Our First Podcast!?

Our First Podcast!?

Paco: like this? Ryan: Kind of Will: Okay everything should be rolling Ryan: Okay, if you look at Will: Should we clap it? You guys want to do a clap? Let’s do it. Yeah why don’t we just have one clap I’ll go first This is in here too. So Good this is our That we stopped we sound good. We stopped. No, this actually sounds really nice. I really think we could actually do it We always make that joke, that camera just went off what I don’t know how Do podcasts because I only watch like I watch a bunch but not enough To know that do they stick to certain things like, you know Like some podcasts I can enjoy and I feel like they talk about whatever. Mm-hmm Like is it better to talk about whatever or is it? Just like should we Center on? Yeah, I mean there’s different type of podcasts that are like more general There’s some that are a lot more niche where it’s just like talking about like, you know, and it’s up to us Yeah, it’s really up to like what’s right then Huh? I want a sound board. Oh, we could have like a radio show do one of those Dudududududu this is Roy. Yeah Somebody who does that really well as a Hannibal Buress he is a handsome Ranbir. Oh, yeah ya Know if we want to sound like a radio show no, no No, he has this a like sound board where his co-host. Tawny trim. Yeah Well, I press different buttons and it can change like auto-tune your voice or oh yeah, and then there’s other things where like, you know, how deejays are like Yeah, like DJ mustard on the beat or like they have all the tags. Mm-hmm They’ll do certain things like that at certain parts like it’s kinda just make fun of it this is our first one so we don’t we have no idea what we’re doing talking to the camera again and when I do this I think I’m in your frame, but they’ll probably be on this frame so I can do this. Yeah, go into this Let’s talk about to blur that let’s talk about that. No, that’s good yeah, we’re trying to refrain from Refrain, yeah refrain from swearing and stuff. But if we do well believe it, but this is more. We’re maybe we shouldn’t Hear lot more. Yeah. Yeah because we can be like in videos the first channel. I’m never I never Dammit somebody has messed up my work CrazyMacaroon31 We’ve been adults for almost a decade We should be able to cuss but I don’t want to get this much demonetized. I don’t want to get the monetized Yeah, I mean it’s like teachers though because teachers are adults Yeah, but we’re not a Turing our fanbase isn’t what it used to be It used to be 13 to 17 neurons, which means actually 17 and under cuz kids under 13 can have accounts so now it’s it’s Primarily 18 to 24 like the people who are watching or I guess they grew up with us or they’re coming in We’re gauging I’m gauging the content more towards what I find funny, so it’s not as young anymore Maybe if we do like gaming stuff then we gotta but gaming videos are like the most vulgar, don’t you? Yeah, no, definitely. I mean, I don’t really watch Too many I don’t really watch gaming videos, but don’t from what I see. They’re usually pretty vulgar Mm-hmm, and I want to I think I want you really want like PewDiePie That’s it and I don’t wanna watch game anymore here’s a topic for you What so if you feel like younger kids are watching more vulgar content? Yeah, do you feel like Kids nowadays probably curse more than you did when you were younger or no, I think so Dave I think they’re meaner, too I think kids these days are so mean to each other and they can get away with it cuz they have the Internet if we Were mean back in the day for one I couldn’t have been cuz I was tiny I get beat up But if we were like that back in the day, I’m pretty sure you would be responsible like you you’d see the consequence No, yeah, and or your parents would yeah beat you up lay back Well, we gotta be careful with that. You can get your parents arrested That’s alright cuz see back in the day. You would get spanked you get the wooden spoon. Like now that’s abuse kids need that I think Is that messed up cuz wheat, I mean it wasn’t I don’t consider my mom. I don’t think she beat me no, but if you were to spank a kid with a wooden spoon or spatula or Pinch pull their ear until it’s red all happened to me, which is not even that bad. I merge some other kids I knew yeah you would you would go to jail and today’s day and age I feel like I’m sorry Bunch keep watching will I know you’re having issues over there? We need a new cameras Jenna and Julian have one camera. We should have just did that less editing Less setup, but yeah, we should have done that. I Don’t know I think this looks cool though again to go back to the podcasting why we’re doing this is because we Already do this kind of stuff. We talked about like random stuff all the time And we always say we should film it But we just never had a I just never thought was gonna be interesting for people so this might not even be interesting for people but Too bad. Let’s look I just want to do it. Dana says postmates says here Oh should we? Stop and then eat is it not it’s normal we cut then let’s just say this was a warm So we restart and then and then you know, I mean we were talking about nothing like how long has it been? We’ve been talking about nothing for 20 minutes See this is this is the end of the day – I’ve been writing all day Pop has probably been playing video – I just woke up that’s even almost as bad and I’m like my head is I can’t think of anything so This is what I’m like at the end of the