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Elena what was the last piece of game
you played or game in general been a bit I don’t really play on PC yeah I don’t
say that a lot out loud because everyone just gives me crap for it but I don’t
actually play on PC that much don’t worry we’re just live here you know
with nobody everyone’s just tuning out right now well nobody’s Ariat so
nobody’s team done yet yeah I think I forgot to pronounce this one well I kind
of liked it that way just like surprised yeah I’m surprised I
just put that in in discord and then I’m gonna tag our new live thing and
hopefully that works Vignesh is here hello Vignesh says hi
Elena everybody yeah and then we’re not alone because Vignesh is here so that’s
good good we have one friend yes yes friends
are always good reliving my elementary school days I am one Fred yeah matters
well Mona has a couple friends she’s doing some online shopping for a
mannequin on Amazon a friend that she’s shopping for or her friend this one I
look pretty small Mona don’t forget to use of the the PC world’s affiliate
links so you know so you can help us out thanks I appreciate it we got Steve here
we got Belgian guy we got Gary Dean we got zero games for me man all the fun
people are here hanging out with me and you yeah we’re actually doing a full
nerd no I called it I called it a Hefner what too late you’re muddying the brands
here well I mean we’re always nerding out though I mean half nerd we’re only
talking about how Gordon is wrong so I thought I thought half nerds row is just
that it was just two people no okay Brandon I guess we need to go
back to the branding draw board drawing board cuz I called it happening yeah it
happens cool Big John 109 discord says first live show they’ve made
yeah this is one to do it I guess huh light yeah
start light start off a little easier way into it yeah exactly if you think
you can handle it then stick around for actual lips though it’s the good one so
the equivalent of starting with diet coke instead of going for it with full
fat oh man speaking of diet coke I forgot
any sort drink don’t drink any more of that research that we’re we’re actually
running out of it yeah so at some point it will be used up swear it’s gonna
change your blood or something it already has it already has yeah a
Belgian guy says Elena can handle the show all by herself I appreciate the
vote of confidence but I shared it and Steve says he’s they are a new working
on being a full nerd they need help learning so yeah we can do as much as we
can today yeah so cool intro I guess we should intro it and then actually kick
it off try it yeah I think I’ve done it the last two times though is just the
two of us okay I okay yeah today we’re talking about all the
retro gaming emulation stuff that you’ve been working with right yeah yeah I’ve
been working on some projects you know controller so we can talk about
controllers in general – I yeah QA and then I have a special a special
topic told you about it so I’ve got it in the lower but you probably can’t see
it well I don’t have it up here the full my girls start saying well I have no no
forewarning on this yeah also Chris says it’s a 3/4 nerd because Mona’s here does
Mellon account as a full person I think she’d be happy to hear that
she’s too busy gaming right now so yeah the mics not up can can you help her
though the mics not up to her face that’s you know not proper podcast
etiquette no tilt it a little bit Mona come on you got a you got a do right
there we go there we go get up right on it
yep working on her and keyd ratio right now I know yeah the PC gaming with
what’s that Acer sorry it’s a predator predator Triton Hughes what the sliding
keyboard looks like yeah yeah keyboard slides now anyway it’s fun all right let
me let me try it what are we talking about and you know
okay you ready yes I’m ready
is everybody out there ready for this disaster let’s see let’s see how it goes
all right here we go make sure that’s cute oh I almost didn’t have my intro
queued up all right here we go in this episode of the Hafner we talked
about controllers retro gaming and the Star Wars prequels with a smooth dirty
secret yeah she said they had to go lower you know
get that smooth dirty in there listen to a jazz station welcome everybody to the half nerd I’m
your host Adam Patrick Murray on the smooth thirty dials here with my co-host
Elaine EE how are you doing today everybody I was I was not expecting you
go for a jazz radio station yeah you know you’ve tuned you’ve tuned in to the
smooth thirty of the half nerd I’m not like Gordon and you know I don’t need to
yell all the time I just like to keep it nice and smooth I don’t know you and
it’s so complete non-sequitur Adam that gone like she was a manicure appointment
like we had our building at yeah yeah so he left the room or he left our office
area and then the door opened again late maybe five to ten minutes later mhm and
not many people come in and out of our side of the building and I was I
remember thinking oh that’s weird I can’t believe that Adams back so soon
and I turn around and there’s this person who I don’t know and I had this
moment of you’re not my mommy and I feel like when you use that voice I have kind
of the same emotional reaction the hell are you are you I don’t know you okay
yeah well I don’t have to talk like that the whole time it was just you know is
how I wanted to do the intro you know something different from from Gordon I
realized also in episode 100 I should have put one of our half nerd intros in
the little intro montage at some point we’ll just have to remember for next
time also I want to say a quick shout out to all the friendly people in
discord if you want to hop in in the full nerd discord we’re talking about PC
topics all the damn time it’s a good place to be if you’re into that kind of
thing but also I want to say I created a thing called a live notification group I
don’t really know what it is that doesn’t work out so we can experiment
but anyway people were saying that YouTube isn’t always doing the
notification when we go live yeah alternative ways to give people a heads
up that we’ve gone live yeah so usually in discord we give at least a day or two
heads up that a when the show is going to happen we didn’t do this one because
it was kind of a fun little surprise but if you want to be included in the live
thing let me know in discord and I will add you to that group which means that
every time I at live in discord it will ping yuan discord to say that we’re live
so then you might get it both ways so that helps anyway we’re here to talk
about the PC as usual right have you heard about it I might have might have
used one once too yeah all right well I didn’t think we’re actually talking
about the PC per se an accessory accessory on the PC correct I did
recently a review the video is up but the article was supposed to go live
today but it’s not can I have check on that the an 8-bit do controller having
trouble with the idea that it’s pronounced yeah a bit do I you know I
had people in the comments tell me that I was wrong and then I said no actually
I double-checked and I’m right it is a bit do not 8-bit doe anyway they made
the SN 30 Pro Plus I saw this at e3 last year and people have been asking about
it for a long time because while some people love the the retro stylings of
the smaller ones that they had before people really wanted the handles you
know it just gives you that that good grip and that feel on it did you get a
chance to watch my review I did watch it you know did you agree with me or did
you think I was BS I mean that particular controller and its layout
isn’t something that I’m super into I think what I thought you liked the side
by side though isn’t that no no no I even said it on the video and I was just
joking because I’ve told you so many times so okay so the was it SN 30 Pro
Plus yes has a dual shock style layout so that the analog thumb sticks are at
the both the bottom yep side-by-side that
aggravates my tendinitis so I actually prefer the Xbox style layout where it’s
one here and one there I really really messed that up I thought you were just
joking no no I wasn’t I was uh I was here for some reason I thought that you
liked that you might have been thinking a Dan I can’t remember anyway it’s you
know in the video you can go watch I don’t need to recap it but I controlled
I compared it to two other controllers on the PC and I got I got some blowback
from it I was surprised there’s a lot of people in the chat that said they are in
the comments they said the steam controllers I didn’t know that was still
a thing did you know that was still a thing I feel like the population that
came out to comment was probably a very specific population true because the
steam controller definitely has its fans and they’re a passionate fans but given
how sales went for the scene control I don’t think they’re a large majority of
people true ya know it’s one of those things where I I had a little bit of
time with but I never put a ton of time into because it didn’t have the
thumbsticks and it really it was really hard for my brain essentially just
