Oprah Winfrey – Overcoming Our EGO and UNHAPPINESS with Eckhart Tolle – (SuperSoul Podcast)

Oprah Winfrey – Overcoming Our EGO and UNHAPPINESS with Eckhart Tolle – (SuperSoul Podcast)

Oprah Winfrey – Overcoming Our EGO and UNHAPPINESS with Eckhart Tolle – (SuperSoul Podcast) I’m Oprah Winfrey… welcome to super soul conversations the
podcast I believe that one of the most valuable gifts you can give yourself is
time taking time to be more fully present your journey to become more
inspired and connected to the deeper world around us it starts today
on super soul conversations it’s been nearly a decade since visionary
spiritual teacher at carte Olli join me for a series of groundbreaking
conversations discussing his best-selling book a new earth live
streamed around the world 40 million people joined us in what we called the
world’s biggest classroom it still just thrills me to think about the collective
consciousness that brought so many of us together now in the midst of what feels
like a shift separating millions of Americans and other people throughout
the world Eckhart is back to talk about the state of the new earth today
Eckhardt believes it at the heart of the rank our ego is the source of all of our
pain I could hardly believe it’s been 10 years almost oh yeah yeah you have been
one of my greatest spiritual leaders you’ve been one of my great inspirations
here on the planet thank you I mean the lessons I’ve learned this is
my own frayed copy of the book I know that there is now a new earth 10th
anniversary edition but I will always hold on even having need to take these
the bucket buying the site I will always hold on to my own original copy because
they’re just so many insights and memories from it I think that this was
the world’s biggest classroom that we created
yes well I’ve been trying to have this conversation because I thought that you
could bring some really profound insight which is my goal today insight into
where we are and this undercurrent of pain that seems to be showing up in
front of ourselves so I wanted to frame this conversation around actually
examining where we are in this shift from egoic mind to consciousness because
almost 10 years ago we said we’re moving to a higher consciousness you know and
now it feels like there’s a big divide that’s preventing the consciousness or
is the divide here to make us more conscious right well the divide is a
challenge a big challenge so the challenges that are inevitable for
humans sometimes they arise on a personal level and at other times
challenges arise in the collective which means millions of people get challenged
at the same time for the same reason so from a higher perspective what we are
witnessing now and millions of people are experiencing now is a collective
challenge and all over the world all over the world not just here there’s
also in in America here there’s a division that happens that’s basically
if you look at the population or the electorate’s half the people live in one
kind of universe with one kind of mindset and the other half live in
another alternate universe with another kind of mindset and that creates a
separation the reason for the separation is that people are so identified with
their particular mindset which is what ego is what ego is to be identified with
mind with thought structures with opinions with viewpoints with
perspectives to it to be identified means to derive your sense of self your
sense of who you are from certain thoughts in the mind so if
you identify with your viewpoint opinion you don’t
realize that this is a viewpoint opinion to you it is the absolute truth and it
is inseparable from your sense of self right so you think you are that yes so
that’s why you say I am a Republican I am a Democrat I am whatever your job is
I am this thing yes so that’s ego so what’s happening now
collectively is a strengthening of the ego in many humans so I want to say that
most well first of all everybody has an ego and before I read a new earth
I thought ego meant the person who was arrogant the person who was you know
overconfident the person who was a show-off but I in fact learned through a
process of a new earth that everyone has an ego and the ego is really your
identification with your mental state yes right yes yeah whatever that is
whatever that usually all have it yes well we all our minds have been
conditioned in certain ways everybody has their particular kind of
conditioning which goes back to a childhood environment upbringing family
background the culture that you grew up in all that we kept the conditioning of
your mind and so to be clear whenever you are identifying with that mindset it
means that is your ego that’s your because who you are you the deeper I the
deep deep I the deep I or I say you were the capital y ou NAU is consciousness
yes that’s right yeah so to be identified is the ego it doesn’t mean
that the conditioning of your mind disappears so you still have opinions
and viewpoints right or whatever on politics or and so on but when you talk
about your opinions or viewpoints you no longer regard them it’s an essential
part of who you are that’s right you know what it is if what happened to me
it just doesn’t hold as much weight yes yeah yes I still am the same person I
still have the same opinions the same values but I don’t have to prove
myself to be right I can listen to your side of it and hear your side of it and
actually see some right in that even though I might have disagreed yes that’s
right so I can observe my my ego I can observe my mental state yes yes yes
once you understand that you are a part of consciousness that you are
consciousness that you are separate from your thoughts which is the biggest
lesson to get in the world is it not yes yes that’s the the realization that can
only come to you if you are observant and in the gap between two thoughts for
example right now as we’re speaking if I slow down a little bit then there will
be very brief gaps between words or between sentences and if you pay
attention to the gaps they’re not only words and as there can be little spaces
between your thoughts between one thought and another or when you are
looking at something nature in for a moment
you just look without imposing mental labels on things and then to be able to
sense your own presence in that moment as consciousness the most essential
thing about you is that you are conscious or consciousness right now and
another word for that is aware you’re aware that’s the awareness arising yes