day All right, we’re gonna go we’re gonna go eat if we do keep this in here, we’re gonna go eat real quick We’ll be right back. This is so not professional This is our we should hey, this is our podcast we can do whatever we want I can do whatever I want we can’t do whatever we want. He can do. Yep. I’m gonna yep We’re four and back that was a bad idea to eat mid podcasts because I am sleepy Stop doing that. We are before we started rolling again. Paco’s making these annoying sounds. I think it’s called a summer We always make fun of it. We never had mics to do it, but maybe we should just do some a summer Right now, I don’t know. That’s what people like to watch. Apparently. I think it’s disgusting It’s weird. But no people like it. Like even Dana said Dana was talking about it earlier She said she likes that feeling and she gets like goose bumps And yeah, yeah, how do you give like what it was because it doesn’t work on everybody It only works on give it give it to me ask for me. So it’s just like This is so annoying you do weird sounds that’s that’s what it is. Yeah, I don’t Does it do it for you? Can you deserve to me? No, let me try this for for you in a well Segment where we’re actually doing away, I just realized what I Did twice jozek Um Yeah, we’re not we’re not gonna do that. Mhm. It doesn’t work for us. It’s not our thing Maybe we should just listen to like actual one. Not now But we should try and see like cuz I’ve never tried I tried and it what it doesn’t really do anything for me. I Don’t get I don’t I think people make it up. I don’t think people actually get feelings for me Oh, she does Dana’s making it up then. I don’t think it might be in her head. I Don’t know. Well, I mean it’s scientifically proven Oh What are you supposed to feel um, like actual team main here my nose whistling every now and then is that annoying Let me listen Do you hear it? Yeah, that means I have some boogies up there It’s like narrowing the hole so it’s like you don’t open just a little bit see this is why we can’t stay on topic I keep going off topic while we’re talking about this is actually it This is off the pill podcast this yeah, 100% No This is why people get annoyed with me like not you guys cuz you know how I you know how I am already but like people who I just meet there like a lot of times, I don’t say it cuz they’re trying to be polite but when I meet people and like in meetings and stuff They’re all like I can see it on their face. They have like a that’s not what I asked you I don’t remember what they asked I just end up someone else. That’s why I don’t do interviews. I do interviews So definitely when people meet you at first They’re like he is not what I thought they think I’m either rude because I’m like avoiding their question but I’m not it’s just where my I just take a different route and Forget what the question is a lot of times in interviews. I’m like, I don’t what was the question I Don’t have that miss you guys. It happens to me all the time. It shows up in the transcript Yeah, they have to repeat the question. Yep. What was that again? I made this video Oh, I don’t know if you were around back then but I did How did how didn’t know if you have ADHD I made a lot of jokes But some of the stuff in there is actually real like I didn’t know it wasn’t normal to Like, okay This is what I knew that was different from other people is in in basketball and judo a lot of times we have like our whole team would come together and you have like, um let’s just say basketball four more people can relate to that your coach should call you guys in right to a huddle and Then they would tell you run this play do this. This person goes here This goes here and then at the end, I remember we’d break and we all clap and on the clap every time I’d be like I I’m gonna get yelled at because I don’t know what just happened and I always got Yoda It’s a true thing and I was like and I was conscious that I all I hate again you know that I always used to like hate basketball in the meeting because our culture does yell at me and It’s because I wasn’t paying attention, but I would make a conscious effort every single time We’ve been yeah, no huddle. Like all right, Ryan listen to what’s being said This is the play and then I don’t know how or what happens break know one hundred percent I don’t like what just happened and I I’m trying I’m really trying and it does not work Like it does not work was your momento effect. It’s almost like a yeah. It’s like it’s like a multiple-personality thing or like, you know when you like what am I thinking of oh, No those yeah, like what is that book? Is this simple remember Sybil? guys in there about that I don’t know Wow, but it’s something that is it almost like a Manchurian Candidate kind of thing where there’s there’s something Well, basically something would trigger Like a different personality kind of yeah or something. That was nothing. That’s what it was I just that’s what it felt. Like I feel like I was in one place I don’t know what happened in between but when I will got woken up, I was like, oh I was not paying attention But I was trying to make a conscious effort to make pay attention. I think that’s what’s considered ADHD. I could be wrong I’m not doctor. Do you still have that now? Yeah happens all the time. I’m better now, though Oh, very very like this is when I was like 5 to like 13 And now I think ever since like YouTube it well high school and YouTube. I’m very conscious of Trying to especially