Our Spiritual Journey Vlog & Podcast 2019 (Ep 1)

Thank you for joining the Soul Sisters Cafe. Everyone, this is the very first episode of Soul Sisters Cafe Podcast. I’m Jordan Blaquera, and I’m here with my closest friend… Ting! My bestie, Tracey Gritz here. That would be Tracey Gritz. And before we go any further we want to tell you why you might be interested in this
podcast just to give you an overview. So take it away
Tracey. Okay, so for those of you who have ever experienced self-doubt, lack of confidence, people pleasing. I have that one, that T-shirt. I’m a please-aholic. I have been a please-a-holic. A family member with addiction, elderly parents, taking care of somebody who has a major illness, M.S., Alzheimer’s — those are ours — relationships struggles, friendships struggles. We have been friends for a very long
time and have had friendships struggles, Self-critical, very self-critical, had that. If you have ever experienced fear, worry, weight, judgment of the self or others, if you’ve ever experienced any of those things, then Jordan, tell us… Well, you might be interested in the
podcast because that’s the topics we’re going to be talking about and how we walked our way through them and how we’re walking our way
through them on a daily basis. And also, you might be interested if you’ve
been a seeker, if you’ve read a lot of self-help books, transformational tools and teaching, and you’ve looked at your thoughts. You want to be more self-loving. You want to bring more love to the planet. You know that you’re part of the Creator, but you have difficulty remembering that sometimes and also extending that grace to other people and seeing that in the people in
your lives, like your relatives, like the people — your spouses and significant others and you have challenges and difficulties there. But you know that you are an aspect of the
Creator and you’ve been seeking in many ways a more enlightened way, a more truthful way, a more loving way, a more joyful way. And you also want more inner peace, more inner calm and you know there’s more to life than just trying to grab the brass ring, compete with the Joneses, try and get as much as you can, as many toys. You know that you can’t take it with you. And yet, you are living this human life and you’re trying to contend with all of that and sort all of
that out. You might be interested in the Soul Sister’s Cafe Podcast. Yes, because in this podcast we do it with fun. So here’s the thing, we’re really funny. She’s setting the bar so high. Oh my gosh. Tell them we’re boring. No, tell them we’re boring. The truth is we think we’re funny. Not so much. Tracey thinks we’re funny. I do. Okay, we’ll qualify that. So, we do have a really good time. So we take these topics and each topic is real for us. It is something we’ve gone through, we’ve experienced. It’s alive. We are living our
spiritual journey out loud all the time. We are works in progress. We do not ever pretend to be masters. We will be vulnerable. We will show our vulnerabilities and where we fall and where we stumble because all those are very important to our learning and we want to share those things. So everything is done that is — what we talk about is real time stuff. The things that might have just
happened to you the morning — or to us the morning of the podcast — like this morning it was
discovering the stench of poop in my mom’s room who lives with me because she has Alzheimer’s and cannot live on her own, and how do I master that? That was wildly inconvenient. I did not enjoy discovering that
this morning. And so then that can
become, “How do I walk through that? How do
I remember her divinity, my divinity, and walk it in real time?” Totally. And one of the great things also is we are very committed to our own spiritual growth. It is something that we study. It is a daily practice for both of us and it is no joke. We live this stuff. We deep dive into our own — like our own selves privately so that we can make sure that we’re
practicing it day in and day out, where we
fall, where we don’t fall. So we are definitely committed to
it. We study it and it is a daily practice for both of us. And the other thing is that I know we have progressed. There has been a beautiful
progression in both of our lives that I think is really important to our flavor because we have pre-Tracey and Jordan many years ago. Thirty five years ago, you know, I was a mess and who I am today… She was a mess people. I was. Totally. Watch out. Back it up. Before there was a “hot mess”, she
was a hot mess. And now I get to live this life of
freedom and, when it’s painful, there’s freedom in the pain because
I know it’s a moment in time and I know how to navigate. I know I will navigate through those
waters as well as with Jordan. So that is our flavor. I would say it’s super real. We have a great time and we also share just about everything. So, now why don’t we introduce ourselves a little bit, what — the challenges we’ve faced, the lives that we’ve lived. Let’s see. Let me give you a little
bit — well, we’ve been friends for over 30
years. Yes. I Know we don’t look like it! Right. We were just babies. We were in diapers. We went to the same high school. We wound up working at the same shoe
store. I remember being in modern dance, right? We weren’t friends then but I know you were in that class. And then we wound up — where the friendship really took off was
working in the shoe store where she was a
manager, and we were totally opposites. You were like big, feathered, poofy hair, very girly, acrylic nails and bright colors and dresses and feminine and froufrou. Oh, my God, and all about the guys. And I was like, I had a chip on my shoulder that was
humongous. I was more dark. I was the thrift store shopper. I was wearing like pillowcase skirts that I had made, torn… Army boots! Torn sweatshirts, you know. I don’t even know if I wore
makeup then or not, I don’t know but so I was that person. I was that person. And so Tracey… And I was like this person like “Oh, my God, that’s so cool.” “She will be my project! Jordan, will be my project! She will like me. She will like me.” I will win! And that would come out many years