because it was trying to take the whole like mmm precision of a mouse input and
put it onto something that was touch based essentially true true and also I
got some more blowback from the switch pro controller community – that is
really interesting yeah because I mean while I know that it has native support
on the PC I remember you said you were you were trying it out and yeah every
time feels heavy well even in general it’s just like I don’t know maybe it was
just how I set it up like or something with the drivers on my specific PC
because I was trying it on my older system but it just I’m running Windows 7
on it still and it just feels the inputs feel really sluggish when I’m using it
even when it’s wired not even Bluetooth so I can’t that I eliminated that as a
factor yeah yeah I did I was surprised because
I I mean number one I haven’t heard great things about the switch pro
controller to begin with even only switch yeah just you know Moshi d-pad
and things like that so you know I didn’t consider it I I considered the
major ones right especially everyone in the chat it looks like you know Vignesh
and almost everyone else in here says yeah Xbox controllers are the way to go
so of course I hadn’t included that but then I thought him I mean the ps4 is the
major selling console so I could see a lot of people already having those
controllers and maybe wanting to use them on the PC so I was like ok all
included and also because I mean the SM 30 Pro Plus definitely takes its design
cues from that and really in the hand does feel almost exactly like it so it
was interesting to see the the outpouring of the different kinds of
controller communities but there were plenty of people who uh you know just
we’re happy to use any sort of controller on the PC which I was also
surprised I thought there is gonna be a lot of pushback of like oh mouse and
keyboard all the way I think that Gordon is actually a little bit of a minority
and how like passionately he pushes like mice or mouse and keyboard only I think
most people are more like Brad or they just kind of see it as a personal
preference right right yeah yeah I don’t think a lot of people believe that
anyone who uses a controller believes that’s the one true way but it just
happens to be their preference and for a civic type of game yeah what was I gonna
say I do think we should back up a second though just get better comparison
like how much is that controller like how do you purchase it how widely is
available in amazon.com is definitely the best place to pick up the SN 30 Pro
Plus I think they know they don’t even sell it through their website I think
Best Buy has it as well I’ve seen it a couple that’s like a deciding factor as
well it’s 50 dollars so it’s it’s so here’s the thing when I was looking up
the other controllers the other two they retail for around 60 right
Arpi but almost all day on Amazon you can find it for like 45 you know usually
yeah you know so it’s it you’re not getting a huge price premium there
except for the inclusion of the the proprietary charger or not the Church of
the battery pack yeah so you know that it has it has its own battery pack in
there which usually on the on the Xbox one you have to buy separate the ps4
controller it doesn’t even have a removable one so you just stuck with a
built-in and if you want to it takes two double-a batteries that was my next
question yeah so I mean like and I forgot the
price of this or not this specifically but on the Xbox one the rechargeable
battery pack I think is maybe like 15 okay yeah so you know I mean really like
any third-party ones right yeah so you know I think considering that
considering you know the the battery with it and considering the ultimate
software that that it’s kind of the the key to it so it functions almost more
like an Xbox one elite controller where you can customize the inputs I think
because I think that one allows you to actually fiddle around with the firmware
I mean it was hacked so the the elite controller I mean it’s
it’s a little different because I think there’s more you can do on the actual
Xbox itself with the elite controller than you can do with the PC app but at
least in the 8-bit do ultimate software you can remap all the buttons basic you
can change the vibration strengths I think there’s five different levels for
both the light and heavy but the more important things are things like macros
you can map the macros which is cool I’m not a huge macro person that I have read
other reviews saying that the macro support isn’t great just because you
can’t mess with timing and it also won’t to stick you can’t map stick
functionality so that’s a little different but more more importantly is
that the sticks can be programmed to have different start and stop points
meaning that you know you can have the actuation point of the
stick itself not not start until maybe halfway pressed or vice versa so you
know you barely press it and you go from 0 to 100 all buttons or just that’s the
sticks and the triggers so kind of like on the Xbox one controller you have the
little thing that you kind of like give it like actual hard stops so that you’re
only pulling it you know halfway this there’s no physical thing to stop it
it’s all software so you can just say hey the minute I barely press it I go
from zero to 100 which you know is is I wouldn’t say just as good but it helps
in if you if are if you’re looking for something that yeah customizable so I
don’t have an Xbox one elite controller which is why I had to look this up but
it looks like you can do similar customization in the software as well
okay for the sticks as well mm-hmm so it looks like sticks and
triggers oh nice so these that’s pretty good cuz I think
the Xbox one elite controller is $150 1160 it might have gone up when they
announced Jen – yeah well I knew the new ones 180 yeah I did go out so yeah
either way it’s you know I didn’t really say this on the video because it didn’t
really matter but I have an Xbox one elite controller and I still prefer that
because you get those extra paddles down here
I could see 8-bit do going that way you know adding extra extra functionality
now that they had this out I could see them big going a ton of different ways
I’m kind of curious but people are asking about Bluetooth lag and and
things like that from this controller I haven’t really noticed any problem you
know that I’ve seen other reviews of people kind of measuring the blue cheese
ligand and it’s definitely it’s not as good as an Xbox but it’s not as bad as a PlayStation controller so you know and
yeah it’s kind of somewhere in between from from the people that I’ve seen have
you ever tried a Dual Shock controller with the actual wireless dongle
like the actual one that they release oh no no I usually go wired either way so I
wonder if that’s different than its bluetooth support well and and also I
have so on my Xbox one elite controller I actually use the little windows dongle
itself which is actually quicker than if you were to use the Bluetooth on the
Xbox one controller sounds like a similar situation than
likely with the PlayStation probably yeah I would imagine they would kind of
prioritize it like that so and then yep yer track says the the biggest
difference for the a Ultima software is the macros which like I said the support
and you know I’m a big macro person so we’re talking about a $50 controller
versus what we’re talking about one hundred fifty hundred sixty do at least
yeah yeah so if you’re on a budget this could be an option if you don’t mind
this particular layout for the triggers and sticks and all that yeah I dig it I
think it’s a viable option something worth looking into I mean there’s
definitely some people out there who talk about that they’ve been burned by
it do before all the ones I’ve ever tried have always been pretty solid for
me I usually build quality or really bad like once again I just hasn’t been my
experience I’ve always felt like the build qualities has been really solid in
the SM 30 Pro the non plus 1 I take around with me a lot I think it’s like
the the best portable controller you know just because even the full-size
ones like this I don’t want to carry this around my bag but the other one
like gets you at least 80% of the way with all the functionality and stuff but
it’s in such a smaller package so I kind of like having both options available to
me and then yeah people are saying the the original Xbox one controllers
they’ve seen Nestle it was like 40 I’m sorry not original Xbox one the way I
guess you’d call them the original Xbox controller controller yeah yeah yeah the
the blue chip the version you go on sale sometimes for like $35
like black Fridays when you’ll see it that low I think I got a special edition
one for like 40 over Black Friday yeah yeah so you know I I think I think it’s
awesome I like it I still I mean and I probably
use controller on my PC gaming 85% of the time what are you playing that with
because that’s another thing I was curious about when you were talking
about like Bluetooth and lag and all that because when I test out a
controller it’s the thing that I try it with is platformers mm because for me
