PD Stories Podcast: Andrea Zendejas on Being on Live PD | A&E

PD Stories Podcast: Andrea Zendejas on Being on Live PD | A&E

[music playing] TOM MORRIS JR: Welcome
to “PD Stories.” I’m your host, Tom
Morris Jr., crime analyst on A&E Networks’ police
documentary show “Live PD.” And today, my guest is someone
that, if you watch “Live PD,” you’re very familiar with,
officer Andrea Zendejas from El Paso Police Department. Officer Zendejas, how has being
on “Live PD” changed your life? ANDREA ZENDEJAS: It’s
actually changed a lot. I had certain plans
within my department which I had to change,
as far as, like, I was interested in undercover work. TOM MORRIS JR: That’s
kind of out the window. ANDREA ZENDEJAS: That’s kind
of out the window, yeah. That’s kind of gone. So just being
anywhere in El Paso, it’s almost a daily occurrence. TOM MORRIS JR: People know you. ANDREA ZENDEJAS:
People recognize me, even when I’m not in uniform. That’s kind of– it’s really odd
because I don’t realize that so many people watch “Live
PD,” because I’m just used to being with my crew
and then, you know– and that’s all I’m used to. TOM MORRIS JR: Right. ANDREA ZENDEJAS: So when I’m
out and about, I do see people, and people know me. People want selfies. And it’s a little crazy. It’s a little– I’m just
like, I’m just a cop, why do you want a
picture with me? And it’s changed.
It’s changed a lot. My family, as well,
my family’s huge fans. And they’re always
watching, and they’re always wanting to know what
I’m doing and, you know, with the show and stuff. And so it is– my lifestyle
has changed a lot. I’m more cautious when I go–
well, I’m always cautious, but I’m even more cautious
now, just in case. TOM MORRIS JR: What do
you think “Live PD” brings to the American public
about policing and adds to the conversation
about policing at this particular
time in our history? ANDREA ZENDEJAS: I think
that “Live PD” has really brought to light
what we actually go through on a daily basis. We’re not all bad. We’re not all out there to
kick someone’s, you know, to– TOM MORRIS JR: Ass.
ANDREA ZENDEJAS: –oh, ass. We’re not out there to do that.
You know? I know there’s bad
cops everywhere, but the majority, especially
my guys, we commit ourselves, you know, to helping
our community. And– TOM MORRIS JR: And
you take the risk to do it every single shift. ANDREA ZENDEJAS: –we sure do. And it’s one of those
things, when you come back in and you know that you’ve
made it for the night and you’re going
home to your family, it’s like being
rewarded kind of. But I think it’s
really important that the people in
America see exactly the things we go through, from
start pretty much to finish. You know, why things happen, why
we do and react the way we do. I think it’s very important. Very important. And it’s been a very
positive experience, and I’m actually
really thankful. I’m really thankful
that I was able to bring to light the things
that we actually face on a day-to-day basis. It means a lot to me
because we’re hated. We’re hated a lot. You know, we receive
death threats. We put up with a lot of stuff. People try to attack us. People try to– I’ve almost been stabbed. I’ve been shot at several times. It’s just– I don’t know,
it’s just one of those things that I’m super
thankful that I was able to bring to
light, you know, what we actually face out there. And you know, I
speak for myself. I don’t know how it is
in other communities. But it’s been really good,
you know, letting people know exactly what
goes on without really having any kind of filter. TOM MORRIS JR: Yeah. I like the fact that– “Live PD,” to me, is really
like a tutorial for the public. And it shows people
ways that they can avoid going to jail, too. ANDREA ZENDEJAS: True.
TOM MORRIS JR: OK? There are so many ways that
you can avoid going to jail. And if you watch
“Live PD,” you should learn a couple of basic things. One, check all the lights on
your car at least once a week before you go driving at night. ANDREA ZENDEJAS:
Especially if you’re a drug dealer or a criminal. TOM MORRIS JR: Especially
if you’re a drug dealer. I love the ones, like, in Utah. We had a guy, he had a van,
he’s driving through Utah. Highway Patrol is excellent at
drug interdiction out there. He’s got a van, a minivan,
family-looking van, but illegal tint. Now, the cartel has put hidden
compartments in this van. I mean, they’ve gone to
elaborate, elaborate details to hide 30 pounds
of weed in this van. But they put illegal tint on
it, which gets him pulled over, which gets him found out
and sent away with 30 pounds of weed intent to distribute. ANDREA ZENDEJAS: It’s great. They take care of themselves. TOM MORRIS JR: So I look
at “Live PD” as a way, you know, to– people, look, here’s how
you don’t go to jail. One, don’t drive
with no license. OK? Two, make sure everything
works on your car. This is just simple,
the easy ones. The easy ones, you know? Three, obviously do not
ingest drugs or drink alcohol before operating
a motor vehicle. ANDREA ZENDEJAS: True.
It’s very simple. TOM MORRIS JR: And now we
