Nicki Minaj Kicks Joe Budden Off Queen Radio

hey Joe where you’re going with that gun
in your hand go down there don’t Oh mmm hey Joe where
you’re going with that gun in your hand say I’m going down and shoot my old lady
you know I caught a mess around with another man hey good evening this is the
SAR report on a Monday night I’m a little silly off the RIP but I’m here
I’m here to put it down tonight you know it’s Monday we have to talk about the
bullshit awesome bullshit jumped off Nicki Minaj and Joe Budden are you up to
speed and thank you for the couple of emails we’re gonna talk about it I
usually don’t like to talk about other people’s interviews but both of these
people are mega stars and the audio 48 minutes I did not hear the whole thing I
just heard some snippets Ronnie is gonna be calling in she’ll bring us up to
speed I don’t speak on Ronnie’s behalf but she’s a Joe Budden fan supporter I
would imagine and she was very passionate behind the scenes so I’m
gonna let her give me the details again I only heard some of the clips but
this happened on hold on a second Nicki Minaj’s radio show episode 15 of Queen
Radio on beats 1 wherever that is I don’t pay for no goddamn radio ok so did
that happen today now shit went left and I’m gonna be objective I’ve never met
Nicki Minaj I know Joe I would like to think I know Joe pretty well we’ve sat
down on multiple occasions always had good conversations which episode I’m on
with uh he and Rory that was before Maul joined the team 70-something uh you know
great conversation I think is a good gun but I’m gonna be objective and I want to
explore why his interviews go left this makes the second one to my knowledge you
know of course the interview with hearing tak stone which went left but um
if you have heard the audio please call in and let me get your thoughts in your
opinion also on the screen let me take my time
with this is vic mensa misunderstood vic mensa i cant say to you that I know his
catalogue I’m gonna try to be objective with regards to him but you know we had
that mulatto connection his mother’s white my mother’s white you know so so I
was rooting for him you know and it’s not that I have stopped rooting for him
but it looks like his latest effort has stalled most of you have seen the video
probably you know what you haven’t because there’s no traction on the video
on his YouTube channel vic mensa it’s only good 190,000 views vic mensa travis
barker 3 years sober vic mensa prone a wig lipstick stockings hey Vic hey girl
you know and um was it a reach was it a bad reach does he have the bars to back
up that type of reach I can’t say to you that I believe in his bars now that’s
not me hating but again I am the objective hater never a player hater
he’s a younger guy so I don’t want to you know kick dirt upon a younger person
um but I can’t hate because I myself am from the beautiful suburbs I grew up on
hockey motocross rock and roll so groups that you know we’re dear to me once upon
a time Twisted Sister kiss the New York Dolls and of course my favorite band
rush you know that so I’ve seen you know rock and roll is where mixed poor me
makeup lipstick eyeliner Rouge and things like that but I want to ask you
guys the question is he misunderstood or does he just trash you might need to
calling us in aa star he’s trash fuck you and fuck him you know um I started
to ask a really crazy question but I said you know let me not do too much let
me just say is he misunderstood so that’s our two topics tonight Nicki
Minaj kicks Joe Budden off of Queen Radio the audio just popped up today and
Nik point me let me slow down Ronnie are you on the line
I think that’s Ronnie right they’re homeless chicken and that you guys are
gonna have to give Ronnie a nickname I don’t really want to give her a nickname
I appreciate her being available you know when she can come on the show and
we’ll get to that shortly hey good evening in the live chat how
you guys doing it’s a live chat working what the fuck’s going on here what the
hell where the troll babies and the haters let’s go what the fuck we should
be okay now what happened shit okay let me get Ronnie on the line let’s get down
to the bottom of this fast and find out what’s going on maybe a coach seven
three two hey good evening Ronnie is that you move fire hey hey hey how are
you since we last spoke I’m doing pretty good pretty good okay okay okay um so
Nicki Minaj kicked Joe Budden off of her radio show clean radio I’ve never heard
this show is this title or a Spotify where is her show beats one isn’t like
that where is it it’s on Apple and she’s been saying that it’s the number one
show on Apple okay I have no reason to doubt that I wish her the best I like
her as an artist never met her but then you and I spoke earlier I think I sent
you the link because someone sent me you know the link about Nicki Minaj kicking
Joe off of her show now did you hear the entire interview or just snippets like I
did so I did hear some snippets the entire interview before she could whose
mic off is 48 minutes she took it back to the days of the storm buck wild
showing hot 97 when I used to say you know shut is Michael shuttle mic off and
and I smile when I heard that I said but with regards to the history between
these two I can’t say that I know what what the tension is about is there
tension or was it just an interview that went
can you fill me in please well from the way that the interview proceeded you
know based upon the clips that I heard she was very upset with him you know
about commentary that he’s given on his show and specifically also when he was
on you know the show with academics she actually referred to academics says
Alvin the chipmunk okay I heard her refer to academic Joe
Budden’s sidekick I thought that was cute you know but no she ain’t was that
well at first he called it yeah at first she called him at first she was calling
him his side-chick oh she’s again Rorion yeah yeah first
she kept saying it each other several times okay but uh you know so he had the
other guys from the show on with him and they corrected him and said sidekick but
she was very angry with him for a commentary that they had given
specifically about the motorsport video and you know because she insisted that
she you remember the entire drama with that video and party being on it no I
don’t and and if I can just jump in here for a second I want to ask you are you
being objective because I didn’t hear Nicki Minaj being angry I heard her
being focused I heard her addressing someone that has been you know talking
about her so I’m not gonna he’s more angry but you say she was angry she was
very angry she got so angry that she referred to his mother six times in
regards to you know she was she was confronting him about giving commentary
about her specifically with regards to drugs and she confronted him about that
and you know he went there with her and he said okay well do you not use them
you know so it got very testy between them and she started bringing up his
mother now he and his mother had both been on record about their prior used in
recovery so to bring his mother up and Lily out of pocket that’s really low
okay no that’s why I say that she’s angry
okay let me jump in and again I know Joe I like Joe I don’t like a lot of people
but I like him we’ve had great conversations I’m not gonna say Nicki
Minaj she was angry and the fact that she burped his mother she didn’t attack
his mother she said and I quote did your mother raised you to meet people one
time and then accuse them of doing drugs that’s what she said and you know what
I’m not mad about that because that’s how women talk let’s keep it real that’s
how black women you know yet did your mama yada yada yeah and and they do that
whole thing you know so I’m not gonna dump on her and I’m trying to be
objective but now are you a Joe Budden fan are you a supporter of Joe’s what is
your connection to Joe Budden what do you mean what is my connection I’m just
a person giving my own commentary you know he wasn’t on my list but Nicki was
on my list so there’s no bias there clearly so and of course I’m referring
back to you know I’m referring to so there’s no bias for or in support of
either one of them I’m just calling it out as I learned it got you gosh okay
all right so um we’re gonna take some calls but I want to just dig a little
deeper here with regards to um and Thank You Ronnie for sending me the transcript
Tara Ronnie type this up huh look at that pow
so we do have a reference here now to go back for a second for those who did hear
the interview again with Nicki Minaj and Joe Budden and she was you know talking
to him and then saying you know he’s not after the interview when she shut his
mic off Rory and Maul I’ve met Roy I don’t Rory I don’t know Mom they stayed
there and we’re talking to Nicki Minaj you had a problem with that yes honey
yes I felt like there was some sucker shit like if we come as a group and she
shuts my mic off and and the energy for me we’re all leaving okay we came there
as a unit as a team we’re gonna leave together I’m not gonna if my friend gets
their mic shut off I’m not gonna sit there on your platform and try to sued
you over which is essentially what they did he tried to you know calm her down
that’s why again why I say that she was you just acted very erratic in my
opinion very emotionally charged okay for essentially no reason right and if I
can just add one more thing in there you said that Joe should have spit on her
microphone and then left yes yes after the sixth time that she brought up his
mother and should have spit on her mic and walked out okay
are you part are you part of Dalian Ronnie because you you sound like my
mother my mother used to say some stuff like that with regards to females listen
of a female hit you hit her back twice as hard you part of tal you know no no
I’m not but that is exactly the type of advice that I would give my son but what
I would say specifically in you should never put your hands on a woman but when
someone puts their hands on you they don’t have a gender got you though okay
all right so guys phone lines are open cash at super chat
Ronnie is on the line with me we’re gonna talk about this interview with the
Nicki Minaj kicking Joe button off of her radio show again I did not hear the
entire interview Ronnie before we bring in calls and other things vic mensa are
you a fan of big menses do you know his music I’m exploring tonight is he
misunderstood based upon his his latest effort which has tanked you sent me the
email showing me that it just it’s it’s flopped pretty much money yeah it’s just
completely sold you know hey girl okay so were you ever agree come on again to
be honest with you vic mensa is like a plant all he does is so much publicity
son I don’t know any of his music it hasn’t circulated for me maybe I mean I
just me I think he’s a plant look look at his other antics he talked about a
xxx after he died remember the whole thing
with the bees he say first Joe that was a publicity stunt then he had another
publicity stunt you know just it’s just constant
publicity stunts where’s the music where are the projects and with with this
project when we spoke about it last week it was like at a hundred and fifty
thousand it’s now just completely sold out out 187 so in comparison young young
and they just put out a video yesterday it’s already at three point three
million views and Kristin comparison and she’s not signed to rock nation like the
young MA has bars let’s not get it twisted but now somebody believes or
believed in vic mensa because he was part of the 2014 double XL freshmen
class yes and I remember his his freestyle the freshman class we start
and then he did the kippah Theroux freestyle – in 2017 dissing the freshman
class so somebody has believed in his bars and did he just look through the
gates input through I I mean look even he he put on a wig a full face of makeup
address even reenact is like a scene that was like reenacting like brutality
towards transgenders like he got beat up in a dress like it was just ridiculous
silly we did all of that for nothing you did it for nothing okay let’s go to
the phone lines let’s bring some people in let’s see if anybody has an opinion
on Joe Budden being kicked off of Nicki Minaj his radio show Queen video have
you go five six one good evening what’s good on it season so the guys hey what’s
