Parliamo di Maglia Knitting Podcast – Stagione 1 – Episodio 2 – Risorse creative & IVKN

Parliamo di Maglia Knitting Podcast – Stagione 1 – Episodio 2 – Risorse creative & IVKN

ok …. so here we are then welcome and
welcome this is Parliamo di Maglia I’m martina badialima on instagram
and on raverly …. and now I will move slightly to improve the framing so you see some of the mess of mine
library … it’s always very picturesque this is the second episode of the first
season is the August episode and we’ll talk about a
First of all I will talk about a bit of resources I found on the level
of books, magazines, etc. in general, that is resources that can
be useful to those who knit useful or fun short …. after that
we will talk about international virtual knit night and there will be an interview then
let’s talk about magna with Phil and Elenieni’s international virtual knit nights, then vi
I’ll show you what I did what i’m doing and that too
that I would like to do soon … therefore as regards resources, etc.
I wanted to talk to you a post on the
Meg Swansen’s blog of School House Press in which he spoke of small books and
agile, not particularly manageable expensive and therefore today’s book is one
of that series and why it falls do we say in the resources? why the book (is
this “People Knitting”) I took it up Amazon costs 10 pounds so about 12
euro, quite cheap, is a book photo. Why
according to me the resources are not only economic or time resources but also
of inspiration I sometimes I really need to recharge from
point of view of inspiration in the my free time and this book is a lot
nice because of this because it is one photographic collection of people who
knit in the past. From a past quite remote, then i
dawn of photography … wait until I tell you the first one when
dates back to 1890, 1860 in short, they are very photos very dated … Up to photos of the years
50/60 / of the 70s is not there very
there is almost nothing, so cover in short those 100 years there, since
1860 circa, beginning of photography, up to photos that still have a taste
vintage … especially mom if you are me watching I show you a look-alike
engaged in knitting in the sixties, that is the similarity
with women to my family is pretty scary, too
the hair is similar you see … … I lost my tan
back from vacation I was fine we were on a bike in Trentino as at
usually on our exhausting holidays and I took a little break then some socials from
all because sometimes it takes and therefore this book is proper
nice, and coming back to us it’s nice to see how knitting is you
maintained and renewed over time no and in short, I need these things is one
which is good for me in the field of knitting.
Then instead about free resources libraries etc.
the moment I had done the la review of magazines taken from
library the discussion then is been on free resources
there was a time when we have talked a lot and it was a little bit
also spoken of libraries, talking about them as if the library were a resource
free … but it is not quite so. The library is a public resource
therefore it means that the State, in the person of the institution managing the
library or institution that runs the library if the library
it’s something private, buy this well and then makes it available
so I, a citizen who pays taxes, I do not dispose of this for free
well but I have it as I have the library card, for example
because I am a resident in a certain common. So let’s do it
attention to these distinctions, that is if one goes to the library takes a book
and a pattern is made from the book taken from library in my opinion is a completely legitimate thing, because that book is was acquired in the most legal manner
and transparent as possible, and the person precisely being a
citizen who pays taxes, in fact contributed though
collectively to the purchase of that book so for me the
question is quite simple ie there may be an impression of
free but in the end here is how to say it is not so, the
compensation to those who created that good is been paid and from this point of
view we are okay. this to tell you that I am
entered for my convenience and mine greater
deepening in the newsstand service of my library system. Such as
you know I live in the municipality of Milan and the our municipal library system
it breaks, we can say it’s cool crazy and practically me with mine
I can access the library card to this portal called media
library is this here, I don’t know if you see it this is my ipad that is starting now
to be a little consumed by the years … in where there is a newsstand section – in addition to a
lot of ebooks – there is also the section newsstand also exists an app
however, in short, it breaks the system Milanese librarian but not to the point
to have a more functioning app I think they told me this actually
service is under contract so there are so many institutions that draw on this
portal called “media library” the newsstand has something like 7 thousand 100
headlines, crazy and there are all right the newspapers that one can browse
just as if one physically goes into library finds the newspaper of
day or how I went and got me taken the magazines I could consult
consult them I borrowed them … And you find everything so how to say for me is
a cool crazy and there are also some both very interesting magazines and magazines
lifestyle products wait a minute I do
a break ok then nothing is due
switch to the computer because I usually I browse this site from my computer and with
the tablet was doing a little bit of confusion…
then practically for example me here what I did I went to the section
handicrafts and decorative arts for example I found The Knitter as
magazine … would be great if I could make one of those videos in
which you can show yourself what I see on the screen but me
I’m not able … anyway practically The knitter is a beautiful magazine there
they are very beautiful models I was very happy to be able to
access this resource because it is not really obvious to be able to
access an American magazine with so much ease.