you know that you are conscious directly not as a conceptual knowledge but direct
realization of that essence of who you are and that’s such a liberation from
the prism of inhabiting a purely personalized sense of self when you
derive your identity from your personal history the narrative the story in your
mind all those things that make up the so-called person there’s nothing wrong
with that of course you have memories but to derive your sense of self from
these memories that’s the great limitation so it’s just
like you right in the beginning of a new earth everybody comes to their own
evolution in their own due time the fact that you’re hanging in and you’re
reading this and you’re seeking this means that you have reached a level of
awakening right that’s right because otherwise you would open that book and
the paper would be completely meaningless absolutely there need to
already be something in you that recognizes the dimension to which the
words point that is in you a dimension to which the word point is the
consciousness within you because if you are still listening to us right now it
means that you are already in a state of awareness and openness and seeking for
yourself that is unlike most of the world I would say yes yes and that it’s
a higher state of being if you can even hear this conversation that’s right
this is one of my favorite favorite quotes life will give you whatever
experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness how do
you know this is the experience you need because this is the experience you are
having at this moment yes which is true for you as an individual and which is
true for our culture which is true for our world right now how do we know this
is the experience we need because this is the experience we are having yes
because that’s the way each person’s personal evolution operates right yes
well there’s a certain inevitability about whatever form this moment takes
because this moment is connected to all the previous moments so the entire
universe has conspired to bring about the form that this moment takes you
can’t argue with it because if you argue with the present moment that’s suffering
and it’s crazy say that again I think it’s important for everybody on all
sides to hear the entire universe meaning every human being who’s ever
lived and evolved to this point and every person that’s been born has been
moving to this point in time where what we’re experiencing in our lives
personally and also on the political stage yes
because it’s all connected it has been coming forever that’s right yes now in
in some New Age teachings you sometimes hear when people go through suffering or
pain and somebody else tells them why did you manifest that I don’t say that
I’m not saying that’s not entirely false but I’m not asking people to convince
themselves that they manifested whatever they’re experiencing at this moment even
if it’s unpleasant all we need to know is accept this moment as if you had
chosen AIDS I’m not telling people you chose this
moment it’s just too much for many people they don’t want to accept that
they don’t I don’t choosing this illness I don’t use my job
my job so I don’t want to go there but all we need to know is in order to live
more consciously in order not to live in opposition to what is in the present
moment which is to live more consciously accept this moment as if you had chosen
it and that brings in a new consciousness and do not deny the moment
this is what I learned for me that literally eliminated all stress in my
life resisting the moment that is is only going to create more anxiety and
more more upset a lot of the unhappiness that people experience they believe it’s
due to the conditions of what’s happening at this moment but in most
cases it’s not the conditions of the situation that you’re in that causes to
the unhappiness it’s the mind Teli view something about this moment
that causes the unhappiness yes it’s the mind yes I sometimes tell people just
don’t believe what I say just try it out in your own life next time you get upset
in a certain situation let’s say you’re at the airport
many people get upset at airports you line up at the Econo coda it takes a
long time and here’s you get more and more upset and then you
observe that what is it that causes me to be irritated angry upset what is it
this situation or is it that my mind is telling me that this should not be
happening the ego is very good at misinterpreting reality and it believes
its stories the ego comes up with stories often not pleasant stories about
the isness of things and it’s a source of great suffering so once you recognize
that you can experiment in your own life when you feel upset arising what’s your
mind yes be there be aware of what your mind is doing this is the most vital
thing in spirits alive is to be able to watch your mind to be the observer of
your mind so that the mind is not controlling you and that is how you
eliminate stress yes and suffering yes you say on page 119 the egos fear and
distrust of other people it’s tendency to emphasize the other Ness
by focusing on their perceived faults and make those faults into their
identity is taken a little further and makes others into inhuman monsters we
are in that state now are we not in our culture our country our world yes not to
be able to see the humanity in another human being but all only here whatever
it is they’re saying but whatever is the reflection of their mind their mental
positions and mistake that for who they are so anybody who questions or
challenges your mental positions is regarded by the ego as an enemy and this
is the way you D humanize others yes because once you have dehumanized
another human being then it becomes easy for your very unconscious yes an extreme
form of that the most essential thing is that we are both expressions of the one
consciousness what we say as human beings is the essence of who we are the
essence of who I am and who you is consciousness not the thoughts but
the underlying consciousness based on the anchor playing out everyday in the
news and negativity on social media feeds you pose the question have we
regressed is the new earth still happening it’s happening but it’s being
challenged and from a higher perspective being challenged is a good thing let’s
look at the nature of challenges if you look at your own life or anybody’s life
you may find that one way or another what looks like obstacles to where you
