Old Clothes | Episode 5 | One Minute Video Podcast | VoiceOverJames

and thank you for tuning into episode 5 of the voice over James one minute or less video podcast series I’m James and in this episode I’m going to be talking about old clothing men don’t like to part with old clothing we have a bond and a relationship with the clothing I have a shirt that is older than my 15 year old niece it’s probably 17 years old and I still wear it it’s a little bit worse for wear but hey if I’m mowing the lawn who cares it’s meant to get dirty it’s meant to be used and lived in I feel sort of like smeagol with it’s like ” My Precious, Yesss! Yess! and if my wife were to ever throw one of those away you would hear me mumbling to myself over in a corner like: “They tricksst us, they stolez it from us noo…. Me Knowz Me Knowz! and I would get rid of something of hers so thanks for tuning in and I will see you guys next time I’m voice over James have a good one

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