up Jason Oh ain’t it pretty here pretty good just going in but yeah it’s crazy
I’m downloading it right now I’m gonna listen to it later sand out of my iphone
just crazy you broke it and hate any broken users always somebody sent me a
link so I’m not trying to act like I was on top of this first but okay so if you
haven’t heard that audio get back to me I want your opinion but now with regards
to vic mensa what’s your thoughts Jason you’re a white guy you’re in your 20s is
vic mensa misunderstood is he
trash you know I don’t like to just go in on the younger really
respectfully I don’t really care about the commencer he’s not that poppy but
what I was saying about buddy and you’re right with tax tone he also had it with
yadi and then the because button has a whole history right those interviews
going left I forgot about the medium before I leave let me just absolutely
for people and before I leave just to put Johnson being about the motorsport
what happened was Nikki wanted the micos that’s it on Motorsports cars you wanted
to get a verse think Mickey took him from what I promise I’m not bullshitting
I’ve done my research on this Nikki couldn’t just say no because I know what
it look like she’s saltiest fuck it she denied car – a car D can be on the song
– then Nikki goes and does this verse that says if car D is the QB quarterback
on Nick Lombardi I’m the fucking trophy cardi wasn’t appreciating that after
about two months ago in back-and-forth she had to change the official weibo
jason spittin bars maintains quavo okay absolutely absolutely then as an
after pressure from cardi scamp’s you had to change lyrics – it’s a quaver the
QB I’m Nick Lombardi because cardis like no don’t put that bitch the hell she
taking shots at you know cardi how she goes crazy that’s the whole story with a
motorsport pretty much okay okay Jason before I let you go I need some type of
opinion here on vic mensa I know you say you don’t give a fuck
about him generation so don’t have me just sitting here you know just taking
shots at a younger guy we don’t clean them yes he’s misunderstood I don’t know
what he I don’t know how he survived in chiraq this long after all
so James yes some would say respectfully in a hand but other than that he’s very
misunderstood but just he’s doing so much for clout everybody can see through
the bullshit that’s all I’m saying hater keep doing your things – Lou – yeah
that’s what QB Motorsport controversy white boy Jason on the check-in all
right any comments Ronnie on what Jason just said did he hit the nail on the
head with regards to that motor sport thing I don’t know the details
yeah you know let me see what happened but I’m here that’s one thing would
happen the problem that she with Joe was that he said that he and DJ
academics lied about what happened as far as what whether or not she was okay
with party being on the song so the problem is that she has a platform where
she gives commentary he has a platform where he gives commentary it’s very
hypocritical for her to criticize him or to get upset with him for him giving
commentary on her she’s a public figure okay and again I’m trying to be
objective here but at the same time was she attacking him or was she defending
herself and standing her ground because he went to her show and you know she has
the right to defend herself and you and I spoke earlier and I said to you I said
well listen if Joe has been accusing Nikki of doing drugs and he has never
seen her do drugs that that’s that’s borderline suckish shit you mean you can
get sued for that you can wind up in a lawsuit by way of reckless endangerment
of the truth and it sounded like that’s what she had a gripe with as well and
that’s why she brought his mother in yes no yes oh great bringing his mother and
was a shot back but you know if you’re a public figure you are going to be talked
about and there is a I think there is a slight difference between slandering
someone and asking a question and many people have been asking the questions
many people have been asking the same question about Chris Brown some people
had been saying it openly aren’t you people you know on different platforms
so was Joe Budden asking if Nikki was on drugs or was he accusing her because
again if you same stuffing same stuff you know of funny funny hahaha yeah he
owned cold Co Co that’s cute but once you say it in it in a way that says hey
you know that person’s a drug addict unless you’ve seen that person actually
do drugs you’re really running a risk of catching a lawsuit again it doesn’t have
to be slander it can be reckless endangerment of the truth so it was Joe
Budden saying she was he saw her do drugs and he was
just asking as you say well I interpreted as implying it now when she
confronted him about implying it his response was so you don’t do drugs when
she didn’t deny it so you wanted to have that conversation
on air and he was willing to take it there with her to shut his microphone
off immediately after he lets you know he’s ready to go there it’s sucker shit
that’s the cowardly thank you okay stay right there running stay right here all
right guys this sounds a little layered but call in if you have other
information I don’t claim to know the deep depths of Nicki Minaj and Joe
Budden’s relationship but uh did she had the right to defend herself was Joe
Budden being smug and condescending why did the interview go left if you have
heard the audio go to area code 303 oh nine
I’m sorry no no me pardon me every tone I know we know are you there
it was thirsty on the second day how many was possible well go hey that’s
fine this there’s too many issues with this topic number one I saw the whole
interview on Queens radio Joe foolishly should have never won on that show
because we’re talking about Nicki Minaj who has her own platform that’s when the
user class wanted – people and I feel like with that situation he should have
thought that coming because it was asking his opinion he was how old are
you going by a fact when it comes when he came to the drug situation it was his
opinion because if you remember Mickey was acting crazy around the time that
that album came out the same time with Travis that album itself you got screwed
over and people were sober on that podcast Joe Budden mall they were a
little bit concerned about not just Nicki but her management they’re all
trying to figure out what is she doing because people kind of put Nicki if they
want her to be in the same pedestal with Rihanna and Beyonce but once again
there’s just pretty much proved black woman with a loud mouth sorry
that’s not gonna work it’s not gonna cut it if you’re gonna and I’m not trying to
be disrespectful but if you’re gonna if you feel that people are trying to come
for your neck you got enemies whatever you will secretly you see when people
came up Beyonce you never heard from them again
Keyshia Cole and other army take that everyone that had an issue with Beyonce
you’ve never heard of them again the way Miki move is just not Queen like ii feel
and I want Ronnie to chime in on what you just said now again to be objective
I don’t have a problem with Nicki Minaj standing up for herself if she shouldn’t
have to be all all you know passive and quiet went when Joe you joke does a lot
at times you know and he came on her show so she had the right to say hey
you’re supposed to be representing this culture I didn’t hear her say that and
Ronnie correct me if I’m wrong she said we have to make people stand accountable
who represent this culture to better something like that yes Ronnie no right
that’s correct but you know that’s holding him to a double standard okay I
can feel that Ronnie’s produced the content he has a responsibility to his
audience to produce the content that they want to hear not to you know
soft-shoe her when she comes up in the news when when you’re misbehaving in the
news and people talk about it you can’t hold them personally responsible for
doing your job okay yeah you want to jump in all right yeah I I feel that uh
you know Nikki’s been a sore loser and she saw the opportunity to come out uh
Joe and it’s the way she did it that I had a problem yes she was defending
herself but did you have to admission his mother did you have to mention a
woman cause we all know Joe has a history with the woman that he’d been
with when it comes to verbal abuse domestic violence so Nikki use that
opportunity Tata that’s right did you say physical
violence what were you going on my platform beef remember well hang
on unless he’s been accused I know he’s been convicted alleged because alleged
can’t save your ass to be honest with you somebody said yo Masood and shit out
of you fuck about you saying a legend you know okay finish up please no I know
I get what you’re saying but what my argument is Nicky knew what she was
doing when she went down route with the whole what Joe has been doing when it
comes to females like you come and figure out you kind of realize okay I
see what she’s trying to do and you met the attack zone situation that technol
interview with hilarious but at the same time he was just mad because Joe and
other platforms to talk about his relationship but when he goes through
his platform taxon platform eating when talk about to hearing you know all those
other chicks and he’s possible so that’s why he actually left that interview
whatever but I really Ronnie mall and Rory should’ve never Nations I never say
they should have let this be it was kind of weird to me because again today this
is your plant podcast yeah unless he’s the bomb okay all right see oh thank you
for calm and get more calls in here appreciate you man salute feeling to
check in okay okay what else wanted you we need to mention about this interview
before we bring more calls and something Nicki Minaj said that I’m forgetting
with regards to Joe holding accountable shut his mic off and and then when she
was speaking to Marlon Rory she said I still don’t have a problem with him well
but she did shut his mic up now did she say get the fuck outta here did he just
leave well how did he wind up leaving the interview been eating cakes I think
he just I think he just walked out on his own because it sounded like he was
trying to talk loud enough to be heard even though his mic was shut off I
couldn’t make out what he was saying and then it was clear that he had left but
you know Theo had made a great point about her behavior and how she had been
acting around the time probably so do you remember when quavo
released his album well hang on a sec Ronny I don’t mean to cut you sure but I
want to stick to the interview I mean I don’t know about quavo and loss of jazz
here’s here’s a question I want to ask is Joe Budden a quitter I saw Joe Budden
battling one time ha loaded on if I’m not mistaken he quit the battle rap
third round he said if Ike I can’t hear myself I’m quitting does Joe does he
come in being passive-aggressive and if he can’t have his way he then quits me
that that’s a legitimate question I’m not trying to take shots at the guy but
did he quit the Nicki Minaj interview did he quit the Taj stone interview and
some of the interviews I think it’s a hot and he said one time and he he left
that interview does he have a history of that
should I cry let me bring him enough other calls unless you people are
thinking go to area code 7 1 8 good evening 7 8 did you hear the interview
Nicki Minaj and Joe Budden semi I was born off yeah I think I’ve seen the
Clippers yeah I’ve seen a couple clips ok the Chicago on a second alright I
think the main reason went out I want to jump straight to this I think the main
reason when I was a boy and Mario whatever they may about is to other guys
or they stay was because they wanted to get the interview
I guess supposedly or allegedly look like they’re doing a swamp so Joe came
on her pocket or her radio show and now she’s up there at his podcast generates
do pocket I’m pretty sure if you know everybody just kind of walked out its
boundary you know get out of it you know they wouldn’t be able to get the
interview that they want it on their platform well we’re talking about after
the interview uh you heard the the interview are you just guessing no no no
what I’m saying is I heard the clips I think I didn’t listen for the whole
Beach want a radio but I’m after Nikki shut Joe’s microphone off Rory
miles stayed talking to Nikki that’s what we’re talking about now did you
hear that part right yeah that’s when I’m getting that
