Hi everybody! it’s me, Macon, and I’m gonna tell you about this amazing new podcast called Sardonicast™ Sardonicast™ is a new podcast starring Adam from YMS, Alex from I Hate Everything, Sadly, I wasn’t invited. They will be posting a new podcast bi-weekly. Bi-weekly- it’s kind of like bisexual like me. The first episode was released just today! So be sure to check it out. They talk about the Cloverfield Paradox, they have a discussion about the Oscar nominations, they talk about jenkem. And they also ask each other a few questions about themselves like what their favorite movies are… and you know that kind of stuff… You can also leave questions for Ralph, Adam, and Alex to see on the Reddit page, on their Twitter, on the Facebook. And just to celebrate since I finally have my own video I put up a little Q&A of my own- a little asking me anything on Twitter. So I’m just gonna answer a few questions. “Hey Macon. Did you like Chips?” I actually did I thought it was kind of funny. I mean it’s not perfect, but I liked it. “Where is T?” I don’t know they got him. “What’s your favorite movie ever?” I don’t know probably Chips. “Have you seen Ralph’s enormous cock yet?” Yes, I have and yeah, it’s enormous. You can definitely tell he’s Italian. “Can you please kill yourself?” Maybe one day. “Are you gay?” This is- these are personal questions. You shouldn’t ask me… you know… my sexual orientation “Why are you so fucking retarded?” Cuz my mom drank with me in her womb, okay? Let’s not get into my mom right now, this is not. Why do I exist? See my mom was, um… she was a prostitute, right? and uh… Listen, she didn’t have a good life. Okay. This is not- I’m sorry. *cries* She’s was a good woman- she didn’t deserve that. I’m sorry. I don’t wanna do this anymore.

100 thoughts on “NEW PODCAST WITH IHE AND YMS!

  1. I love how Megan specifically said she was bisexual on camera and then refused to answer if she was gay XD. Continuity errors amirite?

  2. This podcast might be the greatest thing, comparable to thr cure for cancer even. No but seriously this will be great, hopefully like sleepycabin and schmucks

  3. Thoughts on this statement made by Adam? After all, you'll be doing a podcast with him. Hope you are comfortable talking with an animal abuser.

  4. thank god alex didnt do the introduction to the show he would've probably made like 30 diarrhea jokes and 50 pussy jokes (jarcast reference)

  5. If you can't get enough monotone guys in your everyday life, this podcast is for you.
    Except you, Ralph. You ain't monotone.

  6. there was an idea, to bring together a group of remarkable YouTubers, so they could destroy the shit movies… that we never could

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