NEAT Widget Desktop USB Condenser Microphone  – PLuGHiTz Live Unboxed

NEAT Widget Desktop USB Condenser Microphone – PLuGHiTz Live Unboxed

Hello, Internet. I’m Scott, and this is PLuGHiTz Live Unboxed. Today we will be taking a look at the Widget from Neat Microphones. If you’re not aware of Neat Microphones, we did an interview with the founder Skipper Wise at CES when these products were first announced and we’ll have a link to that video in our description. But the Widget here is kind of the oddball from its compatriots, all the other ones are bee themed, whereas the Widget here is very obviously designed to look unique. It’s very, very retro looking with a modern twist, because it is a USB microphone designed for things like podcasting and like twitch streaming or something like that, all while bringing an interesting aesthetic to the video instead of just kind of being there, which is the case with a lot of them. It’s also kind of designed to be more of an introductory device versus all of the bee branded products that Becaster and things like that. But let’s take a look at what the product comes with. There is a lot of tape on this package that we’ve gotta cut through. I apologize for not cutting this first. I usually do and did not this time. Uh, all right, hopefully that will get us in. Almost. There we go. All right. On the inside, we’ve got a twist tie, which is always strange to have to get through. All right, and… we’re in. Okay, so here we have got the microphone. Before we get to that, let’s take a look at what we have here on the bottom. Here we have the Widget user’s manual, which, in grand widget design, is designed very uniquely. Definitely sticking with it with its roots here. This is interesting. Here we actually have a sticker book with, I believe representations of the three different versions of the widget all on here and then the Neat Microphone at the bottom. And then this black and yellow one is almost certainly a representation of the Bee brands. And that is what is in the box. So now let’s take a look at the microphone itself, because obviously that’s why we’re here. So here we have the Widget. It is one of three designs for the Widget microphone, because again they’re designed to be very unique, this one here and in fact, all of them really would be perfectly at home in Tomorrow Land at Disney World and the especially in the older version of Tomorrow Land. So this is this is our setup. Obviously, this is your microphone pick up. So it is designed to be aimed at you while you’re talking. It’s got a bit of an of an old school radio mic look to it, which is pretty cool. Here we have a little screw, which I assume allows us, there we go to adjust the microphone position up and down on this rail. And then on the end, we have a USB A connector. So this will connect to just about any computer either directly or through an A to C adapter. If you have a more modern computer and don’t have access to a USB-a port, but an adapter will almost certainly get you there. Obviously, we have not done any reviews on any of the products. Although we are in the middle of a review on the KingBee here in front of me. If you want to see all of the unboxings on all of the other Neat

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