I invite you everywhere, you are and everywhere you live to go to yours
public library and ask if putacaso the possibility exists
to access these services because they are interesting, they are
inspiring, they are resources just like I said before apparently free,
because in any case like taxpayers
we give our contribution so that institutions can source these documents and therefore nothing can be nice to have one
look a little different, for get rich a little beyond, too
without maybe filling the house continually of material or going on pinterest e I always have on pinterest
this impression a little disconnection I can never understand
who did what a beautiful thing gallery …. nothing People knitti is part of this
of this wave here is a very book very nice that I invite you this
this famous photo of the child of the Shetlands with the cat
… are photos found at sometimes they are also found in the gallery
on Facebook eleanor roosevelt I mean if eleanor roosevelt can
to knit at a meeting why not I can do it?
application for all employers … perhaps because it was eleanor roosevelt and
not me. however nothing we say this it’s a bit what I wanted to tell you
regarding resources regarding things which I found, I liked
in this month. Then so step to the next topic which are mine
work in progress, finished things, etc. I present to you a little so in a way
extempore a cute little book interesting that has to do with everything
the topic … we see that for some time now I make videos, I’m not so fluid … then
we talked about creative resources resources that how to say somehow
while not making us knit or whatever your hobby, they help,
this instead is really a resource concrete practice that
I need a lot and me I use a lot just as I work and
is this “Cast On Bind Off” book are 54 methods for starting and closing i
jobs, there are the biggest ones I think there is one that has type 100
120 methods I had taken this, from Leslie Bestor is in English and I am a booklet
that I always have with me when I start or I finish a job because it helps me
really. The nice thing is that they are there ok it’s well explained, but it’s very convenient because in back cover at the beginning and at
end there are the starts and the divided closures for use then you have for
whatever work you are doing a that is to say start of the shirts for
when you’re doing the coasts, start up for when you’re doing the ribs you have
need a really flexible start, decorative, provisional … as you can tell
circular provisionals where you start at in center therefore for example as when one does
they make the most shawl and that is oh well … circular shawls
using the form of pi because how to say assonance with a function
body is tremendous … and the same for the closures.