because of YouTube. I’m trying really hard to stay on topic like even right now I’m thinking of so many other things but No, but I’m trying really hard. That’s why I hate doing interviews. I look so stupid I look so stupid and they think I’m or they think I’m rude a thing like he just ignored me or like I’ll interrupt people all the time because I’m like I have an idea but it’s like I didn’t mean to interrupt I just did not hear one word you said and It’s not I want to I want to hear what people are talking about. I just can’t hear it. I Totally understand what you’re saying but not to that extent where you experience what there’s that’s the thing too ADHD is not. Uh, you have it or you don’t do it. Yeah, there’s a spectrum Yeah, so maybe it’s just I have a I’m definitely on the spectrum prop. I would not be surprised Yeah, I think most kids these days are getting higher in the spectrum I think you can learn it, but I think some people I believe it’s hereditary. I Don’t know. My mom said she can’t read somebody she can read obviously she’s not competent, but she can’t read books for fun Mm-hmm, because she’ll do exactly what I talked about is I’ll read a whole I remember this in college this is when I read like for sure knew I would read pages every single word in my head like the biology blah blah blah But I’ll read it in my head and then after like three pages like wait was I reading and I read every word Yeah And I’m like I didn’t retain any of that But I read every single word and I don’t know how I got to that page and I was like the time just flew That’s when you were like something’s wrong. I’m camping out. No, I’ve always had been like that. I’ve always been like that That’s not why I dropped out. Okay. I thought it was normal until I went to a psychologist What psychologists told me when I was in college, and that’s when it was a really issue There was so much more reading than high school and I couldn’t retain any any of it But I was diagnosed actually in preschool because I was like considered they actually legit thought that I was What do you call that not special ed autistic, not autistic, but like maybe is autistic. I don’t know what it is learning learning disability What it was they thought that’s what it was Mhm, and my mom said I don’t remember this, but she said no, he just doesn’t like you To this specific teacher for whatever reason I don’t know why I was very sexist kid. I hated women teachers But the guys I was very cooperative with I don’t know why but I was I was a sexist kid damn but um Once they got me the guy I did everything and I listened to him. I don’t know why sexist kid. That’s what I was Hague That’s a sexist piglet. I Was really sexist. I don’t know why that’s what my mom’s I don’t remember any of this except for judo and basketball What about because oh, yeah, I had men coaches. Yes A’s and I still couldn’t listen to them But as a preschooler, I was a really apparently a really bad kid, and I would not listen to anybody So they had me tested and they said I had ADHD they want to put me on ritalin. I think it was back then Oh, yeah, not out at all. Yeah And then I my mom said no and now I’m messed up Sure, it’s the meds. What is your worse? story as a child of you just being a bad kid both you guys this is Oh Only because I just realized this is adding to the sexist thing, but it has nothing to do with the girl just the puncher Okay, you guys know this story? Well, I don’t know if you know it, but when I was in kindergarten I’m still bad kid. I was still a bad kid Okay, this is this is gonna sound bad. But this is justified. I have to put that disclaimer No, I was a five-year-old when I was a five-year-old in Kindergarten, I remember it was like a big deal to we would always line up for lunch, right? And it was a big deal to be first and I was all I would always I was far I was like far in the back of the room and I could never get there in time so there was always kids beating me and you the rule was you couldn’t run so we’d have to walk really quickly and I could Never beat anybody but the one time the one time I finally made it to the front of the line for lunch this girl bleep her name her name’s She walked straight. She was like right behind me. She’s trying to beat me I beat her and then she’s just stepped to the side When in front of me in front right by the door right in front of me? so I did is I sidestepped and I just Gave her one of these to the stomach and she just collapsed She was like in that sternum where you like and she was given that Sound you know, yeah, and then I went to the principal’s office But I was first You’re also the first person to hit her I hit a girl when I was in kindergarten But again, it wasn’t like I was bullying her. I didn’t do it for no I had in my head I thought this is messed up on her part. She deserves punishment if I’m gonna be the one to manager and I but yeah and I believe After that, I don’t know if this is why but my mom had to start coming to class like separately Like I don’t think it was all day because she worked but she would have to come to class Pretty frequently and I remember thinking that was normal, but like but nobody else’s parents yet my mom So they were the weird ones and you were the normal person but but then I never got in trouble after fifth grade I mean, uh kindergarten as a kindergartner personally liked that girl though She probably has that same story, but she explains it like why she never cut ever again. Yeah, she learned