of why don’t I watch the reveal I watched it live and
nothing there’s nothing there that made you go oh wow that looks fun you just
sat there way Wow okay goodbye like I have more fun watching him struggle to
play this dream honestly I mean they had no issues running this event as opposed
to pax cuz they had their own equipment this time just the event ransom yeah and
he was serious about that he when I was there during the packs like he says next
time we’ll use our own equipment and he did this time and it ran smoothly like
the event was fine all the streamers had no problems I think boogey accidentally
like hit a button on the computer that he couldn’t get back to the menus so
someone had to come over and help on this the only problem I saw during the
the streamers part of it but everything ran smoothly at the event the game
everyone who played it had a great time all the people online who were covering
the footage like myself I had a good time we we liked what we saw yeah I have
nothing bad to say about that only Randy’s actions the game itself that’s
like me going like what’s a game you love their name a game you love a mile
of yeah what’s a game that you just locate here Madden’s wack I mean you
probably look yeah I agree but still by it bein all right what if I said
Bayonetta SWAC B there’s black sauce there’s too many combat well I mean it’s
kind of kind of hard what was that it’s kind of it’s kind of hard for anybody to
really hear somebody say Bayonetta swag is Nanette is wack it just rolls off my
ears out of the other and it it just doesn’t sound theory it’s like people
telling me a Legend of Zelda is trash it’s like okay yeah but it goes in one
ear and out the other use ignored it same thing when you say Borderlands is
why because you not anything trash I just said what said
why I feel like it just doesn’t appeal I have I have I have to give it a shot I’m
a fair guy franchise I think it’s a lot of fun I think there’s a lot of variety
to the gameplay because there’s all the different guns I think they do a good
job well just like show game that you can play you can collect a bunch of guns
and have fun I like the art style like I don’t see what the issue is with board
lines I mean I can get some of the other things like some people’s house I think
I think the art style is cool yeah as far as what they show me it just doesn’t
say it doesn’t make me want to say oh I got a plate it like dude it’s really
great treat me like a bunch of fun friends together to actually play me and
my boys we used to meet up when the first Borderlands came out every
Saturday we’d meet up and play was awesome one of the best co-op games out
there and that’s gonna release with a slight cross play they had mentioned
that a certain company is not being friendly about that meaning stolen
companies that what company is it Sony Moni poni this thing is the only one
who’s not playing right now with their cross play but right now between
computers and Xbox one it’ll be cross play here’s the thing
that I think if you can get your boys together and play it it’s a lot of fun
it’s just it’s just tough because back when the first four lines came out I
played it in a certain situation that made it a lot more fun to me because I
played it with a bunch of my friends we all have them in the same apartment for
college mm-hmm so so basically so basically yeah same Borderlands has that
monster hunter affected like I really can’t enjoy Monster Hunter by yourself
no you can completely enjoy the game by yourself it’s it’s a fantastic
single-player experience but if you’re playing it with friend it becomes a lot
more fun because there’s more things that you can do and that’s the reason
why I was hoping that they would add like AI like when you’re not playing
with your first cuz I don’t like anybody and I don’t I don’t feel so I don’t want
to play with anybody I gotta piss for an xbox one I have no friends on those
systems and I don’t want to play with anybody unless I see one on it I’m
adding AI traditionally like in the game they do have a new feature where when
you’re on missions with NPCs like they showed
off with like Lilith or when they had claptrap in the first area or when you
meet up with zero and in the later stuff that they showed now there’s a
possibility that if you get knocked instead of just dying or whatever you’re
trying to shoot a person to come back to life like they can come revive you and
if they get knocked you can revive them and that’s gonna be a feature kind of
like how halo 5 has it during the campaign a halo 5
I’ve you could play single-player you’re a I can lift you back up you can lift
your AI friends I’ve got I would love if you can be able to like higher like
there was like a like Dragon’s Dogma has like this thing to right you get the
Palmer songs or whatever like really cool you can like higher one of your
friends like one they’re not and like they have like their stats and like they
can come and help you out in like in a game I get when they’re even when
they’re not playing cos that’s why like you can rent their you know their their
online rent their character whatever they’ll be cool you pay an amount or
something because like I said I just I don’t have any friends I don’t want to
make any friends on ps4 and Xbox one even if you’re a friend with me here and
I have you on switch I don’t want to play with you I’ll be completely honest
with you guys I don’t want to I don’t want to pay for Microsoft’s service I
don’t want to pay for Sony service and I don’t want to play on PCs why not man
you don’t want to pay for that you know premium greatness that is organization
plus no have really crappy voice chat with people no I don’t and to get is to
get stupid racist messages from people I got enough racist messages as it is on PSN free games I don’t care about your
games they can keep them I already don’t play the games that I buy so basically
so basically you saying when the last of us to drop is September you not gonna
play to multi player yeah I never never remember that yeah well charted
multiplayer yeah hardest multiplayer was somewhat fun like The Last of Us when I
was like this is no not even interested in the slightest
mob I helped it I put it in the new one my bad to the chat I don’t want to give
you a false hope blast of us do ain’t coming out September you can play with
your other friends have PC and I’m use discord still true lonely essence it’s
too much work I ain’t trying to boot up steam and then play this it’s just too
much like I rather just rather just play like I guess which come out there’s a
game or whatever I play it like video games to me like I don’t need to be
sitting there and like doing all this stuff and like like I used to do that
stuff all the time and like it’s just I’m old I think it’s the older you get
the more like this – Katie do you want to try to cut out and that’s the type of
stuff that I don’t feel like do it I don’t feel like being an online
commander you know what I’m saying like I don’t come on man is nothing like you
know you know going out Saturday night or whatever you know what I mean doing
your thing coming back a little bit tipsy and logging on put it on the
headset and log it in and call of duty and just hear all the in words just at
this point of my life no I entertain you but you know inner inner ignorance is
entertaining to me so I love listening to people talk on Call of Duty’s it’s
very Larry’s like me let’s go my favorite I’m like
dying like I’m living vicariously through them I’m like man I can do what
they’re doing but not actually have to go through all this stupidity for the
audience it’s not entertaining when they do that when they’re playing like like a
battle royale when they’re playing as a team yeah like what I was watching
Maximilian dude do it with his friends playing blackout mode in Call of Duty
and they’re being very strategic but I like how the in the borderlands reveal
