Paul Padda Podcast Episode 1 – Introduction

Hi folks this is Paul Padda of Paul Padda Law coming to you live! I am very excited to announce my podcast which is going to be debuting next Thursday This is just an introduction to what we are going to be doing on the podcast. As I said name is Paul Padda, I am a lawyer here in Las Vegas, I handle mainly personal injury cases I also have a law firm
called the Vegas lawyers and where we do also criminal work on that out of that
brand but I’m very excited as an attorney I you know I moved here in 2004
I’ve lived in Las Vegas I came here from Washington DC I’ve been a federal
prosecutor in Las Vegas I started my own law firm in 2011 and since then the firm
has grown and grown and grown and I’m excited to have a wonderful group of
people that work with me and by way of background you know I’ve lived all over
the world I’ve lived in London I’ve lived in Washington DC I went to school
in Chicago and for the last several years, the last decade or more I’ve
been in Las Vegas. I love Las Vegas this is the greatest city in the world and I
moved here not necessarily expecting to stay and then one year turned into two
years turned into five years turned into ten years and here it is
2019! I moved here in 2004! 15 years later I’m just very excited to say that I love
the city and this podcast is an extension of my love for the city
because we’re gonna be talking about Vegas we’re going to be talking about
Vegas issues we’re gonna be talking about life in general on my podcast
we’re gonna be talking about my life in the law and I’m gonna have guests on the
show who are gonna also talk about legal issues and talk about life and things
that are gonna be engaging and interesting. My passions are politics, law,
community events, what’s happening. Part of the podcast is also going to be
there’s gonna be a segment called Paul Padda for the People where I’m going to
give you information that makes your life easier, tips on how to navigate the
legal system, tips on things that you can do as an average citizen to empower
yourself to put yourself in a better position
legally when dealing with situations and so that’s gonna be just one aspect of the
show that’s gonna be I think informative and interesting but as I said really the
purpose of the podcast is going to be just conversational we’re gonna get to
delve into a lot of really interesting topics and I’m really excited about it
and also this is gonna be an engaging format. If you have questions I want to
invite people to send in questions at ask at Paul padda law dot com that’s [email protected] and we’ll answer those questions we’ll address those things and
we’re gonna have a great cast of people who are gonna be coming on here from all
walks of life and talking about issues that are of importance to the community
things that are gonna be useful and helpful we’re gonna find out why people
do what they do how they got into certain roles or employment positions or
positions of influence and what makes them tick and that’s all really cool and
interesting stuff and that stuff actually as a lawyer, is what I do when we go to
trial in cases you know you have to speak to a jury you have to convince
them that your client has the better case how do you do that? You do it by
being authentic by talking to people like a real person and so this podcast
in my opinion is just an extension of that and I’m really excited about it as
a lawyer so stay tuned every Thursday, every Thursday at 12 noon we’ll be doing
this podcast and you’ll get to know more about me about my law firm, about my guests
we’re gonna come on the show and we’re gonna have a lot of fun and I’m really
looking forward to it!

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