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The consequences if any of this is true if
just one case is true are so huge that it would be the biggest revelation in the human
experience. We would have to rethink everything we think
we know about ourselves our place in the cosmos. And it is scary. UFOs are one of the great, unexplained mysteries
of human existence and yet the idea of them is so controversial and so divisive it’s almost
taboo to even talk about them. Well, in this series we’re going there and
we’re going to. My name is Steven Greenstreet. I’m a journalist with The New York Post. Over the next few episodes we’re going to
examine the UFO phenomenon from every possible angle including video evidence, witness accounts
and scientific analysis, all with the hope of gaining a better understanding of just
what the heck these things are. Are they manmade or are they alien? That’s a loaded question we’ll keep returning
to in this series, but for all you skeptics watching, by the end of this episode I guarantee
you you’re going to be convinced something is out there. Because even if you don’t believe in UFOs,
our government definitely does. Welcome to the basement office. We are going to begin our series by dissecting the
government’s involvement in the world of UFOs. The mind-blowing fact the military has admitted
that they exist and that according to the Pentagon they pose a quote threat to our homeland. We have the government insider when it comes
to this matter. A man who has been called the real life Fox
Mulder thanks to his work researching UFOs, Nick Pope. Nick, you’re very credentialed. Your resumé is quite expansive. Why don’t you give me the nuts and bolts
of it? I worked for the British government for 21
years at the Ministry of Defence, and for much of the early 90s I ran the U.K. UFO program. So my job was to research and investigate
the phenomenon and come to a judgment about whether there was evidence of any threat to
the defense of the UK or anything of more general scientific interest. So you’ve outlined everything you did in the
U.K. investigating UFOs. Does the U.S. government have a similar program? Yes. The U.S. started in the UFO game in 1947 and
they had then three programs under the name Sign, Grudge and Blue Book. Blue Book was the most famous long running
one. It was essentially the same thing– research
and investigate the phenomenon see if there’s a threat. So that was a public program. Then in 1969 they pulled the plug. They said Okay we’ve investigated and haven’t
found any evidence of a threat. We’re out of the business of looking at this. And very recently it was revealed that actually
they did have a program and probably still do. And I’m amazed how little political fallout
there has been over the fact that the media and the U.S. people were effectively misled
on that issue for decades. The truth came out in December of 2017 when
the New York Times published a bombshell story revealing the existence of a secret Pentagon
program to investigate UFOs called AATIP or advanced aerospace threat identification program. Here’s what the Pentagon told me. “The mission was the ATF program did pursue
research and investigation into unidentified aerial phenomena. The Department of Defense is always concerned
about maintaining positive identification of all aircraft in our operating environment
as well as identifying any foreign capability that may be a threat to the homeland. The department will continue to investigate
through normal procedures reports of unidentified aircraft encountered by U.S. military aviators
in order to ensure defense of the homeland and protection against strategic surprise
by our nation’s adversaries.” Back in 2017 when the New York Times published
their report they also released a number of videos revealing Navy encounters with UFOs. In an exclusive statement to The Post the
Pentagon told me these videos were quote “for research and analysis purposes by U.S. government
agencies and industry partners and not for general public release.” So the general public was never supposed to
see these videos. One of these three took place off the coast
of San Diego in 2004 involving the USS Nimitz and one of its or two of its F 18 Navy fighters
fighter jets. This is the footage that was captured. They see this tic tac object which you’re
seeing here in this footage. And the pilot said it was at least as long
as his plane is about 40 feet. So the thing you’re looking at is about 40
feet long. But he said there was another object below
it just underneath the surface of the water that was maybe ten times as long. And this tic tac was like hovering above the
surface of the water. And then we’d just disappear and he said they
were like two antenna, L shaped antenna like on the bottom of this thing. Now while the footage itself alone without
context offers nothing mind-blowing, the story behind what you’re looking at is. Why should I be worried or dig deeper into
the Nimitz footage? You don’t know what you’re looking at but
that in a sense is the point of the story. You don’t know what you’re looking at, the
pilots don’t know what they’re looking at, the radar operators don’t know what they’re
tracking in the whole radar aspect of this story is very important in terms of corroboration. It’s not just these trained observers, the
