100 thoughts on “New USB Mics for Streaming and Recording! Blue Microphones

  1. I use Rido Video Mic Pro in my Canon M50 and boya in my gopro7 for motovlog. Now looking for simple and low budget mic for screencast. Which one do you recommend?

  2. Awesome! I love your videos as they lay the groundwork to reaching my goals as I build my creative presence!

  3. I’ve been using the Blue Snowball for a while and honestly it seems really great for the price. I don’t think I’m going to upgrade until my channel takes off.

  4. If any of your are into art that’s what my channel is about! I would love for y’all to check it out! I love the feedback and if you enjoy it consider subscribing!!

  5. Thanks Sean! I use Rode mics and would love to try what you suggested. Guys, if you want to learn one Math skill at a time, consider SUBSCRIBING to my channel. 350+ SUBSCRIBERS have benefited from it within less than a month of the channel launch. Thanks and help me spread knowledge by sharing my channel link with others.

  6. The Blue Yeti seems most interesting to me. I may upgrade to that using the link here in Shaun's Description. Right now Im using the Logitech Pro with built in Microphone for our Live streams every Sunday and Wednesday at 7:30pm EST. If you click on his link you can see the Logitech Pro as well it comes up on the same page.

  7. I just use my camera mic I really want to upgrade but as an art channel idk what would be best

  8. Always looking into upgrading my tech. No money at the moment lol but when I do I'll definitely use this for reference. I'm using a Rode Video Mic Go.

  9. "What mic are you currently using to produce your content?" – mine is the Blue Snowball Ice USB Microphone. Granted the ball does look big, but it's ideal for me when it comes to noise cancellation. I was very lucky to get it on a discount during Amazon Prime Day 2018.

  10. Thanks for the info Sean, always appreciate the information and the time you put into your videos. I'm currently using a Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Headset since I don't got the money at the moment and currently make my content on a console. Otherwise I always appreciate your videos, and keep up the amazing work.

  11. What do you use for streaming on xbox1 i have ps4 also and a camera for that one..can anyone help?

  12. Thanks for this! I still have yet to get a mic…I'll have to add it to my budget! Thanks so much! 😊

  13. BlueAweEsome sharing Mr Sean! Boya mic but could not connect to Gopro yet cause haven't purchase the gopro audio pack/ audio mic adapter LOL

  14. Thank you thank you for this!!! Not long ago I asked you on Twitter about this, but never heard back. This is awesome. Thank you!!! Xoxoxo

  15. Nicely done, Sean! I currently use a shure shotgun mic, as well as the rode video mic me (for the phone). My kids use the Yeti for gaming.

  16. I have the blue yeti. I've only used it for voice over work on a few videos so far which it works great for. Most of my videos are recorded using a Rhode Video Mic mounted on my camera though.

  17. Currently using the Rode NT-USB for off camera narration and the Rode Link Filmmaker Wireless Lav mic for on camera. The wireless lav mic works fantastic, the NT-USB is pretty good, good enough for my videos. Maybe someone who is a little more savvy with audio can great sound out of it, but it works just fine.

  18. Sean Cannell with Think Media is great at what he does! He has inspired me to make my own YouTube channel and has helped me make the best choice for filming material. I’m in the process of putting out my first video for my channel check it out! Thank you for your inspiration Sean!🙏🏾

  19. Have not tried one of these blue mics but recently brought a Rode NT1 with Audient ID4 control box which is very good, What software do you use to record ? At the moment i use garage band but would like to look at other options, cheers

  20. QOTD ⚡ What mic are you currently using? Are you planning on upgrading this year? Let me know! 👇🏼 *** Check out the latest cameras, lights and live-streaming gear from CES 2019 in our exclusive video playlist here ➡️ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgc0GNip2uYXBSmYRNGywypdaJNCEoZD2

  21. Thanks for the free two months to skillshare!! I will use it well. I use multiple mics as I am a musician!

  22. I just use my on board mic on my phone or computer but am saving up for a blue yeti for voice overs. Sean can you tell me what is the difference between the yeti and nano other than the size and price?

  23. Quick question. I got the Rode VideoMic Go as an upgrade from my Rode VideoMicro and have run into some issues. I have contacted Rode customer support and they told me in order to get rid of the buzzing sound throughout my footage that I would need to turn my wireless capability off on my camera (Canon M50). The said it was RF interference and that I should stay away from Bluetooth devices as well. 🤔 If I’m a vloger and go to big cities then how am I supposed to use that microphone? They said the reason why the VideoMicro dose not have this issue is due to its metal body. I was wondering if you had this issue being I have seen you use that set up In your canon M50 Video?