the reason why they stayed and they probably didn’t leave is because they’re
trying to play nice because they wanted her to come on their platform they don’t
want to just get up and just leave and shit on her immediately I’m not coming
up there this fucker shot so yeah that’s after like without that whole situation
was good yeah she’s getting ready things like these are kind of like propaganda everything’s not a conspiracy everything
was not a PR stunt come on let’s not do that okay just playing nice exist you
know vic mensa please you’re from Chicago is Vincent from the outskirts
the surrounding area is he from you know one of those section off you know areas
that I really like you know some prime infest it was he from now that’s a good
question because okay I want to touch on this like I said when you’re bitching
about 11:00 so I was thinking this whenever I was speaking on him he is
misunderstood I’m glad you brought that up today actually when he first came out
him and trans came up together now usually with all the different rappers
come you know come up out of the city you know we already pretty much know
we’re sad wherever he’s from you know what gang he’s claiming whatnot whatnot
when chances and it came out chance the rapper
get a you know right when chance cuz I get it we’ll do friends they fight a lot
but I know there’s our friends when they first came up and I think all right
they’re not for my total closer to it I think you know maybe up north or maybe
like not in the end everybody else was thinking about you know that what she
pleases home and everybody else the thing is people are trying to lump in
gangsters and all this this certain type of persona was Chicago left don’t have
to be one way to just be in Chicago host cog was not just gangsters right
I’m saying don’t have to be against the bad here if I can just jump in and say
this you know I was born and raised in the beautiful suburbs not the hood but I
was raised around you know mafia bosses who lived you know around the corner of
two doors down you know real gangsters so I’m not
saying all he from he ain’t from the hood he bout that life I’m not saying
that but then with regard to his music you know I’m just asking you see
misunderstood I mean I’m kind of rooting for the guy you know um I thought that
the video was a little crazy but I’m not mad at him for trying something
different I’m not mad at him again I grew up on heavy metal tonight something
different yeah but I mean again I grew heavy metal from the 80s so I mean like
I was at concerts we had guys would fucking of spandex pants your hair with
the fucking the hairspray and also with you shippin Tim you finish up you were
saying what yeah well he first came out like I said now me personally I’m not a
big fan without a fan at all on chance music or big but I will say this one big
first came out people a lot of people say they can’t name his phone I haven’t
heard and Joe and actually a few of his following video when he first was coming
up and just quote-unquote normal he wasn’t dressing like a punk rocker and
then all this I liked the songs and personally after that I really haven’t
been you know I haven’t downloaded gave it a listen at all but I will say this
if the man is dressing how he wants to dress and he dress in this rocker site
you know that’s just his personality I think you saw a clown faces or trying to
be something that he doesn’t know that video the video did you see the video
was the one about the one we dressed up as a woman another yeah he’s got the
stockings and the heels on honey thank you we’re gonna take some other calls I
appreciate you checking in him but there we take some more calls thank you
okay seven or eight on the check-in yeah Vic meant sup in the video all that
extra carrying on you know Ronnie I have to say that you know he his lipstick was
uh was kind of fierce in the video he had on a full beat is what the women
call it when he gets here entire thing he’s done for anyone who hasn’t seen the
video he just looked like he mean he looked small it says a woman just just I
think that one since offering to I think that was is offering to the Illuminati
but it just like this is like a check bounced
do you think that he’s dealing with something deep down inside maybe that
video was some type of way to express you know someone being trapped inside of
me it can be that that deep you know what do you think of it the video is
quite a three years sober so what does that have to do with you what does it
have to do with you fighting the vice president and a Confederate King tight
dress with tight heels a blonde wig red lipstick foundation eye shadow just
lashes I mean did you see him in the bed kicking his legs Vic you got some nice
legs man yeah okay let’s take some oak calls in the superjet hold on a second
Ronnie Mahmud leaving service ends in a cache yep
he says pow thank you sir for your support
okay someone is saying start whit was delighted the live chat is on sir Amy
and somebody else is doing something last night I don’t know I don’t ask
questions but tell you should be good now thank you
who’s Carlos good evening sir Carlos says I can’t see my troll sisters and
brothers what the fuck okay live chats working sir bear with me bear with me
and media killer good evening sir he says I enjoy the show thank you sir
Jerome says he’s on area code two to four he wants to talk about the homie
Joe Budden’s if I can get him in here right now drum is that you sir good
evening two to four Jerome yeah what’s going on start hey what’s up man how you
man I’m doing pretty good I’m doing pretty good how are you with me hello
Lonnie how are you on him well specifically with Joe Budden
I just think this is another I would say optical Joe he’s always doing different
things to bring attention to himself everybody knows about the rat list if he
just puts out he’s always low-key hating and starting
shit and I think that at this point in time Nicki Minaj waited until she was
actually able to address him and was like you know what what’s all this shit
you’ve been talking about I mean you could go back as far as 2017 when he was
very very critical of her and actually accused her of not being just a little
weighing when he was having his difficulties with seizures and different
things such as that so I don’t blame her at all for calling him out on his
bullshit and also I don’t blame her at all for saying hey stop talking shit
about me in public it’s not cool it’s it’s corny you feel and for him being an
artist he should understand how important it is just to keep shit real
and sneak dissing in this captain shit does not go far and I don’t think if
this was another man that he would do this for the longest period of time that
he’s done it I mean we’ve seen different scenarios if I can jump in a second i
did hear Nicki Minaj say he always thinks he’s the smartest person in the
room now I didn’t get that from Joey the times that we had spoken when I did the
podcast with him and Rory great conversation you know sure I’m not
saying that he tries to project that but that’s what Nicky said any thoughts on
that Nicki Minaj saying joke oh thinks he’s the smartest if no doubt about it he thinks he’s the
smartest person in the room and as you have stated earlier when he doesn’t get
that feeling he runs a perfect example a lot of
people may not remember this but Joe Budden was on First Take
he was embarrassed by skip and Steven a Jackson and guess what he did he left
really doing the show I did absolutely it was it it was horrible they destroyed
him he never came back I think someone
please send me that link do you have a link Ronny any comments on that he
familiar with the Joe Budden being on first take and leaving earlier walking
off running I mean I see a link that says that I seen links about his
appearance on there I didn’t know did he walked out in the middle of it or he was
on and they never had him back they stopped it his commentary was horrible
and he never tried to get that so I mean I mean as far as but put it this way
okay of course Nicki Minaj had a whole song called peels and potions right
right quote-unquote we all know that yeah
newsflash but for Joe Budden’s that consistently
you know call her out about what she’s doing that’s just I mean that’s just not
to me that’s not smart as far as you trying to create content like why would
he do something like this and then on top of this and then on top of this
we’ve seen this we’ve seen the smartest person in the room plenty of times on
Love & Hip Hop New York remember when he walked into the room
remember when he walked into the room when consequence and there’s other
people was up in there and he tried to confront them as well so it’s part of
her turning the mic off on him he shouldn’t have any issue with that at
all okay okay but you know what though they would say with me I’m Ryan do you
want to respond to what the caller is saying Ronnie well I do think he’s
entitled to his opinion as far as Nikki being upset
with Joe I personally don’t think that she has the right to be upset with him
for providing commentary but either way she there’s a way that you go about
doing these things she started cussing calling him stupid
you know using profanity that talk that you have on the street not on Apple
radio you know it just was very I don’t I don’t see here I think you’re not
quote and I quote I think Joe I think Joe said I don’t give a fuck what she’s
popped so I think he initiated that great I’m not sure I’m I’m looking to
Ronnie for the actual details because I only heard that the clips but um I
appreciate your perspective any comments or thoughts on vic mensa is he
misunderstood or should star just knock it the fuck off yes one time at this
point in time i think that i think that i think that number one big Mensa is a
very very smart individual if you hear him talk you can understand that he’s a
very very intelligent person does that well he may be clever you know there’s a
lot of people that are clever but not necessarily intelligent that’s not a
charlatan guide I’m just I’m just being objective go ahead I’ll let you finish
up right so so the I think I think Vic the big messes most successful single
was like I don’t know nobody Kim and Kanye West but they collect and
I think that and I think that at this point in time vic mensa
is not trying to be known as a as a gunner at somebody like that’s from
chiraq you know he’s just trying to be an artist it’s trying to transcend
unfortunately at this point in time how he’s communicating his music and how
he’s doing it it’s it most definitely is misunderstood now what i will say is
this if you do direction video i’ve never watched it
I never watched it I heard about it but at the same time if he is standing up or
trying to make a statement about gay and transgender right I think that we all
should salute him I really really do insert the video that you were
mentioning is called you mad right where he says in the lyrics oh like I don’t
know nobody song is called you mad correct yeah yeah yeah take some I’ll
call so I thank you for calling and thank you for your objective perspective
thank you man soluti you are appreciated huh
thank you okay all right hang on a second Ronny let me go to super Chad
full-blast radio on the check-in good evening sir he says at the end of the
unedited vic mensa video someone said put that where right there lol okay the
game is rigged good evening sir he says Ronny knowing how emotional Joe is do
you think he will beep with Maul and Rory for staying and screw podcast
negotiations up when the contract is up Ronnie I know this is not something to
end your friendship over because you know as a caller pointed out it may have
been to see if there is an interview that she’s going to be doing an exchange
on on their platform that may have been the intended goal but on the surface
level it just doesn’t the optics are bad it doesn’t look good I don’t like to do
hypotheticals but Tim if Nicki Minaj were to come on I mean on the Jo podcast
I’m Joe Budden pardon me podcast do you think that Joe would turn up and start
screaming at her because you know I just found out and I’m not saying Joe was
screaming at Scotty beam but I just found out last week that Scotty beam or
early this week pardon me well last week no no last week that Scotty beam was no
longer on state of the culture do you know what happened there or am i all