so the same are divided, so when you you have a model where it does not come
specified the how and why do not you give a clear suggestion, I have
this and without being to do big research, there are explanations
with the figures to me it returns very well to me so simply learn one
he looks at it and looks at it move in short, in this way. It’s a
booklet that advice costs about 15 euros .. 16 dollars and 95 is on amazon
I don’t know I don’t know if there is one specific library – I would recommend you to
also take a look at Abebooks for see if it exists maybe used, the beauty
of used books is that clearly use fewer resources because they are already
printed, they are ready, it’s like for i used clothes, then this one
section we close it here going a little freewheeling, do i
video is a matter of training if one loses the ride a little then he can
be a little more difficult resume … then as regards the completed works
I would say finished, but almost finished what we have here we have my Tegna, I finished it last night I still have to fix some tail, yesterday I was
really too tired and not I then ended up clearly having to wash it
and block it I’m really happy with this
sweater, this is the other tail then you see that the lace has come, is
came good! that is, I am are very very happy about this …
here it is, then clearly stuck will come out,
I like how you look, I did it with le short sleeves.. I had really thought of it for this
dressed … because when I go to work I a fairly powerful air conditioning
and in my opinion that is to say we have one so little, even with short sleeves
because in short there is. I see that it seems much more striped than
what is in reality, that is the contrast it is not so high in reality it’s a bottom up
on the circulars then it is divided by the sleeves and it goes back and forth
front and back, so the reason of this yarn this is the surplus I had 3,
it hurt less than I had three because otherwise I would have to do one
tank top, the hands I made them all with the third skein however anyway
never advanced a bit is a yarn dyed by hand that clearly depending on the
lap width you make changes the drawing that therefore creates practically
from a kind of very nuanced line we switched to these species of … yes
called pooling, I don’t know what it’s called exactly but a little bit the line remains, not me
sorry how it came now then I wash it, e
I will take pictures and everything; I’m very happy,
it’s a nice shirt and in my opinion also as a layer below, because then the problem
in the offices, you have an air of summer crazy condition so in short
however one must cover himself, in winter there is ball heating because the
global warming who knows what it is, and therefore in
winter therefore one covers itself, but it is there to have a light little thing, and therefore I am
very happy. I recommend the model is part of the models I mentioned earlier in
which you do not specify well what to use how to do it for which I used the book
Cast On Bind Off of the Bestor of which I spoke to you and it is done,
it must be finished a moment, then it is finished I wash
so also the plot will conform and will be a
a little different for the better, the beautiful hand-dyed yarns
it is also that the result one has it is not uniform, it is not obvious and it is beautiful, it has its reason. this wool it is called Lavish in the Mauve color, and it is made from fish and stitch
before i have wrong to say snail yarn that is
another one tintora … let’s say it’s another indie dyer Italian and among other things I have no things
hers, I don’t know why she came to mention me, okay sorry sorry at all
fish and stitch and it is 75 percent 25 percent merino silk. The hand
it’s pretty dry, sometimes almost difficult to work but I think it is
the effect of silk, however, was beautiful went away quite fast, to the
the end I started on June 1st or maybe
July 1st … I have to see on raverly anyway it didn’t take me
three months to make this sweater and me as you know I take it easy
because I have a thousand things … then regurgitation of I finished the first sock unicorn,
here too there are queues from fix
I like it perfect, it seems very long but then actually it is not ribbed
so long here it is, I think it will be of the socks that I will wear a lot, have just this aspect soft, then, for those who follow me up
instagram here we have the fallen into battle is seen here
a tragically broken iron these are the metal substitutes I bought
because it is a moment that really those in bamboo don’t last me long, I am distracted we walk there
above this is the survivor I keep it because in any case you never know
and nothing is well advanced of the second leg is a little mine travel project as you know me
I bring it back then back behind back and forth … then what am I doing
I’m preparing the samples for when I will go to the gathering of Elizabeth Zimmermann
I participated in this KAL on EPS which is the method
