NEJM Resident 360 Podcast: Curbside Consults

NEJM Resident 360 Podcast: Curbside Consults

Our goal with NEJM Resident 360 is to
make residency easier for medical trainees so we have a variety of
educational offerings and interactive discussion boards and now we have a
podcast on the website. Curbside Consults is a podcast series where we take the
articles that are published in the journal and use expert speakers to delve
into the literature surrounding that topic but also more into the article and
how that’s going to be practice-changing. So we try to cover what is relevant
particularly for residents and medical students and we try to cut a bow
obviously what is current as well and in addition to the main podcast that is
curbside consults this year we’ve also created a spin-off called statistical
reviews which tries to delve deeper into some of the statistical concepts that
are related with the primarily literature. Oftentimes as residents, there
are a lot of statistical concepts that are kind of confusing and the point with
the statistical review podcast really is just to make statistics more accessible
and easier for residents because it’s something that we’ve struggled with as
residents and fellows. So just to give you an idea of topics we’ve covered
recently we’ve done intention-to-treat, we’ve done power, and we’re going to be
publishing one on inferiority trials. And in terms of the Curbside Consults or the
actual podcast itself… so we’ve tried to cover a range of topics with that as
well so earlier on in the year, we’ve done acute myocardial infarction in
cardiogenic shock, one of our most recent episodes that went out was about thromboprophylaxis in patients with cancer using some of the newer anticoagulant
anticoagulation agents and some of the future podcasts that we’re going to be
taping includes an episode on e-cigarettes, that’s very topical now, and
covers both pediatric and adult patients, as well as looking at common things like
diabetes and antibiotics. We try to have experts that are in the field and so our
speakers have really ranged from editors that are here at the Journal and
to local experts and we’re gonna be featuring experts that are just outside
of Boston as well. And we’re very mindful with that in addition to having a core
U.S. audience that New England Journal of Medicine really is an international
resource. So when we choose our experts and we choose our topics, we’re really
mindful of trying to keep that broad exposure so that it can be relevant to
medical students and to residents across all countries. As the form changes of the
podcast and with the new edition of statistical review if you have any topics
or questions you have we’d love to hear from you. You can always email us at
[email protected] Or you can provide us any feedback anywhere that
you can find our podcasts, so our podcasts are available on all the usual
platforms such as iTunes Google Play and also by the New England Journal of
Medicine Resident 360 website where you can find our link and give us feedback
as well. I think all of the podcasts have been a lot of fun to work on. I think
with each of them we’re learning something new and it’s I think that’s
part of the fun experience of doing these. It’s been a lot of fun really going
into that literature and discussing you know what we think are core points, key
points that residents and learners need to know about. Having started statistical
review I’ve actually found that to be although statistics has traditionally
considered such a dry topic actually having to sit down, work with the
statistical editors and consultants here at New England Journal of Medicine it’s
been quite a steep learning curve, but it’s been something that I think we as
the editorial fellows have found quite useful in producing so we
hope that that content is useful for our listeners as well. We really consider
Curbside Consults as very complementary to the core material that is covered in
Rotation Prep. So the best way to think about the two of them is that Rotation
Prep offers you the the kind of basics, the foundation information that you need
to get yourself prepared as you go into a new rotation, and then Curbside
Consults kind of complements that core information with some
up-to-date information of the latest trials that might not necessarily make
it to textbooks or to other resources that you can access immediately. Well
there are a lot of great resources on like journal clubs,
online discussions, and even a podcast. In order to access Rotation Prep, you have
to have an individual or institutional subscription to NEJM, NEJM Journal Watch, or NEJM Knowledge Plus. Most residents and medical students have access through an institutional subscription.

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  1. The podcast is an amazing addition to the Resident 360 platform and has really helped me review and brush up on statistical concepts. Keep up the great work!

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