that’s the most important I usually use like Super Meat Boy as my test because
that was very well well it’s very sensitive right away if it is responding
to you and the way that you want it to or even for for emulation you know
something like the original Super Mario you’ll be able to fill I’m not a huge
platformer if I play Super Meat Boy I’m I’m not gonna know the difference
because I’m just gonna suck anyway I’m just gonna die it’s one of those rare
games where it’s challenging but every time you mess up you just laughs cuz
it’s just really funny to throw down your controller and frustration and then
kicking a pillow it’s true yeah I mean I play a lot of shooters I play a lot of
third-person action games real quick somebody in sin diems asking how do you
switch between playing it on the switch and on the PC so you power it up by
holding the the start button you can kind of see the light switch back and
forth right here right I’m gonna turn off by holding the start button again so
when you start it up depending on what mapping profile you want to put in for X
input you hold X and press Start to start it up and see how it loads a
little – that just means it’s X input for the for the PC but for your like
okay I want to switch over to my switch I’m gonna and I will say every time then
you turn it on after loading that preset you’re done you don’t have to do it
again until you switch to a different mapping so I could I can hold this you
know the the start button all day you know and I always just have X input
but if I was like I want to do it on my switch then I would hold up Y that
that’s for a switch and then you hold it down and then it turns on and then you
know that it mapped the the button layout for the switch so basically you
have different different profiles how many can you see yeah well and luckily
they give you a handy guide behind the the keyboard saying behind the the the
charge pad thing here switch it’s a y plus power D input is B plus power X
input is X plus power and Mac OS is a plus power program it’s pre-programmed
in there and then same thing for loading on whatever program you have for the
ultimate software once it’s loaded on it’s loaded like you sync it to the
controller and then you can unplug it and it’s it’s done but you have you have
to to plug it in you can’t you can’t control it or you can’t map all this
stuff via bluetooth it has to be plugged into a PC and only PC that’s the only
place so so no MacBook or anything like that
yeah it was funny I was watching a review from from a guy who does a lot of
retro stuff that I like and he was like oh it has no Mac OS support for the
ultimate software you know that’s gonna be I’m gonna ding that a little bit and
I was just like yeah ok it doesn’t bug me so but yeah so yeah hi I dig it you
know I think controllers are a viable way to play on the PC despite what some
some other people in might yell oh I see now while we’re doing this segment when
it’s just the two of us you know I mean it’s one of those things where number
one it’s it’s a quiet week number two yeah you know there’s certain things
it’s easier to talk about when when someone’s yelling in your ear I’m
actually glad that it’s a quiet week this week because next week is going to
be nuts we have our first live build in months yeah and we’re gonna have a full
nerd with all of us here all of us here both of us both of those slide streams
will be all four of us in person yeah I’m very excited for this lots of people
lots of people so anyway yeah do you want to talk about some
other cool retro stylings are you gonna talk about the handhelds even trying
yeah that’s when you showed me was pretty cool I’m gonna switch it over and
it’s but dooba dooba dooba there we go so yeah you know Naga says that I should
have my goal Gordon sound board ready I didn’t even have it ready yeah man I
messed up and I can’t get no no what do you think about this though they’re mine
she’s dragging somewhere right now oh yeah she’s she’s just too busy playing
and uh I’m and I’m having a hard time with this Adobe Flash Player because
it’s it’s borked right now on the on my my stream anyway let’s talk about video
games on retro gaming handheld systems so Adam has this habit of popping up in
the office randomly with this new handheld system they’re all emulators
and I never know where they come from I’ll just hear music from his corner
classic music and it just kind of draws me to it as you would expect and they’ve
really run the gamut of in performance and screen size and battery life but the
one that you showed us most recently I thought was really cool it’s it’s about
as small as those old tiger handhelds I’m not sure if people remember those
and I have them for show-and-tell purposes you do I do this has like a
color screen and you can put a crap ton of games on it and the inputs actually
felt quite good and holding it felt good because I feel like the one you showed
me before that it felt a little awkward that was the that was the one that was
like really narrow right where you had to put your hands kind of like this yeah
as an adult it doesn’t feel right so some people might remember months ago
Elena and I did a build for the the clockwork pie and the Jeep I case from
retro flag I have been using those the clockwork pie probably
that always gonna fit at all I mean not the least the the problem is it actually
does take coding and it’s kind of a hassle to actually get stuff on to it
but the battery life is definitely the best on this thing like the battery life
is amazing and it runs things yeah building it was fun I mean it’s but it’s
used for more things than just retro gaming so you know I get it the Jeep I
case that that’s probably my least favorite I love the hardware I love the
the screen on it yeah the problem is that the Raspberry Pi W or whatever and
0 W yeah is whatever is called is just like it’s not I don’t know if it’s not
powerful enough but well two things I’m getting a lot of screen tearing I’m
getting a lot of weird emulation problems but more importantly the
battery life is horrible you know typically it has slots for four three
double A batteries and I just chew through those in like a matter of hours
and that’s just not good so I and and maybe the Raspberry Pi zero is just not
built you know with that in mind you’re running a PI 3 B+ and now the Raspberry
Pi 4 you’re just not gonna get the same level performance you know so much
smaller like they’re I think it only has a one gig of ram compared to what was it
like oh yeah true or three I think of two on the three and I think on the four
you can get it up to four gigs well and really the the biggest problem with me
which I mean wasn’t a huge problem because they retropie did preload roms
onto it but they don’t do that for everybody they sent it to they just did
it for reviewers but you have to you can’t just take the thumb stick out or
the SD card micro SD card out and put it into the computer because it’s formatted
for yeah it’s it’s formatted for Linux so okay you can’t stick it in what’s the
best way oh you just use Wi-Fi so kind of like on the retropie use Wi-Fi to
just you know throw over alms up onto it which has been easy at home and then I
was like okay I’ll just do it on the handheld let’s do it and then I go
into the the Wi-Fi settings on the retro or on the the Raspberry Pi and you need
a keyboard to put in a Wi-Fi password input for that who isn’t a really
awkward spot yeah so I was like huh okay how do I get a keyboard into that I
don’t even have it but I mean it well it’s out of my desk but I was like okay
well in the back underneath the can underneath where the batteries are
there’s a little micro USB thing so I was like okay I’ll just get an adapter
I’ll plug it in there and and be done it’ll look awkward for a minute and but
I’ll put in the password and then be done nope I could not just I use
different adapters I even that adapter that yeah yeah I could not get for some
reason that just wouldn’t load the the keyboard for some reason so I was like
okay you know what I’m gonna literally take the Raspberry
Pi out of the case just to have it sitting there bare try to plug some
stuff straight into it taken it out by that point yeah and I’m just it became
too much of a hassle I was just like how do you expect you know how do you expect
a normal person to buy it you know that to jump through these hoops and load on
the roms right arguably I feel like anyone who’s getting involved with the
Raspberry Pi project is not your average normal person off the street true that’s
somebody who’s already passionate enough to get into more specialized hardware
and mess around with it well but I think if they’re gonna do that they’re not
gonna go towards the Raspberry Pi like I don’t think that’s the best option out
there or at least the Raspberry Pi zero or a handheld version right I mean you
know by the way I just I looked it up too I want to correct it so the zero
only has 512 megabytes of RAM the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ has one gig and then
the Raspberry Pi 4 which just came out has three variants which is one two or
