New Podcast & Other Exciting Things! | Hannah Witton

New Podcast & Other Exciting Things! | Hannah Witton

– (screams) Let’s do this! Hey everyone, I’m Hannah Witton! Welcome back to my channel. This video is just going to
be some fun announcements. Oh my god, I’m so hyped! I’m actually filming this on the morning that like everything is launching. So my adrenaline and everything is just very, very high right now. I’m like (yells). Everything is happening,
all of these things that I’ve been working on for so long are finally like being put out into the world. Oh my god, okay, so I have been teasing on social media for a while about like all of these different projects
that I have going on. Let’s just get into it. One, new podcast (gasps). Two, Patreon revamp, new perks, new tiers, special offer, little,
little treat for you. Ooh, it’s exciting! Three, Instagram project
for the month of June. Anything else? I mean, my book’s coming
out on the 13th of June, The Hormone Diaries. There’s that, but I’ve
already talked about that. (inhales) These are the new things. Ooh boy! I’ll also tell you things to look out for that will be coming in
the next couple days. So follow me on social media because even after all of this, there
are more announcements. How, how? I did this to myself. No one makes me do these things. I just create work for
myself, that is my job. Number one, like I said is my new podcast. It is called Doing It!,
which is the same name as my first book, which is all about sex and relationships
for young people and young adults, and this podcast is like an interview podcast
where I get different guests on and talk to them about their experiences, their knowledge, their expertise, stuff that they’ve been
thinking and feeling, all about sex, relationships,
dating, and bodies. This has been in the
works since the beginning of this year, since January. (laughs) It’s been a long time and I am so excited for it to finally, finally launch. New episodes come out
every Wednesday, hump day. You’re welcome that’s how
you’re gonna remember it. So far, there is the
trailer, the first episode with Scarlett Curtis all
about living with chronic pain and losing your virginity late. There’s an episode with my
friend Calum McSwiggan all about the book Jack of
Hearts and Other Parts. Oh, I have that somewhere. All about this book,
which is about a gay teen and we talk about LGBT representation and teenagers having sex in YA books. And we also talk a lot about
the Netflix show Sex Education. That’s already out and then the day after this video comes out,
is Wednesday, hump day, (sings) and that episode is going to be with Yasmin Johal who is a Youtuber and a blogger and it’s all about how she found out she was
pregnant at five months. And now she has a beautiful baby, well toddler, boy, Remy. Oh, he’s so adorable! And she is brilliant! (sighs) Can you tell I’m like (panting). So that is the podcast. It’s called Doing It! You can subscribe wherever
you get your podcasts. We also have a Twitter and
an Instagram @doingitpodcast. So you can go follow us
there for lots more info and treats and if you want show notes from each episode, you can find them at This has been in the works for months. I hope you are as excited
about this podcast as I am. I just get to sit and have conversations with amazing people about sex, which is like all I ever
wanna do with my life really. Do let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions for guests. Who would you love to hear me
talk to about these things? I wanna hear from you. Number two, my Patreon revamp. So if you don’t know what Patreon is, it is a membership site where
you can support creators that you like financially and it’s in return for some perks and rewards, special access, all of that kinda jazz. I’ve had a Patreon for years now and I love the community
that I’ve built there. And I’m just ready to
like step it up a notch. So we’re doing some new things. We’ve got some new tiers and
I’m running a special offer. Special offers is like a new feature that Patreon launched recently where basically if you sign up before a certain time, there’s
like an even specialest, more specialest thing that you get. So the community of my patrons
I call the common room. We all like to hang
out in the common room, which is a private Discord server that everyone gets access to. And so I’ve created some
common room stickers! So there’s this bad boy. Focus, focus. I actually one of these on the
back of my laptop right now. And then there is this
awesome sticker pack! These were designed by
Polly at Sighh designs. I’ll leave her website in the description if you wanna check out more of her work. Ugh, she is so talented, so talented! If you sign up at any Patreon tier before the 12th of
June, you just get this. Where’s my notebook? I stuck a load on a notebook. Look how cute they are! So these are all of
the different stickers. But also this is a sample one. But this like love heart thing at the top there, that
will also be a sticker for the final ones that
get sent out to patrons! Blurry! Hi, there we go! If you go to my Patreon
page, you can see details of all of the different perks and like what you get for them, but I’m just gonna give
you a quick rundown now. So, three dollars a month gets you access to the Patreon only feed,
access to the common room, which is our private Discord server where we all like chat with each other. It’s amazing! And you also get early access
to YouTube videos like this! Five dollars a month and up
I call my reading list nerds. Every month I create a reading list of articles I’ve read, podcast
episodes I’ve listened to, YouTube videos I’ve watched
that I find interesting and I want to share and I think that you might find interesting. This tier also gets
early and ad-free access to my podcast Doing It! At 10 dollars a month
and up, you get access to monthly live streams! So once a month, I’ll be going live for patrons only and we’ll
just like have a chat, Q and A, updates. I’ve got a bunch of colouring books. We can just like sit and draw. It’ll be great, it’ll be chill. At 25 dollars and up, you are a producer. Check you out! Which basically means you get your name at the end of my YouTube