and they were doing the co-op play between the two on stage showing it off
and they’re doing their I hate unrealistic valley when people try to
show off like no one plays games like all right yep I’m gonna cover in this
way I’m gonna throw a tracking down I’m gonna go in there I’m like this is the
most unruly Oh Oh eff it I died come revive me piece of shit like that’s
that’s how you know way that’s how you just talk crap with your friends and you
die a lot like that’s it you don’t you don’t okay guys we’re gonna go in we’re
gonna go like that’s it’s so unrealistic and that part was a little cringy during
the presentation I was like this this audio is off right now
remember the first initial reveal for destiny or like that III you were like
all right guys they did the same thing for like all these games like division
and all that stuff they’re like hey guys all right now we’re gonna oh I gotta
cover the door there if they’re flanking from the left okay they’re on no one
cares ain’t real war no one cares as a guy who it gets like Saving Private
Ryan in destiny sometimes when you’re playing raids man you got to be
coordinated everybody’s got to do their parts in English everything people do
that I find it funny that’s what I call a good time coming back chillin or lots
of people I mean I mean it’s the same thing as putting on
the headset you you man I still got these messages saved on Xbox Live if I
could just show you the messages of people asses I worked at Madden not a
message me and called me this and that and you trash your mama this your mama
that is it’s hilarious to be or what I play some caliber and somebody gets on
the mic at when they when they died it’s like you know it’s just not cursing you
out it’s fun it’s hilarious to me I enjoy it
it’s fine well Borderlands either way I’m gonna be playing Borderlands I think
it’s gonna be cool but yeah you Randy Pitchford chill on his Twitter account
yeah a little bit a little bit on his Twitter account um it’s a nice vacation
he’s little tense actually I do think that he needs a vacation
yeah just don’t bring your USB yeah don’t bring a USB and leave it in like
Tahiti or something right but you know what we should also be bringing oh that
was a horrible transition anyway hey guys I’m the sonic sonic movie Oh God
it got its first trailer and yeah no actually no hold up we got it we got a
donation Matthew Hammond says donated $4.99 and this comment was almost good
the last part was not very good but the mostly he said sonic never transition to
3d Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 2 remake are the only good ones so
Bayonetta is better Jose did nothing wrong and I’m not gonna
read the last part but yeah but the last part it’s not I don’t see the message disappeared well Thank You Matthew I
appreciate the $5 donate the $4.99 donation to do super oh I found the
message I appreciate that but I will say this you know what else is silly the
sonic movie there you go you know that’s the sonic movie and we got the first
trailer and then the Coolio’s people started claiming people’s trailers and
stuff for what do ya’ll people expect this is mister some nerd some nerd
let me just find every single youtuber who’s talked about the sonic movie and
manually claiming most like you really manually detected and click how much of
a nerd how much of a loser company are you if you sit in there and there’s
somebody that has a job of doing if that’s your job I’m sorry that is trash
YouTube is trashed when it comes to this type of stuff but anyway the sonic movie
sucks and look horn sorry sonic looks like it’s gonna suck it’s trash right
now at this point is what people are saying and apparently they’re going to
fix it I have a message that I’m gonna read to you guys from the director of
the Sonic movie hey here’s what you have to say listen you guys can all trust me
we’re gonna all talk about this this is funny let’s see so he says thank you for
the support and the criticism the message is loud and clear you aren’t
happy with the design and you want changes it’s going to happen
everyone at Penn and Sega are fully committed to making this character the
best he can be Jeff Fowler paramount predictor or Paramount Pictures
Paramount Pictures so there you go they need to redo the movie not just fix it I
don’t know just scrap the whole thing like it’s so bad that like who whoever
has the job of coordinating I don’t know if Sonic is a CGI or kind of looks like
a puppet because and like they were both Jake
Mandy they have a question they have a question for you man early 2000 CGI
there’s a question for you Mandy from the chat or from the day they said 2d or
not to take the D that is the question I think that’s for you
I think 2d or not to take a day I took a no dear not to the oh I got a course I
got a question what if daddy comes with a million dollar no doesn’t come with
compassion caring understanding they have to be smart they have to have a
decent job and a car I’m tired of driving and Mandy worked at
a Nintendo that wouldn’t work even that’s a job so he has a you know good
job and we click then the D yeah I mean I mean maybe you don’t wait no man you
got way higher standards are taking a deed in oj watches right at the
beginning – it’s hilarious I mean a job is increased Mandy anymore I got priority you got a
car though Mandy yeah good job is everywhere
then get a car I’m sorry I’m not sure me to pick anybody up anymore I’ve done
that oh wait a minute although we gotta talk now hold of you women get down upon
these men that ain’t driving they own automobile okay some people don’t like
the drive some people are actually scared to drive but but damn it if the
men are trying and they’re got the head right hand on their shoulder and they’re
trying driving the vehicle should not be a deciding factor it’s not the vehicle
itself is the fact that you’re established enough to get the vehicle
get insurance and but like if they’re scared of driving okay I could you know
there’s different cases but if you’re like not driving because your butt is
not going to work you can’t afford stuff when you’re like 25 especially in
Florida we get to drive everywhere I’m driving you obviously the sonic movie
doesn’t have standards okay she has a command e as a car Mandy has insurance
Mandy has a good job you know so why would she expect the same so hey I just
think people put too much you know focus on a materialistic st. not personally if
I see they’re trying obviously and they don’t have a car then obviously I’m not
gonna be like get out of here Richard scummy but it was really which was actually good because then
Baron roasted me after that so which was actually super funny all right
Ethan are donated Ethan are donated another dog night I says Eggman is fat
says rgt 85 yeah oh you’re gonna put a fat seat on him oh come on Kohala yeah
yeah being too critical man I think the only thing that was wrong with this
trust me I I nearly I nearly threw my drink at the Dan that’s crazy from her
from you talk about to credit I’ll listen I nearly threw my drink when I
seen the sonic trailer I really did I don’t know who thought it was a great
idea to open up the gangster’s paradise there’s nothing gangsta’s paradise about
Sonic the fucking hitch up so I don’t know what I don’t know who came up with
that but um let me tell you real quick let me just so I can give you some
perspective on why gangsta’s paradise is playing so here’s the thing it’s a
throwback to the era of because this is an origin story right Sonic popularity
early 90s mid 90s what was so jealous I’m just saying he puts he puts a
cassette tape in there oh yeah no Jay but do you know how many hits the 90s
have gangsta paradise but gangsta’s paradise is one of the biggest
commercially mainstream oh my god there was at least 20 to 30 song with that was
bigger than gangsta’s paradise more of like techno dance like type vibe for
