Off The Pill Podcast #3 (Ft. Sean Fujiyoshi) – Jobs, Dealing with Fans, and Is Liam Neeson Racist?

Off The Pill Podcast #3 (Ft. Sean Fujiyoshi) – Jobs, Dealing with Fans, and Is Liam Neeson Racist?

Oh Sean’s a racist too, cause he respects Liam Neeson. I have no money. I need something. Cause I’m jobless. But one guy. A lot of girls. And they’re all tryna fight for his love. Isn’t it called something else? Like. Isn’t that porn? Are we rolling? [Yea everything’s rolling] Alright. Let’s do the claps everybody K. Well. I don’t if I should intro- Nah, Im just gonna do the claps first. Yea. Ready *clap* *clap clap* *clap clap clap* *clap clap – clap clap* Welcome back to another episode of Off the Pill Podcast. And we are joined today This man needs no introduction, but I’m gonna do it We gotta have bunch of new stuff, but Im getting off topic already We are here with Sean Fujiyoshi everybody. Hi Hello Hello Hello. Like that? Ok. T-t-turn it. [That’s loud.] There you go. And we have a new thing. Yeah. Soundboard I guess. The soundboard. I know. Welcome back Sean. Sean, Sean, Sean, Sean, Sean It’s good to be back. *Seen. Get it right. I know. *Seen. *Seen is finally back. Remember, uh… A long time ago when I made that video, uhm, Was it Sean returns? Yeah. And my, uhm, roommate or something, it was in college, like 2000.. His name was Sean too. Not his real name. Oh. I just called him that. Oh, Okay What? You gave someone a new name. Yeah, because he was playing Sean. He was playing Sean. He’s me. Anyway, uhm Sean is visiting, uhm, for a, before anyone gets confused He’s visiting for a few days, maybe like four Four days? Yeah. Sean’s in town and we had to have him on the podcast ’cause everybody’s been asking. Oh, yeah. So we have some of those questions from twitter @offthepill, we’re gonna get to that later. This is the part where normally we’re supposed to be thanking our sponsors that we still don’t have. So, this could be you. Uh, I don’t know- I don’t know- I don’t have any- Right there. That’s not a- Rode is not a sponsor but they sent us stuff. Thank you very much Rode. So, companies this could be you. I could wear your stuff. Whoever’s here could wear your stuff. Good pitch. That’s it? Yeah. That’s all. Uh, anyway, we still don’t have- It’s like an ongoing joke but we really want sponsors. It’s really comfortable. It’s really comfortable. Yeah, but no, Rode has sent us stuff. That’s not a real sponsor but they sent us free stuff. Sorry it’s been awhile, you know. It’s been awhile. So, Sean. Yeah. Dude It’s been a- He literally just got in so we didn’t really have that much time to catch up I’m a little tired. Not gonna lie. Yeah, I know you got- got up pretty early. How was life been? Super general but that’s- like the number one question. Yeah Dude. It’s been crazy. Not- what I expected, at all. It’s – What were you expecting? To find a job, for one Oh, and instantly, right? I didn’t think it’s gonna be this hard. Right. Right. Right. Well, that’s why we’re using this podcast. See, in another thing, in sponsorships- Sean needs a job. If you’re in the Sacramento area, and you’re looking for an engineer- Well, I don’t know if that’s what you want but- Yeah. You were looking for an engineering- Yeah. Trying to do engineering but… To all you engineers out there with engineering degrees you might relate to this but- If you’re in school right now get an internship ’cause that thing means a lot. When you were in school did you actually think about that? Did you actually like, Did you have the option to intern? I did. But I had a lot of smarter people in my class so, they got the internships. I didn’t get any. You actually tried, though? Oh, yeah, I tried. I see. Okay. So, it’s really important ’cause from what you are telling me, What were you saying about the issues with that? You need experience. They thrive on experience but they don’t really They want to spend the least amount of time to train you, to get you up to speed. Which makes sense for a business aspect you know ’cause they don’t wanna spend a whole bunch of time trying to teach you from the ground up of- Right. How to do stuff. They want you to know- Kind of what the industry is. Especially in your type of field. Right. ‘Cause- I mean, so it’s been like six months. Yeah. Almost. I think. Yeah. Maybe more. I’m not sure. It’s about six months. Yeah. And you’ve been non-stop like, applying and reaching out to people and It always comes down to experience. Yeah. And location too. Oh really. Because If I was like in maybe like one of the main cities, then I’d have more options to choose from more opportunities more companies Right. Sacramento’s kind of like a small kinda town. A city but not really a city. It’s more like a big town, in my opinion. So…

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  1. 38:24 Have you considered going back to school and pursue creative courses – in a university with connections & internship opportunities, so that you can launch an alternative career in film-making, script-writing, acting, etc. Any job different from youtube is not necessarily a 9-5 clerical job, and a course in university does not have to be nuclear medicine! So, have you considered exploring possible options – any professionally-oriented creative courses that could match your aptitude ?

  2. sean. i feel you on the LDR…. my boyfriend and I have been in a LDR since 2014, and only this past 4 months had we seen each other almost every week, but then he moved out to Missouri because he got a job, so were back to LDR – but we've been together for 7 years, so I get it!

  3. If I saw you guys in public is probably just say
    “I’m really happy I got to meet you. I’m a big fan. The first video I ever saw on YouTube was the daily life of Rustin Heiber and I was about 5 or 6. If it’s ok with u, can we get a picture?”

  4. Yeah…some people really need to be open minded. People are getting hate in the society just because of vague news in the media. Like how Brie Larson got all the hate recently.