pilots, it’s being tracked on radar too. And in a sense the story is simply that the
U.S. military in their fastest jets can’t catch these UFOs. They are they are running rings around them. There’s something out there, and there’s this
marvelous quote that I think one of the pilots came out with after this when he was asked
well what do you think. He said “I don’t know what it was but I
sure as heck want to fly one.” You know when a U.S. Navy, when one of the
top guns tells you something like that. This should be telling everyone something
about UFOs. And it’s fascinating to hear, now we’re now
we’re going to watch this 2015 footage. The 2015 footage was taken off the East Coast. Same deal. Clear footage from Navy fighters. What blows my mind is again people whose full
time jobs are to defend this country, to take to the air, identify threats, know when they’re
there and to take them out, they see these things and like wait what do we do? And when they start suddenly saying “well
look at that thing go!” You know “there’s a whole fleet of them”
and you can hear the tension and excitement in their voices and you know that something
extraordinary was going on. Yes. And the last clip we’re going to play is the
third of these three videos that were released. It’s called the Go Fast UFO. These pilots observe an extremely fast moving
object and are able to actually hone in on it. Their cameras are actually able to lock on
this object and you hear it in their voice. In fact I want to turn it down because they
get so loud. They’re all watching this thing zip so fast
and they’re like look at that thing moving. These are guys that move for a living. These are guys that do fly for a living and
they’re blown away. Exactly when you fly thousands of miles an
hour you don’t get excited about that kind of thing unless it’s orders of magnitude beyond
that, and clearly they were seeing and experiencing something they never come across before. Apparently these clips are just the tip of
the iceberg when it comes to naval encounters with UFOs. In fact pilots have experienced so many sightings
that in recent weeks brass has been forced to implement an official reporting protocol. But it turns out UFOs aren’t just a Navy problem. I spoke with John Greenewald who runs the
Black Vault, a site dedicated to unearthing government secrets by using the Freedom of
Information Act. And he discovered that the Air Force is also
dealing with UFO sightings. There’s an air force manual that was called
10-206. It was undeniable proof that the Air Force
was mandating their personnel officers to report UFOs. And so I trace the lineage of that particular
document all the way through where the UFO reports had gone and so on. I am comfortable saying that there were UFO
procedures and obviously they’re there for a reason to investigate. And what I did through the Freedom of Information
Act was not only discovered that document but throughout the years see that they were
actively updating it. Now why is this important. Well because you can easily argue if something
is not updated that it’s potentially a manual a procedure something on the books that they
forgot about that they don’t care about. But they were actively updating it and UFOs
specifically in Chapter 5 of this manual never came out. What that tells me I mean if UFOs were bunk
if UFOs didn’t exist if UFOs were anything that the military should be concerned about
it wouldn’t be in a manual for the Air Force. Right. Bigfoot’s not in the U.S. Air Force manual
is it. The Yeti isn’t. Ghosts aren’t in the U.S. Air Force manual. UFOs are. Do UFOs exist John? Yeah absolutely. So the Navy is not alone in encountering UFOs. The Air Force literally has it in their manual. We have video evidence of this. This is a video clip from Nellis Air Force
Base, which is very close to actually Area 51 out in Nevada of a saucer, round saucer
looking object flying about. And the military folks viewing this and observing
this are commenting on what the heck is this thing, do we have anything on it, what’s going
on? And of course this being close to Area 51,
it could be anything. But the fact that these guys on base have
no idea … This is where it gets interesting to me. Now I don’t buy into many of the conspiracy
theories about this. Most of which say well it’s probably some
secret military program. These are the people that run the secret military
programs. And when they’re the ones having the discussion
saying hey we’ve got this weird thing, then it should be a wakeup call for everyone. Military personnel are not the only pilots
encountering UFOs. We’re actually going to listen to audio FAA
audio of commercial airliners having close encounters. This first one takes place off the coast of
Oregon in 2017. Yeah well this is typical of I guess the sort
of case that interests me, like a UFO where you’re having this discussion and it’s not
some friend of a friend story. We have the recordings. And for the skeptics who say that no one takes
UFOs seriously, they scramble military jets to try and intercept this thing and get a
look at it and wait, what does it tell you when an F-16 can’t catch something? Then clearly it goes back to the point speed
and maneuverability. These UFOs, whatever they are, run rings around