later in Pictionary, games of Pictionary so… Competitive spirit, right? Yeah. I will win. She is a mean — what is it — laser tag player. Tracey Gritz is a mean laser tag player. Crazy. I wanted to win but she won that
one. She was quite good. So, our relationship has developed. So we started out as like single women and we’ve gone through — I’ve been with my man for 34 years. You’ve been married for how many
years? Well, we’ve been together for 33. 33. I was in the delivery room for her first child, would have been for the second but she moved across the country. I will never forgive her ever, ever, ever for that. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. But, so I started out like creative. I wanted to be a singer. I was a
singer/songwriter, went through different jobs. We met in Los Angeles, and then I moved to Central
California. And some of my challenges: I had a single mom. My father was not around that much. I thought that meant a lot about me. I’m not lovable to my father. I’m not lovable. I’m not likeable. Single mom. You know, just seeing her belief system which is very fear based. She was very — she took that
responsibility of having a child and was fearful a lot of the time that she wouldn’t make the rent and how would she provide for us. So a lot of fearful thinking and mindset that I’ve gone — worked through and I’m still
working through. And now she came to live with me a year and a half ago. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, became abundantly clear that she
could not live alone. And so now she lives with us, and Alzheimer’s alone is a massive — thank goodness I had all of my reflection and my journey so far and these spiritual tools to address the challenges that I’m
facing with her. Who is it to be a daughter
when your mother forgets that she ever
had a daughter, when you lose an identity, when I’ve lost my mother figure, when I’m experiencing grief, when I’m finding poop in places I don’t want to find poop? But you shouldn’t have to find poop
ever, right? Let alone ground into a floor. One hopes. I do have preferences. My personality does have
preferences. But then there are some requirements
for growth. You’ll hear about that in a future
— Episode 2 or 3. And weight, my mom was overweight for my entire life of knowing her. I think she started gaining weight
about 9, 10 years old. And I was thin until I was about 7th grade and then I started overeating and for boredom, you know, for emotional reasons. And that has been a huge learning curve, self-transformational learning curve, to be willing to love myself under all conditions, to truly challenge unconditional love of myself to be more self-loving. I have been incredibly self-critical and had dark periods so much of that one time Tracey had to say, “Are you — I’m worried, I’m worried. I think you might be depressed.” And
so I just I would wake up with the worst self talk ever: “I’m a failure. I’m a loser. I’m gonna do it all
again today.” As soon as my eyes, like, or my awareness that this is a new day started, it was just the self-loathing would start. And I would use so many things as a reason why: how I did my jobs, what my weight was, what I ate. Blah, blah, blah. That self-doubt, that lack of self-confidence, lack of self-worth have been big challenges for me. That was a challenge in my
relationship too to just believe that I was deserving of that relationship — extremely
challenging. That’s kind of me and I’m facing all of those things with — I’m a coach. I became a coach, a Master Coach. So I think a lot about my thoughts, how my thoughts are creating my
reality and creating my feelings, and what is my perspective. And I do believe that as A Course of Miracles says, “A miracle is a shift in
perception”. So I’m always looking at my
perceptions and working to be open to a shift, to either consciously
create that or be gifted with that. So what would you add to my story. You have witnessed it for many decades. I’ve witnessed the transformation so I know, again, Jordan from high school who was, you know, just dark. “Dark” would be a really great word and now “light” would be a great word. And this is one of the things I said to her earlier today, it’s just light. You’re just like light. It’s lovely. And so I knew Jordan — just the stuff she would say, and I would think, “Oh my God, that’s terrible” and she would share it with me and just how much she believed all these – she believed… One hundred percent.. Right, and what seemed to be a fact to her. Jordan and I really did bond for many, many, many, many, many years on victimhood kind of and so the fantastic thing is to see this person who was a victim to many things, blamed other people for how she felt, which of course I did too. I just have to interject here: if
you spot it, you got it. I know! Exactly! And now, none of that. I mean, that’s the cool thing is that this darkness and this seriousness and this “you have to understand” and “we have to be friends this way, this is the way”. And this, I mean just in life in
general with her significant other, you know — and again, I spot it, I got it. I got this all
too. But to bear witness to the transformation of that to somebody who loves openly, thinks, feels, knows the divinity that she is. It’s like night — really it is night and day. That is true. It didn’t happen overnight. Night and day did not happen
overnight. No. I like that. True that. True that. See? You just get more of that on
the Soul Sister’s Podcast. Yeah. And I will say it would be dumbfounding to me because this was so factual. If I thought “I’m a loser” or you know of all the negative things that I
thought about myself, and Tracey would see something
different. Thank goodness for friends, right? Yeah. Tracey would see something different and I would be like, “What?” Like, no, no no. The way you see it is a “no”. That’s not the way it is, and Tracey would ask me and say, “Do you really — is that really what you think? You really think that’s true?”