want to go where you want to be what you want to achieve obstacles seem to arise
almost continuously in the form of difficult people difficult situations
some people have the perception that they’re being sabotaged by by life all
the time people resent being challenged by life they think Charlie should not
exist but as I sometimes put it you may find if you’ve lived for long enough
that at some point you realize that the world isn’t here to make you happy it
can’t do that it’s sort of like human evolution where you say it’s not linear
you take two steps forward in your own life and a step backwards and then the
further back you go the more of a bounce you have to move forward right
we definitely have evolved in consciousness but it does not go in a
straight line up what the evolution of consciousness happens you regress and
then you go forward a bit more this it goes in cycles I hear people
saying all the time are we going backwards are we stepping backwards
indeed you say we are yes all the signs are that now we are at the beginning of
a regression regressive movement which does not mean that every individual will
become become identified with ego again it’s a challenge but it does not mean
that that you will have also have to regress doesn’t this mean because you
know what we’re facing in the country politically divisive missed the
political divide here I think that these times however
it’s showing up in your life because there’s really only one goal and that is
for us to become more conscious to become more fully human to fully Express
the depths of what we have come here to do that this is showing up to bring out
the most the best the highest yes the challenge actually forces you to go
deeper first u s– may suffer if it drags you down into unconsciousness and
suffering and rises again and as you suffer then you’re forced to transcend
the suffering and go deeper so the big opportunity we found is arise is the
opportunity and the need to intensify your presence meaning being fully here
yes more a lot more present more aware yeah
will you share your philosophy about how this past election was in some way a
mirror of our collective consciousness yes so it brought to the surface what
was already there in the collective unconsciousness and now we have the
division in pro administration in Washington and against it and this is a
table example of how the ego operates and how the egos need to have enemies so
it comes back to what I was saying earlier the egos fear and distrust of
other people separation yeah wanting to emphasize the other the other to ever
separations if I could make you the other then it makes myself that’s an
important point the it strengthens your sense of self but that it’s a fictitious
sense of self it’s a mind based sense of self it’s not a happy sense of self so
that is important for people they need to be very alert to not to get sucked in
that’s it yes because that’s the great danger
yeah but how can we have disagreements with people and see things that are
wrong that are in justices stand up and take action and do that
without getting ourselves sucked into the negativity yes without deriving a
sense of self from your perspective or your viewpoints so it’s it is then if
two conscious people having a discussion let’s say one is a Democrat and the
other one is a Republican and if those of these people have services certain
degree of awareness which means they are not totally identified with their
perspective yeah but their point of views they would be able to have a
discussion without animosity arising without regarding the other as an enemy
you don’t have to be disagreeable when you disagree well that’s saying implies
is you don’t have to be totally identified with your perspective and
your viewpoint and yet you can put it forward in strong terms this is how I
see it yeah without deriving your sense of identity from it because your sense
of identity arises from a deeper place from the stillness within you the
consciousness that space of awareness that you are the presence whatever work
we want to use you can send what is need to prove that you’re right which I used
to have that big time until I read this book I used to have that yes many people
have that yeah the need to be right it’s a very egoic thing yeah the ego thrives
on being right which always implies there needs to be someone who is wrong
so the need to make the other wrong then it strengthens the ego which means it’s
trying to see ultimately what is ultimately a false sense of self and
it’s not it’s never happy sense of self even if you can prove that you’re right
you’re still not well yes because I learned from a new earth that it wasn’t
just my need to be right it was my need for you to see and say that I was right
yes I mean it has to come in rebel force
behind it this need to be right incredible force behind it yeah yeah I
get that but you also teach us that humans don’t really change until they
are in a state of crisis yes and this is where challenge comes in again so are we
there yet we’re in that state of crisis aren’t we there yes and it may get worse
before it gets better but this is a necessary part of the evolution so we
need the crisis humans don’t grow except through facing the challenges and crises
so there are two levels of two levels of truths
one is to see the craziness of what’s happening now and another is to see of a
higher perspective – what’s happening now is part of the evolution it’s a the
ego is coming up it’s manifested needs to break down yes so that something else
can break through yes yes so based upon everything that you shared with us how
should we be acting reacting comporting ourselves in this moment well the only
thing you can take responsibility for is yourself your own state of consciousness
so first of all the most important thing to realize is in any situation were they
it’s to do with a collective political situation personal situation in any
situation what is primary is your state of consciousness the state of
consciousness with which you face that situation so how can you sit and observe
the hysteria the craziness going on and kind of be still with it yes you can
recognize it as a disturbance because I think everybody feels like I need to do
something we need to do something yeah well doing sometimes is necessary and
cold for at other times doing isn’t really possible but before you do
anything what is the state of consciousness out of which the doing
