Off the Pill Podcast #1 – ADHD, Brand Deals, and Choosing to be Gay?

Off the Pill Podcast #1 – ADHD, Brand Deals, and Choosing to be Gay?

R: Holy crap they’re gonna make this much money just to make a video? And I just completely sold out P: Yeah yeah R: And oh I support gay marriage or saying like- just saying that, you’re gonna get hate either way [P: Yeah yeah] R: um… So you might as well just make both sides hate you and say you don’t and you do accept it Gay people? hate ’em, love ’em. {Paco laughs} bring on the hate! [Transition] R: Alright Are we.. we’re all good, every camera is good? Are we doing the claps? [W: Let’s do the claps] *claps* (x5) R: Why why dude it’s so loud in our headsets c’mon *sighs [W: Is that our intro the clap claps?] R: That’s the clap claps [W: We got the clap claps We got the bleep bleeps] R: Well we’re *laughs* Well we need the clap claps to sync if people don’t know it’s not we’re not just applauding ourselves [W: Yeah] R: It’s to sync up the audio with the uh video [W: Sure] R: Um anyway welcome to the first Off The Pill Podcast it’s not the first one I’m a liar its not the first one we’ve done two actually we’ve done three I posted two on the uh second channel uh one was with just us I think and then we did one with David Choi um a lot of you guys really like it but we stopped doing it for a very long time oh yeah sorry there’s a third one that we did with Derrick but I that one was um [P: unsalveagable W: Yeah] NO it wasn’t that bad it was just it was Derrick you know we went a little off topic it was almost like I don’t know what to do with this video W: We’ve been experimenting R: Yeah we’ve just been experimenting P: you know we had the mind of Ryan Higa that podcast was basically inside the mind of Derrick R: It was but i also felt like he was trying to channel someone else’s mind one day we might- I might just post it one day just because it would be funny [W: Sure] R: But I feel like we should not be posting that kind of podcast [W: Yeah It’s a new, it’s a long format, y’know, we’re getting used to it] R: Anyway, we are figuring it out and this is the first one um, it’s not- I already said this *laughs* it’s technically the first one on this channel but it’s not the first one How did I- how did- how- how do we- we don’t even have an intro [W: Nope] R: Anyway, I think we should stick with the clapping thing *claps* I mean we already did it [W: Oh] Okay, off to a good start (Paco laughs) I guess we can just get into- I just wanted to give that intro because this is the first one so W: You want to intro the guests? R: Um So the guests, I guess *laughs* I don’t know if you guys are always gonna be here We’re still figuring that out. We’re gonna get I think we already have a bunch of guests that we have comin’ up I don’t know if it’s smart to say who it is yet but, um You guys already know Paco you guys already know Will and you guys might know me R: Um [P: Nah] R: Okay Well, and also for people who don’t know, it’s called Off the Pill Podcast if you don’t know that by now, which is a little strange where you’re watching this It’s because that whole thing started when I started ranting on videos without taking my meds I have ADHD, I don’t take my meds sometimes and when I do that, I start talking in circles and talking about random things and that’s what this podcast is all about y’know, just having fun talking about random things [W: It really is] R: And important issues [W: Unstructured] R: No, there’s structure [W: Brain Barf] R: There is structure, what are you talking about? [W: I mean there is structure within unstructure] [R: We all clapped] W: Boom R: Every single time in the beginning we always clapped, that’s structure *claps* and we breathe into the mic at the end, that’s our closer Yeah we’re not, um- we’re still figuring this out P: So we have two things basically that are structured everything in the middle R: Okay, well it’s only our first one, techinically fourth one Because we’re not posting the Derrick one We’re not talking about anything by the way Let’s get into it, what do we have on the agenda? we have so many things to cover because we’ve never covered anything *laughs* [W: Yup] P: Well, uh, why don’t we talk about something thats y’know, kinda hot right now? R: Ooooh is this getting uh, what do you- what- what- what ya trying to say? You made that get- sound dirty so… P: No. I just meant a hot topic R: Oh, you wanna talk about hot topics [W: that store] R: I’ve been there, it’s very- when I was a kid I was actually scared of Hot Topic [P: No- me too, my mom wouldn’t let me go in there] R: *snorts* Momma’s boy [W: What?] [P: Yeah] R: No, honestly I- no I really – not scared but I I can’t- no I was, I was scared, yeah P: It definitely was frightening for some people R: Unless if we um, get sponsored by Hot Topic Speaking of which let’s thank our sponsors for today, Hot Topic That’s not true I don’t know if that’s even legal for me to say- we’re not sponsored Hot Topic is not sponsoring this We have no sponsor We have no money okay guys we are broke P: But if you’d like to sponsor this podcast you can reach this email right here R: Your commercial could be just like this Have you ever wanted to go and get something that’s kinda scary to kids but also really cool to some kids that are outcasts? Does that sound bad? Well then, go to Topics “R” Us Hot I don’t know [P: Topics that are hot to us] R: That could be you W: This is the essence of Off the Pill Podcast we try to start something [R: I know] W: and we absolutely fail and went somewhere else with it R: People don’t know this too [W: I love it] Yeah, people don’t know this too but we’ve actually done more that we never- people would never see because we were just experimenting and they’re just trash kinda like this one W: Back to Paco P: Why don’t we talk a little bit about brand deals cause that seems to be something that a lot of YouTubers [R: Everyone has yeah] P: Yeah, they’re going into it [R: I know] P: Except you’ve kinda been someone that has steered away from that type of content and I personally am very interested in that You’ve told- we’ve talked a little bit about it [R: Yeah] but I think a lot of audience too would be like how does Ryan money on YouTube since the adpocalypse, y’know R: I mean it’s not as good *laughs* and I haven’t- I really don’t do that many sponsorship deals because I always base the content around you guys know I’ve always based it around just if the ad interferes with the funny or the story then I’m not gonna do it I get asked to do stuff probably every day like multiple enquiries P: Weird flex but okay R: Is that a flex? P: It is R: That’s not- [P: But continue, continue] R: I don’t know what that means [P: I know you’re- we’re gonna go ADHD right now continue on the brand deals] R: You’re the one that threw me off (Paco laughs) R: I didn’t take my meds dude that’s your fault What were we talking about? P: Uh, you were talking about brand deals [R: I was flexing] and how people ask you every day R: Oh, okay yeah people send- oh that is a flex [P: It is] R: It’s not that weird though It’s normal for YouTubers Anyway, as I was saying before someone interrupted my um [P: Flex] whatever I was talking about Yeah, we get that all the time