by elizabeth zimmermann from to make gods sweaters from the circumference
of the bust, they are of proportions Math. in short, it is something that it is
enough of non-public domain but is easily available e
I think the pdf on school house press for EPS type costs about 7 euros
a totally approachable thing. these are my accounts that you can see that
I have drawing skills most remarkable … (cats meow)
I have done all my accounts, I’m doing a
sweater for Alice my baby’s two and a half years almost 3, she chose her
the color this sober little thing a cherry … my program is
the one to arrive we say with sleeves and body and then make the spur one
time at the workshop, then I have to do another sample because another part of the
workshop will be on various types of color work so Donna gave us specifics
we have to make a sample in circular with a certain number of meshes, it is one
quite simple thing though since I have to finish this stuff for
September that is, everything seems to be easy
fast but in the end I fear not arrive on time even if in fact I finished a sleeve and I’m doing already the body I decided to do for
comfort and for speed the edges in a garter shirt is the first time and me they like it a lot because they give it
this looks a little more chubby even if done with a
smaller iron and I like it, gives it this looks a bit like it is almost
a fur coat applied and I find that both very nice and maybe since
may be a little too long or children always
turn the sleeves and so on it’s a lot
pretty even once it’s turned over sleeve, so I like her a lot
all other colors have also been chosen I always show you them for the spur
stash I bought nothing a pink one coral and a white and therefore
practically his palette is this a two and a half years almost 3 I would say that there
is to choose these colors. while these are colors if you remember it
last episode when I told you about Kaffe Fassett, of the blanket I was
doing I had this Karisma drops kit to do
this blanket, I have a lot of it this wool at the end the blanket,
will become pillows I will decide a little thing do what to do with it and no moral of the
fable sorry they are the courier it is
clearly I ordered a book, but that huge news! I was
saying I have in quantity, the Karisma is one wool with good value
quality price for doing things for children, however, do not need in my opinion
spend figures as they grow at the speed of light, the stuff is
stain gets dirty gets dirty … they write to me messages I can’t watch now
etc.. it is necessary to contain the expense a little
so for me the good compromise she (Alice) is a little less how to say nasty compared to
speech of the tingling wool … the wool has a good hand, that is, it does not give up
more than that despite being super walsh on the label is written wool thing
this means we can’t know but we do it enough. and therefore
nothing I’m participating in the KAL with this project, as you see
then when I have it in my hand I can’t stop me
then then I would say we have covered all the topics yes I would say that we are there. then now
let’s move on to international virtual knit night! we have a new episode
with “let’s talk about knitting with” with mine is fine
choice of titles then be questionable but who are we talking about knitting today?
let’s talk about knitting with, as I told you in the beginning, Phile and Eleni, are
my friends, they are a couple living in Greece to Athens to be exact and I am
the hosts that is hosting, the international virtual knit night. Ara
the interview was done and will be in English
I will do my best to put gods subtitles understandable even to whom
does not speak English for those who instead watch the episodes with i
English subtitles how to say for once there will not be
need. You will hear my English with mine beautiful strong accent. But what is it?
international virtual knit nights, we explain it very well during the interview but
for those who do not want to then read the subtitles or to go on, there it is
I sum up very quickly, it’s a species virtual meeting then done
through a device or a computer in so a virtual room is a teleconference, one uses an application that generally comes
used teleconferences for the business
where people do they find and work knit I was not a
knowledge before knowing the international virtual Knit Night by
this mode, there are other knitting virtual groups that are not
the international virtual nick knight I speak of that because it is what to which
I participate and I know I don’t believe in Italy
there is one in Italian if you want doing it in my opinion can be one thing
very cool to do I don’t put myself there because
moments I don’t have time to breathe let alone to do such a thing,
anyway because I was asked to do it, or better
had been me said “but why don’t you do it!” and me, ok too
no and it can be something that seems a lot
strange for me it was very very strange at the beginning but then it is beautiful they meet
lots of people from all over the world clearly then in the interview