Whatever it was like “I’m a loser”. I was incredulous. I was like… She was incredulous, and I was incredulous right back at
her. But I do remember your incredulity and it was like,”What? Really?” Which is to say this prison that I’m living in that I think is factual and there is no choice and there is
no other way to see it, Tracey was seeing it a different way and yeah… I was seeing Jordan that it is
today, right? Yeah. And I can see now that it’s just
like, right, we had a different belief
system. It was just totally you had your
thoughts about me. Yeah. And I have my thoughts about me, and we both think they’re factual. Yes. Right. Right. Totally. Yeah. So true. Anyhoo, Tracey’s been a lovely
mirror, and to have someone with different, higher, lovelier, loving-er points of view about you has been really great. That’s been a beautiful gift from Tracey. There have been other gifts. Yes, other requirements. Give, give, give. Never take. Always give. Yep. Yep. So, how about you? Tell
them about your arc. So…my mom was a single mom, very similar story to Jordan, just different kind of —
I like this word out-picturing — how my mom was as a single mom. It was definitely about, for her, that the kids behave a particular way and that she — it was like what people thought. There was definitely a lot of what other people think, not talked about but it was just shown. It was role-modeled to me that that’s important. So the apple doesn’t fall far from
the tree. Yeah. Exactly! Right. So I became a massive please-aholic, wanted people to like me and was happy, sunshiny, and just really went that way with it all, with the undercurrent of — my belief, I realized later on in life, was that I was born with a defect, and that defect was that I was
unlovable. That’s how I was born. I came into this world unlovable. I didn’t consciously know that until eight years ago, but that was what I was operating with underneath the surface. So therefore, in order to be lovable, I had to, you know, like do a lot of things… To compensate for that defect? Yes. Supposed defect. Right. I had to do what other people
wanted because then I would be at least likeable. Got it. Wow. That’s a lot of work for a lot of
decades that you did that. Yeah. But you know it’s like it was awake. It was repetition. Yeah, I can relate. I can relate. Yeah. That was just my reality. I just did that. That’s just how I did it. But there
is a lot of pain, as you know, from trying to be somebody other
than who you are. Very painful existence. I do have two sons who are young adults. So right now one’s 27 and one’s 24, and they have been massive teachers in my journey for sure. We have in our family – they have struggled with addiction, struggled with – I would call it oppositional, defiant stuff, like over the top. Most parents never have to walk the places that my husband and I have had to walk with our boys for sure, and it was beyond what most parents have to go through
unfortunately. We are at the other side but we may not — who knows? So I do understand raising kids, for sure. Yeah. And doing it in a way that was very, very victim, very co-dependent. That’s the way I was married as very also. For the first — Larry and I have been together — married
for 30 years and, of those 30 years married, I would say 20 were steeped in really not being happy, really trying to put on a good front, trying to stay married because of my kids but never feeling really in love. Moments of it, feeling moments of happiness, had good friends, all these stuff. And the last 10 years, hands down, fairytale deliciousness. Same man. Same woman. Same woman, right? Same woman. Same people. Yeah. So I think as we talk about kind of who I am and a little bit of my journey that, I think, is super important. That has been a very important
teacher, as my boys have. My mom! I live North Carolina. I’m from California. And she moved to — we moved her
here two years ago. She has M.S. and it’s significantly declined so I spent a lot of time — I call her — I’m her executive assistant which is a
very fun, fun way of saying I’m her prefrontal cortex, her
bookkeeper… Exactly! I manage all her care. You name it, I take care of it. I’m In her
