One Day on Earth Webcast #8 10/6/10 : With Closed Captioning

Hi I’m Rene Eng, and welcome to the final
webcast before 10.10.10. For this weeks featured cause, we are very proud to announce our partnership
with human rights advocacy organization Human Rights Watch. On 10.10.10, we ask you to answer
HRW’s call to action: Show us the “human” in human rights. Learn more about Human Rights
Watch and their call to action at This week’s spotlight participant is filmmaker
and Psychology student Jonathan Sterkenberg. On 10.10.10. Jonathan is telling the story
of Vincent, a boy who suffers from a rare disorder which affects the central nervous
system. The life expectancy for a person with this condition is 10 years, and Vincent’s
10th birthday will be on October 10th. You can find more of Jonathan’s work at
Hello, I’m Kyle Ruddick. Im the founder and director of One Day on Earth, and I wanted
to take a moment to say thank you to everyone across the world who is participating in this
project. Over the last few years this has really grown in momentum and size to something
that I think everyone involved is extremely excited about, and I just want to say to everyone
that over this time people have come up to me and asked, “what do you want me to film?,
what do you want me to do for this project?”, and I want to say to you, that is the question
you have to answer – that by participating in this, you need to make it your own. I want
you to do something that matters, or inspires, or educates, or just makes you feel like you
did this, and whether you are part of this or not you would have been happy to do it.
And from that place, I hope to see all of the amazing perspectives that you can share
on and after October 10th. So, thank you so much and remember the greater the number and
diversity of perspectives within this project, the more accurate a view we can display of
One Day on Earth. See you soon.

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