that cuz I think it would be more of like the nostalgic thing they’re trying
to play off of if they were trying to do that that would have made sense I’m not
I’m not here I’m not here defending its perspective I’m not here defending
gangster’s paradise in any way like I don’t have the biggest problem with in
the trailer to me it’s whatever movie trailers a lot of them suck or choose
bad music choices anyway I’m not saying it’s great I’m not saying it’s the worst
thing in the world it’s whatever but I do want to bring up
a point first before I talk about the trailer so the everyone who reacted to
it which was every one of my damn sub box like literally woke up that day just
every video a face like this going ah or puking and
it’s just a picture of Sonic next to him listen guys for anyone who’s complaining
which is a lot of people there was a lot of big channels that were complaining
about this – oh my reaction to a movie trailer was copyright claimed oh no shit
that’s literally theirs it’s very rare that when you react to a movie trailer
even though it’s fair use I get the defense I don’t agree with it but every
time you react to a movie trailer those get claimed and if it wasn’t gonna
be claimed by the song from Coolio it was gonna be claimed by Paramount for
using their footage it happens with all the movie trailers it’s very real if
that doesn’t happen but anyone who did a reaction and got claim and complained
about it did you that it’s what happens I don’t know what to tell you I don’t
know what you were expecting did you did you want to make a big fuss about it
like to get more attention I don’t understand I have a question is it that
they’re getting cleaned because they don’t like even if you loved it even if
you sat there and went oh my god this is the best thing I’ve ever seen I love it
this is the best song choice sonic looks great all that claimed it doesn’t matter
it’s audio-visual content because it’s already put in this is not like if you
did you show it if you didn’t show it on screen like this is how people should
have done the reaction to it yeah watch the trailer let me talk about it that’s
how I block you of you well i yeah exactly
if you show it on the screen or play the audio from it you’re getting claimed
either one of two ways by Coolio and then the team who covers them at a
Warner Brothers Chapel I believe or whatever or so so who how many people
have done that because I haven’t seen too many people complain about it there
I’ve seen it quite a few out of people on Twitter a lot of other so people
making the jokes like hmm people will make they make a trailer that’s bad so a
lot of people react which means that they can go claim in and make double the
profit on what they’re gonna make on the film well that’s it I think that those
are good tweets I like those those are funny
but there was I don’t want to really I’m not here to bash anyone there was a
chance I’m not gonna say the person’s name out of respect I’ll tell you
privately after but he has around a half a million
yes Father does it fine he just shows the pictures he’s smart he knows what
he’s doing there someone was about half a million subs who has been doing
YouTube for a while they have multiple channels there are
big personality and they decided to watch and react to the trailer and and
they did then it got claims so then they go and make an 18 minute video ranting
about how they got claim and they’re saying you the audience wanted me to do
this and I wanted to provide this reaction for you then they go ahead
climb it and I was like this is the worst take from someone who has a large
audience who probably has dealt with copyright if you don’t know by now no
that’s but it was one of the worst takes on copyright claims I’ve ever seen it’s
like no shit like it’s someone who’s big as they are and knows what they’re
talking about who’s covered copyright claims before to be surprised
and mad that your video about our reaction to a trailer gun claim it’s one
of the worst f and takes I’ve ever seen in my entire life it is such a bad hundred thousand anymore throw people
under the bus I’ll say this I’m not gonna say who it is no there is someone
in the chat who did get it right there’s one person I see who has hold on one
second oh but but I didn’t know people was doing that but I do want to say this
though before you start ratting on the people about you know the videos and
stuff I think people were so upset at how Sonic looked in that trailer that
they didn’t pay attention to the other details in it I think I think I think
his voice was pretty well done even though he looked
ugly as hell his voice is pretty well done I think Jim Carrey was the perfect
actor through cast as dr. Robotnik or Eggman whatever you want to call him he
was the perfect actor to catch for that and what they only think that’s a be in
the movie dude yeah he’s always looks good he’s the only reason why I’m
sitting here like it should I go see this but I was like if I see Sonic on
that screen I might walk out this is Jim Carrey my boy like this is like prime
time Jim Carrey in the movie that pulling him out of this retirement slump
is goddamn Sonic but listen I I really hoped like he has majority like a good
majority screen time like I hope he’s not just like I’ll be in there like 15
20 minutes is like bit parts when he comes in to do so I really hope that he
is like legit in the film a lot well I doubt that because he’s the main villain
so he’s going to be on the screen alright but some sometimes like in this
case they’ll focus a lot more on Sonic and James Martin’s characters and then
they’ll cut back every once in a while to Eggman doing something so I I hope
they use them a lot more than just these bits where he comes in says something
funny and then obviously that stinger at the end where he fully looks like
Robotnik that’s totally that’s not gonna be in
the movie that’s an end credits scene I completely that’s gonna be at the end
of the film I can already see that happening now so don’t get excited to
see the whole Eggman movie why are you doing that why are you doing here’s the
reason why it’s its origins this is the origin story of Sonic by the way guys here’s the problem with that though when
I watched the trailer right did this man throw a ring and create a portal like
what the hell is going okay so let me let me explain why Sonic potentially did
that so you guys know sometimes in the Sonic games where you go into like the
big ring and it kind of yeah what’s you that’s basically they kind of took some
Liberty with that and put that into there and there’s also the Liberty ya
know they drug that shit all the way out yeah they really Dana they definitely
took some they they loosely said like but there are there are those
drinks that you go to and it transports you to a different there is that in the
game so I mean ice who keeps spamming me review tech you say it’s not review tech
USA shut up shout out to the old fuse always been a nice to know the trailer
itself it’s not the worst trailer I’ve ever seen obviously it’s not a great
trailer but it gives me hope that this movie is either so bad it’s fun I mean
when you have the lie gotta go fast like in the trailer like in the way they’re
doing it I really hope that they’re just gonna play up to the memes that would be
the best way to have the movie marketed is just play it up and ham it up and
that’ll be fun that’ll make a fun bad movie experience because look what
people still talk about the super mario bros movie it’s bad but it’s really fun
to watch with a group of friends and get drunk too cuz it’s really bad so this
could be that type of movie I either want this movie to be so bad it’s
amazing or so good that it’s well that was surprising if it’s just in the
middle you know if it’s just bleh that no one talks about it no one cares
they either have to go one way or the other with it but I like how it was
trending that people like the the trailer has one good thing going for and