over the place now no I shall check in July yeah but she’s not on the show she
hasn’t returned they say their second episode for this season aired and she’s
not on it think she’s coming back I went to her
Instagram page and she was talking about integrity and yada yada ya think she’s
coming back um good evening to Gemstar sent in a
super chat and story if you were to checks no Billy’s month to date bank
statements the snitch Network corporation would appear as his last
five debit transactions Thank You Gemstar hey let me just say uh hey
mister come on II so look to those who um maybe like four emails from people
saying yo-yo thanks for putting me on the snow Billy yeah I mean you know I’m
an Internet guy so I pay attention to everything you know and very indeed to I
don’t watch television unless it’s like some major fucking a news story so um as
far as snow Billy is concerned from the ninth ray gangsters yeah I was paying
attention to him very entertaining but I’m not co-signing a goddamn thing you
know that those guys have tension and I’m not gonna mention the guys who he
has tension with but if you want to be entertained he’s talking that balls talk
you know but thank you a gem star for your super chat and keen keen sends in a
super chat saying that jimi hendrix reference was classic star you are the
fucking goat Savannah GA we fucks with you hey man Thank You King did Joe
Budden ever use that Jimi Hendrix you know Luke hey Joe will you going that
gun in your hand I think that would be hot did he use that Ronnie do you know
I’m not sure I never heard that okay you know that song from Jimi Hendrix though
yes hey Joe yes yes I think you would you like me to get you the lyrics
printed too I have juice Jr sends in a super chair being from the bay deep East
Oakland to be exact the only people that listened to them dusty ass wu-tang cats
whoo out here was weirdos and white boys oh shit Oh pimp juice joking you’re
going ten toes down about a an old show okay well thank you for the super chat
okay let’s go back to the phone lines there’s a lot here with regards to
Joe Budden who was a good guy in my book and Nicki Minaj who I’ve never met her
radio show on Queen radio let’s go to area code six one seven or you have to
speed six one seven did you hear the audio good evening yeah yeah yeah good
evening so I didn’t know if you were aware of this but Nicki Minaj just did
Joe Joe Budden’s podcast this evening and she did it she did part of it on her
live so we kind of got a part two could be to the interview between them you
guys you guys know about that no I’ll try and check it out tonight if
you send me a link via email Ronnie can you google that and see what we got this
Mike from Boston on each other doesn’t air until Wednesday
right but but Nicki Minaj went on her live or Instagram live while they were
filming it and they were filming it just a couple of hours ago yeah that was an
apple right no no no he doesn’t shoot yes
did you see it yeah I saw it okay where are you watching it yes so
what what background was there was it Apple or was it worked out it was chill
there we Joe Budden’s podcast right what was the background that you saw when you
were watching it it was the background of giovani podcast he introduced the
podcast with its normal intro I mean it’s I saw I thought what was it being
back on the attack okay so you’re saying she after the
interview went left on her podcast she then went on Joe’s podcast that I’m not
the speed on yes okay yes she did they covered one over you know some of the
things they talked about earlier and they you know they they broke it down a
little bit Joe kind of had a little you know he was he was kind of brought her
that she chose Mike off earlier and you know they just kind of
beat up you know this is the same she kind of said the same thing that she had
already said earlier but Mickey went ten toes down is what you’re saying I could
appreciate that I’m gonna finish my goddamn sentence I I have to say I I
kind of agreed with the you know just from what I heard I kind of agreed with
where she was coming from it sounded like I’m glad you said this
might because again I like Joe we’re cool but I’m not mad at Nicky for
standing her ground and saying yo you’ve been talking reckless about me nigga you
know I’m saying what’s really good okay so why didn’t you want to jump me with
regards to what Mike from Boston is saying honey yeah I don’t see where she
was on his podcast podcast wasn’t released until Wednesday you get the
audio and then Friday you’ll get the visual you know whatever you did what
I’m saying is they are recording it or they just recorded it about two hours
ago so for the first about thirty minutes of the podcast Nicki Minaj went
live so we got to see you that first 30 minutes where they kind of went back and
forth and then she shut it off so we’ll have to wait until it actually drops on
Wednesday or whatever day but they were they actually filmed the episode this
evening all right Mike can I ask you to comment on a vic mensa
before let you go is he misunderstood or should we just knock it the fuck off him
pigments is trash it you know I I have a hard time being objective with him
because I’ve never liked him but it but I will say this I just I
don’t see him as a test I don’t see him showing any talent and I think
everything he does comes off as a cloud chasing a movie and I just I think I
think it’s pathetic and it has that this is my take on it and I’ve never heard
anyone claim him from Chicago okay Mike thank you for checking in man
have angry with him thank you Mike okay all right Mike from Boston on the
check-in they come sent to help you get your numbers up man go to area code six
one seven who’s on the line here’s someone just sent in a cache yeah where
are you man I mean coach six months of a deal hey
good evening how’s it going how’s it going Canon I
mean uh what’s her name again Ronny my best name is Rachel Dolezal I
the girl playing running playing you know I always get Ronnie and Kenan mixed
up even though cannon ain’t been on the show in six months or so but um yeah I
just I just wanted to howl about Joe Budden and Mickey this was a Hell in a
Cell match from the beginning it was going to go left from from the gate I
mean you won the one hand you got Nicki Minaj who is in the words of a great
microphone second talk-radio named Troy to rain she’s a vanity driven woman you
know what I’m saying totally Vanna be driven and of the of the likes of
Beyonce and Rihanna all ADIZ a perverted talent artists that have been out in
fact the world being pushed by social media and godlike figures and you got
people bowing down to them and worshipping them okay it’s just damn
near blasphemy for joke you know but him to be talking about her in the way that
he talks about her in her eyes and then on the other on the other hand you have
Joe button who is stopped people got to stop giving
me New Age artists so much credit he doesn’t think he’s smarter than
everybody in the room is just largely disagreeable illogical and irrational so
everything that you talked about with him those are the reactions and those
are the type of ways is going to deal with people inside the inside the
conversation irrationally geologically and disagreeably
I shall tell you itself that he doesn’t think you very much of anything
so those things going together you were going to have them collide from the gin
and her and him being on her podcast it’s like being in the purlins throne
room of a Queen Elizabeth and being on her bad side
so that’s what that was really key and that’s all I really got to say about
that one as far as vic mensa i jump into that one and I would say
contrary to what the last caller said I don’t think he’s extremely intelligent I
think she gave Victor wishes when he threw much credit but all that of
Babylon he was speaking of vic mensa if somebody was supposed to be some sort of
a prodigy inside rock nation he was built up to be the Lion King and then
when he dropped nobody really gave a shit so he went from hip-hop to reggae
like six months ago he saw some kind of weird reggae thing nobody watched it now
he wants to know rock and roll Motley Crue shit and he went to DJ academics
the show with that or Marley crew look in Black Sabbath shit and then he came
out to his leader you know what I’m saying talking about that I don’t think
he’s intelligent at all I think they’re on mud at the wall and seeing it
anything will stick nobody it’s no problem thank you thank you okay
all right Ronnie I just sent you an email with regards to Joe but not that
you have to look at it now but someone was kind enough to send me the link to
you first thing now also hey Vanessa thank you darling
she’s sent in a cache at she said store Nicki was on Joe’s podcast it’s on her
live okay so maybe they had a whole whole day here of uh each other Nicki
and Joe huh I guess we’ll be talking about that tomorrow maybe I’ll do an
afternoon afternoon research show Thank You Vanessa again for your super chat
okay and that someone else is sending me what is this something about top groups
and workout info okay that that’s an older conversation ever thank you very
much okay Ronnie you just sent me the link
again thank you so much all right let me go to uh superjet hang on a second big
knock good evening sir he says hey yo store
did you know killer Care from Queens back in the day sir I’m the objective
hater but I don’t do all that talk about who I knew once upon a time because you
never know what they’re into now they may have a pending case they may be
deceased I don’t know man somebody saying they knew me but thank you ma’am
for your um thank you for your super J there’s a lot of guys I was intertwined
with you know especially in the in the slums shall we say and I don’t I’m not
one of those people who likes to tell about things that happened back in the
day whether I took part in it or not because you know a lot of times you have
these cases that can come back up and as I said man you got these old niggas you
know doing too much today you know on on these mobile devices and I’m told go to
the penitentiary now I’ll tell on you now no thank you sir
cope thoughts at 3:00 a.m. says a whole nigga started hip-hop even Big Daddy
Kane was posing like a whole nigga and Playgirl back in the day Oh Vic Mensa is
just another hole nigga Wow he’s right Big Daddy Kane I get what you that was
he posing them Playgirl magazine shit Wow okay someone said star this is uh
how do I say your name please put me out let me just see if I can find this
person um Ronnie hold on a second area code three four seven they sent in a
donation what’s the other numbers well in a second right let me find this
person here I’ll be right back right here hey is that three four seven good
evening oh hey who’s this um this is Shana I just came up from Brooklyn hey
Shana how are you have we spoke before I yes we saw a couple of sounds
don’t get the snitches I think one time solvents are battle rap a couple years
ago in 38 you bringing me out in the crowd I do what anyway cuz you pointed
me out in the clouds made a comment about me on the mic was I trying to
holler at you because when I used to go to the the female battle rap events I
was also in a hollered something you gonna come woman but no it was it was
gonna feel better that you made a comment I am here for all of this month
I’m Mary Padian Nikki let’s go she had a third round and first of all Joe Budden
concern me he comes over campus he comes up as saying like he’s gonna go do that
he knows everything so you tell him nothing he was like that
and she was fine keep that same energy and that’s what I like if I have a
problem with somebody I want to address you when it’s like I know she had like
you know how people are talking it but I want to be in your face me and you I
heard you were saying something but now keep that same energy she pulls
up with Nikki came a receipt oh you didn’t say that that kind of song you
did say that now what she said I still have the text
messages I heard her say that and and if I can just go to what what she said to
join again Jose my god but I mean I like the fact that she stood for herself and
she said um she said your mother did your mother raised you to accuse people
that you met 10 years ago of something got the other yo right yeah yeah then
you kind of be all fasciculus up grandma she also we didn’t meet we all right so