four gigs of RAM just so we’re all on the same page same accurate page yeah
and PUF lopoliths funny name on YouTube snuffleupagus yeah
yeah his his his stoner brother puffs up against
as is asking if I if I tried lipo triple-a batteries
number one the double A batteries number two I did have some rechargeable and
loops I don’t know what the pose lipo is do you know what that may be another
brand yeah but I was going to say I actually prefer going to eneloop Road
with those cuz look what you do is that you just get a pack of four mm-hmm you
have two sitting in the charger that are already ready to go you use the other
two and then you swap them you put it in the wall let it charge and you just keep
that’s what I did yeah just for anything they’re not proprietary Oh lithium
polymer lipo okay yes duh and Peter Jansen says any Raspberry Pi users
should be using Linux on the desktop anyway but I’m not so and I didn’t so
what I ended up doing was trying to find some sort of free program that I could
finally put on my PC to let it at least read Linux file formats once I did that
that was fine so there is a way to get around it I think that’s probably the
easiest way but it’s still you know I know this stuff is going to be as
straightforward as just booting up a Windows PC true true yes definitely not
definitely not you know PC based gaming emulation but in the
handheld space okay I should I’ll step back there are handheld Windows PC
emulation options I have looked into am I reached out to a couple companies yeah
but yeah they they haven’t got back to me there so there are some interesting
options like like really big kind of like mini tablet Windows has so much
overhead like minimum specs to run it area just the pain in the butt yeah yeah
and I mean there’s definitely other ways you know you can hack a 3ds you can hack
old ds’s I saw this one guy at man I really wanted to buy one from a one time
he took a DS Lite like I love the D s like he took a DSL I snapped off the top
half and just had the bottom screen do the the emulation part of it because you
don’t need two screens then especially even if you
just using the like the Game Boy Advance slot or something it always just always
goes on one screen so he pop it off he would sand it down really nice paint it
load all the emulation software and stuff on it and it was a really nice
little handheld device then and now I always wanted to get one of those I
can’t remember I mean is it a premium just because he definitely effort into
it yeah but not like super crazy I got pretty close
one day I mean this was a long time ago but anyway yeah you know III like
emulating I like trying to find different options anyway the next thing
I tried out was the the bit boy yeah so this is the the full name of it is we
should probably scribe this for any audio listener
oh yes the this think of a gameboy but shrink it down to like 20% and this
thing is so near to I’m you know it doesn’t have the same like chunky
thickness to get your like hands around yeah you’re shrinking it down in every
aspect half an inch to three-quarters of an inch in thickness yeah and you’re
adding you’re adding to extra face buttons and then a micro SD card slot so
you know and it it’s a cool thing I’ve reviewed this about a month ago I
actually do dig this a lot the the software it’s a little hard to navigate
at the beginning it’s not as easy it’s like a retro pie but it’s not that bad
once you learn it and I’ve been surprised by the emulation on this thing
they the emulation for what it’s running runs actually really well is that the
one though that had some like stuttering I feel like that’s the one that when we
tried it there was some stuttering and some delays and response from the inputs
I might begin to mixed up yeah I mean listen none of these are perfect that’s
for damn sure like no I don’t think anybody should come to notable I might
be getting confused something else by the way might be the Jeep eye case III
had my also for the audio listeners the Jeep high and the clockwork Walker
clockwork pie clockwork pie those are much more
shaped like but actual Gameboy yeah they’re more of that same size it’s
really nice to hold in the hand as you know it’s like a Game Boy it’s
definitely smaller than the original Game Boy the Game Boy is a lot chunkier
than even I remember closer to the width of it if not the sickness whereas the
bit boy I mean that thing is tiny I don’t have large I mean I don’t have
tiny hands there’s much large hands it’s and it is hot it was it was painful
after a while to play on that it’s slimmer than my my 1 plus 7 pro that I’m
using right now about you know a third of the height and thickness it’s
definitely thicker probably double the thickness at its most thick but either
way yeah this thing that’s that is the cool thing though is this can easily go
in a pocket oh yeah I mean this is I throw it in my bag in a pocket and also
the screens the screen is really nice it was really nice and it’s durable so and
it has a pop-out lithium ion battery you can you can try that out gold foil it is
a matter e gold foil yes it is thick but I do like that because you know if it
ever dies and then you can change it up pretty easily yeah my probably my
biggest drawback of this thing is the size because especially in my hands I’m
holding it like that and it’s just like and I mean like I kind of switched it
going like this kind of like curling my hands but even then that’s not perfect
for you know games that require fast responses that kind of grip is going to
be a pain and yeah but even then out of the three the this the Jeep I case and
the clockwork pie this was definitely the one that I just started to gravitate
towards and and I loved it until I got in their new product yeah it’s the same
company but this one’s called the pocket go
so it’s essentially the same hardware I’m almost exactly the same hardware but
the layout is side-by-side the buttons are and the d-pad are on the side of the
screen is like yeah or Gameboy micro the game gear the
game gear yeah yeah that layout not definitely not the size or the battery
eating capacity but it’s it’s just similar in that layout yeah I mean some
things are upgraded I actually have found because they’re running some some
new OS optimizations on this so actually a lot of the screen tearing that I was
even seeing on the the bit boy I’m not seeing on the the pocket go it has a
volume control on the side now you know it’s definitely it’s definitely better
in almost every aspect what up to what generation can you play on that I mean
it it will it has it has a hardware emulation support for ps1 and I’ve tried
a couple ps1 games on there okay but really yeah realistically I mean SNES is
probably there or I would say Game Boy Advance I’m mostly playing Game Boy
Advance games on here SNES games you know everything under that yeah okay so
yeah 32-bit 16-bit you know wait have you played Super Metroid on that I think
I started it on this one I haven’t tried it on God you gotta let me try that yeah
yeah no definitely the I think the biggest downside is that it doesn’t have
a replaceable battery I tried to pop off the back once and I was like I shouldn’t
probably be in here so it’s not as easy as popping this one off so that’s kind
of a bummer I don’t know why they made that decision but I mean I’m still
working on my review for it you’ll you’ll see it later but the I think if
you’re looking for a portable retro gaming experience the pocket go is
definitely the way to go and it’s only I think it’s 50 dollars oh and it comes it
comes with an 8 gig microSD card you know so it’s just like you’re ready to
go like you put you put some roms on here boom done its yeah
I definitely I highly recommend it for anybody who likes emulation obviously
the best emulation is on the PC or even a full Raspberry Pi you know but yeah
for for portable stuff the pocket go I think is definitely the way to go and
it’s got me in to back into the handheld gaming stuff I
love I’ve always loved hand hook gaming are you playing no my first console was
a gameboy actually so I I started playing bloodstained
where’s that blood-stained ritual of the night all right the Koji Igarashi joint
after he left Castlevania and I didn’t it didn’t hook me so I got back into
castlevania aria of sorrow it’s a classic you know I’m playing through
that again and you can’t you can’t be instead of playing new games I just keep
replaying I already know which the grand scheme of things I think about it is not
a great use of my time because I could be learning new things trying new things
but no I just go back to said I hope it’s fine if somebody’s asking a YouTube
watcher is asking the the battery life on this thing honestly I don’t know the
battery life on this thing because it’s lasted pretty damn long like right but
you got to give a more specific figure than that like I mean it
how many morning commutes have you played it on I mean so if I if I had to
realistically guess I’m gonna say if I if I put half an hour but probably an
hour day into it and then I had to recharge probably like two weeks okay so
you are you usually only play during the morning commute or do you play yeah in