that it made people more excited for detective Pikachu that was a hilarious
thing to see trending and I’m very excited for that it comes out in a week
from now which very excited for but this trailer it’s it’s whatever his design
whatever whatever the only thing that’s good about is Jim Carrey the only thing
I care about he’s fantastic this is the Jim Carrey I’ve been wanting for a while
they’re gonna they’re gonna fix Sonic you know what I really want to know how
much they’re gonna spend on it because that minimum this movies already put in
about a hundred fifty million dollars into just making the film and that’s
that’s on low-level base for the CGI that they’re using for it that’s just
going off base estimates from other movies around that that type but we’ll
see plus of how much they’re gonna spend on marketing so they could be at a huge
net loss they can’t spend the money to go in they don’t want to pull it
Justice League and spend a hell of a lot of money trying to remove a mustache and
then having that backfire in the movie literally makes no profit so well we’ll
see how much they really change so don’t do it now here’s the thing though I
think they understand the potential of how big of a blockbuster the movie can
be it does – Sega this ain’t a blockbuster
it’s not oh if the Sonics in like a fairly rental my boy this is if the
Sonic fans really liked the way he looked that can be you that could be
really huge I think they understand that you know i’m not i’m not talking about
Avengers in game 1.5 billion in four days I’m not talking about that my movie
but if the movie is still bad if the movie even if they fix this design if
the movie itself the full runtime if the jokes are corny and not fun if the
pacing is bad if the story is stupid if that all doesn’t work Oh too bad no no
no the redesign will only help so much of people going stay yeah this is great
but if the movie turns out to be absolute shit and not in the fun way
where it’s like oh we should go see even if it is that way it’s not gonna do
numbers in theaters I’m gonna be surprised if this movie crosses four or
five hundred million dollars at the box office
detective Pikachu’s gonna come out here swing in with a minimum of eight hundred
million to one point two billion dollars in its theater run Sonic is not gonna
come close to that there’s already not a much negative press there’s not but the
thing is either you gonna try to get the people in the door to see the movie or
you’re not because right now you’re gonna see I think they should change him
I think that’d be smart but they also have to look on their budgeting if they
go and double their budget for the movie if Paramount’s like you know what screw
it you know in Paramount’s not doing too well they haven’t had too many hits as
of recent or too many big things to afford paying for that but let’s say
they did they take that risk they spend about 300 million making this film and
they only make four hundred five hundred million that doesn’t cover anything
because it productions or their advertisement budget already doubles the
cost of any movie so they’re they’re already taking a loss on this anyway if
they go that route they’re not gonna to me it’s bad for business that they’re
gonna do that unless they can do it in a cost-efficient way I think that they
should do it and to the best of their abilities but you
know it is it’s gonna be what its gonna be if nothing changes whatever if stuff
changes whatever the film’s still probably not gonna be good it’s probably
still gonna be another bad video game movie I just want to see Jim Carrey
regardless so that’s all I care about I’m out I really don’t generally don’t
care about Sonic that much I see Jim Carrey did it for four years
no he dare him like dunkey said in his video unless someone got that dirt on
him no he did not do it for a reason why Jim Carrey did this video Jim Carrey
turned first of all Jim Carrey turns down all sorts of stuff by the way just
let you go the reason why you guys don’t see it because he doesn’t meet them he
doesn’t need to work ever again and the rest of it just does his painting and
talks all weird and he just doesn’t talks back on you know because he’s
super super super filthy rich so there’s no reason for Jim Carrey to ever work
again and he’s been like that since the 90s by the way you know just sold under
Ace Ventura it was over he didn’t need to ever work again but anyway the reason
why he’s doing this is because he likes Sonic and because he thought it would be
cool he wanted he really wanted to do this obviously they’re paying him a good
amount but he actually want you could be like the script for like he likes Sonic
he like he liked it you grew up in that era I mean he knows about that it was
huge in that basement or Sonic I mean he knows about it you know what I’m saying
so that’s the reason why he’s doing this and you can tell and his from what we’ve
seen from the trailer it seems like he’s actually like he’s into it he’s trying
he’s trying he’s shooting back that old performance yeah he’s carrying this film
right and from that trailer he’s carrying this film right now you know
what I’m saying from that trailer he’s obviously the best actor they got and it
looks like he really wants like he really did a good job so I mean that’s
the reason why Jim Carrey he’s doing this but obviously if they really want
to market it and and start selling it a certain way they got to put Jim Carrey
more front and center and bila and have reviews and use lines that come out and
say like Jim Carrey like you’ve never seen him before like he’s back like this
is the best Jim Carrey performance since Bruce Almighty like put stuff like that
on there to get that right because that will get a lot more the Robert down here we’re like there
was a time where he was the highest-paid best he’s he could literally do almost
anything back then and it brought a smile to my face it made me laugh he was
committed to any role that he was in the Ace Ventura movies like I would love for
him to do a third one because those movies are fantastic Bruce Almighty
talking about a man I need to put some respect dude the mask no the bet the
mass is legendary but chuckle I bet Oh put some respect on the cable guy be
myself Eirene me Mike in like the later 2000s
like fun with Dick and Jane not the best movie but he’s still fantastic in it but
wire Liars were my favorite movies of all time dude the claw the claw dude
like Jim Carrey is amazing he’s a he’s a nut he at this one obviously he doesn’t
act like but back in the 90s to the 2000s tell me a number he was no joke
like the best comedic he was the best comedy actor period like I don’t think
Truman Show Truman shows one of the best moves of all time my opinion was amazing
it was like myself and Irene was just myself and ivory was my favorite movie
and he can even do serious acting too you know like he’s had some good serious
roles I think comedians are actually really good serious actors a Eternal
Sunshine of the spotless mind incredible film he was fine and kick ass too even
though he kind of disavowed the movie because he was on a whole kick at the
time about no violence even though he did a role that was an extremely violent
movie I like kick ass too wasn’t that great compared to the first one but
regardless like Jim Carrey is a good actor and I want to see him back Dumb
and Dumber to wasn’t great it was just fun to see him on screen again I was
like oh that’s nice you know it was it was still fun to watch him in the film
I’m very excited that this is gonna be something that leg really brings that
back the the younger kids don’t know Jim Carrey as much because he doesn’t do you
know what he used to do but he’s a mr. Popper’s Penguins here’s a question
here’s a question though how do y’all confident about this new super mario
move coming up I gotta see if it’s all I