videos in the end screen. I think, I think it’ll be
happening in this video. So check the end screen at the end because there’ll be
potentially some names there if people have signed up
for that tier (laughs) by the time this video gets edited. We’ll see. Your name could be there, what! If no one’s signed up for that tier before this video gets edited, then I’m just gonna put my
name in it over and over again. (laughing) And then last but not least, there is the 69 dollars a month tier. There are no extra perks at this tier. This is just for shits and gigs because I had to, I just had to. It’s there. It’s there if you want, if you can, but there are no extra perks there, but you still get access
to everything else at the other things. Thank you. If you watched my video about
like my income pie chart, my revenue split or read either blog post about it, you’ll know
that I’m really passionate about building my Patreon and I just love the support
it can give to creators. That stability. And that stability allows for more flexibility in what we do. So, thank you so, so, so much. What else did I say I
was going to announce? Oh yeah! So for the month of June, I’m
doing an Instagram project where I’m doing a photo and a
caption a day for dear June. So the reason why I created this was because my book, The Hormone
Diaries, comes out mid-June and in that book, there are loads of like letters and diary
entries to like your pill or your period or your
PMS or your endometriosis. So people have like written these letters like dear my boobs, dear my coil. And I just wanted to extend
that beyond The Hormone Diaries. So we’re going to be doing
hashtag, hashtag dear June throughout June on Instagram. There’s a photo on my Instagram. I’m gonna put it here. I don’t know, somewhere. Where you can see what all
the prompts are for each day. I know this video is coming
out after June has begun, but no worries. It’s chill, you don’t
have to do every day. I’m gonna try to do every day. And I think it will be nice! Make sure hashtag all of your posts with dear June so I can find them and like and comment on them. I’m just gonna tell you
what some of them are. So, beginnings, yellow, music, forgetting, lightning, travelling, risks, connections, bodies, glitter. It continues, there you go. Those are some of the words. (squeals) I’m so excited! Little, little fun creative
project on the side, not that I have like too
much to be doing already. It’s fine! So those are all things
that are happening, are out, I can talk about, you can get involved. It’s gonna be loads of fun. Future things that are coming up that I have announced yet so
you guys are getting the scoop? The scoopy scoopy scoop. I’m starting a mailing list. Very excited about that. There’s gonna be a monthly newsletter. There’s also going to
be a little bonus thing in that related to The Hormone Diaries that you can only get if you
sign up for the newsletter. Follow me on social media
because I will be tweeting about it everywhere when it comes out. I think it’s coming out this week, like in a couple of days, so very soon. And the other thing that is launching at the same time is The
Hormone Diaries community. This is going to be a Facebook group where you can ask questions, give advice, share any news or info or
things that you learn all about periods and contraception and our bodies and our hormones and like all of that stuff. I’ve always loved the comment section underneath the hormone diaries videos with people like telling
what their experience is or like asking for advice and then other people are like going in there and being like, “Oh,
well this has happened to me.” And so I just wanted to create like a hub like a home where we can
facilitate those kinds of conversations and I’ll be
in there like chatting away and stuff as well, and like I said, again, I’ll be all over social media with a link to that when it is live. Ooh, also, I remembered
there is another project. This is YouTube video-based. So if you’re here watching this, maybe you’ll get excited about this one. Maybe like a year ago, I tweeted about wanting to make a series of videos doing loads of
different personality tests. And a lot of you guys were very excited by that idea and so was I because I fricking love personality tests. Anyway, I did it. They’re all filmed. Like I filmed them all. There’s seven episodes. There’s gonna be seven episodes in this mini-series and
it is launching mid-June, third week of June? Anyway, so from then, there’s
gonna be two videos a week and one of them will be part
of this Who Am I? series and then the other video
will be regular programming. We’ve got Myers-Briggs. We’ve got Enneagram. We’ve got Colour Code, and
then we’ve even got some tarot and zodiac and then some other ones, too that I can’t remember
off the top of my head. Thank you, seriously. I’m really bad at being sincere. I find it cringey (laughs). I find it really difficult. I’m like (high-pitched squeal). But, I just wanted to
say a genuine thank you for all of your support over the years, for watching my videos, for sharing them and just being all around amazing people! You’re such, you are such
an amazing person, you! Without you, I wouldn’t be
able to do what I’m doing now. I wouldn’t be able to
have this amazing job, this amazing career where
I can just create projects and create things for you
that I think will help, that I think will bring joy, that I think will bring
some kindness to the world, some education, some calm. Am I calm? I’m never calm. (laughs) I’m the one that needs
someone to bring me some calm. Oh, oh my god! Now I’m sweating. It really has been a year! Okay, I think that is everything. Thank you for watching! Please do give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and
make sure you subscribe and hit that notification
bell so you don’t miss this new Who Am I series as well. Lots of exciting videos coming up and I’ll see you in my next one. Bye!

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