the evening yeah like half an hour yeah I’m saying yeah I’m putting about half
an hour to an hour in it daily because I then I play some at home afterwards so
you continuous weeks or just work weeks no because I usually do some on the
weekend too so it’s it’s to continuing this week’s I mean it’s yeah like like I
said I don’t have an official number maybe they have it on there it’s a
thousand watt hours on it’s what they listed on their site but this thing is
definitely not a battery hog that so it has a color screen yeah yeah color
screen it gets super bright like I don’t know how they’re doing it I saw
something in the OS but it’s it’s highly optimized have you played it in full
direct sunlight yeah yeah and it shows up that’s fine
yeah I mean the the screen has glare like it’s it’s a glossy screen so like
that’s probably the worst part of it but it has terms of brightness it’s
definitely bright enough anyway this kind of stuff I love and and I’ll keep
keep reporting to the the fine folks out o night bought on on Twitch is saying
that the pocket goes forty dollars right now what dang that is I mean even even
for fifty or sixty yeah yeah so I mean if yeah
if you’re even interested at all forty dollars on that thing cool yeah
wait I see it for thirty-six right now really dang yeah this is live reporting
it’s online for $36 on their website right now listen I’m not here to to show
for anybody you know but that’s a deal yeah if you replace your buttons
yeah yeah you can you I mean you can put in rainbow colored buttons I look at
skittles it came it came with it all uh I can’t remember the the colors that
came with but yeah there’s different there’s different color options if I
just left the default on there yes he fought is black in like that kind of
traditional burgundy from like the 80s but that you can swap in these
rainbow-colored once and it’s your primary colors essentially just royal
blue green yellow and red which is I call them skittles yeah so you know I
and I that’s funny I totally forgot that they included buttons in the in the Box
I should go back and and look if they have instructions because like I said I
tried to take this the the back off to see if it had a rechargeable battery but
a like the shoulder buttons were held in place by the back plastic and everything
so I it’s like it started to fall apart in a way that I was like I’m gonna put
this back together I don’t think I should be in here but I mean if they’re
including buttons in there then yes you should be in there
I mean you try to get take off the back or as I’m assuming for the buttons you
would be popping off the front plate instead so that might be actually
designed for that I mean maybe either way your your bendin
plastic because the even when I took the screws off of the back it was it still
had the plastic clippings in there you know yeah so I was like okay I won this
what I fix it has like a sponge exposure you know also on the website if you
upgrade to 30 to get 32 gigabyte SD card size and only as an extra dollar two
dollars you may as well go yeah you know wow that’s a great deal that was a great
deal I don’t know what shit means like so yeah I don’t know well I got mine off
of Amazon so I don’t know if it has the same right that’s not going Amazon I’ll
look at it later yeah anyway let’s go to one more topic I
have queued up for you this pretty cool nonsense I I feel like everyone already
knows the story but my friends decided to use me as a guinea pig and they
started me on the prequels and that is why I have never taken to Star Wars I
don’t hate it I don’t love it I’m neutral to it because I started with
the prequels and they’re not good wait wait hold up
say that again you started with the prequels uh-huh and your friends did
this to you you know I mean we were very young and they were very excited that
George Lucas was producing new movies this is how old I am
oh yeah okay yeah it was young but I’m not so young that I didn’t have friends
who could do this to me and they said all right so that prequels they’re
supposed to you know start everything off and he says you’re supposed to go in
order so you’ve never watched any of these we’ll start you with the first
movie and like go one two three four five six and I said okay I guess so I
mean you’re super into this I trust you and wait wait so but then so you watch
the but you didn’t watch it at time of this is like later after all three of
the prequels had been released no I mean again I’m not that young but young
enough that we are still not even young when this is not happening so knows it’s
theater release oh so you saw the first one in the theater and then you said oh
I’m gonna go ahead and wait for the second third one you didn’t just go back
and be like fvu I’m gonna go watch it because because my friend said I said to
him I don’t think that was a very good movie and he was so enthusiastic and he
liked it and I mean he was a particular friend who steered me wrong was like oh
mega fan okay and he said no no you don’t understand he kind of filled in a
little bit of like the backstory from I guess the novels or whatever he said
they’re just setting up for something coming down the road and I said okay I
mean if you say so but I didn’t really care because it wasn’t a great movie so
I just did I didn’t latch on to it did you think then that the original trilogy
was was that same quality I told this story before but where I guess they’re
gonna revisit it and they right so what happened was I watched two and I was
like whoa like this is bad like this is this is just not much dude this is just
not good because that’s the one being spoiler alert I guess spoilers that’s
the one where they get them in prison and they’re like being wheeled into that
gladiators right yeah yeah the minute she turns to him and starts spewing that
nonsense romantic nonsense because look she was 14 when she met him she was 14
and he was eight that was gross okay start furthers mother that was gross
anyway yeah that was my response to the second movie I that’s all I remember
just how disgusting that scene was to me I did not think it was romantic I found
it disturbing I was like oh man I like do I just watch the rest now and I said
well you know I’m two-thirds of the way through this I don’t like it I’m
guessing I’m not gonna like any of this anyway because if this is what this
universe spawned it can’t be that great so then I waited for the third movie and
I watched it and there again spoiler alert they have that final fight and I
was like what do you mean you have the high ground that this is stupid my roommates at the time knew that I was
on this journey and they were big Star Wars fans but they respected that I was
on this journey and they said okay well we’re just gonna do triage the moment
you’re done watching a third movie so we watched a third movie they rushed me
home and they pop in Episode four and they just we just like mainline the
stuff okay and they kind of looked at me after all of it was done there’s like
yeah yeah like do we manage to like we could go wash away the nasty taste the
first pre first trilogy and I said to them I understand why you like this but
it’s too late yeah yeah and we’ll real quick for clarification which version of
the original trilogy did you see did you see the update my roommates were good
people the laserdisc versions they were ripped versions probably ripped from the original one huh version not you know
updated too interesting yeah so I well but did you so okay it’s ruined for you
and I totally get that but did you still what did you think of the original
trilogy versus the prequel trilogy or did you just think it was all the same
like a I felt like the original trilogy had a lot of heart but there’s a level
of CAM penis to it that I wouldn’t have I think meshed well with anyway even if
I had started with it but I probably would have loved it more than I do
like I am very neutral tour starred worse I don’t hate it and they don’t
love it it’s just very neutral mm-hm and it’s almost because I think it’s
almost because I respect my the fact that my friends love it so I can’t
really hate it because I have no need to be in opposition to them
yeah that’s not a point I really want to fight with it over that’s one yeah I
always say I’m really confusing her talking about because I
oh well it’s easy universal at this point that everyone has acknowledged
that is not that great yeah well you know I mean it got me thinking listen we
both love Star Trek yeah started the the motion picture which we’re gonna go see
any theaters like we’re making bread or Gordon go yeah we’re definitely going to
be video logging oh yes yes we should we should do something around that yes
maybe played on the show Paramount’s gonna come is it still paramount that
could come knocking at our door anyway yeah I was like okay you know
there there are things out there that we love that maybe others don’t and through
the course of this conversation I realized there’s things out there that
you don’t love like the original trilogy well a lot of others do even though the
the prequels you know people usually kind of hate I didn’t realize that that