let’s explain, there are gods minimum requirements to participate one on
everyone is to know a little english though it can be a great place to do it
practice with your own English also because there is tolerance being i
participants not necessarily people native English speakers so how to say
you can easily communicate and there is a big one
tolerance for those who do not know English like his mother tongue and you learn
so much of this I really am very very very grateful, they meet
some nice people huddle up beautiful friendships if you can
then he also meets in person at the festivals in short travel is a beautiful thing
very united community very cohesive a lot I am very cordial
being unable to participate at knitting meetings that are held
in Milan a little because there is one to what I know, Saturday, and I’m on Saturday with mine
family in my neighborhood there is one but it comes
done in the morning and I’m in the office then
becomes a little complex, I tell my family
“hello” and I’m going to do this thing but how say I feel very guilty … or I have
this alternative which is very convenient very good and very nice to me
so now I leave you the interview we see you next to the next
episode that I don’t know yet when it will be on what it will be if there will be others
interviews that I still have in the pot but if he gives me so much
it will be an episode in which I will do a little report of the September meeting of
elizabeth zimmermann because time here fly and I’m posting more or less here then podcasts per month
realistically it will go like this. I now I greet you I remind you that it exists
my instagram @badialima and thank you very much for the
messages for all the comments I really try to read them
all to answer everyone because how you know time is the most thing
precious that we have and when you choose to dedicate some of your time to me
watching these videos for me is a beautiful thing, looking and then
commenting, because for example I do not I am a person who comments a lot about me
I look, I participate, I listen but hardly comment because it takes
commitment to comment then in the moment a person takes himself
that step further I particularly appreciate e
with this I greet you at the next hello ok
Good evening! Hello everyone! I’m here tonight with Phil and Eleni usually we see ourselves in a different context … They are in Greece and are the hosts of international virtual
knit night, thanks for being here We met at some point in 2018, I can’t remember exactly when I found the IVKN Facebook group, I think it came up in the suggestions of knitting groups, and I requested to participate and from that moment my knitting evenings changed … what is a virtual knit night? Virtual Knit Night, that’s what we’re doing now, we’re in our homes and knit or crochet, or weave or whatever you prefer relative to the manual arts … you can cook if you want! Or eat dinner Phil: I can’t knit and talk at the same time, I’m still a beginner and I would make many mistakes
Eleni: IVKN is what we are doing now But instead of being in 3 we are generally 10, 15 people from all over the world this is the set-up, with various different screens, and that’s it.
Martina: We use Zoom meeting you can download it on a PC, smartphone, it’s very accessible anyone with a smartphone can participate Phil: It’s a free app that works very well Martina: so you give a schedule and everyone participates and we actually knit together but without being together, in the beginning I didn’t understand Phil: it’s a virtual meeting, perhaps the closest thing to being together, IVKN participants met in person And we also met someone in person and this is very nice Martina: Why should I participate in a Virtual Knit Night? And what are the reasons why people participate, I know mine Eleni: Our reasons for participating were that our knitting community exists but is not large and organized as in other countries, there are many yarn shops but they do not organize knitting groups so we have no opportunity to participate in knitting evenings, so when we discovered IVKN and we started to participate, it was before becoming host to IVKN We found out that there are people going to knit nights in person, but what happens on IVKN is that people come from all over the world that’s why “International” There are people from different cultures and therefore have different ones approaches to manual arts eg people from Scandinavia knit differently Or in materials, in style, as well as other knitters, and we share all this in this space, and it is very beautiful, we have different skill levels everyone is welcome, people help each other Phil: from the absolute beginner to the more experienced and generally it’s “knitting” but we’re open to crafters In the textile arts / fiber arts It doesn’t have to be knitting but also unicetto sewing cross stitch, spinning weaving, we are flexible Martina: the amount of knowledge to which is