  24. I have many mics, but do have a wireless usb, and a wired usb mic, and both of them are lapel dynamics type which are crystal clear. I also work as a speaker and have to have good mics.

  25. I currently have the Blue Yeti but the ember looks really interesting! I'd like to learn more about mixing and what not

  26. Thanks for another great video. I'm a musician and I also create YouTube video tutorials for computer programming, so this is very useful information. I currently use an iRig microphone. I also sometimes use an audio-technica microphone.

  27. This channel was a great inspiration to me. Great tips for equipment and action. Best tips were "just do it" and "more energy". Final just did it with my channel about Walking D-day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JM8ouK_vOc

  28. Heh right now I'm using a pair of headphones with a mic, so it's not great. But I'm in the "do what you can with what you have" phase. I hope to get a real mic soon!

  29. Well, I have a road shotgun mic that sits on top of my canon in m50. works pretty good. I have a cooking show so I don’t know how I can use the blue mic.

  30. That Omni Sound for that plug n play 🎙 is an awesome future…I wish they would come out with a decent Bluetooth setup instead of USB 👍😀👋

  31. Awesome Content! Your tips totally inspire me to continue to try an improve the quality on my channel .

  32. Thanks for the review! I've been using the lavalier mic for all my audio. It works great but I'm starting to do more mukbangs which makes me want to upgrade to get better sound. I was thinking about getting the Blue Yeti but that Nano is pretty cool. I love how small it is!

  33. Cool! I missed that booth at CES and really need a new mic. I have a Rode Lavalier mic and Beats ear buds right now. I need a wireless mic that feeds to my 360 camera. I will check out Blue solutions. Thanks Sean!

  34. I have a humble suggestion. You might consider putting a pop filter on that handheld mic that you always use in these videos. You're getting a lot of pops on the audio as you might already know. 👍😀

  35. i use the robe mic right now but the nano mic has caught my attention but i will need to look into it more

  36. I tested many mics and will have to check these out. I use them with a cell phone though, because that’s what I film my YouTube vids with.

  37. Hey Sean, I’m using the movo shotgun mic and voice pop clip ons(video on my channel to show the quality). I really wish the Nano could have work directly with my camera that would have worked awesome for doing sit down interviews.

  38. These are some great USB mics but I am planning to get an xlr mic and an audio interface because they are much more versatile and have better sound quality overall

  39. Hey I am making a new channel and have a base for the name, but I'm working with a couple variations and would love any input with choosing. The base is LegendAhri which comes from my main being Ahri in league of legends which is the type of content I am producing. LegendAhri is not currently the name of a channel, but is taken as a gamertag on xbox, twitch, twitter, and league of legends. The alternative I started using was TheLegendAhriOne, but Xbox and some other games have a 15 character limit so for those I am considering LegendAhriOne. What I am looking for from you guys is which name sounds the best out of those three and I also want to know if it is important that they all match completely or if it is okay that there is some variation between them. I am also open to new ideas if you think the name is just bad.

  40. Do you happen to know a Web hosting that I can use to build my website? Do you have any videos explaining this process?

  41. Didn't watch video as I don't need a microphone, but quick question: is Think Media now just about product reviews? I noticed the last few months everything I see from you is a product review

  42. -> I have a question that anybody could answer me.📌
    Hey, I love your channel, I got a question. Ok, let's say I'm recording a video on youtube right now. And there are ads everywhere. If the ads remained in the video while I uploaded= the video would that be copyrighted (Ads)?

  43. I'm thinking about buying the Panasonic Lumix G7, but since it doesn't have a headphone jack how can I monitor my audio while still being able to plug in an external mirophone (such as 2 lauv mics or a Rode mic)?

  44. I am a photographer/videographer; im also a game streamer, do you know a way i can use my hot shoe microphone that i use with my dslr for the game streaming?

  45. I have an edutige ETM-008 mic for my GoPro but I Havant yet used the mic or GoPro. What Adapter can I use to convert it into a phone mic. if you have a solution could you let me know please thanks.

  46. Have regular yeti mic but the nano is $30 cheaper and appears to only take away 1 main feature – the direction of front/back it appears. Same features overall then maybe? Helpful video as I add more mics for more people at the table.

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