100 thoughts on “NPR’s Terry Gross Has a Sick Burn for Bill O’Reilly Walking Out on Their Fresh Air Interview

  1. Her last comment was just priceless. The burn of the century. Talk about dynamite in small packages absolutely amazing.! Bravo! Bravo!

  2. I do enjoy her program But to be fair, Terri is not a slightly left-leaning interviewer, she is a full-fledge leftist. Bill Clinton who's made out of the same mold as O'Reilly would get the same old softball questions she gives to all the lefties. Was O'Reilly stupid to think he was going to get the softball questions, of course? I admire Bill's balls but not his stupidity.

  3. Terry, I remember you taking Henry Winkler to task for his character, Fonzie and how he interacted with ladies on the show Happy Days. "Does some of the dialogue from Happy Days make you cringe listening back? 04/11/2019 A very, very NPR question. Mr. Winkler was classy and honest……he told you "No, 'cause it was what is was and I loved doing that show and I didn't know better…"

  4. She is a radical leftist totally in the tank for the democrat party. Not a fair and objective person.😊😊😊😊😊

  5. I listened to the Bill O'Reilly intervightew live when it was broadcast. She was very rude and nasty to him. Now she wants to re-wright history I like her and listen to her often even at the time she was questioning if she did anything wrong

  6. The greatest interviewer working ……Fresh Air has been on an incredible run for the last decade plus…the quality is always so good.

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  8. I love this woman's shows! My dad made me listent to Fresh Air when i was a little girl. I listen to her to this day.

  9. She's just become untrustworthy. She's supposed to be invisible, neutral, a tool. Nothing "fresh" about this. C'mon, she traded the magic for 5 minutes of chit-chat with Jinmmy Fallon.

  10. Terry Gross is the premier interviewer in my world. Such a consummate professional. Such a great voice. Even when there is a guest/topic I have little interest in (rarely) Terry draws me in. I purposely never knew what she looked like. Through the years my brain formed an image of her. It was NOTHING like this lol.

  11. Best interviewer in the world. The people on major shows are hyped. She is the real.deal. Her and Marty Moss-Coane who has the "Radio Times" show, and both from Philly, are the best that ever did it.

  12. How ironic: a real interviewer being "interviewed" by a brainless buffoon.
    Funny thing is, even if the roles were reversed, she wouldn't have any way to actually "interview" a person with as little depth as Jimmy, because he has NOTHING interesting to say and NO brain to say it with. Terry would fail as an interviewer for the first time in her life.

  13. Another interview she did once that went south was with Gene Simmons. He said some pretty offensive stuff to her IIRC.

  14. She is the best interviewer Ive had the pleasure to listen to… I always said that she is a great listener… her interviewing technique makes so much sense… She's THE BEST!!!!

  15. I've listened to Fresh Air for years. Terry kept me company while I covered 5 states. Her interview with Lizzo was interesting. Everyone can not deny that she comes prepared and actively listens to her guest. What a concept.

  16. She's cool, now I can picture her When I go back to listening to Fresh Air which I had forgotten about. So glad to hear there's a podcast. and Jimmy's great as always. He can get along with anyone.

  17. I listen to Terry Gross quite often in my car, or rather I used to (timing sucks now). The voice and atmosphere she gives out is a black velvet in a darkened room. Intoxicating.

  18. My mom, who will forever be stuck in 1967, gave me the gift of public radio as a child in the 70’s. Her voice is one of the first I remember. ❤️

  19. A consummate professional at her work. A fantastic interviewer. A sort of irresistable sparkle flows out of the speaker– one of the most attractive and engaging of all human voices, and perfectly used in her choice of field. I love her, and always have.

  20. If you only listen to one of Terry's interviews, make it QuestLove's. I had to pull over because I was laughing too hard to drive. Pure joy.

  21. Jimmy Fallon, " You're so, I love you, the best, when I'm in my car and you, nobody better than, I could listen to all…thanks for coming in, I mean oh man!" Thanks Jimmy!

  22. Her iconic style of interview, that soft voice and insatiable curiosity to peek around the corners of the standard boring interview format makes he show so compelling. All manner of people, all manner of topics because everything, in Terry Gross' mind, has a compelling narrative. Her ability to suss that out is her secret ninja power.

  23. The hypocrisy of NPR is staggering. They are now for endless war, against free speech, don't report both sides, repeat any anti-Trump conspiracy theory uncritically. It's very sad how dishonorable and propagandistic they have become.

  24. ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE TERRY GROSS!!! From her sexy voice, prepared/intelligent/informed guest questions, and advance research work, I always pictured her to be about 5'8", 140 lbs, Blonde Hair, sipping unsweetened green tea, a pencil over a book of notes, talking with her hands, and a sexy smile to one side. So cool to SEE her and find out that she is a lil FIRECRACKER!!! Love listening to her!!!

  25. left wing propagandist makes right wing propagandist storm off left wing propaganda show. I was wondering where the comedy was in this.

  26. For those taking shots at Bill O’Reilly, even NPR’s ombudsman criticized Terry Gross for this interview!


  27. The only uncomfortable interview I listen to of Terry Gross's was with Monty Roberts, The Horse Whisperer. For some reason he could not connect and wouldn't develop his answers. Total disconnect. I've never heard her really struggle to connect. A bit of a disaster, no idea why although he is usually in his own world. And may also connect better with animals which is his gift.

  28. Bill O' LIErry has to leave every time there is an ACTUAL JOURNALIST around because she knows FACTS and Bill only knows FANTASIES… 😆😆😆

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