arises yes because that determines the quality of your doing yeah and as you’re
saying that I’m thinking everybody can open their heart space their sense of
awareness consciousness being to not otherwise the other yes yes everybody
can just but just open that just a little bit yes and with that comes the
ability also to listen to the other yes the ability to listen means there must
be a little bit of space in you a little bit of awareness in you true listening
implies that you are still while you listen you give you a complete attention
to the other and that’s that’s change is the relationship then because that
brings in the spiritual dimension or the transcendent dimension whatever you want
to call it you need to be able to bring the stillness into the relationship
mm-hmm and another thing happens when you listen to another in that in that
still moment when you’re listening you’re not only aware of what the other
person is saying in that stillness you can also feel a deeper essence in the
other human being beyond the words that he or she is speaking why can you feel
it you can feel that deeper essence in the
other because in that moment of stillness you can feel it in yourself
you can only do that though when you become aware enough about your own self
to know that you are not your thoughts yes and so that when you see somebody
you know raging against the world yes you have the ability to step back and
know that they are not their rage that beneath the rage beneath the anger
beneath the pain beneath the sadness beneath whatever they’re showing to you
there is the pure consciousness that is also you yes yes well if we all could do
that then no need for us to have this conversation yes despite the level of
suffering people are inflicting upon themselves and on one another do you
have hope that people will wake up yes it’s inevitable for consciousness to
arise more fully on the planet because it’s part of the entire evolutionary
impulse of the universe is to us consciousness so it is arising it can be
delayed and that’s not a bad thing delays can only ever deepening affect
ultimately what’s the way forward the way forward is for the individual to
take responsibility to remember that the most important thing is not what’s
happening out there the body’s primary it is my I’m saying now my state of
consciousness at this moment is primary that determines what form the future
will take so important thing to realize is what what happens to you is much less
important than how you respond to what happens that determines your life it’s
not the things that happen to you the determines your life ultimately it’s how
do I respond to what happens and that is also the off area of freedom you can
choose to respond consciously to what happens then you’re not at the mercy of
what happens to you what is the purpose of the soul well my soul I have another
word for anything I’ve recently been using the pointer the deed I a deep eye
the deep eye at that level of the deep eye it is consciousness itself
you are already complete the deep eye has nothing to achieve all that the deep
eye once is to come more fully into this dimension so there’s no evolution of the
deep eye itself because at that level you are already complete and perfect and
it’s timeless but it comes as it comes into your soul isn’t here to evolve your
soul isn’t here on the planet to evolve it’s here to to come more fully into
this dimension you could call that to evolve okay but the soul itself the
essence of who we are is already timeless so it evolves in this dimension
by coming more fully into this dimension hey Kurt how do you know this well it’s
an intuitive inside you can’t assume a question is asked and then the answer
count through the stillness that’s how it work it’s not figured out through the
mind it just comes from you through you out of you out of out of consciousness
a lot of consciousness and when and then somebody else relations to a
and suddenly they go yes when you hear the truth it resonates and it feels like
an ah it’s almost recognition it’s a reminder of what you already knew yes
deep inside yeah so when are you in an absolute state of well-being or are you
always there there’s always a well-being of course the body changes the physical
well-being can vary but underneath the physical well-being there’s always a
deeper sense of well-being and the arises out of the realization of the
deep I that’s always fine but no matter what’s happening on the outside the deep
eye is always fine that’s so experienced I just as a
surface of life on this all these things happen on the surface of life do you
enjoy the surface of life as oh yes deeply or are you always in this sort of
meditative state yeah I enjoy it but not in the way that way I would say wow I’m
going to see all bright green isn’t that it’s so great I don’t get excited about
it there’s an enjoyment even when you called me many years ago I remember you
called me up and he said I’m souls for new earth that’s my next direction well
the book of love and I said oh that’s great so I felt pleased you said thank
you I remember you said thank you and usually people go actually repeated it I
said did you Ray I said I’m choosing your book and go thank you okay thank you so much
what do you think happens when we die well the personality dissolves but to
realize that it’s when the ego subsides until you become aware of your deep I
which is awareness itself we just put it like that you become aware of the deep I
that’s the part of you that is beyond death so when you can can sense the
consciousness in you then you become actually aware of that which is also
beyond time and that which is ultimately divine in
you the divined I mentioned to use that term
and that is what is beyond death and then you lose your field test which is a
good thing you no longer need to fear when at some point the body dissolves
and that’s fine so something to look forward to I think it’s gonna be a big
hootenanny surprise yes when you as that ray coming from the source of all light
get to rejoin with the source yes yeah yes that’s got to be a party
yes I’m Oprah Winfrey and you’ve been listening to super-soul conversations
thank you for listening thank you for watching this video my friends I hope
you really enjoyed it make sure you leave a comment below and please
subscribe to this channel I want to give you so much more thank you and I’ll see
you next time Oprah Winfrey – Overcoming Our EGO and UNHAPPINESS with Eckhart Tolle – (SuperSoul Podcast)