always incredible to which I had access through IVKN regarding fleeces and fibers for example and it’s great to have people who share knowledge, because they’re doing it I remember once a participant was washing a fleece and I was very interested, I asked her to explain and it was like being with her, in her kitchen she is an American, could never have happened take a plane to the USA, to stay a couple of hours in someone’s kitchen it’s really amazing the connection that becomes possible through IVKN We talked in general But there is a specificity IVKN is a bit special, there are rules There are some things to know before participating international virtual knit nights and we can explain a little better First of all, being “international”, we speak in English it is the required language, which everyone must know it is necessary for those who want to participate have a good level of English it doesn’t have to be perfect you can listen and learn but you must be able to communicate with other members, this is the main requirement Then of course you have to be a crafter, photographers, or sculptors are not accepted we must have an interest in the textile arts / fiber arts as we have said we meet three times a week, we announce the meetings on instagram facebook, so you always have a warning, e also for the time, the time zone is the Greek one so you have to know how to adjust based on that It’s on the Athens spindle, because IVKN is broadcast from Athens, Greece At the moment we are not in Athens, we are doing summer vacation So it’s a different location it has already happened in the past to broadcast from here but generally we are at our “headquarters” in Athens But what Eleni means about Facebook and Instagram It is about who is already a participant For new members, they must find us, usually through podcasts or Facebook suggestions There is a questionnaire to answer Questions are available for those requesting and must be answered and for some time now, since this is a platform where people talk “de visu” and there is a certain vulnerability in exposing oneself we don’t want people who are not members of the group they enter the room, we don’t want that to happen, so we try to prevent and have an environment that is safe for everyone for which there are security measures and we have decided to change the admission procedure introducing individual interviews Once requested the admission with the questionnaire we talk to the person, not just to know her and let us know but also to explain how it works technically First it was done during appointments but it had become repetitive So we do it during the individual interview and we can also understand the degree of interest of people This helps everyone to be ready for an “official meeting” so it’s easier for them They know what to expect Absolutely: I remember my first two times and I was really wondering what I was doing This is why I think the new procedure is really good, this seems like a lot of work But then being on IVKN is really nice So if I’m not yet a member of the group I can find you on facebook, instagram and Ravelrym right? When you are asked, the questionnaire to be answered appears But even if you don’t have facebook or don’t use it On instagram there is no questionnaire but we start a conversation We are also, recently I think it’s really nice to have Ravelry too, which makes KALS and CALS so much easier Ravelry has my 100% support, I love Ravelry so … We must also talk about participation and that the group will be free until a certain date We need to tell all interested people We recommend participating in IVKN And this means that those who plan to participate must be active, due to the nature of this community We use videoconferencing, we expose ourselves a lot, we meet people So it’s important to us Let those who join the community then be an active member It’s not a chat, it’s not a forum Instagram, Facebook and Ravelry are logistical support to bring people to meetings on Zoom The required participation is by once a month, even for half an hour, an hour of crafting In a week there are three meetings, 12 a month so you need to be able to participate at least once a month If not more! There are people who attend almost every meeting We see them almost more than our friends “in real life” For me, I’m so busy, full of things to do among children, living in a big city, where matching the already full diaries of friends can be very difficult during the week, or at the weekend, having children, I don’t go out much in the evening, so it’s pleasant, it’s easy it’s easier for me to connect to IVKN, so I simply do not know how else to explain it the fact that I see my IVKN friends more than my “real” friends there are people on IVKN who can’t go to real life knitting meetings because they are not in their area, or they are introverts and feel better at home so this is an optimal solution The program is very regular so for most people it is easy to participate, you