No Knitting Video this Week!

No Knitting Video this Week!

Hi, Staci here. I haven’t missed a weekly knitting video in
almost seven years, but I’m missing this week, and I wanted to release this short video to
explain why. It’s due to a medical issue – I’m fine, I’m
going to be fine, I’m under a doctor’s care. I’ve been through this before. I have a chronic condition called iritis. And sometimes my body’s immune system attacks
the irises of my eyes, which is a totally stupid thing to do. And it takes me a few weeks to get over it,
and while it’s happening, I’m photosensitive, and my head hurts, and I can’t see very well. So I knew there was no way I could sit under
the studio lights this week. But i have stuff coming up, new videos coming
up that I’m really excited about, and if everything continues to improve as it is improving, we
will have a new video next week. That’s it. Thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “No Knitting Video this Week!

  1. Get well soon. We all will miss your wonderful videos, but eye health (especially for a knitter) is extremely inportant. Take care, Staci, and God bless you.

  2. You are brave to share this.Β  So many of us out here are coping with chronic conditions and I think it helps to know we are not alone.Β  Please take care of yourself and I hope this passes quickly for you.

  3. Hope you feel better Staci, don't feel bad about missing a week that's totally fineeeee

  4. please take care of yourself and don't worry, everything is going to be okay, thank you for let us know. hugs and prayers.

  5. Wishing you a speedy recovery from Ireland. I learned how to knit socks all thanks to you and much more.

  6. Feel better soon! I am making your first socks pattern and will finish 2nd sock in the next day. Thank you for all you do for us knitters!

  7. I actually have Iritis and Uveitis as well, so I understand how you feel all to well, unfortunately. So sorry you're not feeling well, prayers for a speedy and pain-free recovery! love from Florida!

  8. OMG! I get Iritis as well. Only in my right eye. Take care, I understand how painful it can be. See you soon!

  9. I have recurring uveitis 😩 it makes being a crafter difficult! I think it's wonderful that you still record a message so people know you haven't forgotten them. Get well soon x

  10. I am so sorry, {{{{VeryPink!}}}} You have my greatest sympathy and warmest wishes of speedy recovery. take as much time off as you need – we CAN wait πŸ™‚ hugs!

  11. Feel better Staci! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your clear, helpful knitting instruction. I have learned so much from you!

  12. Health comes first, as it always should. Wishing you a speedy recovery and hope to see you back as soon as you are up to it. Take care.

  13. Take care of yourself Staci and focus on getting better. We will patiently wait here as long as it takes. Hugs 😘❀️

  14. Good luck with the Iritis! I know it's not too fun, but take lots of rest and we'll see you when you feel better!

  15. Feel better soon. Love your videos, you've become a "go-to source" for my education in knitting. Thank you for your time and efforts.

  16. May you feel better soon, Staci, and may your immune system behave. Sending you positive and healing energies. Thanks for all your wonderful teaching videos. I've learned so much from them. Healing be with you.

  17. Be well. See you soon. ps. You are a WONDERFUL teacher! Keep up the good work! Thanks for all the help.

  18. Take care of yourself comes first! Hope you feel better soon! I enjoy your vids, they've been very helpful in furthering my knitting education! Be well soon! My best to you!

  19. What a bummer. Glad you r improving.Β  We have plenty of helpful videos from you so no worry.Β  You will be in my prayer tonight.

  20. Hi Staci, we Miss you much, I'm praying for your Healing and I hope you are well rested & Happy! Blessings to you and your family.

  21. Sending you warm wishes in the hope that your health improves as quickly as you would like. Please know that your hard work is greatly appreciated and we all understand that life can't always go to plan. I love your work,you are the one I always go to for improving my skills. Take care of you xx

  22. Feel better soon!! Thank you so much for your videos! I've been watching them from the beginning and I've learned quite a bit. You are appreciated!

  23. I hope you feel better soon! I love your tutorials and they are my go-to for any new techniques πŸ™‚ Take good care!

  24. Just said a prayer for your health issues to improve. At my age I don't have many heroes, but you have definitely become one. Love your work, tutorials, and what you are accomplishing. Get well soon.

  25. Love your videos Staci! πŸ˜€ Hope you feel better soon. Will miss your uploads but make sure you take the time you need to feel better. Mind yourself xxx

  26. Awww…hope you have a speedy recovery!!! It's hard when these health issues pop up in our lives and throw us off our normal routines. You take care!

  27. I hope you will be feeling much better very soon. Oh I see I am very late with this. I was unable to get video time for a long while.

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