you actually kind of loved them what do you mean I’m just kidding no you didn’t
love them you didn’t like that you didn’t like any of them I’m so I’m
surprised about the the original ones that you didn’t actually like oh I
wouldn’t say I didn’t like them I feel like we’ve got on way into the weeds
here on a tangent it’s more like so if we use like a ten-point scale like we do
for video games to score them I would say five average or seven average no
this is this is the British standards as five is five is actually so five know
Americans there’s a normal video games now that’s true so we’ll just say like a
standard ten point scale with British approach to it where five is actually a
five and not a seven is yeah American system picture uh I would say that the
prequel trilogy is like a two for me and I would say the original trilogy is like
a six where it’s like I don’t hate it but I just like I said like I just don’t
I didn’t emotionally attached to it so I never had that fond of feelings around
the original trilogy I was definitely a Star Wars kid ever
I’m sorry Star Trek which we’ve talked about before but the
the prequels so at the time are you gonna come out with oh wait I’ll wait
for this I’ve talked about this before and Gordon has definitely been like what
I actually kind of like the prequels better than the original trilogy yeah
you know this is the things cuz I didn’t have that I saw the original trilogy it
was good it’s good it’s a good movies you know III definitely appreciate it I
appreciate it for a lot of different reasons
okay wait tell me why you like it yeah I will so I’ll start with like I said I
had watched the the original trilogy I liked him they’re good movies not as
good as Star Trek I’m just Star Trek person right
I like the the slow diplomatic relations of Star Trek I like the the personal you
know backstories and I’m kind of watching that stuff grow season over
season right so when I watch the the Star Wars prequels what does it have
diplomatic intrigue really slow plodding play pace that that builds up over the
years and over the races because for me the prequel trilogy is it to and I don’t
even care about Star Wars I am actually a Star Trek fan as well yeah but there’s
just so many moments of horrible character development and plot devices
and the dialogue is so terrible this is the thing I’m not saying they’re good
movies I’m not saying they’re good movies yes I’m just saying there was
actually a lot I liked about it okay once again I’ll say that seeing them in
the theater especially the first one you know even though I wasn’t a huge Star
Wars fan I still went opening night because I had friends we camped out like
24 hours ahead of time in theater it was fun there’s people cosplaying like but
they had us in the big theater with the lights up like you know they they load
us in a couple hours beforehand and they had like like people playing the the
cantina music they had like yeah fond of this because there was like
a party atmosphere around it yes yeah that was a large part of it people were
so excited oh my god a new Star Wars like people were just blown away you
know and then you see the the the Lucas you know sign pop up and the music and
just like people when you’re in the moment of something you know you’re just
you’re very excited about it you know you’re like you can definitely get hyped
and I was like alright cool you know and the CG at the time was like really
awesome you know and seeing some of these like droid battles and you know it
was I’m not saying it’s a great movie not saying it’s a great movie and I’ve
watched it again recently too and I’m like yeah these aren’t great movies but
there are things I actually like the political stuff like the the stupid
political backstabbing and you know I mean really it’s it’s the dialogue I say
if you know I feel like you replace the dialogue with like way better dialogue I
think most of it like it actually comes back a lot better I don’t know if that
still makes it less awkward yeah I mean whatever it’s like you know it has
classic tropes and stuff I mean it’s it’s Lucas like he’s I don’t think he’s
a great director anyway so that’s a whole nother thing anyway man and I
remember being in the theater too in episode 2 when Yoda
you know whips out his lightsaber and just like dude the whole place just
erupted like oh my god we’ve never seen Yoda will the lightsaber and even though
it wasn’t that great of a battle I mean you know like a human-sized guy fighting
a spinny thing you know it was still just like Yoda with a lightsaber whoa
you know like I mean all these this is the thing Star Wars is for kids wow it’s
true I mean it’s Star Wars is like best played with kids and I would say the
prequels guess who loves the prequels people that were kids at that time like
you asked kids these days and they’re like oh yeah the prequels were awesome
like they they actually did like it because they didn’t care you know like
Star Wars is for kids Star Trek has always been for adults that’s the
difference in my mind that’s you on that one I’m not sure if I
immediately agree would you much rather play with Star Trek or Star Wars action
figures is this a trick question no I’m just asking
no I mean because I don’t think I ever played with action figures but you’ve
seen you’ve seen them though right I mean if you if you were to do it in true
Star Trek style I don’t know if it qualifies as playing because you would
just have a bunch of let’s say next-generation figurines around a table
calmly discussing how they’re gonna handle this problem that’s happening
with the enterprise yeah I had it was it’s probably this big recreation of the
bridge Star Trek Knicks next generation alright and I had like a little pack
with all the the Star Trek next generation people and they would sit at
their stations and you know you can bring up stuff on the screen kinda and
so it was boring as hell but guess what Star Wars action figures Star Wars Legos
they’re awesome right because I think I think Star Wars was made for kids you
know they’re so there that it was made to sell toys it was made to get the kids
excited xxx I really how does it relate to smooth ER well you mentioned at the
beginning of the show oh no that was just you know a callback to the Gordon
and the smooth is there lost now I don’t understand what is the point of this
segment just so we can talk smack about the prequels yeah you know you can
celebrate your love for well I mean well hey listen on this show we’d like to
talk about other things than just PC hardware and we you know we somehow we
came to the Star Trek next generation thing or the the motion-picture thing
it’s only because Gordon only ever talks about it in terms of a sedative yeah
well and Gordon also talks about Star Wars all the damn time and now he’s
ramped it up and he’s starting to talk about it as an alternative to lethal
injection which I feel like just went from an 8 to a 15 out of 10
when Lithia said they had the same exact place it that’s awesome I my mom is it
my mom got rid of it like at a yard sale for a dollar or something and I came
home and I was just like but whatever I mean I was in high school and you know I
wasn’t like super attached to it but you know yeah it was yeah you little like
the Romulans might attack what should we do I don’t know let’s talk to them and
yeah let’s do some diplomacy you know maybe they want to meet with us let’s
see what they’re thinking you know we can offer them some tea if they get
offended you know then maybe we you know have to counteract and you know go on a
mission for them you know right now start a Star Trek not for kids
yeah I’m just having flashbacks right now to that one scene okay spoiler alert
again right for a Firefly spoiler alert but that wasn’t okay I won’t say it then
because if you haven’t seen it second it’s gonna take the magic why haven’t
you seen it it’s so short well which is also funny
because I’ve seen the movie for some some reason certain serenity yeah so I
saw the movie for some reason I don’t even remember why but I’ve never seen a
TV show TV show it has way more charm than the movie and in sin iam says 2001
is the other classic that is also a sedative and I will say then you’re not
paying attention because that movie trips my brain that movie like that’s an
acid trip that’s not a sedative some people that yeah right anyway yeah
I think we’ve offended a lot of Drive offended a lot of people yeah I will say
there are some people who are on my side places they had that experience they had
all the figures and most of the big Star Wars toys came home one day as a
teenager and mother had given it all the way horrified yeah so and clay also says
they think serenity holds up I’ve watched since Axl I’m not saying that
Sarnia is a bad move anxious it’s got a difference in tone mm-hmm and it makes
sense for why they did it within the context of the universe but I just still
like Firefly is easier to love because of the different
and tone yeah no I get that do we want to get on some questions we
don’t have a ton of questions so sure why not yeah let’s take a couple
questions let me change the graphic Oh actually one last question