prefrontal… Yeah, the prefrontal cortex which is
— resides right behind the brain. It’s like your executive
functioning assistant, you know, those executive functions, decision making. Right. So we both do our parents’ executive function, thinking for them, as well as everything else. We wipe. We do things. Jordan has more poop stories. A lot of those. And just navigating all of that to in — as we’ve come to be able to
navigate it in love which is very lovely, has not always been
that way. And I know for me and for Jordan, one of the ways
where we have always bonded is through our spiritual journey. There’s always been a very beautiful thread between us of the spiritual journey from the time
— from day one we were reading like Conversations with God, A Return to Love, Marianne Williamson, like way back, you know, 30 years ago, right, Jordan? I would say probably from Summit like… Yeah. And that was where you met your man. Yeah. So that’s 33 years right
there. That’s right. That’s right. Yeah. We were totally into that stuff. And I know for me, I wanted to — one of my obsessions
a little bit has been how do I live the life of my soul? How does that happen? I want to know more about that. I want to sign up for that class. So that — I would say, part of what Jordan and I do through Soul Sister’s Cafe is that we do walk and explore and step into the life of our souls because I know we were not living it 30 years ago, right? And yeah I think that’s — I mean that’s
it for me. I know I had – yeah, I mean anything that I’m missing
there, Oh! My dad was an alcoholic. Does that
count? And was your stepdad a recovering one? My stepdad was a recovering
alcoholic. So my mom remarried when I was 16, which was excruciating, because she loved him it seemed like way more than us. She wanted to please him way more than her kids it seemed to me at that time. Now I understand it. Did I miss anything, Jordanski? I don’t know. Your business, your career choice. Oh yes, well in California, I mean, we had retail stores. Here, in North Carolina I was a productivity consultant for 10 years which was very beautiful. Loved it. And what I had come to realize is that you can be super productive, but if you were not in alignment with the work and life really — with who — your soul, the path of your soul, no matter how productive, how much productivity, how much I helped you be organized and productive, you still were not going to have a
fulfilled life. And so I realized I was kind of puting the cart — thinking
that the productivity would help the life, but it’s aligning to the truth of who we are to our soul and then the productivity could have been a
massive bonus. So I ended up just totally shifting away from productivity which is a big step. Big step. But part of my journey, part of my growth. Part of it. So for me watching Tracey, tt’s Interesting because thinking about
the Summit… I’m a little afraid. I didn’t think of it like the
spiritual journey from the beginning but Summit, which was personal self-help workshops, came pretty early after a couple of years. That was like early 20s or something. And the Return to Love, didn’t we do A Course in Miracles, Return to Love
together, kind of? I don’t remember that at all. I remember reading that, for sure.
But I don’t remember doing it together. This is so cool because Jordan has
memories of like this dance class and this and that, and I’m like I don’t remember that. But I remember — I swear we talked about that stuff, but I’m right. You’re wrong. Right. Right. But clearly, I mean we ended up here. I just remember it later on, but that’s just neither here nor there. Jordan. Say what? When do you remember it? I think I remember like you would — you would
be like well – there was a woman, that Marilee or something, and you did a reading with her and I’m like, “Who is this woman? Tracey? Who Is this Tracey woman who has readings?” Like that’s my jam. I didn’t know, didn’t feel like you were so far
afield. So like personal transformation and like your thoughts and what not, but readings which are pulling in other energies, like I didn’t get that about you and so yeah. And then I hired Victoria for… That was later later. Yeah later later, but it’s true. Okay, go ahead.
