100 thoughts on “Our First Podcast!?

  1. 8:36 the same happens to me. I don't do interviews cuz I'm not famous. But when I meet ppl or talk to ppl, I just talk and talk. I get distracted and talk for like 30 minutes but never answer the question

  2. Although Ryan covered the girls name, he mentioned the same story in one of his other videos saying it was Hannah…

  3. I applaud the people who thought ‘you know what, I’ll make this word, and I’ll make it the rudest thing ever, and I’ll BAN it! I’m a genius…’

  4. With the adhd thing I get like that at school when my teachers are talking a long time. I will just realize twenty minutes of class has gone by and I don’t know what happened. Or sometimes my mom will ask me to do something or get something for her and I will just wander off because I forget what she asked until she repeats it again.

  5. This is actually fun. It's good to see the other team members just chillin' out and knowing their point of views and how they grew up. It's kinda soothing and it calms me a lot. It would be cool if theres more of this.

  6. At first ouuh, i can't listen to 30 minutes long… BUT SOMEHOW thre red line is almost towards the end without i even notice… I NEED MORE PODCAST 😊😊

  7. 4:00 i agree. being beat a little as a kid taught me a lot about respect and consequences, kids these days needs a taste of that, at least once ♥

  8. Wow Ryan, In don't think that I've ever seen you really as a person. Like the real you, you know know what I mean? Other than the goofy funny version of you. I really liked this and I look forward to really getting to know you through these podcasts!

  9. I'm here because of the latest "Off the pill"-Talk on the official Ryan Higa Channel. And I'm amazed to see how they already talked here about the basketball and ADHD Stuff! Hearing Ryan talking about his embarassing memory from Kindergarten – that's deep! (I can't find the right words right now). I really enjoy this – I almost feel like I'm part of the video, just as I sit there with them and talking. Love it! ♥

  10. 12:10 so uh I think I have ADHD too? I didn't have that when I was younger. I had that after a while and sometimes if I get into a book I'd be o.k but if I am aware it will keep happening to me.

  11. i would love to do an off the pill podcast with you it would be so fun to go off topic. With Two people with ADHD. It would be great.

  12. Oof I’m not 18-24 I’m 14 xD 3:24 oooof yes they are (me being one of them) everyone is so mean 😭 like never do anything out of the norm from what you normally do or you will get roasted.

  13. Off the pill / unpopular opinion

    Can you vlog/rant about proposal topic

    My friend and I discussing about men asking women to be his wife in public is that gentleman way of doing or just a coward because he just afraid of deny (say NO) so he use situation to force her to accept (say Yes), because in some case if female say No the one who got blame is women and social pity the male, but if she say Yes that’s means she have to deal with it with the rest of her life.

  14. When you watch the recent podcasts and come to the original and wonder how you missed it but then again you've been out of the loop with YT because of the craziness….*inhaaale* lol x)

  15. Thank you Ryan, for being so open!
    Since this first podcast came out, i never had a understanding of what adhd might be. I always had the same prejudice as anyone who thinks it's just about hyperactivity. Never ever in my life, I listened to a 'stranger' talking so clear about, what I thought was normal…?
    Wait… what..?
    You cleared up, that its not 'normal' to read a page for like 6 times and still not remembering whats in it.

    My girlfriend(30) and I(28) did a test after seeing your podcast. ADHD for adults. It took us and the psychologist half a year, and it just came out that we both have it. We live together for 7 years now. Neither of us knew there could be anything wrong with us.
    But funny about this is, that when we first met, we talked about our similarities. And just now, we detect that these similarities are typical for ADHD persons.

    That's why WE want to thank you! Without you, we would never have gotten the idea to go to a psychologist for a ADHD test.
    Without you, we still wouldn't know. Maybe it's the way you explain things. And now i know why i always find you extremely funny, even if my friends wouldn't get some jokes.
    I asked my psychologist about, how likely is it, that 2 persons who both didn't know they had ADHD, still find together, and how it could be that we didn't realize until now.
    It's actually most likely that 2 persons with the same condition, find together. Because their brains work similar. What i though was unlikely, is actually very common.
    Greetings from germany. (that explains my mistakes.. i'm sorry for my imperfection)

  16. ASMR is just a stupid fetish trend. It's very real btw guys but please never do it, I'm begging u 😂. I cannot stand that cringe bs 😭.

  17. Glad this happens to be amongst the top hits for "first podcast". Wasn't really sure how to start my little projects so I just went after it. Thanks for the example.

  18. I am scary how similar to me you are. I did judô, basketball and had this thinking problem too, but if you train tour mind u can correct it. Im studing to enter med school so its necessary to have discipline, it holds my thinking.

  19. Ryan is the perfect person to have a podcast because he can talk for hours and never run out of ideas. 😂😂

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