you met me once I see what you’re doing you don’t say nothing he’s trying he can
try to you know what she was saying and she was saying well you don’t know me
we don’t chill don’t hang out we don’t kick it we don’t nothing 10 years ago we
made a song or we was in the studio or whatever that’s what that’s what you say
oh we never met okay so we met that pompous yo when I be seeing him the way
he did send another I’m gonna blame you be talking I’m gonna be like I vote my
eyes go back to pump it up like that’s a pump it up shit what happened was the
lies with my lying it’s not like I’m letting you speak
again I’m not picking a side here I have to be objective but now Ryan do you want
to chime in Oh what the caller is saying because Ronnie you felt different you
thought that Nicki was angry as opposed to having a valid point Ronnie hi how
are you so now I know that you are a fan but I know that I think that you
probably if you have a problem with someone there’s a certain way that
you’re going to conduct yourself not just only as a professional but just as
a lady as a woman descending in here screaming for vanities and calling
somebody an F boy and you know and stupid over and over and over
she was actually borrowing Remy Ma’s bars when she kept saying what are you
stupid and you know that just it doesn’t look good it doesn’t come over well and
look at the headline that they’re writing about her now saying that she
went over already well yeah but you know I think with the
quarter and know you are you are right on a professional level you know if
we’re doing like things professionally there you know there’s a certain level
of decorum and on things you must have but um even I think I don’t know I think
it was said or initial and you were saying like yes like giving the people
what they want or I mean he would look at Joe was like looking into making
comments about things I was going all on her so he had a demographic and blah
blah blah thank you my dad was said a couple
minutes ago I think that that can also be used at times when Nicky and I’m not
a bar I like Nicky and I’m just happy that she
went off he can save energy that’s why I’m proud of her and I want
to keep their energy to like not you know I said it but I think that she it’s
not like it’s on CNN you know I’m saying it’s not like it you know yeah you know
and make you something it it it’s the quick queen
just a hip-hop interview let’s take this shit wherever the work is gonna go fuck
all that cute shit poppin nigga did your mother raised you I feel like I don’t
even know you but like you know to be certain bad and she’s no one like a hate
Nicki train and everything like that and see him ever such a strong opinion
having a platform being able to talk about that stuff it’s like well you
don’t even know me you on my show now let’s go let’s get it hey so before I
let you go any comments any thoughts on big bouncer is he misunderstood his one
of his latest projects it pretty much flopped you know I’m not trying to kick
during the guy because again he’s a younger guy I think he and I had that
mulatto connection I’m really you know trying to give him a chance but do you
think it’s it’s a wrap you know I’m a little I’m a little older
so I’m not like that he’s the one he had a problem with GD
académica something yeah right okay so yeah I don’t really I read that’s when I
know him from I can’t really tell you some song
I might earn but that will battle dressing up I didn’t see it I was so
much into the Nicki and don’t think I didn’t see that video but you said his
faces meets other bars and all that the Wallacea stick
yeah yeah and maybe like another three months he’ll be country okay well thank
you for checking in darling thank you for your super chat and if I thought if
I tried to holler at you before send me a picture I’m a holiday college again
even unmarried yeah she said I tend to holler at Eddie a battle rap event yeah
I see it real saucy at about a rap events you know
hang on a second here who is this it’s a Christian hey Christian star let me get
a piece of this action I’m on area code 301 hold on a second
Ryan do we need to point anything else out before we take more calls Joe Budden
Nicki Minaj any new developments people are saying that she went on Joe Budden’s
podcast a few hours ago since he was on her podcast any updates any news morning
it’s not online it’s not on YouTube I don’t I mean I can keep looking but if
anybody can send me a link I would appreciate it down let’s go to area code
301 is that Christian yes there listen star radio is branding trending right
now okay right let’s go I don’t think it’s too far fest it’s not
too far fair to say I know you said they’re very serious are they blah I
think it’s uh it’s a marketing a marketing stunt or queen radio and the
Joe Budden podcast okay I think they probably I think they talk behind the
scenes and then with my ire we’re gonna get the internet because look there’s a
pedal here your show you’re talking about it yeah so I think they they
already knew what was gonna happen you know the two of might be crushing up
xenyx together you know laughing laughing Russ right right right
and respect nobody respect your button because remember he’s like he’s taking
over the media when it comes to hip-hop he arm you know yeah push it t on his
part had he had chance the rapper you know I mean Joe button deserves to
be where he’s at I’ve said that before he has earned his the hard way he’s a
credible person you know in the world of media that’s important okay you say yeah
yeah I don’t think I don’t think this is like this you know pops out of nowhere I
think they talk behind the scenes and the Queen radio because I’m telling you
right now Queen radio is trending okay all over the US right okay all over
the US are you a barb keep it real I’m real good buddy nah I
don’t fuck with nigga like that you sure but uh I called it yesterday
I’m 24 okay vic mensa okay who gave Jason a fucking
the fucking eye the way he talks about he fallen give
that talk about white boy Jason my alleged son
it’s my legend son yeah yeah he’d be fuckin crazy on here like hey yeah well
I encourage everybody to : talk crazy black white Hispanic East Indian Mexican
yeah this is the platform to call it in talk crazy you’re looking at live chat
no I’m not right now with a fan yeah well I stay out of there if you ain’t
about that life don’t go in the live chat I don’t even look in here it’s
right over here I’m always looking at a chef over here
yes and as those made those donations in Memphis when I was I started listening
him when I was like 16 okay our like in 2016 2017 I remember he JB I
remember he got XSL XXL freshmen yeah I don’t know what the fuck happened to him
man somebody believed in his bars once upon a time and then he came out and
disbanded know he used to really fit easily you know okay yeah he’s a really
fucking bitch I don’t know what the hell happened dude
like I think it might have been the drugs he was like mushy related to that
how ass nigga Youngberg you know oh hitmaker hitmaker I don’t know they look
alike though hey thanks for the call me I have a good evening salute
thank you okay only check in there that’s the area code 7:03 good evening
703 we’re talking about the Nicki Minaj Joe Budden interview forward slash
debacle either similar three hast are you doing this most hey what’s up most
popping then now doing pretty good um hey Ronnie how you doing
heimo I just want to shop some light on vic mensa I mean I was up on the Nicky
vein where you know everybody said what they said but I think she was more upset
about her saying that she calling her a liar something I can understand that any
any thoughts I might call you a liar you saying I’m from the for a school with
everybody want one of the most insulting things and I can call you my man so I
can understand where she’s coming from for that but I want to speak on the
vignettes the thing because I’ve been oh I’ve been with vic mensa
you know ever since him and chance came first came out chance the rapper under
had a crew called save money and I think Vic is really dealing with the fact that
he never received the fame the chance got also on the crew that he ran with
you got to do named Saba and then you got on no name genie all
three of these people that came up with him have got a lot of fame you know
saying or at least respect for the crowds before they look for they doing
their craft I think never really found his lane and if you look at this video
now i’ma gonna go down that you know the whole rabbit hole if you look at this
video he starts out looking at in the mirror and there’s a thing called
scrying and when you look in the mirror like am i he’s going through like she’s
going like through some kind of programming cuz he’s got he goes through
this Marilyn Monroe programming because he puts the lipstick on he puts the
blonde wig on and then they flashed to the in the video I’m looking at the
video right now with the sound down they flashed to these doll heads
oh no mo by all this no I’m just saying all the imagery in this video and their
names and he’s like basically I think what he’s saying is I’ve tried
everything possible I tried the wrapping I tried to Punk rap but on the punk band
stuff now I got to basically be a pop star and saying a female pop star to get
attention I mean I’m that’s why this is what I’m
taking away from the video because the young man does have talent if everybody
wanted to listen listen to him he was going bar for bar with chance the rapper
whenever they rap together on his first place I did not know this
go ahead I didn’t know that guy right he was in to do head bars but I just think
that I think he was steered away from being a rapper and more tried to be a
Internet I mean I international pop star and that was never him the question I
have is lot of people of a rotten nation who he signed to let him put this out um
I think you know it was a real it was a it was a cloud chasing in a way also
because he does put the arm it’s a lot of purchasing learn in the video because
he you know he dressed up like a female been on this politician comes in with a
20 20 pence but no and shot likes to harass him and then the guys kind of
when you run out the room the god kind of beat him up and they write all these
homophobic slurs on his face so I think he was hustling for the boy pussy take
it no take it no he was trying to choose my virtue signal to the last crowd left
by understand what a young man is coming from because I mean if you look at
Hannah second most a right there Ronnie I just sent you an email Ronnie
checking email I said mo hold on a second I appreciate you giving me this
detailed information on vic mensa because again i like to see the younger
generation come up i mean i’m the objective hater never a player hater and
and again i’m an old rock and roller man so i was when i first saw the video i
wasn’t like ah I said okay maybe he’s got more you know more in his tank than
just hip hop um do you think that he’s just going through a transition maybe is
you know just maybe something some artists it takes them time to pop off
everybody doesn’t just pop you know come at the game what do you think I think
what’s gonna end up happening is he’s gonna have to get off the majors and
then find himself musically and drop the music that he wants to make because
right now he’s being steered by labels and you know what you’re saying with
labels it’s all about what they feel will you know saying can be
commercialized and monetized in the best way possible but I think his best Laney
he had was actually being a rapper because one
day one of my favorite songs for me was orange soda I mean like I’m Annessa do
it Delta internet tape he had it you say yeah the bangers on there and the reason
how I found out about him was cause him and given him his chance relationship
off the alpha acid rap so they had this nice tight-knit song crew wish everybody
went off and left him you know I mean for success was and he kind of out heels
like camp on this field okay most day with me Ronnie any comments before I
asked mo about the n-c-a-a rescinding the rich Paul rule Ronnie I just want
asking what’s your overall thing you know vic mensa after you know this video
i think at this point if he’s a fan honey he had you missed that pictures dangling his manhood and his sexuality
for what four clicks right i mean that’s what that’s what they do in the industry