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  26. I was truly enjoying this and deeply resonate with what is being said, however the Deep Eye sounds ridiculous to me. It's the Soul and always will be the Soul. Why change and confuse what already is?

  27. The difficuilties and challenges he talks about have always been, since the oldest documentations and teachings we have such as the Bible and Buddhism before that. I think we don't fully understand the teachings and Ekkart is like a modern day prophet the same, helping to make us aware of our actions.

  28. He seems like a master of human behaviour, something like that. Interested to hear his views about Mediums such as Mathew Fraser and John Edwards who insist they can tap into and communicate with passed souls. Anyone heard Eckhart talk about that?

  29. I have learned to no longer fear death and I have Eckhart to thank for that. The body we live in now is just a physical form. Being at peace with this knowledge has a allowed my grief for my loved ones that have past , to shift from being painful to rejoicing. I look forward to being fully my true self.

  30. I am grateful to find this, now that my somatic therapist has shown me that Feeeling your pain is what causes it to dissolve into warm waves of calming Love 'n' Bliss, I can understand & feel into more of what Eckhart is revealing for us. I want to identify with my DEEP self, the perfect, whole, blissful, integrated, happy & calm One. we are all connected, expansion never ends, we are eternal, the best adventures lie still yet ahead & the better it gets …the better it gets))))))))))

  31. Be still be aware, listening to another. Makes me think of someone who never puts the phone down. Who cannot be still to appreciate a shared moment.

  32. Oprah a two faced ego, money grabbing motherless tool! You got all this money and you can’t even have a child and for you to judge MJ and interview those two liars. You are a phoney and your spirituality smells like your own ego.

  33. Oprah a two faced ego, money grabbing motherless tool! You got all this money and you can’t even have a child and for you to judge MJ and interview those two liars. You are a phoney and your spirituality smells like your own ego.

  34. Oprah a two faced ego, money grabbing motherless tool! You got all this money and you can’t even have a child and for you to judge MJ and interview those two liars. You are a phoney and your spirituality smells like your own ego.

  35. I have had the most life altering experience of my lifetime. Whats worse is not knowing what space I'm in. My timing so off I can't seem to get back to the consciousness I once lived. Listening to Ekart Tolle gives me a sence of my thinking when speaks of the EGO, mine. The entrenched belief in my complete belief in being right. But even if I am how do I get back the timining thats is Im coming to realize is major in one to have an objective view of my own thinking. This thinking as eell shares space with brutalized acts agains my MIND not even mentioning the physical pains. Forgive me if I diverged or rambled.

  36. The conditioning of our social mannerisms during every step of cultural evolution is a direct reflection of the state of the collective conciousness at the given time. The collective social conditioning is a result of every human mind in its entirety.

  37. My solution has been to not watch the news or TV ever, leave social media completely, go to work in the daytime and then to the yoga studio every night. It's working wonderfully 😊

  38. One of the greatest teachers "Eckhart Tolle" Thank you so much 🙂

  39. He seems to explain some key concepts of Advaita Vedanta. At the end he seems to describe the fourth aspect (i.e., turiya) of reality when he explains what he calls the Deep I. He also says, when you sense consciousness in you, you become aware of "that" which is beyond time – the divine dimension in you. Reminds me of the book, "I am THAT". Very interesting.

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