100 thoughts on “Off the Pill Podcast #1 – ADHD, Brand Deals, and Choosing to be Gay?

  1. I鈥漹e never noticed Will in Ryan鈥檚 videos and now i鈥漨 in love with him (not in a gay way, damn that鈥檚 what a gay person would say馃hmmmm… I am not GAY)

  2. Okay so like I know I鈥檓 late but like the static electricity thing is me too! My mom and I both get shocked with cars and doors and anything metal ALL THE TIME and I have no idea why

  3. 39:08 you know the term "Shi Shi" isn't just used by Hawaiians to refer to pissing, my family (chinese) used to say that when I was little. I have a hypothesis, I think that Hawaiians use that term is due to the diffusion of culture, because apparently a lot of Asians live there. My thought though.

  4. Ryan, I don't think you have ADHD. You just have a super active mental capacity due to your Gemini sun. You are the epitome of a Gemini. Wordsmith, witty, storyteller and capable of extreme analytical prowess. Your 'ADHD' is just society's way of denigrating your (and many others diagnosed as ADHD) gifts.

  5. Hi RH Team! I like this Podcast and enjoyed it much. Good work and for more episodes. I will watch the next one. Cheers! 馃檪

  6. It's weird to come back to this channel after all this time. My middle school account was created just to sub to Ryan back in 2007 with his first 3 How To Be videos. It's cool to come back in the latter half of my 20s and see the natural growth that comes with 12 years of maturing.

  7. Mane 47:13 Ryan reassuringly saying "I think that was pretty lame." Made me laugh so hard hahaha. Assuring somebody their idea is lame in such a positive reinforcement tone is hilarious to me.

  8. Love how you guys have very open minded and loose conversation, the podcasts feel very free, no exact schedule of items to talk about and when, losing focus going off into differerent directions with only 1 topic. Its great

  9. when they were talking about sports I relate so bucking much
    I play judo and I lost 3.1 kg in 3 days with a recently broken ankle from playing basketball( kinda it's a long story)
    So I went and played the judo national's
    And lost in the first match
    It was so fucking and I could only stay for 1 34 on the mat I am so fuckimg ugghhhh embarrassing I cant even I still bucking have the flash back every know and then and man it was just so buking heartbreaking embarrassing it was uggghhhhhh but ya I relate to Ryan so ducking much
    And when I was sad as fuck my coach kept on telling me that I mean I did not have a lot of practice and it was like expected but the girl she was not even a good player and I lost and that was i don't know uhgggg I don't know if anyone reads it or not but like shit I just hope that when I go the next time (this time probably for karate) I'll bucking win

  10. Dear Ryan can you do a montage of thet popular dance moves (the woah, hit dem folks, milly rock, etc)

  11. This is how your freedom of speech is not freedom of speech. It's limited and restricted.. Smh. It's all hate speech these days.