let’s be honest here I mean you dangle whatever you gotta dangle to make it in
their industry that’s why you got to be careful we sign those contracts and the
last thing here left is his dignity and that’s what we starting to put on this
planets video the thing is I was a fan of vic mensa on the internet tape but
all the stuff after that I couldn’t write with I don’t know where he was
saying he went way left with me because he just got out of his rapping mode into
this whole punk rock Thank You Justin I get your email Justin thank you know
you’re saying yeah I don’t know what the hell he is now I mean but I know if you
know what you’re looking at and you’re looking at the video you know what it is
I mean he’s under some kind of program and somebody is twisting the screws and
mash this button if you believe in that in there and that type of thing okay
hang on a second mo I want to shift gears for a second because they don’t
know how much time you have tonight any comments I have not read the story I
know that you you’re a sports guy um the NCAA according to a few sources here has
now rescinded the rich Paul rule any comments any thoughts this comes by way
of CBS comm are you up to speed I think they knew this wasn’t understand
but this was a message from very powerful people to send the message to
LeBron James that he’s overstepping his boundaries
I respect LeBron James for everything he’s done off the court but you got to
realize um that when you’re talking about taking up a whole industry let’s
go back to the whole rule this rule was set in place to say you players are not
going to bring these guys and put it out of business I want well who we talked
about putting out of business is is the sports agent okay two universities are
the one that trained these sports agents you know and now you’re talking about
getting rid of a whole industry so I think this was a shot at LeBron to let
him know you said he kind of overstepping his boundaries well I
respect everything LeBron James is doing because he’s empowering people you know
some to make those power moves but he has to be ready for war it’s kind of
like what pot said you know you gotta have your money ready when you go to war
your fan could he’s about to upset a whole industry here okay all right Ronny
any questions from or do we just take some more calls I know you guys chop
them from time to time morning do you think this was a sacrifice I know that
you mentioned these sort of things before with respect to the video I think
going back to the big Mensa video yeah I think it was the sacrifice of his
dignity I mean if you look at the imagery you look at the doll heads you
look at them saying the whole if you say if you believe in the MKULTRA program
and you know yes I think that’s what he was going through and it was a dignity
thing um that’s the last thing he had left to give up and I think that’s what
this video is really symbolized here so I want to be the privacy if the doors
you open for him and he keeps you know saying uh the top level backing that you
need to make it interesting far as the songs because we are not industry work
it’s about the songs and who gets access to the top hit song okay okay mo good to
talk to you man stay in touch and are you doing your
podcast tonight what’s going on with you yes I dropped the third episode today
it’s on my YouTube platform also on the website most facts mo e FAC as
always thank you for having me on star one more thing star just want to say one
quick thing about your show yesterday cuz I wanted to get on but I was being
accused he with wifey oh you want to go back I don’t wanna make it two layered
now yesterday shows yesterday’s show can you make it short you like comment on
Jeffrey Epstein killing himself I just one thing I must say he was the Mossad
honeypot and I believe that he’s not dead he sitting somewhere with bandages
on his face sipping a martini alone that’s just where I’m coming from okay
if you’re available tomorrow mo whether it be in the afternoon or the evening
let’s see if we can talk about a former NBA player Sebastian Telfair now
sentenced to three to five years in prison I think that was a gun charge I
don’t talk about tonight let’s pump them okay yeah I’m up on it I’m up on it yeah
we can do that tomorrow night thank you know I have a good start I have a good
Ronnie out y’all take care yes sir okay Thank You mo all right mo
facts on the check in and run it can you hang out do you have to go um okay for a
few more minutes or what oh okay all right guys Ronnie’s on the line with me
and we’re talking about the Nicki Minaj Joe Budden interview that happened on
Queen radio but now um people have sent me video footage of Nicki Minaj going on
Joe Budden’s podcast you got that those links yes Ronnie yes if you want to use
me I’m gonna go ahead and listen to it okay
so I’ll put um you check it out and come back all right okay okay
all right Ronnie on the check-in who her and I was changing a lot of emails
earlier if you’re just now joining the show I don’t usually talk about other
people’s interviews or platforms because I don’t want you know ever be perceived
as you know hating you know I’m the objective hater but
never a player-hater but I was impressed with Nicki Minaj know standing up for
herself you know Joe’s a great guy but hey you know you have to be very careful
with alluding to or accusing someone of doing drugs that was my only concern
about or my only interest with regards to what they were talking about for
those of you who don’t know my history on radio I’m the guy who back in the
early 2000 you know just I started saying allegedly all the goddamn time
because you know certain rappers were threatening to sue the station hot 97
and myself so I had to to learn how to shift and not necessarily be so just you
know vicious in the commentary and there’s other things that you know I
guess Nicki felt strong about with regards to Joe being a one-time artist
and now being a person in the media so it’s layered but let me go to super chat
good evening – the game is rigged another I’m sorry after another flop
Victoria Mensa will do the Lord’s work then you fake love having motherfuckers
will be reciting every lyric calling him a trend setter Wow okay thank you that
that was a that’s nice nice shot Evan sent good evening my girl may be done
with it horribly my girl may be done wit me who says she doesn’t feel my love
emotionally safe how can I save our love question mark – Doh wifey advice plz
pick up nine one six okay all right let me get to you hold on I appreciate the
contribution if I can help you I will nine one six are you there is that Evan
sent what’s good doesn’t allow you to write too much in one area so you ain’t
got a grandma I I appreciate you maybe no
some of that stuff the way it’s spelled man I have to pause and when you spell
the plz I said what the fuck is there anyway listen thank you for your support
what’s going if I can help you I you know I’ll try but I’ve never been
married men I’m I’m a coward so one asked me I’m not I’m not well but
I heard you on a couple shows you know you said you were going to be given our
life coaching here’s a thing my girl says she my girl says she doesn’t feel
emotionally safe you know she doesn’t feel my love and she’s just emotionally
exhausted and I just want to know like what’s the one thing the brother can do
to really make a woman feel like you know I might not be the most
affectionate man but I’m getting there with you your ester wifey that’s the
future you know how can you prove that to a woman which is when she’s on her
way out well how old are you 30 36 and how old is she 30 okay so in reality
she’s a little older than you even though you know physically you’re older
you know she she’s longing for a commitment you know she’s thinking about
a future because guys don’t think about that shit until we hit like you know 40
45 you know well if you’re thinking about it because she’s pressuring you
then that’s not genuine now even though I said I’m a coward with regards to
never having been married I do claim to understand you know
relationships and I fucked up similarly good relationships so I’ll try to help
you but um let me just ask you the real question do you love her I do I love her
I loved her for over 10 years you know okay okay so if you if you can admit
that and you feel bad then I think it is you know within you if it looks sobbing
around stop so I traveled the world I’ve met all kinds of women and this is the
one you know use that one unicorn and it’s easy to fuck it up
it’s easy to fuck it up but there’s got to be a way to say so just cuz you fucks
up there not by being emotionally unavailable or whatever it may be that
doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t try to say if you love her and you want
to make it happen and you look into her eyes and you see that she is the mother
of your children to be then you have to make a sacrifice now I’m chicken shit I
never wanted to make that sacrifice some guys I have a lot of respect for them my
father was a type of man he made that sacrifice gave me and my brother a
beautiful fucking childhood but you know can you make that sacrifice because
you’re gonna have to get rid of some of those bum ass friends you’re gonna have
to deal with family and distance family for her are you ready to do that well
yeah yeah I’ve already I’m already on that track you know and that’s been a
big issue with us to like the culture differences you know like her family’s a
lot different from I you know I’m saying like I’m a brother and she’s maybe the
Mexican girl you know different okay my experience through my you know through
my experience you know a Mexican women are very family-oriented and if you
treat her right she’ll ride for you man yeah get married stop being a coward get
married thank you sir I’m actually brother thank
you I want to get married man you scared of Ronnie are you there was Ronnie yeah is
he so on the line yeah no he’s on the line no he’s off did you want to say
something I’m worried about that girl I’m worried about that girl whoever she
is because did you know that he got when he was talking to you he’s like how
could you just after 10 years like I’m worried he was being a little emotional sometimes you just have to say hey this
is wifey let me stop fucking around let me do me do what I have to do you know
listen I fucked up some relationships I’m man enough to say that you know I
fucked up hang on a second let me go to
Kasia cue the executives sister you can find the clip on IG check baller alert
thank you sir yeah focal ball or look heavy okay okay
thank you uh super juice again I got your email
Paul thank you Paul I got your email this rennes our Enz I got your picture
of Joe Budden from years ago thank you and I think don’t we get Mike on the
line area code six one seven hold on a second honey
I thought we spoke to him already six one seven words that from Chicago I
think we picked up six one seven already let me go to uh someone says hey Vanessa
she says star Ronnie to just click on Nicki’s icon pic shake in my head okay
tell Ronnie to just click on Nicki’s icon pic shaking her head but you’ve got
it now though right morning yeah I saw it yes I saw it and so um Jerell was
essentially making really the same point I was making which is that he has a
right to give his own commentary and she said you’re right and I had the right to
go off like the way that I did so she’s obviously referencing what happened
earlier so it’ll be interesting to hear the full version of when you know the
show please okay so Nikki went on Joe’s podcast and went
ten toes down is what you say yes it was yeah I said maccann what did your mother
raised you ass Oh mr. Shep Rosenberg good evening sir thank you for your cash
shot holy Ronnie okay Global Media Inc thank you I got your email
something about some Toya Brown married to this singer Pam from total ex-husband
what is that can I send this you Ronnie I don’t know what this is yeah sure
it’s centaurea brown marry the one who just died are you
yeah she’s married to a guy I think he’s like some kind of model I read I don’t
know let me go to a Nico believe me Nico sends in a cash yo star you look Swoboda
what you want so I’m on a cycle I just I just banged myself today in the thigh
Thank You me yeah I’m in the gym uh you know every day well I didn’t go today
but I’m in tomorrow I’m doing the way Baalak the ripped b-12 of course I