  5. So I just came in from the latest podcast and I like how they've been ending it every time reminding themselves that's it's really bad for the mics to breath into them but they still friggin do it🤣🤣🤣

  6. "AR" is not "artificial reality" it stands for: augmented reality…yea not a big deal, but it took me a second when he said that

  7. So long as Sean is giving tips to engineering students, I have a couple:
    1) Join an academic club in your field. This is great for your resume while you're in school, and a great way to meet friends in your major.
    2) Find out if any of your professors are doing research, and ask them if they need a student assistant.
    3) Talk to your professors. Visit them during office hours. Email them with your questions. Make sure they recognize your name and your face, and then later on you can ask them for help finding a job or internship.
    4) Be a peer mentor, TA, tutor, or help out in some way in your department. This is great for your resume, and another good way to create relationships with your professors and other students.
    5) Have people review your resume. A nice format goes a long way.
    Don't wait until your junior year to start doing these things. I did, and it worked out for me, but I got lucky. The only reason I got an internship during college was because of my experience in research, and the only reason I got a job after college was because of that internship. It really does help.

  8. I literally was about to poop right when that conversation started. I actually pooped. It actually worked. Lol

  9. Try getting an associates degree or go to grad school and from there you can apply for internships, going to conventions that has to do with your major helps a bit, get on you professors good side and you can get some info about companies they used to work for. I'm late but hope that helped anyone in that same situation

  10. I'd like to see D-trix and Alex Wassabi on the podcast. Also Domics. His hypotheticals are very entertaining and I feel like you guys would have a lot of interesting things to discuss.

  11. I dont get it. Rhyans a millionaire. Sean is his best friend and in my opinion 50% of what niga higa is. So why does Sean need a job? Does he not get money from rhyan?

  12. Why do I like Sean so much. He is such a cool and calm guy. I would like him to appear a little more. Love you Sean

  13. I like and agree with the trump thing… like, everyone calls him stubborn and MAYBE he is, but we aren’t finding a reason as to why he’s stubborn. He may actually listen to someone who is willing to compromise with him… I’m happy you guys brought this up because my whole family thinks I’m a trump supporter (I’m actually all for Bernie and usually vote for a third party not necessarily independent) because I said something similar…

  14. I wonder if people listened more to one another, and not just to wait to be able to talk after they listen, but to actively listen and allow for the person to express their thoughts and beliefs, would there be more open and healthier conversations between people? (this may be an idealistic thought/scenario, cause everything can now be taken out of context to portray a certain story, but arent those same people in same sort of place, where they arent being listened to/arent allowed to express themselves in proper nevironment, so they use a different medium to do that). its a bit hard to give an analogy

  15. "Dana you're a solid four"

    Seriously? Ugh Paco. You don't understand how insulting that is to a girl because not only is it demeaning to be rated on a number scale but to be told that you're less than average looking. It stings no matter how thick your skin is because of the significance society puts on beauty for women.

  16. I pictured a girl walking up to Ryan while he’s eating, takes a selfie and Ryan gets up and punches her in the stomach. As she drops to the floor, he returns to his meal.

  17. I just love when people with introverted leaning personality talks about relationships. Even though they have like the craziest, longest lasting relationship, their secret for that is just they just kinda are

  18. Yes… l fortunately grew up with a civil engineer as a friend and he hired me out of college but not in my direct field. I had to go to graduate school before I started getting offers in my field (because I had a professor backing me). If you had a favorite professor you liked in undergraduate, they will probably put a word in for you and that will help a LOT. Make sure it's a class you did well in!

  19. What a contrast to have Sean and Paco together. Paco rambling cliche stuff, Sean being more critical and put together. I really enjoyed Sean's calmness.

  20. part of the anxiety I have with starting new things is I feel like I have to constantly improve, like everything I put out has to be better than what I did before. But thanks to you guys I feel a lot better knowing that “softballs” and “plateaus” are normal and necessary. Thank you so much. I really loved this whole podcast and just seeing Sean was awesome. I completely respect his choice and wish him the best btw. Good luck with the job search, Sean!
    Paco is awesome in these podcasts!
    Ryan your host skills are sooo good!
    thanks for this video!

  21. If Sean hasn‘t found a job yet: 😊
    He could try applying for a masters degree in Germany 😊 it‘s cheaper (~ 150-500€) and then he can/must do an internship which gets easier with an enrollment. Oh and also he can try getting a paid internship abroad through AIESEC ^_^

  22. ugh, listening to you guys talk about the crazy fan experience…I’m sorry, I was guilty of this 🙁 after one of David Choi’s concerts at UW we got to stand in line and meet him, get an autograph. and also got to take a picture…and when we did, I gave him a big squeeze hug and he looks so uncomfortable in the picture. I don’t know how to tag people on youtube, but I’m sorry!!

    p.s. hubby said to post the picture on here, but don’t know how.
    p.p.s. it was 9 years ago, and I would not do the same today! if there was a hug, I would ask for it first and it would be a light hug 🙂

  23. is there really a "compromise" with stuff like concentration camps? I mean politics is a big boys game… dems tried buddying up to Trump before and it worked to a certain degree… but sometimes issues and people are just not that simple…

    I talk a lot with people with different views to mine (and they are usually white men and I'm super left) and I feel like they experience hardships, a lot of which actually stem from the patriarchy, but that system is supposedly benefitting them so it must be something else and they start getting frustrated with the wrong things… for example, there's this pressure on men to provide and be successful careerwise, but with the current economy it's getting harder and they are sold this lie that immigrants are taking their jobs and it's just a clever misdirection of their anger

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