our best air defense fighters From your lofty position at the Ministry of
Defense investigating UFOs. What are some of the mind blowing realities
about these observed objects? Well I think it’s the speeds and the maneuvers. I sat down and have spoken to Air Force pilots,
commercial pilots, radar operators who have told me about visual sightings and radar tracking
of objects performing speeds and maneuvers that we simply can’t match. I mean not just it’s a little bit faster than
us, because then you could say well maybe it’s just the next generation stealth fighter,
but orders of magnitude above and beyond anything we can do. The idea that an object can hover, a huge
object, you need an incredible amount of energy to keep something hovering like that. Some of these UFO reports, credible reports,
pilots, military personnel police officers talk about objects the size of a football
field, the size of an aircraft. No sound No sound. They don’t break the sound barrier. They’re going mach two, three, four to 10. No sound barrier, boom, no sonic booms. It almost suggests a new physics or rather
a physics that we currently can’t understand or replicate. So the clip we’re gonna see here takes place
over the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Ireland between a British Airways flight and a Virgin
Atlantic flight. So the thing that blows me away about this
is the description of what they’re seeing. They see two bright lights. The one pilot says it came up. She describes it coming up and then veering
away at speed. And pilots are familiar with airspeed. What’s moving. How fast etc. when you’ve got multiple pilots
exclaiming “This sucker is moving very fast,” what’s going on here? Well it’s interesting because the main skeptical
theory here is that it was maybe it’s the burning up in the Earth’s atmosphere of some
sort of fireball meteor. But then you listen to the recording you hear
clear references to a change of direction. One of the references to the object veering
away, one of the other references to the object climbing rapidly. It goes back to the point. It’s not just the speeds it’s the maneuvers. And again there are dozens if not hundreds
of these examples of these. Let’s take a listen. OK so another example of American Airlines
pilot you know flying through the air. I mean picture this, you guys have been on
planes the audience everyone’s been on planes. Imagine your pilot in the in the cockpit going
well like what was that and then calling the radar control tower and going “Hey man did
something just like fly over us” radar tower says “we got nothing”. Right. “We didn’t see a thing”. Right. And then in this clip they call the airplane
behind him and say “hey this guy in front of you saw something pass over, tell me if
you see something”. Zip, it flies over him. Now the pilot interestingly he wasn’t afraid
to use the phrase UFO. Most of them are. And I’ve come across many, many cases where
people get around this by just using code phrases like we’ve seen an unusual aircraft
or an unconventional helicopter. The word UFO, you say it people the knee jerk
reaction that it equals aliens UFO aliens. It means unidentified flying objects. We’ve investigated we looked at this thing,
and we still don’t know what it is. It’s a UFO, it’s an unidentified flying object. UFO is or should mean simply something in
our airspace that we can’t identify. And of course every government and air force
on the face of the planet wants to know what’s in its skies. Are there any threats, are there any opportunities? Is it the Russians? Is it somebody else? I can’t deny, I sit here right now and I can’t
deny that UFOs exist. I can’t go that far to say there are extraterrestrial. But, correct me if I’m wrong. The leading hypothesis is that they are. Yes even within government we admitted that
it was a possibility. But the more I delved back into those real
life X Files and the more I started investigating the new cases that came in every day. The more I began to say wait a minute not
all these people are wrong not all these people are crazy. And what do I tell the pilot be they an experienced
commercial aircraft captain or be they a fast jet pilot in the Air Force. What do I tell those sorts of people when
they come to me and say I’ve seen this incredible object. I chased it. It outmaneuvered me at every turn. It is scary. Yeah I totally agree. I think if they are visiting us here, although
we have a space program we haven’t got very far. Any technology, viable interstellar travel
technology that extraterrestrial must possess if they are visiting us, clearly is in orders
of magnitude above anything we’ve got. And yes absolutely. That’s scary. That’s why government views this in terms
of threats and opportunities, because they are smarter than us and more advanced. That’s a worry. You know the skeptics have to be right every
single day. The believers only need to be right once. And this is the ultimate game changer. I mean we only need of all those documents
that you’ve read, all those cases you’ve looked at, all the videos, only one of them needs
to be extraterrestrial. And we rewrite the history books. Right. Only one of those changes the course of. Humanity.

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