stopped fucking with that powder drink that I just spoke with that stuff called
know it no explosive or something like that it made me feel dizzy so I’m fuckin
with that but I’m trying to get my camera ready okay oh good evening sir
how are you hi I wanted to put that on her yeah girl oh okay okay
why are you wanna chime in yeah she is do a certain amount of respect but he do
you know a certain level of credibility if he was gonna give commentary on
everybody else and the culture he has to give commentary on her and let the chips
over a night okay No so the point of you know talking
about it on you girl so okay well I think I can ask you the same question
because Sarge’s had to stop to you 30 seconds ago for making the same
implication about her so I I can ask you why were you going to make that
implication about her cool me know the other person I’m talking to you I mean need to talk about doing right what
lucania if I can jump in here for a second the conversation between Nicki
Minaj and Joe button there’s more to it than just was Joe insinuating that Nicki
did drugs and some other things that I’m trying to get up to speed on and
Ronnie’s been helping me but long story short it appears that they have you know
she went on his podcast today as well this evening and they’re working shit
out so I mean I kind of think that’s a good thing but now if i can go to vic
mensa Lucania do you give a fuck is he misunderstood or um we’re all anything
in the media that you want to bring to the table okay I appreciate your point
you want to bring to the table you gotta fix this string on you can lucania
having trouble here so please you know it sounds like shit Melissa member take
of the court okay Thank You Luke Andy Thank You Man Oh all
right thank you yeah it’s great Riku 2 or 3 good evening
203 we’re talking about a few things tonight vic mensa do you give a shit is
he misunderstood 203 203 there good evening 203 no let’s get you back here
in Japan here uh area code 9 5 – good evening 9 5 – JA Budden Nicki Minaj oh
you have to speed yes I’m up to speed I just got done listening to the whole
episode how you doing today start hey ru yo hey okay baby how are you
doing great let’s start off with the joke button um so yeah Nikki was on one
said Nikki you can even suspect probably Nikki was literally on something easy we
don’t know that’s the whole point of her no you can’t accuse someone of doing
drugs unless you have proof okay no but I feel like nikki has become a
caricature of herself this whole spazzy black woman that
always has to think she’s the loudest her job running should actually start a
podcast II they complement each other very well but she even in the episode
she lightly without no one notices she threw a death threat she said that my
husband will plug I don’t know if people got that but she said yeah yeah she said
it towards towards the end of the episode I think that was when Joe was
actually off mic and she was talking to Rory and more but yes my husband is
gonna pull up Ronnie can you confirm this can we I’m here well you know he
already has a body on his record so yeah he got scared so yeah she said that
she’s not pulling up no more she is not doing any of that rolla that she’s
leaving off to her man and okay and that’s kind of reckless if you ask me
but you can’t just be sayin oh hey you know this shit can go left
real fast pop yeah that’s true that’s true but yeah like one of the one of the
prey I feel that one of the previous callers pulled it out I feel like this
is a like a verse swap for a swap you pull up on my pot yet I’m gonna pull up
on your talk show and I feel like they’re both benefiting from it we’re
talking about it right now as we speak yeah no harm done so you think Nicki
Minaj would be a better co-host with Joe Budden instead of Remy Ma same
absolutely absolutely like they were just yeah Nicky Nicky was Nicky was
tweaking but on that victimís I wanna as a Chicago native
I got a you know my brother in the pigments out real quick hang on a second
yeah you’re a wanker I forget what’s your background I forget
not actually make okay block so me you and pigments and we’re all in the
mulatto quick yeah exactly okay I know are you gonna wrap him or
what you had the boys ahead thick if you listen too thick just come back to
Chicago or do you do it like this is not Chicago we no one is reppin him over
here like if he pulls up to Chicago people won’t even know who he is he’s
changed so much him he has to go back to his roots it’s disappointing it’s it’s
flat-out disappointing he’s been doing this shock value thing is you seen
Takahiro reminiscence of Takashi a lot of people he’s just he hasn’t found his
identity and I don’t know if you know that but like even not when you don’t
find guide entities one of the hardest things in the world he thinks he’s a
hard guy he thinks he’s a soft I don’t know and I just I cry I pray for Vic Vic
I’m praying for you your mom was gonna say how old are you and Vic Mensa is how
old’s big he was born in 93 yeah I’m 28 okay respectfully that you
know there’s nothing wrong with the younger person going through changes
trying to find themself so maybe he’s going to you know shift gears or maybe
he’ll put out a better album next time you’re saying what it’s just what are
you saying oh well let’s like let’s not get a mistaken this is the music
business and if you make good music people will focus you he just hasn’t
been making good music and he wants to attach that with some rather odd stuff
so yeah well if you may like cast the rapper I don’t want to switch it off
Shekar donated he made a terrible last problem this album is garbage that’s why
he’s getting all this hate online no one yet if you make good music we gonna mess
with you that’s it that’s just how the music business works
yeah have you even met vic mensa in Chicago I actually haven’t no but no I
haven’t gotten a chance but if I do I’ll speak to my Chicago brother let him know
come back home we want you man just come back to your roots
what do you doing maybe like the le le way you see now that’s about it man okay hey thank
you for your super chat have a good one right okay hold on Ronny someone just
sent me a cash app Ronnie is it Lenise Hayley nice
I said star Nikki said JM and Wayne tried to end her on IG love shit can
someone confirm that that’s coming from Lanisha if she cloud chaser or is she
well she only sent in a dollar smoking some goody-good and just you know listen
thank you all anis thank you for your cash yep darling
Ronnie any thoughts on that oh can we look in the live chat and see what’s in
the line yeah so what she’s referring to she’s referring to when Nikki basically
had a confrontation with DJ self and she threatened him and she jnv openly said
on the radio I’m I’m not gonna play her record
now they sense resolve their issues and he plays her records now but for a while
you know he said he wasn’t gonna play a record okay so so was that with regards
to what Lanisha says and I tried to end her that’s what I was talking about the
UM comment no yeah you think she dropped name great I don’t know I’m just I’m I’m
just reading through these Lenise said that Nicki Minaj said Wayne tried to end
her on IG live yeah maybe she’s stolen I don’t know it’s gotta area code 909 who
is that is that just picked up Louganis someone else calling you from 909 hey
good evening uh no no no is that you you did me yes good evening oh you got to
come a little closer to the phone so you’re a little closer please hello hello hello hello okay yeah yes
sir come to the phone yes all right yeah so everybody that saying that Nicki
Minaj went on your podcast it isn’t being accurate I guess they just didn’t
watch the full clip but the thing the clip that I get their opinion to you Instagram that that it is that is
literally that’s from Nicki Minaj’s pop baller alert so that clip that’s from
Nicki Minaj is podcast if you actually listen to the clip the conversation is
being carried the composition I was actually live streamed on Apple music or
Apple Radio Laura Puckett is earlier today okay but I call you well sir your phone
sounds like shit I’m trying to you know get through what you’re saying
Ronnie is he what is he saying that Nicki Minaj didn’t go on jail buzzes
podcast they were in the hallway an apple I’m confused
yeah the video the video that you sent me this is not the set where he records
from this does look like an impromptu sit-down interview this is probably
occurred sometime after he walked out now if he’s going to take the content
and release it why wouldn’t he put the clip on his Instagram it’s only on hers
and she’s directing the conversation okay okay listen caller thank you man I
appreciate you at least trying to sort this out anything else you want to say
about vic mensa as you hear me yeah can I finish my thoughts on the conversation
between Joey if you fix your tracfone yeah man but fix that goddamn phone come
on it’s not me man all right can you hear me now that’s better
you see all right cool so what I got from the competition I’m a supporter of
joke I think bro so um I went to his live hard cattleman everything’s okay so
I went in there I went in their car Loki’s being biased because I’m not
really a Nicki fan however after looking into the conversation Nicki made valid
points in the sense of she really just wanted him to admit everything that he
said about her that he was probably just putting the little edges on it you know
get more clickbait more or less okay in the fact that he didn’t do that any kind
of he kind of just um what is it we’re fucking reflected reflected those
those points and and then went to the point of her doing drugs which again she
never necessarily said throughout the whole conversation that she’d never did
drugs but she was saying well maybe you’re not answering my fucking points
that I’m bringing to you so at this point you know you’re looking fucking
foolish because you’re trying to do some attacking and nobody you’re not even
trying to attack um the point of it the point of conversation so more or less
you know I guess with the joke between the the guy being kicked off of the
podcast moving forward is because you know mall he more or less gone Nikki
sighs and like I understand he could have just more or less agreed that he
was wrong in those instances because she did have receipt but were wrong was kind
of like so hanging out I didn’t hear the entire 48 minutes ago you’re saying ma
mall was taping for Nikki oh yeah taping a star hey hey I know some proper
conversation on the podcast today are actually on there which I believe they
will be on but on the other hand he was trying to be all jokes I he’s like I
don’t think shows like that I don’t think he goes like that and then you
know Marv was just kind of like just Yes Man and everything Nikki was saying I
was watching the whole interview while your life was going I wanted to get more
effective for our cause okay hilarious dog all right keep me up to speed via
email I got time for the dumb shit man thank you for your support as well
alright alright hang on a second Ronnie Mike from Boston sends another soup chat
saying Ronnie what background did you see when you went back and watched on
Nikki’s live question mark put some respect on my fucking name what is he
talking about I’m computers at this point I’m confused that’s the guy that said that they were
on Joe Joe Joe Joe buttons podcast and I asked him I said what did you what did
you see when you were looking at it and he started stuttering and telling me
what they said instead of what you saw so basically there is a second clip
there’s a second interview but it’s not in this setting where he normally
records from so we don’t know if it’s going to be released on his platform or
hers what we have that circulating is alive that she made what during the
taping of it okay but it’s not in her pink studio either so perhaps it’s like
some sort of neutral territory into the lobby or some room and sat down and
spoke more and maybe she never went to Joe’s podcast maybe they just had
another sit-down after the goddamn interview is that possible that’s
absolutely possible fine hotel okay Pam a second Lenise hailey nice oh she said
let me get up on this Lahaie nigga put some a speck on my fucking dollar hole
horseshoe wait a minute where are you doing okay is am i saying your name
right is it linear low hazel anis yes you are hey what’s going on with you