a great lesson I met you in traffic. She stays in the right lane. She doesn’t cut people off. Yeah. Yeah and Welcome. Yeah, I’m just kidding. Don’t put be better bleep for an imam like why don’t you speed up just like well this was This in kindergarten, I don’t know if you know him bleep his name out She that’s to do it to Ryan who has a YouTube channel now Damn, I hope I see amplifies it if I ever saw her gonna be someone hates me in the face I was like I could not have done that. You were taller than me No, huh? No. Oh, definitely. No I said if she still remembered that moment I’m sure she did maybe not maybe she’s a lot or she said she’s like suppress it Yeah, I remember it because I remember thinking I didn’t do that much wrong But when I went to the principal’s office, I got in a lot of trouble I never used to cry as a kid So my dad would tried to yell at me and this is coming from him. This is his side He said he tried to make me cry that night when I got home cuz then the principal called and home I guess and told him and he was like yelling at me and And trying to make me cry and he said I just wouldn’t cry cuz I knew I in my heart felt like I was right I was like she did it first. She did something wrong to me. I didn’t say it like obvious I didn’t say this but in my head That’s what he said. I was trying to say to him, but he couldn’t make me cry mhmmm Damn, so you even as a kid you were pretty like strong willed 100% They hated it all teachers hated it that’s what my mom had to come and She kind of I don’t I don’t actually just remember her being there. I don’t remember what she had to do I don’t remember doing anything. Hmm She was just probably there in case I punched her girls. She she was also there to try to learn how to read. Yeah She can’t stay focused either. But um, yeah, that’s my story. I punched a girl not proud of it. I Don’t think it was justified anymore Back then I did not then you did. Um, and then I did after that. I was like a model student I got like all good grades. It was ease back there ES and Men for like no Remember that not satisfactory not satisfactory. Yeah, that is family. Excellent. And I got straight A’s after that and Then when he became a B’s and C’s and all that I got all A’s Never got in trouble. I don’t know why what changed did anyone ever cut you again? No, I don’t not that I can remember so I probably didn’t mean as much maybe they did but I don’t know or they were Like they’re like, yeah, they’re like, he’s undoing don’t kind of her Ryan do not he will hunt you and then you go not even that it was the it was the Like when you like cut win and you can’t talk more Breen, I’ve had that happen. Yeah, it’s a She I remember the sound I don’t know why I remember this so clearly as probably cuz it was traumatic but Or your that was your proudest moment as a child, maybe? Yeah, because I felt I was right But yeah, I was a bad kindergartener I think age 5 and lower Preschool – I was pretty bad and then I’ll become I don’t know what happened became a good student. Mm-hmm. I don’t know why I Don’t know Do you have a story this wasn’t embarrassing or just about or just when you were like good story a good? Story of when you’re a bad kid something people don’t already know public. Yeah. I thought it was most embarrassing It could be that – that was pretty embarrassing for me. I Don’t know the one embarrassing moment I’ve had in school was like we had this hill and I had these pants on and I was like I was rolling down like a log and I got a Super rip a little but that’s traumatized and like think about it now I was like who cares but then it was like I could just feel like you know when you get yeah, super embarrassing You know hot, and I could just and I grabbed it and I was like walk like trying to go to class like nothing happened and Then like I went to class and like I couldn’t I couldn’t like did your underwear ripped or just your pants my pants? But it was like it’s big was in front of the bag Like you can see underwear like my skin everything see but that like you said that’s not embarrassing to tell you now. No Mine is really embarrassing still. I punched a girl I Shouldn’t have but I punched a great I don’t think I care if it was a girl boy anyone who cut in front of me I was gonna punch him in their sternum. That’s embarrassing yours. Isn’t that embarrassing you don’t have to feel embarrassed about that. It’s okay. No India’s what you do? Yeah, Oh sixth grade you’re Not that young you better. Be careful Sixth grade. I had just transferred schools cuz I was went to old school. No, no just they didn’t have a sixth grade Got it, but I went to a private school All the way from preschool to fifth grade Boulder and then went to sixth grade public school No friends, right so completely new environment for me. It’s very different and I remember within the first couple months during a plus program or like yeah after after school These two girls who I were like I was like nice to them They were nice to me and I thought we were like friends or whatever, you know and