yes what’s up how do you feel about the current Star Wars movies I want it I
just want to have a base or a full picture context for where everything
falls on your spectrum I would say rogue one is probably my favorite Star Wars
movie I liked rogue one a lot I feel like this isn’t character for you based
on everything you’ve described it was it was cool I dug it and had some of the
best Legos yeah good once and then I saw what was at 7-7 was fine eight sucked
really and then I never saw I never saw the Han Solo one I at one point I will
yeah all right so here we go this is a this is a hot one from from Rooker on
discord if you want to get on a discord hop in there’s a link or question is
where we take most of our questions but if you have some in here you know it’s
kind of a slower day why don’t you pop it in the it’s Rooker asks there is a
very long list of services started and then later shut down by this question
yeah reader buzz Google+ during a recent Q&A about stadia Google
was asked how they would handle purchase games if the stadia service were to shut
down the reply was a condescending non answer that didn’t come anywhere near
addressing the question does the full nerd or half nerd crew in this case feel
comfortable recommending people purchase games from stadia given Google’s track
record and they’re disturbing evasion of the question do you want to go first
uh sure I can go first let me mark it off for a quick my off my checklist
there I can go first up No so I think you got to do a wait-and-see thing right
I think if you’re on the cutting edge like me I’m fine
purchasing a couple like I even I even bought a couple on live games when life
came out just to try it out but I’m a bleeding edge you know somebody
who likes to get in on the ground floor and just what happened when they went
under yeah you don’t you didn’t get to keep your game see the service just shut
down you don’t have access to I mean so I spent you know between the monthly fee
and the games that I spend I maybe 120 something like that so it’s not a small
sum but also I was all those playing games in the cloud a decade before
everyone else was doing it right you know that’s $120 saying yeah you know
but also I like to I’d like to try out new things I like to try out things that
are at the bleeding edge to see where they’re at and then come later and say
okay this is how far we’ve come right because I had that on live experience
I’m excited to try out stadia because then I can say oh wow look how far that
we’ve come you know since then and and I think it’s worth it
too if you’re an early adopter like me to be like okay listen I I wouldn’t I
wouldn’t call this a purchase of a game I would also wouldn’t call that I
wouldn’t purchase a game that I was looking forward to I would say I I would
rather go in thinking kind of like oh here we go I’ll use this isn’t a good
analogy I don’t think of gambling when I I don’t really gamble that much when I
go to Vegas but in the times that I’ve gambled in Vegas I don’t see it I know
some people who try to see it as all I’m gonna make some money right and I think
that’s the the worst way to go into it is to think like oh you know I’m gonna I
got $100 I’m gonna make it $200 yeah you know for me I actually think it’s
entertainment so I go in and say hey you know what I got $100 I’m gonna gamble
and it’s I’m it’s like spending hundred dollars at Cirque du Soleil or you know
this is something it’s it’s entertainment value here I would say if
I were to purchase some games I wouldn’t I would say hey you know what this is
this is entertainment and I could lose it at any minute but I’m glad I
experienced it just to test it out but that’s just me just as me did the normal
person I say no yeah I would say based on how the question is worded the
someone who thinks in those terms should probably wait and see and
honestly maybe just avoid it just don’t purchase if you can get away with it or
if you do buy it when it’s on crazy sale so that way if you do end up losing out
it’s not going to be that much of a problem
I do hope given Google size that they take more of a Microsoft approach where
Microsoft has done this thing where if something gets delisted not delisted
sorry if something becomes unavailable they actually refund you the money that
you paid for it so like when Xbox fitness was a thing I’m not sure how
many people watching the stream actually know what I’m talking about but
basically when the next box won’t launch they have this hole it was basically an
app where you could access workout videos and you would have to pay to
access some of them ok and I had actually purchased some of them because
for me it’s a really it was a very really convenient way to workout and
also I was testing some of it for work at the time based on where I was working
and when they shut down that service they actually refunded any money that
you had spent on workouts which I thought was a really great goodwill
gesture on their part they decided to do it but it was kind of it was just smart
as a business ition because then you’re not bitter about them taking it away I
mean you’re sad that it’s going away but you’re not bitter because you’re not
losing out on the investment so to speak that you had made in it so I’m hoping
that Google has deep enough pockets that they would be willing to do that but
they have kind of they have such a scattershot approach to things that I
just don’t know if they would yeah well and also I don’t think this is going to
be for the price conscious anyway right you know I don’t think anyone should go
into this and think like oh this is probably the cheapest way to get into
gaming for sure I just mean that I mean I always reframe things all right
general reframe things in terms of value but I don’t necessarily think the
question as asked was about value is more about how do I protect my purchase
and I think the answer is you don’t know know you don’t know how you’re going to
be able to and it’s very likely you won’t be able to
so then you have to just basically decide how comfortable you are with that
as you framed it you know for you you see it as entertainment it’s no
different than going out to eat you’re not going to recoup that money yeah yeah
you got an experience out of it you got something from it
one and done it’s not meant to be a perpetual thing right you said carries
on word yeah well and I got my play time out of it when I did I think was at read
fraction gorilla that one where you’re like on Mars and there no I think it was
a gorilla yeah no anyway the one where you’re on Mars like running around with
a hammer I had already had the game but I bought it on live again to use just to
play there you know just to experience it so you know I played it a bunch you
know yeah it’s an experience so is it a way is it a valuable or a viable way to
go forward and say hey you know what I’m not gonna have a gaming PC or a console
no I don’t know I don’t think that’s what it’s gonna be yeah so yeah and also
I think as time goes on the overhead will go down because at the beginning
you need like a chromecast ultra and stuff like that where later you’ll just
need a web browser and I do feel like as a kind of topics tangential topic it
would be really nice if you could just buy something and hold it right where if
you bought the game directly through Ubisoft or Microsoft or EA like that
gave you license to use it on a platform mmm
you know maybe you would chart maybe they the platform itself would charge
you to use their platform to play the game but then you never really lose
access to the game if the platform worms down that makes sense I think that would
be a much better way of handling it other but so many of these companies try
to lock you into the ecosystem so I don’t think I don’t ever happen yeah
yeah I mean I think the only way maybe around it if because a lot of times
Ubisoft has you come in through their back-end like even if you buy it on
Steam you still have to have a you play account and it still goes to your you
play library so I could see maybe there’s a back-end thing of saying hey
if stadia shut down but you bought this Ubisoft game
still activated your Uplay library so you can still get to it there if they
wanted to be nice yeah and it only probably works for the the people like
you be suffer the companies like Ubisoft you have that back in yeah and that are
willing to do that so do I think they’re in the best spot for game streaming no
do I think there’s a higher possibility than the rest of them that the game you
know that stadia would go away yes do I think they will no I actually I
think they’ll think that I think they’ll stick it out I think it’s it’s a viable
spot for them to be at least out I’d say five years I’d give them five years I
don’t know if that’s sticking it out I think that’s just having a longer term
experiment because honestly Google doesn’t abandon all of its projects
right away it just eventually does right so we had wave buzz reader you know a
bunch of things like that reader was around for quite a few years before they
you know sunset it so I mean the only thing I would say is that out of all