animated then I’m fine I think antennas gonna throw a ton of
money at it and I think it’ll be all animated I agree with that Jordan yeah
they should mix it with the real world like like how detective Pikachu and they
shouldn’t try to do it like that because let’s detective Pikachu be its own thing
and have that be special if they make it if they made an animated all animated
Mario movie and Mushroom Kingdom adventures whatever they’re doing like
that would be a may that would be huge especially if they if they got the
Raiders Chris Lord and Phil Miller right who done the Lego movies who done
21 Jump Street who doing spider-verse if they got those people to do the film and
let them have a little bit of fun with it and not just make it like strictly
like oh hey he has to be like rated G and there can’t be any like inside jokes
that they let them have fun with it like they’re doing with the detective Pikachu
movie then we could have something incredible there
what there’s the only oh it’s time to deal with the people that made them the
mother movies to put them little minions in it what’s the name Emily they sign a
huge donation yeah lumination yeah lumen I don’t think
that has anything to do with the writers I mean illumination can Gong get those
guys yeah I know it may be hard to stretch because those guys do a lot more
for I think they bound well they did work with Sony with the 21 Jump Street
movies so I think that it wouldn’t be too hard to get them to come in and do
that film honestly illumination hit or miss
depending on if you like Spica will mean movies or like The Secret Life of pets
or whatever other stuff they do yeah I like the first one also like the 76ers
are given the Raptors the business hey hey hey yeah tell me about tell me about nobody cares okay don’t worry about it we don’t get
this sport Castrol cares about you sports are the hope they throw a
touchdown goal who there’s no one killed this man this man cool
might as well play the game by himself because nobody a man Kyle Lowry he just
disappears dog I don’t know what’s wrong with this man Toby vanishing you know
what else is vanishing into thin air the audience right now can’t do that
Canadian Jitsu out there in Toronto what’s going on anyway
um we’ll go ahead and take questions guys let’s get some doughnut we got some
more donations we also got some new sponsors as well shout outs to mates
from Twitter that’s a response er so thank you so much welcome back to the
elite ninjas appreciate that also niklas little as well thank you thank you so
much for the sponsors do appreciate that once again you guys can all sponsor
become elite ninjas plays play super smash brothers none of the games gets
the PE ninja over here if you do sponsor up so thank you guys so much I
appreciate that I do appreciate that I got a question mm just get this route
through this real quick okay okay okay our decade with the $10 donation says I
almost puked watching the sonic trailer Thank You kar decade psycho pied donated
$2 new super chances Viacom is notorious for claiming videos just saying what
wasn’t Viacom this time but yeah you’re right
Viacom owns paramount so like if it wasn’t Coolio who claimed it Viacom
would have claimed it oh that’s what I’m saying that’s what I’m saying like it
doesn’t matter what you got claim for those are all gonna get claimed anyway
and for people complaining about it I don’t understand hi didn’t see this
happening it’s like you’ve never seen people react to a movie trailer before
plus when you have a high profile song like that in there that’s like it was
wisely but okay III doesn’t matter you do this people claim for half a second I
don’t know and no tips are heat you got claimed for just hold up from Nate Dogg
I know like it can happen it’s BS it’s BS but you can’t fight these people
their lawyers are huge good you know that actually you could fight them in if
you fought them you’d actually win it’s actually going through the process and
paying the fees that’s the biggest problem but no if you react to a move
each other whatever like you would absolutely win if we went to court
because that is literally the definition of fair
use if you’re seeing there and right and embody no one’s gonna have the money to
fight these like these lawyers that these companies get are literally
they’re paid out the ass to make sure I still matter somebody actually has a
litigation and and fought them they would actually lose because it’s
straight-up fair use like what some of these shows it’s it’s literally fair use
but I’m let me get through this here map you had another selling donation he says
you donate it to dollars and says Oh J what what is worse D Sonic trailer
claimed double D Resident Evil is better than Bayonetta Triple D Baron talking
like talking about you like him to these I don’t know which ones worse ask ask
Mandy all the above and then Avedon also
donated $2 to see which it says almost free super chat LOL so sad us guys thank
you so much for the support bear and I know you said you want to ask the
questions go ahead and feel free mo man oh well um have the Exodus on air
because you know I probably won’t get an answer by accident you know in the DM so
you know me dr. Trey and obi-wan we set up this uh you know this little king of
the hill matchup coming up soon for Mortal Kombat 11 I just want to know of
OJ player answers it’s gonna be a part of it if I’m gonna be a part I got a
prize to be honest man I’ve got a practice I have not played Mortal Kombat
a lot so when is this happening I have no clue okay I’m gonna get through
Dragon’s Dogma and I’m gonna try to start practicing Mortal Kombat so if it
happens afterwards after I’m done with Dragon’s Dogma I’m gonna start playing
Mortal Kombat more and then hope I can get those two knocked out before cuz
it’s not really anything major coming out in the next this month we don’t
really have anything major that I’m gonna really be like take my time on it
not turmoil maker next month I think Bloods thing rich old the night
comes out next month so I’ll be doing that but so so if I can get all that
done I start practicing you know after I finished Dragon’s Dogma cuz I’m gonna
play that game a lot because I like that game that was the great trailer they put
out for blood-stained today it was it was a ballad malarious all the comments
and he just goes I will shoot it’s like yeah you thought this was a look at it
now look at this upgrading grand it looks absolutely nice Holly I mean with
that with the amount of money they aimed for the how much money they got shit
looks great yeah the game it they made is that did not cover the development
cost of that game in my opinion my it just didn’t cover it like that for I
think they got what 4 million for that game that is not a four million dollar
game that is a lot higher budget than four million like to do what they did
like all the modes they have in the game all the features if they have that is
but that’s what they needed a publisher because there’s no way they’re gonna be
able to like people all we paid all this like today nothing for a game you know
there are pixel art games that cost us almost as much as that thanks good cos
almost as much of that like so hey Matt’s all we need is more pixel art
games well I’m just I’m just saying people writers say oh they got so much
money no they did it for a video game and you want the what they did it’s it’s
much more than that $4 four million that they got because the game has so many
features in so many different ink that’s that’s why I got delayed so many times
because it wasn’t gonna live up to people’s crazy bloated expectations you
know so to answer Victor in the chat no I’m not gonna see the new dora the
explorer’ movie it looks like trash doors looking real Yoshi’s uh you may
watch your words the actress is 17 yeah no you okay with them King Dedede
to our Kelly man oh my goodness okay you must say will you say teenage how we