Sorry. But that’s early child — so that, you know, 25 years ago so I guess it’s not so far. Anyway! But who I saw was a very, you know, you said that if judging was an Olympic sport, you would have won a medal, and that is true. So, her Mom is snarky, but Tracey can — little snarky- snarkidy
snark-snark, and what’s so fascinating for me is like I loved you anyway. So you know like I could… I know.. I’m like that’s not cool but that’s, you know, that’s Tracy. Fine. I love her and, you know, like I just accepted that, like I accepted that piece. And but she would — so for example, if we were in Venice, Venice, California which is A+ people watching material. There are people who look all kinds of different ways, you know, and on the fringes and pushing the boundaries of what
standard — “standard” and acceptable is. And you know, those opinions would just fly out of your mouth. Oh, my God! I had an opinion on
anything and everything. She really did. She really did. I did. Anything and everything and people and then just, throughout life, people who were
different and had different ways of life and tattoos… How could they wear that? What are
they thinking getting dressed like that? Yeah. To becoming this woman who like walks around with her heart chakra open and I’m like, when did that happen? You know, 25 years later, when you’re going, “I just love everyone. I can feel my heart is so open. It overwhelms me! I just see the beauty in them!” And I’m like, oh, my God. You know, like there she is. There she is and she’s
made this massive journey. And then also like people pleasing. Your people pleasing was awesome when you were pleasing me but then, if her people pleasing — she was
pleasing some other friend or her husband or her children and it impinged on her ability to please me and the way I wanted Tracey to be, then there was a real problem, you know, then it is just so not cool that
you’re people pleasing. And I saw that but I also saw the trait, and I’m so glad for you — which was just a requirement for growth
for me to realize that Tracey does not exist
on this earth to please Jordan. My husband thought I existed to
please him, and my kids thought that I existed
to please them. Of course. Crazy. That’s the way I felt about my partner and my mom. Yes. Yes. And so now I am here to please me and to raise to the frequency of love… I just got chills. And live from there. And so I’ve watched Tracey do that journey, and I know that that was so
difficult for her, you know, and then I just had to surrender at
some point. Okay, she’s not pleasing me, which none of these other people are, David and my mom. No, they’re not pleasing
me either, and this is not the way life operates. And they did not come to earth to revolve around me, and so then I started doing my journey
of realizing that, the truth of that. But I know that that was something
that she really struggled with and I would see, I could see the conflict. And to see her come through that journey is pretty amazing, to see where you’ve — where you’ve come from, and our lives have just so dovetailed. The most recent example being that
Tracey’s mom had a massive UTI that precipitated her mother coming to be under her care and live in her state two years ago, whereas for my mom had a massive UTI, different life altering disease —
Alzheimer’s for my mom, Multiple Sclerosis for hers — but then a year and a half ago my mom comes to live with me. So we’re having
this life transition that we’re sharing, how we’re approaching it, how we’re dealing with it. And that’s just happened with jobs in our early 20’s and just different periods of life
where we’re like look at that. We’re dealing with the same thing or we’re dealing with mom’s not
being the way that we want them to be. And now we’re dealing with mom’s
having a major illness, and now we’re dealing with them coming to live with us and we’re dealing with this in our relationships and we’re dealing with this in
career. And so we would just kind of
dovetail over the years. Anything else you want to
add about you? I just want to touch a little bit because I know mine was so much of judging and people pleasing. Those were — I would definitely have
identified as that. And the difference today, which is so much freedom, but freedom for you, freedom for other people, right? You guys, people get to experience that and the reason I’m saying this is because when you were just, you know, having the idea of like “I’m not worthy”, you know, “monster”… “I’m a monster” in relation to my
mom and being her caregiver. I should be a certain way. Yes. And so here’s — Jordan would be — her mother lives with her, has Alzheimer’s, what she does for her is unbelievable. This is one of those moments where
I’m like, “What?” It’s true. And she’s thinking she’s a monster, like her belief is that she’s a
monster. And I… I’m a monster, not my mom’s a monster. Jordan is a monster because she
could be doing — could she be doing this? Could she be doing this? And I am thinking she pretty much walks on
water, Jordan, with what she’s doing. It’s unbelievable for Jordan to go from that person that I have known for most of our friendship, to knowing the truth of who she is. She’s a light in this world and that she is a worthy of all the love, that she is love. To see this transformation is profound. I mean that’s a great example of your mom and “I’m a monster”, and me just going — I don’t even understand that. That’s like saying 2 + 2 is 6. Like in evidence, in the physical evidence, it looks completely like how could she even think that. So anyway, it has been a journey. It has been a journey. And I wanted to mention one other journey with you which is, in the early part of Tracey’s
relationship with her husband, they were arguing fools. And they would argue in front of David and I, and I was so uncomfortable and was — it’s like two type A’s and just two stubborn people and two strong points of view. And boy, the clash, clash, clash, clash, and then they