don’t have to do it all the time, at the moment there is a meeting Tuesday, Saturday, are the evening meetings for the European time zone then there is a Sunday meeting, which lasts more hours, 10 hours, Tuesday lasts 4 hours, Saturday 5 Sunday 10, and this is to facilitate people in different time zones, such as in the USA, Canada, Australia It is always fascinating to see that it is night and for other participants it is full day! I’m in the future! Australians are in the future! You are about to introduce and a new rule, for next year, for 2020 The change is that from January 2020 An annual subscription So far IVKN has been free for the participants we started in 2018 and will be free until the end of 2019 But since 2020, who wants to continue or become a memebro will have to make an annual subscription If I subscribe to it in January, it ends the following year But what if I do it in February? Does it follow calendar year or months? is an annual subscription But there will be options for those arriving later this year there will be reduced rates The subject of the subscription can be frightening, but you can indicate a monthly price range for those who are watching, to get an idea it will be the equivalent of a coffee, but not a starbucks coffee, a normal one! Dividendo la quota annuale nei vari mesi è un caffè, niente di estremo! non vogliamo spaventare nessuno! Vogliamo più persone che partecipino Avete pensato a una tariffa accessibile e inclusiva Che però vi permetta anche di sostenere il servizio che fornite Dando comunque alle persone la possibilità di partecipare Zoom meeting per i gruppi non è gratis E questa è la ragione per cui chiediamo l’abbonamento Se fosse stato gratis… Quando avete fatto l’annuncio di questa novità Sono andata a vedere le tariffe di zoom meeting Sono pubbliche Ed è assolutamente ragionevole quello che chiedete ed è diverso se si ha una ditta, noi siamo privati non abbiamo un account business e paghiamo l’iva al 24% (grecia) E non è qualcosa che potete scaricare dalle vostre tasse o dalle vostre spese, non avendo una p. IVA Un’altra cosa: so, visto che vi ho scoperti subito! tipo una settimana dopo che vi siete messi sul mercato come tintori indipendenti che appunto, tingete filati e voglio saperne di più perché non so se ve lo avevo già raccontato … potete dire il nome? Gli Afterhours sono una band “alternativa” italiana Forse ce lo avevi già detto sono quasi sicura che la gente che ci guarda sa chi sono gli afterhours e sono stati parte di molte adolescenze, della mia di sicuro, vi devo passare delle canzoni sono romantic new wave alternativi dark “sono un adolescente tormentato” tipo di musica Mi piacciono! Ma come funziona Afterhours Yarns? Come avete deciso di cominciare? Abbiamo scelto il nome Afterhours perché siamo degli animali notturni, andiamo a dormire tardi e ci viene l’ispirazione di notte Anche per seguire IVKN Eleni faceva già cose per Etsy Realizza borse porta progetto Abbiamo pensato di fare qualcosa insieme Sono una graphic designer la mattina Mi piacciono i colori e ho esperienza con i colori A a volte cerchi qualcosa non trovi esattamente quello che vorresti e ti dici ah ok magari posso farlo io I colori che facciamo sono prima di tutto i colori che piacciono a noi Noi lavoreremmo a maglia con questi colori e se piacciono anche agli altri, bene! Penso che sia il modo migliore Avevo anche io un negozio E non avrei mai venduto qualcosa che non avrei usato Ci trovate su Instagram Avete un sacco di lana tipo “Sock”, perché fai un sacco di calze? Non solo per quello ma anche perché mi piace fare maglioni con questo tipo di filato, per il nostro clima mediterraneo è molto versatile, perché puoi usare il maglione tutto l’anno Ne sto facendo uno con lana fingering, puoi indossarli in inverno come strato E con il cambiamento climatico, che è una cosa terribile, le temperature aumentano Sono i tipi di maglioni che solitamente rendono la mia vita migliore faccio anche un sacco di calze E con la fingering puoi creare lo spessore che ti serve raddoppiando o triplicando i capi, ma non puoi fare il contrario Ci vuole più tempo ma alla fine si riesce! anche io ho un progetto che sembra infinito in questo momento

2 thoughts on “Parliamo di Maglia Knitting Podcast – Stagione 1 – Episodio 2 – Risorse creative & IVKN

  1. Complimenti Martina! I tuoi video assomigliano ad una passeggiata in montagna: fanno respirare aria buona e allargano l'orizzonte! 😘

  2. Ciao Marti! 😊
    Che ti volevo dire… La cosa dell'IVKN è caruccia sì. Un po', se devo essere sincera mi mette in soggezione, ma perché sono una timidona dentro e anche fuori per cui… Mi piacerebbe perché è un buon modo per fare esercizio di inglese (ho capito tuttomi sento un genio!) e stare insieme a persone che come noi maneggiano filati. Ci faccio una pensata. Grazie del suggerimento 💙
    Comunque grazie per questo podcast ❤
    E p.s. ma gli Afterhours ❤💚💜💙💛

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