talk I don’t care anyway I’m just saying my
Jesus explore what you know not what I was gonna be cells older do but like you
know my daughter she was watching Dora and Doron just looks very grown up in
the movie in my opinion she’s not a little girl anymore in the mud it really
doesn’t look that grown up in that movie traile they make her look younger yes no I will not be seeing the new Dora
the explora movie and hey no one react to the trailers it’s owned by Viacom to
the door because I can’t ask I’m just saying okay she’s just looking grown-up
all the sudden you guys got weird intentions oh oh it wasn’t going
anywhere it was the world you guys are one you
guys are one for that D or not D comment look it’s not my days getting roasted
they’re held it’s fine like what what can you take what can you take I can I
can take the roasting pressure walking this all right here nice try
psycho party donated $2 through supersenses Oh J yeah we know you want
that D but she’s 17 damn bro so the actor is actually 17
yeah I guess the D Stanford or all along anyway before I need any other stuff
about let’s just not even talk about know you’ve already taken your seat over
there say to Lyman we say teenage Chris screen right now there’s no picture we
peeking through oh I got this one we got for those who don’t know you guys if you
guys ever want to binge watch something binge watch you can watch it on YouTube
it’s like I think it’s called like crime I don’t know what it’s very prime daily
yeah just watch those oh my guys they are hilarious
I mean first of all it’s not it’s not funny but it’s funny you know what I’m
saying like you guys know what I’m saying know the situation of the show is
not funny yes but what made you laugh is the dumb excuses the guys came up with
yeah no it’s it’s it’s hilarious in the fact that so besides just the the true
crime daily uploads of those videos there’s a bunch of like prey on
predators all these different shows that they they like personal like people go
out and capture like them like the god meet them and film them and question
these people like like why you out here and it’s so
crazy how the same excuse is used so many times like these people all talk to
each other and have like the same after oh this is my first time I didn’t mean
to do this I didn’t know what was sending those masters oh I never sent
that oh but she said she was home alone dude it is Corey it is a whole crazy
world it’s the most visible content because you will be baffled but what
Jordan said is true man if y’all never seen to catch a president prejudice
Google that this watch all of it you your mind will be blown
yeah Y will be blown it sometimes you’ll bust out laughing even
though it’s not a laughable situation whatsoever it’s just like you can’t be
this stupid like some people are just literally that
stupid that you just you just laugh at him like what are you doing yeah sort of
door 17 I’m 17 she is cute I’ll say that she’s cute leave out that she’s cute I
could say something no you know apparently you cannot would you say
maybe ha if you say that about me 25 next month anybody comes with the man
you said something hey hey have a seat over here Chris Hansen that man anytime
man he asses us let me see some of the Mandy said I’m calling the FBI I’m
calling the police why there’s so many people in the
chatter just going to hell it’s common so Jake is everybody creepy somebody
talk about door 17 ah ah trip okay and real quick real quick though real
real real quick we gotta put up a picture of this of this girl okay no
we’re just gonna put up one nutrient Isabel mone air alone people okay pull
up pull up a picture of the girl we don’t got your DeNooyer name right so I
mean like what is this a picture for ants okay let me get a better picture
yeah it’s on I know why you’re pulling up the blue as images okay let me okay
here and here’s the message my screen no here’s he right did you get the right
picture here’s here’s a really good actor here’s the HD picture there’s the
trailer HH dicho there you go picture here’s the picture on IMDB if they’re in
focus there’s the there’s a pic okay okay now you got a picture right so now
I want you to pull up a weirdo it says line to be her birthdays in July and
she’ll be 18 just stop talking to someone do some stupid this week what’s
up Matthew Hammond did said some things too
got to read that super chat man you got to read this too much it’s a cat to
catch a no J the excuses but I like reaching reaching for the sky with some
of these super Jets well birthdays in 18 my birthday is next
month and I’m turning 25 you better get married better get rich today you know
they they have the statistics say that women don’t hit down here on to the hit
28 so you know I’ve seen it I’ve seen it on a documentary but they say women peak
physically at 28 and then it’s downhill from there ever since the ps3 days so
Mandy Mandy so basically you telling us your milkshake he wasn’t called the
milkshakes we’re not talking about the Honorable Mandy’s milkshakes on this
podcast we’re not turning this conversations into that we already got
enough people man he already has to do that enough no I just wanted
clarification she said she peeked a nice glowing smile now let’s move on look
okay sometimes men and women they peek at certain ages all right some
people go through things faster than other people let’s let’s see that’s what
she made now let’s move on um we have questions and we’ll take the questions
if you have them at player hash if you guys have questions normal questions on
real questions give us back someone get us back on topic here the yellow Kazu
what when you see my milkshake I didn’t expect that anyways moving on moving on
guys if you have questions we’ve got answers for you hashtag player essence
app player essence I’ll be more than happy to answer nobody this is what
happens with the podcast this way everything laughs when you started
talking about Dora and then you guys with your insinuation but obviously you
look at Dora you know like and she’s obviously grown up man look that’s all I
met this you doing in a bigger home and I say oh gee you trying to say that door
is not gonna be the only Explorer this summer Dora as everybody knows her to the right
okay this was the picture I just the picture was already up
the other picture that I already saved so I just put up a picture saying that
she just grew up obviously she’s grown up I’m taking the whole I’m letting you
guys know how it is so anyway where’s the lab amid the lambo vids coming I’m
going to work on it good I like it you like it yeah I mean breadth of the quad
is a unplayable makes your head hurt but our mini game even labelled it was
pretty good it’s worth yeah yeah a lot of fun with the blaster I still play it
every once in a while don’t forget my roommates they all play it you got
nothing to do I just say my check it out I was gonna do a video about it but it
was a good question in the chat somebody three quick scott said where you guys
from starting with the cookies i’m contra statement I’m the minority on the
podcast right now but in the best way possible
alright cuz I’m always wrong alright let me let me tell you guy I’m from I’m from
originally from California you know saw leads but I’m residing on the East Coast
in Maryland that’s where I’m from right now now that I started because I’m the
Caucasian guy feel free to take it away whoever goes next I’m from Delaware
nothing happens oh but it’s cool I can go to Philly in like half an hour which
is pretty cool they’re cool I like Philly yeah it’s pretty cool okay we
happen to be from Africa in that case I’m from Europe there’s no
other places and it’s just from Africa just the whole time you know yeah I’m
from all over here my ancestors were sluts I’m like German polish Irish
Italian like if I’m everywhere you know I’m all around the board I’m Hispanic