parented together. That must’ve been fun. Henceforth, 20 years of, oh, my gosh, what the hell?! Right. Right. So she’s been through a thing or two in her in a relationship and then to see her feel like its fairytale deliciousness, I love my man, and I support him and, you know, all of this stuff. It’s quite a transformation as well. So given that, the purpose of our podcast — do you
want to speak to that, why we decided to… No, I want you to. Oh, okay. So the purpose — we’ve been through a lot. Our friendship has been through a
lot. We’ve learned a lot. We’re still
learning. We’re still transforming. We’re
still evolving. And really, our mission and our hope for this podcast is to be an example of what’s possible, is to be an example of possibility, of bringing in the light to something as — that can feel as devastating and painful as Alzheimer’s, that can feel as devastating as a
child in addiction and sitting in a car with their friend/drug dealer, and not knowing if your child is going to be
alive after, and knowing that your child was resuscitated, you know, back to life, and being willing to let that child live their life. And from me realizing that I am not what I do. I am not what I weigh. I am not how I look. I am divinity. We are all divinity. And a
relationship on the brink of divorce. All of these things — there’s so much suffering in the world. So we have found slices, pockets, ways to inner calm, peace. Oh, my gosh. Love, the frequency of love, living from that much higher frequency. Not one hundred percent of the time. We have our trials and tribulations. We know that we
will have tests and spiritual exams to move us to the next level and the next grade, and we talk about that in podcast 2 and 3 when we define a lot of the vocabulary that we’re
using, but we wanted to be an example of what’s possible. And as we work to align with our Divinity and to act from that place in our lives and in our interactions with people and in our goals and what we do and work on achieving in our lives, we wanted to share that so that if you’re struggling in any way that we are and — that you will experience some
relief as well. And everything that we talk about
can be applied to — if you’re not in a
relationship,, you know if it’s not like a romantic relationship, it could be a
relationship with a friend or a relationship with a boss. Or if you don’t have children as I
don’t, I still learn from Tracey and what she goes through with her children and she learns from me, you know, not having children or having a cat, you know, having a cat. Go ahead. Well, I think also it’s how do we navigate the pain or the chaos. It now is for me, and I know for you, so much that we can experience the pain in freedom. Or the freedom in pain. Well, I’ll say the challenge. I can experience — okay, you can experience poop, cleaning up
poop mashed into the carpet and I can experience, you know, a kid who’s gone through some stuff, some serious stuff, but always in the space of “I’m safe”. No matter how challenging, how difficult some of the things that happen to us are, I know for me, I know for you, that now what I get to experience is I’m always safe. It’s always okay no matter what it is. Overdose. I mean that’s like the worst I can
think of right now. I can navigate that. You can navigate your mom not knowing who you are.Thinking your mommy. Right. Very painful. That i’m her mom. Right. Yes. Yes. Jordan is her mom. And we can navigate this now in a space of love for ourselves and honor ourselves through it and feel safe through it because we
know we are going to move through this with love and kindness to the extent that we can. Right. And that’s what we’re gonna
be reaching for. If nothing else, if not achieving, reaching for that and knowing that that’s a possibility. And we have so many examples of it
being possibility so we know it’s possibility. We just
– now it’s just figuring out okay so — not figuring out but – that’s what — that’s what this is
for. Soul Sisters Cafe, that’s what it is for. So when we are going through these things, when you’re going
through these things, when our friends are going through
these things, that we are possibility for each other. And there are people, there are many
teachers, many authors, many workshop leaders who have paved the way for us and taught us many of these
concepts. Our hope is to be that for someone who is resonant with us and can hear our humanity and can relate to it and benefit from the tools and the concepts and the insights and the shifts in perception that we’ve benefited from. So that’s our offering in this podcast. Beautiful. And yeah, our offering to express ourselves and shed some light and help others be in the light that they already are. Yes. And we always do this from our
heart to yours, from our heart to everybody’s
heart. It is always done heart to heart. All right. If that speaks to you, feels good, calls to you in any way, please subscribe to the podcast and continue listening in Episodes 2 and 3, the next two that are coming up, we define the vocabulary and the language and the concepts, six key concepts we use to navigate. And we want to make sure that makes sense and, if you want to learn
more, check those out because if those speak to you, then you probably should keep listening. And one more thing, if what we do here — if these topics — if our Soul Sisters Cafe aligns for
you, resonates for you, we’d love to have you share it. To us, it’s important for everybody not to know, but to have the opportunity to have the inner peace that is
their birthright. So if this resonates, floats your boat, whatever you want to say, then please also do pass it along. Share it with someone you think would — it would “floot their boot” as well as they say in Canada. All right, we hope you’ll listen along. It’s been great having you here. We’ll see you and talk to you on the next podcast. Bye.

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