89 thoughts on “PATRICK BET-DAVID – THE LIFE OF AN ENTREPRENEUR – Part 1/2 | London Real

  1. First Robert Kiyosaki and then Patrick Bet David!

    Listening these amazing men on London Real. And in my personal life transitioning from membership gym sales to door to door sales is perfect timing.

  2. mike answered to persico boss of the colombos after joe colombo go whacked by crazy joe gallo,,, i ended up being a mob expert after pat told me to study the mob, went all the way back go The Boss Mozerea.

  3. i actualy got a poster of lucky luciano in my room after i studies the mob. the man who establish the comission

  4. I remember asking you in comments for interview with PBD about 2 years ago! Great interview, he could talk with you for hours! Probably the only guy whose advice can both be aplied to someone with 100 bucks on card and to billionaires.

  5. I do not know about this guy.. This is a great interview, he is a great speaker. This interview seemed easy. Patrick did not need coaching, the show was fluid

  6. Thanks Patrick for telling the truths about Entrepreneurship instead of media polynna lies about being a entrepreneur and driving lambos all the time.

  7. He is the same man behind reel and real life. One of the humble a d grounded man I ever met so far. I love the way he teach. It's a totally different approach but so effective. Clarity is the key ❤️💯🙏 thankyou for sharing it . Looking for part 2.

  8. You're favorite interview was a mobster? Aren't you supposed to be about entrepreneurs? Yet it seems like you glamorize the criminal lifestyle just like Hollywood. Zero self awareness..

  9. Entrepreneurship is like students in a class, some will excel and some will fail but all of them are being taught by the same teacher.

  10. Patrick David has quick thinking, he has some amazing perspectives. London Real has some amazing content and production. The builds of music, the camera shots, everything is spot on . Thank you for such an amazing production and featuring such amazing people.

  11. man this interview was even way more amazing than i thought it would be. one of the very best in my opinion!

  12. Pat Bet-David!! This guy shares one of those more interesting, worthy watching and helpful content on YouTube, not just about entrepreneurship but about life, posture, the impotence of workethinic and many others matters related to success. Thanks London REAL!!!
    Thanks Pat Bet David!!!!

  13. I love Patrick. He's real and he's an immigrant, just like me. Thank you for bringing him to the show 🙂
    Btw. Brian, you are getting better and better 😀
    Edit: Bravo for anyone who EDITS your videos! Awesome job (the one with Joko was a masterpiece) 🙂

  14. I really like watching both of these guys do these long format interviews on their channels. Didn't expect one to ever interview the other!

  15. As a young man, I was fascinated by mafia life and still enjoy mob movies. But a couple of years ago it downed on me that all Mafia guys either end up dead or in jail. Hence, the life no longer attracts me as a viable career option.

  16. I see a very bright future for Patrick Bet-David. I see him running for public office, Senator, governor etc and earning a lot of respect around the world.

  17. When I read Trump's books over and over, I thought he was a controlled genius. But now everyone can see that his chip is out of control ever since he ran for president and has managed to gatecrash into the White House. Regrettable.

  18. Great content. But showing half on youtube and then pushing me to your website for the rest of it is annoying! why should I subscribe?

  19. The reason Brian Rose is one of the best interviewer is because he lets the guest tell his story without unnecessary interruptions.

  20. Just a thought, can you add part 2 after a time period on YouTube or make it a full length video? Think you would still have your same model of getting emails from visiting your full site. At least the people that really want to check it out. Same time get views off the part 1, off a part 2, then finally views off the full version of the video? Think would add value especially for those not willing to sign up that are new to your channel and discover more of your videos. I like downloading allot of videos to my phone and listening to them. It’s hard to do a multitask on IOS due to not being able to run the video in the background in the browser. Literally have to keep it running which sucks up my battery.

    I do appreciate the production value as I’ll look at the camera shots, back drops and dolly moves.

    Thanks London Real / Thank You Brian

  21. This may be the best interview I’ve ever seen. Bravo Brian and Patrick.

  22. Absolutely love Patrick Bet-David and Valuetainment! He is one of the few I look up to!

    Sent an email to Valuetainment, applying to become an ambassador. Waiting to get a response

  23. Side business wow great advise
    Something that was in my mind n now am going to work on it to start soon

    Tks PBD / Rose /LR

  24. Love the truth behind this conversation. Especially at the end. The amount of hard work and effort. I truly appreciate it Brian. Keep up the good work. I’m on a journey to change for the better.

  25. Really enjoy this deep conversations. This 2 guys seem to have a great level of self-awareness and respect for each other.

  26. This link between #ImmigrantMentality and #EntrepreneurShip is a fallacy, its a #WorkersMentality no matter where you start from. 100% there are parallels, same as Communism and Socialism have parallels . Each individual have a story and reasons to make a complete change in their life, their children's life and even their children's children's life. Regardless of my view on that specific item, great conversation with Patrick.

  27. Patrick I love the channel and the wisdom. I am not dissuaded in becoming an entrepreneur in the machine learning world

  28. I have the chip. I just need to master control of it. That piece about the chip really spoke to me Wow! Thank you

  29. For me Patrick is so close person in terms of his life and business also issues and happiness with family even my notes about wife ha ha ha… It's so common… And when he says the business is the hell completely yes yes yes. And then I think to myself maybe craftsmanship is a better way to enjoy life and have a good income.Sports or music or art or mechanics or engineering can also be very well-paid and you really don't need to struggle with all that accountancy money last profit business running etc.

  30. Mr BRIAN ROSE , kindly get 'NASSIM NICHOLAS TALEB' to open his cortex- tiles to your polemics: qef

  31. I enjoy every interview I have seen him do so far. The person he interviews seems to want to answer his questions and without having to be guarded. Maybe he doesn't ask hard questions but I never get the idea his guests don't hold back.

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