Dominican to be exact oh he said where you’re from not your oh I’m a quarter chillin all over the map no no I am in Atlanta Georgia the
hottest city in America that’s where I’m at
that’s where I’m from okay home of the Atlanta United MLS champions that’s what you said hey though if you say that F
word I swear to god Atlanta y’all just have the heimlich manoeuver a John Baron
did you meet 21 savage I saw 21 savage at least four times see here see here in
Atlanta me seeing celebrities is like oh it’s a boy yeah they shoot everything
here actually one night I actually stumbled upon the Avengers set XO black
Condor yeah so if I can look for you in like the back end game Sheila next the
Iron Man or so no it’s an infinity war when it was
fighting in the streets that’s actually a Main Street in Atlanta so they had it
all blocked off but there’s a club that was around the corner from it so when
people got out the club they try to walk into the parking lot so you know usually
when you people a drunk they straggle into other so they straggled in walk to
the set but I don’t know why they was shooting it two o’clock in the morning
anyway like so you had drunk people straggling onto the Avengers sets like
it was a laryngoscopy it was funny it was funny to me though what giddy 3-3
yeah I think Nintendo’s gonna do I mean personally you know Animal Crossing it’s
like the reveal like I’m excited know if it gets don’t off there it should be I
hope so Pokemon I think we’ll have a pretty good
girls impatient with all their flat grass so that’ll be I’ve been for me for
me like just like how I was on the Spyro Train last year for me though overall
it’s still gonna be Borderlands they’re gonna have a big reveal at e3 for more
stuff they’re traveling to a bunch of conventions they’re doing the marketing
right for the game so for me I think that’s still gonna it’s gonna take
something extremely impressive to really boost her over those three games in
general for me Pokemon Animal Crossing in Borderlands 3 if something new comes
out swinging from someone and it’s just incredible I’m good the olders okay
there’s one other game that is gonna be announced that it’s definitely gonna
help that no totally not never said anything about skate for in my life ya
know well you know you’re talking about never heard of it
I think Sony’s gonna win e3 I’m pretty sure stone he’s gonna let me do oh yeah
C Square Enix tell you the truth you know they’re usually really good yeah
I’m trying to see The Avengers project and uh I want to know if there can just
gonna scraps on Fantasy 7 or if they’re actually gonna like release the thing
they can’t scrap but they’ve already put too much money into that film they go
you know what let’s not make any money back on this with some that engine well I mean I
guess they made a little bit money off of that but I’m 2077 I depends on their
showing therefore I’m already I’m already hyped as hell for that but
that’s the next year release at this point and I’ll think up that I’ll think
about that game next year yeah I’m not ready to worry about it this year I’m
only working I’m only focus about the games this year
for this year but cyberpunk is incredible everything I’ve seen from
that is like yes oh yeah Ashford chains going to be we get
important game hopefully we get a new brand new game oh by the way it’s coming
August like that should be the height if we get a port and a brand new game
Xenoblade ports that’s different that’s different cuz I want that no I would
like it bum the same it’s like a change this year I think we’ll see the ports of
Xenoblade coming I want to see a nuclear thing if you said give me an option
you’ll J what would you like to see a Xenoblade Chronicles export or what week
or a brand-new game I’m like yo give us the brand-new game even if it’s a brand
new IP from model of stuff give us that over a port that I’ve already played
that came out years ago that’s all I’m trying to say it’s like we’re getting
that port bro I mean I know we’re gonna but it’s cool but it’s like I’m not
gonna be looking forward like Oh III looking forward to announcing a port
that’s like bro you do that on Twitter at this point you know I’m yeah yeah III
absolutely yeah he’s like new oh great but dragons Darwin was like announced on
Twitter right like we don’t need like ports taking up slots for lying stuff
like ye I’m in my opinion like I said I mean it’s great
I want ports bring them on but like when it comes to e3 it’s like yo what’s new
what’s new and poppin what’s not oh let’s look forward to a port that’s
probably gonna run a lot worse than what we got two years ago you know what I’m
saying like that’s all I’m trying to say that’s it yeah like it’s gotta look you
got a look at that new stuff man I can’t wait to see Gears 5 I can’t wait I’m
ready to see that I’m ready to see my boo Bayonetta 3 take over e3 completely
because it’s an option yeah I don’t know 3 3 definitely definitely definitely
they go see foodies definitely and I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t
that’s what I’ll say I feel like they don’t we’re gonna see it in the
September issue you know whenever they do they’re not and it’s a direct like
that in that time in the year they gonna show I also I fully believe they did
another game this other game they’re teasing I think we’ll also be on switch
I don’t think it’ll be exclusive game but I think it would be on switch as
well because they keep teasing this unannounced game I don’t know what the
hell it is but I’ll platinum their new game yeah yeah yeah they keep teasing it
a secret a secret robot hand game that’s retro right oh yeah robot hand
yeah that would be interesting I would say Metro prime 4 but we know we’re not
gonna see that that’s not happening the tend to always has some kind of
secret or something you unannounced so I don’t know what that could be at this
point cuz we know is Pokemon we know we get animal cross and we know again aster
chain we know we’re getting Luigi’s Mansion 3 obviously skill bound so I think that uh the game they’re reviving
I’m really holding now for Mega Man Legends 3 is one of all games you want
Mega Man I don’t think scale it’s not that I’d it’s not that I want Mega Man
Legends is that I think it’s going to be Mega Man Legends I think with with with
Capcom nah I don’t know I don’t know man I feel like they’re trying to push back
into megaman I’ve been seeing some rumblings about Mega Man X coming back
yeah they did so they did talk about like a new Mega Man X yeah Mega Man 11
so bring that back that’ll be cool nice little experience controversial
statement mainline Mega Man games are boring all day
okay I like legends and I like Battle Network do battle networks for my shit
tonight I cannot stand I’ve never at all what if
we get a surprise like something returns that we didn’t think was more return
something like my chameleon twist stop talking about that game until we get
chameleon twist three oh you like Wendy’s yeah I had some notes while we
were talking earlier you had them Wendy’s nasty o’clock man Wendy’s nuggets are not better than
McDonald’s nugget don’t you ever say some dumb shit like this if you prefer
anything at McDonald’s over any type of food something’s wrong better comfort
food than a McChicken or some McNuggets do they trash the majority of it is I
don’t but they’re Nuggets are manufactured to taste good and they are not better than there’s no other one
that’s better than McDonald’s like I said of a fast-food chain I disagree sir
they are made to be the best the breading on the the chicken the the
Wendy’s chicken nuggets are just a lot they taste better and more full than
McDonald’s McDonald’s processing you like bite into McDonald’s and it’s like
half fold and chicken it’s not even like any bread on like the top it just feels
like just like weird skin on the top of there nuggets like it
it has that special touch to Amman chick-fil-a’s in truth though oh yeah