then they were just I don’t I don’t know why but they were just pointing at me and calling me gay and I didn’t even Know what gay was at the time but it did just– Ryan: You didn’t know what gay was you you were an 11 year old? I just- I was a private school kid. You were a pastors kid, you should’ve known what gay was. Yeah I was definitely like sheltered to the max Yeah, okay. Yeah, and so I just it sounded in a very like negative tone and like, you know, someone’s teasing you even if you don’t know what they’re saying, right so They were I think they’re about like seven yards away. I can’t punch them So I picked up a rock and just threw it at them and it cut a girl’s eye like right here, dude That is way worse than what I know that so that is like using a weapon and you were 11 I was five. I know okay. Yeah, that was more embarrassed. I think you win. Yeah Well you win in the most messed up way. I ripped my pants That’s ripped my pants. I thought all my friends were by my side Damn dude you threw a rock I did and uh Didn’t make fun of you But what if you were if you were far away what if she wasn’t she was like that guy’s so cute. I wish I wish I wasn’t gay and Then it’s a hate crime what you did it could be a rocket to gay girls It could be but thankfully they weren’t So and how do you know they were making fun of you because they pointed at me and said you’re gay. Oh You did hear they’re like chanting like gay gay gay That’s a funny joke. They made up. Oh, did you original context? Did you do something to like make them? Yeah What did you do? Like was it something that like made them be like? Oh you’re Did you like have like a skirt honors me ya know how you wear skirts. I do wear skirts Not only if I’m like a but I mean that is definitely something like a Mean Girls yeah wearing girls clothes or if you’re looking for like an insult was yours I don’t gay. I don’t think I was doing anything. There’s nothing that like sticks out in my head I was just like playing sport. Just Mean Girls Yeah, there’s a girl but you’re also a mean guy I am I can be mean-spirited, but I’m generally but at least if you were if that’s what they did to you I mean that’s like the girl she cut. She didn’t hit me but I hit her you didn’t get hit but you hit them Yeah Sorbo and that stuff but they hit me like in the heart in the heart and that’s where it hurt you to Uh, I think mine was more like I deserved this. I worked so hard And this taking away from you Yeah, mine’s a little different. I Was also five you I don’t think That’s not okay Well, I’m very reactionary – yeah, I could see that. Yeah, but a rock you had to have known your girl It wasn’t like it wasn’t like a boulder. I wasn’t like David against Goliath It was like I would say it was like this What makes someone bleed with the how hard could you throw? Well, yeah, that’s why I don’t I just like Chuck and she boot She was breezy wasn’t bleeding it just like it had a small cut she wasn’t like dying She didn’t look like it was like in the movie 300 defend Paco from throwing rocks barrels like doctor. Oh, yeah She went blind because of me that’s a hold it we wouldn’t be here. No, but I would be in jail I would give her a whole new perspective to life. Yeah, a worse one one without personnel. It would show her to not be homophobic That’s true, but it would also show that you were a horrible person you blinded her. Yeah Well, do you know do you still like do you know what that is? No, I don’t even remember her name I know that I know the other girl I know the other girl’s name and it was but I don’t remember the main girl who I hit So if you can’t remember who you hit how do you know that you weren’t really mean to her? Because I wasn’t really mean as a kid I was goofy I did dumb stuff like see that Yeah, like I would just like be in my own world. I was a very competitor pastor’s kid most I’m not sure didn’t say this a lot of pastors kids though, and it’s true. Actually I shouldn’t say this No, but it’s it’s true You can say it because you’re a pastor’s kid, but what you’re saying is true because I can banish a magazine right well Well, we ate again technical issues still learning guys, why did it stop though? Oh Oh, okay. Well should we wait for another camera then they’re gonna go issue sign right now, uh All right. This is the I think we should end. This was fun rambling But this was fun and I did a full day of writing today. So I my branch is doing this Do you have a do you want to try to a? a podcast catchphrase Yeah, like an outro I feel like that would I don’t know one it could come naturally someone could recommend it I think it’ll happen. What have you just make sure I think is breathe with your nose That’s the catchphrase. Thank you guys so much for watching Kike hangs or prod prod cat pod cat see that we can’t be the pod cross the nation Thanks for watching Yep, we don’t got an outro but Thanks guys everybody breathe into the mic with your nose we need a real outro just do it. Thanks guys and well One day we’re gonna get a bunch of boogers on here and we’re gonna regret this

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    Greetings from germany. (that explains my mistakes.. i'm sorry for my imperfection)

  16. ASMR is just a stupid fetish trend. It's very real btw guys but please never do it, I'm begging u 😂. I cannot stand that cringe bs 😭.

  17. Glad this happens to be amongst the top hits for "first podcast". Wasn't really sure how to start my little projects so I just went after it. Thanks for the example.

  18. I am scary how similar to me you are. I did judô, basketball and had this thinking problem too, but if you train tour mind u can correct it. Im studing to enter med school so its necessary to have discipline, it holds my thinking.

  19. Ryan is the perfect person to have a podcast because he can talk for hours and never run out of ideas. 😂😂

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