Overcast 3.0: The Best Podcast App for iOS (App Walkthrough) [OLD VERSION] | Apps

Overcast 3.0: The Best Podcast App for iOS (App Walkthrough) [OLD VERSION] | Apps

>>CORBAN: Overcast recently got a huge update. So today we’re going to take a look at Overcast 3.0. The best podcast app for iOS. ♪ jameswoods – Take Me Back to Manhattan ♪>>CORBAN: This is Overcast, it’s available for all iOS devices, Apple Watch and there’s
a web version. If you’re looking for a Mac app, learn how
to make one by clicking the card above. After installing the app, creating a sync
account and subscribing to a few podcasts, the app will look like this. At the top are the settings, currently downloading,
add new playlist and add new podcast cards. Below the these will be your playlists, your
podcasts, and your played podcasts. As you may have noticed, Overcast 3.0 introduced
the card metaphor much like Apple Music’s now playing screen. Speaking of now playing, let’s look at Overcast’s
player. To start a podcast, find a show and then an
episode. Tap the episode, tap play then the player
card will slide up from the bottom. Here, the scrubber is at the top, the artwork
is in the middle and the main controls are at the bottom. The seek forward and back buttons are customizable
within the settings. Swipe on the artwork to the left to access
the chapters and notes and swipe on the art to the right to access the effects. Here you can enable Smart Speed, which removes
silences from what you’re listening to. I’ve saved over 155 hours with this feature. Next, Voice Boost, which levels out the audio
and in the middle is the speed slider. Underneath these is a toggle for making the
effects you set the preset for the podcast you’re listening to. Finally at the bottom, you can set a sleep
timer. To collapse the player, swipe down with one
finger anywhere or tap the chevron in the upper left-hand corner. After tapping on an episode, you can share
it, recommended it by tapping the star which we’ll get to later, add it to a playlist or
the queue or delete it. We’ve been doing all of this in the podcast
screen. It has your downloaded episodes in the first
tab, the entire feed of that podcast in the second tab and the podcast specific settings
in the third tab. Here you can choose how many episodes of the
show to keep if you frequently fall behind so you don’t end up with more podcasts than
you can listen to, and you can choose if you want to receive notifications when the podcast
releases new episodes. These notifications are interactive and let
you see the description of the episode, play it, and it to your queue or delete it from
the app if you’re not interested. Also, while we’re on the subject of interactive
notifications, Overcast now has a widget which lets you see what’s currently playing and
what two shows are playing next with a play/pause button. And if you have 3D Touch, Overcast has that
too. If you’re like me, you probably don’t want
to choose a new podcast episode to listen to every time the one you’re hearing finishes
so that’s where playlists come in. You can create two types of playlists. Regular and Smart. Regular lets you add specific episodes manually
and Smart automatically adds episodes after you select which shows go into them. So we’ll choose smart playlists. First, select the shows you want to include. Second, select your priority podcasts. These are podcasts that you want added to
the top of the playlist every time they release an episode. Finally, select any episodes that you want
to exclude. At the top, choose how you want to sort the
playlist, give it a name then swipe down from the top to reveal your newly created playlist. You can rearrange episodes by dragging them
on the right and to start playing a podcast tap the episode then tap play. When this episode finishes, the one directly
underneath it in the playlist will play. If you’re looking for a new podcast to listen
to, Overcast has you covered. Tap the plus icon in the upper right-hand
corner and if you connected your Twitter account when you signed up, you’ll see recommendations
from people you follow on Twitter who also use Overcast. To recommend a podcast yourself, tap the star
in a podcast episode’s description. Underneath the recommendations are the bundles. These are collections of podcasts in certain
categories like comedy, news, arts etc. At the bottom, are collections. These are collections of podcasts from podcast
providers like Relay FM, Radiotopia, Gimlet and so on. If you tap on a collection, there’s a button
at the top that subscribes you to all of the shows in from that provider. If you already subscribe to a show, you’ll
see a gray dot next to the title. If a podcast you’re looking for isn’t
in a bundle, you can also search for it as normal by scrolling to the top or just paste
in the podcast’s RSS feed. Overcast also has a dark mode, streaming features,
CarPlay support, customizable seek buttons, file uploads for Premium subscribers and more. One feature I would like to see added is the
ability to sort playlists by length. If you’re looking for more info about Overcast
3.0 you can read the developer’s blog post by clicking the link in the description. Overcast is available for all iOS devices
is free and is Ad supported. You can remove Ads for a yearly payment of
$9.99 and by doing so unlock a few more features. Links to download are in the description below or tap the card above. Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe. To see more app videos, tap the Card above
or the link below and you’ll hear my voice next week on Friday. Thanks. ♪ Vic Alexis – In Touch ♪

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  1. Some of the features stated in the voice over could not be shown at the time of the recording due to bugs in the app that have since been resolved.

  2. Thank you for this video. I did not know there were so many podcast apps. The one you highlighted seems toe b great both of AppStore and PlayStore terminals.

  3. Maybe I'm dumb but how the heck do you download episodes for offline-listening? Or can't you do that? (I'm new to overcast).

  4. Thanks. Good overview, and I might give this a try. Just some feedback: I found the blurred background enormously distracting when trying to follow the central phone display.

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