yeah sorry back on topic what are we talking about and Dom mega man mega man
legends how it could be the hottest game released this year ha
I know releasing this year yeah right now but I think that would be cool I
wonder him what would you like to see come back yeah okay I just swapped paid
had a three this year it’s covered October there’s through four games in
October no it’s coming January barring I think it’ll be mean you’re gonna move
that more gonna move back a minute of February not yeah I think it’ll be there
more I think January or March – good – good times I think they I feel like
they’re gonna reserve a cuter game for March because they always save that time
for curbing April Yoshi they have left they’ll figure it out they have been it
or not not a cute game Bayonetta Q it’s a very steamy game Nintendo 3ds actually
you got to get them graphics bro no placing at this year’s e3 how know
there’s gonna be PlayStation yeah they’re gonna do that uh what is that
thing called I already forgot about a state of play
yes you’re not officially Pikmin Pikmin would be a good game for their March
game next year maybe Pikmin 3 and maybe a port or something like that oh but why
just me get a new game why does it gotta be poor just saying I’m Jeff why just
gotta put one up before we already know there by the time switch is done it’s
gonna have every Wii U game on there Miyamoto is gonna come out the very end
just say now you guys get pikmin for on the next let’s go so at new Nintendo
switch exclusive XL new Nintendo switch XL I think we’ve
exhausted all of our questions here at this point people were just putting out
random exhausting Mandy’s exhausted all right and you’re hungry
I’m hungry too kind of I gotta work tonight though I gotta work in then I
gotta go to sleep alright guys that wraps it up for this one here we’ve
talked about a bunch of stuff that I probably shouldn’t have so we’re gonna
go we’re gonna go around to the outros Baron where can they find ya oh you
gonna go to me first okay switch it up keep doing your toes yeah so hmm my
outro right oh yeah I can find me on Twitter you know it’s the Emperor you
know what I mean you can find me on uh you too you know I mean uh it’s improv
and black on YouTube you know follow me if you want to be part of the no flat
grass s campaign in 2019 you know no flat grass gang stand-up I mean I’m
excited for bayonetta 3 shut down III and releasing this year you know I may
not ready to see that I’m ready to see my Gears of War 5 I’m ready to see more
microsoft franchises on the attendance which I’m holding I guess sports already
got leaked pretty sure that’s gonna be one of them but yeah yeah I know where
to find me man and you know you know um I always stay on top of my game you know
I mean I always choose the a option all right there so uh Mandy where can we
find you you can find me on my channel at Mendeley plays i do new videos and
livestreams i’m currently live streaming final fantasy tennis so yeah it join us
why do you have that awkward smile I feel like you’re doing something like
sabotaging like fungus or DD yards alright but that’s what you go find me
and yeah I’m sorry guns the guns niggas is that some of the stuff that we talked
about was messed up in Chaves I mean that’s kind of how this podcast is it’s
a it’s a silly we don’t take it too seriously at the podcast
here so I mean that’s just gonna happen so yeah otherwise you just be like every
other podcast right yeah why do you want to watch you know group and people just
send your like hey yes oh yeah bayonetta’s come in it’s gonna be a game
hey yeah a lot of people got claim for the sonic trailer isn’t that crazy hey
you want to talk about Borderlands 3oj true – why are you doing that like a
s’more voice oh no because it puts you to sleep you know like it’s not
entertaining it’s not exciting they’re not talking with enthusiasm if you’re
not cracking jokes it’s not enter team you have entertainment value some people
like the call by it not excitement stuff but I feel the majority one little spice
in there so we are trying to offer a little bit that spice on your bland ass
food did y’all know how to cook we could all be boring if we wanted to but we try
to offer a little bit more on the podcast you know a lot of a lot of the
jokes that stuff kind of go obviously the channel you know I try to keep
things a little bit more tame but when the guys can the fellows in them and
Mandy comes on you know we like to have a little bit of fun you know like the
Spice boys are back in town yeah spice it up otherwise it’d be boring like if
you go back and watch the first episodes they were pretty boring compared to what
we’re kind of doing now so I mean like I think it’s better this way so my bad
gunslingers sorry about that man if you felt that was a little you know childish
unnecessary but like I said that’s kind of how the tone is like for the podcast
you know and stuff like that I mean if you watch like my normal PE live streams
obviously I get silly at times – just cuz like you know it’s like whatever is
is just gaming you know you talked about food last night for like a solid 15
minutes we did a little bit of funny I want to be a little bit different we
don’t want to necessarily be 100% you know politically correct at times so
it’s just that’s how it is we didn’t mean to offend anybody though if
somebody was offended the door girl is turning 18 very soon that’s not damaged
so that’s that’s harming her on Twitter waits waits to the day the day happy
birthday my boy where can they find you you guys can find me right here on
youtube or on Twitter both at tether gaming we do gaming analysis live
streams on Saturday nights and I’m actually starting to do III videos just
did my first one yesterday talking about what to expect from Microsoft over the
week of e3 so definitely go check that out if you’re as hype for e3 as I am oh
I’ll put Lincoln in the chat yeah put a link in the chat yes you link your
channel though okay I’ll link it yeah link your channel my name is Jordan you
can find me on the internet chillin at Jordan fringe I make content right now
I’m doing a lot of Borderlands stuff cuz that’s in the news and I’m hyped shit
for that we got Animal Crossing in Pokemon stole stuff come for the channel
some more Spyro stuff in the future when it comes to the switch so don’t worry
guys it’s coming and I’m working on some big big projects that I can’t talk about
yet that are gonna be life-altering so when those I talked no I have never
said this is a big deal what I’ve been working on with someone in the
background so something is coming in the next month or so and when it’s ready
I’ll talk about that you can find me on Twitter Jordan four-inch 94 I also
stream twitch or Angela stream Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Fridays like I
kind of like right off the coattails of Spawn away but every one of our guests
get like 10 news that could I’d be like can I be like just like now don’t worry yummy hey homies eat
right so I’ll talk about it when there’s more info yeah can’t wait I can’t wait
this is like when the spot castle oh my man this is pretty good podcast thank
you so much for joining I was just joking I whenever John asked me to be on
regardless of that I always cuz John’s cool so I always went on there big
artists whenever he has to before it even though he’s the home yeah he’s
known me he was a homie like even back like when he had like a thousand subs he
was the only so alright guys that wraps it up for this one here don’t take
anything we said seriously I’m dead serious for the love yeah yeah but the thing
he’s referring to is megaman legends for the bruise everybody say bye later bye
here go home yes thank you

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  2. I always wanted a borderlands game on switch until I found out that on coop the drops are shared.. they can keep it now

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