those things that they have killed and yes they’ve killed a lot of stuff I
actually like to wave a lot none of those none of those were like
huge upfront investments like I don’t think Google we’re gonna like getting
into game streaming that’s not cheap like in in no like like they couldn’t
you know reader you know buzz you know these are kind of smaller investments
this this is like no you better you better know you’re gonna be in it for a
bit cuz this is a lot of money we’re putting up front I don’t know I think
it’s no different than I mean five years is usually the rule of thumb for seeing
if a business is going to be viable or not right and they’re only because of
how much upfront cost is invested so if they were to shut down the first couple
years that would surprise me because at that point you really don’t know if it’s
taking off but after the five year mark I think it’s gonna be a lot mmm more
touch-and-go to really see if they would stick with it because usually by four or
five years you really kind of have a sense if the if it’s gonna take off
and got to get past that an initial investment bumpier because I mean if
they kill it within two years then somebody made a really bad decision to
like upfront all this costs I think like so that’s why
like I don’t think it’s gonna die someone leaves a company and then they
just completely change course because whoever was spearheading that project is
no longer there to advocate for it I think it’ll be kind of like VR where you
know it like all this stuff is coming in real hot and heavy at the beginning but
then over time it will you know slowly even out and it’s gonna be it’s gonna be
there for the people who want it and it’s not gonna take over the world in
any other way so that’s what I think anyway enigma tastic has a question if
you’re still here if you can clarify on this they’re asking is there a device
for road trips that will facilitate retro gaming digital thumbstick not
cartridge-based what do you think they mean we just talking up to one of those
like in-car screens you know how some cars have like a screen that can come
down yeah have a seat so that your kids are occupied I don’t know is there a
device for road trips that will facilitate retro gaming I mean do they
mean something that has a screen I mean I feel like the thing will be talk to
yeah yeah yeah so please if you’re still here maybe if you can expand expand on
your question because you know if you’re talking about this then I highly
recommend the pocket go for for retro gaming stuff up there they’re still here
looking for something with a screen then make yeah maybe you came late deep
pocket go it’s on sale now what are the 36 yeah so a good deal that’s definitely
what I would recommend I’m gonna answer this one because it’s not really
something we talked about much on the full nerd dad isn’t mad on discord asked
do you guys have a chance to look at the galaxy book s it’s samsung’s new 8c X
arm powered laptop do you think it’ll have a bigger app to a bigger impact
than Intel’s new and upcoming laptop CPU we saw the 8c X at Computex by we I mean
mark Hawkman and and I we saw we did a video out there I don’t think he has
seen the galaxy book X s because they only did and you
briefing but he could be trying to get that in more importantly and I know how
Gordon thinks about this how much do you know about this fight between Qualcomm
and Intel and not as much as Gordon yeah well you know it’s it everyone’s trying
to have really you know low powered you know laptops that you can use everyday
tasks for the aches a I will say from what we saw at Computex go watch marks
video read his coverage he’s been impressed with what we’ve seen
at the the eight CX so we’ll see once we get it in we’ll see
so next question coming in from Adam Patrick Murray this one’s for Elena why
do you love small form-factor pcs I don’t know if there is a good reason
other than that I am Asian specifically Chinese don’t know what that means I’m
getting there I’m getting there so when if you go to Asia and I’m sure you saw
some of this in Taiwan when you were doing your that’s the English word for
it oh yeah yeah we know the sensible toys
oh yes capsule toys the capsule toys that’s what it was okay that’s English
word for it um when you’re doing that but there is there’s this weird emphasis
on cute things like it’s just yeah there’s so much cute stuff so much okay
and I feel like that kind of got like like I was marinated in that so for me
one of the things I love about small form factors is that they’re just so
freakin cute I love the way they look I also like they don’t take up much space
what I don’t like is trying to actually build them and having to actually puzzle
it out because the orders so sometimes I do like the challenge and I think also
my hands allow easier her building I think if you have much larger hands it
can be kind of a pain the but sometimes to work on an ITX system mini ITX system
but yeah I mean I’m kind of shallow when I say this but a lot of it has to do
with how it ends up looking in the end yeah Danny very cute
I had one oh yes this last question also comes in from
Adam Patrick Murray and it’s to not Ewing it’s to the audience
I thought you go directly to modify no I’m sorry Mona we’ve been very rude not
paying attention she probably can’t even hear us
yeah I have a question to the audience something something we have stirred on
the back end is quite possibly of interest as a folder and t-shirts yeah
we’re working on that we’re talking about it you know something enabled in
YouTube to maybe buy some t-shirts if anyone has any thoughts on full no
t-shirts drop them in the discord I would like to see if anyone would like a
smooth 30 t-shirt no just a smooth 30 yeah so yeah if if you wanted a certain
sizes or certain logos you know what kind of things like that yeah it would
be good for us to know what kind of sizing people are interested in and also
what kind of fit because I know right now slim fit is really popular among you
know certain dudes some guys don’t like it at all
for the ladies I’ll be making a lot of decisions on that but if you have some
preferences I should know about because obviously like one I don’t have a large
chest so I won’t be necessarily thinking about anything related to that so if
there are concerns well it’s just how it fits right because when you have it’s
just reading something to you Adam made a face when I yeah if you have any
issues or things like that I should be aware of let me know good car card
Karthik I’m gonna try to read their full name
Karthik Muru jiton sue brahmani yes actually it’s not you but probably I
want to fool nor t-shirt with Gordon saying something funny
I can imagine just like a cutout of Gordon’s face that would be really I
guess and like a little thought bubble or speech bubble assist some like smooth
30 okay we wouldn’t scream it yeah so anyway if you forget some some
fun stuff in your mind tossing our way if not we’re gonna put of what he would
say ru hi ru hi yeah I don’t think he says it on the show as much as he says
it in the office sorry that’s true I just I’m thinking of
what it’s like to work there’s there’s a lot a lot of things of working with
Gordon that people don’t get to see on camera it’s fun time it’s always a fun
time and you know it’s always a fun time to hang out with fans of the full nerd
because you make this fun so thank you that brings us to the end of our show do
you have to do the outro – yeah deaf memory no I mean I don’t I don’t know
where the document is he has it so from will our talk on the full nerd yeah for
more for more fix of PC topics on the full nerd you can send any questions to
the full nerd at PC world com we might answer them on the show if not
bring them in discord that’s probably better likely and if if you rate and
review us are you going to subscribe to us Spotify modify we’re on there yes
play iTunes anywhere anywhere you can rate us each time you do it Mona learns
a new language but she won’t speak it because she’s shy so and then yeah check
back next week for our special show yeah we’re gonna have Brad in the house physical location yeah it doesn’t happen
that often that happens only once a year and so that will be next week on
Thursday and we’ll have a live stream on Wednesday yeah of us together a bill
believe it’s an all AMD system so stay tuned oh yeah real quick
pure track has a great one a shirt of Gordon’s face and says in this episode
of the full nerd in this episode that might be a good one too anyway thanks
for hanging out and if you have more hot takes on
Star Wars he can send them to Elena on Twitter don’t tell it to me because I
don’t care just kidding and then yeah the Star Wars learn it
isn’t that it was cool yeah I’ve never been disciplined and with that Thank You
of Thank You Mona for being here Thank You Elena for uh for graciously
hosting in the absence of Gordon and Brad I just I shoveled everything off
onto you yeah and uh thanks Adam who’s uh who’s gonna take us off on the
verticals and horizontals and I’m gonna say something punny but I’m not I didn’t
have it prepared so bye

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