have Uber, we have Lyft, we have a million
ways you can get from the bar to the
club to your crib without endangering
the public or yourself. So these are all things
that we try to educate the public on on “Live PD.” And I chime in on there and
try to add my little color commentary on these things, and
don’t ride dirty and, you know, et cetera, et cetera. So I think that, you
know, “Live PD” is really doing a great
service to the public to help them
understand here’s ways that I can avoid ever
being in that situation. ANDREA ZENDEJAS: Right. TOM MORRIS JR: Do
this, don’t do that. ANDREA ZENDEJAS: Right. For sure. TOM MORRIS JR:
Everybody on Twitter is always talking
about your bun. Your bun’s got its own hashtags. You’ve got all these
different names. Queen Z. And you’ve
even got– this is– I love this. You have a fan who walks
on two legs, like a human, but is actually a? ANDREA ZENDEJAS: Kangaroo. TOM MORRIS JR: A kangaroo. Officer Zendejas has a
kangaroo named Irwin who is a devoted “Live PD” watcher. ANDREA ZENDEJAS: He sure is. TOM MORRIS JR: Tell
us about Irwin. It’s just the best story. ANDREA ZENDEJAS: So before
“Live PD,” I never really– I never had a Twitter account. I was always just on
Facebook, and that’s it. I don’t do a lot
of social media. But after “Live PD” started,
I got the Twitter account, and I started having this– I had this follower who
would post these pictures. And I’m like, oh, that is weird. Like, that’s a
kangaroo in a tuxedo. Like, so it sparked my interest. So you know, I started talking
to the person, and found out, yeah, I guess he was rescued. And well, he’s an
avid “Live PD” fan. And I guess he
responds to my voice. So. TOM MORRIS JR: There’s pictures
of Irwin sitting there watching “Live PD,” and he’s
got on a t-shirt that says “I Love Zendejas.” ANDREA ZENDEJAS: Yes. It’s the greatest thing ever. TOM MORRIS JR: It
really, truly is. We’ve seen dogs that
watch “Live PD,” there’s a commercial with
a dog howling at “Live PD” on the screen, but a kangaroo. How many years do you plan
to be a police officer? Do you have a plan for I’m gonna
do 20 and out, or 25 and out? And what’s your retirement
setup in El Paso PD? What is it– what’s it based on? ANDREA ZENDEJAS: I believe
I’ll probably do 20. I’m gonna try to do 20,
if my health and my mind will allow it. We can retire at 20
years with El Paso. So that’s my goal. I still have quite a journey
to go, but that’s my plan. Then I could– TOM MORRIS JR: What would
you do after police work? What would you want to do? ANDREA ZENDEJAS: –I have
this planned out already. TOM MORRIS JR: You do? ANDREA ZENDEJAS: I do. I’m gonna move to the
mountains in Tennessee, and buy or build a log
cabin away from people. And that’s where I’ll be. TOM MORRIS JR: You
should start a floss farm and grow dental floss
on a mountaintop. That’s actually
a line from Frank Zappa, one of Frank
Zappa’s songs, I’m gonna move to Montana. But that’s your plan, though. You want to move
to the mountains– ANDREA ZENDEJAS: That’s my plan. TOM MORRIS JR: –and
do what up there? ANDREA ZENDEJAS:
Absolutely nothing. TOM MORRIS JR:
Absolutely nothing. ANDREA ZENDEJAS: Yeah. TOM MORRIS JR: We were talking– where you’re from is, like,
Bristol, Virginia, which is on the border of Tennessee.
big Bristol NASCAR track is. ANDREA ZENDEJAS: Yes. TOM MORRIS JR: And
then south of there a couple hours is Pigeon
Forge, Gatlinburg, Dollywood. And it’s just– if
Americans don’t know listening to “PD Stories,” that
part of Tennessee is like– it’s like–
–Dixie Las Vegas. The first time I went down
there and actually saw the smoke, the hazy fog, the
blue– they call– the Great Smoky Mountains are called
that because, in the morning, the fog is actually blue. And the first time
I saw it, that’s when it all came
clear to me why they call this the Smoky Mountains. I didn’t really know until
I saw it with my own eyes. But you want to live on
one of those mountains. ANDREA ZENDEJAS: I do.
I do. I do.

18 thoughts on “PD Stories Podcast: Andrea Zendejas on Being on Live PD | A&E

  1. I can obviously only speak for myself not the rest of the Aeneid viewers but I absolutely hate these podcast. Show us what's going on. I don't want to just hear somebody talk about their job . if I wanted to hear somebody talk about what happened at work today I would ask somebody I actually care about what happened at work today.

  2. I love officer Zendejas, she is fair with people (at least on camera…lol) and she listens to what they have to say rather than jumping to conclusions. Cops have a really tough just, I'm sorry. I don't care what anyone says. People who complain about the police should go on a ride-a-long to see exactly what they have to deal with. The way people treat them, I'm sorry, I would not be able to be a cope. I don't have the patience to deal with these idiots out there.

  3. She da best! The level of force/compassion she engages the subjects with is spot-on. Such a pro at de-escalation. Stay safe and thank you for your service.

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