Overcast Podcast Player – Podcast Manager

Overcast Podcast Player – Podcast Manager

Steve Dotto here. How the heck are you doing
this fine day? Me? I’m looking forward to showing you a new podcasting app which was
the winner on our weekly App Wednesday show. The app is a podcasting tool called Overcast.
The winner of this week’s App Wednesday contest, our good friend Eric Fisher, Overcast
today on DottoTech. As you should know by now, every week on Blab
we have a weekly show called App Wednesday where we take a look at the coolest, the best
apps for mobile and sometimes for desktop and at the end of each episode, a winner is
chosen. It is my responsibility to showcase that winning app here on our channel. The
winning app this week is from Eric Fisher who has a great podcast called Beyond the
To-Do List. Eric is one of the staffers at Social Media Examiner, a bright guy indeed
and he brought to us, not surprisingly, a podcasting app.
Now anybody who’s used the podcast in the iOS world knows that Apple’s podcasting
app pretty much sucks. So Overcast is an alternate podcasting management tool to manage your
list of podcasts, which Eric thinks is excellent. I’ve been using it now for about a week
since he showcased it and I’ve got to say I am liking it. It’s a free app. Download
it and once you’ve opened it on your phone, you can see that we’ve got, as you’d expect,
a list of podcasts available and some tools across the top. The main tools that you have
to be concerned with is the plus tool which allows you to search the directory to find
new podcasts. They also offer suggestions of podcasts that you might want to add so
you can add new podcasts using this tool. Now for me though, one of the biggest benefits
of this tool is the fact that when you’re in the Play mode, it has a few different technologies
in place that will help you listen to your podcast in a more efficient manner. Basically,
it’ll allow you to speed things up. It’s got technology that will shorten the pauses
which basically reduces the amount of time to listen to a podcast and you can also speed
up the podcast. Now with most podcast players, you can speed it up but it does a very elegant
job of doing it. So I’m just going to get this playing kind
of in the background. Here’s a podcast that I love. Marcus Sheridan, bright guy. If you’re
into content marketing in any shape, way or form, the sales lines, this is something that
we can all learn from. So if I just get that started and get it playing, you can see down
here in the bottom as it’s playing along, I’ve got the different effects. So I’ve
actually got mine set at a slightly higher speed so it will take about a third less time
to listen to a one-hour podcast than it normally would and I can still understand it very clearly.
They also have this Voice Boost tool which we see here which does a great job of handling
some of the technical challenges some podcasters have. Sometimes because of the way they record
a podcast, their mic is nice and loud but their guest’s mic might be quiet because
they might be doing a Skype interview or something. In that case there, it basically normalizes
and equalizes all of the different audio tracks or the different audio levels within it which
is a nice additional feature. The rest of the tools you can choose to play as you want,
adjusting the speed and making it faster or slower. But for me, just the fact that I can
increase the speed that way and I can shorten the pauses means that now a podcast that might
take me an hour to listen to now takes me 45 or 46 minutes and I just am able to consume
that much more content. So you’ve got some nice management tools as far as handling your
list, which ones you want to save and which ones you want to delete. They’ve got all
the tools you’d expect in that space. It has a nice, clean interface that allows you
see the graphics and a quick description of all of the different podcast episodes as well.
So overall, is it a massive leap forward over the built-in podcast player? No. But it’s
a nice incremental step forward. It’s got some nice features. Basically, I find it a
little more of a pleasant experience. There are three ways to stay in touch with
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11 thoughts on “Overcast Podcast Player – Podcast Manager

  1. Thanks Steve. Particularly like the built in tools.

    As this is iOS only can I recommend Player FM for those on Android? The development pace is unbelievable and it has Chromecast support. Features are too numerous to mention and an iOS app is coming soon (apparently).

  2. You find the best apps, Steve!
    It's really impressive what crowd-sourcing can find. But first someone has to successfully gather the crowd. Great Job!

  3. The key effect is actually the "Smart Speed" button which you skipped over & is unique to OverCast. It cuts down silences so that's why you see the speed fluctuating. I've tried listening to podcasts at normal speed and without "Smart Speed" and boy the silences between sentences get annoying. 🙂

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