New iRig Mic Cast HD and iRig Mic Video

New iRig Mic Cast HD and iRig Mic Video

Hey it’s Luke and Kirby and we’re super
excited because today we get to test out these awesome little microphones that just clip onto your phone or your camera and you can take them anywhere and vlog
anything at any time! Yeah, you just pop it right on to your
phone and then you go around town and just do a little vlog for you guys.
Alright. Alright, let’s go. Alright, we’re here at Santa Monica, we’re going to head down to the beach. And then head to the pier! Which is over that way! It’s a lovely day outside. It’s always such a long walk to get there, but it’s always worth it. Here we are on the surface of the Moon.
It looks like we’re in Egypt. Just kidding, we’re at the beach. You know any beach games? Tag you’re it. Tag you’re it! *laughs* No sense of direction. So we made it! We’ve seen the beach, we
stepped on the beach. It’s time to go to the pier. Pause for photos. All right, you know what, I don’t have
anything to say. Hi we’re doing the iRig Mic Video
and it’s beautiful, it’s windy, if you can hear me that means the mic is working
beautifully. Can you hear me all the way down here? How about now? Wow what a day. We did it all! Thank you to IK Multimedia for an incredible capturing of every moment of sound and
smile and laugh. They did a great job.

4 thoughts on “New iRig Mic Cast HD and iRig Mic Video

  1. Cool product ideas and desperately needed as well! One question: Will the shotgun mic stay out of frame when using the iPhone 11 Max ultra wide lense?

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