girl thank you for your okay so this is what why we thank my Bell I work hard
for it please respect my time thank you so this was or knows Nicki Minaj was it
is a part of Joba and podcast she only said online maybe for about 40 minutes
but she was recording and they started talking about gatekeepers and she said
that Bolivia is a gatekeeper and basically that nobody was behind me and
other what’s his name all he was saying basically that he is true and the other
way I got not worried because I thought he was saying it was true but the rest
of all saying no that’s not sure he was like Joe Budden doesn’t have influence
enough to with you know change this and that and she’s a yes you know he does he
has a lot of flaws you have a big platform so they went on about that and
their core the end they started talking about she started a
minute away and well she said jay-z and Eminem and she said those are the same
men that tried to end me and that’s when she kind of you know start going up
cousin wait a minute wait a minute okay so the
hang on so you’re saying that Nicki Minaj said today that lil wayne tried to
end her he said this is what she said they started naming people and then once
they started naming the people that she said yeah I thought that the people that
are respecting it would give me my just dude she said I thought Eminem Wayne
Jane you know I thought people like that you know they would sell me respect and
then she said she started talking a little bit man so but I start
interrupting like I got all that I just want to hear you say yes Wayne tried to
end her he said those are the same men that tried to end me Jack with you see
verbatim those are the same it’s on her ID live tour do you know when they start
talking about gatekeepers shit okay okay please respect it down we’ll have a good
night everybody hang up before I let you go die no no
before I let you go do you give a fuck about vic mensa
Linney’s no she hung up okay she ain’t give a fuck Ronnie you
there yeah uh-huh okay so yeah I’m here hear me according
to the nice Nicki Minaj I said Wayne tried to end her you know what that’s
about I guess it’s gonna be trending tomorrow
well well if you remember her back when Nicki had released a bunch of like
remixed into a bunch of songs I think she did like the thought see on a song
and a bunch of other songs she has a lyric where she says my brother tried to
end me so a lot of people interpreted that as a shot at Drake for not standing
next to her during the whole situation with cardi okay okay okay let’s bring
some other collagen let’s go to area code two five one good evening two five
one we’re talking about the Nicki Minaj Joe Budden
interview and you can’t kick them all from her show are you there yeah I’m
here good evening Papa hater good evening
what’s poppin are you addressing the topic sir yeah fuckin Nicki Minaj Angela and
you’re okay were you calling him from soon Alabama
okay let’s get to it you have the floor no I don’t know what
the fuck Nick Nicky is a bug-out man Nicky’s a fucking bug Jill button is the
fucking bug out the old bug out did you need the audio I wanted some of this
shit but I you know me I wasn’t really into it with this shit I’ve heard a
little bit of it you know Nicky Joe choose the pics of being on drugs and
all that other shit ain’t bugging aren’t you I think it’s a class here – oh
please don’t say that unless you have proof I inside I don’t do all that
slander Stephanie I respect you calling in man but I don’t I don’t you know take
it to that extent um with regards to uh vic mensa any
comments do you give a shit hey the same thinking that will a fucking confederate
dress in a video yes he’s another bug out that makes crazy yeah yeah I
appreciate you calling in man Ronnie any questions from the colon and every code
two five one he’s Alabama Ronnie I won I wanted to ask him
on a scale of seven to ten how much did he like pigmented video- zero some
weirdo shit any like shit at all hey man thank you for calling in sleep all right
hater yes sir Thank You Man okay took him a minute but he got it hold on a
second here did is that rush Sheik okay okay I think we’re getting
somewhere here rashik is saying it’s called Joe Budden pull-up session is
that what happened they had a pull-up session not the Joe Budden podcast that
makes sense Ronnie hey is that a pull-up of Rorion dollar there yeah more will be
revealed okay so someone said that Maul was
taping for Nicki do you think that’s gonna be a problem you know or would
that just be a light-hearted discussion I don’t know the details of their
friendship never met mob you know but again I think Joseph’s a great dive well
I think that he has industry connections with her and so ultimately it doesn’t
help for there to be friction between her and Joe so I expect him to act as a
buffer and you know I would have to probably come down a little bit off of
the fact that I originally said that he should not have remained when his mic
was cut off and he walked out so what are you saying now you’re saying it was
a good thing that he stayed if it worked out for the good you know then I I guess
he played his cards right and I would i can’t criticize him for that on a
surface level it just in principle it doesn’t look great
got you thank you area code two zero one are you there twelve one we’re talking
about Nicki Minaj do button the Queen radio interview that went left are you
there uh what up blue anything yeah look I ain’t got none to say about big messes
so let’s get bed that right now that’s that that’s not that something a funny
let let’s deal with Nicki let’s deal with Nicki Minaj real quick you see I this position is bad
nobody is hating on her because she some super productive woman remembers
Drake and Wayne all these people made her they made her
they made her she has an attitude like Dame Dash and that shit turns people off
and nobody wants to deal with it this has nothing to do with oh she’s the
queen she could be she could do this because number she can trap dope oh god
that’s my chin my men feet she can’t fuck with me boy oh I’ve been on bitch
you been conned Bentley tens on Fendi prints on talking
about everybody everybody take no heart they want to take her down
well she was going to my war show doing all that Catholic Roman satanic garbage
with all them robes on and all them how no painting on today nobody would st.
known event Yeah right if you go back of this woman’s track
record she is a nasty person but no fuck yeah
Matthew first you number one but you messy and you angry and you disgruntled
this little Kim little Kim she fake blue little Kim out the water but she stole
her whole image a whole blueprint and you still Aggie now caught he becomes
along after Remy Ma and destroyed you good it was gonna be more destroyed her
she should be mad at anybody doing rant on radio stations it should be every
morning you don’t hear how mentally muffled a everything so I’ve got to
correct you again I’m I remember us talking now and you know Remy Ma no
longer goes by Remy Martin you know she got served with the legal paper right
right yeah Remy Ma she had to stop that Remy Martin shit so just from your mom
okay you were saying right right but she’ll still eat Nicki Minaj’s asshole
he’ll still eat out blow out the water spill dad that’s who
she should be mad at that’s not the out of the out of the top spot then car TV
came along and coasted but cardi B bitches better
I don’t care somebody writes or on oh let them get around for it for them if
you want to take this thing you really want to take it there again that’s right that’s a better delivery now what after
you get after we settled that dispute now you telling me that Wayne I’ve never
even heard of that Wayne you tried to enter j-diddy tried
to enter well I have to hear the audience pecking the caller who called
in but I want to hear for myself before I stop watching that narrative no
thought thought thought thought oh sorry no I didn’t hear it but listen I
remember when you said that she was upset at Drake you said that month ago
yeah yeah Wow everybody why’s everybody why’s everybody falling
off why is everybody trying to separate themselves trying to get away from us
this ain’t got nothing to do with all that Queen shit remember I said to you
before people beyond that fuck shit twerking and I’m a drug dealer innocent
drug dealer – and then when the stick comes down on you want to claim that you
black and God and all this other nonsense you wasn’t a connection when
you started the loop so man thank you thank you for your call
hang on a second Ronnie let me go to Cash Shop and the Dipset 2017 where are
you area code seven five seven hey Dipset
2017 thank you for your cash yet what’s going on with you what’s bothering me
let’s talk about it yo first of all that Vincent misses yo I’m tired of them like
damn I attended your young black males up like making them do these weird
things as Luminizer like I don’t even want to talk about that all right
young keep going it goes on and on and I
retired somebody new I’m like my man kwang-soo
whatever I stopped that little not stopping him there all I didn’t want to
talk about him cash but I did listen to the Nicki Minaj and Joe button I
listened to both of them when he went our show you know a big large puts every
like 37 minutes whatever okay but I’m very I’m a very analytical guy like so
it appears to me that they both playing chess with each other but Joe
Blessington said some false things about Nicki Minaj that Mitch monologist
ilustrate now like when she said that you know look you know I didn’t have
that in the works with making the song with the female artist like I did that
off the RIP it wasn’t in the works and Joe and Joe playing was like back
telling a little bit and then she was right for you that’s like you only deal
with weak women and then Joe Blanton was like what I mean with we trying to say
that the women that I mess with they say wrong you know they stay weak and then
she was like listen I don’t want to go through the whole interview verbatim but
I’m a man I’m gonna listen to more that you know tomorrow at some point but you
know overall it’s I think they’re in a better place now I just saw some video
footage of them talking I guess that’s the pull-up section I don’t know but
final thoughts final thoughts well my thought is there I think it was I think
it was more eco I’m clashing with each other and Nicki Minaj does have a nasty
attitude but she was defending herself based upon what the things that Joe had
said about her and Joe’s like the old smithy like he was sounding like switch
the game up like you know it’s not like that but nick minaj took it like that so
that’s what I gotta say thank you mama I’ll let you later boss
yes sir you want a good work Thank You Man thank you okay hold on a second
Ronnie oh I think I’m Joe Budden and Nicki Minaj out for the evening
Ronnie any final comments or have we pretty much gotten to the bottom of all
this yeah I mean I guess it will be interesting to hear the entire content
as it appeared and as they put it out and its entirety I think what we’re
getting now what we’re going to see circulating is just clips
probably until Wednesday but it’s all a PR stunt could it be yes maybe possibly when she calls him
stupid I think she meant that that when she called him stupid I think she
genuinely meant that but it might be a start yeah I mean again if she’s
standing her ground I gotta respect that but I don’t think
it’s gonna be any any go any further than that now you know it is Ronnie
thank you I’m gonna call it a night I’ll let you and I chop up tomorrow time
permits okay great take care take your money okay all right Ronnie holding me
down tonight shit that was a lot Joe Budden again good guy Nicki Minaj never
met him hey I’ve got a bunch of emails with regards to uh graphic designing
thank you I think I’m good from this point on what I am looking for if anyone
is interested someone to edit up some video footage of the show Russ parmi
Brooks Brooks got himself another gig if you can do some editing let’s talk let’s
figure out a price let’s see if you want to do a barter you know holler at me you
have my email address and we’ll go from there okay all right I’ll see you guys
tomorrow at some point I’m not exactly sure when I’m gonna try and do a
research show in the afternoon and I’ll talk to you then take care good night you

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