Optimizing Instagram for Your Podcast

Optimizing Instagram for Your Podcast

We’re going to Instagraming it up. We want
to look cool. We want to be on Instagram. If you want to look cool, you need to be on
Instagram. We were not cool. But now we’re cool because we’re on Instagram. You know what, I like that idea. You know, I’ve never realized before that
you’re so versatile. Hello, Podskis. Welcome back to the Pod Sound
School. I’m your Veronica and if this is your first time here, you should know that on our
channel you can find resources that will help you start your podcast or improve the podcast
you already have. A question we get a lot from our Podskis is how to grow our audience
and get more listeners. Well, on the next few videos, I will show you how to leverage
the power of Instagram to promote your podcast and get more listeners. This five quick practices
will help you find and attract more followers and will convert into listeners of your show.
These are tips we wish we would’ve known before we set up our Instagram account. So hang around
to the end of the video because you don’t want to miss number five. Okay, and before
we get to it, if you haven’t downloaded your free guide to jumpstart your podcast, you
can find the link in description below. Of course, don’t forget to subscribe so you can
stay up to date on the videos we post every week. Okay, let’s dive in. Okay. Number one, profile name and personal
versus business accounts. Two things you should consider before setting up or optimizing your
Instagram account are the name you will use for the profile and whether you want your
account to be business or personal. First, personal name or podcast name. This is a matter
of preference and also branding. If you’re using your podcast as a way to promote your
personal brand or business, the best practice is to use your name or the name of your business
and add a sentence in the bio section stating the name of your podcast. If the only purpose
of the account is to promote your podcast, then having the name of the podcast as the
profile name is the best practice. This way your listeners will be able to search for
you and your show and easily find you. These two aspects are important to consider because
the name field in your Instagram account is searchable. You want your listeners to be
able to find you. Second, personal account or business account.
Once again, this is a matter of preference, although personal accounts are more private,
there are two main features to the business accounts that the personal account does not
have. Those are the contact button and the analytics. The contact button on your profile
is a great feature if you’re using your account as a way to promote your brand or business
because it allows people to contact you directly. It can also be a useful feature even if you’re
using your account only to promote your podcast. You can get creative with this and add a call
to action to one of your posts or IG stories, compelling your listeners to contact you with
questions, suggestions, share stories that you can then later use as segments in your
podcast. But the best feature of the business accounts
is the analytics. You can access the analytics by tapping the menu button on the upper right
corner and then tapping on insights. This analytics provide you with data regarding
your followers. This is important because you can know when your followers are more
active on Instagram and what kind of content they like the most. Something to consider
is that there are not any costs associated with having a business account or with switching
over to one. That takes us to number two, the profile picture.
Your picture or your podcast logo or artwork. Your account profile picture is important
because it’s the first thing people see when you make a comment. Also, when you create
IG stories, your profile picture appears at the top of your followers’ feed. So you want
this picture to spend down. It is worth it to spend some time here. For your profile
picture, you can either use the artwork or logo for your podcast, or you can use a picture
of yourself. This is once again a matter of preference, but I can tell you from our own
experience that people respond more and are more compelled to check your account out when
the profile picture is that person instead of a logo. However, this is only if you’re
just starting. If you are a recognized business or brand, having your logo as your profile
picture is a better practice. If you decide to go with your picture, choose
a picture that shows your face and has a bright background color. Another thing to consider
when choosing your profile picture is branding. Being consistent throughout your social media
accounts using the same colors will help you with branding. You want your people to recognize
you on each platform. This helps to create authority. Have in mind that your profile
picture is going to look really small in people’s phones. So you want this picture to be as
close as possible. Okay, so now let’s talk about the bio statement.
The bio section is a very important field. The description you include in your bio should
tell your audience in a few sentences what your podcast or business is about. This is
where you speak directly to your ideal audience. So be very specific about what your show or
business is about and what it offers. Also, include a call to action sentence right above
the website field such as listen to latest episode here with an arrow pointing downwards.
You’re only allowed 150 characters, so make sure you utilize this space wisely. You can
also include emojis to make your bio more attractive and save characters. If you have
a hard time figuring out how to write your bio statement, come and join us on our Facebook
group, Podcasting For Bosses. There, I can give you some pointers about how to write
your bio statement and you can find help specific to your show. Okay. Now let’s move onto the business information
field. In the business information field, you can add information like the category
of your business and contact information. I’ve seen many accounts adding podcast as
the business category. You can also link your Instagram account to your Facebook page if
you have one. Linking your Instagram account to your Facebook page allows you to share
your posts on both platforms at the same time. That takes us to number five, the website
field. I call this the gateway to your world. This field is limited to only one link, but
you can get creative within the link and now I’ll explain this later. The website field
is a very important field on your bio. Since Instagram does not allowed to add links within
your posts, this is the place where you will be sending your listeners to click on so they
can access your podcast episodes. If you already have a website, create a landing page that
you can even name link in bio. Then add all the links to the different directories where
you have your podcast. You want your listeners to have different options when it comes to
directories. Not everybody has an iPhone and not everybody has iTunes. Also to this page, you can add links to other
social media accounts or to other sources like blogs, freebies, or other things you
are promoting besides your podcast. If you don’t have a website, you can use Linktree.com.
They will create a landing page for you, but we strongly recommend having a website as
it serves as a hub, increases your SEO and authority. Okay, Podskis. Now you’re ready
to create your Instagram account or to go optimize the account you already have. On
my next video, I will be showing you some of the best practices for creating posts that
will capture your audience’s attention. I will show you some of the tools and tricks
you can use for this. Before you go, remember two things, [foreign language 00:08:55], and
don’t forget to hit the subscribe button. Thank you. Until then, happy casting amigos.

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  1. Podcasts are an Internet ART form. Our audience is on the internet. If we want to grow our audience, we need to find out where they are hanging out online and provide enticing content for them. And to attract new followers and perform as well as we can on Social Media, we need to optimize our show on all of the platforms.

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