  12. Imma be honest… I never really liked Paco before, but seeing him act like a normal human being for once, without trying too hard to be funny or whatever… It's like seeing a whole new side of him. I like actually this new Paco.

    ((Also, not entirely related, but I feel kinda bad for him because he got s u p e r nervous when the guys started talking about skirts. He was super tense, you can see it in the way he starts moving at 26:11))

  13. the thing about adderall is, that it gets you hyped if you don't have adhd and calm if you do. it works the opposite ways. that's why it is used both as a drug and as a medicine.

  14. My dad thinks being gay is a choice. My brother is gay and I do not think it鈥檚 a choice. You can鈥檛 help it and it鈥檚 not your fault. If you鈥檙e attracted to men or women, it doesn鈥檛 matter. Whether you鈥檙e gay, straight, bisexual, lesbian, it doesn鈥檛 change who you are as a person

  15. It has to be a choice, because speaking in terms of evolution, Darwinism (survival of the fittest), being gay does not help any species to keep thriving. Two beings of the same gender cannot make an offspring. So, speaking scientifically, being gay is not genetic. Therefore, it must be a choice, right?
    Obviously, if you're not attracted to guys, as a guy, then you can't necessarily force yourself to be, but like, I think in a lot of cases, a girl or a guy will turn to the same gender because for one reason or another, they are unable to attract the opposite gender; or the opposite gender has wronged them in such a way that they end up preferring the gender that has not wronged them as much or at all.
    It's a really confusing topic, and no one really knows what makes someone gay.

  16. It鈥檚 bullshit that you chose the middle ground between those who want to give people the rights they deserve and the assholes who want them to be illegal

  17. i love that there are no ads. i can watch without getting irritated. but even if there were i love your vids. and i love that you decide to do what you like. not what the world wants. i love the podcasts. cause i also switch topics evry 10 seconds.

    ly and your team. we need more people like you. who show us the truth and be honest

  18. Unfortunately homophobes have switched the narrative. Now they don't believe you can choose to BE gay but you have the choice to ACT on it. They call if 'suffering from same-sex attraction' like it's an illness

  19. Do you really mean Hot Topic or Spencer's? Because I kind of felt that way about Spencer's. BTW we probably went to the same Hot Topic store at Prince Kuhio Mall! Like or comment if you've been there big island peeps 馃檪

  20. Dude please end these podcasts nobody has time to watch them. The time spent on these podcasts should instead be spent on videos that your fans have time to watch. It won't be long until I've watched all of your old videos, have nothing left to watch, and unsubscribe. I miss the old nigahiga, and would like it to be restored, Sean or no Sean.

  21. I don鈥檛 know if you鈥檒l see these but I think if you do more shi shi breaks you should put relaxing music for those 2 minutes

  22. Ryan can you please stop doing off the pills podcast I don鈥檛 wanna be rude or anything but please. Also I subscribed!

  23. when I take Adderall I get super focused and I don't like talking to people so my throat is always dry. and Im so focused on work that my friends have to like spend a long ass time trying to get my attention. im 13 and ive deadass been told to pay attention and that ADHD wasn't real.

  24. Been watching other podcasts and this is the first time I realized it's called Off The Pill bc Ryan isn't taking his meds

  25. This series popped up in my feed and it made me re-subscribe…didn鈥檛 think I鈥檇 ever be interested in long varying discussions but damn they鈥檙e interesting, funny and kind of 馃敟 0v0 馃憤馃徏

  26. do they like….not know any gay people lol this tangent was so 2008 like….it wasnt negative but wow it was base level

  27. Ever hear of prison gay? 馃槀

    No hate but I think prison gay proves being gay is a choice.

    Ps. Are you calling me gay Ryan? 馃槀

  28. I love this talk! the way you guys talk about it and the flow of the conversation hehe, keep up the good work guys! Also, sending lots of love to Paco<3 I support u whoever u are :000 (i dont know if you're still questioning but it takes a lot of courage to just talk about it so im proud of you and will support you either way!!!)

  29. The thing about talking about the word talking I do that it's just chains and chains of nonsense in my mind lol

  30. Ryan and sean did youtube but what kind of struggles do they go through funny thing is that ryan never mentions his dad or mom kevin does but they don't

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